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Before Solana could do more than blush they heard the sounds coming from farther in the building. Both girls were silent and stared. Solana ended up moving to stand a little behind Hector. She was half worried something would come out from the hallway, something bad. Nothing did though. Lorelai wasn’t sure which way she wanted to move, toward the sickening sounds to see if Soma was alright, or away to put some distance because she didn’t really want to see what was causing those screams. She ended up just rooted to the spot, her eyes a little wide.

Once the sounds stopped the silence was more unbearable than the noise. The place now had a feeling more like a crypt than a building. Lorelai hoped breaking the silence would help get rid of the heavy, unsettling feeling in her stomach,”I’m going to live near the water. Maybe an island. And…”

Her voice was wavering a little, and just her voice in the eerie quiet didn’t really help so she trailed off. Solana gave her a sympathetic look from her place behind Hector, which Lorelai didn’t even see. She was watching and waiting for Soma to walk back down the hall toward them, or at least she hoped it would be him. Part of her was worried it might not be, or he might not come back.
  Yavanna / 228d 16h 24m 48s
"I'm sure Soma is going to come back and be just fine we'll get the food him and Loreali will be able to find the stuff they are looking for maybe Soma will find some other stuff out. I don't know how he does it but he always comes back with more info or stuff then he originally planned and that's not really a bad thing the more info Soma has the better a plan he can craft." Hector looked at the two girls. "It's going to be fine you'll be back to where you came from in no time or if you don't want that you can live out a life with Soma if that's your thing. Me i'm going to try and make it on my own. What about you Solana? Any big plans maybe you'll fine a sweet heart and settle down start a family." A loud bang could be heard echoing thru the building it was so loud it shook the walls all around them. several screams and then silence a few minutes later more explosion sounds and screams this time they were longer. the sounds echoed thru the building. Hector jumped he swore that it felt like someone was going to run up on them and murder them. he looked towards where Soma ran he walked forward but stopped he could feel something inside him say no don't he felt sick to his stomach there was such a large wave of death filling the area the aura was almost if it were a current he could feel it on his skin he could feel the killing intent. The only time he had felt this was back when he watched Soma's fight one that was unfair and stacked against him it was Hector's second week at that lab he had gotten his first shot and walked down to the viewing area to see a man who he would learn was soma fighting for his life 10 guys all of them equipped with weapons and using their powers. on the ground next to soma laid a girl. Soma didn't have his usual grin instead it was just a look of pure hatred and sadness Soma tore into several of the people with no remorse he straight snapped a man's neck like it was nothing. Taking the man's sword he stabbed the body over and over before he took his hand as if it was a knife and jabbed it thru another man's chest. hector couldn't watch anymore. Later Hector would find out that the person that was next to him was his friend who was like a sister to him they had started out in the same place and apparently was murdered Soma had killed all 10 people men and women and killed several of the guard melted several of the instruments and left a lasting impression on one innocent by stander
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 232d 7h 46m 8s
Solana was silent, thinking things over. So Soma was deliberately taking on the more dangerous job, and had given them a warning to get out. She nodded at Hector.

After watching Soma go ahead Lorelai scoffed,”Right.” She was a little anxious, but trying not to show it,”It’ll be fine.”

