An unlikely Adventure in The city.

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The big city of New York, a lot of history and culture lives here. How ever there is so much more here to find, friendships and Rivalries, Food and Activities, Healthy things and unhealthy things, Love and .... Heartbreak.. So many things ! this is a story about Two souls who meet in New York City and their adventures, an unlikely pair they may seem.. but that wont stop them in their life goals. As they say on Broadway! "THE SHOW MUST GO ON!"

name Emily Zetastei
age: 22
race/ethnicity: German-American.. and Centaur?
religion: Atheist
Job/Occupation: Photographer?
Hometown&country: Woodhull, New York.
social status: Middle Class, and Ridiculed
accent : American with a hint of German.
personality: Joyous, hard to upset, determined, fun-loving, joker, and thrill seeker
Bio: Emily grew up in Woodhull with a German father and a mother that was a creature... that shouldn't exist? a centaur? well that escalated quickly. her mother died during birth, so her father had raised her on his own it was hard for both of them especially in a town of rednecks and hicks. All her life he had been prank'd and made fun of because she was a creature "that didn't belong" in a "human world" but there was one thing that her father and her always did that made her happy and that is photography she base her life on it and made it her career. in the beginning of 2017 she bought her own print and photography shop, which sounds simple.... but not when the shop is in New York City?!


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