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[center [size15 [b Plot]]]
While we all know of Camp Half-blood the Greek camp made for their demigods. Then there was Camp Jupiter for the Roman demigods. Both sides did not like each other, war broke out between the two of them over the years up to more recent years. However the two camps have recently learned of each other’s existence not by accident but by the queen of the Gods, Hera/Juno. The queen had brought the two camps together to work on freeing her and defeating the worst evil the worst could face, Gaea herself. What the two camps did not know was while they were questing a third set of children were gathering in Baton rouge, Louisiana. These Demi-Gods didn’t follow the lines of the ancient Greek, or even Roman, but of the Ancient Egyptian Culture themselves. While the demigods of their Egyptian counter parts, the Gods have also started gathering their Norse or Viking demigod children as well in Barrow, Alaska.

The war with Gaea has ended, however the demigods are now in even more danger now that monsters have come out of hiding and started hunting them once again. New monsters have started to appear around the world and hunting down Demi-Gods. Calling upon the Tides of their children the Gods have secluded themselves from the affairs of Mortals, however their children must protect themselves, along with their camps as they move them to the island of Atlantis to start their new homes.

[center The Gods, Their powers, and their counter parts]
[center 1. [b Zues/Jupiter] – King of the Gods and Ruler, God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order, and justice. ---- [b Amun-Ra /Odin]]
[center 2. [b Hades/Pluto/Orcus] – God of the underworld, dead, riches under the earth. --- [b Osiris/Hel]]
[center 3. [b Poseidon/Neptune] - God of the seas, earthquakes, and tidal waves. ---- [b Yamm/Njord]]
[center 4. [b Hera/Juno] – Queen of the Gods, Marriage and family. ----- [b Isis/Frigg]]
[center 5. [b Demeter/Ceres] - Goddess of fertility, agriculture, nature, and the seasons --- [b Maat/Freyja]]
[center 6. [b Athena/Minerva] - Goddess of wisdom, reason, intelligent, literature, strategic warfare. --- [b Seshat/Saga]]
[center 7. [b Apollo/Apollo] - God of light, prophecy, inspiration, poetry, music and arts, medicine and healing. --- [b Horus/Baldr]]
[Center 8. [b Artemis/Diana] - Goddess of the hunt, virginity, archery, the moon, and animals ---- [b Neith/Ullr]]
[Center 9. [b Ares/Mars] – God of war, violence, and bloodshed ---- [b Anhur/Tyr]]
[center 10. [b Aphrodite/Venus] – Goddess of love, beauty, and desire --- [b Hathor/ Hnossa]]
[Center 11. [b Hephaestus/Vulcan] – Master blacksmith and craftsman of the gods, God of fire and the forge. --- [b Sekhmet/Loge]]
[center 12. [b Hermes/Mercury] – Messenger of the gods, God of commerce, communication, borders, eloquence, diplomacy, thieves and games. --- [b Thoth/Hermoth]]
[center 13. [b Dionysus/Bacchus] – God of Wine, celebrations, and ecstasy, Homosexuality, --- [b Shezmu/Bragi]]

[Center[ camp map]]

[center [b [size15 Rules and Regulations]]]
[Center 1. Due to this being a Group Rp taking place in two spots, I must ask that we stick to the Nordic side of the rp for now. I'll let everyone know when the Egyptian side opens up.]
[center 2. No God modding…This is obvious one.]
[center 3. Photos are to be artish if you don't mind, not real, not anime.]
[center 4. I'd prefer to not have to set a post lengeth, however I must ask to at least get detail to a post, even if its a single paragraph..I must ask for at least 500 characters.]
[center 5. Fill out a skeleton and Pm it to me with the title of the Rp.]
[center 6. You get two warnings about rule breaking before I kick you from the rp and kill off your character.]

[center [size15 [b Skeleton]]
[center Put the skeleton from Name down into your character's details please and link me to the character]
Puppetmaster: Who are you?
Name: last, first, middle initial
Gender: m/f
Age: 17+
God parent: which Nordic God parent made you
Place of Origin: where were you born
Camp life: How long have you stayed or been to the camp
Weapon of choice: what type of weapon do you use while in battle?

