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Raine had stared at his betrothed if he was completley honest, the reaction he recieved from Orion was quite interesting---yet funny at the same time. He had hoped the male would shrug it off like his older relatives would. He evenly blinked at him, he was used to being answered with a "you are far too young--to understand the benefit of it." and sometimes he would live it at that. He was not a fan of smoking, ever since he'd seen his uncles smoking at the Lockhart Household, he lock himself up in his room and never come down until--- his uncles had left.He let out a small chuckle, if that got Orion so Violent, then maybe he'd do it more often. " I had not expected such a violent reaction..." He soon returned his attention outside the window, he had never left his position, in a way there was something calming about the outside world. " the resistance.... so they still exist..." there was a crest fallen emotion on his face, he had lost a close relative once, due to fighting off an outbreak.

He was willing to lay down his life for his kingdom, he was an embodiment of patriotism--such foolishness, such rubbish. Yet here he was, dancing to his father's tune. At the news of getting married as soon as possible, he had quickly averted his attention to Orion, with a bewildered look visible within those amethyst orbs. " I beg your pardon?" did he hear it right? or was that some cruel joke? and what did he meant by such answer? the prince was definitely a puzzle, one he does not dare to tread. He bit his lower lip, he had hoped he would have even a small ounce of freedom before that fateful day comes, but as fates would have it---he was bound to this life for eternity. He must have been come off as rude, in which that was never his intention. He was clearly paying attention, it must have been the momentarily shock that made him unprepared for the worse. " Forgive me my prince... I was not expeting such eagerness." He even added a teasing tone to it, to mask what he really felt. "how could we win a war? when there is a war already brewing within this walls?" he muttered low enough--only for him to hear.

Atleast now he knew that they had one thing in common, and it was for the greater good of their homeland, He wouldnt be surprised if Telorna would have gained of such alliance, after all one couldn't be too careful, as most would say. "the walls have ears." It wouldn't go unnotice if Telorna decided to send a spy to its enemy, as a harmless refugee. Raine wasn't ready for such a commitment, it weighed heavy in his chest---he knows what a partner should do in the time of peace and the thought made him queasy. He had never slept with the opposite sex and so it goes with the same ones, how was he even suppose to pleasure him, when the time comes? At that thought he furrowed his brows in deep thought. He hadn't notice the sound of footstep thumping on the stoned floor, or the knock on the door as more questions filled his mind. He took a deep breath before releasing them, he just needed to get his bearings, as the continuous pounding on the door brought him out of his stupor. He gave Orion a questioning look, "Am i to guess, that they have searched every nook and cranny just to find us?" There it was again, that way his lips would form upward into a crooked smirk.

It was obvious enough, what the person behind the door wants, amd it only confirmed his thoughts when he delivered the message. " your Highness---" there was hesitance in the messenger's words, in which Raine took as a sign that they needed to return as their parents finally made a decision. " If you don't mind.. I'll go on ahead... need to clear my thoughts." he excused himself before leaving the empty room, just being near Orion was racing his anxiety--it was not the prince's fault it was the preasure of being a only child who had no say in his parents decision or whatsoever. As he arrived at the throne room, he was fixated with a curious gaze from his parents, probably wondering why he entered alone, he sent them an apologetic look, before waiting for Orion so the king amd queen, the duke and duchess of Alabathia can now give the final verdict---the virdect that would forever change his life.
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Orion rolled his eyes as he began to receive the whole "cancer" talk again. "I am fully aware of the risks that come with smoking, why do you think I do it." Orion practically growled as he lit the next one right off the bat and sent a glare towards his betrothed.

"The royal family holds more power than you could imagine." He spoke, shifting his weight to lean against the wall next to the window. "I know what the old couple who lost there daughter recently in the raid on the fields is doing with her belongings, I know what the young woman whose trying to raise her children is trying to get him into the boarding school outside the city walls. I also know about the so called "top secret" resistance is trying to over throw the monarchy." He spoke with a sharp eye.

"Its our duty to protect the kingdom and to do such a thing.. we are called into knowing everything we can about the lives about the people that live here." He stopped listening to him. "I can fully agree with the fact that the kingdom comes first to protect them." Orion spoke taking the cigarette from his mouth. "So yes, let us set aside our differences to create a strong alliance and save Alabathia."

He heaved another sigh as he heard the next question. "That, my friend, has already been taken care of, and believe me. I am not happy about that." He looked to Raine leaving his answer in the dark. "It is true that this is the first time that this kingdom will have two kings as once.. but I suppose that we may just have have to find a way to work a way around this. The king and queen don't know of my knowledge of everything on this subject, I tend to listen in on meetings I'm not supposed to." He laughed pulling his cigarette back into his mouth. "They've been going on about how our abilities combined would help the war effort a mass amount and that perhaps they may not have to worry. They also want to have said ceremony as soon as possible.. so things may be set into motion sooner that we think." He spoke letting out another stream of air that was followed by smoke.
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Raine had definitely not expected his betrothed to be this--what is that word? It was on the tip of his tongue but he had forgotten it. More likely he was distracted by the male not of his looks, definitely not--raine was never to judge people with their looks, he found the prince a little distasteful. After all a prince that smokes? he had hoped hyaedelyn would answer his thoughts by taking him now---he was to spend his life with a prince no less. When told that their parents would discuss the details, he had raised an eyebrow, he had thought it was silly to discuss something that was now clear? what really bothered him was the fact that, his betrothed wasn't the opposite sex. Was this some kind of a cruel joke? as he left the throne room, and followed Orion to what seemed to be an empty room---his purple orbs scanned the room, it was quite plain probably void of life but there was definitely cabinets, wooden table placed at the far corner of the wall. "if you don't mind me asking my dear prince, why bring me here?"

