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Lorelai tried to rest while she could. She was woken up by Hector pulling her away from Soma, who seemed to be having some sort of nightmare. Solana looked worried, and was quick to back away. Lorelai at first was confused and still sleepy, she’d actually managed to sleep for some time, though she wasn’t sure how long.

Then she tried to break away from Hector,”What’s wrong with him? We need to wake him up. Soma, wake up! It’s a bad dream.”

She wasn’t sure what she’d do, she was especially weak against heat and fire, and she’d already healed him, but she didn’t want him to be suffering like that.
  Yavanna / 10d 9h 45m 54s
Soma Laid there His chest barely moving as he felt energy moving thru his body again like before. He must be getting healed. He couldn't wake up even though he was trying to will his body to forcefully wake up. He drifted into the dark abyss as he floated there he could make out a figure it was female. He tired floating closer but she kept her distance. Soma tried to use his feet to try to run but he just spun forward flipping in place. As he flipped in place the figure slowly faded and a bright blinding light replaced her. He sighed suddenly he felt hot again. But this time he was strapped in to a chair a female with no features laid next to him the people around him had no faces either. Soma was let out, but for some reason it felt weird like he knew this place. The heat seemed to be raising in the room. but over a speaker he could only make out "Ice the box test subject 102 is exceeding limits." He felt a pain on his back shoulders where the shoulder blades were. as if something was crawling from his back up to his shoulder blades something was trying to get out he felt an intense pain. Scream both in and out of the dream Soma outside the dream body temperature began to shoot up the room started to get hotter. The flames around the house began to fade slowly. The heat wave seemed stronger now. In the dream Soma struggled to keep awake. Was this how he was going to die is all he could think it filled his entire being. The thing that was causing him pain suddenly burst thru his back it was wings. But there were no feathers it was just bone mass or something that looked close to it. A scientist came over and started to use something tapping it. It sent pain straight thru Soma. He screamed tears streaming down his face. The scientist noted this and then grabbed a bone saw and started to rake it across the bone formation. As the tip came off Soma finally passed out. He couldn't take anymore of this pain. AS the tip came off the rest of the bone fell off at the slightest touch it became a powdery dust. suddenly the heat from around Soma died. Soma was now quiet outside the dream, but there was two small bone shard looking things sticking out of the back. He burst into flames suddenly the flames were bright blue and had heat to them. Hector pulled Solana and Lorelai away from Soma as He burst into flames completely engulfing him as he flailed on the floored. In his dream the dust ignited as he was engulfed in flames the flames gathered around where the bone shards were on his back he suddenly had wings of flames and his body was engulfed suddenly fine but had it's own heat felt like heat from a forge. As Soma grabbed the one scientist that had hurt him the man burst into flames Soma snapped his fingers and the flames disappeared the man was charred to the bone. Scientist were taking notes or trying to as their pen's eploded ink all over the place for those that had metal pens while those who had plastic casing pens melted onto the clip board. Soma looked over to the female body and picked her up Sorrow filled his mind then rage took over. He kissed her forehead as he placed her back down he bowed his head and closed his eyes trying to fight tears. He felt his heart breaking into a million pieces. He had finally found someone he could trust and was close to. AS he opened his eyes he snapped his fingers and his wings turned back to dust he fanned the dust around the room and people started coughing this time Soma didn't snap his fingers instead he pointed a finger "Bang." Suddenly the person he pointed to collapsed holding his chest Soma had put the dust in their lungs and ignited it.
  Soma Hitachi Hiaide(angel) / HollowLink / 15d 19h 5m 30s
Solana nodded,”That sounds good. Looks like you found a lot. We can sort through it later maybe, if there’s time.”

Lorelai nodded, watching the TC rather intently. She was hoping it would tell her more about Soma. Then she heard Soma in person and turned quickly. While Solana just looked worried Lorelai rushed forward to Soma. “I’ll heal him.”

He felt hot to the touch, but Lorelai held onto him anyway, pouring her energy into healing him. She wasn’t paying much attention to anything else. She didn’t care much about the appearance of flames around the house.

Solana did care about the flames, at first she looked afraid,”How? We should get out of here.” But Hector didn’t seem worried after a moment, so Solana looked puzzled. It seemed like he didn’t think they were in danger, and come to think of it she wasn’t noticing the flames being hot. “I… guess. At least we’re all here.”

