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[font "century gothic" [#c20521 Kaneki] looked towards that screen once the movie came on. He smiled a little. He need to think positive. He smiled softly as he watched all the preview. As the movie went on Kaneki mindless lay his head on Tsukiyama shoulder. It was such a cute romantic movie. He blushed through the most of it. He wasn't expecting it be this good. It was cute how to people could love each other so much that they would even find them in the next life.

Kaneki let out a faint sigh. He wonder if he would ever find someone like that. Maybe he already had he was the one sitting right next to him. He blushed softly. He really shouldn't of been thing those things? It wasn't like anyone would ever love him like that. His mother told him that so did his aunt. He sighed softly as he pull himself way. It was rude of him to just lean on Tsukiyama anyway.

Kaneki looked around how awkward it seemed like most the people around them were couples. Most of them were making out or kissing. Kaneki blush. He didn't really think about all the couples that were here going to see the movie.
  Kaneki / -Springtrap / 16h 12m 44s
Tsukiyama followed after the male. He could tell the mood changed, but he didn't bother asking about it. He didn't know for sure what else to say. He frowned lightly to himself. He sat next to the male and looked towards the screen. He seemed to be thinking quietly to himself. He was rather worried that maybe the male wasn't having any fun. Of course... What did the purple haired man expect? He wasn't one of the ones from the cafe. His name had been slandered and he had done things to the male... There was no way he was ever going to be something that the boy would want.

It depressed the male to even think like that. He could feel the night becoming depressing. He hadn't wanted that to happen. He continued to watch the screen waiting for the movie to start.
  |Carnivorous| / Ennard / 1d 15h 37m 0s
[font "century gothic" [#c20521 Kaneki] smiled softly at least Tsukiyama was being honesty with him. [#c20521 "Thank you..."] that was all he could think of. [#c20521 "I feel I have many questions but I think I will save them for another time..."] he said as mindlessly walked up the stair. He was use to sitting in the top row. That was were him and Hide use to sit when ever they went to movies.

Kaneki sighed softly as he bit his bottom lip. His chest hurt. It really hurt, he missed Hide so much. Hide was his closest friend. Now he couldn't see him. He didn't want to. He didn't want to be a danger to him. He almost felt like as Tsukiyama to help him forget. That was just something he simply couldn't ask him. He had to do this on his own the more he try the more it hurt. He was all alone. That was how it was suppose to be right? All alone, he didn't deserve to hold anyone dear in his life.

Kaneki was glad when the lights dimmed down. It would his his facial expression. Kaneki looked at Tsukiyama then back to the screen. He need to snap out of this depressing stated and get happy again. After all he wasn't a lone.
  Kaneki / -Springtrap / 2d 6h 36m 1s
Tsukiyama didn't seem to know what to say. He did have human servants, but he didn't really understand human habits. He tilted his head slightly. Sometimes he forgot Kaneki wasn't a full ghoul. He had once been human. It must be hard transitioning. Even years wouldn't be enough time to get use to something like this. He frowned faintly to himself. It seemed like the boy had a hard time getting use to it. He couldn't understand it. He could say it but he knew he wouldn't really understand. He had never tried human food before.

He had however made dishes much like human ones out of the human body, but that wouldn't be anything like what humans eat to the boy in front of him. Of course those sugar cubes the boy used in his coffee must have been nice. He seemed to be thinking it over, but he just shook it off. Nothing he said would be the right thing. [+purple "It's fine Kaneki... I don't understand and saying I understand would only be cruel because you know I don't. But It's fine. It doesn't bother me. I am sure even years of being a ghoul will never make this something you fully understand."] He said trying to choose his words as carefully as he could.

He smiled and led the boy to the room that they would be in. It didn't seem like too many people were there. No surprise. The movie had came out a while ago. It had probably lost its flavor to everyone. That was alright. He was hoping they didn't have to be surrounded by humans. He would let Kaneki choose where they sat. He wasn't picky. He felt it would make the male feel better to choose.
  |Carnivorous| / Ennard / 2d 16h 44m 30s
[font "century gothic" [#c20521 Kaneki] smiled softly. He didn't really think that Tsukiyama would agree with him but he did. He smiled softly [#c20521 "I'll get the..."] he stop himself. He sighed softly silly him. He should of just kept him mouth shut. He couldn't get them popcorn or candy because they couldn't eat such a think.

