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[center [pic https://s19.postimg.org/hvv17xvkj/danger.gif]][right [Quicksand [size10 created by TheGreatEscape]]]
[right [Quicksand [size10 with help from -Ohana]]]

[center [Quicksand People hunt for many reasons. Some do it out of necessity, showing great respect for the creatures they hunt and letting nothing go to waste. Some do it for a living, to make money for themselves or their family. And some do it purely for the thrill and the glory of the hunt itself. Erebus is one of these hunters. He is a man that enjoys the finer things in life, and he has made a name for himself in collecting the biggest and the best game and filling his extravagant home with the trophies he removes from them. But Erebus is not just any hunter, he is a demon, and he has been around for many thousands of years. In those years he has grown bored, and that has led to flights of fancy of a horrible nature.]]
[center [Quicksand There is an island secluded far in the ocean that has become Erebus' pet project, his new favorite game. The demon sends his minions out across the globe to find and secure every type of supernatural being and mythological creature from big to small, common to entirely obscure, and bring them to his island. That is where the real fun begins. As he grows restless, Erebus will set out and hunt down as many of these creatures as he can find in order to obtain the things they have to offer his collection. Everything from vampire fangs to angel wings will be cut from their owners and hung on his walls once he finds them. No mercy will be shown.]]
[center [Quicksand For these beings there is only one objective: survival. There is no way off the island but their abilities have not been weakened or taken away. After all, where would the challenge be in that? Erebus is determined to kill each and ever creature that sets foot on his island without question. The people running from him are determined to find a way out of this hell, if one even exists. Until one is discovered, they must keep one thing in mind. Don't be caught, don't be killed.]]
[center [Quicksand He's coming for you.]]
[center [pic https://s19.postimg.org/hyewurz83/danger2.gif]]
[center [Quicksand A labor of love, a place of solitude, a masterpiece.]]
[center [Quicksand Erebus purchased and constructed the layout of this island from his own twisted mind to be the perfect hunting grounds. Every part of it is a challenge for both him and his prey. There are a multitude of different terrains across the surface ranging from forest to rocky cliffs. Perhaps the most ingenious thing about the island, however, is the magic that surrounds it. Employing the services of a powerful sorcerer, Erebus had the entire island encapsulated by a magic barrier which keeps those brought to it from escaping either by water or by air. The only way through the barrier is a secret known only by Erebus himself, as he killed the sorcerer that crafted it once it was finished. With that barrier still in place, it is impossible for anyone to leave.]]
[center [Quicksand [size10 Use your imagination and create the landscape of the island as you play.]]][center [Quicksand [size10 Anything and everything can be found here. Have fun with it.]]]
[center [pic https://s19.postimg.org/8gf5uqdjn/danger4.gif]]
[center [Quicksand Posting will begin when there are [b FIVE] characters on the island.]] [center [Quicksand There is a limit of [b TEN] character spots at any given time.]] [center [Quicksand There are currently [b SIX] characters in play.]]
[center [Quicksand [b TheGreatEscape]]] [center [Quicksand [http://s19.postimg.org/4f2o2tamr/stefano.jpg Stefano Ross] || Twenty-Four || Male || Dragon || Wanted for his Scales]][center [Quicksand [b In his dragon form there is an unarmored spot on his throat that is vulnerable to being pierced. He also grows incredibly weak in cold temperatures and when exposed to pure iron.]]]
