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This story takes place thirty years in the future, a virus had broken out killing several people. Though those who had survived had strange mutations and began to change gainings new "gifts". Things like ESP or control over fire or enhanced speed. Muscle tissue changing brains altering and such, as the world fell to discord taking most of the population thirty years ago. Electricty was even knocked out during the great "collaspe" one theory being an asteroid with strange matter had hit the earth. Because of this all the nations fell back in some tech while advancing in others the nations merging together for protection. Many weapons were lost such as warheads or nukes. Humanity now warring against one another freely the age of deterence being over. The merged nations being refered to now as "Kingdoms"

As the war raged on some were born with this virus due to perhaps their parents. These children/young adults are taken to a lab. Where they are tested in harsh conditions to become mindless soldiers for the cause of that kingdom.

I was thinking our characters would be stuck in this lab trying to find a way out. As they do experiments and such on our characters.

Experiments are classified in three ways.

Fighters: These get less experiments for the cost they must fight other fighters in combat. At first the battles aren't so bad till they are forced to the death. Fighters can only have up to two gifts. Mostly their gifts revolve around the body over the brain. Though that isn't always the case. They are free to choose the gear wanted for the battles they face in the arena against other fighters.

Secret Weapons: More rare and their lives a bit more valued, they are not thrown into battle. Instead they go through many experiments and are drugged and tested and prodded at perhaps the most of all three classes. A secret weapon has anywhere from 3-5 gifts and any shape of healing cannot be one. Including regenaration. Same goes for fighters they cannot have healing or regenaration.

Healers, these are people that focus on healing of others or self. Their test revolve around suffering fatal wounds and healing them. Or if they focus on healing others they must other subjects that are dying. Say a fighter who barely survived his match and ect. Having the most stressful task as others lives can rest on their shoulders.

A healer can only have one or two gifts. It is noted that the more offensive or powerful the second gift the weaker the healing gift tends to be. Those that only have a healing gift tend to heal the best. So those with a second gift can only heal themselves OR others not both. So for an example one with just a healing gift, can regenarate very quickly. However when they cut themselves and get that blood on others it can heal their wounds.


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"That's the exciting part. I don't even know nor do I have any kind of plan outside of getting as far from here and these people as possible. I haven't really killed anyone beside that one guy but everyone i've beaten unconscious. There is no reason for useless blood shed. I'm done being a killing machine As selfish as this sounds i want to stop being the machine and start being alive. What being alive actually entails i have no clue." He slumped down against the counter using his legs he pushed the bodies infront of the door and sighed. "What i want to do is maybe find a village who aren't a bunch of greedy fucks, but that is more than likely never going to happen." There was a banging against the door they were trying to break it down. Getting up he stretched rotating his arms and cracking his neck as he turned it to the side. Walking with his hands up he winked at her. As he pushed pasted all the men as he was at the center of the group in the hall he grabbed the collars of the men that tired to run into the room to grab her. as he dragged them to the center with him he began to look up at the ceiling he started to mumble something as he did his pupils became wide as if he was spacing out outside the door heatwaves could be noticed. the ac kicked on and blew harder as you could hear it working overtime. suddenly the air became stale as if someone was stealing air the area became harder and harder to breathe for anyone around him. He started counting out loud as the air crackled several people fell over others suddenly screamed their lungs bursting into flames. He pulled more of the air into him his flames suddenly appearing and then disappearing as he took in more are the heat became more intense. Sweat began to form as Soma held his position making sure no one could get to the girl. Closing his eyes he smelt the stench of burning flesh the hotter it got the sweater he got. To him it felt like a mild fever his insides luckily were protected. His clothes the ones he stole burst into sudden flames and again he was done to just his boxers. His boxers were made with special material. He looked around piles of ash laid around him.He dialed it down he was still sweating, feeling light headed he leaned against the wall turning to catch his balance.
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[center [pic]]
She didn't press further, having been told to bump the questions and not wanting to annoy him by asking others. Nahja felt useless, practically twiddling her thumbs as Soma beat down guards left and right with nothing but his power and a belt. She wished she could be that capable, that she could do more than take hits and be a life force battery for this God forsaken hellhole. Here Soma was, going out of his way to bring her along with him despite the added risk and therefore, heightened priority amongst the lab employees, and her SHE was, sitting nice and proper, hiping Soma would win as she watched from the sidelines. Hardly fair.

Thinking back, Nahja had never known much about childbirth or pregnancy or really even intimacy, but Soma was right. There were signs. They were always assessing her, always talking about her reproductive health in hushed whispers, her eyes trying to sneak peeks at their clipboards despite her literacy being a bit sad.