[#c20521 "Sorry... I guess it just a habit....Thank you so much for taking me here."] he said with a soft smile. He sighed softly as he had a few questions pop into his mind. He was curious if Tsukiyama ever wonder what human food tasted like? He also was curious if he never became a ghoul would they ever meet? He sighed softly as thoughts vanish. He was happy to be out in about. It was quiet nice to do something like this.

Once they got seated in the dimly lit room Kaneki let out a soft yawn the night was still young yet he was already getting sleepy. He hope this movie was good as everyone said or he might of end up fall a sleep. It had been a long day but at least this part of his day was exciting.
  Kaneki / -Springtrap / 4d 5h 55m 33s
Tsukiyama listened quietly as he spoke. He looked over the movies. He didn't care what they watched as long as they watched it together. He wanted to be next to the boy. He smiled lightly to himself. He seemed to be thinking to himself. He heard what the boy said and he looked over at him. A romance movie? Something about that seemed surprising. He wasn't sure that was something Kaneki would want to see, but this was suppose to be a date so maybe that's what he was thinking.

[+purple "Alright that sounds great."] He said warmly. He tilted his head slightly and smiled. [+purple "I'll get the tickets then."] He walked to the counter and told the person what he wanted making sure he got the right movie. He soon handed Kaneki one of the tickets and smiled. This would be fun. At least he hoped it would be. Being close to the boy was so nice.
  |Carnivorous| / Ennard / 4d 11h 27m 0s
[font "century gothic" [#c20521 Kaneki] smiled softly as they walked. Tsukiyama grip was tight by gentle. He was glad the he didn't squeeze to tight. Since he happen to grab him with his hurt hand. How careless of him to cut himself on the same knife twice. Luckily the would had a stopped bleeding. Or at least he though it did anyway. It was still sore, and painfully.

Kaneki smiled softly as they got into to the theater. [#c20521 "So what would you like to see...I'm really up for anything but I don't really like watching horror movies..."] he said with a soft sigh. It he had mixed feeling about them now. He too was a monster and the monster ways died. Right? He bit his lip as thought for a moment. [#c20521 "But if you want to see on that is alright."] he said as he looked around. It had been quiet a long time since he seen a movie.

The last time he went was with Hide. He sighed softly as he looked down at the floor. The dark red carpet had popcorn every where. It must of been a chore for them to keep it clean. He smiled sweetly as he looked at Tsukiyama. [#c20521 "Want to go to that romance movie everyone been raving about...."] he said with a faint smirk. Surely Tsukiyama would say no.
  Kaneki / -Springtrap / 6d 4h 43m 44s
The male nodded. They would have to see what was playing when they got there. He didn't mind walking. It was so much easier. It made him feel better too. To be close to the young boy. He hoped they could find something they'd both watch. Tsukiyama wasn't very picky. He would watch anything as long as it was at this boy's side. He smiled faintly to himself. He was already feeling at ease. He was feeling happy. The butterflies in his heart and stomach had increased though. It made him nervous no matter how much he tried to tell himself everything would be alright.

He was shocked feeling the younger male's hand in his own. For a moment he didn't know what to do, but soon he folded his fingers around the boy's hand holding onto it, but night too tightly. He was afraid of what he should do when it came to Kaneki. He didn't want to scare him or run him off. It worried him. He took a deep breath and slowly let it out. He was trying to keep his nerves at bay. He was worried about this going wrong. He knew Kaneki didn't exactly trust him and he was sure that his trust wouldn't be all that easy to earn.

