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She heard yelling making her pop her head up and ran towards it, seeing a kid holding one of the students with a pistol to her head "come on kid...put the gun down, this isnt the way to solve things", she told him as the kid released the girl [b "You're right, it isnt but at least I know I went down in history"], the kid says as he turned the gun to her and pulled the trigger countless times then ran off somewhere.

She could feel pain in her left shoulder, right thigh and stomach then struggled to get up and hobbled to where the kid took off to, hearing more screaming and pulled out a pocket knife she kept hidden in her shoe and hid behind some lockers as she looked for the shooter, a bullet whizzing past her head and ducked away.
  Amy (edit) / amyumino / 338d 23h 19m 27s
[font "Century gothic" [#ee751b [b Alois] glared at her his pink color eyes holding so much anger. [b "What you do remember freak"] he said coldly. He sighed softly as he teacher started to check who was there. He turn around to face the front. This beautiful day was ruined thanks to that girl.
He sighed softly as he closed his eye them open them again.

The teacher was going on and on about this writing project they would be doing. Those writing projects where annoying. The teach said they could break into pares if they wanted to but Alois was use to working alone. He didn't really get along with anyone.

That was mostly because no understood him. No could understood the pain that his mother put his family through. How his dad works so much he hardly gets to see him. He sighed softly as he closed his eyes. What a horrible place this world could be.
  Alois / DarkKarma / 339d 4h 38m 12s
She looked up at him confused, her face, arms and neck covered in some new and old scars then squinted her bright blue right eye, coughing into her hand as she heard her name being called, her real last name being Winchester
  Amy (edit) / amyumino / 343d 4h 19m 8s
[font "Century gothic" [#ee751b [b Alois] sighed softly as he watched the girl closely. He growl light in his throat. How dare she be here. How dare she show her face in the town again. He just wished she leave for good. She should of just stay away. [b "Well looked what the cat has dragged in..."] he said as he glare at the tall girl.

[b "If I would of known that cat was bring you back here I would of killed it..."] he said coldly as he looked at the girl. His pink colored eyes seem to hold anger and hatred. These to use to fight all the time when they were children. Him and Amy would get into fist fights. When they were still in grade school. Most the time she would wind but that was just because Alois was hurting more in those time. His mother thad just left he did miss her at first then his pain turn to hate.
  Alois / DarkKarma / 343d 15h 19m 47s
She walked to the office to sign in and itched her neck as she coughed wetly into her scarred up hand as she sat in one of the chairs and sighed slightly, looking around the office and noticed the stairs, her hair going to a mint green meaning she was uncomfortable with all the people and the stares.
  Amy (edit) / Amyumino / 343d 16h 59m 16s
[font "Century gothic" [#ee751b [b Alois] sighed softly as he sat there in his first class. Bored out of his mind. Soon it would be over he would be going his favorite class. Creative writing. He loved writing stories they helped him escape this horrid world. He sighed softly as he closed his pinkish colored eyes. He open them again to hear the teach going on and on in his lectures.

He sighed softly once this class was over he hurried to his next class. He was thrilled that it was his writing always helped him escape. Today was different. On that walk that he took he seen that bitch. That 6'4' freak. What was she doing here. Why was she here. She left for five years he pretty much forgot about her but her height, and color changing hair made her stand out.

Why was she back? Out of all time why. Was she going to the same class? Just great that was going to make things even lovelier. He sighed softy as he walked to his class. Alois wasn't that tall he was only 5'7'. Compared to that woman he was small. He hated that but it wasn't like they were couple in love they sure fought like a married couple.
  Alois / DarkKarma / 343d 17h 3m 34s
She parked her car in the parking lot then was ran into by somebody, her hair immediately going red as she grabbed her backpack, both of her parents dead and only had her twin brother, Now covered in scars and tattoos and now stood a whopping 6'4"
  Amy (edit) / Amyumino / 343d 22h 40m 30s
[font "Century gothic" [#ee751b [b Alios ] sighed softly as he walked to class. He had a car but what was the point in driving when he was only black away. It was just his brother, he dad and him. His mother was horrible woman. She left them, she left it hurt his dad. Alois didn't care anymore. That woman was a ... He sighed softly as he went to his first class. Which was Psychology.

He didn't mind that class but it was interesting at points. He sighed softly as his bottom lip. What a drag today to seem it was going to be. The only things that made things worse was seeing that girl. Amy? He thought that was her name he couldn't remember. Nor did he care. She resembled his mother he hated that woman.

She had been gone for quite some time. Which he was time with it made the days go by smoother. He sighed softly as he closed his pink colored eyes. Something told him that he was going to be having a bad. That girl was going to be back. Going to be back here when he try so hard to get her out his life.
  Boy / DarkKarma / 343d 22h 44m 49s
Amy was driving to her old school she hadn't been to in maybe 5 years, wearing a black Rammstein shirt, blue jeans with writing all over them and holes in the knees, a Deadpool jacket and Friday the 13th converse. She wore a traditional Irish flat cap and her hair was a indigo color since it changed according to her mood then sighed slightly.
  Amy (edit) / Amyumino / 344d 1h 30m 57s
I'm here. I will have to make a character. Note: I won't do real picture of people! Also Is my character suppose to be male or would you prefer female?
  OC / DarkKarma / 344d 1h 31m 11s

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