She wanted more out of life than metal bars and blood and screams, and she wanted more for Soma, who'd endured more than his fair share of even worse treatments. How could she help?

She watched him eat, relieved to see him having some REAL food, something so unimaginably rare for the two of them. Worse yet was his having handed her food just before hitting the ground, a gunshot having hit him somewhere she could not see. Soma was just as capable of enduring pain as she was, though, and seemed to handle it well enough on his own. She still sat, panicking a bit, until he'd gotten up and started eating a now [i bloodied] apple.
Was...was that safe? Nahja decided not to ask. Instead, she picked up a banana and peeled it, taking her a moment as she'd only had a handful of such fruits before in her life but all the same, managing to get to the tasty bits. She savored it, her shoulders wilting. Stale bread could never size up to something so fresh, so sweet. Nahja nodded, her eyes a bit brighter after his mentioning his plan to leave.
[b "Where is it we're going?"]
Would that be alright to ask? She didn't know his plans, but she would climb right on board if it meant they'd be getting out of their cages.
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"Calm down with all this question asking. Save it for later." He spun around and punched the man she had just touched clearing the area around her. He swiped a pair of pants off one of the guys who looked to be his build as he ripped the belt off he used it as a weapon snapping it at anyone who got close as he jumped into the pants and looped the belt around his waist. He got into proper fighting stance as he took in a deep breath. For now the steady stream of men could only mean that this processing center was more so just for torturing then what it was suppose to do which was gather basic living info on the subjects then send them on their way to the major lab. I doubt the higher ups would be happy at what happened here today because the torture that they put him and Nahja thru wasn't standard it was one of the guards having a bad day and taking it out on them. They did happen to get some info out of all this. Putting Nahja on his back he ran full speed kicking doors it was apparently he was looking for something, it wasn't apparent but his back felt tense more so then if you were fighting something was on his mind. He finally found what he was looking for he smiled as he ran into the kitchen and raided it for easy to eat foods. He picked up a green apple for himself and bite into it. The sweet taste he had missed for so long brought actual tears to his eyes. As they streamed down. Soma sniffled. Placing Nahja on the counter Soma looked around for a large container, but his searches were interrupted as men with needles came at him. "Nope." He waved a hand and a wall of flames came out burning the men. They screamed as the fire burnt off their clothes then their flesh it was slowly eating away at them it was even charging the bones. Spinning around he covered Nahja suddenly as a gunshot went off. Why did he protect her she could heal herself her body obviously wouldn't let her die. He dropped some food in her lap as he fell to the floor a pool of blood colored the floor as he slide bleeding he couldn't move he was paralyzed the bullet had lodged itself in his lower spine. He didn't understand why he did that but he guess it was a knee jerk reaction. Soma closed his eyes and crystallized the spot pushing the bullet out. He got up but fell back down the nerve was damaged he propped himself up against the counter. Soma ushered a bigger flame wall this time the flame was blue almost unseeable till it hit the guy who shot the gun began to heat up glowing red as it did the intense heat cause the gun to explode in the mans hand blowing the mans hand off. Like the other people the man began to melt he screamed in pain. "I don't think I can hold out any longer. Might finally get to meet my maker." He smiled as he ate the bloodied apple. "You should eat you need alot of your strength if we are going to get you out of here."
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[center Nahja resigned, twiddling thumbs she could not see, mulling things over as she felt the sensations of movement but was, for the first time, not puppeteering her own body. It was fascinating, warm, distant- like an ocean. She could feel the transfer of energy between them both, a familiar shift, as per their past few days. She felt her consciousness blanch as she took hold of herself again, and as Nahja acquainted herself with her own eyes, she was met with the... Unexpected, view of Soma's.... Everything. Her breath caught and her cheeks were busy outfitting themselves in two or three shades of red, tuning it out and hoping to contribute to the fight.
Not that she was any help with THAT...
He kept her safe, was actually a lot more gentle than he let on, and she could appreciate it without glorifying it. They'd spent most of their lives scraping by, she wasn't going to try dragging frilly words and small talk out of him when she herself was no good for either. She was just grateful to finally have a companion, still unsure as to whether they are friends or not but not minding either way. It sure beat loneliness and pitch blackness and the chains?
As Soma jumped a guard, another dove at her after jumping back from their nude attacker in surprise, turning his attention to Nahja. She took a step back, eyes searching for a weapon and finding nothing. She raised her arms and sent a shock of snow white energy across his wrists and fingers, pressing them into one another and confining his hands. He grunted and pulled and twisted his arms but was stuck, frustrated. She murmured an apology as she set her fingers on his arm and stole most of his energy, leaving only enough keep him breathing. Again, killing was not her way, it was not her area. Nahja looked for Soma, watching him ruin the guards and wondering if they would escape like this.
