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You could practically cut the tension in the air as Josh slowly approaches Rosalind. His comment isn't accusatory nor a question, simply a fact, that the image she had been seeing truly had been from him. Though that is hardly what Rosalind focuses on, keeping her heart securely in her chest and not letting it beat out of her chest seems a bit more important.

When he asks what she could see and feel he's standing but a few inches from her, looking at her with his beautiful blue eyes. He stops shy of touching her, and waits, giving her a chance to walk away, to put distance between them again. She could, very easily, walk away and shut this down, relationships are complicated on their own, but when you're trying to lead a revolution they can be deadly.

She stares, trying to find words, feeling the attraction so clearly between them and knowing that she should walk away, for both of their sakes, to keep it simple. However, her body doesn't seem to be listening to reason, before her fingers intertwine with his [#f08080 "I feel warmth like I'm standing in direct sunlight. I feel attraction that compares to nothing, and safe beyond words. I know I shouldn't, I know that we've barely known each other for 24 hours, but I feel like I've known you for so much longer, that I can trust you and that I'd do anything to protect you. I see you and me together."] She says, taking the last step towards him, closing the distance with a small beat of the wings, lifting herself to his lips, and pressing hers softly against his.
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Was it what they’d been doing? Essentially he guessed it sounded that way, though he really hadn’t thought about it that way since it felt a little different with her.

She fluttered her wings when she paced. It was adorable, and he couldn’t help but notice that each time she went back and forth she got a little higher. That was almost secondary to listening to her talking.

“Well, it wasn’t deliberate…” Joshua mumbled at first. She had a point, they’d been acting rather intimate, though he reminded himself they almost couldn’t help it. The connection was too strong and open to properly shut each other out. Things came into his head, and he knew it was Rosalind. It was so clear. That beautiful place he’d never seen, but Rosalind had. Except there was a man, and Joshua was surprised to see what looked like him. Another version of him, with longer hair. Rose petals, and a clearly romantic mood. Then there was Rosalind under the tree, except that still felt like it was hers, even though it was his. She’d seen it?

Her head bumped the ceiling and interrupted her. He stared at her as she came down, his own face partly covered with his hand. He didn’t answer for a moment, watching her glow. She looked cute.

“You saw too.” They were both embarrassed. He pushed past that to stand up, but there was something else. He could feel attraction between them. It wasn’t just him thinking she was beautiful, she had some sort of attraction to him attached with the thoughts he could feel from her. His heart was racing. She could probably feel that he was nervous as he approached her,”How much could you see? Or feel? And now?”

It’s brief, but he thinks of the urge he has to take the last step forward and pull her into his arms. He doesn’t push it to her, not wanting to forcefully influence her like Alex tried with him, but that time he doesn’t try to hide it from her either. The air felt thick, heavy, and too warm as he waited for her response.
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Rosalind does everything in her power to keep her eyes focused on the book in front of her, but she can't help but continuously look over at Josh. The more flustered he gets, the cuter he becomes. Rosalind looks down at the book wide eyed, trying to force that thought back down. However, when he finally begins to explain psychic intimacy, she burns brightly while staring at him.

The feirce redness in her face makes it very hard to speak for a moment, but she does manage to find her words. [#f08080 "Isn't that what we've been doing Josh?"] She marks the page shes on and sets the book on the bed. Climbing off the bed, she begins to pace, unintentially fluttering her wings as she does do. [#f08080 "I mean since this connection was created we've basically been talking non-stop, sending our emotions across the connection to influence the other. We've been sharing memories and dreams. I mean it would explain the dream I had about you and the weird image that I keep seeing, not to mention that it feels really nice any time I'm around you."] The more Rosalind paces, the higher she gets.

As she talks, the memories of her dream are shared vividly with Josh, as well as the image that had been sent her way being brightly displayed in both of their minds. It's not until her head hits the ceiling that she even realizes what she's doing and saying. [#f08080 "Oh my Gods"] She says, fluttering to the ground. She covers her mouth and stares wide eyed at Josh [#f08080 "Please tell me you didn't just see what I was thinking about."] She blushes brightly again, glowing even more this time than before.
  Rosalind Hayes / bellerose1207 / 2d 2h 15m 18s
Joshua sighed,”Honestly, I don’t know if Alex is the worst thing. I think she’s right about me getting stronger, and that could be a problem.”

He watched her get a text book and look through it. A block might work. If Alex was still stronger than him, she might be able to tear it down, but with Rosalind even if she was still stronger the block might be too tough for her. The thing was, Joshua didn’t seem able to block Rosalind, at least not fully. Maybe it was the fairy magic. What if she saw things? He rubbed his head, again pushing away the image of her under the tree. The little rays of light on her hair, the warm smile looking up at him, and the look in her eyes. It was clearer. It was a memory of Alex, but he could more clearly picture Rosalind there instead. Why had he put Rosalind there in the first place? He couldn’t remember, and didn’t want to bring it up.

What is psychic intimacy? Joshua looked up, and his cheeks flushed. She was blushing. Of course. It was an awkward subject. He thought back to Alex being in his head, the fog, and again the nearly daydream of Rosalind. The picture was stuck in his head, and wouldn’t leave him alone.

