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It felt like a waste of an opportunity to leave before the main event kicked off, but it was Eris’ life on the line and she wasn’t going to push to stay. They probably had plenty of information now anyway. Dahlia split off from her friend; no one seemed to pay her much mind, which was nice. She slowly moved her way toward the back. The number of people as she headed that way thinned, but they also got more absorbed into what they were doing. Small cliques chattered amongst themselves, an air of gossip around them. She was tempted to sneak in closer to hear, but felt it unwise to squander this chance to get into the back of the complex.

Making absolutely sure no one was watching her, she beelined for where she’d seen the others taken. Making it, Dahlia closed the door silently behind her, thankful that there wasn’t anyone behind it. In fact it was rather lucky that she didn’t see anyone at all. What she did see was a hallway full of doors. Letting out an inaudible groan, she had no idea where to go from here. Just because there wasn’t anyone in the hall didn’t mean that there wasn’t anyone in the various rooms. And the mortal did not want to walk in on something she wasn’t meant to see, lest she be hauled off as well. The petit woman had planned to use the excuse that she was looking for a bathroom if she was spotted, but choosing the wrong door might put the kibosh on that. Biting her lip, she took a slow step forward. There had to be someway to figure out which was the right one.


In the main room news of who’d been captured was spreading throughout the ‘staff.’ One of the men who worked as a bouncer perked up when he heard that there was a wrath demon with company. [b “Are you sure there was only two of them?”] His cohorts looked at him in confusion. [b “I was at the bar last night and a group fitting that description came in, except there was a fairy with them too. What if she’s here?”] A worried expression came over the group and they broke off to spread the description of the woman and see if Gaius and Kael had entered with anyone else.


Screaming, unearthly howling as though someone was in so much pain that it was unbearable, filled the hallway. Dahlia froze. It was absolutely chilling, but she got the feeling that was exactly where she needed to be. Following the unsettling sound she came to the last door on the left. Mustering all the bravery she had in her she opened it. For the most part there was darkness, but toward the middle of the room there was an eerie glow. It shrouded Gaius who was the source of all the commotion. Shaking she wasn’t entire sure what was going on. To the right of her she flipped a switch to turn on the regular lights. She needed to be able to see if there was anyone else here. As she did, she heard a familiar voice shout out to her.

Kael was shocked to see Dahlia made it back here. So much so that he was stunned into silence. The condition was temporary before he called out. [b “There’s another switch to the far left, flip it!”] There was a deep urgency in his tone, one that barely cut through the cries of anguish.

Looking where she was told to, the mortal woman did indeed find a second set of switches. Deft hands went to snap the toggle down. No sooner than it clicked, the faint buzzing that had permeated the quit and so did Gaius’ yelling. Finally able to think a little more clearly, Dahlia turned to look at the situation properly. Both of the men were chained and drained; however the silver haired demon was in far worse condition. Despite this, after grabbing the key that was lazily hanging from a hook on the wall, she went to Kael first. If Gaius fell over as soon as he was let loose, there was no way in hell she was going to be able to catch him.

As quick as she could, without being clumsy, Dahlia undid the cuffs that were holding the snake. He said his thanks, but as soon as she turned toward his partner he grabbed her shoulder. [b “We need to get out of here, he wants us to leave him behind.”] Sure, it didn’t sit well with him, but there wasn’t time to get into an argument over it.

While the woman turned to look at Kael as he mentioned what Gaius had said, she stared at him expectantly. There was a pause, but she did eventually speak up. [b “That is like the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”]

Kael didn’t really have a way to respond to that, he was at a loss of words. But when she started moving forward again he snapped out of it. [b “No, I mean, he is in a super bad mood after all of this. Getting too close to him is a really, and I mean really, bad idea.”]

Rolling her eyes, she completely brushed him off and began grumbling. [b “We won’t let anything happen to you, just leave me here and get out. God, get over yourselves.”] She wasn’t entirely sure why she was so irritated by it all, but that’s how it was. [b “If we did leave him, and then something happened to you? Eris and I would be sitting ducks. We don’t know where to go with this. There’s Cornelius but he doesn’t exactly seem too keen on helping, now does he.”] There best chance was to keep their numbers high. Not to mention she didn’t really want anyone to end up dead because of this nonsense, but she figured that was obvious.

Growing nearer to Gaius she could better see the extent of how badly he was suffering. It looked like he had third degree burns on all of his exposed skin. He was even smoking, which was… odd, but she accepted it. Eyes softened on him, she kind of felt bad for being so harsh a moment ago. [b “You poor thing.”] There was less pity in her words than empathy. [b “I’m going to let you out of that, so you know, don’t attack me.”] It felt weird to say, as she didn’t really think he was going to, but Kael was so on edge she felt like she needed to say something.

Kael stood back, cautious of Gaius as he was on the edge. He wasn’t able to stay like that for long as Dahlia called him over. Not willing to look a complete coward he listened to the dark haired woman, coming in closer, but still out of reach. [b “I’ll catch him if I have to.”] An attempt to let the man keep some pride while he kept his distance.

Glaring back at him, Dahlia sighed and moved in. It was harder to reach the cuffs on Gaius’ hands. She was on her toes, pressed flat to him in order to get the key in. Feeling him flinch, she apologized. [b “Sorry,”] The woman worried she might hurt him worse being pushed against him, and so she fell into old habits of attempting to distract and sooth. [b “It’ll be okay, just another minute then it will be better. Until then focus on good things.”] With him being a demon she wasn’t sure what all that entailed.

True to her words it only took another moment or two before she had him free. The man stumbled forward, and surprisingly enough Kael did move in. He acted as a shoulder to lean on. [b “Alright,”] Dahlia’s words were a little rushed. She felt as though they might run out of time soon. [b “There is usually an emergency exit in office places like this. We'll use that to get you two out. Then if all possible you'll need to start some kind of commotion outside. We’re gonna need it to get Eris out. She got picked for some stupid ritual thing so everyone’s watching her like a hawk.]

Seemed like things hadn’t gone so hot for the girls either. Kael had had a feeling that was the case when he heard that guy from before mention the Maenad. Sighing he replied. [b “We’ll try.”] He said we, but it seemed like it was going to largely fall on him.

Exiting the room, they put everything back in place so it wasn’t totally obvious anyone had been in, Dahlia followed them farther back down the hall. She kept her eyes pealed for anyone who might interfere, but it was just as desolate as before. There was an emergency exit sign as expected, it was no longer illuminated, however the green still stood out amongst the sea of dull concrete gray. [b “Let me check it first.”] She whispered and slipped passed the pair.

Cracking the door, she spotted a man on guard duty. He instantly looked back at her, scowling. [b “Sorry, looking for a restroom.”] Behind her back, she held up a single finger indicating the enemies number.

Kael took her queue with ease. Leaning Gaius against the wall, he pressed full force against the door hitting the werewolf who was holding it. Lightning quick, he slithered around grabbing the large male by the neck and bashing his head against the complex wall. Blood smeared the surface, the only hint of color for as far as the eye could see. The wolf was out cold. Dahlia cringed at the loud crack. She couldn’t see what happened but it sounded violent. In no time at all Kael returned for his partner. She took this time to go her separate way and slip back into the party.

Kael and Gaius were able to escape undetected, but all that was on the red-eyed man’s mind now was getting Eris out safe and sound.
  Dahlia Morgan & Kael Neu / Loxi / 1y 254d 20h 54m 22s
The Malumortis. Eris had heard that correctly, and she still managed her smile. She claimed how excited she was to be chosen for such an honor. It didn’t take long for others to huddle around her, curious to know what it was about this newcomer to be chosen. According to the group, no one was ever chosen their first night of attendance. Eris tried to laugh it off by saying she wasn’t anything special, that she was just like them… looking for somewhere to belong. Eris always had done well in theater classes in her youth. Now it was actually being useful. Eris learned a good deal in her time talking with people, but excused herself when she saw Dahlia making her way through the crowd. Eris politely excused herself from the group, and met up with Dahlia.

[#B22222 “We’ve definitely found the place. This is the Malumortis… What did you learn?”] Turns out she didn’t learn much different from her. They had more than what they started with, but they still had more questions than before. Eris didn’t like the feeling she was getting and since she couldn’t see Gaius or Kael still it made her increasingly nervous. [#B22222 “We need to find the guys. I haven’t seen them since we walked in here. Where could they have gone?”] Dahlia knew the answer to that one too, she’d seen them being hauled off by a trio of scary looking bouncers. That couldn’t bode well, and so Eris informed Dahlia about the supposed Clans and her theory that humans were being chosen for food, slavery, or sacrifice.

[#B22222 “I think we still have time before the ritual takes place… let’s try to find the guys and get out of here. I personally don’t want to wait to find out if I get to be demon chow or a sacrifice.”] Eris hissed under her breath as her nerves took over for a brief moment. From a dark corner on the opposite side of the Warehouse where Dahlia said the men were taken, Eris saw the three leading knights from the catwalk return to the meeting. Eris nodded her head that way for Dahlia to look, and it was a pretty good guess the guys were in the back. Sharing a look it seemed they agreed and slowly made their way over to try and sneak into the back. Eris had more trouble moving through the crowd, being chosen and all, but it did take eyes off Dahlia which was good. Eris watched her nervously -generally Eris did the sleuthing in dangerous territory, but everything about their dealings with Kael and Gaius had their roles reversing.