She cleared her throat a tad, trying to keep her eyes far away from him so as not to draw attention. [b "S-Soma? Are we leaving?"]
It might have been an obvious question for anyone else listening, but there was a hidden question within it. 'We' was the real question; Would he bother to bring her along? She was truly fine being a sacrifice of sorts, if it mean Soma could escape, though she would like very much to see the outside... [b "...Do you need pants? Are any of these guards your size?"] she added, glueing her eyes to her feet instead of allowing herself to look him over. The word was modesty, right? Should she care...?
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"You didn't fuck anything up stop worrying your internal thoughts are kicking my ass. I'm tapped into you on accident. I didn't even expect this so all this is new to me as well. So I can apparently also help you fight but I wonder if forced take over will be as usefull as a willing host." He thought about making her stand up and he felt like he was in some kinda water he assumed her body nervous system. He felt like his legs were really heavy and felt her fall back down. Raising her arms it also felt really heavy. "Ah! I see this is really interesting." The man who had been torturing them came back in with a profound look of confusion on his face. Soma saw what looked like a reversed drawing of the man upset that the man was back something in Soma snapped he felt his anger manifest itself within her. So getting a low guard stance he waded through the water feeling and threw punches aiming them at the guy. He felt a surge of warm liquid in his mouth he drank it. it was her energy. closing his eyes he pumped what her body needed from his like an iv. He fell into a trance as he felt like he was in his own body but squashed inside it. He saw a light again this time he was staring at the ceiling. The man was on the ground. Getting up he noticed he wasn't in her body anymore instead he stood infront of her naked. He grabbed the man on the floor and punched him in the face. His anger had taken hold of him as he just continued to punch the man in the face flames shout up the man began to scream in pain as his face became bloody and soon began to melt. all Soma's scars had been healed. Not even paying attention that he was naked he continued to beat the man. He moved Nahja out of the way of any harm as he walked back over to a white room with a single door. Kicking the door he crystallized his foot busting in the steel door each kick was another layer of reinforced crystal. Going into the room he laid Nahja down and then finally realized he was naked. He shrugged and ran thru the door jumping at one of the guards who instantly screamed.
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[center [pic]]
[center His words broke her heart. Even when she was trying to help, she was ruining something.
Perhaps... She truly was just useless? It was far too late to retract the threads of energy from him as even his mouth solidified, and she was forced to sit back, watching in a panicked terror as blood poured from his flesh, his body contorting as it became... Something [i else].
There was light, and sound, and warmth- but whose?
'Soma' had gone, save for the bright, writhing mass encircling her and enveloping her hands. Was this energy, too? Fire? She heard him, though as she looked around, she found him nowhere. Was it in her head? What was this feeling inside of her mind, this shared space? She could feel [i something] on her hands, but was hard to make out... Nahja reached out to give her hand a poke with a timid finger when a slight rush ran along her body, and Soma's voice bounced fof the walls of her mind. The comment caught her a bit off guard, but it was one of very, very few compliments she'd ever received- maybe she could just chalk it up to more of his strange jokes. She bit back a small grin and instead held up her hands, as though addressing Soma's old position before her. [b "Soma? Is this yours, and what is it? Where are you...? Did I kill you?!"]
Worry, worry. She couldn't help herself.
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As she pushed more energy into her at first a weak pulse then more and more. He struggled to stop her but wasn't able to. "There is nothing you can do. I'M sorry the more you push energy into me the more my body takes even if it's full it will take." He felt inside his body his tongue crystalized he was no longer able to breath or talk but he wasn't chocking instead he felt all his bones turning to dust and his blood began to come out of his pores. He felt pain he felt his blood leaving his body or at least he assumed it was. He felt his skin crawl as it shifted. His crystal body began to encase her hand his body shifting to an actual weapon he fitted around her hands like gloves he was an actual weapon now he reflected the light and it looked like it was just her hands. Suddenly he encased her in flames as something shoot out of the wall. It was a large dart but melted as got near them. He felt his body react to every thought quickly he felt her up. He seemed to shimmer as he smirked his thoughts were in her head like a voice. "Whoa she has somewhat soft skin." He then formed himself as boxing gloves and a pair of glaives on her feet he. Wondering if he had some how gone crazy but no he felt compacted inside of her mind or somewhere it was dark but he could hear lots of voices.
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[center [pic]]
[center She did listen. She [i was] listening.
It was an awful story, laden with bitterness and sarcasm and a million other unpleasant things; She could not look him in the eye, instead holding her tongue.
