The Drunken Filly Tavern

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[b THE BEST TAVERN AROUND! visted by people from all over thisbwould and others!]

COME ON IN ! get a drink ! any and all races welcome!

We have three rules!
1. No Fighting! unless you take it in the street.
2. No body likes a stick in the mud. Grab a drink.
3. Dont mention our lack of rules or illegal activity to the gaurds. or you may be hunted.

Any questions just Shoot me a Letter! if your looking for a job andd plan to stay around a while just ask.

[b OWNER!]
Username: TheZeta
Character name: Lillith Venevir
Age: 17 (Filly)
Gender: female
Race: Centaur
Bio: Raised by a human couple in Umbrinyyl trained since she was very little to become the best ranger to ever be, at least that was the goal set for her, she has been ridiculed most of her life by those who hate Centaurs sometimes treated as if a horse she doesnt quite understand. She is simply a Filly still considered a child in the eyes of a centaur not fully matured yet with another 8 years before adult hood. Lillith has childish moments due to this fact as well as her horse body equivalent is that of a horse that is only a little over a year old. But she now owns a tavern ! that accepts all and any! she absolutely loves her Costumers and Workers like her famiy.


Character name: Ellie Winterwood
Age: 257 Looks 23
Race: High Elf
Job: Bar Maid
Bio: Eren and his sister Ellie both fled their homeland after their father was murdered fear they would take his sister they both went to the furthest country where they both became a bar maid and bartender of the Drunken Filly Tavern.

Character name: Eren Winterwood
Age: 427 looks 32
Race: High Elf
Bio: Eren and his sister Ellie both fled their homeland after their father was murdered fear they would take his sister they both went to the furthest country where they both became a bar maid and bartender of the Drunken Filly Tavern.

Username: SailorKitten
Character name: Kisai-chan
Age: 32; thirty-two
Gender: Female
Race: Sheep
Job: Maid
Bio: Unknown

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[center [h3 Sunvaardofaas]]
The creature was silent as it listened to the female. A forked tongue flicked from its massive jaws, testing the air. It was a few awkward moments of silence, then it suddenly spoke.
The creature's voice was incredibly low, to where it seemed to vibrate the area around it, [#556b2f [b "Read drinks?"]]
It appeared English wasn't it's first language, but at least it was somewhat understandable. As the woman introduced herself, the beast replied, [#556b2f [b "Sunvaardofaas."]]
  ::Forest Guardians/Beasts:: / Dragoncita / 2y 138d 17h 23m 35s
Apparently, the female centaur did not mind customers ordering horse as food. But still, she still felt uncomfortable asking for horse, like having flying butterflies in one's stomach. Even though the female centaur did assure her that there wouldn't be judgement, horse was definitely off the menu for today.

Then the female centaur got distracted with other things happening in the in, hard to blame her as she ran the inn, and running an inn was no easy thing to do: making sure the customers were happy, making sure the workers actually worked, breaking up the occasional fight, and countless other things.

The female centaur then turned back around. [+purple "A leg of mutton, and a large bowl of water please."]
  Shixeck Black-Fang / Arya / 2y 138d 20h 44m 42s
Eren chuckled while she hugged him he looked at the dragon then the creature he felt nervous because his sister was far from him and if one of these creatures decided to attack her he wouldnt be able to get to her in time.

He poured a few drinks drinking one himself.
  Eren Winterwood / KasaiShadowFox / 2y 139d 9h 29m 49s
Ellie smiled following the customer to where it sat pulling a menu and placing it in front of the creature. [b "Oh my how rude of me. would you like a bigger menu, or maybe would like me to read it to you. Maybe you have something in mind. would you like something to drink?"] Her voice kind and gentle.

She danced her feet around looking at her brother flirt he was always and will always be a flirt. [b " Oh im Ellie its a pleasure."] she didn't know if the creature before her talked or if he didn't she felt nervous.
  Ellie Winterwood / KasaiShadowFox / 2y 139d 9h 32m 47s
[b I nod but hesitate thinking beforee speaking ] " Are you sure? I sense something else may be what you desire...? " [b I Giggle a bit as i gain a warm and reassuring smile ] " If its the horse thing... I used get customers with the same reaction. However it is perfectly fine im here to please and you can hhave what you want without fear of judgement" [b I then turn to look at Eren and give him a gentle hug ] " Im not worried, But thank you I feel safe with you around Eren, always have. "

[b My ears twitch as i look in the direction of the creature and get an even bigger smile ] " Oh wonderous! Another Customer! " [b I move around on my hooves anxiously and happily at the abundance of customers, as I turn back to Shixeck] " So have you finalized your choice ?"
  Lillith Veniver / TheZeta / 2y 139d 14h 40m 12s
[center [h3 Sunvaardofaas]]
It heard footsteps approaching from inside. As the door opened, the creature gingerly took a few steps down. In the door, stood a female. The beast's forked tongue flicked out, testing the air. It tilted its head again, perhaps there was a small tinge of fear, but the female was doing well at hiding it.
As the woman moved, the creature warily took a couple steps forward. It ducked its horned head to get inside. It paused for a moment, half-way in, then continued to enter. The creature's claws clicked on the ground, being careful with it's long tail. It made its way to a more secluded corner, laying down.
The creature had no need for a chair, being that large. The table which it sat at was extremely low. It would have to lean down to eat, if it decided to eat there.
  ::Forest Guardians/Beasts:: / Dragoncita / 2y 139d 18h 23m 33s
Horse sounded good, but considering who was in front of her, it would be more polite not to order horse. Centaur was part horse, and if it was possible to avoid offending someone, then that would be the better thing to do.

