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Cordelia smiled. It was always exciting whenever Jackson came back with something. "Alright, just don't take too long." The time before bed seemed to be some of the only moments they got to themselves these days.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 295d 13h 20m 1s
Jackson smiled, "Thank you for dinner my love." He sat down and enjoyed every second. "I managed to trap some and I will go an handle the meat before I wash up and head to bed. I also harvested some from our garden.... there is a sack of potatoes by the door as well as some radishes, carrots, and onions... the tomatoes might be ready tomorrow."
  polkadotrocker / 295d 14h 3m 25s
"Oh, okay." Cordelia wasn't too worried about herself. She had spent a lot of her time in the water with much more dangerous animals. They always seemed to sense that she was more like them than humans and left her be, but there was no saying if it would be the same for the boys. Keeping them in might be a task, but she would manage.

"Alright, come on over." Grabbing ahold of Jackson's arm she pulled him excitedly over to the table. She had made a simple meal, but it had gone better than usual this time. Even the twins, who she let be her testers, thought the same.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 295d 16h 14m 5s
"Love I want you and the boys to stay inside.... I found wolverine tracks and I don't want anything to happen to you until the beast has been caught." He said kissing her back and looking over her shoulder at the boys waiting to eat.
  polkadotrocker / 295d 22h 26m 42s
By the time Jackson returned home, Cordelia had everything in place. The boys and house were clean, dinner was nearly finished, and was feeling rather accomplished. As he walked in she hurried over to embracing welcomingly. Once she was satisfied with that, the woman gave him a quick but warm kiss. He had only been gone a short while but she missed him.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 295d 23h 48m 51s
Jackson was out collecting from the traps and snares that he had set earlier in the day and resetting them for the next morning. He saw wolverine tracks and became worried. He sighed setting up a large trap.
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 296d 27m 36s
Taking her time to put the things that they purchased where they belong. There was no time to rest before she had to round up the boys so that she could get them bathed. The first part was easy. She just had to warm up the water. It the second half that was difficult, catching her little magicians. They always seemed to disappear when it came to bath time.

Cordelia searched around the house until she found them hiding not so cleverly in their parents closet. Scooping up Caspian she juggled him around until she could carry him in one arm. Getting ahold of Kingsley was a little more difficult with one hand, but she managed.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 296d 41m 25s
Jackson held Kingsley up to help him unload and then watched him run toward the house to his mother. Jackson had never been this happy.
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 299d 2h 28m 50s
"Alright, love." Sure she was sad when he was out and about without her, but there wasn't any point to dwelling on it. After all it needed to be done if they were going to continue living the comfortable life that they were.

As Jackson unloaded, Cordelia helped as much as he would let her. Taking light things here and there. She also delegated a couple of things to the boys. Items that would be easy to rinse off with their grubby hands.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 299d 2h 50m 15s
Jackson nodded,"I will unload then go check all of the traps to see how we did on meat...I will hunt and trap awhile."
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 299d 3h 3m 30s
Cordelia nodded. "Yep, they each picked out something from that nice little bakery." Looking carefully at the children they had bits of frosting and crumbs around there mouths. No doubt there hands were sticky as well. She would have to give them a bath when they got home.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 299d 3h 28m 43s
"Did the boys get what they wanted to buy?" He asked seriously. He didn't want to spend extra time in town if they didn't have to.
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 299d 3h 35m 43s
"I think we got everything we need, at least food wise." And honestly that was all she could think they might need. "Other than that there is the materials for the blankets, and I think that is it."
  Cordelia / Loxi / 299d 3h 41m 21s
"They have different foods in these parts." He said smiling. "I did manage to buy some tomatoes and noodles as wel...anything you think we need my love?"
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 299d 3h 47m 22s
It wasn't hard to find people who were interested in purchasing their wares. While the family didn't manage to sell everything, they pushed a lot of it out. All in all it was a good sale day.

In town, the boys ogled just about everything they saw. They debated between the pair of them what they should by with their money. The conversation only halted when their father bought them some lunch. The pizza was a nice treat for all of them. Cordelia found the concept of it odd, but it really was delicious.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 299d 3h 56m 27s

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