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[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai gasped when he picked her up, but just held onto him. He seemed to know where he was going, but she could tell he was exhausted. Lorelai nodded. Her legs had shifted into a tail. He was too tired, so she would have to manage the rest,”It’s alright. I’ll figure it out. You just relax for now. This is the part where I’m useful.”

Lorelai got to work. The water, despite not being especially pure anymore, did give her some strength. She gathered some and put it over his eyes, then set about trying to heal what was damaged. It was easier with the help of some water, but at the end of it she still felt drained. She kept her hands on his cheeks for a moment and leaned her forehead against his. She really hoped this worked.

Before going to sleep she checked him for any other injuries and healed what she found, no matter how minor. With her work done, and barely able to stay awake, she curled up next to him and drifted off to sleep.
  Yavanna / 15d 16h 48m 15s
Without missing a beat Soma got up instantly and picked up Lorelai. Walking in the general direction of where he remember the location was Soma legs gave out he was to exhausted from using his powers it wasn't the first time but it'd been a while since he used them in the way he did. He was also tired to he attributed his current state to fatigue. Soma was careful at least when he put her down into the tank. There was still enough water in the tank to swim around. "Welp I leave everything else into your capable hands I believe in you we can sleep together in the same water. My problem is I'll prune and maybe need a change of clothes. I don't think I'll get much in the way of privileges anymore.I apologize in advance for what is about to come after today." He closed his eyes and started to drift off to sleep leaning against the tank he slide down hugging the glass. Soma curled up and just fell asleep.
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 15d 18h 28m 50s
Lorelai scooted a little farther away from the hot water and looked away. She didn’t particularly like it, but after the attack she was having a hard time feeling too sorry for the lizard.

“Mm. He’d probably just taste disappointing.” Lorelai wasn’t actually interested in eating anyone, but she was fine with freaking him out. When she saw Soma move for her to heal the lizard out of the corner of her eye she complied.

The lizard certainly would serve as a warning after all of that. Lorelai was feeling a little bit tired, but got up to go sit by Soma anyway. She nodded,”Uh, I guess. You know, it’s hard to even tell you can’t see well right now. Just give me a minute...”

She took his face in her hands and felt around his eyes first, trying to get an idea of the damage. On the surface it did seem more superficial. The damage would be deeper, but she was worried she was too drained to properly heal it. “Water. If I get us in some water it’ll amplify my healing. Better chance of everything working. Let’s get you to what’s left of the tank.”
  Yavanna / 15d 21h 26m 39s
He took the bed sheet over the face of the lizard and began to pour water on his face. Slowly at first then he began to heat the water continue to suffocate the lizard. "Now this particular method is pretty nasty if you ask me but did you know that a lizard depending on his environment can change to adapt, but do you think Mr. Lizard here would be able to do it fast enough or even have the evolutionary trait. Pretty interesting stuff if you ask me to test to see if a trail actually came thru in the splicing. I don't think there was a time when I'd use these set of skills again but here it is a chance to break in a new splice." Soma was absorbed in his work as he continued to pour hotwater scolding his and the lizard's skin. Soma couldn't see but he knew the body well enough to be able to find everything and do what he needed off memory. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. "I wonder if lizard flesh taste good? What do you think Lore should we have some fried lizard? I heard they taste like chicken, but i wonder what a human lizard taste like. They say if you eat your own species it'll be the best taste ever." Soma bent down and licked the Lizard's skin. That freaked the lizard out he screamed as loud as he could squirming at every lick. "Now be a good boy and apologize to my friend Lore and clean this mess up." The lizard couldn't move he just screamed and squirmed it was going into shock. Soma sighed and took the sheet off he motioned for Lore to heal him fully. "He will remember this for the rest of what little life he has once they are done with collecting data they'll do whatever they want with him till now this is our message don't fuck with me or I will ruin all your plans I know I'm no longer protected but that's where they done fucked up because I'm better off dead cause I know secrets from all sides not a single soul is safe." Soma shook his head and he felt light headed he had done too much he had to make sure they wouldn't surprise him he snapped his own finger gritting his teeth as he propped himself up against the wall. Slumping down He watched the room making sure there wasn't any abnormal shapes. He waved for Lorelai to come over. "Could you do me a small favor? I know I'm sorta blind but could you stick your fingers into my eyes and press on them. It's a weird request but try healing not the blindness but try the nerves behind the eye see if that gets you any kinda response."
  HollowLink / 16d 20h 30m 18s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai had to look away when Soma actually started to torture the lizard. That didn’t keep her from smelling it or hearing his screams, but she just stayed stiff. She’d just have to trust that Soma knew what he was doing.