Eris did her best to move away from the group that had detained her to get to know the new chosen, but no sooner had she done that did she come face to face with a man. He stood taller than her, with a well manicured haircut and expensive clothes. She recognized him as one of the men from the catwalk. Tensing, Eris did her best to try and relax.
“I have been watching you since you walked through the door, my dear…” The man said and took her hand planting a kiss to it, but that wasn’t all he did. He inhaled the scent of her flesh deeply and seemed to fall in a sensual reverie over it. Talk about being grossed out. Eris withdrew her hand, but painted a smile on her face.
[#B22222 “Me? I’ve been told I have a pretty face, is that a weakness of yours?”] The man chuckled thoroughly amused by her comment for some reason and glanced back to the other two that had returned to their places on the Catwalk. They looked back with mild interest.
“A Petty face? My dear you are a vision, and you smell divine! Is that you or your perfume?” Eris admitted she didn’t wear perfume. He growled in response as he seemed to contain himself. “I am Conrad, I happen to be one of the knights for our little club here. So what brought you to our quaint little get together?”
[#B22222 “I wouldn’t call this quaint, but I saw the add on craigslist, and I’m new in town. I heard that being chosen means I join a clan?”] Conrad saw her question as an opportunity to steal her attention and walk with her to one of the many sofas that decorated the space. Eris personally didn’t want to sit on them as she had no idea what had transpired on said sofas. Over Doses, sexual encounters, sickness… eww, she didn’t want to think about it.

However… the chaos of the entire group was incredibly alluring to her. The wine, the alcohol, the crazed merriment… it was a lot of energy in a small space and it was making Eris as warm as if she’d been drinking wine. She glanced back around to see if Dahlia had made it to the back, but when she couldn’t find her -Eris could only hope she had succeeded.

“It does. I will be remiss to admit if I don’t try and steal you for my house. A lovely woman such as yourself would make for a fine addition. Tell me darling, what is your name?” He cooed in question.
[#B22222 “You have to tell me where you’re from first, your accent is… really hot,”] she said forcing herself to blush and bite her lip. Conrad only seemed to smile and unlike Kael and Gaius who had noticeable features, Conrad had none. Just dark circles under his eyes, and incredibly pale skin… but by her guess of his cold touch, and how he smelled at her… her money was on Vampire. Sweet Zeus, she hoped she was wrong.

He was from East Europe, specifically Romania, and with a tap at her nose he grinned saying that while it was well hidden he could tell she was greek by her own accent and asked again for her name. Eris was honest and gave him her full Greek name. Eris Dionisia Alcone. He repeated what the Goat-man had said… Chosen already… what the fuck did that even mean?! He speculated that she would enjoy it with them, and that he had a feeling she truly belonged with them. Then he asked her something that had Eris feeling embarrassed.
“The energy of this room, it’s magnetic. You feel it don’t you?” by her lack of answer and her flushed cheeks, Conrad licked his lips and leaned in. “I thought so. This sort of energy makes your body come alive, makes you warm, makes you want to dance, and imbibe… makes you want to do things some people might not find kosher.” Eris looked at him with wide eyes. How had he known that? “I’ll wager on nights you go out you always find yourself in a strangers bed. I’ll wager you leave them depleted and satisfied, and you leave feeling energized and unstoppable.” She swallowed tensely. He was right, there was an undeniable appeal Eris always felt whenever she walked into a rave, or group of intoxicated dancing people, but the energy of the worship in this place was unlike anything Eris had felt before. She was embarrassed to admit that despite her nervousness coming here, and the bad feelings she felt… all that aside… this was the sort of energy she loved to be around. It always seemed to empower her. Conrad hissed between his teeth as if turned on by the prospect of his next words and her. “Oh the things I can teach you my dear…” Eris could only smile, and hope Dahlia was finding success with the mission.


Gaius was unresponsive for the most part. Chained up and being bombarded by the UV lights had him using all his focus on keeping him from losing his human form and shifting to his full demonic form and tearing this place down. Fuck his brother, Greed, and fuck everyone else in this pathetic shit hole. He’d tear it apart and burn it to the fucking ground.

Gaius’ subconscious was buried deep within in, fighting off the rage that warred on all sides of his mind. He barely heard Kael call his name, it sounded so far away, and where ever they were he could no longer hear Dahlia’s heart beat. Just the thought of that had him roaring angrily on the outside -desperate to break free.

The lights had been left off, and it seemed the Malumortis was fine with leaving him to hang burned and blistered for a little while. It was enough to allow him to bring his mind closer to the surface, and he could finally open his eyes and see Kael.
[#DAA520 “Kael, I don’t care what it takes… you get the women out of here, and get them to the Covenant. I can’t promise when my brother comes back I’ll be in my right mind much longer…”] he growled his voice distorted and deeper than usual. His eyes glowed, and smoke spilled out from his nose, mouth and his eyes. He was fighting not to shift into his true natural form. [#DAA520 “This is bigger than we anticipated it was. Leave me and get to The Covenant. If I survive… I’ll find my way back-AGHHH!”] He was cut short as the lights suddenly snapped back on, and burned him once more and he howled with agonizing pain.
  Eris Alcone / darien / 1y 255d 8h 2m 50s
Being tethered to the wall was unpleasant, but at soon as he saw what was in store for Gaius, Kael had minimal complaints. The posse left them, confident that they wouldn’t be able to worm their way out. It pissed him off. He wanted to think of some way around it. Kael was sure between the two of them something could be done. So no sooner than the lights went off he called out to Gaius. His words were met with sounds of fury. That was not a good sign. They couldn’t afford to have Gaius lose it. There might be no survivors to get information out of. After coming to this conclusion he kept his mouth shut and focused on himself.

The chains holding him were relatively short. They dug into his wrists, searing the entire time. It would be impossible for him to break them, but he wondered if he could pull them from the wall. Resituating himself, he pressed his feet to the wall. Try as he might with his legs, the bindings did not come loose from the concrete wall. Growling lowly, they must have been reinforced.

Again the light flashed on, it kind of hurt his eyes after being in the darkness. They snapped shut immediately, but the discomfort continued when Gaius’ howls of anguish and ire filled the air. This process repeated several times before he heard the door. A new trio entered the room. None of them faces he wanted to see.

The group kept their attention of Gaius for the most part, but Kael could hear what they were saying. There was no effort put into being discrete. For suck’s sake they were both going to end up dead here and they probably wouldn’t be the only ones. The normally red-eyed man flinched at the mention of a maenad. It was like something clicked in his mind as soon as he heard the word. Of course that is what she was. He groaned at their oversight. It confirmed that at the very least they were targeting Eris as well. This night could not have gone any worse if they had tried.

Everything after that was just icing on the top of this incredibly shitty cake. Greed ironically lusting after Gaius’ power, his impending death, or and whoever the fuck just showed up. The screaming hit his ears again, and he was certain nothing could be done.


Eris was too conspicuous now that she had been picked for what would likely be pan out as ritual sacrifice, so Dahlia branched off on her own. She essentially just found herself a seat on one of the sofas lying about and people came to her. At first there was a middle-aged woman. Her hair was just beginning to gray and her teeth were horrific, but she seemed willing to talk. However that wasn’t enough as she was so strung out that what little conversation they had descended into madness. It got to the point where she sort of wandered off, talking to herself the whole way. Honestly, Dahlia was not sad to see her go.

Her presence was quickly replaced by a small group. None of them looked older than nineteen. They were eager to have a place to sit, as things were getting more and more crowded. People were arriving late. A pair of boys flanked her on the couch. Neither of them looked like the sort of people she enjoyed talking to, and that was confirmed when they opened their mouths. Quote unquote good guys, but she could work with that. With any luck she could play dumb and the mansplaining would begin. Not to mention they looked stoned so they were more likely to sit still.

[b “Hi,”] she spoke with a smile. [b “Do you guys think you could do me a favor?”]

The one on her left jumped in first. He looked to be the more assertive of the two. But the other nodded along. [b “Of course.”]

[b “You can probably tell but this is my first time here. I was too nervous to come sooner… I’m happy I finally worked up the courage. This place is so welcoming, but I am a little confused about parts of it. What’s the purpose of the choosing and stuff?”] The answer she received was about the same as expected, an honorable but secret ritual. [b “Wow, that seems like a big deal.”]

The guy kind of shrugged. [b “They say that, but I think it is random. I mean I’ve been here since the beginning and I still haven’t been picked.”] He seemed a little bitter; he wasn’t the only one with that sentiment.

[b “That’s weird, you seem so nice. It really stands out to me. How long have you been coming?”] It seemed a natural progression.

[b “A year, give or take.”]

It lined up with what was happening back at home. Dahlia couldn’t help but think it connected the two all the more. Her stanch sank to think that this could be sweeping the entire country, or perhaps even the globe. [b “Oh man, I wish I would have come soo-”] she was cut off.

[b “Yeah, I chalk it up to me being an important senior member. I mean if the Malumortis ascended all the older followers who would be here to greet the newbies like you.”] He smiled sleazily, revealing crooked teeth. The kid continued to rattle on about the names origin and how even though it was routed in evil it was really just to stick it to the so called benevolent who couldn’t care less about people like them.

[b “Well I guess that’s lucky for me!”] She laughed, it wasn’t her best performance as he put his arm around her and she kind of wanted to die. But she dealt with it. [b “You must have gotten to know the guys who run this pretty well then.”]

His grin widened. [b “I’ve talked with them a few time. Silas, the one who was running the show earlier with the horns, he’s pretty much a buddy of mine these days.”]

It was then that the quieter of the two boys finally spoke up. [b “I’ve talked to him too… a couple times. Even being busy keeping this movement running he’s pretty sociable. It’s the exalted one that’s hard to get ahold of.”]

The talkative one cut in again, not too happy to have his achievement downplayed. [b “No one gets to talk to that one.”] His huffiness came through his words. [b “He just show up for the main event, you know when they take the ascended away. The Exalted leader’s always in a cloak, so none of us really know what he looks like.”]

He continued to blather on and Dahlia checked out of the conversation. They needed to figure out who that hooded person is. If they stayed for the ritual, which she previously wasn’t hoping for, maybe Eris could get a good look before they bailed? It was risky. Not to mention they had to find a way to get Gaius and Kael back… She needed to regroup with her friend.

