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[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai tilted her head a little when he asked about an end goal. He looked almost excited. She closed her eyes when he rubbed her head. It still ached, but she ignored it, hoping it would go away soon,”I’m okay. For now it’s the hairbrush and maybe some skirts.”

She looked at him, a smile playing over her face. Was he serious? It seemed like he was,”Well, I don’t want you dying on me. So, end goal, right?” She lowered her voice as if worried she might be overheard, but her face betrayed some excitement and amusement,”I want out of here. More than anything, I want to see the ocean. Do you want to try and get to the ocean with me?”

Lorelai didn’t tell a lot of people that, or talk like she wanted out usually. Something about the way Soma talked though made her feel like she could. There was a concern that someone might hear or rat her out, and that might make it harder. Not that she ever saw much opportunity to make any move toward escape.

  Yavanna / 3d 3h 15m 55s
"You would think I'd have a hard head, but the truth is I don't I'm just more accustomed to pain that i can feel it for a second and then just push it down. You see my fist is clenched and i'm not really moving I was trying to focus on making the pain go away. Anyways I think it's cool you are a natural that just means you are more interesting already and would only get more so with time." A glem in his eyes "So is a brush all you need Lore or is there some end game goal you wanna fulfill? Cause everything can be summed up in points. There is no sucking up cause they rather care about test results then your well being so if you can fake it you could live in the lap of luxury, but i couldn't do something like that I'll take middle anytime." He rubbed her head where he could see the impact. "You don't have to be like me you can say ouch. I'm so use to having to fight thru the pain as a modified fighter my fights are more or less could be the last one. So depending on what data they are collecting i get rewarded for giving out damage not taking it which makes no sense i think you would want someone like me to lose but not fully. So what say you are you ready to be my partner till I die or we get out of here well at least one of us leaves sure they would keep me here or send me to something like a dog fighting ring for the rich."

  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 4d 12h 3m 18s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai cursed when her head hit his, and grabbed her head. Then she looked at him, and how he didn’t seem concerned. That had to hurt, and he’d fallen back too. “I’m so sorry. I really should look before.”

She leaned over the edge, watching him but staying in the water at first,”Natural. Oh geeze, come here.” She climbed out, still feeling bad for hitting his head. Her head was still throbbing, so he had to be putting on a brave face. Her tail shifted to legs, and she walked over, dripping wet. No waiting for him to come to her, she went and grabbed his head, taking a look as if expected there to be some lump where he’d hit it,”How bad does it hurt? Or is your head just harder than mine? Could be that, but…”

[b [center ~*~*~]]

[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana listened to him talk about the tail and tried to imagine it. Linked to his mood. She wondered if she would be able to figure out how that worked. Solana smiled, leaning a little more over the bed, her mismatched eyes twinkling with something more like amusement. She didn’t seem concerned about the possibility of falling off the bed, given how far she was leaning,”It’s fine. I just… It’s been a rough day. And I really want us to get along. I’d rather not fight. Or fight as little as possible, I guess.”

She didn’t much like the idea of a war, or fighting in one, and tried not to dwell on it. Instead she asked,”So, what do you mean about will and personality? Do you mean they don’t always pay attention to who would get along and who wouldn’t?”
  Yavanna / 5d 10h 3m 26s
"Yeah I forgot to give you a heads up that this place most of the places i've been to are very how would you say it fashion forward. One size fits all you could say. So you're a mermaid splicing or natural selection?" He got up and as she was coming up felt her head collide with his head stumbled back hitting his head on the side of the bed. He got back up like there was no pain but his eyes slightly watered and his fist was clenched hard his knuckles were white. "I think we need to get you your hair brush and some clothes. Imma ask for the food and room expansion. You see how you got that pool out of nowhere the walls are made to expand and contract cause special technology..." He scratched at the wall listening to it heal itself he knew it was alive most of the places were. It was strange to explain he had only recently found out himself, it was like being in a living pocket dimension. "So we get you your stuff first I'll help since I get alot of points still cause I'm one of the few surviving new experiments I'm sure they want to research you even more see what our mutations in the outer world there are."