[Center [b [size15 Accepted Characters]]]
[Center [ Andrew Silvers] --- Colorful_insanity]
[Center [ Lilly Falcon] --- Starbird]
[Center [ Marissa Nochtin] --- QueenofFallen]
[Center [ Zachary Littlebear] --- QueenofFallen]
[Center [ Aine Ó Mordha] --- Rottenluck]
[Center [ Ethan Silvers] --- Black_storm_Prince]


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Marissa was so excited she wasn't able to sleep the night before. She had been to camp before and she was going to go until she was to old to. She tossed and turned in bed trying to get some sort of rest before the big day. Her stuff was neatly packed in her humungous purple suitcase which was almost the size of her. The time was 03:23 am when she finally found some sort of sleep which was abruptly ended at 06:45 am when her alarm jolted her out of bed.

[b "Well at least I got a nap in,"] she said grabbing her luggage and moving it down her apartment staircases with ease. [b "Good thing I have some muscle behind me otherwise the whole building would be awake with this thing crashing down the stairs"] she said.

Marissa packed everything! Clothes, dressy clothes, swim wear, hygiene products, books, electronics , notebooks, her musical instrument, her special coin, and of course her symbol. Marissa was related to Ullr which meant she would have her symbol which was a solid white moon with a drawn bow and arrow as a shadow across it, beside the moon is a white quiver with three sky blue arrows in it showing how many years she had went to camp she couldn't wait to see the fourth one be added in.

Walking to the bus station was always exciting seeing new faces everywhere Marissa was so thrilled that the humans didn't even know this camp existed and she had no idea how. It was a simple portal to jump through after Marissa's second year she didn't follow the camp guides around. She knew where everything was.

After boarding the bus from Munich, Germany to Stuttgart, Germany she began to think of all the exciting things to expect this year to start things off there would be a feast one fit for the gods themselves at that, it was a site to behold. She had never seen so much delicious food in one place. Oh and then, the house battle, what an amazing display of talent among each of the houses that fought. Marissa dozed off in her happy thoughts only waking up at the sound of the loud speaker announcing "STUTTGART, GERMANY! EXIT NOW".

Marissa walked off the bus got her luggage and made her way towards the access point she walked through and was greeted with a crowd of people following their guide. [r "If you pay attention all of you should have this mark. What this shows you is whom your god parent is. That is your house...."] she heard the man say as he continued to walk towards the dinning area. She was already on her way to the her "house" first dibs on a room and a bed is always better. Marissa walked into her house and went to the room closest to the back door as well as second closest to the bathroom walked to the bed closest to the window putting her suitcase there claiming that bed. She then hurried out the door and walked briskly to the dinning area.

The blue eyed man from earlier was there already and it seemed as if almost everybody else had arrived. She sat at the end of her house banner and started up a plate. This was probably the hardest decision of her life. She ended up with grilled chicken, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a large side salad with cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and mushrooms on top all dressed with caesar dressing. She licked her lips as she waited for others to start eating.

She noted some of the crowd of people wearing fancy dress clothes and smiled she did that her first year too. But she knew better now so she was dressed in her favorite light blue skinny jeans, a off white V-neck t-shirt, black converse shoes and her leather jacket. She never left home with out it. Marissa was small, she weighed one hundred and five pounds maybe one hundred and fifteen soaking wet so everything looked "comfortable" on her. Marissa's hair was long dark black and wavy, her skin fair and flawless, save for more than a few tattoos. Her eyes were a dark violet blue and all she wore for make up was her black winged eyeliner and a small bit of black mascara.
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The dream had started with a large temple of white marble and a large crowd of people all loud and rowdy. Lilly didn’t care for the crowd, or the noise they made, but she waited it out to to hear the speech the Pristess of Hnossa would give.

The next thing she knew the dream grew black and she awoke to her alarm and her step sister calling to her threw the closed door. [+red “Lilly you gotta get up if your gonna have time to do everything before you go.”] Lilly groaned turning over to shut the alarm off. [+blue “I know I know Clara I know”] Her father had married Clara's mother when Lilly was little, but Clara was older by a couple years, so she had taken it upon herself to become like a mother, after Lilly’s father and Clara's mother had passed on. [+Blue “go on girl head down stairs I am gonna shower”]

Clara walked off down stairs leaving the second floor of the house to Lilly, who gathered a dress, a towel, as well as all natural soap and oils, for her hair and skin from around the bedroom. She quickly made her bed, and walked down to the bathroom to shower, after which pored a small amount of the petrulli oil in her hand, and ran it threw out her long hair. She then rinsed her face in icy cold water, she didn’t need make up, she had lovely skin with no acne and few scars, but she loved her eyes, so she outlined them in black with an eye liner stick, and added a very small amount of mascara. Being the daughter of the goddess of love, beauty and desire, had made it so Lilly didn't feel the need to slab on layer after layer of make up, as some girls did.