Wiggling about, she squirmed from her informants grip. She politely excused herself, making a promise to talk again with them next week if she didn’t see them again tonight. Now she had to track down Eris. In order to try and kill two birds with one stone she stealthily brought out her camera and snapped a couple of photos of anything that was really damning. No one seemed to notice much, finally a decent benefit from everyone being high as a kite.
  Dahlia Morgan & Kael Neu / Loxi / 1y 255d 16h 49m 26s
From the sounds and looks of it they were coming down to select their chosen ones for the evening. Eris retained her indifferent expression, simply observing the event. She was completely oblivious the men had just been compromised and carted off. She was busy trying to commit all the faces of those on the catwalk to memory. The Goatish demon came down from the catwalk with a few other hulking guards and began to hand out strings of braided rope with stones on them. Eris didn’t let her eyes leave the goat-man as he greeted people like a politician greets his constituents during voting season. People were falling all over for a chance to be chosen. Eris had no doubts that this was a cult, and the leaders of the cult were selectively choosing their targets to not draw suspicion.

When he reached their area of the warehouse floor he stopped and stared at Dahlia. When he reached out to touch her, Eris nearly bristled with rage, but she kept her cool. Then he looked at her and Eris felt a cold chill run up her spine. The same one she felt before they walked into this place.
“Ah, you’re new too, but I dare say you’re a chosen one already.” Eris’ brow furrowed. Chosen already? Chosen for what? Goddamn paranormals and their cryptic bullshit! She swallowed tensely as his clawed nails brushed her skin in the process of draping the necklace around her.

Frowning, Eris glanced back as the goat-man left them for the catwalk. Her eyes searched for Kael and Gaius, but she couldn’t find either. Where had they gone? With a glance at Dahlia, she knew something was up. Above them Goat-man encouraged the festivities to continue on, and Dahlia leaned over to whisper at her. Eris gave a nod of her head in understanding and looked around at the others in the throng of humans.
[#B22222 “Then let’s find what we need and get out of here. Try and snag a picture too… I’m going to do some more socializing and figure out what the fuck is about to happen to me. Meet back here in an hour,”] she breathed nervously and turned from Dahlia to go towards the table full of food, liquor and drugs.

On her way to the table she was stopped by the woman who she questioned earlier. She looked incredibly jealous and put out.
“How did you do it? You’re new. You shouldn’t have been chosen. I’ve been coming here for months now. All I want is to ascend, and you walk in and steal it from me.” Eris arched a brow at her, as she picked up a plate to make it look like she was interested in what they had. The girl wasn’t having any of it and slapped the plate and a handful of chips out of Eris’ hand.
[#B22222 “What the fuck?”] Eris asked a glare on her face, but with a clear look at the girl she was an obvious drug addict, and clearly not thinking straight. She had track marks on her arms and her nose was red and inflamed from snorting powders, no doubt.
“You don’t deserve it. I can see it on your face. You think this is all a joke. You just came here to laugh at us!” Eris looked around hoping to see Kael or Gaius, but still seeing neither. Fuck, where had those two gone?!
[#B22222 “Look, I’m not here to fight with you. If I wasn’t so damn curious, I’d let you have this thing and-“] Eris stopped as she tugged on the necklace and it wouldn’t budge from its knot. It remained locked around her neck, and grew heavy in her hand. It had been enchanted to grow heavy and or tighter the more she struggled to take it off. That was not comforting. She glared and looked at the jealous woman. Her bad feeling had returned tenfold, and it was making Eris queasy. [#B22222 “I don’t have time for your bullshit.”] Eris settled with and left the table to weave her way through the crowd of people.

She could see see Dahlia across the way talking with people, and getting work done. Eris however was approached by a few people who came to congratulate her. They were otherwise kind, if not envious, and were excited to tell her about how great of an honor it was to be chosen. Eris couldn’t help but ask what it meant to ascend, because to her it sounded a lot like a human sacrifice ritual wrapped up in a pretty package.
“You will be taken by one of the Knights or our Leader to a secret room. The Ascension is a very secret ritual, no one knows what really happens. Those that return after ascending are not allowed to talk about it.” Eris frowned and asked if those that returned came back different. “Of course they do. Their third eye has been open, they are wiser, stronger, and get to become a member of the clans.” Clans? That was curious. “The Clans are those chosen by the Knights and leaders of our organization. Depending on who you are given to, depends on what house you will become a part of.”
[#B22222 “Just what is this club called? I saw the add on craigslist, and since I’m new here I thought it would be a great way to meet new people”] Eris asked curiously with a fake smile.
“We are called The Malumortis.”

Eris felt like a plane that just lost cabin pressure.

[i -Houston we have a problem…-]
  Eris Alcone / darien / 1y 256d 9h 32m 10s
Gaius wasn’t expecting to be pricked with a needle right at a certain nerve point. It left him immobile, but it wouldn’t last long. He was still awake through it all as they carried him, his slowly began to melt from a gleaming gold to a dangerous shade of molten lava. Wrath, more aptly known as Rage or Anger began to grow dangerously inside of him, but so long as he was immobile he could do nothing. He was taken with Kael to a dark back room. Kael was chained with silver to a far wall, out of reach of getting to Gaius, who was strung up by his wrists from the ceiling in silver chains and cuffs that began to burn his skin. Steam even began to flare from his nose and out of his mouth as he slowly began to reclaim function of his body. It matter little so long as they were bound with silver. To make matters worse, Gaius glanced up and saw UV Lamps positioned towards him. This must have been a space used to hold Vampires… or kill them, because with a dark chuckle one of the goons flipped the switch and Gaius was drenched by the UV lights and the radiation it emitted.

Gaius howled and shouted in pain -definitely not a creature meant for the day. It forced his skin to turn a blistered red. It wouldn’t kill him the way it might a Vampire, but it was seriously weakening him. Soon his clothes were soaked through with the sweat of his body and the popping of the blisters that formed on his body. The glamour was of no help to him, and with no explanation the guards left Kael and Gaius alone in the back room.

Gaius would thank Satan for small favors when the lights were clearly on a timer and shut off after three minutes. Three minutes was enough to leave Gaius exhausted, in pain, and smoking from the effects of the lights. However, when Kael called to him, Gaius only response was a feral growl and the dangerous gleam of golden red eyes. Wrath was threatening to release itself and kill all in sight. As if the situation hadn’t been dangerous before, a group of crazies were officially trying to ramp up an already teetering Wrath demon to go on a killing spree.

It was twenty minutes before the door opened again, and in that twenty minutes the lights on Gaius had come on three times, burning him and leaving him to howl in angry pain. The sufferings of Hell had come to Earth. The Goat Demon entered first along with Greed and one Ancient Vampire.
“Well well, Wrath, brother… didn’t think I’d see you here, and with such pathetic glamours…” he chuckled to himself and shook his head. “I apologize for the uncomfortable bindings, but one can never be too cautious.” Greed said walking over and grabbing Gaius’ face. Doing so made Gaius roar out, large fangs dripping menacingly with rage. Grabbing his face made Gaius’ skin crack and bleed, but Greed didn’t seem to mind the blackened blood staining his hands. “When you get to be as old as we, hiding in plain sight is not an easy task to do… a shame you had to get caught up with him,” Greed said turning to look at Kael.
“How long is this going to take? I’m hungry…” The vampire crooned. His accent was old eastern European, and it was hard to tell just how old he was. Physically the man looked no older than 35, but it would be no guess if the vampire was well over a couple thousand years old. “I smelled a Maenad earlier, and I will be damned if I let it leave before I get a taste. It’s been eons since I drank one…” He sighed patting his belly and eluding to just how old and ancient he was.
“In due time Conrad…” The Goat man warned. “First we have to send a message to the Covenant. Bunch of damn fools to send any of their agents to stop us. Let’s just kill them already.”
“I have a better idea…” Greed whispered, reaching up and removing Gaius’ glamour. A shimmer waved over him before revealing his true appearance. Green smiled broadly and sadistically “I’m going to take his horns. I’m going to take his powers… a fate worse than death…” Greed sighed, feeling mighty proud of himself.
“I don’t care what you do, but it will have to wait. Our Exalted Ruler just arrived.” The Goat demon murmured looking down at his phone and turning to leave. The Vampire Conrad grinned snapping his fangs at Kael and then vanished. Moving so quickly it seemed as if he could simply teleport. Greed however lingered and stared up at Gaius.
“The prodigal son… won’t father be so pleased when I send you back to him, broken and useless…” Greed smirked, before turning on his heel and adjusting the cuffs of his expensive shirt and left the room. As soon as he closed the door the lights clicked back on and burned Gaius once more leaving him to howl in agonizing pain.
  **Gaius / darien / 1y 256d 9h 32m 45s
With Gaius in full glamor, they were all ready to go. Dahlia really thought he didn’t look all that different. At least not with the hat on, it was a similar shade to his natural hair color. And considering that was one of the standout features she would use to pick out of a crowd, she was kind of glad he was wearing it. They had no idea how busy this place was going to be. If all they had for advertisement was a vague craigslist post then she didn’t think it was going to be particularly popular. Although this was LA, and the west coast did have more of a reputation for being home to weirdos.

Eris being on edge put her friend on edge. In most cases Dahlia trusted her judgment. And while the demon’s words of comfort did put her a little at ease it was hard to be one hundred perfect calm knowing they were about to walk into either some sort of wild sex party or demonic paradise. Inside was an odd mixture of the two. Looking at some of the faces in the crowd, their features were abnormally sharp. It betrayed their true natures, although she couldn’t be sure exactly what they were.

Now that they were in the boys seemed to stiffen some. Even after they had been so confident that things would be fine. The short woman sighed, but didn’t have time to dwell on it as a glass was forced into her hand. [b “Thanks…”] The word came out instinctually, even if she wasn’t very happy with it. Once the man with the tray was a ways away, she dipped her pinky into the cocktail and stuck it in her mouth. Her eyes immediately shifted over to Eris. [b “It’s bitter.”] A fact that only confirmed their suspicions, although it was odd they would spike the drinks with so many other options just lying about on the table. Covering all their bases maybe?

All but gluing herself to the thin woman’s side, Dahlia listened in on what little explanation they were given for all these people practically throwing themselves to a mob of demons and the likes. At this point they were a little bit farther from their own demons. She could hear the murmur of Gaius’ voice, but couldn’t make out what he was actually saying. Looking back to him, she saw him glancing at Kael. That was… concerning.

