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[#1f6317 [b Toki-ko]] is a small village in the mountains. The village holds many festivals in honor of their three Goddesses of Magic. [#6b0600 [b Phyrah]], the Goddess of Fire. [#0a204d [b Aguilla]], the Goddess of Water. [#284828 [b Quinn]], the Goddess of Wind.
[#2201ef [b Mana-Kura]] is the magic school of [#1f6317 [b Toki-ko]] Village, believed to have been created by the Tri Goddesses. Despite being located in a village far from other civilizations the Magic School is still highly regarded.

[#3b2e8a [b Mana]] is the energy source of magic. [#3b2e8a [b Mana]] is highly concentrated in the youth, particularly the females. Because of this young girls are often sent to Magic Schools in order to maintain their high amounts of [#3b2e8a [b Mana]] and to become proficient in whatever skill may be locked away inside.

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You are new student at Mana-Kura, an all girl's school. The age for starting at this school normally is thirteen, but some rare gems pop up at the age of eight to ten. You have great expectations to become a powerful Magic User.

[b [#8a2e68 Sorceress:]] Most aim to be one of these. They are a balanced magic user that can tap into both Light Mana and Dark Mana. With this balance of Mana comes a neutrality. There are some spells they can't master because they don't focus on either.

[b [#2f2749 Witch:]] The darker of choices. They tap into Dark Mana to unleash its primal fury. They reign supreme in offensive spells, but may learn defensive spells and healing spells as well. They are incapable of using Light Mana.

[b [#8d7b07 Exorcist:]] Their Defense and Healing spells are supreme. The bane of darkness. The Holy Light. They tap into Light Mana, but can't use the Dark Mana. Most don't use offensive spells, but the Light is surely capable of striking down.

[center [size25 [b Rules]]]

[b 1.)] Anime or Illustrated Pictures Only.
[i Do not use photography.]

[b 2.)] Students are children.
[i No hentai. No tenti-porno. NO MASSIVE TITTIES!]

[b 3.)] Do not push past R.
[i Sexually explicit material is not allowed. Do not write any scene that would go beyond an R rating. Violence and Blood is allowed. As is swearing.]

[b 4A.)] NPC Death.
[i An occasional death might occur. Unless you are a villain you'll need to request permission to kill one off in your post.]

[b 4B.)] PC Death.
[i This will be much rarer. Though not impossible. If you are against a villain much stronger than you, a scenario that is difficult to escape from, or wish to retire your character then death might happen. Permission is required to kill any PC.]

[b 5.)] Do not use OOC info in IC.
[i Player knowledge, if acquired, is not the same as PC knowledge. Do your best to keep it separated.]

[b 6.)] Gender and Age.
[i Unless you are given a special role you will be playing as a female child/teen. Most magic users are female. One or two males might be accepted later. Teachers can be of any gender, but those are special roles.]

[b 7.)] Romance is Allowed.
[i Which most likely will end up being yuri. NO SEX. I'll have none of that. No insta-romances either.]

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[b Puppet Master:
Character Name:
Magic Class: [i Sorceress, Witch, or Exorcist]
Short Bio:]

Please write the skeleton in the OOC that matches this RP. And only in the RP section of it. Not the flash chat. Do whatever you want with the magic your character has. Be creative. Just know that you are most likely in-training. So you won't be over powered.

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