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I want to find someone willing to play Killian Gardiner for my character.

We'll come up with a plot together

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Britt listened to Alexa almost glad she realized she didn't have the money "I don't know. Though I wish I did because I'd make them pay for causing all this." Britt said, though she hoped that Killian was handling this alright.


"What do you mean by that? I came all this way to figure out who my family is." Ezra said to Killian wondering why he should run away. "Besides I actually don't want to leave town any time quickly."

Ezra liked his visits to Alexa, he liked talking to her and figuring out about the town. Then he remembered the other girl that went back to help Alexa "So was that your girlfriend?"

~time skip to before the party~

Britt was in her room having her four dresses out on the bed, she tried each of them on but didn't know which one to choose. After deciding on which one she was going to wear considering it was not her usual thing yesterday she'd told Alexa she should bring Ezra just to help with everything. As much as she wanted to meet with Killian before hand she told him she'd meet him there and so she drove herself over. She smiled a little remembering just a few days ago she'd told Alexa she was being Killian's date for this party something that would get under penelope's skin so much. As she arrived and got out of her car she walked till she got near the doors where she was meeting Killian since they were going to walk in together to make it even more convincing.

Ezra was fixing himself up just to make a good impression with Alexa and his birth family. Killian's words rang in his mind about running but he wasn't going to do that he was going to face this thing head on. He knew for some reason he was brought to east end and it may of been for more then his birth family.
  Britt and Ezra Gardiner / BrittStalin / 1y 270d 11h 1m 47s
Killian wasn't sure what to say or do only could stare in amazement. Out of all the lies his mom had told him this had to be the biggest one that he had been told. There was a brother, who looked and sounded like him. He resisted the urge to wave his hand to see if Ezra would do it.

"This is freaky," Killian said honestly. "Well, I had no idea you existed. If I was you I'd turn back and run away as quick as you could."

Alexa worked on inventory when they were talking and glanced back at him. "So, it's obvious you don't have the money. I mean you would have done more with it. So...who did it?"

That bothered her, that someone screwed them both over.
  Faust / 1y 274d 8h 52m 23s
"Yeah sure" Britt said then looked at Killian "I'll be right back and I'll give you a minute." She walked in the storage room with Alexa.

Ezra looked at Kililan "My name is Ezra." Ezra said as he looked at the girls going back to the storage room then looked at Killian again. "I came to this town to find my birth family, found out I was adopted."
  Britt and Ezra Gardiner / BrittStalin / 1y 275d 8h 53m 47s
Killian had been here often as a kid. His mom was always looking for ways to make their house look that much more posh and stuffy antiques was the way. Only now it was more interesting with cigar boxes, home items and other strange things.

"I love what you did with this place, or Grandma," Killian said touching one of the boxes. That was when he looked to the other guy, the guy who looked exactly like him. "Holy shit...that's...I have a twin?"

"Or a doppelganger," Alexa said before looking to Britt and smiled. "Hey. Want to help me in the stock room?"

Killian looked to him unsure what to do from here. "So...what's your name then...?" He wasn't sure how one went about this.
  East / Faust / 1y 275d 9h 1m 49s
"alright, Nice." She said as she showed him the way to the place. When Britt walked in there with Killian she saw someone who resembled Killian...alot. She shook that thought off as she looked at Alexa. "Hey Morning Alexa." Britt said to her.

Ezra looked back seeing a girl walk in and he saw the man with her, he realized what Alexa meant by identical. He did look at Alexa with her offer. "Yeah, if there's one similar to it. I'd be interested."
  Britt and Ezra Gardiner / BrittStalin / 1y 276d 7h 41m 9s
"It just has that feeling, like there's a lot of love in this...that's just what I feel about these things though. I know it's kind of weird. Well, if you are ever interested in it there's a lot we have," Alexa smiled. Finding someone younger than fifty interested in antiques was not happening, she knew that.

"Yep, like identical. I thought it was you. If he agrees, he should be the one to warn you," she said. She didn't want to ruin anything.


"That sounds great. I really don't have any place I need to be anytime soon," Killian gave that good natured smile to her. It was good to be with her again. Her beauty though was distracting.

He wondered what this cousin was like, he never got a chance to know the cousin or anything about her.
  East / Faust / 1y 276d 7h 52m 27s
Britt smiled glad he was on board with the idea. She wanted to help out in anyway she could. After breakfast she remembered Alexa wanted to meet him. "Hey, there's a place I have to stop by. My cousin she works there, we're kinda on talking terms right now and I think she'd like to meet you." Britt said, knowing there was one thing she couldn't understand and why she called him Ezra when she saw the picture of Killian.

Ezra looked at the locked as he held it from her handing it to him. He could see just how nice it was and something seemed special about it. He handed it back to her "It definatly is something else. You say this Killian and I are identical? Like a twin?" Ezra asked her
  Britt and Ezra Gardiner / BrittStalin / 1y 276d 7h 58m 59s
"She's always done these parties, it's the first with the 'lower' people though. Her popularity must be slipping in this town. With her buying more real estate that explains it," Killian shook his head. The idea of going to this was another made his stomach churn. Listening to her suggestion he gave a smile. "As a date? That would be big, let's do it."

