mlp winter season

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a new mlp rp about my oc isis wintergale. anyone interested?

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Winter smiled and she found the prettiest one she had. [I That will be ten bits...I'm running low on money so I'm selling my special made sweaters.]
  Winter Fashion / SilentHiller / 2y 120d 7h 9m 31s
She smiled. "Heyyyy, winter! can I get a blue sweater please?"
  isis wintergale / eeveelover / 2y 121d 2h 19m 35s
Winter saw Isis, and she looked happy to see her friend. [B Isis! Hi!!!] she shouted, waving a hoof to get her attention.
  Winter Fashion / SilentHiller / 2y 123d 5h 7m 11s
isis walked into the square. she was on her way to buy a sweater.
  isis wintergale / eeveelover / 2y 123d 21h 14m 51s
It was Hearth's Warming Eve in Equestria, but Winter Fashion loved the snow, as her name implied, so she was outside, selling cloaks and sweaters that she made.
  Winter Fashion / SilentHiller / 2y 124d 5h 17m 51s

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