Kael cursed under his breath at his partner’s mention of another sin demon. Between him and the other company attending this meeting, they were sure to be figured out. He was kicking himself for not getting stronger concealing spells, but with greed here, he wasn’t entirely sure it would have helped. It was about then that he saw the green eyed demon lean over to one of his cohorts and say something. [b “We should get out of here, the scene will only be worse if we stick around.”] More than either of them he was worried about the girls. There was a chance they could still learn something. Eris was a journalist, right? He trusted she knew how to handle this sort of thing. With that he turned to make a discrete exit with his black-garbed colleague. However, before they could make it to the door a trio shadowy figures flashed before them.

[b “Hey gents, where you off to?”] The tone the burly man took was condescending. None of them were part of the group on stage; that paired with the inhuman speed they used to close the gap made it very unlikely any of the mortals’ attention would be on them.

Kael was the one to speak. [b “We figured this wasn’t our kind of party, so we’re excusing ourselves.”] The snake was fairly sure the two of them could take the three in front of them.

[b “Mmmm.”] The same large man let out a sound of displeasure. [b “I am afraid that won’t work for us.”]

An unpleasant smile came across Kael’s face. [b “And I’m afraid we weren’t ask-“] His words cut off as he felt a stinging at the side of his neck. Automatically his hand went up to the irritation. He barely had time to recognize the item was a small pin before he lost control of his muscles, falling to the ground. He was unable to move, but fully conscious. Next to him, he heard Gaius go down as well. The group that stopped them had only been a distraction.

Now that the two of them were rendered practically useless, the brawny demon motioned for his lackey friends to grab Kael and Gaius. They swiftly obliged, hauling the men over their shoulders. Quietly they sneaked them to the more secluded back of the warehouse that was once outfitted as offices.

Dahlia had been glancing back just enough to catch what had become of Gaius and Kael. Biting her lip, she feared that the two of them might be in over their heads alone. However it wasn’t like they could just leave. They would have to do something, but it needed to be smart lest they end up somebody’s snack.

For the moment there was nothing to be done. So she turned her attention to what was happening in front of her, leaving rescuing the others on the back burner for now.

Up on stage, the goatish man had continued his ramble. Dahlia had been only half invested in it, but she got the feeling they were coming close to picking their ascended. They needed to know what all that entailed, but she wasn’t eager to get up close and personal with it. As the thought passed through her mind, the demon that seemed to be the MC hopped down from his post on the catwalk. He was joined by a few others that began making their way through the excited throng.

Being that they were on the outer edge of the swarm it took some time for the man to come anywhere near them. But when he did, Dahlia very much wished he would move on. His piercing eyes stopped on her for a time and it felt like her heart froze. He looked intrigued. Not sure what to do, she was damn sure she wasn’t blending in with those around him who were begging for his attention.

He smiled devilishly and spoke, [b “No need to be so afraid, we don’t bite... much.”] As though that wasn’t enough, he placed a hand on her head, tussling her hair. The whole interaction was exceedingly uncomfortable, but she fought to smile through it.

Luckily he moved passed her after that, although her luck was only marginal as he also stopped at Eris. [b “Ah, you’re new too, but I dare say you’re a chosen one already.”] The same grin played at his lips as he took a necklace and placed it around her neck. It was loose and simple, less of a necklace really and more a tightly braided rope with a stone pendant. The rock was smooth with a quarter-sized hole in the middle, it resembled a hagstone, but Dahlia couldn’t be sure if it was real. She was too busy being nervous for Eris’ wellbeing. The woman next to them didn’t seem too happy either, but that was out of jealousy than concern.

The demon returned to his place on the stage before speaking out to his audience. [b “The chosen have been selected!”] There was a roar amongst the mob. [b “Let us return to our merriment until the witching hour, then we will begin the ritual of ascension.”] With that the mortals seemed to wind down some, slowly they dispersed, returning to their indulgences. Although many stopped to congratulate those who had been chosen among them. It seemed that there was only one other after Eris, a young man.

Dahlia turned toward her friend, distressed. [b “I guess that leaves us a few hours to get what we need and get the hell out of here.”] The comment was under her breath, but she was close enough to Eris that she would hear.
  Dahlia Morgan & Kael Neu / Loxi / 1y 256d 14h 44m 13s
Eris didn’t blame Dahlia for wanting more information about Eris’s changed opinion on Kael. Truth was, Eris wasn’t sure why she was more willing to trust the two of them either. Perhaps it had everything to do with having their story and the efforts they’d gone through to keep them safe and not demand the medallion returned to them. They’d allowed the women to continue to hold onto it… then again, that too could be a ploy. Eris didn’t think much on it as Dahlia brought up the ambrosia. It hadn’t really done anything to her except make her feel very tipsy. According to Dahlia the ambrosia pushed out the tattooed glyphs her crazy fucking parents had put on her when she was a child. Sensing that Dahlia was still troubled by it, Eris reached out and took her hand.
[#B22222 “Hey, don’t be paranoid about it. I’m pretty sure there’s an answer as to why out there. Think of it this way, Ambrosia is a drink of the Gods, if there are Gods… which… I’m beginning to think there are… hopefully they know what you’ve been through and thought to take away the reminder of those painful memories?”] Eris had never openly confessed her own religious beliefs. She had been raised with the old religions, her family worshiped Dionysius among a few of the more notable Gods of Greek Mythology, but Eris had never given it much stock. However, now that she’d found herself in the crazy world of Kael and Gaius’ she was beginning to question those beliefs.

Their conversation was cut short by Kael knocking on their door and poking his head in. There was another lead. Gaius had found an add calling for a meeting similar to the nonsense happening back in New York. Naturally they were both down to get into some shenanigans and the moment Kael left the room Eris rolled off the bed to start getting ready. Fetish group or not, Eris was going to enjoy herself and actually help this time. She began to dig through all the clothes the men had gotten them and did her best to find something that would act as a disguise for both Dahlia and herself. The clothes were entirely Emo or Goth which might have been preferred for this undercover gig, but it wasn’t anything some thick eyeliner couldn’t handle.

Gaius was pleased to hear the women agree to go, and for the next couple of hours he did some digging into who posted the ad. His search found nothing, but at least he tried. He didn’t really bother to dress too differently as he generally wore all black and grey no matter what time of the year it was. He had the address saved in his phone’s GPS to lead them there, and made plans for a taxi to come pick them up at a location not too far from the safe house. He did dress into a clean black tee, and put on tighter pair of black pants and a pair of old black vans. He looked more like a gothic hipster than a person desperate for inclusion. When the women emerged from the room he was pleased to see that they would at least blend in. Dahlia was dressed in all dark colors, a stark contrast to the soft pinks and warm tans he’d seen her wear. Eris? Well Eris looked the same, with a more edgy hair style, blood red lips and thick eyeliner. She looked like a vampire buffet, so whatever, it would have to work. Before they left, Gaius slipped the ring from his pocket and put it on his middle finger. Sure enough his horns vanished, as did his claws and teeth giving him human appearance. His eyes even turned from their eerie shade of gold, to a warm brown, and his hair darkened as well from its silver grey to dark brown. With his horns seemingly gone, he donned a grey knitted beanie and they left.

Kael hadn’t been joking when he said that it wouldn’t take long to reach the warehouse. They were dropped off just shy of a mile and decided it was safest to walk the rest of the way. They could see the warehouse when Eris started to get antsy. She stopped and frowned at the Warehouse just before they reached the gate that surrounded it.
[#B22222 “Something doesn’t feel right. I’ve got a bad feeling, guys…”] she frowned and glanced at Dahlia.
[#DAA520 “Just nerves. Come on, we won’t let anything happen to you two,”] Gaius said indifferently and started to the warehouse. He had the flier from Craigslist printed off in his hand and showed it to a rather large man standing outside, who gave a nod of his head. Gaius turned and waved them inside where loud techno rave music was playing. Lasers danced across the massive space, and lights flashed illuminating the warehouse.

It had once been a manufacturing warehouse, which was obvious by the large gaps in the concrete floor, where pits for machines once were. They were filled with stone and dirt, and no one seemed to mind it. He glanced around as the others entered with him, and at first glance it did look like a fetish party, but the more he observed the more he saw guards holding the perimeter. They were a collective group of paranormals from other demons, to wolves, and vampires, and other under fae that were less than desirable to be around. Above on a catwalk was a collection of chairs, covering the space into an almost throne room. On the edge of the dance floor where so many people seemed to rave and writhe, was a long table filled with food and glass jars of drugs available. The air smelled of cannabis, there were tabs of paper on the floor where people had dropped acid. Gaius was starting to think that maybe Eris’ bad feeling was rooted in something substantial. He was beginning to feel like this was exactly what he was afraid it might be. Wolves and Vampires were good at seeing through glamours, something to do with their ability to smell. They had been one of the last people to arrive, but shortly after their arrival it seemed to the meeting was about to start.

Eris didn’t like the feeling she was getting from this place. There was something off about it. Something sinister and cruel. It made her wary, but she kept her eyes open, prepared for anything that might jump out. She noticed the table full of drugs, liquor and food, and it was surrounded by people clawing for anything from LSD to cocaine. Not even the pull of the green herb would get her to go over there. If she didn’t get it from Mahlik, she didn’t trust it. A bulking bouncer of a guy walked over to Dahlia and Eris with a tray of drinks.
“New Faces,” He greeted with a smirk. “Have a drink.” He didn’t give them much of a choice and handed them each a glass. Eris took the drink with a smile, but didn’t drink it. She remembered what Mahlik had said about the Ketamine, and she wasn’t about to fall for it, if this was connected.