[center [Quicksand [b -Ohana]]] [center [Quicksand [http://i.imgur.com/mEoEC9I.png Sadie Geneve] || Twenty-Four || Female || Unicorn Shifter || Wanted for her Horn]][center [Quicksand [b Dagger's cursed with dark magic or dipped into a demons blood.]]]
[center [Quicksand [b Kushi]]] [center [Quicksand [http://i.imgur.com/0KP1Bzf.jpg Akila Quraishi] || Twenty-One || Female || Griffin || Wanted for her Wings]][center [Quicksand [b Wings must be cut off with a silver dagger dipped in Poison. Is also vulnerable to fire]]]
[center [Quicksand [b Avix]]] [center [Quicksand [http://i.imgur.com/SGIXvdb.jpg Siofra (Sio) Raiden] || Twenty-Eight || Mostly Female || Shape Shifter || Wanted for her Shifter Eyes]][center [Quicksand [b Weakness is Silver but to kill you need a mirror shard to the heart. Mirrors always reflect the true eyes of a shapeshifter.]]]
[center [Quicksand [b Kushi]]] [center [Quicksand [http://i.imgur.com/CHbdhYD.jpg Kyros Anastas] || Twenty-Five || Male || Phoenix || Wanted for his Flames]][center [Quicksand [b The only way to kill Kyros is to stab him in the heart with his own claw after it has been burned by his flames ]]]
[center [Quicksand [b TheGreatEscape]]] [center [Quicksand [http://s19.postimg.org/adsxjovf7/kalia.jpg Kalia Windsor] || Twenty-Seven || Female || Valkyrie || Wanted for her Wings]] [center [Quicksand [b Weakens the longer she is outside of Valhalla. Stabbing her through the heart with a sword made of pure Nordic steel will kill her instantly.]]]
[center [pic https://s19.postimg.org/4y35yccnn/danger5.gif]]
[center [Quicksand There have been no trophies gained so far.]]
[center [pic https://s19.postimg.org/3qp864mj7/danger1.gif]]
[center [Quicksand [b Characters:] There will be a limit of [b 10] characters in this roleplay at any given time. Only one member of each species will be on the island at a time. If someone drops out or fails to post, their character will be deemed having been successfully hunted and killed, which will reopen that species to someone else. There is no gender ratio to keep, as this is not a romantic-centric roleplay.]]
[center [Quicksand [b Posting:] We will be posting in rounds, where everyone will post once in no set order. Once everyone has posted the next round will start. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to post in a timely manner, let me know and we will skip you for that round and start the next. Missing more than one round of posting is unacceptable.]]
[center [Quicksand [b Mature Themes:] There will obviously be some mature things happening in this roleplay. There will be blood, violence, and possibly death of characters. I don't expect there to be any reason for characters to interact sexually, but if it comes to that, please time skip it, don't get us all in trouble. Don't join if you can't handle these themes.]]
[center [Quicksand [b Applying:] Please fill out the skeleton below and PM it to me. It would be nice if you titled the PM the title of the roleplay just so I know what it's for. As there is only one person per species allowed, this will not be first come first serve. I reserve the right to deny anyone I don't deem fit to join and to ask you to change anything about your application. Your picture should be real and an appropriate size.]]
[center [Quicksand [b Other:] Try to use your best spelling and grammar. Don't god-mod or control another character unless you have permission from the writer. I believe in quality over quantity, but I will have a character limit set at 1000. All standard EliteSkills rules apply.]]
[center [pic https://s19.postimg.org/annzwe87n/danger6.gif]]
[center [Quicksand Your Username - Picture Link]] [center [Quicksand First and Last Name || Age || Gender || Species || Desired Trophy]] [center [Quicksand Key Weaknesses: At least one way to seriously injure or kill them]][center [Quicksand [i i.e.: wolfsbane or a stake through the heart]]]
[center [Quicksand Write me at least two paragraphs about your character. This can be anything you think to be interesting. Their background, their personality, their abilities, how they came to be on the island. Write as much as you want, as long as it's at least two paragraphs.]]


