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[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana figured that was it. Hector had survived, but now that he had those traits it would be easier to just have them born with those traits, if they could get it to work. This was that test. Solana covered her face in her hands and leaned against Hector. Her face felt hot, and she wasn’t sure what to say yet, but she was glad for the comfort he was offering, and was eager to hide as much as she could.

After a moment she nodded and managed a muffled,”Right. Of course.”

Of course that’s what they wanted. Could she even refuse? She peeked out at the man. No. If she did, they would only force her, or do something else to her that was possibly worse. Answering questions and going along with it was probably best for now,”Um, I’ve never… I-I’m a virgin, I mean. And… Hector seems nice.”
  Yavanna / 14h 2m 37s
The man looked at Solana snorting at her question. "You already know what we want Hector here already told you so let's put this out in the open for you. So you know Hector is part cat like we took DNA from cat and spliced it's DNA to make an actual Neko those Japanese love them some of them Nekos. We want to see if he can produce kids with someone. Does that make you feel any better?" Hector petted Solana's head. "You'll live maybe. I hate to say it could be worse you could be Soma's partner which is a death sentence He doesn't have partners that long."
  Hector / HollowLink / 21h 9m 30s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana didn’t appreciate the examination. She was clearly uncomfortable, but bit her tongue. Complaining wouldn’t do any good. They wouldn’t stop if she asked, so she just complied and hoped they would be done soon.

When the man pushed Hector and her together, Solana’s face went red and she looked at the man, then at Hector, then quickly away. She was flustered, and Hector’s speculations from earlier were running through her head. It seemed confirmed when the man started asking questions. Her face went an even darker shade of red,”W-what?”

She looked back at the man. He didn’t seem the least bit bothered by the questions he was asking, and was ready to take notes apparently. Solana opened her mouth as if to answer, but couldn’t say anything at first. Her second try she managed to ask a question of her own,”Wh… what do you want from us?”

She was nervous about the answer, which she had a feeling she knew already. For whatever reason they had decided it would be interesting to study if the two of them had a kid.
  Yavanna / 1d 8h 36m 49s
Before he could get outside the door he was shooed back into the room. That made his tail swing a bit more with frustration and curiosity. A man in a white outfit came into the room and walked over to Solana and examined her again checking out various body parts the man squeezed around writing stuff down. Pulling out of his pocket a watch he felt her pulse and compared it to his as well. He then looked over at Hector and did the same. Hector wasn't comfortable with being man handled like this he was tempted to scratch him but thought differently. The man pushed Hector over to Solana and pressed them together taking notes again. He noted Solana's reaction as well as Hector. "Are you done now?" The man ignored Hector and then without hesitating asked. "So are you both Virgins? Do you feel compatible with each other on a cellular level. Does being near one another girl you any kind of rash or do you experience something you haven't before?"
  Hector / HollowLink / 2d 1h 45m 40s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] “Mmm, right. Good night, then.” Lorelai pulled herself up and went to fill the tub. She slipped into the water, still dressed. The water was cool and soothing. It helped relax her, and she laid in the water for a while.

She was starting to get sleepy, and the only reason she didn’t stay in the water is she didn’t want to be soaking wet going off wherever they had to go in the morning. She changed into something dry and crawled into the bed. It felt like she’d never get to sleep, but somehow she did because the next thing she was aware of was opening her eyes to wake up after sleeping for some period of time.
  Yavanna / 4d 12h 28m 28s
Soma fluffed his pillow looking at it like it was someone who betrayed him. He punched it but lightly. "Stupid pillow. Be ready after today. We are in for quiet the first day. so get soaked and then go to sleep." He relaxed on the pillow staring at the ceiling as he traced patterns with his eyes silently. All seemed to calm down now the halls were silent no alarms no doctors walking around. They must have finished their rounds and were now going to enter their data in the system. Then it would be off to one of their test fields or maybe they would directly put them on the line but they'd want to synergize the two of them. He was deep in thought just staring at the ceiling soon the ceiling went from white to black faces popping out of it screaming and reaching for him as they climbed over each other to get to him he looked at his hand they were covered in blood but it wasn't normal blood it was thick black blood that slowly dripped from his hands like honey, but when it it hit the floor it was dark green.
  HollowLink / 4d 19h 13m 44s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai listened to the rant silently. She wasn’t sure what to say to that. She knew she wanted out of this place as soon as possible though. She had to get out, and take him with her.

She let him go to fix the bed and combed her hair back with her fingers. “I still insist you need it. But maybe it can wait until we get out.”

The room was getting too hot for her liking. She laid down on the floor,”I’ll need to soak. I need to cool down. My skin acts a bit like my scales, doesn’t like being too hot or dry.”

She was feeling pretty tired at this point, and a little miserable. Soma seemed so jaded and practically resigned to whatever they decided to do to them.
  Yavanna / 9d 8h 58m 55s
"Someone has to be with where we are. I don't know how new to this you are well yes I do by the way you are. You see you could be thrown into a test with me or someone else at anytime no warning if they want to see what happens when you get no sleep or they change some variable in your life they want to see the effects it has on your healing gifts. Ontop of your mermaidness you are something they want to study extra hard ontop of being an asset to our side of the wall. Once you cease to be of use they'll toss you on the front lines and use you till you die but let me tell you as a fighter there is no rest for either of us I've been to the front line that is what makes me different from everyone I know both sides. I've taken lives i've got more blood on my hands then most. I wish i could die but i can't do it i won't do it that would just give them a body to prod and experiment on who knows what they'll try maybe i'm already dead. I wish i was alone then this lab would be more bearable but since they put another life in my hands once again i can't do what i want freely." He was tense still as he leaned against the broken bed. Sighing He picked the bed up and closed his eyes as the tail slowly came back the room became hot as he put the bed back together. "I don't need to relax that is the last thing we need me to do.
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 10d 18h 42m 9s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana bit her lip, nervous at the fact that they might change things up from what Hector expected. Still, so far they hadn’t done anything to either of them except gather some data. Her eyes followed his tail for a moment. He really did want to check it out, and it wasn’t like either of them was defenseless. “We can look.”