She ran a brush threw her long hair as she walked to her room again, Clara was sitting on her bed. [+blue “you know how much it annoys me when you sit on my bed after I just make it Clara.”] Her step sister didn’t respond to it but instead said after a moment [+red “your gonna be gone in just awhile, I want to spend some time with you and joy was hiding in here”] Clara said as the Grey fluff ball of a cat jumped off Clara’s lap and mowed hungrily at Lilly. The cat was a kitten, when Lilly had connected to it she found her, starving and too little to fend for herself, so Lilly brought her home, Joy had stayed, and been part of their family ever since.

Lilly bent down to pet the cat and said [+blue “i will feed you in a minute sweet joy”]. Lilly wondered around the room, packing her leather pack with odds and ends of random clothing, a couple books, and journal. Clara turned on Lilly’s laptop, and found the playlist, filled with bells, flutes, and drumming. They both had the same play list, and it was almost always played in the house by at least one of them, Lilly walked over to the window, it was night time. Lilly preferred nights, the sun had just set, and Amesbury was quiet, peaceful, and sort of beautiful. She would miss it, but the camp was important, and needed. Camp Honor the place of the Demi-gods, a training camp where the children learned to fight, and control their talents.

Lilly walked back over and shut the laptop off and picked up the bag she had just packed [+Blue “lets head downstairs Clara”] The two girls headed down stairs to the kitchen, and Lilly opened a can of cat food for Joy, and picked up an apple and bite into it. [+Blue “you know its not like you won’t hear from me I always write to you”] Lilly said as Clara walked into the kitchen. [+red “true but I still miss you”] Lilly looked at the clock, the train would leave soon and she had to go, she itched Joys ear and gave Clara a hug. [+blue I will see you before you know it and I will write when I can”] She turned and walked out the door stopping to pick up her bow and bag. As soon as she got to the train station, she boarded the train that would take her up a few towns, where she would board a ship to Alaska where the gate to camp location was.
She had music on her cell phone she sat down, clicked on the music, and put her head set on. She wouldn't need anything to eat till sometime while she was on the ship. She opened her journal, started writing, and didn’t stop till the train came to her stop. Lilly gathered her bag again, lifted it onto her back, headed out, and started walking to the docks. [b “how boring”] she thought to herself as she looked at the ship assuring it was the right one, it always the right one as she had long past double checked everything, multiple times.

She boarded and set her bag next to her, her cross bow across her lap loaded as always. The trip across the sea was long but peaceful and there wasn’t many people on the ship so she could somewhat rest. She relaxed till the boat came to a harbor, she would have to board one last train to the archway. As she road the last few miles, she wondered what her sister was doing, and what her dear cat was doing at the moment. She missed them, but she knew they where safe, and she was on her way to the same camp she had gone to for the last six years. She had friends there. As the train reared to a stop she steeped out of the door and onto the ground. There was a large crowd already gathering both newly found and older camp members. As time passed everyone’s attention was caught by the man Lilly knew as Andrew silvers. She and he had been friends of sorts, for the last six years. he was much tanner then the last time she had seen him and it looked as if he had grown again, as most men never seem to stop growing.

He got a hold of everyone’s attention and said [+green "Hello and Welcome new comers to our corner of the world. If you follow me I shall show you to the camp in which you will call home for the next couple of months or Add to dictionary if you so wish. Now once you walk into the archway know you are no longer in Alaska, but you are within the boundaries of Camp Honor. Respect the code of the Gods, respect those higher then you, and everything shall be fine."]

Everyone followed him threw the archway, where once everyone was paying attention to him again he said [+green "Welcome to Camp Honor folks. If you pay attention all of you should have this mark. What this shows you is whom your god parent is. That is your house, and those within your house is your family. While you are here you need to work together.] Lillys symbol on her wrist was the ruin for love with six bright rings under it, showing how many times she had crossed the archway. Andrew went on to say [+green Like every year we shall start this out right. We shall have a feast for the entire camp within the Feasting hall."] as he said he pointed down into the forest to have a camp with houses of all sorts of shapes and sizes appear out of the forest. [+green "After the feast we shall have a war game between a few of the houses. This year it will be House Hel against House Thor.”] eventually the group came to the camp grounds, and began to settle in.
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[center [size10 A breeze blew into an open window fluttering the snow white cotton curtain. with the curtain fluttering a hand quickly grabbed the fabric and pulled it loose to show a bedroom of purple and white. The bed however was the only mess in the room. Being a tangle of body limbs of a sleeping teenaged boy, white blanket with purple design on it and purple sheets. slowly the women who had seemed to move the curtains back to show the daylight had called in her most commanding tone. [b "Andrew get up, your going to miss the train and I don't want to have to call your father home again from his meeting with the Ministers. Do you realize how busy he is?"] The body didn't seem to move for several seconds. The silent tap tap tap of a foot hitting the hard wood floor made the body's left hand that seemed to be decorated with the single tattoo of a ring on it wave and a muffled voice of the male teenager say.]]

