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[center [font "times new roman" [b Koev halev]; An 'untranslatable' term with no direct English equivalent.
[i (Hebrew) - Identifying with the suffering of another very closely.
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They were becoming so common now, traveling in packs, stopping her at random... Wanting to bestow upon her their worldly knowledge.
She listened again, quiet and hollow as she allowed another [i faceless, pigeon] of a girl go on and on about how she ought to take her schooling more seriously and 'abort the damned thing' before it could grow any further.
Scout didn't need the wisdom of whores, she hadn't asked, and she hadn't the patience to sit and nod as she was sure this idiot and her friends were hoping she would. Empty blue-grey eyes flooded with contempt and wry amusement both, her hands circling the slight protrusion from her stomach as the brunette chattered away.
[b "The father obviously doesn't want it either, or he'd be around! Think of HIS position!"]
There were times where her fellow women truly disappointed her, on and at a deep and irreversible level. Would nobody ever [i ask] about what had happened, or did the entire damned planet thing she was a loose heifer? She decided, then, to walk away, adjusting the bag slung about her shoulders and picking her way to the back of the campus grounds. Even as they began to fade away, grumblings of pity for her child and disgust for her drifted into her ears. The parents thought the very same, sneering at her scholarships and whispering about her pregnancy as though it were some sort of contagion their precious elitist heirs might contract. It was not a university for those who weren't focused on being the best of the best, but Scout wanted to keep the baby regardless, innocent but selfish as she murmured sweet things to her stomach in the hopes that, come the due date, she would finally have a friend, something to love and something that would need her.

Leaves crunched beneath her flats as she ambled along the path behind the campus, starting into a thicker treeline as the forest spread out all around her. She could draw here sometime, surely?
A large, wet drip clapped at her forehead, and Scout cursed her luck. Scout could turn around and head back and wait the rain out in the school library? She seemed to think this, ignoring the rain as it stuck her pale hair to her face and soaked through her clothing. She could make it back, right?

She could see the back of the dean's office now, though, her hurried steps ruining it for her as she stumbled and slid back down the hill a smidge, the leaves slick with rain and mud. The trail had all but gone, and she couldn't see very well now through the downpour. Where could she go NOW to wait this out? She'd thought this one would just be another small cloudburst, not a full-on storm. Scout never had been a very prepared woman, she had 3 umbrellas and always seemed to be caught without them.
She let the slippery slope drag her a bit further down before she noticed a crumbling structure showing through the forestation and debris, an opening in the side big enough to enter. Well, it was sure to be absolutely unbearable inside, but she could make do for now?

She crept in, soaked to the bone as she blinked rainwater from her eyes and tried to get an idea of what this -thankfully dry- place was. She felt around her, fingertips brushing what she could only describe as the spine of an old book.

What was all this?

She took off her jacket and shoes to give them a squeeze and to let them sit out to dry beside the table, albeit it was covered in dust and leaves but not unbearably so. It was clearly an old library, perhaps municipal, or one long side detached from an old wing of the campus. Either way, it was abandoned and left to the elements some time ago. Books still lined the shelves, and the tables and chairs had been waiting for readers for ages, so it seemed. One book was already out on the table she was at, so she proceeded to read the dusty, smudged writing aloud, something about driving laws and police notices. Not that the baby would understand any of it, but talking was said to be good for your baby... She'd read that somewhere, too. She huddled over the book of laws, her interest taken up by each page despite not knowing what it meant as the rain roared at everything and everyone unlucky enough to be caught outside in it.

"I wonder if there's a naming book in here somewhere?"
The thought had yet to cross her mind, though that could be because she was shy and could not bring herself to check out childcare books from the school library. It'd help to pick a name, though, and perhaps even aid her recovery from past traumas with a bit of encouragement via caring for her child. Scout began to read out loud, quiet enough but cheery and relaxed enough to properly enjoy not being sick as a dog. She'd been terribly sick because of this infant this past several weeks, but she hadn't thought of the child as burden enough to rid herself of it even once. Scout was more concerned with considering names right now than she was about whether or not she understood the particulars of policework in the book in front of her. Still, regardless of the title, maybe concentrating on books and on naming her baby would keep her from her own pained thoughts, and would keep her from hurting so much inside while she waited for her miracle to come?

" I don't understand any of this... Oh well~" she hummed, flipping the page anyway. Any and all reading was fine, she could read anything and love it. Plus? This was a perfect place to hide away, ugly and spooky as it looked on the outside. Being alone was her favorite thing these days, the way most had gone about treating her having estranged her from her past love for others.
She'd bet she had the whole place to herself!
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