Lorelai sat down, looking tired after healing Soma,”He’s fine. Needs some rest. So do I. Probably a bath too.”
  Yavanna / 19d 11h 33m 54s
"This thing is called a tv apparently. I shows moving live images like a video feed. It also talks it called itself a tv. I wouldn't know what it is cause I've lived where there was no technology. Maybe Soma would know, but it looks like Soma is causing more trouble somewhere." Suddenly Hector could hear off in the distances a helicopter. His ears twitched. "Oh i found some supplies there was a bunch of containers with food inside I would assume so since they were in a larger box that produced cold." He pointed towards a large back he had filled with supplies. The explosions seemed to now be getting closer. Hector had a bad feeling about the sounds. The Helicopters zoomed past them Hector was waiting for some kind of trouble to show up but it didn't the whole time that few seconds felt like forever. "Hey am I late for the topple wear party." Hector jumped it was Soma, but on the tv it showed the helicopters chasing Soma still or at least someone that looked close. Soma was drenched in blood and he looked tired Soma collapsed onto the floor. His body feeling heavy he closed his eyes and fell forward. Hector without a second thought caught him not letting him hit the floor. Hector looked over to the both of the girls. "Hey can I get some help. I'm no doctor but I think he needs some medical attention." Suddenly jumping back Hector hissed as it seemed like flames were engulfing the house, but he didn't feel any heat coming from the flames instead it was heat from Soma that he felt. It took him a while to figure out what was going on. It started to click in his head even if he wasn't smart it didn't take him long to connect the dots. Soma had basically did what deserts do with mirages and the heat. Soma's breathing was ragged even if he was passed out. It seemed like Despite being stuck in a lab every second of his life he knew what was going on and was several steps ahead. Hector looked at them. "Well I guess this answers our question. Doesn't It."
  Hector / HollowLink / 25d 20h 30m 20s
“Sure, I’ll keep an eye on her. Be careful, okay?” Solana agreed, a little worried for Hector despite the way the area seemed abandoned. There could still be something dangerous out there.

Solana returned to the tub where Lorelai was still soaking. She seemed to be doing much better now that she had some clean water. “Feeling better? You look better.”

Lorelai nodded,”Yeah. The water really helps. I should get out soon though, help you both out. Do you think… do you think Soma will catch up to us here?”

Solana smiled. Lorelai was clearly worried about Soma, and while she didn’t know what they would do she tried to be reassuring,”He might. I’m sure he’ll catch up sooner or later though, even if it’s not right here. It’ll be fine.”

Lorelai nodded, and Solana got out a towel. Lorelai got out with a little help and tried to dry off a bit so at least she wasn’t dripping through the house. The girls both wandered back to the main room where they could sit down fairly comfortably. Lorelai tilted her head and looked at Solana,”So, Hector is your partner. What do you think of him?”

“Huh? Oh, I, um… What do you mean?”

Before Lorelai could clarify or press for more Hector showed up carrying stuff, including a box. Lorelai just watched with a slight frown, while Solana wandered over to take a closer look. When Hector got it working again Lorelai leaned forward,”What… Where is that? How…?”