He remembered he had never answered the male's question whether Cigarettes bothered him, by all means it does bother him---he'd rather not spend time with inhaling such a toxic smoke. He gently smirked at Orions words, there was no backing out of this, is there? He shook his head and even falsely encouraged him, they just met and he could tell they wont be getting along any time soon. " By all means, if you do get cancer and well i can tell i'll be having one too---since i am going to be your husband anytime soon...Telorna would have no more reason to attack alabathia, since the king died--- the reason? cancer." he even smiled politely, so the other wont take it the wrong way, but if anything he had hoped Orion did got the gist of his sarcasm. As much as he hated such arrange marriages, he could not turn a blind eye to such crisis their kingdom was facing. What shocked him the most was that Telorna had the gall to wage war with Alabathia, one of Norag's capital.

At his power being mentioned Raine couldn't help but let out a small chuckle, " funny... you've gained such information on me, when i know npthing about you." You could say he would rather spend time with books than, politics--he hated how dirty their government can be and he shall have no part in it. " Yes, I do have a power to bind however they too have limitations." he raised his wrist to show a chain that had a small ball attached to the end of it. "I'm guessing this were a big give away?" He was impressed by the Prince's power and literally clapped his hands, as if he had just seen a magician at work. "if that wouldn't stop the whole army then i don't know what could." it seems Orion had him all found out, he truly did not know of such power the royal family held--it was one of the detail that his father had left out. Was it on purpose? no one could guarantee the answer, for the duke can be a very busy man. He doesnt have all the time in the world, to show Raine the ropes.

One question remained nagging at his mind, that perhaps can bring light to the matter--it had been plaguing him since he had heard the news a couple of months ago. " In fact you were the only one who had given me the full details, however my prince, do i have a question for you." He was a male, how could he possibly support the lineage? not to say the least they both are, it would be understandable if he was married to a girl. A duchess perhaps or better yet a Marquess, there are more powerful noble than him--that would kill just to be in his position. "after the war, what of then?" If he understood correctly they needed more men, to defend their kingdom from The neighboring country and his father would glady supply any number of knights needed to win the incoming war. "would it be better to marry someone who would give you an heir?" His attention was brought outside, the sound of rustling leaves that caused by the wind really calms his nerves, he had walked towards the window---feeling envy of the wind they are free to roam wherever they go. Unstoppable--they come and go as they please.

He kept himself upright by using his hands--which were firmly placed on the windowsill, loving the breeze of the chilly air, " the reason i agreed to this, was to keep this kingdom safe and their citizen... to see those smiling faces of the people bring me great joy." his purple orbs soon found the form of his betrothed, "let's put our differences behind us for the good of the kingdom... what else did the king and queen tell you? my parents aren't keen on keeping me up to date."
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The prince stood up and looked directly at the other man. Taking another deep breath in of his cigarette before pulling it out of his mouth, and holding it near his side as he tool a few strides forward, a sharp look in his steel eyes. After his parents had introduced themselves he strode further forward looking towards his partner to bed. "Prince Orion, Crown Prince of Alabathia." He bowed his head to the other male.

His eyes shot to his father who was giving him a challenging look, he'd let him have this time.. for now. He walked forward to the other male and nodded. "Raine, was it? It's a pleasure to meet you. Please, come with me.. let our parents... talk about the details." He nodded, stepping out from the room, not waiting for him to follow.

"I certainly hope you don't mind smoking because I won't be stopping this." He motioned with hand on the cigarette. He'd gotten into that habit because of his parents... not that he minded.. or cared for that reason. Popping it back into the door he moved outside it and stepped back into the hall into an emptied room. "Alright, look. I'm fairly certain that neither of this are none to happy about this. Correct?" He spoke and then moved on without waiting for an answer, he pushed open the window towards the back and leaned against this.

"I am simply going along with this because it is what is best for the kingdom. Telorna is set to attack us at any moment and our troops are not powerful enough by themselves. As you are aware, I'm certain that you know about this," He spoke stopping for a moment dark matter appearing both of his hands and spread across to meet in the middle. "And I'm sure you are fully aware that it has the ability to do this." He stopped again moving towards the window and shot it from his hands to an unsuspecting tree, the dark matter shot towards it and obliterated the tree into nothingness. "But yet, some how.. that isn't enough to vaporize an entire army. So our parents agreed.. to this because if I am not mistaken, you too hold some sort of binding power." He spoke looking to the other male, still leaning against the window. "Either that, or you didn't know about any of this and I just spilled the beans."

