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Jackson walked with them. "Are you feeling okay love?" he was worried about her but when wasn't he worried about her. His hand was still bandaged and hurt but was getting better. The town welcomed them.
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 1d 1h 7m 36s
The diversity of things in the town was nice. Perhaps they could finally diversify the boys' diets. They were definitely getting better. For this Cordelia was thankful. Although there was a chance they would be going through it all again with the next baby.

The siren was starting to get a better idea of what they needed in the house these days. It was slow going, she was never meant to be a housewife, but she liked it even if she wasn't good at it.
  Loxi / 2d 16m 55s
Jackson smiled, he would be starting up his building and furniture business soon. They needed things for their home before he could sell or do things for hire. He would come on Sundays and sell the things he made like they were buying today.
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 2d 1h 46m 58s
The couple hadn't had a chance to spend any time in the town together. This one seemed to be larger than the last little village. It would make it easier to blend in. Also she was fairly certain the lore of sirens was much less common in this area. It helped her to relax and look around. This feeling extended to the boys. The two of them were comfortable walking around strangers. They even made idle toddler chat with some other children around their age.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 2d 1h 52m 5s
"I love you too, I will get started on the crib as well as a rocking chair for you... we have plenty of rooms." Jackson said with a smile. The next day they headed into town.
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 2d 2h 12m 52s
"Exactly." Of course she would see a doctor if they thought something was really wrong but she was too stubborn if that wasn't the case. "I love you." She was just super excited for everything to come.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 2d 2h 14m 45s
Jackson nodded and said, "I help deliver the boys, I think I can help you with this one and it will be more intimate just you and me and I won't die if you scream at me."
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 2d 2h 36m 42s
She nodded, that meant they needed to make friends or something like that. Well that or find one of her sisters. They might know something about kids by now. But finding them was an ordeal she didn't want to undertake.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 2d 2h 47m 31s
Jackson sighed, "I guess not but we will need someone we can trust to watch the boys when you do have the child." Jackson was thinking rationally.
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 2d 2h 57m 30s
"I wouldn't mind some help." It was nice having him around to help with stuff like this. Not to mention she could keep an eye on him. Make sure he wasn't doing anything risky that might get him hurt. Like fishing with harpoons. "Do we really need a doctor?" Cordelia still didn't trust random doctors. Too bad the one before had opted to stay in Greece. She sighed. "I mean we know what it will be like this time."
  Cordelia / Loxi / 2d 3h 1m 54s
Jackson kissed her gently and asked, "Can I help you make dinner? Then we can wrap my hand again. Maybe we should go into town tomorrow and find a doctor... and some things we need."
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 2d 3h 9m 6s
Cordelia followed Jackson back to the house. He was probably right. There weren't really any other children around where they lived before. The twins had been the only ones so they probably didn't have the concept of babies in their heads yet. She would have to look out for some around this area. If that didn't pan out it would come to explaining that a tiny person was on the way. Either way she was sure they would take well to their new sibling so long as they knew they couldn't play rough like they did with each other.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 2d 3h 29m 48s
"I don't know if they'll understand what a baby is but Cordelia...I love you." He said kissing her. It was started to get dark so he decided to call it a day, carrying in the bench he ha sjust finished for the kitchen table. His hand wa S almost as good as new he still had to wear the bandages for a couple more days.
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 2d 3h 37m 55s
"Well, that or I have some sort of nausea inducing disease that can only be cured by crackers and tea." She smiles hearing the joy in his voice. "Guess we will have to ask the boys how they feel about it." The siren chuckled, tightening the hug she had Jackson in before letting go.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 2d 3h 41m 43s
Jackson's eyes grew wide..."we're having a baby?" He was shocked but happy so happy that he had tears forming in his eyes. It had only taken two years but they were finally having another baby.
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 2d 3h 48m 38s

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