She pushed her hair behind her ear and continued a little nervously,”I mean, I’d probably sleep better if we took a look, even if we didn’t find anything. Right?”

[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]]

Even if he didn’t want to go back to sleep, he was going to need some sleep. Lorelai sighed, Soma was being stubborn. “I’m fine. It’s you I’m worried about.”

She slid down to the floor where he was and put her hand on his shoulder. When he put his hand on hers she tilted her head. She spoke softly,”You don’t have to go back to sleep right away. But you probably should try to relax, you’re sort of tense.”
  Yavanna / 11d 11h 10m 8s
"I don't know what it was but sounded fairly close. Guess they changed things up and started early. Poor SOD whoever they are." Hector relaxed when nothing seemed to be happening no alarms or anything. Hectors ears twitched and his tail swung as his curiosity was showing. "I wanna check it out but I doubt I'll find anything."

Soma looked up calming himself and the storm in him. "Soaking won't do anything but put me back to sleep and i don't wanna go back to sleep." He got down to the floor and started to do push ups. "You're not hurt or anything are you?" His voice had genuine concern in it as he asked her. He felt her against him. Again this weird feeling came through him he didn't quite understand it and it confused him and things that confused him made him upset not at her but himself. He placed a hand on her hand.
  HollowLink / 12d 2h 11m 2s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai flinched when he punched the bed. He was clearly startled, and by the looks of it had some sort of nightmare. She stood up and put her hand on his head, seemingly unconcerned about the near miss. He felt warm to her,”You looked like you were having a bad dream, and I can’t sleep.”

Mostly true, she was having a hard time sleeping. And from the damage to the bed, he wasn’t having a good night either. “Want to soak in the tub? Sometimes that helps me relax, you could try too.”

[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana fell quiet at Hector’s signal. If he thought it was just data gathering, she was inclined to believe him. She gasped at the loud noise and held her hands to her chest. Was something going wrong? She looked at Hector with wide eyes,”Yeah. What was that?”
  Yavanna / 12d 9h 23m 13s
Soma quickly got up feeling someone was near him. He was about to throw a punch but caught himself and punched the bed breaking it. The bed metal casing showed signed of heat stress. Soma's tail faded away going from a glowing red to not even being there. "What do you want?" He was drenched in sweat as he wiped his face. "Did I say something?" Soma looked around trying to calm his racing heart.

Hector looked at her and raised a hand for her to be quite. "They are getting data like i said don't overthinking it first day they don't ever really hurt or push you." There was a loud sound as the door was opened. Sounded like something being destroyed. Getting up Hector instantly put his guard up. Going in front of Solana Hector closed the gap of distance between the two of them. "Are you alright?"
  Hector / HollowLink / 12d 12h 2m 31s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] So it was more complicated. Solana still wasn’t entirely sure what to make of Hector and Soma yet, but was glad Hector was talking to her. He seemed nice enough. More people coming in startled Solana. She’d hoped to be left alone by them until tomorrow.

Three people around her got her a little flustered. None of the women really talked to her, they were getting data and marking things down. They were efficient, and moved on to Hector next. Solana bit her lip, and after a moment decided to go ahead and ask,”Um, excuse me? What is this for?”

[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Solana was too awake to just go to sleep right away, so she slipped out of her bed and went to sit on the edge of Soma’s. Should she wake him? She wondered. She leaned over,”Hey, Soma. Are you alright?”
  Yavanna / 12d 12h 35m 53s
"I'm upset that someone so strong can lose as many people as he does he should be able to do something and the way he is cold to everyone just hits all the wrong nerves. It wouldn't be so bad if he cared when say a close friend of ours goes into the ring and never comes back he could shed some tears instead of telling everyone to man up and get over it. It seems too cold for my liking. I know it isn't going to be that comfortable since we are in a new environment but relax a little." He stopped scratching. "So give me a run down of what your life has been like since...." Before he could finish 3 females came in and examined Solana marking stuff of on their clip board as they then look over at Hector and do the same they get touchy with him he clearly didn't like it as he made grunting sounds.
  Hector / HollowLink / 12d 16h 50m 30s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana got more uncomfortable when he explained that her worries weren’t unfounded. Her face felt hot, and she shifted nervously. So they really would force her if they wanted. Not overthinking it sounded good, and she nodded. It would be easier said than done, but either way she needed to work with him.

“Sounds like you don’t really hate him.” Solana looked at the bunk beds. Were the bunks just there to check her powers in her sleep for themselves? If she’d really not hit the ground? It was possible, since there was no railing preventing her from falling. She hoped so anyway, since she’d rather have a normal bed eventually. She looked back at Hector and smiled,”We should probably try and get some sleep. Who knows what tomorrow will hold.”

[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai had gone to her own bed to sleep. She had trouble falling asleep, the new surroundings made it hard. Things were too new, too different. Besides that, she wasn’t alone. She could hear Soma tossing and turning.

Just when she thought she was finally drifting off to sleep, Soma’s tossing and turning seemed to intensify. Lorelai looked over and pushed herself up. It looked like he was having a nightmare. She mumbled sleepily,”Soma?”
  Yavanna / 13d 8h 20m 30s

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