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[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana watched, a slight frown on her face. They left without doing anything to her, which seemed odd. As soon as they were gone she sighed, relaxing slightly. She always got a little tense when the scientists came around.

What did she want to know? She looked at Hector and almost right away asked,”Are you alright? What was that? What do you mean compatibility testing? Do you really think they’ll come back?”

The questions came out faster than she meant, and on realizing that Solana covered her mouth with her hands,”Sorry. That’s a lot of questions.”
  Yavanna / 307d 15h 48m 57s
The scientist walked over to Hector not saying anything and stuck a needle of some blue liquid into his neck and injected it. Hector winced as he took the injection. rubbing the spot he clawed at it as the scientist walked out without a word. "That was weird. So like I was saying before i was rudely interrupted if you have any questions feel free to ask. I think they are coming back to do that to you maybe probably prepping us for the compatibility tests tomorrow which should be fun since Soma has to go thru it as well." He yawned a bit stretching as he walked over to her "So anything in particular that you would like to know?" He was still scratching the spot his tail flickered showing his annoyance with the shot.
  Hector / HollowLink / 309d 10h 10m 43s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Tell about herself? Before Solana could answer, Hector was talking again. She listened quietly, her head tilted slightly until he mentioned children. He was in her face, and her face had quickly turned nearly scarlet. “N-no! I haven’t.”

He was really talkative and forward, and had her flustered. While she was trying to figure out if he was serious about them being roommates because the scientists wanted them to have kids the door opened.

Solana looked over warily at the two men. She looked at Hector before climbing down off the bed and walking over as told. She hated it here and was distrustful of anyone who wasn’t a subject like her, but she was also obedient. Disobedience didn’t seem to do any good. She wanted to ask Hector questions, but like he said, it would have to wait. She stood quietly to wait for further orders, or an explanation.
  Yavanna / 315d 23h 17m 38s
Hector watched the girl "Be careful now. So tell me about yourself since we are room mates for a long time." Hector still couldn't shake that he was once again in the same place as Soma things didn't feel right with him only cause he knew that they would be tested out on each other and didn't care much for that idea. It happened in the past and it's happening now again only this time he doubt that Soma would hold his tongue or pull his punches. "Kinda sucks that I didn't get a healer as partner maybe something big is going on so they teamed me up with you. No offense or anything i'm just saying only on rare occasions do they pair two fighter classes up well that was back in the place where you guys got kidnapped from. Maybe things are different or they want to see if a child born of two fighters will produce results of both. Speaking of children have you had any yet?" He was in her face sniffing her part of his cat complex he guess he wasn't sure. "If you have any questions feel free to ask now when we have...." Suddenly the door opened and two men motioned for them to come over to them. "Guess that Q and A will have to wait."
  Hector / HollowLink / 316d 22h 49m 12s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai was getting ready to get off the bed when she felt his hand on her head. She froze, and let out a sigh. Some of the tension left her shoulders. She told herself she shouldn’t keep letting her guard down, but it was so nice. She didn’t want him to stop.

Lorelai smiled slightly, hearing him ramble a little. She liked that, hearing him talk more relaxed. It was more relatable. And he’d admitted to liking it. “Alright, alright. I’m not too interested in getting hurt really. Actually I like to avoid it when I can. I’m not so masochistic.”

She looked over and then reached over to ruffled his hair a little. She paused, then stroked his hair back,”I hope you sleep okay.”

She pulled her hand back and got off his bed and sat on her own. “Good night, Soma.”
  Yavanna / 318d 22h 9m 23s
"Night." He voice full of sorrow why did his mind have to do this to him he was actually enjoying this and it had to go ahead and just throw it away. He shifted his weight. He couldnt think what to do or say so he did the first thing that flashed in his head he stroked her head. ~Really is this the best you can do~ Soma was upset at himself and felt stupid as he laid there with her. "As much as I like what's going on I don't want to hurt you. I thrash at night when I'm asleep i have nightmares ninety nine point nine percent of the time I am asleep. So unless you like getting hit which would worry me someone who heals people likes to be hurt well i mean that isn't as weird as i thought it was at first but kinda ironic if you ask me." Soma was no just talking to cover his tracks of embarrassment.
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 320d 13h 35m 53s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] It was soothing to listen to the steady beat of his heart. She felt his hand on her head and saw him smile, then closed her eyes. It was not something she was used to, but it was such a nice feeling. She felt warm and happy. He did have a softer side, and she was thinking that this wouldn’t be so bad. She remembered how some of the scientists talked and acted with each other. Friends, or sometimes more than friends, but they never acted that way with her. It was something she wanted, but hadn’t been able to get.

