ι can'т тнιnĸ oғ a naмe, ѕo тнιѕ wιll do

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[b Aldimir]: [i Wanders in looking around.]
It's been so long...

[b Foxxeh]: [i Peeks out from under the couch.]
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 6h 45m 38s
[b Jinx:] *Wanders into the room with Justin in her arms* Hello, and good morning.
  кιηgѕтση / -Dreamer / 1d 6h 55m 45s
[b Nathaniel]: So. What are you?

[b Noah]: ..How have you been Em?
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 6h 55m 52s
[b Charlie:] Not anymore.

[b Emily:] [i Leans against the wall]
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 1d 6h 57m 23s
[b Nathaniel]: Well at least you aren't tired.

[b Noah.]: Yeah...[i Rubs the back of his head.]
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 6h 58m 54s
[b Charlie:] Not as much anymore. I was.

[b Emily:] Good, I'm glad
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 1d 9h 40m 19s
[b Nathaniel]: I'm sorry, are you still sleepy?

[b Noah]: [i Nods slowly]
Yeah. I see them every other week..
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 9h 43m 13s
[b Charlie:] I feel you. Holder made me wake up cause she didn't want to be awake alone.

[b Emily:] Good to hear.. [i Looks down]
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 1d 9h 49m 15s
[b Nathaniel]: I'm alright. It's a bit early but I'll be alright.

[b Noah]: [i Rubs the back of his head.]
I..I'm well. Just dropped my twins off at school. I have them for the week.
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 9h 54m 41s
[b Charlie:] I'm good, how are you?

[b Emily:] H..how are you..
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 1d 9h 57m 0s
[b Nathaniel]: Good morning. How are you?

[b Noah]: [i Looks over and blinks.]
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 9h 58m 47s
[b Charlie:] Good morning.

-Pushes Emily in-

[b Emily:-] Why am I... [i Sees Noah] Oh.. urm.. hi..
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 1d 10h 1m 5s
[b Noah]: [i Walks in, shoving his hands in his pockets.]

[b Nathaniel]: [i Walks in stretching.]
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 10h 6m 25s
[b Charlie:] Well, definitely wasn't expecting to fall asleep.
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 1d 12h 29m 14s
[b Kolton]: Goodnight my love. You keep thinking about that. You'll see it when it happens.

[b Foxxeh]: [i Looks up at him blushing a deeper scarlet as she watched him and nods slowly.]
N...Night. Sleep well...

[b Nike]: [i SMirks]
See you when you get here.

[b Otto]: Goodnight Cami.
  ;;babies;; / Astral- / 1d 15h 40m 11s

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