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Hello everyone! I recently came back to Elite skills because I was void of writing and role playing and wanted to get back to it. QWQ Anyways~ I was looking to do a 1x1 with someone. I love trying to push my limits, so if I do get into an rp with someone, I was looking for:

Over a 150 words, not characters, words
Thought put into a post
Plot twists, I loooove plot twists when they are set in correctly
Post at least once or twice a week, doesn't have to be continuous, I know how draining that can be
Have fun with it

I do:

Won't Do:
This list is very small, but I'm not going to put it here, pm me if your curious

Post here if you want to give it a shot or if you are interested, or send me a pm. Lets brainstorm!

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