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[center [quicksand As the soft sunlight peaked, Sadie could feel her heart racing in her chest. Last night had been a close call with the hunter. He had grabbed her ankle and nearly got a hold of her if she hadn't acted fast. Dirt. She threw it in his face long enough to get him to release her in shrieking pain from the burning sensation. Than she ran, ran like the wind into the trees to attempt to get as far away from him as possible. It wasn't the first encounter she had with the hunter either.]]

[center [quicksand She had been on this god-forsaken island for what seemed like forever now. Lured in by sweet promises of paradise and freedom, all lies. Like the rest of her kind, Sadie was being hunted for her horn. A unicorn shifter was a rare thing, unique and unseen by many. Few existed and those who did often tried to disguise themselves. Even going as far as cutting off their own horns.]]

[center [quicksand Around her was nothing but trees. Trees and dirt and leaves and plants. No one else was around, she had pulled away from a group of kids not long ago. Apparently it had been the right choice because it hadn't been but an hour later and she heard their screams. They had been caught and killed in the game. Pushing herself up off the ground, Sadie dusted off what dirt she could and swallowed hard as she tip toed towards the edge of one tree.]]

[center [quicksand Nothing was around that she could see, but she didn't want to take any chances, not yet. The hunter had to be around here somewhere. He had nearly gotten her just last night and she was sure that he didn't run terribly far off. Swallowing dryly, she tried not to think about the horrible experience. One thought still looming in her mind, would she ever escape this dreaded place alive? It didn't seem likely, they were not able to leave or escape.]]

[center [quicksand Many tired but a barrier like wall kept them inside, bouncing them off of it. Leaving them nothing but a game and victims to the hunter inside. He cared little of human life, Sadie had learned that quickly, and little of supernatural. He wanted blood on his hands and it was a thrill to him. He wanted to collect items from all sorts of creatures from all over. She had learned that too from an older member who was here. An elf, gentle and kind, and he had been wise beyond years. He had died saving her from the hunter the first time, an act Sadie wasn't likely to forget.]]
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[center [left [pic http://i.imgur.com/CHbdhYD.jpg]]]

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[center [size16 [Dosis The spot Kyros was in wasn't filled with tree's like the rest of the god-forsaken island he'd been dropped on. He was higher up, almost as if he was on a small mountain, surrounded by small bushes and a field of wildflowers that reached a cliff that dropped into the ocean. The pine tree's that started the large forest herd heard gunshots in were a ways off, they're prickly leaves gently swaying in the breeze. It was a beautiful sight really, if Kyros didn't know that this island could very well be the death of him. If he didn't know that gun's and people dying weren't in some wicked man's idea of fun.]]]

[center [size16 [Dosis For a moment he contemplated walking to the edge of the cliff to look down it, but in the back of his mind he knew that it was an absolutely terrible idea. He had already made the attempt to simply fly away, but it was like something was stopping him from doing so. He would get only about a mile up and would then hit a wall, like a barrier of some sort that prevent them from leaving.]]]

[center [size16 [Dosis This whole place was just a death trap he could never escape from, even now in such an open space the male felt like he had a target on his back that said [i "Hey, Kill me now."] Hazel eyes gazed over at the line of tree's, Kyros was hesitant about going in there after he the gun fire he'd heard.]]]

[center [size16 [Dosis The phoenix groaned as he ran long fingers through his hair, he knew that in the forest it was potentially more dangerous. However in there he could duck and hide, while out here in the open he was begging to be shot. Though of course a gun would never actually [i kill] him, it'd just hurt like hell. Knowing what he had to do, the male walked the few feet to the tree line and took a few steps into the foliage, eyes darting around to make sure no one was lying in wait for him. It all seemed clear, for now at least. Breathing a sigh of relief that he knew wouldn't last long, Kyros decided that the best course of action would be to continue forward, to possibly find a place he could lay low and not draw attention to himself.]]]

[center [size16 [Dosis His trek into the tree's led the male down a mountain, he had made the decision to follow a narrow stream, however not too closely. Once or twice he had made close calls with some larger predators, though he showed them how fierce he could be, making them run with flames behind them. As minutes passed to hours, his stomach began to growl with hunger, he stopped near a large boulder. Kyros didn't know how to fend for himself, living as a human allowed him to just buy what he wanted. Well he was going to have to learn now, though he figured it wouldn't be too hard. He could easily roast something up.]]]
  -Post- / Kushi / 3y 118d 22h 31m 51s
[size11 She had managed to avoid him thus far, but she felt her luck was certainly running short. In the time that Kalia had spent wandering the island, she'd seen many other creatures fall to the hands of the monster keeping them all here. She'd witnessed brutality in a form unimaginable even to her, a maiden of warriors as she was. How she longed to return to the battlefields where sword on shield was the way things had been for millennia. At least in these battles there was honor and not just ruthless slaying of innocents for the sake of glory. Not three days ago she had heard the cries of one of her fellow prisoners as the beast ripped out her fangs while she lived. Kalia had no fondness for blood suckers, but her heart ached for the soul that went through such torture for [i fun].]

