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Lorelai and Solana followed a little farther back, letting Soma essentially scout just a little ahead as they set out. Lorelai frowned at Hector and his advice. Did he really think she was following Soma because she was assigned to him? That was what initially tossed them together, but if that was the only thing at this point she wouldn’t care about sticking around. Before she could say anything, or even think of what to say, Soma spoke up. Hector had irritated him again. The two seemed good at pushing each others buttons.

Lorelai put her hand on Soma’s shoulder,”Hey. It’s fine, let’s just get this part over with and get out. We don’t want to stay out in the open right now, right?”

Now that they were outside of the house it felt like they might be more vulnerable. She wasn’t sure if that was true or not, she might have only felt paranoid. Either way, she was pretty eager to finish this and get some distance between them and the lab. For good this time.

Solana had just gone quiet, staying a little behind Hector while Soma was irritated. She didn’t know what to say and didn’t want to make the situation worse. She exchanged a look with Lorelai. At least Lorelai was keeping calm for the moment. It made her feel a little better.
  Yavanna / 43d 58m 54s
"I see no point in delaying this any further we should get this as you said over right away. Word of warning though anyone can become a fighter weather it be with physical violence or mentally fucking with someone you have to learn to play mind games if you can't play the facie punchy game. I'll lead the way back." He signaled for them to follow as he left out the door he didn't want to sit around any longer the longer he sat where he was the more antsy he got specially with having more people around. Soma continued to scan around them stopping to look as he dived behind buildings and trees zigzagging between them as he headed back upwards towards the lab they were just at. Hector sighed and followed behind them. "You know Loreali just cause you are his assigned partner you don't have to jump at his every command since we are going to be free you should make your own choices instead of letting this idiot do with your life what he does to everyone else which is use them till fate snatches them away." That hit a sore spot for Soma. 'Listen here you little fuck I never asked to be partnered up with any of those people the blood on my hand it's there not on yours you don't have to see their faces every waking moment and everytime you close your eyes you can't smell or feel them around you. How about you choose your words more fucking carefully. You know what no how about you and Solana hit the fucking bricks since you obviously have such free fucking will hmm how about you find a way to your own freedom since obviously i'm going to use you and lose everyone soo how about you be the new leader elect. Hmm how much combat experience do you have how much knowledge of the land do you have none that's what i fucking thought you just do better to shut up or shove off otherwise yeah i'll use you and not give a fuck what happens."
  Hector / HollowLink / 50d 2h 57m 18s
Lorelai sighed,”Then we should get going if we’ve basically decided. Unless we’re waiting for something? The sooner we get this over with the better, right? Then they can’t track us and we can get out.”

Solana looked a little nervous still. It was true she wasn’t much of a fighter, despite her power supposedly being pretty good for it or at least something that might be useful. She just didn’t like fighting. “Um. Right. If we’re all going I guess we should go soon.”

Lorelai nodded,”Good” She leaned against the doorframe and looked out,”I’m looking forward to getting to mess with them for once. And not being tracked.”
  Yavanna / 72d 4h 10m 27s
Soma sighed " I'm guessing next you're going to tell me I'm stuck with you guys. Well I'm not I'm staying around oy cause I made someone here a promise and I keep my promises even if it comes with annoying side baggage. Doesn't do us any good that only me and Hector can fight so splitting up would hinder any progress. I can't let you guys do it all alone to begin with that's why I'm dragging you with me to the lab we just ran from. I mean we don't even know where to run to or where is safe but we'll deal with that when we get to that currently we should be focusing on removing their tracking methods and communication once we've done that we can move around freely blend in if we are smart enough."
  Hector / HollowLink / 74d 11h 23m 40s
Lorelai crossed her arms. She looked at Soma and then outside,”I told you I’m coming so you won’t be going alone. We’ll get that suit and whatever else we can get our hands on then get the hell out of here. Together. No splitting up if we don’t have to.”

Lorelai didn’t want to split up the team. She especially didn’t want Soma going off alone into danger. She was going to be stubborn about this. Solana sighed and looked worried. She looked at Lorelai for several long moments, then to Hector,”I’m still not sure of the plan. It’s pretty risky no matter what we do. I’d like us to stick together though, I think we’ll all do better as a team. Even if we’re a mess of a team.”
  Yavanna / 81d 23h 55m 24s
Soma let out a loud sigh as he looked. "The suit was in works for Loreali to begin with it's suppose to provide her with a source of moisture when she was out in say a desert area which if I piece things together was where they were going to send us to establish a new hold. So that will be our escape route since they aren't there already. The reason I want to go back is to get some gear the gear is special clothes the guards wear when dealing with us. I'm sure the science division had some r and d stuff they left behind we can only hope that it wasn't raided when the lab was attacked.I mean we need some more info before we can go any further along with this full escape that's why I originally said it would sound crazy,
If anything I'll go alone and you guys can figure out where to go which you have no clue what you are going to run into. I hate to say it but we need to be in a group and rely on me since I have the most knowledge."