Then she felt a little shift, and opened her eyes. His face had changed. Something about him changed, and her expression shifted to a concerned sadness. She wasn’t sure what happened, but the moment of mutual comfort was gone. The absence of it hurt sharper than ever after the brief taste of... She frowned. Was it friendship? Companionship?

She sat up and turned away from him, her hair hanging to hide most of her, save a bare shoulder peeking from the too large neckline and long brown hair. The shoulder was tense, as was her voice,”I was being selfish and stupid. I’m sorry. Good night.”

Her face felt hot. Lorelai felt like it was stupid of her to let herself get carried away like that. Vulnerability wasn’t something she should allow. As a healer they all expected her to be weak, but she didn’t want to be weak. She’d already lowered her guard too much with him, even if he was her fighter.
  Yavanna / 320d 18h 32m 55s
This was the first time ever that someone had laid ontop of him that wasn't a dead body. It was a new concept stopping and enjoying someone around even before with the others they were more focused on them and saving everyone around them. He sighed and watched her head bob with his chest. His heart rate was slow and content it was betraying him he didn't have time to think about stuff like this he had to prepare himself for any fight that could happen at any moment, but his heart wasn't letting him it had been something no amount of points could have earnt him no amount of killing could bring him. He stroked her head almost by instinct and smiled down at her. Soma closed his eyes sighing again feeling a weight being lifted but his mind was racing at first all these thoughts then suddenly nothing he was focused on her and her face he examined it along with her body. Blushing as he did so he was suddenly at a lose of words. He shook his head. ~Childish thoughts freedom is never an option for you nor is love you don't deserve it with all the blood on your hands.~ The blush quickly went away and all the feelings of sorrow and loneliness came back. It showed in his face what he was going thru and his heart also betrayed him it wasn't calm or relaxing any longer.
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 321d 4h 50m 9s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai covered her face with one hand, shaking her head,”You are stubborn. Fine, just don’t worry me to death either.”

She peered at him through her fingers. He seemed genuine about wanting to help her escape. It made her want to trust him, though she was feeling a little wary still. He was stubborn and confusing, but something about him felt so honest. With a big sigh she laid over on his chest,”And now, I am exhausted. You are exhausting.”

Lorelai wasn’t quite as tired as she was feigning, but she watched to see what he’d do. Laying on him she could hear his heart beating, feel him breathing. It was such a rare thing to get close enough to feel another living person like this, she’d been so isolated. It was a nice feeling, and she hoped he wouldn’t shove her away right away. She liked being able to feel someone and not have it be for healing or testing, just for a few minutes.
  Yavanna / 324d 2h 1m 18s
He felt her trying to heal him. -What an annoying girl trying to wake me up.- He refused to wake up. He would allow the healing to happen even though his wounds were mental not physical. He couldn't though his brain forced him to wake up. He opened up his eyes his punch wasn't enough to make sure he was out of commission so to speak. "You can trust me just know that. I don't have to explain everything. I'm not apologizing for anything you got that look on your face like you expect me to say something cause I hurt myself making you have to worry." He laid there looking up at the ceiling. "If you have to know I will do my job and I guess that includes making myself hurt so you can at least heal. I assume it would be better if I didn't get hurt and you had to do nothing, but i bet they are going to run test on you to better understand things. So you know I was serious about getting you out of here. I am not letting someone else make this their life." He had that glimmer of determination in his eyes and his voice. His fist clenched as he looked from the ceiling to her.
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 330d 3h 3m 31s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai sighed, crossing her arms. Neither of them really trusted the other. Still, she figured if he really wanted to kill her himself he probably would have done something by now. He’d be able to overpower her easily. He wasn’t looking at her, but before she could ask he’d punched himself and fell back on the bed.

She swore and scrambled over. With her hands on either side of her head she tried to steady her breathing and focus on healing him. Lorelai frowned, her eyes closed while she focused but also muttered,”What in the world were you thinking? Don’t do that. Just don’t.”