[size11 She had been lucky thus far, avoiding his eyes. Twice she had glimpsed him in the trees, stalking his prey of the moment, equipped with whatever weapon would best take them down. The valkyrie knew to keep her distance. He reeked of evil and the further away from him she could be, the better. She could never be far enough on this forsaken stretch of land. It was unclear to her why he'd yet to come after her since she'd been dumped in this place, perhaps he lacked the proper equipment, or maybe he was simply waiting her out. The longer she was kept from entering Valhalla, the weaker she would become, the easier to kill. Already she had started to feel the effects, but she pushed them from her mind as best she could. She refused to give into this place.]

[size11 The sound of wings from above alerted Kalia to the presence of another creature. It was too big to be any bird that resided on the island, and she couldn't help the tiny skip in her chest. Perhaps another of her kind had been brought here. The valkyrie rose from where she had been sitting cross legged in the grass and spread her black feathered wings from her back. By the time she broke the canopy, she heard the gun go off, and her body stiffened in the wake of the sound. He was close. Far too close for comfort. Her eyes found the target of his shot as another shot was fired, a large animal unlike any she'd ever seen before, trying and failing to escape him. The beast was injured, and it disappeared beneath the leaves once more, reminding Kalia how exposed she was this high in the air.]

[size11 Diving for the ground, the valkyrie followed the wounded creature to where it fell, landing on her toes by the stream and folding her wings behind her. What she saw there was not the animal from the skies, but a rather young looking woman whose blood soaked the water she had landed in, turning it a color close to her hair. Concern flooded the woman's face and she glanced in either direction at the two others that were nearby, deciding quickly they were not a threat to her. She approached the injured girl and crouched by her side, examining her. She was well versed in the wounds of battle, but she was not usually one that administered care. She only took those that succumbed to their destiny in Valhalla, but that was not an option here.]

[size11 [#53a527 "Will you be able to walk?"] Her words were laden with a thick Norwegian accent, but still understandable as she spoke clearly. [#53a527 "We cannot stay here. Not if he is close by."] Kalia would be damned if she waited around for that monster to find them like a bunch of sitting ducks by the water. She wouldn't watch as he mutilated yet another innocent soul for his own pleasure. And from the sound of those gun shots, he was not far off. They needed to get a head start over him.]
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[center [left [pic http://i.imgur.com/0KP1Bzf.jpg]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Dosis]

[center [size16 [Dosis [b "Gah!"] Woosh. Crash. Thump.]]]

[center [size16 [Dosis The sound of branches breaking and something heavy hitting the ground echoed through the forest, causing various birds to flee from they're spot on the ground. If anyone was in the vicinity she would have definitely alerted them, which frightened a certain griffin who was trying to escape. The cause of the crashing came from a large mystical-looking creature that was now flailing to get to it's feet. The creature, which happened to be a Griffin, had barely slipped through the clutches of a man, of which she never wanted to lay eyes on again.]]]

[center [size16 [Dosis The last thing Akila Quraishi remembered was being in her forest, alone and safe. She had been picking some berries when a person who was unfamiliar to her had ventured close to her, claiming that he needed help. Because she didn't encounter many people she didn't know that the thing in his hand was in fact a tranquilizer, that she should have been alert and not approach him. But she did, and the next thing she knew she was knocked out, waking up hours later in a place that she didn't recognize.]]]

[center [size16 [Dosis Not long after waking up she heard something rustling a bit off , only to have something painful shoot out and hit her in the arm. Akila didn't know what a bullet was, she didn't know what firearms in general looked like. She hated humans and anything associated with them she for years she had kept herself isolated and stayed away from them. As soon as she was hit instincts kicked in and she unfurled large and magnificent wings, using powerful legs to push herself of into the air. However she did not get far, she had only been airborn for a few minutes when another bullet flew and hit her in the wing, then another and another.]]]