“Sure.” Water and bed clothes she could do. She walked away to go fetch what she could, and once she had that she returned and set things next to them.

Lorelai nodded to Soma,”Alright. Not the legs, so no running.” She sat down next to them and put her hand over the lizard. It took some focus to only heal what she wanted, so she kept her eyes closed. Once the wounds save for the legs had been mended she leaned back and looked at Soma,”Done. Anything else you need?”
  Yavanna / 16d 21h 39m 8s
"I could bend and break you in a million ways while keeping you alive i don't even need a healer to keep you awake and alive. Part of why you don't want a repeat of Lab 51 is well you know you've been briefed i take it." Soma Took a finger and started to trace it over the lizard's chest the smell of burning flesh filled the air. Soma then began to dig his finger into the skin the lizard swatted and screamed. Soma sat on the lizard's stomach holding him down. He began running his burning finger across the lizard's vein lightly burning the skin. "Bring me some water Lorelai and some of the bed clothes." The lizard's eyes widen the heat was nothing to him but the pain was on a different level. The lizard tried to squirm to get out from under Soma but he couldn't thats when he realized Soma had severed his nerves that controlled the response to his legs. Soma looked at Lorelai "I lied and i need you to heal everything but his legs. Since he wants to be Mr Hard ass."
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 19d 5h 25m 48s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai gasped when someone grabbed her hair and shoved her underwater. It wouldn’t drown her, but she tried to fight them off anyway and thrashed around.

The water shifted and then started draining, and Lorelai realized she was free. There was steam, and she couldn’t quite tell what was happening. She managed to get out of the water tank, and realized there was a lot of blood around, and on her. She didn’t know how it got there, she guessed it splashed somehow.

She focused on finding Soma again, and saw him threatening some lizard thing. Lorelai was about to go over, but saw the lizard slip away after spitting something in Soma’s face and stopped, surprised. Blind?

Soma was doing a pretty good job anyway, and after Soma hit and cornered the lizard thing Lorelai approached, her arms crossed. Her skin was pretty red from the heat, and she put on a frown,”What he said. With the room a mess I’ll be very frustrated. Making you suffer would be the only entertainment, wouldn’t it?”

She was acting nonchalant, but her nails were digging into her arms. She was pretty shaken up by the whole thing, but she wasn’t about to let their prisoner the lizard thing see that she was upset. Plus she was angry about the sudden attack.
  Yavanna / 21d 16h 8m 47s
"You can die is what you can do." A force grabbed Loreai by the hair and tried shoving her head underwater thinking they could drown her. Soma quickly ran over to the tank kicking it as he did it shifted creeking water splashed onto the person's face blinding them as the steam rolled off of them. Soma was out of breath panting at this point a heat came off of him and only seemed to increase as his fist began to look like a flashlight was being held up to the skin as he punched thru the tank like it was butter and he was a knife the water tried to escape as it covered his head it instantly turnt to steam. Draining the tank Soma punched a whole into the man's chest as he did the person exploded blood and bits littered the room raining down. Soma ran up the wall and grabbed something some lizard creature as he threw it down to the ground. "Give me your life or you can pay to clean up this room your choice." The lizard thought it was big and bad spit acid in Soma eyes. Soma sighed and closed his eyes blinking away he sighed again steam once again came up from where the acid had been Soma didn't let go of the lizard as he went to launch him into the air the lizard's tail detached and wriggled in Soma's hand. The lizard ran away hiding in the corner. It snickered. "The great bad Soma is blind now." Soma's ears perked up he pointed a finger "BANG!" Flames shot from his finger like a bullet and hit the lizard directly between the eyes. The lizard fell to the ground but wasn't dead it was a shallow hit on purpose walking over to where he heard the thud Soma walked over to the lizard. "Now I won't repeat myself you only have one choice now and that's to fix this room or my friend over there." He pointed to Lorelai "She will be unhappy and you don't want an unhappy healer now do you cause you know what that means i could do all the damage i want to you and she can refuse service since if i remember correctly you are the challenging party and lost so we can opt to make you our bitch for a while. I rather not have to make an example out of you after I murdered your buddies." In moments like this he had no second thoughts about protecting the both of them she didn't do anything the ones that he had killed and knocked out had made their beds and had to lie in it. if he needed to he would murder everyone here but would regret it afterwords. He didn't have time to be sorry the lab was already trying to take corrective actions towards him.
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 21d 20h 28m 10s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] An assult protocol just for him? “Mm, sounds like you’ve been giving them trouble.”

