looking to do a ygo rp

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Looking for somoene to play Pharaoh Atem and be ok with cannon and oc.

We'll make a plot
No Godmodding
Be nice

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In Egypt lived a royal family that was in treaty with the main royal family. The King had granddaughters around the Prince's age so he wrote a letter to the Pharaoh in wanting to make an arrangement to make their treaty more connected.

While this was happening the Princesses were all relaxing, just enjoying their time in their home. Britt had long brown hair with purple highlights and purple eyes while her cousin had long brown hair with some red highlights and blonde highlights in her bangs with blue eyes.

The messenger from the Nile Kingdom made his way to the Main Royal families palace. The trip took three days before he arrived at the Main Royal families palace to give the Pharaoh the letter.
  Princess Britt and Hathor / BrittStalin / 2y 13d 11h 41m 32s

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