With that he looked toward the door. "Unless you have a better plan. I'm thinking of the big picture here 3 scenarios could happen and I'm prepping you guys for them. I could hit up another lab but i doubt anyone will have anything that will help any of you girls specially Loreali I hate to make it sound like I'm heartless but facts are facts having to stop puts a huge target on us so does moving around without a reason or direction. Cause we don't know the first thing about blending in."

Hector looked at Soma and everyone. "I agree with Solana I'm not convinced we need to do any of this why can't we just run and hide somewhere just disappear. You are heartless you are making her feel like she is more of a burden and is slowing us all down. You don't know how to team correctly."
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 91d 14h 23m 18s
Solana watched, curious then alarmed. Once Soma was done she went to Hector,”Are you alright? That looked like it hurt.”

Lorelai looked a little uncomfortable watching Soma electrocute Hector and himself, but when he asked about her water intake she shrugged,”I’m doing alright for now. Water is still running here, at least for now.” She tossed her still damp hair back,”Back in? That is pretty crazy, but I’m not letting you do that alone, so I’m coming. You really think it’ll help us get out?”

While Lorelai seemed to be taking things more calmly Solana looked alarmed and initially shook her head,”We just got out and you want us to go back in? Why can’t we just try and get as far away as possible? Surely we could somehow make sure that they don’t follow or watch us without going back. And what sort of gear could we even expect to find?”

It would take a little more convincing to get her to go along with the plan. She just wanted to get out of there and stay out. She also didn’t want to be alone, so if the whole group was going she would go.
  Yavanna / 102d 23h 37m 59s
"In simple terms yeah, but it's not just us I think this is bigger then what we know or at least what I know. I'm trying to think how to best use our abilities in an effective manner so we can get out of this area. I don't want us splitting up but we might not have a choice cause after all this cause staying together increases our chances of capture but where as if it was just two people it'd be easier to get away at least that's what i think." He He felt Loreali lean against him he looked at her and continued. "From the puzzle pieces of information I gathered so far we should be looking to take out the communications towers so we are going to have to stay in this larger cage a bit longer. I wanna show you guys mainly Hector and Solana what the communications places would look like they are actually hard to spot but there is a device which we can find around here that can track radio signals and the closer to the tower you get the clearer each wave will be." He looked around turning around he pulled what looked like a simple watch from off the table. "So you put this on your wrist it's going to hurt cause it's reading your DNA." Soma quickly snapped the watch onto Hectors wrist and in a split second went over to the broken tv he pulled out some wiring. Sighing he licked the tips of his fingers as he touched the wires. He jumped in place as he felt the shock course thru his body. He touched Hector acting as a living tazer and suddenly a loud alarm sounded off in the distances. Hector heart rate had jumped up after Soma mentioned DNA but then his heart jumped even more. The alarm wasn't coming from the watch but instead some random building. "Well shall we see? So you know that watch monitors your activity and if anyone who wears it life is in trouble it sends a signal to the comms tower or building in this case. You'll have to get creative with the way to get your heart to where it is now." Hector was upset that he was once again a test dummy for Soma. "Oh come on don't be a sour pussy it hurt me more then you you got tazed i had to be the conductor of said charge so eat a dick." He walked over to Lorelai. "How is your water intake looking i think i got a fix but i'm not sure if it's reliable info I heard that they were working on a suit for you with your condition with being near heat. which is funny seeing as how they paired you up with me. Anyways back to the main focus as i said they won't be easy to find cause they will look like everything in the area but that lab had the main feed unit so I'm going to have to ask you do one more stupid thing. Come with me back to the lab to retrieve it and maybe find some gear for our travel." Hector eyes widen "Why would we go back when we nearly died there and they would just capture us again or whoever was attacking also would try to capture us people like you and me soma are almost like currency."
  HollowLink / 105d 10h 32m 54s
Lorelai tilted her head and smiled at Soma. Even if he protested, he obviously didn’t mind, though he was right that it felt like he had a fever all the time. Then the boys were glaring at each other and Lorelai shared a look with Solana.