Lorelai was surprised to see the mess the room was in. The shock shook off the lingering sleepiness and she frowned,”What in the world?”

The color the water turned the pillow was disturbing. She wasn’t sure what they’d done to the water, but she didn’t like the look of it. She really got worried when he put his hand in the water,“Woah, what are—”

It was an ambush? She realized that when they attacked from the walls, and she moved back, looking for somewhere to run. She saw someone take a swing at her just too late to do anything except close her eyes, but the blow never came. Soma had knocked them down.

She didn’t question him. She ducked down and got into the water as quick as she could. Lorelai couldn’t help but gasp as she got in. It was hot, and her tail burned. The water didn’t feel great, but the worst of it seemed to be the heat. The heat was pretty bad though, she made several pained noises as she tried to sink as deep in the water as she could and look around. For now they were ignoring her, probably thinking Soma was the bigger threat or hoping whatever they’d done to the water was still enough to take care of her. She asked in as normal a voice as she could manage,”What now? I’m not liking this room so much right now.”
  Yavanna / 22d 18h 58m 27s
Soma looked over at Lorelai "Trust me when I say you don't want to know it's better this way alot of what I am today came from that fucked up also why there is an assault protocol just for little old me. I will just say I don't like repeating myself." With that he walked off with Lorelai in hand and as he rounded the corner he saw that their room had been messed up that there was a crack in the tank the water looked like it was tampered with. His bed had been cut and ruined. Soma sighed and entered the room. I'm not using my points to clean this up fuck off with that mess. I will however just take this." Taking the pillow Soma dipped it in the water and saw that the pillow did yellow quite a bit. He closed his eyes and placed his hands in the water. instantly he regretted it his hand stung and suddenly the walls gave way. Someone was behind him as the water began to boil Soma got infront of the assault as someone swung at Lorelai. Soma kicked the person. it was female she grunted as she hit the floor. "I don't have time to explain get in the water but be care it's hot i boiled the impurities away or at least tried to." Soma didn't get the two any time to recover as he grabbed one by the neck he spewed fire from his mouth onto the person's face before he jammed the arm of the other one into her neck. They were pissed at Soma he realized he should have shut his mouth but this wasn't fair to the new girl. Exploding forward he slammed the choking woman to the ground. slammed her head to the ground she fell silent Soma scanned the room for the other person as they disappeared into the choas.
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 22d 20h 32m 5s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai looked around. There was that girl and the guy from before. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. She wondered what they were doing with getting them all together. The guys speech wasn’t really making much sense to her, he seemed pretty full of himself.

Soma’s outburst surprised her. He was certainly strong, but at least that had the guy seem to get to the point. Their options were front lines or lab rat. She didn’t like either, and yawned again. It was hardly a good choice, but Soma was ready to leave with her, and she followed him. Rest sounded good. Lorelai mumbled as she followed him,”You don’t cut them any slack, do you? I like that. What’s lab 51 though?”