Solana looked at Hector, a little puzzled but hoping he had some idea,”What’s it for? And… any sign of Soma?” She didn’t want to mention how worried Lorelai was for him, Solana figured that might be embarrassing, but Lorelai would want to know. And she did, the way she looked over attentively when Solana asked about Soma.
  Yavanna / 26d 6h 37m 53s
"You never know. We'll have to look maybe post guard while one of us walks checking the houses near by. Since we don't know when and if Soma can find us I don't think we have to worry about him but it would be alot easier then to leave her partnerless. From the looks of it I couldn't tell you when night will hit." Another explosion and a bunch of screams went off didn't sound too close so he figured they were on a path. "I say we figure out a method for time keeping since there are no clocks or anything for time read out. You watch her while I'll go and search for some food and supplies maybe get a bearing on what's going on." Hector Walked to the front of the door looking out. He had no way of telling if it was safe, but he went out running over to a house a bit aways that wasn't burning and he rummaged around. He found a bag that had someones name stitched into it. He used his claw to cut the stitching as he looked around for food and medical supplies. He couldn't figure out a way he could keep loreial from being a hinderance. He thought about it when out the corner of his eye he spotted something. It was a solar powered clock. he put it in the bag after he went thru the fridge. i guess this is as good as it'll be. it was yogurt and some boxed up stuff. He looked at a box that had pictures flashing on it he wasn't familiar with what it was he touched it and it spoke saying there was a invasion going on to run while you could. saying an escaped fugative had gone on a rampage. it was a live vid fed of Soma attacking some men. Soma seemed covered in blood but it wasn't his. from the look on his face he was tired. What was this strange object the box seemed to sense his question sort of. "Please reframe from leaving your homes unless a team comes to pick you up. Stay tuned to your tvs for more information." Looking at the box he saw a cord going into the wall two cords at that one of them looked like it was what they had for camera feeds so he left that one alone and he pulled the one attached to the back and carried it with him heading back over to the house with Solana and Loreial. He put the box down and plugged it in turning it on as he did the screen was blank did he do something wrong. He looked around and saw the same cable from the other house here. Hooking it up fairly quickly he pushed a button and changed the channel it was another station this time it was an view from the sky.
  Hector / HollowLink / 29d 15h 27m 24s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana attempted to comfort Lorelai. It was clear Lorelai wasn’t feeling well, she was trying to suppress her coughing, but the smoke wasn’t good for her. Solana nodded,”We can try that. Come on.”

Lorelai had to lean on Solana a bit as they followed Hector. As they ran Solana tried to get a look at their surroundings. There were a few houses around, hopefully no one had stuck around with everything happening.

It seemed like that was the case, at least with the house Hector led them to. Solana helped Lorelai into the house and into the tub Hector filled for her. She was visibly amazed to see Lorelai’s legs turn to a fin once she was in the water. Lorelai sighed and relaxed into the water,”Hopefully Soma catches up by then.”

Solana gave a slightly worried smile,”Yeah. You just rest while you can. Hector, how long do you think until it’s dark out? Is there anything we should do to prepare? I’m not sure how far until we’ll come by someplace like this again.” She was a little concerned about things like food, water, and clothes, as well as the means to carry supplies around,”Think there are any bags or backpacks around?”
  Yavanna / 47d 12h 5m 16s
"Just hang in there a little longer. Not much we can do I'm sure they have the main roads closed off and he side routes are also being closed off. If we only had another Soma to distract or create a hole for us again maybe we could get somewhere safe." Like as if on cue there was a large explosion and then the sound of stuff flying thru the air. People were screaming. That is never a good sign specially with knowing Soma. "Maybe we can find a house with plumbing and fill a tub with water for her. We are close to a housing facility for families of people who work here, but what are the chances that they aren't already occupied. oh well guess we have no choice but to venture out." Getting up Hector looked out the door. It was empty and he couldn't sense anyone around. he waved for the girls to follow him as he ran for a house that was still in tact but looked like it had been raided. things were on the floor. Hector checked inside and saw it was empty. He gave them the thumbs up and drew a tub full of water. "Here you go you should be good to go. We'll just rest here for a bit, but not too long we don't want to get caught. I think it'll be safe to move under the cover of night."
  Hector / HollowLink / 51d 12h 13m 3s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana stopped her ability to keep it from hurting Hector, and went to help him and Lorelai, who had been knocked down when Hector had been tossed at her. She hurried with Hector, her heart pounding. They needed to get away.

Lorelai was a little more reluctant to run, but did follow along,”He better catch up.”

Solana was pretty intrigued by the forest they ran into. “Oh wow. This place is interesting…” She looked at Hector and gave a reassuring smile,”I’m sure it will be fine.”

Both of the girls watched Hector scramble up the tree. Lorelai was looking back where they’d come from looking worried. Solana patted her arm,”You heard Hector, he’ll catch up.”

Lorelai nodded,”Yeah. Just wish it’d be soon.”