[center [size16 [Dosis Down Akila went, hitting branches and tree's on her way down. The poor female wasn't sure where she was falling or how far down it was. While falling she shifted from her animal form to a human one, involuntarily though. For all she knew this could be her end. But instead of dying Akila hit something wet and cold. Water. She had landed in narrow stream, the blood that dripped from her arms splashed into the unbelievably clear water. She hurt all over, her bones aching and her wounds stinging. She barely realized that there were two other's until she heard a twig snap, her head snapping up in fear. Silver eyes stared at a white-haired woman and brunette male. Neither was the person that she was dreading of seeing, which allowed her some a relief.]]]
  -Post- / Kushi / 3y 122d 21h 23m 3s
Sio stretched her arms far above her head with a wide yawn. She let her arms fall and dangle down beneath her then, brushing the leaves with her fingertips. The rest of the tree above her swayed gently in the wind, the leaves making a haunting forest melody. It was beautiful. She had never been able to get to the countryside in her lifetime. There was not much work out there for her but she had read about it, extensively. It seemed like a place where she could be free of everything. It had always been her dream to make enough money to retire to the countryside. Perhaps this wasn't the horrible punishment she thought it was going to be when she was dumped here.
She sat up, scratching her head, bright white hair standing every which way from laying on the branch. Her mind began racing like it had every morning since she had been dropped on this ... island? Giovanni wasn't known for his kindness so why send her to this random stretch of odd land? She would have thought, being caught, that he would have outright killed her, if not experimented on her. Just knowing that fact made being here equally curious and terrifying.
She stretched her legs, loosening up before standing up on the branch. She pulled a couple leafy branches out of her line of sight to look at the horizon beyond. She had picked a large tree high on a high hill so the branches would cover her while she slept but she could easily see from her perch. A makeshift cover that she was quite glad for.
"[i Could have used a couple of these in the city.]" Sio thought while rubbing a leaf in between her fingers, reveling in the feeling. She scanned the surroundings, ear to the breeze. There was almost no noise here, some birds and the wind but nothing else. The silence shocked her and made her more alert than ever. She almost missed the never-ending sounds of city life. It had given her a motive to focus harder on odd noises but everything out here was odd to her. The trees stretched on quite a ways but just beyond her human vision, she could see a desert to one side out by the horizon line. She already knew what lied behind her. That was where she had come from.

She recalled the first day she got here. It was on the beach. Her crate tossed on the sand and the pressure finally gone from the lid. She had burst out, ready to rip someone to pieces. Her eyes glowed red with her anger, her fingernails shifted into talons, ready to fight but there was no one around to fight. So, she ran, ran as fast as she could, making sure she was away from Giovanni and his thugs but she soon found that no one was coming after her. She remembered changing into a hawk, looking to fly away from where she was dumped but soon found that she couldn't move after a certain height. Some kind of barrier, much like the one on the box she was trapped in. Too heavy for her to move it or get through it. Fear had seized her, down to her bones. She hid and scurried around on the ground for a couple days, listening to everything, waiting but there was nothing. No thugs, no Giovanni, no ... people.

And even after a week, no people. Just wildlife and plants. She jumped off the branch and landed on the ground with a soft thud, her boots sinking into the soft grass and soil below. She was still scared, but only inside. A lifetime on the streets taught her that. Emotions were weapons when used correctly and weaknesses when not controlled. She never liked not being in control. She looked down at her fingernails, permanently sharped, ready for a fight. She had told herself that she would figure out what was going on, why she was here and what Giovanni had planned. She would make him eat it soon enough. She was going to escape. She sighed gently, rolling her neck, hearing the satisfying popping sound. A bad habit but as a shifter, bone popping was pretty much included.
Another day, another trek. Today was the day. She was going to get some answers if it killed her.