Suddenly a loud gong rang through the warehouse calling the meeting to order and cutting the music to a low background noise. Gaius stood behind them with Kael, almost protectively as they moved to hide in the crowd and listen. The gong rang several more times before, one of the people sitting on the catwalk finally stood up and looked down at the group. Eris noticed instantly he wasn’t human and he didn’t wear a glamour. His horns curled elegantly back like a rams, and even his ears flopped a bit like one too. His eyes were sharp and cold though, and even with his facial hair he did look a bit like a goat.
“Welcome! Welcome… I see many familiar faces tonight, and some new ones too. Welcome to our special club. You’re here because you received the call. You’re here because you knew deep down you belong here, with us. You are all the chosen ones, you are the children of darkness. Remember the honor you possess by belonging to this organization, and when you are chosen to ascend. Tonight’s ascension has not been chosen yet, but there will be lucky ones chosen tonight…”
Eris stared up at the obvious demon with a sense of loathing. Ascension couldn’t be a good thing, but the drugged up fools surrounding them must have believed it. Curious, Eris leaned over to a young woman about her age and asked her who the leader was.
“That’s our exalted knight. The Exalted Ruler will come when we are chosen…”
[#B22222 “What does it mean to be chosen? It’s my first night.”] Eris said trying to keep conversation going with the inebriated girl.
“You go with them, and you ascend to a new world…” She suddenly flung her arms upwards towards the group on the catwalk. “Choose me!” She begged. Eris frowned and glanced at Dahlia. For a group to have this sort of following was quite terrifying.

Gaius recognized one of the demons on the catwalk. He sat on the far end, and was staring right at him. Slowly a grin spread on his face and Gaius cursed through grit teeth. Quickly he turned around, trying to look nonchalant and glanced at Kael.
[#DAA520 “I think I’ve been compromised. Demon, far left on the catwalk, and green eyes. Another Sin Demon… It’s Greed. Vampires on the edge can probably smell us too… I think we may have walked into a trap…”]
  Eris Alcone / darien / 1y 257d 3h 31m 52s
Eris held something up to Dahlia but she wasn’t entirely sure what it was until she came back to the room. The sweet smell of glazed chicken and noodles came from the white and red plastic bag and her mouth was watering. Snatching the food from her friend, the petit woman took a seat on the messy bed and began to unwrap her breakfast, if it could even be considered that at this time of day. She didn’t think about it too much before getting into the honey-glazed concoction with the chopsticks provided. It was quite different from their favorite place back in NYC but it was still delicious.

Taking in all of what the taller woman was saying, Dahlia was kind of shocked they still made these old disposable cameras. They were relics of the past now that everyone had a camera on their phone. But she was thankful they hadn’t faded out just yet. She took it with her free hand, the other still busy with her eating utensils. [b “We’ll have to find a dark room at some point.”] She wouldn’t be able to trust any one else with developing this sort of thing. There was no saying what they were going to capture on this film and she wasn’t about to have it confiscated or ruined because someone reported or mishandled it. [b “I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get pictures with them always three feet away, but I will try.”] Sitting back, she thought about where she would stash it while it wasn’t in use.

What came out of Eris’ mouth next made both the chicken she was holding and her jaw drop. Thankfully the sticky morsel fell back into the Styrofoam container, saving her the effort of cleaning it up. Although, that wasn’t where her thoughts were at the moment. All her focus was on the comment and she didn’t know how to respond to it. While technically Eris wasn’t wrong, as almost every supernatural person they’d met so far was ridiculously attractive, she hadn’t been expecting her friend to change opinions so suddenly. Just yesterday she was wildly paranoid about both Kael and Gaius and that usually trumped everything for Eris. With her brain stalling, Dahlia didn’t have time to say anything before her friend reached out in attempt to steal some of her food.

Snapping out of her silence, Dahlia went to smack her friend with her chopsticks, purposefully missing. [b “Hey, that’s mine. Just because you probably ate all of yours doesn’t mean you can have mine too!”] She was mainly joking, as the small mortal really didn’t mind the minor thievery.

Narrowing her eyes at the other woman, she could tell she didn’t particularly want to stay on the subject. Not keen on forcing her into talking, Dahlia would save it for later. [b “We’re not done with this, got it?”] She expected full details and updates after Eris had time to sit on it a little longer.

Getting a little further through her meal, the brunette was pretty much full. Something about Chinese food filled her up fast, but she was sure she would be able to finish it off in an hour or so. That’s just how it was. Closing the to go container, her thoughts were on the night before. [b “Hey, did that ambrosia stuff have any weird effects on you?”] She eyed her friend curiously. [b “I mean, I can’t say for sure that was it… but I don’t know what else could have done it.”] Looking to her side, Dahlia’s brow furrowed.

[b “I’m pretty sure it pushed my tattoo out.”] It was a strange sentence, mainly because it was a strange occurrence. To prove it she pulled up her shirt. Her skin was still faintly streaked with the mixture of ink and blood, but where she’d thought she might have a scar was practically healed. Was that another effect of the ambrosia? The woman didn’t keep her side revealed for long, instead moving to her arm. [b “I got really paranoid after that. I rewrote it on my arm.”] By now she was feeling better about it. Perhaps she would let the already faded marker disappear and be done with it. It wasn’t like it meant anything to her. The symbols were something that her bat shit crazy, cultist parents had put on her as a kid. Subsequently, she lived with her grandmother after that. Child services wasn’t a particularly big fan of tatting up five year olds after all. Eris knew all of this already; she was one of the few people Dahlia had told. Everyone else was fed the lie that it was some sort of manta she got one drunken college night. [b “I don’t know what it means, but I figured I should at least tell someone.”]


Outside, Kael pulled the stud from his ear, returning to his natural form. Even if the change was minor, he felt less stuffy this way. More comfortable, he listened to Gaius confirm what Eris had told him in more detail. He wasn’t entirely happy having to rely on the malcontent, but he would trust Gaius with this one. They would just have to be sure to steer the girls clear if for some reason they needed to meet.

Standing from his seat on the couch, the snake demon came in closer when it came to the online ad. He skimmed over it. [b “It’s definitely promising. I don’t see any harm in giving it a try… and I am confident the girls will want to come along. Eris was rather upset at missing out on the second half of last night.”] And if she went, Dahlia was bound to come along as well. They would be in full force. [b “What day is it?”] Glancing down to the bottom corner of the screen, he took note of the date. It wasn’t normally something he kept track of. It was indeed Thursday; they only needed to sit around for a few hours. Lucky them.

He hummed, pleased that they wouldn’t have to wait long. [b “Guess I’ll go let them know the plan. Double check that they are onboard.”] Straightening back up, Kael headed back to the room that had been handed down to the ladies. He wrapped lightly on the wooden door, waiting for a response before opening it. The bright-eyed man took only a single step in, keeping the door open so it would be easy for Gaius to hear. This way he wouldn’t have to relay anything.

[b “Gaius found us a new lead.”] Gaze falling in the direction on the bed, where both mortal woman sat, he spoke languidly. [b “There’s an advert calling out to outcasts and the likes. They meet tonight, we were going to take a look to see if it might be a similar operation to what’s probably happening up in New York. You two in?”]

When an affirmative answer came his way, his lips curled into a warm smile. [b “Glad to hear it… It will only take about thirty minutes to get to the meeting site, so you have a couple of hours to get ready.”] The comment was more aimed at Dahlia who had quite clearly just rolled out of bed.

He turned to leave, then stopped short. [b “Oh, and there’s a chance this might turn out to be nothing more than a quote unquote, weird fetish group,”] He used his hands for emphasis here. [b “So dress accordingly.”] The advice was mainly given in humor, but there was a hint of sincerity. They weren’t going to get in if they all looked like a bunch of normies.

With a plan set and limited time to sit back, stint went a little faster for Kael. He picked up whatever show it was that he brother found. It was awful, but he had a feeling he wouldn’t find anything better by randomly clicking through the channels. The girls basically stuck to their own thing, and Gaius seemed quite content on the computer. It was a little boring, but with how chaotic life had been, it was kind of nice.

When the time came, Kael returned the earing to his person. They needed to keep a low profile, well low profile for a couple of demons. Admittedly, he was a little interested in how his partner would look under the glamor. And he wasn’t the only one; he could see Dahlia watching the wrath demon with curious eyes when they grouped up by the door to leave. The human’s had taken his advice, opting for darker clothing. Nothing screamed ‘I’m misunderstood,’ but they did the best with what they had. Honestly, it wasn’t much of a change for Eris, although he noticed her makeup did look different than before. So there was that.
  Dahlia Morgan & Kael Neu / Loxi / 1y 261d 14h 9m 3s
Eris didn’t want to readily admit it, but her opinion of Kael had changed drastically in the short afternoon they’d spent together running errands. Dare she admit it? Perhaps she actually liked him! When he’d smiled and laughed at her satisfied food baby, she felt pesky butterflies in her stomach. Of course she stamped them down as soon as they appeared, this guy had openly attacked her… then saved her… once from that crazy ass valkyrie, and then a vampire. He’d been hard to figure out, but with the passing afternoon she had discovered he wasn’t as bad as she originally thought. By the time they reached the safe house, Eris was eyeballing Kael with something like appreciation.

He told her to place the groceries wherever she liked, but with one look inside the small fridge that was available she knew she wouldn’t have trouble finding places for groceries. There was nothing in here but a couple bags of blood, and a carton of Strawberries that had Gaius’ name written on it with a demon emoji beside his name. It wasn’t long into her sorting out the groceries that she could hear Kael and his brother arguing. She couldn’t help but listen in curiously and when she looked over the countertop towards the room she could see Gaius listening to them as well and he caught her gaze. If she didn’t know any better, she would say Gaius was amused by the sibling squabble. It was interesting to know that Kael had placed a bug in Max’s loft. She didn’t know how well that would work, but she’d be willing to go back and actually place one in his office. Eris just didn’t like the idea of losing memory again while in the Magister’s presence.

