Midnight Academy

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this academy is very special, because this school only shows itself at night in the mist of a full moon and each year new the school will be open for new students and different skills that the students will posses. this school was been hidden from mortals for over 400 years in the dark but as this school has been hidden more special students was been appearing all over the city of kyoto japan and with each new creature that shows up in kyoto it might cause a painic for mortals so the school headmaster had chosen set warp pads all over kyoto so that they could reach the school campus warp pad so that they wouldnt cause harm to themselves or to the mortals then midnight academy is like a home for them and everyone is treated with respect

1. follow es rules
2. no ditching the rp
3. drama can be in this but dont over do it
4. dont bring your bs to this
5; if it gets to romance take it to pm
6. have fun with is

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