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[center [size11 Werewolves and Vampires have never, in the history of the world, gotten along. Always at one another's throats, these two races have a long held feud that seems no closer to ending than when it began. It is basically instinct at this point for each to despise the other to their very bones. But when this feud brings about the threat of the very end of the world itself by unleashing an old and uncontrollable magic upon it, one thing becomes very clear, very fast.]]
[center [size11 Survival is the most primal instinct of them all.]]


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[center [font "Alegreya" Milana watched the wolf rise to his paws and growl when he tried to put his weight onto one of them. Injured - no surprise there. He'd also, even with the reek of the rotting elven blood all around them, probably figured out what she was with either his eyes or his smell. Every race had their own scent to them of course, and a vampire's fangs weren't exactly hard to notice.

He moved towards the trees though - whether to shift or leave, she didn't know. Well, if it was the former, she was curious as to what he'd say to her when he emerged. While he was gone, Milana used the chance to pull out a throwing star and a dagger out of the last elf that she took down. His savior or not, he was still a werewolf and she had no idea how he would react to a threatening sight, especially a vampire. She had to keep an eye on him until she knew for sure he wouldn't be a threat.

However, the deep brown eyes that were looking at her from a sun-kissed face a second later were not those of a person about to attack. They were certainly sizing her up, but there was. . less contempt than there usually was when a vampire and a werewolf had to be in each other's close proximity. Was. . was there even a smidgen of respect? Better have been, considering what she had just done.

And next came the words that, if someone were to ask later about her first impression of him, would merit her answer of "an insufferable prick". Milana knew it was absurd to react with such affront after everything she had just done. But somehow, the werewolf's brazen crassness broke through the fuzz in her head and the shakiness in her body, while drawing an emotion other than horror and disgust. [#0000FF [i "Excuse] me? Wow. . . Well. You're welcome. Really, you're welcome. No, no please. Please, there's no need to thank me so. It's not like I just saved your ass or anything like that."] Along with her being appalled - but then, no longer so after a second; this kind of response was no surprise coming from a werewolf, after all - her usual sass came back with a vengeance.

Shaking her head, the vampire knelt down and began collecting her weapons from the bodies around them. Her stomach turned at the sight and she fought hard to keep her eyes from stinging, thankfully succeeding. Terrible. This was terrible. Barbarians or not, Milana never wanted to kill anyone - never wanted things to have to come to this extent. But then, no one did. Though that fact didn't change that killing these creatures made her feel sick to her core. Like she too was tainted now.

In order to avoid dwelling on those thoughts and drawing tears in front of a werewolf of all people, she clung to the quippy way of speaking that came to her so easily when someone was giving her attitude. As good a way of dealing with this. . event as any. And mercifully, as she continued to hold the werewolf in her line of sight, her dark blue eyes did not shed a tear.

[#0000FF "You know, wolfie, I don't think you need clothes. In fact, I think you look rather dashing with those leaves covering your naughty bits. So why not just go around looking like that, hmmm? Give me something nice to look at after I just got rid of the things that were going to make a dinner and a wool rug out of you."]]]
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[size11 He was going to die. Vesper was very certain that he was going to die. When he imagined death, he never really saw it this way. Being torn apart by rabid elves in the middle of the forest because his race didn't know when to just leave well enough alone. In his head he was cursing to every god and goddess he could possibly think of while struggling to get away from the enclosing madmen ready to rip him limb from limb and turn his bone marrow in soup. They burst from the trees with none of their usual grace, having gone completely barbaric. The wolf was done for, there was no getting away from them at this rate.]

[size11 And then [i she] happened.]

[size11 If asked to recall their first meeting at a later date, Vesper would have one very exact word for it. Bloody. The minutes that passed seemed to do so in slow motion as they were happening in front of him, but once they would over would condense themselves into a blur of pale skin and crimson blood. Vesper was rendered immovable in his awe by the way she moved and the way they fell in front of him. Not only did she take out the ones following her, but she took out the ones that had been following him, leaving five dead bodies littering the forest floor. Under normal circumstances, she would have just broken a dozen laws and treaties, but Vesper wasn't going to tell anyone. Not when she had just saved his life.]

[size11 The wolf put his feet beneath him once again, freed from his trance as the stranger panted for air. For all he knew, she would come for him next. She could have been crazy. But as he put pressure onto his front left paw, pain radiated up his arm and he growled, lifting it up again. The wolf's furry head swung in the girl's direction, and for the first time he took notice of the pearly fangs that hid among her top row of teeth. There was no way he could have smelled her through all of the elven blood splattered across the grass clogging his senses, but he should have realized.]

[size11 Limping toward the trees, Vesper kept his left paw lifted and without pressure and hid himself among green leaves so that he could shift. His human form came into view, all dark hair and sun kissed skin just barely visible behind the foliage. Deep brown eyes settled onto the girl once more as he drew his left arm to his chest, his wrist undeniably broken but already healing. The way he sized her up was with less disdain than a werewolf would normally offer a blood sucker. He'd just watched her dismantle a hoard of ravenous elves single-handedly. The smart thing would be to fear her, but werewolves didn't fear much, and he was easily twice her size. He was also injured.]