Clearly he had missed something but he knew they were both leaving after they were done with this trip. Some part of him didn't want that, he didn't like that.


"Yeah, more like...identical. My cousin is friends with him. I never met him since I moved here when I was ten and he has been off and on then left some years ago..." Alexa said looking down to the display case. "What the hey...what's with that locket."

Opening the case she pulled it out. "This is my favorite. It's been here for as long as I remember. It's from 1902 and was given from a W.H to his sweetheart Sarah...There's not a picture but it's so Edwardian...Oh, right, I can see if she'd have Killian meet here. There's a party but that's a huge leap."

She handed him the locket to see. It really was her favorite but it wasn't for sale.
  East / Faust / 1y 276d 8h 50m 50s
"Party? I didn't even know about it. Alexa said she's been actually trying to take some property around town." Britt said as she sat there listening to the whole thing she could understand. "Though I'd defiantly come. I could even pretend to be your date if you wanted to really get under your moms skin for all her nit picking." She said as she'd suggest the last part to him so subtly. She had packed a few good dresses for an occasion.


"Well Some people thought I was someone called Killian, so I guess you could say I have a sense of possibly having a brother?" Ezra said, he had been walking around and he heard about the Gardiners. "Also it seems people are talking about an upcoming party in town."
  Britt and Ezra Gardiner / BrittStalin / 1y 277d 9h 27m 17s
"Hey Ezra," Alexa smiled, looking towards him with a happy look. It was amazing looking at him when she saw that picture just last night. This would require some subtly and that wasn't exactly what she was good at. "I...was wondering if you knew exactly who your family was. If you don't I actually have a very good idea of who they are."

If that was a good thing Alexa wasn't sure.


"So, the party this Friday night. I know she invites most of the people to show herself off. Are you coming?" Killian asked curiously. "It would be amazing to have someone that is not set up by my mom."

Dash would have a date, probably someone rich and talked like him. Digging into the pancakes he felt some happiness there.
  East / Faust / 1y 277d 9h 34m 59s
She layed in her bed and smiled as she accepted his invite for breakfast. That morning she got herself a shower and made herself at least be somewhat dressy even though she knew this was friends meeting for breakfast. She left her aunts to meet up with him that morning. Though Britt sent a text to Alexa to hold off on going over to the Gardiners that Killian asked her to meet for breakfast.


Ezra had just woke up for the day as he got ready, he didn't know what to do right now but he went by the shop to see Alexa to see if anything had happened well over night. When he walked in the shop to look again at the items he gave her a smile "Morning." Ezra said
  Britt and Ezra Gardiner / BrittStalin / 1y 277d 18h 32m 25s
The next morning she was working on the stock and appraisals. There were pickers that sold her stuff, one that knew her well was Frank. He knew she loved the ordinary to the strange items. Really, she was waiting on Ezra. She had seen him once since then but he needed to see him.

Maybe she'd even see Britt, that made her somewhat excited. She had missed having her cousin around.


It was awful with his family, the texts helped, but his brother was still a pompous ass and mom had found ten things just in the morning to nit pick. He was still at the hotel though knew he needed someplace cheaper to stay at.

He invited her to a breakfast so that they could talk again.
  East / Faust / 1y 278d 9h 52m 29s
Britt nod "Yeah, I may do that. Thanks." She said as she took her stuff for now to the guest room her aunt kept for her. All this talk she got made her want to text her friend so she layed back on the bed and sent him a text asking asking how was things over there and would it be ok if she came by tomorrow. She didn't want to just show up without asking that would seem quite rude in a way.
  Britt and Ezra Gardiner / BrittStalin / 1y 278d 10h 44m 34s
Alexa figured there was someone quite a while ago, but she hadn't said anything. After all, it was tricky when it came to the love life. Alexa had a steady one that was growing more and more distant as she thought on it. It wasn't a pressing deal at the moment. First she would need to tell Ezra, and maybe Killian, she thought on this.

"Then if you'd like to, go for it," she shrugged. This wasn't her strong department. "Mhm...about a year ago, Grandma leases it out on discount for managing her store. Come by the store tomorrow if you want."

There, that ought to do it on the niceness for today.
  East / Faust / 1y 278d 11h 39m 34s
Britt knew there was that to think about "Yeah, sure you can. Hopefully they don't mind." Britt said though she knew that it was true she didn't stay. "I don't know. I mean he can't stand his family much and we talked about possibly leaving town sometime later but I mean if he ever asked me to leave town with him..I just might say yes." Britt admitted, though she didn't know if that was the answer Alexa wanted. Hearing that Alexa had an apartment kind of surprised her "Oh you moved out of your moms place?"
  Britt and Ezra Gardiner / BrittStalin / 1y 278d 18h 9m 55s

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