She'd never been forced to fight anyone, not yet, no... But she knew the rest. She was not the product of rape and pillaging, rather born of a happily married couple, though her mother passed when she was about seven and her father was so broken in his grief that looking at his daughter was too much to bear. Worse yet, his new wife, younger and not at all one for children, wished her away within moments of meeting her. Between his own warped psyche and grief and substance abuse and his new wife's persuasions, he finally caved.
He sold his daughter, trusting and innocent, to people who would spend two decades tearing her apart in every imaginable way.
She knew Soma was hurting, she could feel it, she could see it, she could hear it. The cherry on top was the crystallization as he fought to stop it from spreading, to no avail. [b "Please, tell me, how do I help? I don't want you to turn into a rock...! Don't leave me!"] Nahja rasped, pressing more and more energy into him with no regard for her own body. Her body wouldn't allow her the sanctuary of death, she needn't concern herself with her own well-being. Soma was the only other person here who knew how this all felt.
She wasn't human without her desire to be understood, or without her need for companionship.
She'd been alone for so long...
[b "I had a family and it... Broke. It fell apart, and I suppose... It was my fault, somehow. It must have been. I don't know why I'm here, I don't remember my mother well and what I do remember of my father is mainly the trip to this facility. I am nobody, I am nothing. How do I help you?! How can I help you to leave?!"]
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"Well I would like to give you a hand, but I assume you would like them attached to me for help. Before you ask me yes this is a joke to me life is one big fucking never ending joke that loves to shit on the kind, loves to see the strong take advantage of others. In this world there is no right or wrong it's all about if you have power and not our kinda power but political power if you are connected enough you could be living a cush life no matter your up bring you can make people hell entire villages disappear why just because one of the local woman said your dick wasn't satifying enough and what do you do rape her burn the village leave her with a scar so bad that no one can fill it she now she thinks she's worthless and her first son all he is good for is killing. Never once was he shown love like the little brother but that's fine first borns are suppose to be the strong ones the fuck ups of the family." Soma was smiling but tears were streaming down his face. "It's hilarious how even with noble blood coursing thru your veins they like to deny the entire thing. Saying it was your mom's fault that one of the 8 great rulers couldn't have done something like that delusions of a drugged up whore who didn't know how to keep her legs close took advantage. and you know what is the kicker that same man who refused to call himself a father till later when he heard how powerful his actual son had become he would use said son trick him into doing things for him because that son wanted approve that son wanted to make his mother smile but he couldn't you know why cause every life the son took weighed heavy on the mother mind every life that was taken she felt was her fault cause she couldn't love a monster like him." Soma's body began to crystalize more and more he took damage, but he sat there crying pouring out his heart that should have been encased but the brain reboot lowered all his walls made him emotional and he hated it. He punched himself several times trying to knock himself out but his skin hardened gem again gem the sound resonated thru the room.
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[center [pic]]
[center She considered his words for a time, though could not reach an understanding.
Najha did not see a solution in writing about her fears, nor would she find release in having her emotions scribbled out onto paper as she was being milked of her life's blood. And, try as she might, simply 'accepting' all of these untimely deaths was not an option. She would remember every scream, every tear, every face. Najha stood, quiet, fretting. Yes, one day Soma would get free, most likely not alongside her, from the value they often placed over her head, but surely he would escape or be freed or whatever and what have you... She would not be there to help, and for this, she was sorry. Before she could begin to assemble an answer, she watched in horror as Soma made a pun about his now [i missing] arms. Najha hurried to his side, burying energy into his body, sucking back tears of concern as per his earlier request. [b "I am so sorry, I am supposed to preserve life and I have always done a terrible job."] she murmured slowly, concentrating on the transfer of energy as she felt a sharp pain in her throat-
A large, forked implement. she ground her teeth and allowed it to close steadying her breathing so as to better sort out her wound and ignore it as she tried to take some of the edge from Soma's pain.
  NO / Lusami / 3y 147d 21h 30m 7s
"You know they have a thing called a dairy. Marvelous invention it is several hundred pieces of paper that let you use another great invention the pen or if you don't want to live dangerously a pencil which is just wood with lead stuck in it. You do this amazing thing called vent to it and you feel better. Let me ask you how many times have you healed someone and they've died? Now here is a fact that I know might be hard for you to wrap your pretty little head around but people die it's a fact of life you can't save everyone you aren't god and even then he doesn't exist cause look at us we are proof that there is no such thing or maybe they are straight up assholes and want to fuck with us the human populous. So i suggest you put on your big girl pants pull them up and stop crying over split milk and all these unknown variables. Now for the good at least i'm not a fighter so you won't have to come into combat and watch me murder people in front of you once we get out of here." Without warning Someone came in and strapped Soma down slicing both of his arms off. "Well shit looks like I've been disarmed."