[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana recognized the two others from either. She shifted nervously, clearly worried about Soma’s outburst and what it meant. She didn’t much like their choiced either, but she didn’t have the heart to do fighting and killing, so she didn’t want to go to the front lines. That meant being a test subject here. They had a test lined up for her already. She looked at Hector. Why her though? Her powers? But they were after cute features like the cat ears. She blinked, realizing that her eyes might be it. They were mismatched like some cats. She tugged on Hector’s arm and whispered to him,”What do we do now? I really don’t like fighting.”
  Yavanna / 46d 11h 38m 35s
"Good! Now you're all here. Let's begin." without missing a beat Soma stood up straight as did Hector. one of the walls disappeared or seemed like it did but it was a one way glass that was switchable. There stood a man in a Generals outfits. "Today will be for some of you the last day of freedom or who knows maybe this is free.." Soma stomped his foot. "Can we cut the bullshit talk and get this part over with? We get it you wanna fill our heads with these stories and hopes but you know what that's not cutting it this time. So you know if you put me on the front line again I won't come back to either side. That's a promise i will take mine and cash out. This talk of freedom or not being free anymore you can't afford to lose 3 of 4 of us not after Sven was taken. Now you need an edge." One of the white coats came in and tried to tazer Soma but it didn't work he stood where he was and took it without flinching. Grabbing the white coat he slammed the man into the ground the sound of his screams were drowned out as soon as they came out of his mouth as he was knocked out.
"Hey couldn't you have gone easy on the man Soma?" Hector looked up at Soma from the man. He couldn't help but smile he had been wanting to do that for the longest but wanted to also be cooperative. The man didn't flinch as he picked up where he left off. "Some of you will be put on the front line others will be lab rat. I all depends on how good you are a life of a lab rat isn't so bad you get to stay here and live a life of test. Not wanting anything cause we will take care of your needs." Soma scuffed and walked over to the door bringing Lorelai with him. "Come lets go back to bed leave this clown to his little rant. I tire of this you don't want a repeat of lab 51 do you so I advise you to just save the test for tomorrow when Lorelai is better rested otherwise someone isn't going to be too happy and I'll let you on a secret. It's someone not in this room." With that he walked off. Hector was confused how Soma could just drag people into his problems did he not consider he just may have earnt everyone here some kind of punishment.
  Soma Xander / HollowLink / 47d 1h 12m 12s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana was uncomfortable with the conversation as it was, so she was sort of glad Hector had jumped in. She stood behind him, practically hiding behind him. When he knocked the clipboard down, Solana put her hand on his arm, a silent plea to stop. She was worried something might happen to him if he got too aggressive with the man. When she heard the bang it startled her, and she clung tightly to Hector,”What was that?”

[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/90a71b9a-8966-41fe-8445-b3426956cf6c_zpse1f74657.jpg]] Lorelai didn’t appreciate being woken up. It wasn’t a nice wake up call either, and she was still sleepy while the white coats pushed her along. Soma was awake too, at least. She could tell that much, but her eyes weren’t adjusted to the light yet. Whatever they were going to do to her and Soma, she wished it could’ve waited a few more hours.
  Yavanna / 49d 20h 28m 22s
"Liking him doesn't mean anything when it comes down to things. Liking loving and all that are different levels we just need to know that when it comes down to it you will be ready to carry whatever child turns out to be inside you." Hector stepped between him and Solana. "I think that's enough of that talk you aren't making her feel comfortable and what if the mental state you're putting her in makes her chemical levels at a point you guy won't be able to do anything cause maybe her body will produce something to fight off the fetus like it's a fever or something you should just leave it at what you said and walk off." The man wrote something down but midway Hector swatted the clipboard. "I said leave it." The man picked the board up and continued writing. Suddenly there was another loud bang the man jumped. Being woken up when he was finally at rest was the worst thing anyone could do as soon as he felt someone's presence over Loreali he quickly punched the bed as he shot up and looked around he was surrounded by white coats. Soma came thru the door being ushered in by a bunch of white coats. Soma was fighting the urge to punch one of the white coats in the face.
  Hector / HollowLink / 50d 6h 28m 38s
[left [pic http://i349.photobucket.com/albums/q373/Asarieth/6c005245-7895-4d2e-952f-2fac6891734c_zpsf7eb7f66.jpg]] Solana figured that was it. Hector had survived, but now that he had those traits it would be easier to just have them born with those traits, if they could get it to work. This was that test. Solana covered her face in her hands and leaned against Hector. Her face felt hot, and she wasn’t sure what to say yet, but she was glad for the comfort he was offering, and was eager to hide as much as she could.

After a moment she nodded and managed a muffled,”Right. Of course.”

Of course that’s what they wanted. Could she even refuse? She peeked out at the man. No. If she did, they would only force her, or do something else to her that was possibly worse. Answering questions and going along with it was probably best for now,”Um, I’ve never… I-I’m a virgin, I mean. And… Hector seems nice.”
  Yavanna / 55d 17h 33m 46s

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