Hector looked at her it was a good question. "That's a good question a really hard one to describe cause it feel like I have another body part so to speak like see how i have a arm it has its own weight and movement course, but my tail is alot more unpredictable cause it's also effected by my emotions which I haven't figured out fully if I'm in control or if my tail has a life of it's own sometimes i think it's both. I don't know why you would trust me or not trust me don't ask me you should figure out for yourself. I wasn't trying to be rude either i was just saying that most cases fighters get paired up with healers for the very simple fact is the fighters do what their name says fight and alot of the time each person is pushed to a stressing point they do different trails find out weaknesses and what not also pushes the healers to see their limit. If you are prepping for a war you need as much info as you can but alot of the time labs don't take in account will and personality."
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 6d 17h 26m 37s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] “Uhuh,” Lorelai smirked. He acted like he didn’t care, but he was interested. It was almost convincing,”Well, as long as I get that brush soon. My hair is impossible without regular brushing.”

She hopped off the bed and wandered the edge of the room. The walls were so plain, it was going to drive her nuts if they couldn’t decorate it somehow. There was something that wasn’t uniform, a door which she opened to reveal their rather unimpressive closet. There wasn’t much in there, and what was there was grey. There was only one size, apparently, so Lorelai grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, making a face of disgust,”Clothes are on my list too. There’s only pants, and everything is grey. This shirt is a tent too.”

She was glad when she’d been taken she was wearing a skirt, and they’d let her keep it. She dropped the clothes on the end of the bed as she walked by and to the pool, stretching her arms up over her head before climbing in. Nearly right away her legs turned into a fish tail, growing scales and fusing and morphing into the shape in a matter of seconds. She swam a tiny lap around the little pool before peeking her head up. She pushed back wet hair from her face, smiling at Soma,”So, what do you think?”

[b [center ~*~*~]]

[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana tilted her head. That made sense about the healer, but he didn’t seem terribly bothered having her as a roommate, or at least it didn’t seem that way. She nodded,”Alright, top bunk is great.”

She climbed up to it and laid down on her stomach then peered down at Hector, trying to seem happy. Really she was sort of nervous. “So, can I trust you? I hope so, since we’re roommates.”

Solana half closed her eyes and sighed,”We should look out for each other. It’s not like the doctors and scientists will, not really. So… Anyway, how does it feel to have the ears and tail?”
  Yavanna / 15d 19h 2m 44s
"Not really interested I can guess you are some water based life form that needs this." He pointed toward the pool and water. "I'm sorry do i not see interested I guess cause I'm not in a good mood. I'm sure like 100 percent that you will get your brush, but please don't let my disinterest deture you from showing me what you wanted." He flipped over onto his side and watched her. His eyes were twinkling he was interested but he didn't want to admit.

Hector watched her pout and shook his head. "Is there a problem with my wanting of a healer when i'm a modified fighter. If I don't live with my healer then how can i trust him or her. It's not as easy as you think it is to accept someone especially here. I do know you can trust Soma. He's an alright guy a bit of a stubborn hot headed ass hole but he has always had my back even when everyone warned him about me he was a good friend. He even broke rules to protect me so I guess that is the same with you and me." His tails swayed as he paced back and forth thinking. "I'll give you top bunk and i'll take bottom."
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 18d 11h 43m 12s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai watched the pool fill with something like excitement. So they had taken her abilities into account with the room. “Yeah, that’s for me.”

She didn’t look away from the pool until after it was filled and waiting for her. She wanted to relax in the water. If she were going to, she’d want a change of clothes. Yeah, clothes or maybe…

“Right, points. Sounds fun.” She was sure she’d figure it out tomorrow. Whatever it took to get a hairbrush and a mirror. She finally looked away from the pool to Soma. “Tired? Don’t you want to look around? I want to see what kind of clothes they gave us. I hope they didn’t just give me sweatpants or something, I hate those.”

She gave a little grin, and shifted to sit facing him,”Don’t you want to see what I can do? They gave us a pool, so I can show you. Showing is better than telling.”

[b [center ~*~*~]]

[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] “Oh.” Solana wasn’t sure she got all of that. But if there was a sign up and it was risky, it sounded like something she wanted to avoid. “So you were expecting a healer?”

She looked around the room again, her arms crossed in a defensive, uncomfortable way, as if hugging herself might make her feel better. “I think I’m fine the way I am. So, which bunk is yours? I don’t care which one, the top is fine. I tend to not really… hit the ground when I fall. Reflex.”
  Yavanna / 23d 13h 7m 58s
Tapping the side of the walls Soma found a switch of some sort and out of nowhere a pool popped up in the middle of the room and began filling itself. it was the big enough to fit two humans. Soma eyed the pool then looked at Lorelai. "I take it this is for you? I can't help you with your hair but you do get a request sheet tomorrow that you can ask for one thing depending on your test you get points and.." He sighed "And you can buy stuff by being a test subject. I'm subjected to elemental modifications while Hector is subjected to animal splicing. He could have had anything but he chose to be a cat. How fitting though seriously he had always been a little chicken shit." Sigh jumped onto the bed. "If you need anything I'll call room service for you." He rolled his eyes and turnt over burying his face into the pillow.

