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"I know, I know." With Jackson keeping an eye on them while she was unable to use her powers, Cordelia didn't worry all that much about most threats. "It's just who is going to protect you if something happens?" Sure he was immortal for the time being, but that didn't mean he couldn't be seriously hurt. It wasn't too long ago that he nearly lost a hand. The siren really didn't want to see him endure that kind of suffering again.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 13m 55s
Jackson pulled her into a strong hug, "Sweetheart no matter what, land or sea, nothing will happen to you and our children on my watch."
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 6h 26m 42s
Cordelia really couldn't argue against him. Sure doctors and other humans, for the most part, still made her nervous. But she know it would be unwise to put those nerves ahead of the health of their next child. "Your right." She pouted slightly as she admitted it.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 2d 30m 41s
Jackson nodded, "We need to find you a new doctor or a midwife in town that we can trust... I worry about you when your pregnant... we don't know what abilities they'll have."
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 19d 6h 12m 5s
"No, it is fine." They had only just gotten there after all. She was quite comfy in their new home in France. Not to mention Jackson's carpentry career was doing well. "On land it better I think. At least that is what we did before and it worked out." Thinking more about it she was worried about her screaming and such close proximity to the crew.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 19d 10h 27m 33s
"I'm not sure, you know they take after me and they love both the land and sea but they need a home base... we can head out in another month if you'd like to have the child at sea... maybe move on?" He suggested.
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 24d 6h 4m 12s
Sitting in bed, Cordelia couldn't help but wonder what their future would be like. Another child and their boys getting older. It was hard to imagine them any way other than how they already were, but she supposed one day they would be grown adults. Probably taking after their father. It was a strange though. There was also her necklace. It needed to be hidden away again, but she wasn't comfortable setting out her own. Both because she had no idea if Bandon was still following them, and because she was with child. Who knew what transforming would do to the baby. Just using her powers had been a problem before, so she couldn't imagine it would work any better.

"Love," she looked over to Jackson, making sure he was still awake. "How long do you think it will be before the boys want to leave home?" She didn't have a real grasp on that sort of thing.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 24d 9h 2m 16s
Jackson played with their sons for about 20 more minutes, getting all of their energy out so that way after they ate, they would be ready for bed and Jackson and Cordelia could have some much needed alone time.
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 45d 6h 46m 52s
Finding his grouching half pouting funny, she stifled a laugh. Snuggling close to him one last time, she wiggled signaling it was time to put her down again. As soon as her feet hit the ground the boys jumped on their father like piranhas. "Alright, now go play with them and stay out of my hair while I finish plating dinner." There was of course no seriousness in her voice. It took nearly no effort to make up the four plates and place them at the table.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 25d 1h 5m 59s
"I know and they love us and each other and they each have a playmate....I mean twins again isn't unheard of...we shall see." Jackson whispered and kissed from her neck to her lips. "The boys will learn to wait and I guess I'll have to learn to share." He said grumpily.
  Captain Moonscar / Polkadotrocker / 47d 19h 55m 57s
"They'll need to learn to be if they are going to have a younger sibling." Her tone was light. She knew it would come with time. And she didn't plan to draw out their flirting for long. Then the boys could have Jackson all to themselves.

She stopped and thought for a moment. What if they really did have more than one child on the way again? "Well... I suppose we wouldn't have to be worried about me getting pregnant again after this." She laughed. Four was the number they were shooting for. "Although, it would probably be easier to make smaller increments. We have just had two boys for so long, you know." Cordelia wasn't sure she was entirely making sense, but it was fine either way.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 47d 23h 1m 51s
Jackson kissed her neck and whispered, "Their impatient love." He spun them each around a couple times before planting a kiss on her flat belly. "What if we have more twins?"
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 52d 7h 16m 30s
Cordelia's laugh was songlike. She held onto Jackson tightly as he spun around. It felt like ages since they had been this whimsical. However the children heard their fun from the other room and came running to see what they were missing out on.

Hurrying up to their father they both begged to be picked up as well. The couple had to stop their spinning with their children under foot, but the siren spoke teasingly to the twins. "It is mommy's turn right now. You will have to wait a while." They didn't seem to like the idea at all, as they were not used to sharing unless it was amongst themselves. She couldn't help but chuckle at their matching pouting expressions.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 53d 1h 47m 58s
"I want a little girl or a little boy, I'm happy either way but they will be a perfect mix of us both." He said picking her up and spinning her around gently. Jackson was in a playful mood, that was obvious.
  Captain Moonscar / polkadotrocker / 54d 9h 3m 54s
"Maybe... it would definitely even out all this testosterone." She laughed lightly. She actually didn't mind either way. The babies gender didn't matter to her, but since Jackson wanted a little girl she would hope for the same.
  Cordelia / Loxi / 54d 14h 2m 51s

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