Their argument ended with Kael putting his foot down and Cornelius having no choice but to acquiesce. He stormed from the room and slammed his door in the process. Eris stood uncertain in the kitchen, waiting to see what happened next…

Gaius wheeled his chair around to give Kael a look, it was one of general indifference, but Gaius offered what might have been a compliment.
[#DAA520 “Bravo. That’s a first, I’ve never seen him pout like that.”]
[b “That should keep him out of our hair for now. Although, I can’t say for certain he will give up on playing baby sitter.”]
Gaius waved a hand at the admission, not bothering to worry about it. They had bigger issues than Cornelius wanting to be an overprotective pain in the ass. Gaius had several centuries on both the Neu Brothers, if age was a factor in ability to protect, than Cornelious should have had no problem trust Gaius. Unfortunately not many trusted Sin demons.
[#DAA520 “A Baby sitter isn’t a bad idea, especially with our little mortals. Extra eyes will help, but you’re right… he needs to stay out of our business-“] He was cut off by the creaking of a door near the far back of the safe house, and looked to see Dahlia sticking her head out the room. She wanted to know if everything was alright. Gaius shamelessly stared at her. Her sleepy eyes and mussed hair gave her a sweetly innocent look. Eris was there in no time to assure her friend everything was fine.
[#B22222 “Just a male pissing contest… you know how those things go. More importantly, look! It’s your favorite!”] She played it off with her cheshire grin, and showed Dahlia the Chinese takeout she’d brought with her. She carried the bag of food into their shared room for private conversation for themselves and the two demons. If the men could keep secrets why couldn’t they?

Eris closed the door behind them carefully and moved to sit down on the bed with Dahlia while she ate her food.
[#B22222 “That was a little tense… Definitely some family issues going on, but good news. I started writing our article. It’s not much, but I managed to hide it on a cloud based server. I should be able to access it anywhere, and they won’t be the wiser about it. Also…”] She smirked devilishly as she removed a small item from the bag she carried into the bedroom. [#B22222 “Don’t laugh. It’s not your old Nikon, but it should help. Just don’t let them find it.”] It was one of those older disposable film cameras. She whispered in warning, handing the camera over to Dahlia. [#B22222 “I’m assuming you know how to use this relic from our distant childhoods.”]
Dahlia assured her she could, and Eris was able to relax once Dahlia managed to hide her disposable camera. Eris sighed then falling into the bed beside Dahlia and letting her eat her food while Eris relaxed. [#B22222 “Nice afternoon though. Kael took me to get groceries. We now have food and will no longer starve. He also… took me to lunch. He isn’t all that bad. He’s actually… kinda cute,”] Eris chuckled goodheartedly at Dahlia’s admonishment before she reached over and stole a bite of her food so the topic wouldn’t linger.

In the main room, Gaius turned his chair back and forth with a new stress ball in his clawed hand. He took their private time to fill Kael in on the contact he’d reached out to. A Succubus, who still lived in Hell, but had close ties to Malcontents. Hell her whole family considered themselves Malcontents -even she believed that Humans were for Paranormal Consumption. Case in point why she wasn’t allowed on Earth.
[#DAA520 “I should hear back from her soon. She is a Malcontent, but she values her life more than the cause. Only time will tell, which is something we don’t have a lot of… That means we get to play the waiting game… if you want to wait for her to get back… I did find an add on Craigslist that looks… interesting.”] He smirked bringing up the internet window on the computer to show the add.

-Open Minded individuals seeking acceptance in new club. Welcome all freaks and geeks who love all things anti-establishment, anti-religion, occult, witches, vampires and paranormal freakiness. Come find like minded individuals who share your ideas and beliefs in a truer greater purpose. Meet every Thursday night at 7pm at the old Packaging Warehouse on Elm St. In the Industrial Park.
-All Hail The Dark Lord

Gaius smirked at the screen. It sounded like bait to humans desperate for inclusion. Those types were generally the sort of person to go missing. [#DAA520 “Best case it’s some weird fetish group, worst case, we find what we’ve been looking for. Think the girls would be up for some more fun times?”] he asked in an almost challenging way. Gaius had never been good at sitting idle, and any lead no matter how insignificant was something to follow up on, and Gaius had clearly already decided to go with or without back up.
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Kael was slightly relieved that Dahlia’s attention grabbing was not new. It was one less thing to worry about, at least for now. Although, he still didn’t see the appeal. Shrugging he spoke, [b “Yeah, she’s not really my type so I guess I missed that.”] And he would probably continue to as well. Between his distinct lack of interest, and the fact that Gaius and or Eris was always in view, checking the other mortal out wasn’t high on his to do list. One of them was bound to smack the shit out of him if he looked at her the wrong way.

When she brought up his partner, Kael was less sure of what he should say. In the end he sighed. [b “Yeah, I’ve noticed… I’ve never seen him act like this with anything before.”] Then he chuckled some. [b “But I really don’t think you need to worry about him eating her. Despite everything that’s happened so far, I’m fairly sure she’s safe around him.”] The demon wasn’t about to go into the details, however he hoped that would put her at ease. Eris really didn’t need any more anxiety. Like she had mentioned, her stress levels were way too high. It was going to start affecting her health, and he really didn’t want that.

Conversation coming back to Max, the currently dark haired man kept silent. His mind went to what Dahlia had been saying the night before. That something was going wrong with Eris. Had the magister actually done something to her? She looked fine when they saw her, just sleeping. Now more than ever he was glad that he bugged the room, he only wished he’d done it before they left to meet with Desmond so that he had more insight to what might have happened while they were away. She seemed concerned that her memory was failing. [b “Don’t worry about it, I’m sure it will come to you later.”] He smiled, not entirely sure it was the truth.

Kael planned to pay special attention to the audio now; although it was liable nothing would come up. The urge to use one of the women as bait flickered at the back of his mind. More Dahlia than Eris, as the rather outspoken woman had gone though enough. But he wouldn’t mention it as they went on. That being said he lost it when she mentioned the food baby. Kael laughed outwardly as she touched her tummy.

When Eris returned to him, groceries in hand, he offered to take some of the haul. Her reply was not needed as he took half of what she carried despite her answer. He would have taken all of the bags, but she seemed the type to feel bad when not pulling her weights so he split it down the middle. Then they were back on their way to the house.

[b “So what’s the plan for tonight? Any leads for us to follow?”]

Kael’s currently dark eyes fell to the mortal. She was just as antsy as they were to get to the bottom of this mess. [b “I think we will probably spend tonight waiting.”] He thought about it a little more. There wasn’t a lot to do with what they had. [b “Our best bet is whoever Gaius is trying to contact. We may not be able to act until he hears back.”] But there was no saying for sure if that would pan out. [b “… If that fails, I bugged Max’s loft. It’s a long shot that we will get anything out of it, but those are really our only two viable options for the time being.”] The snake demon hadn’t shared this tidbit of information with Gaius quite yet. He would make sure to pass it along later.

Arriving back at the safe house, everything was as they left it. Well almost. Cornelius was now eyeing him suspiciously from the couch. The younger of the Neu brothers shrugged, as though their delayed return wasn’t entirely his fault. Unloading the small armful of groceries onto a table, he would leave finding a place for them up to Eris. She could decide what was convenient for her and Dahlia. [b “Wherever you want these is fine. Feel free to moves stuff around if you need.”] From that he went directly to Cornelius, sitting next to him on the couch. With any luck, they could keep this conversation out in the living area. Then everyone involved would know just what he planned on omitting. [b “So what do you want to know?”]

Sighing Cornelius stared at Kael expectantly. [b “Why did you meet with the Magister, and what did you find out?”] It was basic. He didn’t need every detail, but those things were kind of a big deal. The brunette hated being the only one out of the loop here. He’d come to make sure they didn’t get in too much trouble, which was damn near impossible with how Kael was acting. He knew his brother liked to keep his privacy, but there was a limit to how selfish he could be when they were in crisis like this.

[b “Magister Max happens to own the club we went to. He spotted us as soon as we showed up and called us to have a chat with him. It was rocky, but he told us where Desmond would be in return for whatever information we got from him.”] Kael kept a cool air to him as he spoke. He was still in glamor; he would remove the earring once this was through. [b “What we found was disappointing. Desmond didn’t know anything. Despite helping his friend worm his way into that internship, there was no plan on his end to make a hit against Atlas… I can tell when that guy is lying, and he wasn’t. Now we are back to square one.”]

Cornelius’ expression turned to one of skepticism. Kael wouldn’t have avoided this so fervently if that was all there was to it. [b “What else?”]

[b “Huh?”] The unnaturally dark haired man stared at his brother with a look of confusion. [b “The hell are you talking about?”]

[b “You’re not half as clever as you think, Kael. What else is there?”]

He kept eye contact for a long time, and then sighed. [b “Fine, I bugged Max’s place. He was acting suspicious, I wanted to know what he is covering up.”]

Bright red eyes widening, Cornelius did not look pleased. [b “You what?!”]

[b “I wire tapped his club.”] The admission was the lesser of two evils and would throw Cornelius off of what he was really hiding. His brother might not have thought he was clever, and he may have been right, but at the very least he knew how to outwit him.

[b “You can’t do that, if someone discovers what you’ve done you are going to wind up in serious trouble!”]

Kael shrugged again. [b “That’s only if I get caught.”]

[b “You are taking this too lightly.”] The older demon narrowed his eyes at his brother. [b “You can’t just do as you please all the time, there are consequences. These things won’t fall back on just you, why don’t you ever think about that?”]

[b “I have considered it. Why do you think I’m doing all this?”] His voice remained even notwithstanding the anger that was laced into it. [b “With no leads we are forced to suspect everyone… This is my job, and I’d appreciate it if you kept your nose out of how I do my business.”] He was a grown man; he didn’t need his older brother telling him what to do. [b “And if you don’t think you can manage that, I’d appreciate it if you left.”] It was point blank, but Kael wasn’t in the best of moods.

About half way through what Kael was saying, Cornelius could feel himself seething. [b “You are a fool.”] He glared fiercely as he insulted him. From there he opted to stand and walk away; he thought it better than letting the situation escalate too much further. And while Kael expected him to leave the compound, he heard the door to their room slam toward the back of the apartment.

[b “That should keep him out of our hair for now.”] He looked over to Gaius who was still sitting at the computer. [b “Although, I can’t say for certain he will give up on playing baby sitter.”]

Eyes opening groggily at the bang that reverberated down the hall, Dahlia looked to the clock. It was not helpful, as she didn’t remember when she fell to sleep. Somewhat fearful that something had gone wrong, she slipped out of bed and poked her head out the door. Catching sight of people in the living room, she called out. [b “Is everything alright?”]