When Hector came down he looked worried and Solana knew there was trouble. They had to hide a lot sooner than she’d hoped. The girls followed him to the smoking shelter. Luckily the fires were just about out, but Lorelai was already starting to look a little pale from the heat and smoke once they were inside. Solana kept close to her and put a hand on her shoulder. She wasn’t sure what else to do to help the other girl.
  Yavanna / 71d 10h 56m 40s
Knocking Hector out Soma tossed Hector at an guard that was heading towards the two girls. Picking Hector Soma throw Hector at Lorelai as he did Soma pounded his fist into the ground and created a gap between them and him. Hector woke up seconds after finally back to his senses. "Wh-hat is he doing?" Soma didn't answer he waved as he pour more of whatever he was into the ground causing it to quake even more as parts of the ground near hector's feet began to crumble without a second to waste he lead them away. "This wasn't part of the plan when we originally talked about it he said he wanted to do it my way but in the end he just did whatever it was that he wanted. We have to go I'm sure He'll catch up or something, but we do have to leave right away." Hector took their hands and lead them into the dense forest avoiding the main road. "I don't know what we'll do but I'm sure we can find an old sub station or place to rest for the day and recoup." He wasn't sure what to do at this point. For some reason freedom felt wrong. He had a million questions and no answers. "I don't know why but it just doesn't feel free like I felt more free being in that lab having everything decided for me. At least I was safe or so I thought. Soma has always been the thinker even though he likes to talk with his fist he was clever. I just happen to get by cause I can deal with people he can't. You saw how he reacts to everyone. I'm sure at some point he was a decent being." Hector held up a hand for them to stop. He jumped into a tree climbing to the top he scoped out several parties searching for them. "Damn it." Climbing down he had to think quickly figure out what they were going to do. He saw several smoking building. We should hide in there they already checked we just have to bear with the smoldering buildings for the time being.
  Hector / HollowLink / 74d 1h 20m 44s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai was determined to not let Soma stay behind, she wasn’t going to just run and leave him. She was eager to get out and make an escape though. Lorelai waited somewhat anxiously while Soma was away.

Solana was pretty nervous, and held onto Hector’s hand tightly. She wasn’t willing to stay behind, but the idea of escaping scared her a bit too. She let go when Hector did, and watched in surprise as he attacked the people who came in.

Both of them kept a safe distance from the two fighting. They were aware they would only get in the way. Lorelai noticed that the two of them worked pretty well together, despite all the bickering.

“It’s not a forcefield.” Solana mumbled, but she complied anyway. She made a wall around her and Lorelai that would slam anything that came at them into the ground. She could do some fairly precise manipulation of gravity, which tended to make her power look like other things.

Lorelai started to move toward Soma, worried about him. Solana stopped her by grabbing her arm,”Come on. We better move. It’ll be fine. I’m sure. They’ll be right behind us.”

Solana sounded a little worried, but Lorelai nodded,”Right. Soma, you better come or I’ll come back and drag you out.”

Lorelai kept close to Solana as the two of them made their way out. Solana waited until she had a clear path before moving forward. While she was capable enough of clearing some of the way herself, it would mean sacrificing the defensive barrier keeping them safe from any stray projectiles. She guessed Lorelai was a healer, so she probably didn’t have much ability to defend herself. Besides that, Solana wasn’t very eager to join in the fighting if she didn’t have to.
  Yavanna / 79d 12h 33m 37s
"One way or another You 3 are going to get out of here even if I have to bring this whole world down. I was fine with being some toy for a while I had assumed that was my purpose. I assume I had no purpose other then to be toyed with, now that I think back I was put here for a reason. As nuts as this sounds I was incomplete before till I had a partner. I know this is crazy and probably the adrenaline talking but I swear I'll get us out of here." With that the building shook again. No one was going to come in to this room he knew no one from the center wanted to deal with Soma let alone damage Hector there were probably a few others that both sides wanted to keep. Guess from the talk Soma was wearing thin on everyone's nerves and it had become apparently it was his time to escape. "Hector I hate to ask you to do this, let's go with your plan for once and do plan C." With that Soma vanished running thru the door. "GOD DAMN IT SOMA THIS ISN'T OVER YET." Getting up Hector grabbed both of their hands and then waited his hands were soaked in sweat. He held his breath trying to get a better count of the explosions. Plan C was the least likey to work even for Soma. "I'll explain later. He looked at them before he went back to holding his breath counting again. Each second was in sync with his heart now he had slowed it to a pace. His body went from its normal tan to just plain white like he had seen a ghost. An alarm went off from around Hector a team came running in with a stretcher. releasing the girls Hector fell to the ground as he did. He willed his body to shut down into a state of statis like the one Soma had told him about. everything seemed to slow down as he let go of the girls his Feral side took over an instict from the previous animal that was used. He twisted in mid air and clawed at the unit coming in as he shredded thru them bouncing off the wall he cleared the hall way. Soma knocked on the window that was suppose to be there suddenly the wall melted and a human size hole was made. Outside powers and gun fire could be heard. It was pure chaos. Soma smiled and guns were pointed at him but before anyone could move Hector had bounced ontop of Soma Soma launched him and the two of them were in a flurry of fist and claw working together each covering the others weak stop. It wasn't them working together Soma worked best when nothing worked. Dodging both gun fire and Hector meanwhile maintaining focus to make sure everyone was alright. Looking towards the two girls. "Do your forcefield thing minimum output to protect you two while you move we'll clear a path for you girls to run and we'll follow shortly." suddenly soma took a claw slash or three to his back as he nearly missed dodging Hectors movements. Soma was determined to see these girls get out.
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 84d 13h 5m 22s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai was thinking over what Soma said when the soldier hit her. She didn’t say anything, but put her hand over her cheek. It stung, but she didn’t want to give the guy any satisfaction. She just glared at him.