Hopefully he could show him tonight that he wasn't a bad person. He was a good man. He could be a good man anyway. He wasn't always dangerous. He just... He looked off to the side as he thought. He didn't understand himself sometimes. Maybe it was the ghoul inside that made everything so awkward. He would have to ignore it for now. He could pretend to be human. He had for a long time.
  |Carnivorous| / Ennard / 6d 18h 48m 5s
[font "century gothic" [#c20521 Kaneki ] smiled softly as he looked at Tsukiyama. He was glad he didn't make the male wait too long when the male mention the movies. That sounded great, he hadn't been to the movies in such a long time. The last time he probably went was when he seen Hide.

[#c20521 "That sound lovely there anything you been wanted to see...I'm up for what ever as long as it not horror movies..."] he said as he smiled sweetly. Kaneki never really liked horror movies. Not because they scared him but mostly because he was now a monster he just couldn't agree with out they monster always died.

He smiled softly as he took the purple haired male's hand. Luckily the movie theater wasn't that far wasn't far from there. He smiled softly as they walked he didn't know why he grabbed Tsukiyama hand. Maybe he was just a little nervous they he would lose him in the crowed.
  Kaneki / -Springtrap / 9d 7h 12m 0s
The male smiled lightly as Kaneki spoke. He didn't care how long the boy made him wait as long as he came right here to see him. It made him so happy. He closed his eyes for a moment thinking to himself and just enjoying this. Of course he did have a place in mind and he was sure if he told Kaneki he would surprise him. Only because it was something that the male wouldn't expect. Slowly those eyes opened and he smiled a bit more. It was a friendly smile. Nothing sinister lay behind it.

[+purple "Don't worry Kaneki I haven't been waiting long. Though I would wait all night for you if that's what it took."] He said his voice warm and sweet like honey. [+purple "I actually do have a place in mind and I think you'll love it."] He said. He soon looked up at the sky. [+purple "I figured we could go to the movies. It's a simple place, but I figured a place like that would make you feel more comfortable."] He explained. He tilted his head slightly. [+purple "Of course if you didn't like that idea... We could always go somewhere of your choice."] He added.

He watched the male quietly. He loved him so much. His heart was beating hard in his chest. He also found that he felt rather nervous. [+purple "My day was long and boring why I waited for this."] He said softly. [+purple "But it was a good day I suppose. Nothing bad happened and that's always a treat."] He said warmly.
  |Carnivorous| / Ennard / 9d 17h 40m 11s
[font "century gothic" [#c20521 "Tsukiyama...sorry If I made you wait long..I went home to change out of my work clothes..."] he said with a soft blush. He then changed the subject. [#c20521 "So where should we go Tsukiyama....did you have anyplace in mind?"] he said with a soft smile.

As long at that male didn't mention anything about going to his restaurant or to some place where it would only be the two of them things should be okay right? Kaneki smiled softly as he let out a faint sigh. It wasn't like it really matter anyway if Tsukiyama to him and locked him in his basement. No would really notice that he was missing except for his work.

How sad it felted knowing that there was no home waiting for you to come back to them. Kaneki bit his bottom lips as things grew quiet. How awkward. Kaneki then smiled trying to forget what was on his mind [#c20521 "So did you have a good day Tsuki?"] he said as he tilted his head to the side.
  Kaneki / Dream_Catcher / 48d 4h 39m 53s
The ghoul could see the boy coming towards him. It made him happy. Yet part of him wondered why the boy had even agreed. It wasn't like he didn't want the boy to agree. He had really wanted him to come out with him, but part of him was a little curious of why the male had agreed. Biting his bottom lip he thought to himself. He soon shook his head. It didn't matter. The boy had agreed and that's all that mattered. He really wanted to see him. His heart was beating fast in his chest and he couldn't make it slow down.

This time would be different. He wasn't taking the boy out to hurt him. He hoped that he could show him that he truly wasn't a bad guy by doing this. He knew one time wouldn't change anything though. He frowned faintly to himself. He was glad he had been given this chance.
  .Gourmet. / Charmed / 50d 13h 13m 13s
[font "century gothic" [#c20521 Kaneki] sighed softly as he got home. He bandage up his two finger that he had cut. It was out habit that he put band-aids over the wounds. Surely they would be gone competely in the next day or two. Since he was only half ghoul it took him just a little longer to heal, then a normal ghoul. Once he was done he started getting ready.

