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Roleplay Responses

[b Sophia:] [i Chews on her lip] Keep guessing!

[b Greer:] Well thank you. How come you have no friends?

[b Jason:] [i Watches everyone]
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 4m 24s
[b Daykan]: [i Looks at her and smirks taking a step closer]
You can't take your eyes off me?

[b Elijah]: Hm. That is weird. I'll be your friend. I don't have any either.

[b Otto]: [i Looks over and nods.]
You forced in here too?

[b Lincoln]: [i Kisses her and smiles.]
I am much better now. How about you babe?

[b Foxxeh]: [i Small fox peeks in and scurries under the coach.]
[b Camilia:] *moves over to a chair and sits down watching everyone silently*

[b Adrienne:] Hello to you well. How are you Lincoln?

[b Anderson:] *walks into the room yawning a bit*

[b Wendy:] *follows her brother closely before leaning against the wall* So this is the mad house I've heard about?
  ¢σℓвєят / -Dreamer / 15m 21s
[b Sophia:] [i Blushes] urm... guess again!

[b Gretchen:] yes, lets go!

[b Greer:] Nope. Lot of people think I'm too bitchy.

[b Jason:] [i looks in]
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 17m 36s
[b Daykan]: You think I'm a sexy devil?

[b Nykko]: Lets go then?

[b Elijah]: You don't have friends?

[b Otto]: [i Sighs and wanders in.]

[b Lincoln]: Don't sigh. You need to socialize.
[i Smiles and makes his way over to Adrienne]
Hello beautiful.
[b Camilia:] *slips into the room her eyes lowered*

[b Adrienne:] *wandered into the room stretching her arms over her head slightly*
  ¢σℓвєят / -Dreamer / 28m 46s
[b Sophia:] Gotta love my secrets! This time you gotta guess.

[b Gretchen:] Coffee sounds nice! We can figure out the rest later.

[b Greer:] Not to sound whiny, but I would like to have a friend.
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 29m 55s
[b Daykan]: [i Smirks at him and takes a step closer to her.]
Oh no you don't Not thew secrets again.

[b Nykko]: We could go get some late night coffee?
I don't know.

[b Elijah]: Only suppose so?
[b Sophia:] I can't tell you, it's a secret. [i Winks at him]

[b Gretchen:] How am I gonna do that?

[b Greer:] I suppose so.
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 36m 35s
[b Daykan]: [i Looks down at him and smirks.]
Oh what?
[i Pokes her nose.]

[b Nykko]: Oh no.
Entertain yourself?

[b Elijah]: Well at least you have opened up to someone right?
[b Sophia:] You better tell me!

[b Gretchen:] No, I'm bored..

[b Greer:] Well. I haven't opened up to anyone except my sisters. So maybe that's why I talk a lot.
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 43m 5s
[b Daykan]: [i Pulls his hair back and puts it up in a ponytail.]
Well knock it off. I will let you know if you're boring me. Which will never happen.

[b Nykko]: Sounds fun?

[b Elijah]: No. I know quite a few people like that. Quiet when you first meet them, then won't shut up when they open up to you.
[b Sophia:] I worry too much sometimes. [i Laughs nervously]

[b Gretchen:] Just hanging around.

[b Greer:] Is that a bad thing?
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 52m 16s
[b Daykan]: [i Nods] Yes I do.
Now stop worrying, alright?

[b Nykko]: Nothing really. Kinda bored.

[b Elijah]: Ah, I see. You're someone like that. Gottcha.
[b Sophia:] You think?

[b Gretchen:] Anywho, what's up?

[b Greer:] At first. Then you get to know me and then I'll talk a lot.
  [❤️] / SSerendipity- / 58m 48s

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