Hector looked at her and laughed. "You're joking right? You do know they have no guarantee you'll live, but no it's not animal splicing. They'll have mod sign ups that if you feel like it you can be their little test subject but the thing is we don't know if you will lose your powers or not so you could be an animal or elemental weapon then you would be taken elsewhere since i'm a fighter and you are a oh wait you also are a weapon weird they normally pair fighters up with healers. It's sorta this well you'll find out later why healers are paired with fighters."
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 26d 7h 35m 55s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Only by being a test subject, huh? Lorelai wasn’t about to go through more testing than she had to. She followed with them, fussing over her hair with her fingers as they went. She rolled her eyes when Hector joked about Soma’s room being the bathroom. The animosity between them seemed dumb to her.

“So lucky. A fancy prison.” Her voice was dripping with sarcasm. She doubted the room had a pool, which would have possibly made her happy. Instead she saw there was just one bed. She looked over the plain room again, as if another bed might materialize from the walls. “What the hell kind of game are they playing?”

Lorelai tossed her hair over her shoulder and sat down on the bed. Geeze, they didn’t even give them a king size, but she supposed it could probably be worse,”Yeah, I guess we should. So, how about we start with what we can do. Or hobbies, the ones we’re allowed anyway.”

[b [center ~*~*~]]

[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana followed quietly, only frowning at Hector’s continued teasing of Soma. She would rather all of them get along, but didn’t know if those two would. Inside the room she looked around. It wasn’t so plain, and had a bunk bed. At Hector’s question she looked to him,”Oh, me? I, um, I control gravity. Make things float, get heavier, crush things.”

She rubbed her arm, a little uncomfortable. She preferred just floating, but they tested her ability to crush things more often than she’d like, and in ways she didn’t want. “So, animal splicing. Would they… force us into that?”
  Yavanna / 31d 2h 54m 34s
Soma "Not really a bad break up. There has to be a relationship worth mentioning for it to even be a break up more like we were running buddies and he threw alot of friends or at least people i would call friends under the bus to betray the kingdom because get this they didn't have what he was looking for which here is the kicker nice girls. Yeah so how did that turn out for you? Same place as before? Just don't listen to what Hector says the only way you can possibly get better treatment is being a test subject."

Hector lead them down a long flight of corridors part of it seemed to go up the other part seemed to go down. "Here a room for you Soma." It was the bathroom. Soma wasn't amused. "Seriously your room is here next to the bathroom s they're like dorms because since Soma is considered a weapon he gets you guys a special room. Aren't you lucky."

Soma fake smiled. "Yeah lucky exactly what I want to be treated special i rather just not be around, but can't do that anymore. Lorelai your wishes might come true." Soma went into the room it was well lite and had a single queen size bed with white sheets and a black blanket. "You're kidding me they want us to sleep together." He sighed and crossed his arms. "I guess we should get to know each other or something."

Hector continued on a down path and pointed towards a room like the one before but it was well decorated and had a bunk bed. "So what is your power Solana? Mine is i'm a fighter but i was modified they are running a animal splicing division. which makes me 10 times more valuable."
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 33d 5h 31m 17s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana stepped forward at Hector’s last insult,”That’s pretty rude. You should be kinder to people. It wasn’t exactly fun being brought here.”

The other girl was looking at her, and then asked her name. Solana looked a little bashful and answered,”I’m Solana. Um, nice to meet everyone, I suppose. Even if the situation isn’t great.”

[b [center ~*~*~]]

[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] The other girl was really shy and timid. Solana. Lorelai wondered a bit about her, but also didn’t want either of the boys to get the idea to pick on her. They were both apparently in bad moods. Not that she could blame them, hers wasn’t great either.

“And I’m Lorelai. Names are important enough. Unless you like being called ‘hey, you’ all the time.” She pointed at Hector and Soma, and looked at each of them,”So you know each other. Nasty break up? Anyway, I want to check out our room. As for my kingdom, right now I’d betray them for a mirror and a hairbrush. I’m loyal to [i myself]. So if it’s better for [i me] to play nice here, then I’ll play nice here.”

