Velkan, the Holy Werewolf

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It is the year 2011, a time where beasts of myth and legends have disappeared...that is, until a 19 year old man named Velkan, a devout christian from the heart of Rome, showed up in England, looking for a place among the inhabitants of London. There is one thing that no one except for Velkan knows...Velkan is a Werewolf, but he is able to control his behavior and he is out for those who have cursed God, and he will show no mercy to those who have done so...

Enter If You Dare...Roleplayer Beware, there is a werewolf on the prowl, and [B [U Female]] is a werewolf hunter, but is out of work until the recent "accidents" where multiple bodies are found mutilated all over London, as if a wild animal tore them apart... [B [U Female]] is personally asked to come and investigate the scenes, and she finds that each body had their throat torn out by a wolf like being, but the bites are twice as large as a normal wolf's, meaning that it was time for the hunt to begin...


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