The reassurance was more for herself. She was looking toward where Soma had gone, though she couldn’t see him anymore. Solana could tell Lorelai was worried, so Solana went up and put a hand on the other girls shoulder,”I’m sure this won’t take long. We’ll find the food fast, won’t we?” Solana glanced back at Hector with a little smile. She was hoping to get their spirits a little lighter and have them all be a little less worried. All the worry was like a heavy blanket over them, and she wanted it off.
  Yavanna / 232d 8h 9m 53s
Hector was suddenly caught off guard by the sudden attention. "I think we need to be extra careful. That much is obvious I can't tell you what you wanna hear if that's what you're looking for but I do think we have it easier with being the gathering team." Looking at Soma and then Lorelai. "Soma isn't telling her that he has to clear anyone out of the building and i don't mean escort them out they had their chance when he purposely sounded that alarm. So who ever is left well I do feel sorry cause maybe they could take him if they had a group of people but since Soma has a healer he should be fine. I hope he doesn't push himself like he always does at least for her sake." Soma looked behind him and then quickly looked forward. "Hey you guys stay here. I'm going to scout up ahead there is a break point where we have to separate. So I wanna make sure everything is fine so to speak. I'll clear your guys path Hector should know where the Kitchen is he has a good nose on him. I'll check to also see if I can't find a pack for you guys to put it all in so more hand space." Soma ducked under some of the fallen ceiling fixtures. Hector looked shifty eyed. He wanted to trust Soma, but at the same time it was stupid for them to return to the place they just tried to escape, but i can't leave you girls on your own so we have to just trust him, and that means you too lorelai."
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 237d 16h 44m 6s
Lorelai kept close behind Soma as much as she could. She was a little worried about him pushing himself so hard. Not like they had much choice if they wanted to get out of here and survive.

She raised her eyebrow when he asked. What a time to ask. Then again, she supposed they might not get a better time. At his explanation she rolled her eyes and elbowed his arm in a friendly nudge,”There you go making things complicated. I just want to, okay? So you’re stuck with me until I change my mind or you figure out how to get rid of me. It’s as simple as that. Now let’s get what we need and get out of here. We can talk more then, alright?”

She didn’t want him giving up or getting in too far over his head while they were separated. “So you better hurry back, got it? Or I’ll come in and drag you out.”

Solana kept a little back from them. She liked Lorelai, and the plan seemed like their best bet for now, but Soma still made her a little nervous. As they got closer she started fidgeting with her hands. She wondered how hard it would be to get food and get out. She was starting to have second thoughts, though she didn’t have any other ideas. “Hector? Do you think this will go okay?”

Solana was clearly hoping Hector would reassure her.
  Yavanna / 239d 7h 23m 55s
Hector followed Solana's lead cause right at that moment he didn't know what else to do besides leave to find food. He didn't know the first thing about first aid. Soma took hold of Lorelai's arm and helped himself up. "Let's cross our fingers that we can find some usefull information and items inside the lab." Soma slowly walked to the north checking his sides and behind them as he slowly ducked walked over to cover each time. He gave a thumbs up when he got to the next cover. He was trying to think of some sort of plan while he had the chance. "So Lorelai. Why stick around with me?" He didn't think he merited a bodyguard he could handle himself and if anything a lose of him didn't mean much outside of the three of them getting captured and shipped off yet again so maybe it wasn't so much a want as it was a need to just keep him alive for their own survival. He wouldn't put it past anyone to do that He wasn't cocky or anything he just knew more than the average person that made him an asset in any side of the field. He sighed and looked at Lorela. 'Let's be honest here you can survive with me or without me so you are doing the thing that seems more likely to keep you alive and win you your freedom. I didn't ask for any of this the experiments the fighting. If I had a choice I would have rathered died in all my fights but I kept fighting always wanting a way out it never came soon I began to accept that there wasn't anything for me that this was what I was suppose to be a walking death trap."
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 247d 12h 50m 59s
Lorelai had stepped forward when Soma fell. She might have tried to help him up, but the vomit made her hesitate. He seemed to recover after that, but she figured he probably still needed rest. He wouldn’t be able to go on like this forever. “So we’ll be stocking up on food. Not a bad idea, who knows when the next chance to get easy food will be.”

Solana liked that idea, and stepped a little closer,”I know a little about plants. I… like learning about them. So, I might be able to help.”