She pulled her hair over her shoulder, attempting to detangle it with her fingers. As flippantly as she’d joked about betraying her kingdom, she really did want a mirror and something to brush her hair properly with.
  Yavanna / 33d 9h 42m 24s
"Names aren't important because they won't matter we won't be seeing anyone outside of our co rooms and experiments, but if you must know I'm Soma, but fist is cool too but don't expect to answer to that. What my lovely traitorous ex cell mate means to say is you don't want better treatment makes life all that more harder since you'd be betraying your kingdom, but not like we have much of a choice." Soma knew they'd be allowed to mingle with others at some point , but was it really worth it. This was their life to be poked and prodded for both science and for greed their life only mattered when it came to helping the future generation. There wasn't much of an outside life well not for him at least. The facility was probably several plots of land so running away would be useless unless you knew where you were but even then that didn't matter.

Hector didn't like not having the upper hand or control of the conversation but couldn't really do anything about it not with Soma around. He also felt annoyed Soma just treated him like he does everything like it doesn't matter. "I guess I can expect as much from a little brat who was born from a whore and a scientist. General people would have better manner given their circumstances." Hector smirked as he had got the last word or at least felt like he had.
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 35d 1h 20m 26s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana blinked in surprise at the man that entered. He was certainly strange, and she wasn’t sure initially if he worked there or was a subject like them. Then he was revealed to be like them, but apparently working to help capture them. Solana flinched when they started fighting and backed against the wall. She wasn’t sure what to do, and didn’t like the fighting or want to join in.

[b [center ~*~*~]]

[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai shot Hector a glare on hearing he was involved. She almost wanted to cheer at Hector getting hit. “Yeah, no fun for us either.”

She breathed out through her nose in clear irritation,”So, you know him, Mr. Fist?”

Lorelai frowned, realizing she didn’t know anyone's names, except Hector and she disliked him. As fun as nicknames were, they were less fun when you had nothing else. “This is ridiculous. Can we stop a second and introduce ourselves? We don’t have to do any friendship bullshit but I need names.”
  Yavanna / 35d 12h 4m 37s
"Nothing is going to happen if you obey and that is the good thing." A man walked in wearing a lab coat. His tail swung behind him his ears on his head perked up as he saw attention was on him. "It was my idea to reverse engineer a few of our healers blood into a sort of power stopping drug. It's a beautiful thing what you healers can do. Before you ask they I've got the body of a human but I can assure you I'm not human well not anymore as of this morning. I'm what they use to call in animes a neko you know half cat half human. I volunteered to be modified ontop of having my fire powers. He made a rose of flames dance on the palm of his hand. "But It's best not to ask questions." He stepped in line with the rest of them. A half naked scientist came running in and grabbed his coat from the man. "Hector it's not funny taking my clothes I told you about this." Hector hissed and looked at the girl who had asked the question. "So you know brown nosing won't get you anywhere in here it's how good of a little..." Soma stepped out and slapped him. "Don't you even fucking finish that sentence." Hector looked confused someone actually hit him. He blinked and threw a flame at Soma. Soma quickly patted it like it was nothing then walked over to the man. "Hector you knock the shit off I knew you'd be here who else would be so fucked up and paranoid that he would have to dull our sense and grab us instead of just taking us here you just wanted to gloat about your idea." Soma hit the nail on the head and he could tell with who Hector shifted in his spot. "It's no fun if you put it like that."
  Hector / HollowLink / 40d 22h 34m 35s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana had always been more timid, and was glad she hadn’t spoken out after seeing how the others were treated. Things were not going to suddenly get better. She suspected they might even get worse, and it would be best to keep her head down and do as she was told. She crossed her arms, rubbing her upper arms as if she were cold. So she’d have a roommate according to that guy. She wondered who that might be.

After taking a deep breath Solana spoke up,”Excuse me, so… what would you like us to do the rest of the day?”

[b [center ~*~*~]]

[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] She shrugged at finding out the guy would be her roommate. There were probably worse roommates, like this guy giving directions. The fact that he ended up in obvious pain a second later was troubling. Could they do that to all of them now? It made Lorelai a little nervous, but didn’t entirely keep her from mouthing off.

Some other girl wanted to know what was happening the rest of the day. Lorelai had no idea, but figured they’d find out soon enough. She gave the guy explaining a smirk,”Roommate, cool. And it’s not you, so that’s a nice bonus. What am I supposed to call you anyway? Oh, and what kind of behavior’s gonna get us better treatment?”
  Yavanna / 43d 10h 32m 28s

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