[+purple "Roast mutton?"]
  Shixeck Black-Fang / Arya / 2y 139d 20h 42m 34s
Ellie watched the sight before her shacking her head her brother never really did have manners no one in her family did. hearing some noise outside she turned heading for the door opening it where a creature unlike any she has seen before stood.

She smiled up not wanting to scare a customer off because a hint of fear, so she smiled to cover it up. [b 'Welcome to the Drunken Fily tavern. Im Ellie and ill tend to you today choose where ever you wish to sit and ill bring you a menu."] she bowed her before moving out of the way so the creature could come into the tavern.
  Ellie Winterwood / KasaiShadowFox / 2y 140d 12h 17m 20s
Eren looked at the Dragon and smiled at her. [b "Table side manners, hmm i have seen to lost them. or maybe i never had them in the first place but eh."] he shrugged before looking at his younger sister.

His attention then went back to the owner chuckling before walking behind her. [b "Dont worry no one will be able to sink their teeth into you while we are here."] he chuckled before going back to the bar his hands resting behind his head.
  Eren Winterwood / KasaiShadowFox / 2y 140d 12h 21m 19s
[center [h3 Sunvaardofaas]]
The beast watched silently. It tilted its horned head in a curious fashion. The thing was an abomination to many, to where it kept to itself. However, something drew it here. A forked tongue flicked out of its muzzle.
Very slowly, it made its way out of the forest. The creature was pretty big. Its appearance was rather terrifying. It's claws dug into the ground, tail slowly trailing behind it. It continued to approach the building, showing extreme caution and remaining on alert.
Hm, the door was low, so it would have to duck if it decided to go indoors, yet, it was unsure...
  ::Forest Guardians/Beasts:: / Dragoncita / 2y 140d 13h 44m 34s
[b I had been slightly Startled by quick movement of the Creature as I calmed myself and snapped my finger as a menu appeared in my hand along with a tablet and quil ]
"We have anything from beef to um... well horse... and mutton... "
  Lillith Veniver / TheZeta / 2y 140d 19h 16m 14s
And then a lot of things happened; a female, elf by the looks of her ears came out and asked her if she'd like anything, then a male came out and started complaining before making a very rude comment, and then the female centaur started moving about. It was a bit too much to take in all at once, so she just stood there for a few seconds in silence.

Turning her head to the rude male and with a stinging tone, [+purple "You need to learn your table side manners or you'll eventually get into a load of trouble."] Then jumping of the bar, she flew to the table which the centaur was setting up. After landing, [+purple "What do you have on the menu?"]
  Shixeck Black-Fang / Arya / 2y 140d 19h 31m 49s
[b I walk out from behind the Counter to the dragon-like t creature. As I examine it I then smile ] "Finally a customer! Welcome to The Drunken Filly Tavern! How may we help you today? " [b I stand steady on my hooves as I walk to a table and set it up while awaiting a response. My ears wiggle a bit as I hum a small tune in the process, the light shining in reflects a glint off of my fine brown coat.]
  Lillith Veniver / TheZeta / 2y 140d 19h 44m 5s
The Male awake to the sound of his sister leaving he clicked his tongue. [b That girl never listens. She knows she must stay by my side at all times that means waking me up to go to work too."] he placed his hand on his face before grabbing a pair of his jeans and a shirt to put on while walking to the Tavern.

Walking in he nods to the owner then looks at his sister. [b "Hey Ellie, you promised me that you weren't going to leave my side this is your one warning."] he huffed before going behind the bar with the woman. [b "She will never learn, shes to innocent."] He huffed loud enough for the owner to hear him.

The Male looked upon the dragon. [b " Hey lady does that thing talk?"] hes never really been the polite one out of the siblings
  Eren Winterwood / KasaiShadowFox / 2y 140d 20h 16s
Ellie was the First to wake she didnt want her brother to have to wake earlier then he needed too. The woman stretched before dawning her Barmaid garb. Looking herself in the mirror the woman then walked out of their small home to the Bar where she bowed to the owner. [b "Good morning."]

She spoke softly before noticing the Smaller dragon. [b " Forgive my rudeness, Hello.... Uhmmm is there anything i can get you?"] she asked nervously.
  Ellie Winterwood / KasaiShadowFox / 2y 140d 20h 4m 31s

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