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[b Kyra:] I know he is. But I'll make sure she's in good hands before you get here. *nuzzles him lightly*

[b Adrienne:] *runs her fingers lightly along his lips* You don't want me around when you shift.. It's already killing me because I have to leave soon..

[b Wyatt:] It's something that's happened for years. Before I found out what I was.

[b Grayson:] *watches the fox and moves towards Jameson* You see the little flinch buddy? Be really gentle with her.

[b Jameson:] *nodded lightly before pulling his hand back from her tail*
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[b Daykan]: [i Looks down at her.]
You do? I do to. [i SMiles]

[b Camori]: Multiple times. It was quiet interesting...

[b Kolton]: [i Sighs]
That is going to be super hard on Lincoln. He is like me with you. Will go crazy if he doesn't know where or if you are okay.

[b Lincoln]: [i Frowns and nods slowly]
I won't leave, no matter what she says baby. She isn't you.
But I will respect your wishes...[i Kisses her forehead.]

[b Izayeah]: Why are you used to it....

[b Foxxeh]: [i Looks at the child and flinches when he goes to touch her tail but allows it.]
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[b Sophia:] [i Leans against him] I like this a lot...

[b Roxy:] As long as you and everyone else is okay.. Has there been an instance where the house was lit on fire?

[b Ava:] [i Looks around]
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 2d 19h 59m 31s
[b Kyra:] That'll be fine with me. As long as I know Adri's in good hands though. I think she might be leaving tonight.

[b Adrienne:] Lincoln please.. It's like when you shift on full moon's.. Think of it that way.. I don't want you looking at me differently, because she will say hurtful things.. She'll try.. She'll try to make you leave..

[b Wyatt:] I'll be fine. It's nothing new. I'm used to it honestly.

[b Grayson:] *watches closely making sure Jameson doesn't grab her tail and yank it*

[b Jameson:] *giggles lightly reaching out and touching her tail gently*
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[b Daykan]: [i Smirks and snakes his arm around her again and pulls her close.]
That is adorable. I love hearing you laugh.

[b Camori]: Eh a couple punches here and there from Rykton. I'm fine. Least the house wasn't set on fire.

[b Kolton]: [i Smiles brightly]
Of course you can! I would LOVE for you to come.
I'll come get you at like 2ish tomorrow. Sound good?

[b Lincoln]: [i Watches her and frowns.]
If that is what you want...

[b Izayeah]: Why is that? [i Takes a step towards him and frowns.]

[b Foxxeh]: [i Blinks and watches the child cautiously before poking him with her tail lightly.]
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 2d 20h 18m 41s
[b Kyra:] That's good. Can I come with you to your next practice?

[b Adrienne:] *shakes her head lightly* I don't.. I don't want you around when that happens..

[b Wyatt:] Because I don't sleep. When I do sleep it's only for about an hour or so.

[b Grayson:] Be gentle Jameson. *leans against the wall slightly*

[b Jameson:] *looks to his father and nods lightly, before looking back at the fox tilting his head slightly*
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[b Sophia:] Very...

[b Roxy:] Uh oh. Is everyone okay?
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 2d 20h 23m 0s
[b Daykan]: [i Smirks and pokes her side again.]
Ticklish aye?

[b Camori]: Broke up a fight between my brother and sister.

[b Kolton]: It went vcery well. We founded great, and my drumming was on point.

[b Lincoln]: I'll watch her and make sure nothing happens...

[b Izayeah]: Why are you so tired...[i Shoves a chip in his mouth.]

[b Foxxeh]: [i Blinks and looks at the child. Snaking her tail out to it]
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 2d 20h 28m 6s
[b Kyra:] *smiles lightly kissing him again* How did it go?

[b Adrienne:] Because I don't know what she's going to do..

[b Wyatt:] I'm alright, kinda tired but alright.

[b Grayson:] *gently sets Jameson down onto the floor*

[b Jameson:] *sees the fox and cracks a small smile sitting on the floor making grabby hands*
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 2d 20h 34m 31s
[b Sophia:] No, but it could be fun! [i Giggles] I'm so ticklish!

[b Roxy:] What did you do?
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[b Daykan]: [i SMirks and pokes her side]
Isn't fun is it!

[b Camori]: Well at least you had fun.
[i SMiles]

[b Kolton]: [i CHuckles and kisses her fully.]
We had band practice today.

[b Lincoln]: WHy are you scared?

[b Izayeah]: [i Blushes and wraps his arms around himself.]
So...How are you...

[b Foxxeh]: [i Peaks out and looks at all the people. Whimpering.]
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 2d 20h 40m 52s
[b Kyra:] *kisses the corner of his mouth lightly* Mmm.

[b Adrienne:] I'm not sad.. I'm scared..

[b Wyatt:] Yes, that I do Pixie. That I do.

[b Grayson:] *wandered into the room with Jameson*
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 2d 20h 51m 50s
[b Sophia:] How dare you!

[b Roxy:] [i Watches him] It was fun!
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 2d 20h 57m 52s
[b Daykan]: [i SMirks at her]
I can't tell you. It's a secret.

[b Camori]: [i SMirks and leans on the wall.]
That sounds like a load of fun.

[b Kolton]: That sounds peaceful.
[i Kisses her temple]
I love the smell of fresh rain in the morning.

[b Lincoln]: [i Lifts her chin up]
Hey. Don't be sad. Everything will be fine.

[b Izayeah]: N-No you don't..
[i Blushes. Coughs awkwardly.]
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 2d 21h 4m 0s
[b Kyra:] *nuzzles him back lightly* It was alright for the most part. Spent most of the day watching the rain.

[b Adrienne:] *nodded lightly looking down*

[b Wyatt:] Oh believe me, I have plenty of proof on that one.
  ℓσνєωєℓℓ / -Dreamer / 2d 21h 7m 5s

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