[size11 [#ce0609 "Are you just gonna stand there staring at me, or are you going to find me some clothes?"] The first words from his lips were far from a thank you, in true wolf fashion. Vesper felt very exposed, having shifted too quickly to outrun the elves chasing him and shredding his clothing in the process. Surely there was a village or something close enough that the vampire could run to and bring him back anything to cover up with. As far as he knew, vampires were very fast creatures when they wanted to be. His eyebrows lifted at her again and he pulled some of the leaves closer to his body in order to hide it better. [#ce0609 "Today would be great."]]
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[center [font "Alegreya" Branches snapped under her boots and across her cheeks and arms in a relentless rhythm as Milana ran through the dense thicket of trees, her pursuers hot on her heels. The young vampire, for all the physical training her stepfather had showed her within the past few weeks, was well out of breath after the long chase. Her long black hair long since escaped her braid and was in complete disarray around her face, whipping across her vision as she propelled her legs onward heavy breath after heavy breath. Her body was covered in cuts and bruises both from the chase through the forest and from prior to it. But it didn't matter.

She had to keep moving. And her superspeed powers weren't giving Milana much headway against the psycho killer elves at her heels. God, she just needed to gain a bit of distance. . Gain more room in which she could square herself and fight back. Running as the vampire was right now, that task would be extremely difficult and she couldn't afford to waste her supply of throwing weapons, as many as she had. They were one of the only means with which she could protect herself.

Protect herself in the chaos that had swept down upon Earth and everyone on it because the werewolves suddenly decided to be smarter - or rather, more foolish - than her race, and gain the upper hand over the vampires by harnessing a power of great might. . . only to fail and doom them all. Admittedly, even in the vampire council there were people arguing for search for that same power source, but Milana's mother and her council party had seen to it that said initiative was shut down before it could get out of control. But evidently, the werewolf elders had other plans.

So here they were. With the world spiraling towards God knew what - and even that did very little to change things between vampires and werewolves. Most were still at each other's throats, even though a few were attempting to get along for the sake of the greater good. . . Or something like that. Not like it was helping anything. When the power unleashed itself out in the world, it sowed chaos and confusion everywhere. Killing living beings in some places, making them go completely nuts in others - such as the elves behind her. The usually civil and peaceful race, who got along decently with the vampires and werewolves alike, now turned into bloodthirsty savages - at least in this area that she had the luck to stumble across. While searching for a way to get back to her family after the power warped the visual perception of roads around her home area. . . And made the cell phone lines go to shit.

Her breath leaving her body in more and more laborious heaves, Milana urged her legs to leap over a log one more time. . Only for the soles of her boots to slide down a steep though short decline. She tumbled forward, only just barely catching herself from falling over completely as she heard the triumphant wild cries and ululations behind her. As fast as she could, the female regained her footing and looked around, her blue eyes missing nothing around her thanks to their sharp vampire vision, widening when they came upon something her sense of smell didn't pick up - clogged as it was by the elves' scent of violence and thirst for flesh.

A werewolf - in its wolf form - was crouching on the other side of the clearing, evidently having a hard time pushing himself up as the elves closed in on both of them, chilling smiles of anticipation on their once-beautiful faces now turned feral. Milana knew she could have fought through them and made an attempt at escape - perhaps at least some of the group that was chasing her would stay behind with their other target. She'd probably have more chance to survive that way.

Albeit Milana also knew that, werewolf or not, doing that would be an act of a coward who cared for nothing but their own skin. And while helping a werewolf in the midst of a battle was the last thing any vampire should do - when it was always said that even against a common enemy a werewolf wouldn't flinch away from throwing a vampire to the enemy's mercy in order to escape with their own life themselves - there was also such a thing as human decency. And that they were all stuck in this mess together, whoever had or hadn't caused it. Besides, the werewolf was weak and clearly having a difficult time with even remaining upright. He was unlikely to be much of a threat either against her or the elves.

Making her decision in less than a few seconds, Milana glanced at the werewolf one more time before inhaling deep and settling herself back on her heels. Her nimble hands worked free four daggers and a few throwing stars from the holsters hidden beneath her jacket, her smile sliding into a grin despite the terror she felt on the inside. Her father - stepfather technically, but with everything he had done for her and their family there was no room for anything but "father" in her feelings towards him - had always told her to smile even in the face of that which scared her the most. To hold her chin up and let herself go against that fear without holding back - to fight with everything she had. So she breathed in deep and let herself fall back onto everything he had taught her. Taught her in case time such as this situation came to pass in the unfolding danger of this new world they all lived in.

[#0000FF "You want to dance, boys? Then let's dance."] Her usually mild-mannered and sweet voice took on a tone of definite challenge and a promise of violence to come, her fangs flashing white in her grin just as the group launched forward at her.

