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A testing area for formatting options before my replies and text tests to see if things are working correctly. Nothing to see here.


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[i Give me one hundred seconds of peace and I will build you a castle to call your own. Give me a hundred years and I will build a love you’ll never forget.]
  The Voice / Doburesu / 14d 10h 11m 33s
[+indigo hdhdhsjdvdhdvdhdhdvdvevegegdgdgdhdhsisjevegdgdkdkrvdh]
  Jherrichho Einjhord / Doburesu / 332d 17h 43m 58s
[h4 hdhdbsvscsvsvscscsccsvsgshsjjsbssbvsvshsvscsvsvgshdishegsvsvsvsh]
  Jherrichho Einjhord / Doburesu / 350d 17h 16m 23s
[i [+maroon FYGDGHFGHFFGDgddycgtggffgyfgfggdhgfggdhffffttfgggg]]
  Jherrichho Einjhord / Doburesu / 350d 17h 18m 50s
[i yshfhfhfgdgdyhdgdhfybfjfdhgdggydrgfgrgfttdtgfdufvyifygufufydyf]
  Jherrichho Einjhord / Doburesu / 1y 11d 19h 24m 45s
[+maroon hhgshcdbfbdhvficdvxgdhdgddfddffsgdfhobdgvdkfgvdhfhdvfjgfhdg]
  Jherrichho Einjhord / Doburesu / 1y 11d 19h 32m 51s
  Jherrichho Einjhord / Doburesu / 1y 12d 6h 30m 56s
[h1 Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello]
  Doburesu / 1y 19d 3h 58m 0s

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