Lorelai nodded,”That settles it then. If everyone is ready then we set out. I’m assuming we don’t want to linger there too long, so once we’re out let’s meet back here to regroup and then we can go from there.”
  Yavanna / 256d 22h 1m 40s
"Yes let's cause I'm obivously plotting something so we have to hurry and get it done. Rushing will get us nowhere just so you know. I don't want to lose anyone so we will have to take our time and it's not like i plan to keep us in any particular spot that we aren't needed. I am willing to overlook what you said cause your pettiness aside i know there are others in this group who don't wish to go down the same path you are steering us." Soma looked at the group. He collapsed onto his knees feeling weak he had been fighting this light headed feeling for the longest time but he couldn't any longer he throw up. He was exhausted dehydrated and he just wanted to finally give up but he couldn't his body kept fighting with his mind. His mind wanted to continue on fight to see freedom for once. He wanted to be cliche and live out the stories he read in the books in the library. He was sure that Hector wanted the same thing, but didn't know how to grab it with his hands. He also probably didn't understand how big this whole thing was according to a fake map there was more land and oceans out there that civilization hadn't all but restarted. It must be seeing as how lab technology is this advance. He would venture to guess. he was snapped back to reality when he realized he was probably worrying them being on the ground. He got up and wiped his mouth. "I'm guessing a victory kiss is out of the question from any of you?" He pushed forward. "So what my revised plan is I will go in there you guys will fall back I need you to had to the garden center. which when we enter should be on the far right then you should see a sign if it's still intact. What you'll find there is some foods i know you might not know what is edible but one of you two should probably be able to read so on a board is clearly labeled."
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 258d 13h 59m 17s
Lorelai and Solana followed a little farther back, letting Soma essentially scout just a little ahead as they set out. Lorelai frowned at Hector and his advice. Did he really think she was following Soma because she was assigned to him? That was what initially tossed them together, but if that was the only thing at this point she wouldn’t care about sticking around. Before she could say anything, or even think of what to say, Soma spoke up. Hector had irritated him again. The two seemed good at pushing each others buttons.

Lorelai put her hand on Soma’s shoulder,”Hey. It’s fine, let’s just get this part over with and get out. We don’t want to stay out in the open right now, right?”

Now that they were outside of the house it felt like they might be more vulnerable. She wasn’t sure if that was true or not, she might have only felt paranoid. Either way, she was pretty eager to finish this and get some distance between them and the lab. For good this time.

Solana had just gone quiet, staying a little behind Hector while Soma was irritated. She didn’t know what to say and didn’t want to make the situation worse. She exchanged a look with Lorelai. At least Lorelai was keeping calm for the moment. It made her feel a little better.
  Yavanna / 1y 1d 15h 53m 37s
"I see no point in delaying this any further we should get this as you said over right away. Word of warning though anyone can become a fighter weather it be with physical violence or mentally fucking with someone you have to learn to play mind games if you can't play the facie punchy game. I'll lead the way back." He signaled for them to follow as he left out the door he didn't want to sit around any longer the longer he sat where he was the more antsy he got specially with having more people around. Soma continued to scan around them stopping to look as he dived behind buildings and trees zigzagging between them as he headed back upwards towards the lab they were just at. Hector sighed and followed behind them. "You know Loreali just cause you are his assigned partner you don't have to jump at his every command since we are going to be free you should make your own choices instead of letting this idiot do with your life what he does to everyone else which is use them till fate snatches them away." That hit a sore spot for Soma. 'Listen here you little fuck I never asked to be partnered up with any of those people the blood on my hand it's there not on yours you don't have to see their faces every waking moment and everytime you close your eyes you can't smell or feel them around you. How about you choose your words more fucking carefully. You know what no how about you and Solana hit the fucking bricks since you obviously have such free fucking will hmm how about you find a way to your own freedom since obviously i'm going to use you and lose everyone soo how about you be the new leader elect. Hmm how much combat experience do you have how much knowledge of the land do you have none that's what i fucking thought you just do better to shut up or shove off otherwise yeah i'll use you and not give a fuck what happens."
  Hector / HollowLink / 1y 8d 17h 52m 1s
Lorelai sighed,”Then we should get going if we’ve basically decided. Unless we’re waiting for something? The sooner we get this over with the better, right? Then they can’t track us and we can get out.”