Milana ducked the arrow that was nocked at her, sending her first knife flying straight into the chest of the elf holding the bow. She whirled again, her throwing star slitting the throat of the other elf open a second later. The third elf succeeded in shooting an arrow at her which she just barely escaped - and buried her dagger in its thigh. As the elf yelled out in pain she slit his throat with another one of her throwing stars, his hot blood spurting across her chest and neck. The foul scent of it yet another sign of how much this power was warping anything that breathed or lived, if it could make even the blood of living beings rot.

The last two elves closed in tight on her and the wolf, with their bows nocked and arrows ready to fly at the tips of their fingers. The feral, hungry grins on their faces spiking adrenaline as well as fear within her even more. This was it. If the maneuver that she had in mind didn't work, she and the wolf would be dead. This was her last shot. This or death - probably the slow, torturous kind as her body was consumed by these monsters. Death with the knowledge she'd never see her family again.

Fuck it.

Having sunk to the ground on her haunches and looked up at the hunters with a deliberate mix of panic and fear - to give them an impression that she was trapped and out of options, and about to give up - Milana threw her last dagger at the face of the elf to her left. At nearly the same moment as that, she launched herself at the elf to her right, using her speed to full advantage as she sank her last throwing star into his throat. The disgusting blood spurted out to cover her face and hair. The elf gurgled his last breath a second after him and her hit the forest floor together.

Rolling off of him and pulling the star out of his sliced neck as she did so, the vampire leapt over to his comrade who was still screaming as he pulled out her knife out of his eye, stumbling to her - only to have that same throwing star embed itself in his throat. It sent him down to the forest floor with another gurgled, high-pitched scream, a thud, and then silence.

Trying - and failing - to wipe the disgusting blood off of her face , Milana turned towards the werewolf. Her body was shaking from a mixture of adrenaline, shock, and terror, her head feeling as though it was in a fuzz. Practice was practice and reality was reality. And even though she already had to kill to save herself just the other day. . . This. . . this [i carnage] was completely different. Though they were crazed flesh-eaters who would have killed them had she not killed them first, killing [i anyone] was not something she'd ever thought she'd have to do. Not something she [i ever] wanted to do, to anyone.

Until the goddamn power fucked everything over and left her with very few choices to make if she wanted to make it alive to her family.

Breathing heavily and struggling to remain steady on her feet, Milana tried to gulp down enough air and clear her head enough to form coherent words, waiting for the wolf to respond in some way.]]
  Milana Doležal / Lindena / 3y 205d 8h 7m 59s
[size11 Vesper raced through the trees as fast as his four legs could possibly carry him, ignoring the branches that whipped at him from either side. There was one thing on his mind and one thing alone: get away from the things currently trying to kill him. Despite his enhanced stamina, the wolf wasn't sure how much longer he could keep this up. He'd already been running for a substantial amount of time and his lungs were beginning to burn, his muscles screaming for relief. But his pursuers showed no signs of slowing, and they closed in on him more and more by the moment, threatening to catch him if he even though to stop for air.]

[size11 The world was in turmoil and there were signs of it all over the place. Vesper wasn't entirely clear on all of the details, only that whatever was being planned had backfired in a catastrophic way. It had been a long time coming that this feud between his race and the blood suckers would push one side or the other to this. Everyone knew that the vampires were on the top of the food chain. Everyone revered and respected the powerful creatures while they looked upon werewolves as unruly and far too close to animals. Enough had become enough and the elders of the pack were determined to make it so that no one would ever question the power of their race ever again.]

[size11 Now the skies had darkened and the plants were dying and people were losing their minds. Vesper had never seen so much turmoil in all of his short life. Whatever the elders had unleashed to give themselves power had been stronger than they imagined, strong than they could control, and now... now everyone was paying for it. He'd been separated from the pack when symptoms arose. Wolves going crazy, locked in a permanent state of moon madness, turning fully wolf with no trace of humanity left in them. It seemed to be some kind of punishment for the things they had messed with, but he soon realized that his own kind was not the only one being effected.]

[size11 That was very clear in this moment, as he ran frantically through the woods in his brown and white wolf form, attempting to keep his footing at all costs. The elves that inhabited this forest, normally a very peaceful people that had done a lot of business with the pack, were hot on his tail. Something was wrong with them, he had seen it in their eyes. They had darkened, grown feral, and they came for him like they wanted to devour him. He was pretty sure if they caught him, that's precisely what they were going to do.]

[size11 An arrow whizzed by his head, close enough to nick one of his brown ears before lodging in a tree. A wild, inhuman cry reverberated from behind him. Vesper jumped a log and simultaneously caught one of his back legs across the top, sending himself off balance in midair so that he came crashing to the ground. The wolf tumbled down a small hill rather roughly before coming to a grinding halt in the clearing at the bottom, no longer surrounded by trees, but out in the open. The wolf backed away from the treeline, bones aching, breathing labored, and tried to push himself up as the ravenous elves closed in on him, hungry for blood.]
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