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[b Kashton]: [i Nods later]

[b Trister]: [i Nods slowly]
I will, Koy...

[b Desi]: Later Thrsa!
  ;;ғaмιlιarѕ;; / Astral- / 1d 21h 55m 38s
[b Mercer:] *laughs shaking his head* The holder is about to pass out though. I'll see ya around Kash.

[b Koyle:] *sighs a bit* Good luck with that Trist. Lemme know if you do.

[b Flythra:] Sorry.. I'll see you later Desi.. The holder is about to fall asleep.
  נєт / -Dreamer / 1d 21h 56m 25s
[b Kashton]: [i Sticks his tongue out.]

[b Trister]: [i Shakes his head slowly.]
No...I'll make sure you will be happy again.
[i Smiles.]

[b Desi]: Stop being so sad Thra...
  ;;ғaмιlιarѕ;; / Astral- / 1d 21h 58m 54s
[b Mercer:] I better be fucker.

[b Koyle:] Let up on trying to set me up with someone.

[b Flythra:] *sighs lightly* I guess..
  נєт / -Dreamer / 1d 22h 29s
[b Kashton]: [i Smirks and nudges him back]
Of course I do, you are my best friend!

[b Trister]: [i Blink and looks up at him.]
S-Stop what?
[i Tilts his head.]

[b Desi]: And I know you aren't so. [i Grins]
  ;;ғaмιlιarѕ;; / Astral- / 1d 22h 1m 30s
[b Mercer:] *nudges him slightly* You adore me.

[b Koyle:] *raises a 'brow slightly* You aren't going to stop now are you?

[b Flythra:] No I know I am..
  נєт / -Dreamer / 1d 22h 3m 34s
[b Kashton]: Oh yeah you duty to make me want to rip my hair out.
[i Rolls his eyes]

[b Trister]: [i Blushes and looks away.]
To bad you are straight.
[i Shrugs lightly.]
Wonder if I can find a female version of me.....

[b Desi]: Nah, you are not. You just think you are.
  ;;ғaмιlιarѕ;; / Astral- / 1d 22h 5m 8s
[b Mercer:] Of course I do. It's my fucking duty.

[b Koyle:] The only person is you. I don't trust anyone else as much. *shrugs*

[b Flythra:] I'm always in the way Des.
  נєт / -Dreamer / 1d 22h 8m 36s
[b Kashton]: Oh yeah, you make sure you give me a hard time!

[b Trister]: Well fine someone you trust.
Who do you trust?
[i Tilts his head.]

[b Desi]: Eh I don't think you will be in the way. Trust me, you could never be in the way.
  ;;ғaмιlιarѕ;; / Astral- / 1d 22h 9m 45s
[b Mercer:] *laughs lightly* Yes of course you do. You deal with it more than everyone else.

[b Koyle:] I'm not scared. I Just don't trust like I used too. There's a difference.

[b Flythra:] *Shrugs a bit* Sooner or later someone will, and I don't want to be in the way of that.
  נєт / -Dreamer / 1d 22h 11m 37s
[b Kashton]: [i Nods]
Yeah do, we all, especially me know this.

[b Trister]: [i Sighs.]
I know, but there is nothing saying it will happen again, and if something happens I'll be here to catch you, even though you are much bigger then me. I'll be here to beat everyone up. But geez Koy you can't let yourself be scared forever.

[b Desi]: [i Tilts his head.]
Why would you stop me Flythra?
I don't really have anyone who has caught my eye.
  ;;ғaмιlιarѕ;; / Astral- / 1d 22h 13m 37s
[b Mercer:] Yes I'm a hard headed bastard. We all know this.

[b Koyle:] I fell in love once Trist, you know this. It was a horrible mistake.

[b Flythra:] *nodded a bit* I know. Don't let me stop you from finding someone though.
  נєт / -Dreamer / 1d 22h 16m 32s
[b Kashton]: [i Sighs and looks at him.]
You are so fucking hard headed, you know that?

[b Trister]: [i Leans his head on the wall and looks up at him through his lashes.]
Why not? Got your eyes on someone already?

[b Desi]: [i Grabs her hand and sighs.]
Stop worrying Thra...I'm not with anyone, and there are several others in our group who are still single.
  ;;ғaмιlιarѕ;; / Astral- / 1d 22h 18m 38s
[b Mercer:] *shrugs a bit* I know, and I still do the same shit.

[b Koyle:] *shakes his head lightly* I'll pass Trist.

[b Flythra:] *sighs lightly* I guess..
  נєт / -Dreamer / 1d 22h 20m 41s
[b Kashton]: It's [i not] the truth though Merc. You know this, we have been over this 100 times!

[b Trister]: [i Sighs.]
Well, maybe we need to find you someone to love. Help keep those thoughts at bay, yeah?
[i Smiles weakly again.]

[b Desi]: Well, I know I for one think you are a wonderful girl. I think you over think and worry to much.
[i Chuckles.]
  ;;ғaмιlιarѕ;; / Astral- / 1d 22h 22m 0s

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