He dug a round his room looking for something nice to ware. The shirt he decided he ware was a plain white button up shirt. He left the top two button undone. Although in the back of his mind he was telling himself he should ware a tie. He pulled his blue colored sweater off the hanger and put it on as well. It was slightly could out side. It was only the middle of winter but surely it was coming to an end. The days were getting longer once again. The tempter was starting rise more and more thought out the days.

Kaneki walked out of his small bed room. He walked pasted a mirror he had hanging in the hallway. He fixed his hair then head out the door. He ran back towards the cafe where Tsukiyama was waiting for him.
  Kaneki / Dream_Catcher / 54d 6h 21m 59s
The answer that came passed those sweet lips shocked him. His heart raced with happiness. He couldn't believe the boy had agreed. Surely he was nervous about it though. [+Purple "Six works out great."] He said happily. He watched as the boy went back to work. He couldn't wait. He drank his coffee a bit too quickly almost choking himself. He paid leaving a nice tip and walked out the door. He was going to get dressed up. He wasn't going to take Kaneki anywhere too dangerous. He was going to do his best to make sure the boy didn't fear him. His heart was going to burst with joy.

The answer he hadn't expected. The answer he had wanted. It had came passed the lips of the boy he... His mind trailed off. The boy he what? He wondered. Loved? He'd been bouncing that around in his head all day. What did he feel? Was it truly an emotion that didn't exist? He sighed softly. He walked a little slower. His mind now contemplating what he was feeling. At home he looked through all his clothes. He wanted to look nice.

Yet he didn't want to look too nice because he knew he would make Kaneki nervous. He picked something out and then got ready. He headed back to the cafe early without really paying attention to time. He was there earlier than he needed to be.
  .Gourmet. / Charmed / 54d 6h 37m 50s
[font "century gothic" [#c20521 Kaneki ] smiled softly as he watch Tsukiyama. When he he said there was something he only began to wonder what it might be. When he asked if he would go out with him to night. What was he to say. It wasn't like it was going to bother if he didn't make it back home.

There was no one anymore. He was all a lone now so why not just agree to something may or may not be dangerous. It wasn't like he could see Hide, without the thought of eating him coming to mind. He bit his bottom lip softly chewing on it. [#c20521 "Sure... I guess I could go out with you tonight..."] he said a he looked down at the floor. He was still a little nervous agreeing to such a thing.

He then looked back up to the male with his gray color eye seemed to hide his emotions well enough. That anxious feeling in his stomach started up again. He had no idea where they might be going tonight. He hoped that were ever they were going to be meeting that it would be a crowed place. He shook his head slightly then smiled softly.

[#c20521 "I don't get off here until 6:00pm."] he said as looked at Tsukiyama not sure what he was going to say next. [#c20521 "I better get back to i'll see you later ?"] he said as he waited to here what Tsukiyama might say next. He was surprise himself that he agreed to such a thing but Tsukiyama seem so lonely? Sad? He couldn't quiet put his finger on it.

He too was lonely. He missed Hide dearly but there was no away he was going to be able to get close to him. Not when he was like this. He sighed softly as he walked back into the kitchen. He had more dishes to do, before his shift was over. His heart was still fluttering in his chest. He was nervous as time past his nervousness start to grow. What would Tsukiyama do to him if they were a lone together. Would he truly eat him this time. He was going to be devoured. That was only thing that he could think of.

What else would Tsukiyama want from him? He sighed softly as the thought of love came into mix. The thought of love was quickly disappear from his mind. When he reached into the sink and let out a very small yell. He cut himself again. With the same knife. He sighed softly as he watched the crimson colored liquid run down the drain. What a beautiful shade of red he thought he ran his fingers under the water.

Kaneki was happy to be off of work. He went back home before meeting Tsukiyama. He changed his clothes into something more comfortable. He then looked at the small watch he had on his wrist. He better get going, before it was to late.
  Kaneki / Dream_Catcher / 54d 6h 49m 32s

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