Solana looked a little nervous still. It was true she wasn’t much of a fighter, despite her power supposedly being pretty good for it or at least something that might be useful. She just didn’t like fighting. “Um. Right. If we’re all going I guess we should go soon.”

Lorelai nodded,”Good” She leaned against the doorframe and looked out,”I’m looking forward to getting to mess with them for once. And not being tracked.”
  Yavanna / 1y 30d 19h 5m 10s
Soma sighed " I'm guessing next you're going to tell me I'm stuck with you guys. Well I'm not I'm staying around oy cause I made someone here a promise and I keep my promises even if it comes with annoying side baggage. Doesn't do us any good that only me and Hector can fight so splitting up would hinder any progress. I can't let you guys do it all alone to begin with that's why I'm dragging you with me to the lab we just ran from. I mean we don't even know where to run to or where is safe but we'll deal with that when we get to that currently we should be focusing on removing their tracking methods and communication once we've done that we can move around freely blend in if we are smart enough."
  Hector / HollowLink / 1y 33d 2h 18m 23s
Lorelai crossed her arms. She looked at Soma and then outside,”I told you I’m coming so you won’t be going alone. We’ll get that suit and whatever else we can get our hands on then get the hell out of here. Together. No splitting up if we don’t have to.”

Lorelai didn’t want to split up the team. She especially didn’t want Soma going off alone into danger. She was going to be stubborn about this. Solana sighed and looked worried. She looked at Lorelai for several long moments, then to Hector,”I’m still not sure of the plan. It’s pretty risky no matter what we do. I’d like us to stick together though, I think we’ll all do better as a team. Even if we’re a mess of a team.”
  Yavanna / 1y 40d 14h 50m 7s
Soma let out a loud sigh as he looked. "The suit was in works for Loreali to begin with it's suppose to provide her with a source of moisture when she was out in say a desert area which if I piece things together was where they were going to send us to establish a new hold. So that will be our escape route since they aren't there already. The reason I want to go back is to get some gear the gear is special clothes the guards wear when dealing with us. I'm sure the science division had some r and d stuff they left behind we can only hope that it wasn't raided when the lab was attacked.I mean we need some more info before we can go any further along with this full escape that's why I originally said it would sound crazy,
If anything I'll go alone and you guys can figure out where to go which you have no clue what you are going to run into. I hate to say it but we need to be in a group and rely on me since I have the most knowledge."

With that he looked toward the door. "Unless you have a better plan. I'm thinking of the big picture here 3 scenarios could happen and I'm prepping you guys for them. I could hit up another lab but i doubt anyone will have anything that will help any of you girls specially Loreali I hate to make it sound like I'm heartless but facts are facts having to stop puts a huge target on us so does moving around without a reason or direction. Cause we don't know the first thing about blending in."

Hector looked at Soma and everyone. "I agree with Solana I'm not convinced we need to do any of this why can't we just run and hide somewhere just disappear. You are heartless you are making her feel like she is more of a burden and is slowing us all down. You don't know how to team correctly."
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 1y 50d 5h 18m 1s
Solana watched, curious then alarmed. Once Soma was done she went to Hector,”Are you alright? That looked like it hurt.”

Lorelai looked a little uncomfortable watching Soma electrocute Hector and himself, but when he asked about her water intake she shrugged,”I’m doing alright for now. Water is still running here, at least for now.” She tossed her still damp hair back,”Back in? That is pretty crazy, but I’m not letting you do that alone, so I’m coming. You really think it’ll help us get out?”

While Lorelai seemed to be taking things more calmly Solana looked alarmed and initially shook her head,”We just got out and you want us to go back in? Why can’t we just try and get as far away as possible? Surely we could somehow make sure that they don’t follow or watch us without going back. And what sort of gear could we even expect to find?”

It would take a little more convincing to get her to go along with the plan. She just wanted to get out of there and stay out. She also didn’t want to be alone, so if the whole group was going she would go.
  Yavanna / 1y 61d 14h 32m 42s

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