"Either way, I am almost certain that neither of us are very happy about this... but.. seeing as we are to be married.. I suppose that we don't really have a choice in the matter." He spoke looking down at his cigarette, seeing that it was almost gone he heaved another sigh before flicking it out the window and pulled out another but waited for a response before lighting it.
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Raine found himself in quite a pitch, not only that but he refused such marriage. He never really liked getting into political business--if anything he was a freelancer, but God had other plans for him. It was as if his life was laid out for him before he was even born, being brought into the world as one of the noble's son---a duke infact. He was being handed over to some family of royals, his refusal fell on deaf ears--as his father seemed to be fond of putting his only son in a bind by feeling him full of guilt. Of course if Albathia was indeed in the state of peril he wouldn't be able to fulfill his dreams, He gritted his teeth and forced a facade that he had been using for a while now. " if you wish it father." Now he thought about having siblings would come in handy, but the fates are indeed cruel---not to say the least he has no information about his dearly betrothed. He scoffed at the thought, he could feel his stomach churning in anxiety, as the carriage came into view.

"Now raine, please do be in your best behavior." His mother had told him gently, with that voice he knew all too well, he nodded and force a smile, " of course mother." He had went inside the carriage that will take him to the to his new abode, but he made sure to wave farewell before relaxing and taking a deep breath, [i 'Well let's get this over with'] the things one do for their own Kingdom--a pity if you ask him. He had questions to ask the coachman, but he do love mysteries, so perhaps not knowing much about his future partner would make this more bearable. The sceneries outside was quite a treat, made the ride more relaxing to his nerves and came up on how to deal with things-- in case things get worst.

He has tendencies to judge people, and can be a bit of a hothead, despite his calm exterior--when the castle came into view he took deep breaths. Before he was fully ready the coachman had opened the carriage, a sign that it was time whether he was ready or not. He grimaced at the thought, [i ' just do what you do best, and you'll be fine.'] He got out of the carriage, and his amethyst orbs scanned the castle, yup he could feel his anxiety building when his eyes landed on the sturdy door---and what could be greeting him behind that door.

The same coachman had beckoned him to follow him, which made him leave his momentarily stupor--- As he walked towards the door, the coachman opened it wide to reveal what was inside and he was astounded not by the people but the interior itself--- it was quite beautiful. The coachman must have noticed he was staring but in his perspective, he thought the purple haired male was staring at the king and the queen. So he cleared his throat to get the other's attention, in which Raine responded with a somewhat baffled look---did he only realize he was actually staring. He cleared his throat and felt quite sheepish, he waited till the coachman announced his presence.

" Your highnesses... I present to you,the son of The Duke and Duchess of Alabathia, Duke Raine Lockhart." He was too afraid to move, as he could feel all eyes on him, [i ' remember to grin and bear it'] He once again heaved and released a breath of encouragement, before putting on his usual smile and walked towards the throne room--- he gave a bow before standing upright again." It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, your highnesses."
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Orion stared out the window of the palace, his brow deeply furrowed with an annoyed look adorned his features. This was Prince Orion, Prince of the Alabathian Kingdom in the Northern Country of Norag. He was hard headed, easily annoyed. He took in a deep breathe of his cigar that eagerly sat in his mouth, breathing out the smoke that followed the inhalence. He pulled open the window dumping the compiled as that had gathered on the end of it, before pulling the window closed again.

Being the head Crown Prince of the Country was not a joy.. it was a curse, at least in Orions head. His younger brothers thought differently of it, and Orion would have gladly allowed them to take his position if he could. Part of the reason he was so annoyed at the moment was because not more than a few hours ago, his parents had approached him and told him the news.

He was engaged. Engaged to be married. To whom? To a family of nobles that had great assets to help the kingdom at this time. Orion knew it was all business and nothing more, but he still hated it. He'd be king in a few years.. months even, and this age old tradition would be the first to go when he did. The kingdom at the time was brewing a war against the kingdom to the south. With this marriage to the nobles, it would just happen to make Orion and his significant other, two of the most powerful beings in the realm of Norag. Orion had been.... blessed.. or cursed in his opinion with controlling dark matter. Magic or supernatural abilities were only given to the nobility and royalty of this realm, outside of it, he had no idea.

A rather loud knock came from his door and he let out an aggravated sigh.

"Milord? The king has request-" A call from outside came.

"I am fully aware of what my father wants. Leave me be." The prince said gruffly as he opened the window again, threw out his cigar and grabbed a new one. He was going to need if it if he was going to make it out of this alive with all his nerves. As he pulled away from the window, lighting it, leaving his room and approaching the throne room, and entered it. Upon his entrance his father shot him a look with the cigarette and Orion shot back just as challenging of a look. Thankfully his mother reached over and put her hand on her husbands, his mother was his one saving grace, having been in his position once, she knew the troubles of this right now.

But Orion took his place and waited for the doors to open to meet the one he'd be spending the rest of his life with.
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