[center [size10 [#087e8c "I'm up I'm up."] The women's foot just kept tapping on the hard wood floor. Soon after about round three of the tapping the blankets started moving and the boy emerged from under the covers.]]

[center [size10 [#087e8c "Can you go so I can get dressed oh Jane?"] the Women looked at the male. His snow white blonde hair somehow managing to hold its spike which the male put in the day before and didn't wash out before he went to bed. His earrings which were fake gauges still being held in place efficiently enough also by his ears. and his deep ice blue eyes seemed to pierce her quicker then even Jane's husband and the male's biological father. and the American Minister of Defense. For some reason Jane had to have The male that she now was trying to wake up for a train. She had an instant connection with him and she started to understand why. She had actual love for him like he was apart of her in a sense.]]

[center [size10 [b "Hurry up Andrew, and pack. the train gets to the station at noon, we don't need you to run late again."] Looking over to the clock Andrew, the male teenager saw it was only nine in the morning.]]

[center [size10 [#087e8c "Come on That is in three hour's what am I going to forget to pack that I can't in like one and a half?"] [b "You know the train station is in Napoleon that is at least a twenty minute drive from here. As for packing we want to be sure you have everything, because we don't need your father or myself dropping off your forgotten items while your at camp. Now start packing or I'll do it for you."] Andrew's blue eyes went wide and he stood up letting the sheet fall. However he quickly grabbed it before it fell past his natural V line. It however turned Jane's face bright red as she saw the child's six pack abs and his very swimmer toned body. [b "Just be sure when your done to let me check list it all."]]]

[center [size10 [#087e8c "Alright, just please leave so I can get dressed and showered before I start packing."] Jane exited the room and Andrew did just that. He had showered and changed his cloths to a pair of dark blue wrangler jeans, a plain white long sleeve button up shirt. A gray and white plaid shirt with a skull over his heart. and a black tie which he left partly untied. [b "Andrew J Silers hurry up and finish packing now."] He looked around and found what he was looking for. Quickly straitening up his bed Andrew put his suitcase on the now freshly made bed and started packing his things. First his books, which is what he was going to need for his personal use, along with his basic books for the 'classes' at camp. He then packed his clothing, which he would likely wear during the camp year along with his essential Hygiene things such as toothbrush, hairbrush, toothpaste, dental-floss, q-tips, and deodorant. After that was done he packed things he figured would be useful to have with him at camp. Several notebooks for personal use.]]

[center [size10 [b "Andrew are you done yet?"] Andrew didn't seem to call back for several seconds while he was looking around his room for the one thing that all demi-gods. Finding it on the dresser that was pushed up against the window to make a small sitting area he smiled as he grabed a very old looking coin.

[center [size10 [#087e8c "Yes I'm done packing."] Andrew called finally as he heard steps of Jane coming up the staircase again to his room. Seeing her at the doorway Andrew didn't seem to mind much as she inspected his suitcase with his things in it. [b "Are you taking Jinxs again this year or are you going to take Fox?"] [#087e8c "Neither this time around, jinxs nearly didn't come back last time."] [b "I know but still."] [#087e8c "nope Jinxs can stay home this year."]]]

[center [size10 [b "Ok I just wanted to be sure is all."] Jane looked over the room. [b "Where is he anyways?"] [#087e8c "Hes likely curled up on the laundry basket in the laundry room."] nodding her that is the obvious answer nod she only seemed to return her gaze to him. [b "Ok, what are you going to do now that your packed and you have."] looking at her watch Jane's eyes grew slightly larger. [b "Well you have two hours before we have to leave."] Andrew only shrugged.]]

[center [size10 [#087e8c "I guess go and have breakfast and what not."] taking down the stairs the male stopped in the kitchen to wave to a lady in blue standing at the stove dancing as she made a big breakfast. she was to occupied in her own thoughts to notice Andrew slipped into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and an apple from the counter top. Stopping once again in front of Jane Andrew just shrugged. Nodding Jane's eyes went back to Andrew and a sly smile seemed to be placed on her lips. [b "You seem to grow tanner and tanner with each day. I wonder if winter could ever come soon enough to see you ghost pasty white again."] Andrew seemed to cringe at that memory.]]