Then there was the gunshot. Lorelai flinched. He kept going, the soldier intended to kill them all. Lorelai just had time to clench her fists and wondered how they were going to get out of this mess when Soma took care of it.

Solana’s eyes had widened when the gun was turned at her. She’d just frozen up when he started firing, and didn’t move until the soldier was already on fire. Solana flinched and finally reacted to minimize the damage then. It was like there was a barrier between the soldier and them, at a specific line anything flying at them just slammed into the ground. She’d made an area of intensely strong gravity there as a type of shield.

While she held that spot Solana backed to where Hector was and knelt down,”How bad is it?”

Lorelai went to Soma once she figured this part was over and took his hand in hers,”Here, let me get this. Something tells me this isn’t over yet, is it?” She set about healing him, and without looking up asked,”Are we getting out of here?”
  Yavanna / 96d 9h 48m 33s
"You're over thinking it. It's simple there won't be any fight. They most likely came looking to hawk a few people if they can't hawk them then they'll do the next best thing and murder everyone it's a good thing we are all in here and not in any of the other rooms. You see Lore this is the main room in which they run alot of test and observe. I think no I know soldier boy here will puss out at the last moment if they swarm this room." The soldier didn't look amused it looked like he wanted to smack Soma, but instead he hit Lore instead and grinned as he walked away. "You know I don't care if you hurt me but you been picking on all the wrong people I'm quite frankly at the end of my..." As Soma got his fist clenched he was about to hit the guy in the back Hector stopped him. "Come on Dude cut him a break." The soldier saw this attack and took a shot shooting thru Hector's shoulder and into Soma's fist Soma kept his fist clenched grabbing Hector as he fell. The bullet hurt as he moved his arm to hold up Hector. "You could have been a better bullet sponge there." Soma got up despite Hector trying to hold him down. as he got up another gun shoot was heard the solider Popped another bullet into Soma this time it was his leg and another shoot this time it was Hector who got shoot. "Well looks like we may have lost 4 test subjects it's a shame really. You guys fought to protect me and this center but alast you guys finally met your end." AS the soldier aimed his gun at Solana Soma punched the ground and suddenly the man was engulfed in a bright flame. The soldier screamed as his gun went off bullets flying and exploding.
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 99d 6h 58m 20s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai put her hand over her mouth, trying not to laugh too hard,”Really? That’s got to suck.”

The way they talked to Soma and treated him really irritated Lorelai. She crossed her arms, frustrated but trusting Soma to handle himself. Besides, despite her affinity with water and her tail, she was really more a healer than anything. She wasn’t a fighter, that was what Soma specialized in. Get down? Lorelai frowned slightly, looking puzzled, but didn’t question him. There was some bang, probably an explosion of some kind, just when she started to duck toward the ground. She flinched.

“Is that really an invasion, do you think?” She asked Soma, looking up at him. If it was, then she wondered what that meant for them. Were they expected to fight and defend this stupid place?
  Yavanna / 101d 17h 59m 34s

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