The woman saw Kael nod at her, so she stepped back into the bedroom. The petite woman didn’t think she would be able to fall back to sleep at this point so she opted to pull some pants on and regroup with the others. She was pleasantly surprised to find Chinese food waiting for her.
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Eris dove into her food, wielding her chopsticks like a master and collecting mounds of rice and spicy chicken to stuff in her mouth. She shamelessly devoured her food. Humans gotta eat, right? She didn’t speak a word as Kael told her about their escapades last night, she was too busy eating to respond, and she didn’t even care that he wasn’t eating. He confessed he wasn’t sure who Gaius’ contact was, and that he most likely came directly from Hell. So Hell was a real place… figures. It also figured that a demon of literal Biblical Proportions would have a ton contacts to pick from. Still, from the sounds of things she had to agree that the other bar would have been worlds better than… what did she do last night? The events were still a little hazy. Had Max done something to her?

“So does Dahlia always garner so much attention, or is this new as of entering the world of Lore?” He asked. Eris finally slowed her eating and chewed thoughtfully. She’d never really thought about it, but sometimes weird things definitely happened more often when Dahlia was around.
“Dahlia always draws attention, I mean, have you seen her? She’s like a petite Victoria Secrets Model. Men flock to her…” Eris tried to joke it off, but knew she really couldn’t. “She definitely drew me to her in the beginning. There’s a… warmth about her that’s inviting.” She took another thoughtful bite of her food before continuing. “Weirdos always go up to her in the streets, like that homeless guy on the way to your place in NYC. Usually they’re harmless, other times they obviously want to take advantage of her genuine kindness, but since getting mixed up with you guys it’s like there’s a spot light on her. Makes me uncomfortable and has added a ton of unexplainable stress to my already high levels…” She groaned, but popped another bite into her mouth.

She glanced at Kael and tried to gauge his belief in her, before finally poking at him a bit with her own observations. “What about Gaius? Does he always fawn over tiny humans the way he’s obviously doing over Dahlia? You have noticed right? I catch him watching her like a hungry wolf… all. the. time! Just waiting for the right moment to strike her down. Like he wants to eat her,” Eris cringed at the thought when she had the foggiest memory of talking to Max about Dahlia. It cause her brow to suddenly furrow. “Now that I think about it… Max seemed interested in Dahlia too… he.. asked me questions, but… that’s so weird, can’t remember them, it’s all foggy and then nothing.” She frowned looking mildly embarrassed by that, but shrugged it off and took the last bite from her plate.

Where she packed all that food no one would know, but Eris ate every bite and placed all her things together for the young kid who came to bus the table and hand Eris Dahlia’s meal. She didn’t know when she’d get to eat again, but at least she’d have some food back at the safe house. From there it was back to collecting the groceries that Eris had ordered. Outside the sun was bright, blindingly so and Eris promptly put a pair of sunglasses on. She enjoyed going out during the day, but preferred if the sun wasn’t overly hot or shinning like a damn super nova.
“I have a Grade A food baby, thank you for that,” She teased patting her stomach with a grin, and falling in line beside him as they made their way down the sidewalk.

It wasn’t a long walk, just a quick block, but surprisingly there were plenty of people about, and plenty of them took passing glances at Kael as he passed. She supposed he was good looking with the glamour on, but she preferred his natural look. Red eyes and all. She would have thought with Kael being a snake demon he’d like to be out in the sun, what with reptiles being endothermic. Maybe she was missing something to that, maybe it was some sort of ‘Creatures of the Night’ nonsense that made Kael recoil from too much light. Gaius didn’t even dare to venture out in the sun, and she wondered how a massive ball of gas in space could cause one demon to literally hide in the shadows and the other cringe in its presence.

It took no time at all for Eris to get their groceries. She walked right up to the Customer Service counter where they offered Online Pickup, gave them her order number and got her goods. Victorious with her haul, Eris emerged from the store with arms full of groceries, and with Kael made her way back to the Safe House. “So what’s the plan for tonight? Any leads for us to follow?”

[center ~*~*~*~]

Gaius stared at the ceiling from where he sat at the computer… purposely not speaking to Cornelius. He wouldn’t talk to the other Neu Brother unless Kael was around. Dahlia had been sleeping like a rock, and with Cornelius there it wasn’t like Gaius could do what he wanted and watch her sleep. As it was, he was still waiting to hear back from his contact in Hell that was going to check out the Malumortis for him. He checked the clock and saw that not much time had passed, but that Kael and Eris had been gone well over an hour at that point. He was curious to know what Eris had seen or heard during her time with Max, but that would have to wait. There was still the issue about Daddy Dearest that was unsettling to Gaius. He couldn’t go against his father, for starters Amon would rip Gaius to shreds. The whole: ‘I brought you into this world, I can take you out of it…’ literally applied to Amon and Gaius’ relationship. Gaius had come to Earth in part because it was what he wanted, and the other part because his father expelled him from their home. Said he was too soft on Mortals…

With a glance in the direction of Dahlia’s room, that was an understatement. He had soft, hard and hungry spots all for one mortal in particular. In his hand he held a stress ball which suddenly ruptured in his clawed hand. He watched absentmindedly as the granules of sand fell down to the floor from between his fingers. With a quick sigh, Gaius reached down and began to clean up the mess before Cornelius could start to complain. Honestly, Gaius wished the man would find somewhere else to hide, and stop trying to get involved with PC tasks. If the man wanted to be an Agent for the Covenant he should look into career changes through the right channels instead of hoping to tag onto theirs. At least that was how Gaius saw it, and most of his irritation came from not being able to be alone with Dahlia. All he wanted was a chance to not be the scary wrath demon and try to show her a more… compassionate side of his personality. Funny since Gaius generally disliked mortals, but with Dahlia he was protective. As he cleaned up the mess from his ruptured stress ball he stared down the hallway her room was located and listened for her steady heartbeat… a calming metronome that was miraculously keeping him grounded and calm, despite everything that was going on in his mind.
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Kael was a little confused when she ordered two plates of food. Was she that hungry? Then he remembered that Dahlia was passed out back at the house and would probably be starving when she woke up too. Did these girls ever stop thinking about one another? It really didn’t seem like it, but hey, they’d be easier to keep an eye on if they were basically magnets for one another.

About that time he noticed she was just about scowling at him from across the table. The demon wasn’t sure what he had done wrong, or at least recently done wrong, to warrant the look. He didn’t care to ask, nor did he have time, as Eris started asking her own questions rapid fire, only stopping when her food arrived.

It seemed Gaius had filled her in for the most part; Kael didn’t feel like having to go over everything multiple times. Especially since he got the feeling Eris would be just as probing as his brother. However, there wasn’t anything to hide from her so she was definitely the more enjoyable one to talk to.

As Eris ate, Kael took the opportunity to start giving answers before she started adding to the list again. [b “I’m not sure who his contact was.”] Admittedly, Gaius’ network was extensive; there wasn’t enough for him to go off of just knowing he was talking to someone. [b “Sin demons generally come directly from hell and spend a lot of time there, so there’s a pretty long list of people it might have been… I just hope whoever it was is trustworthy.”] Sighing, he didn’t really want a repeat of what happened with Ursula. Not to mention if Lucifer was a part of this plot it was going to be difficult to know who to trust in hell. This whole situation was a hot mess.

He was glad to have a more concrete answer to her other inquiry. [b “It depends on the bar.”] Kael chuckled, knowing she wouldn’t appreciate the vagueness. But he continued on immediately so it wasn’t like she would be too terribly mad. [b “Just like human bars it depends on the place, but where he stopped last night was along the lines of a dive or tavern. Not super exciting, but leagues better than sitting around with Max.”] The last bit betraying his great distaste for angels. [b “But if it is any consolation, you didn’t miss much.”]

Leaning forward, he rested his head on his palm. [b “It was pretty seedy, but we didn’t encounter any problems, at least not any of consequence.”] He thought about the troll holding the door and the couple of friends Desmond had as backup. They had been pretty lucky over all. Although, he wasn’t sure it made up for how unlucky they had been at the angelic club.

Kael let the woman eat for a bit, before pushing the conversation any further. [b “So does Dahlia always garner so much attention, or is this new as of entering the world of lore?”] Personally, he didn’t get it. Sure she had an unusually strong presence of light, but people were losing their shit. Both of these women were strange. He wanted to get to the bottom of it, but for now they had bigger fish to fry.

As Eris finished eating, the demon was a little surprised she finished the entire thing. The portions here were not small, they weren’t even regular. Places like this always seemed to give out heaping plates. He once again noted to make sure they gave the girls a chance to eat. It would be easier as soon as they got the groceries back to the house. At least then they could graze during down times.

Someone behind the counter must have been paying attention, because no sooner than her plate was cleared the bored teen returned holding a plastic bag containing their to go order. Kael took it from the kid, thanking him, as Eris bused her plate. Standing he met up with her over by the door to leave.

From there it was a short stroll over to the market. The overhead covering kept them out of the sun, which he appreciated. Even if his glamor warded off its effects on him, he felt uncomfortable standing around in direct daylight. The supermarket itself had incandescent lights. There were a few that flickered intermittently up above, but that was common in places like this. It was hard for humans to get up that high just to change a light bulb.
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It was interesting to Eris to hear Kael talk about how he was born, his mother, his family dynamic, and that he grew up in a different realm aside from Hell. She had to wonder how many different worlds there were. Was it a multi-verse? Or were there just numerous worlds all interconnected with Earth? She frowned as she realized answers to her first questions only left her with more, and she didn’t want to bother him with it. She also had to wonder if it might be best the less she knew. Still, she was a journalist, and it was in her nature to be curious.

She could see the Grocery up ahead. The small parking lot was packed, but to be honest, she was more shocked it had a parking lot. This was LA and parking was a precious commodity, just like in NYC. Eris didn’t think too hard on it, the sun was out, the bustle of the city was entertaining to watch, and she was just happy to be outside taking in the sights as she listened to Kael answer her questions. However, it was a question he posed to her that had her stopping.