[center ~*~]

It had been a couple hours of walking. She was shocked that she was still in the forest biome. She inhaled some of the earthy scents and stopped dead in her tracks. There was another scent, pale but unmistakably there. Something not earth and not wildlife. Something Sio had never smelled before. She dropped down and started sniffing like an animal. It was effective if not slightly off putting for others to watch. Sio bent down and touched a footprint, imbedded into the ground.
"[i It's going to be so much easier to track people here. My God.]"
She smiled a little but it disappeared so much faster than it came. She was ready to see someone, get some answers but she knew that whomever she found, it wouldn't be as simple as asking, "Hey, what's going on here?". If she had learned anything from her years on the streets, it was that Giovanni would have men stationed everywhere. She started stalking, making her movements as quiet as possible. One of the downsides of the forest, she had found really fast, was that it was impossible for Sio to be as quiet as she could have been back in the city. She took another deep sniff and smelled ... fear.
"[i [#f0141f Good.]]" She growled to herself, some of the fire from the first night igniting itself in her again, red tinged her hair and flecked her eyes. She could have sworn in the person's scent there was the faintest smell of flames. Perhaps a old campfire? She would have to assume that they were armed then. She paused in the bush, shifting her skin into scales and flicked a reptilian tongue out, tasting the air.
"[i [#f0141f Good enough to scare anything out there.]]"
She stepped through the bushes and let out a low growl.
"[#f0141f [b Who's there?]]"
  Avix / 3y 126d 14h 44m 28s
[size11 The sun was just beginning to rise over the horizon on what would be his... he'd lost count of how many days he'd been here. Judging by the faded marks on his wrists, it had been at least a week now. He'd woken up covered in sweat, the native insects exploring patches of exposed skin while the young man stirred restlessly. Sleep was hard to come by, but at some point Stefano had become so exhausted that he'd simply passed out in the first safe place he could find. Even the cover of stone provided by the small cave couldn't keep out the heat, and with the return of the sun it was only going to get worse. Telltale signs of dehydration were setting in and the light of dawn burned his eyes as he crawled from his hiding place and back into the open.]

[size11 The island had proven to be a virtual hell on earth, and since Stef had yet to see another living soul, he couldn't help but think he might be the only one on the entire water logged piece of land. He had absolutely no idea where he was or why he was there, it wasn't as if he'd been provided some kind of welcome packet, only that it was impossible to leave. It was quite the feat forcing a dragon to do anything. Whoever had captured him knew what they were doing from the tranquilizer they'd injected into his veins to the iron shackles that had been secured around his wrists. Since waking up, he'd tried to escape through shifting into his dragon form and flying away, but found it impossible. Something was keeping him here, and he had a feeling it was for a very bad reason.]

[size11 In his days on the island, Stefano hadn't managed to explore very much, too afraid to move too far from what was at least somewhat familiar. He was in some kind of jungle surrounded by tall trees, a lot of green. Aside from the bugs, there didn't seem to be any sort of animals living on the island, which made for eerily silent surroundings. Stefano slowly made his way in the direction of what he was pretty sure was the sound of trickling water. He tried to be as quiet as possible, but pulling his bare feet through the undergrowth didn't exactly make that easy. Not to mention the exhaustion in his limbs that caused him to stumble at even the slightest obstacle. A branch scraped across his upper arm, drawing a bright red scratch across his pale skin. He barely even felt it at this point.]

[size11 The stream he found was small but an impossibly clear blue, and the dragon dropped to his knees beside it with a hard thud. Dipping his hands beneath the cool surface, he brought them back to his mouth, cupped and full. Water leaked from the corners of his cracked lips as he slurped as much of it from his palms as he could before going back for more. Nothing had ever felt so good washing down the back of his throat. He gulped down a few more handfuls before bringing them over his head and dumping the water into his sweat matted hair. He was two seconds from dunking his head completely beneath the surface of the stream when a fresh and utterly terrifying sound caught his well trained ears.]

[size11 Stef sat up, instantly alert and listening. There it was again, a rustling, somewhere within twenty feet of where he sat. He had yet to come across anything here big enough to make that sound, and the uncertainty of who or what it could be shook him to his core. The young Italian wasn't what one would expect a dragon to look like, tall but slender, an almost breakable quality about him. He turned his honey colored eyes in the direction of the noise and there was fear in them, not courage. The fire that lay within his chest was dampened and he was frozen in place. As the noise drew closer, Stefano only just had the wherewithal to shrink beneath the cover of some nearby bushes, making his six foot frame as small as humanly possible beneath the cover of green. His heart was pounding in his ears as he waited, gaze trained on the undergrowth in anticipation.]
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