Then Lorelai followed Soma to the doorway,”Some clothes. Hector found some food. The area’s obviously seen better days, but it isn’t all ruined.” She answered when he asked what they found.

Solana looked at Hector curiously. So they meant for Hector and Soma to fight, but here they were working together, even if sometimes they didn’t get along well. When Soma motioned for them to come closer Solana hesitated and looked to Hector, waiting to follow him.

Lorelai looked around Soma, practically leaning against him,”So make sure they’re blind before we make our next move. Sounds like a good first step. Then once we slip away we can be pretty sure we’ve lost them, at least for a while. So… if this is all a training ground we’re not really out yet. More like we made it partway out, to a bigger cage.”
  Yavanna / 112d 3h 39m 22s
"I'll be fine. Don't worry to death. I just had a little run in is all." Soma felt her hand on his forehead. "You are going to get a accurate temperature read cause it always feels like i have a fever." Soma found himself nuzzling his head against her hand he quickly stopped. "Sorry." Hector cleared his throat. "A little run in doesn't leave you in a semi coma state. So I'd rephrase that." "Yeah you would wouldn't you Hector how about I say it the way I want an you mind your own business." Soma and Hector locked eyes the room felt tense. Soma sighed "Forget it." He got up holding his stomach as he walked over to the doorway he leaned against the arch of the doorway and took in a long breath of fresh air. He then turnt around and looked at them. "So what did i miss in the few minutes that i was gone? Did we found anything of use?" He looked at Lorelai and Solana. So you know this place is a senario training ground. All the stuff here is real they wanted to test people's readiness for if something like before happened. I also got news that they are or were working on an anti me group. Originally Hector was suppose to be part of that but i got lucky. I don't think they care that we are here cause they have camera to monitor all around here so.." He stopped and looked around. "We first have to take care of the main unit which is probably in the middle so it'll power down their eyes. just encase that attack wasn't enough. Those attackers were from the city they have been probably planning this for weeks they want that lab." Soma motioned for them to slowly approach the doorway. he was pointing towards something in the distance.
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 115d 14h 19m 37s
Lorelai frowned. She brushed off Hector’s warning,”I’ll be fine.”

Solana could tell Lorelai wasn’t very happy about Hector’s warning. She smiled faintly, not sure what to do. Then Soma was awake, and Lorelai went over to him and knelt down,”Hey, good to see you awake. How are you feeling? You had me worried.”

Lorelai put her hand on his forehead like she was checking for a fever. She wasn’t sure what she expected, he always felt too warm to her. He just didn’t look entirely well, but she’d already healed him so she wasn’t sure what else to do.

This left Solana standing awkwardly by herself. After a moment she decided to go stand closer to Hector. She liked Lorelai, but if she was being honest Soma made her just a little nervous still.
  Yavanna / 121d 8h 52m 51s
"That all depends on your definition to be honest I think things outside of here are fucked but as for right now nothing has changed he's still doing whatever it is he's doing so I'd say no he isn't any better, but you'd best not worry about Soma you'll die long before Soma does. Not to sound rude or anything it's just Soma has a tendency to outlive everyone a million times over." Hector moved his foot away from Soma just encase Soma did decide to wake up Hector didn't want to lose his foot. He went over to the chair and sat down looking across towards Soma. "So find anything interesting while you were on your little recon mission? Soma groaned he felt like a small truck had hit him his stomach ached as well as he tried to move. "Don't worry about me I'm fine I'll just help myself."
  Hector / HollowLink / 126d 12h 52m 49s
The girls managed to find some clothes, and a few even fit. After picking out their favorites they went to the bathroom to let Lorelai soak in the tub. A bath seemed like a good idea, and she wasn’t sure when she’d get a chance to bathe again, so Solana washed herself off mostly using the sink and washcloths, to keep the bath water fresh for Lorelai. While they washed and soaked, the two talked a little.

“Do you think we’ll get out of here?” Solana asked. She hoped so, but at the same time out here didn’t seem very safe and she wasn’t sure of their odds getting very far.

Lorelai leaned on the edge of the tub,”I think so. I have to, right? Otherwise why bother. But really, I think we’ll manage. The real question is, once we’re far enough away, do you think we can make it to an ocean? Or even just a really big lake. I’d love to see that much water in one place.”

Solana couldn’t help but laugh. Hearing a girl with a mermaid tail dreaming about the ocean just tickled her a little,”Maybe we can. I suppose I’d like to see that too, but also plenty of plants growing. Fields of grass and flowers.”