Get a bite to eat? She didn’t think he ate. Wait, was he asking to get lunch with her? She wasn’t sure how to take that. He really didn’t seem the type or that he was at all interested in herself or Dahlia.
“Eat with you?” she asked, cursing herself when it sounded almost accusatory. He clarified he wasn’t hitting on her, but that his brother was nosey and he didn’t want to go back too soon and have to deal with it. She didn’t have siblings, she didn’t know what that was like, but she knew what it was like to try and avoid conversations with people -mostly coworkers. She was hungry, there was no denying that, and as if sensing she was tempted to say yes, he picked a restaurant.

He chose the Chinese place that she had smelled from a block away. It had smelled delicious, and furthered her hunger. Before she could even protest or agree he had opened the door with a smile. She tried to hide her grin as she slinked past him into the restaurant and looked around. It looked like any other Chinese Restaurant one might find in the USA. There was a wide banner with photos and names of the dishes. Eris didn’t need that, she was New Yorker now, and she’d ordered her fair share of chinese food in the past. Without hesitation she jumped right up to the countertop and ordered a meal for carry out, Dahlia’s favorite; and then ordered for herself.
“General Tso’s! Extra spicy, with steamed white rice, and a crab ragoon instead of an egg roll, please!” For her drink she got a large bottle of water and sat down with Kael to wait for her food. She wasn’t surprised he didn’t order food, and the staff didn’t seem to care.

Sitting across from him, she studied him closely as he messed with the paper on his straw. His glamor worked perfectly, if she hadn’t known any better she’d have thought he was a plain ol’ human. She didn’t like it. It wasn’t a good look on him. She couldn’t believe she was thinking it, but she preferred his red eyes and green hair.
“Gaius filled me in on what happened last night,” She said striking up conversation. “We talked while everyone else went to bed, but uhh… I caught him talking to someone… he said it was a contact from Hell? You wouldn’t happen to know about it would you? I got the feeling he didn’t tell me [i everything] that happened last night.” she shrugged playing it off, and then leaned across the table to whisper. “So what’s a demon bar like? I bet it was loads more interesting than that Club, Max was boooooring!” She sighed dramatically, but her theatrics were cut short as a large plate steaming with hot food was delivered to the table. She gasped, her mouth practically watering and quickly snapped a pair of chopsticks before digging in.

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Kael hadn’t expected her to get this excited at his proposition. It starkly contrasted the general air she had about her, but then again he really only been around her a few days. And stressful times like these didn’t exactly allow a person’s true personality to shine though. He knew he hadn’t exactly been himself either.

Seeing her bound about to get the things she needed to go out, the snake of a man smiled. An expression that wouldn’t soon fade. They were out the door and on the way to whatever store she had mentioned in no time flat. He didn’t bother remembering the name since she was basically leading the way. What probably would have been a rather dull walk got a lot more interesting as he watched her bounce down the walkway jauntily. He snickered quietly, what was she a kid?

It wasn’t till the Sun caught the golden pendant of the necklace that he came to realize she was still wearing it. She looked good in it, but it was baffling as to why it wasn’t doing its job properly. He decided that instead of dwelling on it he would revel in the fact that he had picked something that she seemed to like well enough to want to keep on her person. It was satisfying.

[b “Dahlia was right you know.”]

Her words snapped him from his reverie. Kael listened intently as she spoke of her childhood. He held back laughter when he heard what Eris’ grandmother used to call her. It could have been taken two ways. The first, that she had been a rather spirited child. This was likely. The second, that her grandmother didn’t like her very much. Greece had a feral cat problem so he wasn’t sure it was the nicest moniker, but with how warmheartedly she seemed to look back on it, he was sure it had to have been said lovingly and that Eris had only been full of energy.

[b “I think the nickname fits you quite well, you must have been close with your grandmother.”] He was curious as to how she had ended up in the states, but before he could ask Eris was asking questions of her own.

He wasn’t surprised at the conflicted accounts, as they were both correct in a way. [b “It really depends on the demon or creature, however I personally was born.”] She had been kind enough to share some of her story, so he only thought it fair to do so back. Plus he didn’t see any harm in it. [b “I grew up between this plane and another that you probably wouldn’t recognize. It’s where most of our politics take place. My father’s family has always been a part of that.”] Thinking of his did lead him to also feel the need to mention his mom. [b “We didn’t spend a lot of time in hell. My mother had a falling out with some of the people who run things over there… She is… paranoid, and a tad overbearing.”] That was probably the kindest way to word it. [b “But she means well and loves her family a lot. She puts us before anything, a trait that has rubbed off on Cornelius.”] He rolled his eyes as he thought about it. That was probably why his brother had been so eager to rush into his business. Kael loved his family well enough, but couldn’t stand to have someone constantly looking over his shoulder. He wanted his space. Not to mention some of them didn’t know how to let sleeping dogs lie.

After all that he felt as though he may have dragged on a little too long. Store was even in sight. At this time of days mortals were swarming the place, hundreds of cars in the lot. It reeked of exhaust but that was nothing new in Los Angeles. Along with the main supermarket a couple of smaller shops took up residence in the complex.

A thought then occurred to him. [b “Hey, would you like to stop and get a bite before getting the groceries?”] It was nothing fancy, but he sure one of the food spots was bound to sound good to her. He also didn’t think she had a reason to decline seeing as Dahlia would likely be asleep for a few more hours. [b “You know, not in a creepy hitting on you way. I just know my brother is going to be on my ass for information as soon as we get back. I don’t really want to deal with it.”] Kael was pretty sure he was going to stick to the truth with a few omissions. It wouldn’t be hard, but he was generally tedious to answer the barrage of questions that came along.

Eris looked as though she was considering it, so he took a harder look at the small restaurants that filled in the covered walkway. Most of them were fast food chains, but there was a Chinese place that looked more like a mom and pop shop. At the very least it didn’t stink of fry oil and preservatives. [b “Here, this one smells nice.”] Kind of corralling her toward the door, he opened it with a sly smile. [b “After you.”]

Inside they the décor was sparse, but a few of the tables were taken up with customers. They walked up to an order counter where a rather bored looking young man tended the register. From there you could see a woman at work in the back. There was a tarp like menu was strung up in plain view above the boy’s head. Every entry was done up in large writing making it easy to see and read. Kael really wasn’t in the mood to eat, but he would order a drink just to keep face.
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That noise turned out to be Kael’s brother entering the living area. She blushed harder when her stomach growled again for food and at his apology.
“It’s cool, it’s not like you were expecting us,” She said simply and went back to her internet search. She tried to keep to herself, but she had felt eyes on her. It made her slightly uncomfortable considering everything that had happened and that the events of last night were a huge vague blur. She kept herself distracted by reading the news, watching cat videos on Youtube, and playing with Eve. She didn’t talk to Cornelius, but would on occasion look over to the TV he was watching.

By the time she heard a shower running, Eve was wrapped up around her shoulders and neck, resting her head flush under her chin. The constrictor was well behaved and gave Eris an outlet to pour her restless energy into. More often than not in the long wait she had paced around the room. No doubt driving Cornelius crazy, even if he didn’t show it. She was out of cigarettes, there were no windows, and she needed to go outside and slink along the city streets with the people. She was ready to tackle Cornelius and make a break for the door when he finally spoke.

Kael was awake and wearing his glamor. She surprisingly perked right now, looking between the brothers as they bantered when he finally addressed her.
“Oh, it’s not far from here...” she began but he saw something else. She frowned, did she had something on her face? No, it had something to do with Dahlia getting mouthy with that angel from last night. She wondered what the Angel had said for Dahlia to say those things, but they were all correct and true. She couldn’t believe how excited she became when he asked if she’d want to tag along. Before she had a chance to answer though, the brothers were back to the bickering. Eris didn’t know what that was like, having been an only child.

She remained hesitant, watching them, even as she slowly unfurled Eve from around her. The snake gave her a chiding look as if to say: I was warm there, and I was sleeping! How Rude! She’d have to bring her a mouse as recompense.
“You’re sure I can go with you?” She asked unsure. Kael only looked at her and added,
[b “This way you can also grab anything that was forgotten on that list, or that I chose poorly on.”]

Eris didn’t bother with a reply she grabbed her black leather jacket and pull it on, eager to leave. Standing at the door she wore a grin. Her obvious excitement was answer enough. She also knew Dahlia would be safe here without her, so she wasn’t concerned and waited for Kael to open the door and all its locks. She all but skipped out the door and up the passageway and into the sunshine. There was no point in her wearing a glamour as hers didn’t work, but that didn’t retract from her actually wearing it. If all it did was change her eye color, then she’d keep wearing it because she liked it.

Her mood improved immensely once she was outside. Winter in LA was more like late spring in New York, and with the bright sun, Eris didn’t have to worry about being cold. She was glad to be out, but she wasn’t alone and being with Kael meant she’d have to be extra sneaky to get her hands on a disposable camera for Dahlia, and a burner phone... how else would she be able to contact Ross? No doubt Kael would be pissed if he knew Eris had plans to write her article and get photos out. More so if he found out she wanted to reach someone on the outside. Hoping to keep his relaxed and trusting of her Eris decided to strike up conversation with him. He was the only one she hadn’t really spoke with yet. She had Gaius had sorted themselves out, the bulking brute ended up being cooler than she expected. He was still fucking terrifying though. With his height, those horns, and his eyes? Yikes.
“Dahlia was right you know?” Eris began as she walked down the sidewalk with Kael towards the grocery store she’d ordered from. “I don’t like being stuck inside for too long. I’ll go stir crazy with nothing to do. [i Giagia], my grandmother used to call me Agria Gata when I was little. It means Wild Cat. She said I was always coming and going just like a cat, but wild enough I couldn’t stay inside all day. She used to send me out to play in the streets until supper and then much to my displeasure to bed...” she smiled fondly at the memory of her grandmother, and the streets of her small Grecian town where she grew up. It seemed so long ago, and it felt odd to talk about her past, but not so much with Kael. Curiously, she glanced over at him and frowned. “Were you ever a child? I’ve heard conflicting myths that some demons are born and others are made... What was that like? Did you grow up in Hell or some other world unknown to my kind?”
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