There was a tightness and worry in her voice. She hoped it was working and that he could hear her and would wake up. And hoping he would apologize too.
  Yavanna / 344d 20h 22m 45s
"No need for pressing me. You don't need to worry about relying on me it's me who needs to know if i can rely on you. You take the wishie washy answers and contradictive replies as they are. I will tell you what info i want when i'm ready if i give you some info you should be happy i'm even talking to you. I won't let you die i don't think you really have that to worry about unless they decide to run seperate test on you to test your limits then they will have a healer of their choosing fix you i have no control over that fact even with all my points. Just know i do what i need to if that means keeping you alive then i will do it." He shifted not looking at her clearly she said something that struck a nerve but he wanted to just ignore it but she wasn't going to let him. He raised his arm and punched himself in the face knocking himself out cold. Finally some rest and escape from having to say anymore. He felt a warm tingling sensation oh great she was healing him already. He sighed inside his own head.
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 346d 13h 59m 19s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai raised one eyebrow, brushing her hair slowly. He claimed not to want to get attached, but he acted awful sweet sometimes for someone not wanting to get attached. He sounded like he didn’t want to talk, but talked anyway.

He was a bit of a contradiction, like he wasn’t sure what he wanted, or somehow kept trying to fight it and then he’d slip. “Sounds like you got a raw deal.”

She set the brush down and checked her hair with her hands. It felt better, and she felt better now that it was neater. There was still him, and his indecisiveness about getting attached to her or not, and it was starting to irritate her. She had abilities, but in combat they weren’t going to be more than an annoyance or distraction to a fighter. In an actual fight against another fighter she would need to be able to rely on Soma to protect her, and he wasn’t really giving her a lot of confidence in that. She got off her bed and went to his, sitting at the edge,”Listen, this whole place just sucks, regardless of how each of us got here. Get attached to me or don’t. But like it or not we’re stuck with each other. I don’t plan on dying. Are you planning on letting me die? Because if so then we’ve got a problem.”

She looked down, getting quieter,”I need to know if I can rely on you.”
  Yavanna / 353d 20h 36m 48s
"You wanna know something about me do you. Ok my name is Soma and I like fire." He smirked being a smart ass. He knew what she wanted from him but he wasn't going to give out info like that specially not to someone he just met. "Let's get something straight we just met it's not a particularly good idea to get attached to garbage like me you'll just wind up hurt or dead. How that for some info. I refuse to get attached to anything again i haven't had one in a while so why start back up again?" He sighed he wanted to say more but he wasn't ready or didn't feel like he was prepared this was always a fight he lost most of the time the fight with his feelings. "I didn't always willingly fight i wasn't born into this whole fighter weapons thing i was sold off as a child to the highest bidder and when the government buys you well you are fucked, but having no natural affinity of my own they saw it as a chance to test human survival rate of a before and after a huge war. I was moved around constantly from lab to lab cause they specialized in something or the other and wanted to see but soon i grew into my powers i actually was a late bloomer and powerful late bloomer. The government saw fit to sign me up for some new trials and that is where i will end my story you'll find out more if i'm feeling talkative."
  HollowLink / 354d 11h 16m 21s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai brushed her hair, listening while he talked. “You don’t have to tell me about them if you don’t want to. The other healers.”

She blushed a little when he said blue would look beautiful on her. It was her favorite color. “Thanks, I really do like it.” He had a way of getting her thinking and then getting her flustered, and then continuing almost like he hadn’t. She continued with her hair. It was long and took time to groom, but she liked it.

“Yeah, I’m dressed. They do tend to make sure we’re comfortable enough, don’t they?” She looked at him, shifting to tuck her legs up under her. She said he didn’t have to tell her about the other healers, but that didn’t stop her curiosity from gnawing at the back of her mind. There was clearly a lot of baggage there. Instead of asking, she pulled her hair over her shoulder, keeping her hands busy,”So, I should be paying more attention to your actions then?”

Her curiosity about him demanded answers. He was her partner now, and she wanted to know something before sleeping in the same room as him. “Even though I’ll be watching you tomorrow, how about you tell me something now? We don’t have to go spilling our souls out or anything to each other. But, for example, my favorite color is blue. I like seafood, well most kinds, it’s… complicated. I obviously can swim, I’m good at it, and I like being in the water.”

She felt a little odd just being tossed in with him, and while they didn’t have to share a bed anymore they were still sharing a room. And, for all her talk about taking care of herself, as a healer with him as her fighter her life would depend on him quite a bit.
  Yavanna / 354d 14h 54m 58s

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