Lorelai smiled and rested her head against the edge of the tub, her tail waving lazily in the water,”Yeah… I wonder where the boys want to go. Soma seems content to get me to the water, but I can’t figure out if he’s got someplace he wants to go too. What about Hector? He seems… well, you seem to get along with him better.”

“Oh, well, I’m not sure. Everything has been happening pretty fast. He’s nicer than he acts though. I mean around Soma he’s more… rough, I guess. Sometimes I’m not sure if they’re friends still or not…”

Lorelai nodded, her tail twitched a little,”I know what you mean. Anyway, if you’re done maybe we should get dressed and check on them. We probably don’t want to stay here too long. Once Soma wakes up we’ll need to figure out where to go next. And I’d rather not have us split up again.”

The two got dried off and dressed, Lorelai pickin a skirt to wear and Solana going for some more practical looking pants. Once they were dressed they went back to see how Soma and Hector were doing, with Lorelai asking before she even walked into the room,”Is he doing better?”
  Yavanna / 139d 8h 34m 20s
Soma struggled in his coma waves of memories distant and forgotten all seemed to wash up on him like waves from a hurricane. He struggled again his body heated up. All he had to do was sweat whatever was causing his body problems, but it wasn't that easy he knew it there was no sweating this wave of gene rejection. He was running from the lab again he looked around it was in utter chaos running away he looked up in the sky a helicopter was following him. They were already tracking him it meant that this wasn't some random raid it was probably to cover up the murder of him and his group. He wouldn't forget this. He grumbled to himself looking at the tree he ran for it jumping into the trees he grabbed a branch and launched himself into the air. He grabbed onto the rails hoping his weight would throw them off. Which it did as it came crashing down Soma realized he didn't have a plan for landing he thought about it last minute and shot flames out of his fist overloading his body with heat the hot air was enough to sort of pad his landing as he skid forward he felt like his arm was going to rip out of it's socket as he hit the ground skidding like a skipping stone. Soma went to check the wreckage there wasn't an explosion or fire yet. The pilot laid unconscious He checked her id and then patted her on the head. "You did good." He pulled her out and then punched the fuel tank of the helicopter there was a loud explosion the flame consumed him his body adjusted to the fire. Suddenly something pierced him. He looked down and it was the woman she had stabbed him with a needle or something he felt the warmth surge thru him it was too late to react. Another heli was coming and it was hot on his trail as he pulled the needle out he ran thinking quick he made a mirage copy of himself his body was already hot and was starting to heat up even more. Suddenly he felt weak and out of the tree line came more people. He sighed as they tried to attack him. He had to keep his cool. Using his heat he cloaked himself in hot air. that's when it went wrong his body output was hard to control instead of just the air he heated everyone around him causing them to combust. Soma was trying to get it under control but it kept getting hotter and hotter. This was probably a test strand to also cover things up to exploit his heat gene. He had saw a village not far from where he was He tried to cloak this time succeeding as he walked towards the village all his previous wounds that his body had healed suddenly came back he limped down the hill towards the village falling down mid way as his legs gave way. The last thing he remembered before falling to darkness was him seeing a face and making a comment. everything else was autopilot.
He saw thru the haze Hector's face and behind him were the girls. His body felt hotter by the moment he didn't know how much more he could take. He felt someone lay their hands on him then felt it taken away. He figured it was one of the girls if he wasn't so injured he would have told them to stay back not to waste energy on him they should be finding out more about the area or gathering supplies not gathering like flies around shit. He felt Hector punch him he guessed Hector was trying to get him to wake up but he couldn't help but feel like some of it was just him venting. Yup def venting as he felt Hector launch a foot into his stomach. his body reacted to the kick as his arms flailed.
  Soma Hitachi Hiaide(angel) / HollowLink / 144d 6h 26m 43s
Lorelai looked upset, but didn’t keep trying to go to Soma. She just looked at him with a worried frown,”Fine. Let me know when he wakes up, okay?”

Solana took Lorelai by the arm gently,”I’m sure he’ll be fine. Let me come with you. I was almost wondering if they had any clothes around here we might be able to wear…”

It would hopefully distract Lorelai while they waited. The girls both wandered off together to go look and see if any suitable clothes had been left behind in the mess, and to let Lorelai soak and relax for a little while. As the only healer in their little group it would be important to keep her in good shape. Their lives may end up relying on Lorelai having enough energy to save them, and Solana knew that. She sort of wished she could heal like Lorelai could, she’d have preferred a power like that instead of the one she had.
  Yavanna / 158d 23h 36m 36s

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