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[center [pic]]
[center Najha wished he were wrong, but she knew he wasn't.
She didn't curl up, she didn't argue. She didn't, and couldn't, disagree. She had done so very little, and it amounted to ultimately nothing in the end, as they had continued tearing both Soma and herself apart, agreeably more Soma than her. Najha nodded; She deserved punishment, she had not taken in her fair share and she could see where her tears were unwelcome... She would try to manage it, then, keeping her tears to herself if at all possible. [b "Let me take it, then, let it be me. Because I can, and I should."]
She meant this, and had already asked for that to be the case the previous day. Najha, in all her life, despite her countless attempts, had not been allowed to die, her body fighting off death even at its worst. She couldn't watch someone else bear the brunt of it, not from 'the corner', as he had put it. [b "I was the wrong person for this healing power, after all. "] she commented as she pulled herself upright now, attempting to stand, taking a moment but finally succeeding. [b "Wouldn't you agree?"]
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"You know maybe we could trade places. You lay down and I can cry in the corner about being useless even though I've done more than anyone else in this room just saying. Here is a nice little exercise for you how about you cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get the fuck over it. You need to get over that little complex of yours that you think you are the only one who has a past and needs to die." Soma felt like he was being a little harsh but he didn't really care if she was going to be his room mate he was going to keep her alive regardless of if she wanted to be or not. why because he didn't want to be alone anymore. He was tired of it tired of the restless nights of the screaming voices. He wanted things to get better or at least a acceptable version of better where he didn't have to bash his skull in or carve a piece of himself to get the sleep he wanted. He had killed so many people it was hard to keep track of faces but he remember every scream every cry that was uttered when he was fighting both for his survival before the labs and while he was in the labs it was always some new lab needed to study him to modify his body and when those failed he was thrown into the ditch and left to wonder no village no city would take him he was branded as a traitor to the kingdom because he had a bit of both he had lived in between been experimented and modified by both to make a living he didn't care anymore. Maybe this is where he journey finally ended or another chapter.
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[center [pic]]
[center Najha flinched, a bitter flavor rising up to setlle upon her tongue as she looked at the gaping hole Soma had blasted through the wall. There didn't [i seem] to be anyone inside... Though if he'd disintegraged their bodies somehow she would have been just as apt to duck away. At least the screaming had ceased? Whoever was screaming perhaps found peace elsewhere, she envied it, were it true.
She frowned, looking at his charcoaled hand and reaching out to touch it. [b "No, no it isn't."] Najha disagreed quietly, not finding it very humorous. His arms were another matter, though, finally raising a question. [b "...Soma, do these... Hurt you?"]
She was, of course, referring to his gems, worrying for the first time now whether his own body was a source of pain or not. [b "These rubies, what are they? What do they do?"] she was only capable of venturing guesses now, though had seen them flare before, pulling him from the brink of death. Her own body ached from the overuse of her abilities almost constantly, and as a result she was frailer than she ought to have been, her body stunted from the lack of nutrients and energy left for her to take in after being forced to heal everyone around her. She coughed, drops of crimson hitting the floor. She swiped at this now, ignoring it as she cleared her lips of blood. Her body would mend whatever wound that had come from, at some point.
  RDV / Lusami / 3y 147d 23h 27m 53s
Fed up with everything that had been going on up to this point Soma didnt care anymore and aimed a hand at the wall blasting a hole into the next room which was empty the screaming stopped. He made an Oh shit face he must have blasted them when he was trying to open the wall for Najha. But there doesn't seem to be any signs of struggle or people in that room. It didn't add up. He looked at his hand or where his hand should have been it was charred the skin gone the bone was black. It looked almost like a burn wood plank. He didn't feel anything besides the extreme heat then nothing. Nothing was holding up his bones as his hand just fell down and sat there. He looked at it confused then he shrugged. "Well in any case I'm sorry maybe." He wasn't exactly sure because he wasn't sure anyone had been there and if there had been he may or may not have accidentally killed them further. Soma sighed and tried wiggling fingers that weren't there. "Kinda comical if you ask me." He said to no one in particular. As he suddenly saw the gem once again creeping up from where his stomp should be the whole of his arm was suddenly a shift ruby in the form of his arm.
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