[center [size10 [#087e8c "I'm actually hoping not to get that pale again."] The time's up he thought as the alarm on Jane's schedule keeper went off. Alic had spent the two hours he had left before he had to leave to go to camp saying his goodbyes for the year. He wouldn't be home that year for holiday half way through the camp summer no instead he'd likely go with the guy he liked to his home. this year like they had planned on doing this year. Andrew had returned home to quickly run up the stairs. Crossing down the hallway and entering his bedroom he grabbed his suitcase which he left on his bed when he left and jumped the stairs to land at the bottom of it with Jane standing at the door.]]
[center [size10 [b "You ready to go then?"] [#087e8c "Ready as ever."] With a smile They both left the house of course locking the door on their way out, Their alarm system took into affect. Nepoloen, North Dakota. The last stop of the train before heading out to the camp itself, at least besides their destination in Barrow, Alaska. Jane stopped as the train came into view on the station. She had started to cry and Andrew couldn't understand why.]]

[center [size10 [b "Oh its nothing. I just heard you and this boyfriend of yours are going to be moving in together when camp is over."] Andrew was caught by surprise by the info, how was it Jane knew? he could have guessed that his father would tell his wife the information. [#087e8c "Yea I don't see why not I mean I am turning Twenty-three this next year and living with you and dad is nice and all, but I have to move out eventually."] Once at the gate onto the train Andrew hugged Jane and pulled his bags onto the train with him. On the train the male found an empty compartment and chose to take it as soon as he could. Taking a deep breath in and letting it out slowly he seemed to relax some. What his adopted mother wasn't told was the fact he had no intention of leaving camp unless he had to.]]

[center [size10 The male had put some earphones in and blasted music the entire trip only to pull them out as a food cart had pulled around the train. Upon pulling up to the last train station Andrew placed a fur lined jacket upon his person. Grabbing his suitcase down the male stepped off the train into the cold air. Seeing several people step off the train in groups eventually all of the gathered up. Andrew stepped out of the crowed and stepped onto a bench to be above everyone's head. Speaking in Celtic which any demigod of the Norse gods would understand. [#087e8c "Hello and Welcome new comers to our corner of the world. If you follow me I shall show you to the camp in which you will call home for the next couple of months or Add to dictionary if you so wish."]]]

[center [size10 Jumping down Andrew walked off the platform and up a small path up a mountain to a set of two benches and between them stood an archway with what appeared to be a doorway between the arch's pillers. [#087e8c "Now once you walk into the archway know you are no longer in Alaska, but you are within the boundaries of Camp Honor. Respect the code of the Gods, respect those higher then you, and everything shall be fine."] The male turned and stepped into the archway to disappear from view, at least from the mortal side of it. As he felt the warm sun air press upon him he took off the jacket and placed it on the suitcase he carried. As the group of people were coming through Andrew had spotted another demi-god stuck on looking around, calling out in a thick Irish accent [#087e8c "look alive folks."]]]

[center [size10 Continuing their walk Andrew stopped upon a small rise above what seemed to be a valley full of trees. [#087e8c "Welcome to Camp Honor folks."] raising his right arm to show off a mark he called out [#087e8c "If you pay attention all of you should have this mark. What this shows you is whom your god parent is. That is your house, and those within your house is your family. While you are here you need to work together."] Showing his own symbol of a human face split in half, one full of bright livid color of a natural human face, the other nothing more then an eye and skull. Under neither the mark of his house however was nine rings showing he had been at camp now nine years.]]

[center [size10 [#087e8c "Like every year we shall start this out right. We shall have a feast for the entire camp within the Feasting hall."] as he said so Andrew pointed down into the forest to have a camp with houses of all sorts of shapes and sizes appear out of the forest. [#087e8c "After the feast we shall have a war game between a few of the houses. This year it will be House Hel against House Thor."] Continuing down the pathway eventually the group came to the camp grounds.]]

[center [size10 Finally having time to himself the male snuck off into the woods to come back several hours later to find the feast had already started. Making his way into the feasting hall The male found his own banner. A solid black banner with the white face that matched his mark on his right arm. Seeing his other siblings were fighting over stupid things Andrew had taken a spot closer to the Ull banner as well. Sitting specifically next to the house head. He enjoyed the silence as the night went on and more guests flowed in to eat.
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