He tried to push that away and explain,”Well, it’s not technically allowed, but it is. You know how psychics aren’t allowed to use their powers without approval, especially on others? Well, when people get… close enough, it’s sort of unavoidable for psychics. So no one really cares. Sooo…”

Joshua paused, rubbing the back of his head. It ached still, but more than that he was blushing furiously and avoiding eye contact, instead staring at the wall,”For couples we get into each others heads on purpose. Share thoughts, and sort of… influence each other. Usually, uh… toward, you know… intimate stuff. And we’ll project thoughts or memories, like remembering dates or stuff. Kisses.” It felt so awkward telling her. Worse because that daydream flashed again, only this time his hand was on Rosalind’s cheek. He tried to push on, hoping she couldn’t see any of the random thoughts floating through his head, like his fingers running through pink hair. “So it’s kind of like making out, I guess. But in a psychic way.”

He covered his face partly with one hand, trying to hide how red his face was. He felt like his cheeks were burning hot,”So yeah, that was my ex trying to make out with me. It didn’t go too well for her though.”

Didn’t go well for Alex because Joshua had started thinking of Rosalind, but now he couldn’t get Rosalind out of his head. And he really hoped Rosalind hadn’t noticed.
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There is a sharpness to Alex's eyes as she snuggles up against Josh, like the fierce look a feline gets while hunting. It takes every ounce of self control Rosalind has to keep herself calm and still, refusing to fall for the petty game that Alex is playing. The worst of it comes when she mentions psychic intimacy with a purr in her voice. The most reaction she gives is when she looks over at Josh, remembering how the rose petals felt under her feet. She remembers how complete she felt when she was inches away from being wrapped into his arms.

As Alex leaves the room, Rosalind feels the fog lift, leaving nothing but a very dull throb of a headache she can't quite place. She assumes that it's coming from her connection with Josh, based on the pained look on his face. She can't help but feel relief from feeling their connection again, but as she looks at Josh she sees the unfocused look in his eyes. There is a brief flash of her near a tree that comes through their connection, but she pays no mind to it as she simply rushes to his side. She tries to hold him up while leading him over to his bed. [#f08080 "Easy there, let's sit down first."] She says, knowing that they will have to talk, but wanting to make sure that he's okay first.

[#f08080 "I just seem to be having a bit of a glowing problem, but your Alex problem seems a lot worse than mine, so why don't we try and focus on that first."] She says, looking around his room for some kind of psychic text book. Finding one on his desk, she turns around and finds a good spot to sit on his bed. "I don't know much about psychics, but I do know that they can put up blocks, and between the two of us I'm sure there is enough power to put one of those up and block her out. I'm sure this book will have something on that."] She says flipping through the books index.

As she finds the pages needed for psychic blocks an image of her standing under a tree comes back to mind. However this time the image lingers, showing her staring up lovingly at the person whose perspective the image comes from. The image causes her to flush a deep red and look away from the book and at Josh. [#f08080 "What is psychic intimacy?"] she can't stop herself from asking.
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Joshua was surprised at Rosalind revealing that Alex was in the rebellion. It made sense, given what he knew about how she felt about the system.

He felt Rosalind push into his head past the fog Alex had over him. Alex wasn’t letting go though, and Joshua hesitated to force her out. Top secret? Joshua was confused. Mind control. Was Alex controlling him, or was he just letting her? Rosalind was pushing, but Alex wasn’t budging. Feeling the two of them trying to shove the other out of his head was making his head throb.

Alex seemed to weigh her options. She couldn’t irritate someone like Rosalind too much, she still needed her place in the rebellion. At the same time, Joshua was too good of a catch to pass up. He had the potential to be powerful enough to help her.

“Do you know a lot about psychics, General?” Playing dumb wasn’t going to work. Joshua was in on the rebellion now. Rosalind was questioning her loyalty too. Alex didn’t like that. “Well, I’m sure you can ask Josh all about it. As for absences, well, you know. Better to miss a few meetings than risk us all getting caught, right?”

Alex snuggled her head against his shoulder possessively, smirking at Rosalind. Inside his head Joshua could hear Alex,[i “I’ll want to talk to you later, Josh darling. Show me how strong you are. You’re hiding it, but you can’t forever.”]

Joshua shifted, looking away from Alex. He didn’t know how much stronger he was, but he could feel the change. He was getting stronger. Alex waited a second, as if hoping for something, before she let go of Joshua’s hand and head,”See you tonight, then. Have fun explaining psychic intimacy.”

Joshua’s head hurt. Even with the fog lifted and Alex leaving he still felt almost dizzy. His head was swimming with thoughts. Alex and Rosalind were both in the rebellion. He was stronger and Alex knew. Alex wanted him back more than he thought. And why had he been thinking of kissing Rosalind with Alex in his head?

He put his hand on his head and backed up to sit down on his bed,”Sorry about…” He let that trail off, looking for words. His head was still throbbing uncomfortably, but he looked at Rosalind. She looked beautiful, healthy and glowing. His search for words ended. He buried the thought when it popped up, a clearer picture of Rosalind under the tree where Alex had been, in his arms and smiling. She’d come to talk, and he didn’t want to make her too uncomfortable,”Uh… you wanted to… talk?”
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The moment the door opens, Rosalind is staring not only at Josh, but the girl from her dream as well. The way her eyes shine as she leans against Josh causes something to boil deep inside of her, not to mention the way she leans against him. She gives a polite nod, reigning in the beast rolling around inside her as she walks into the room.

Once safely inside she lowers the hood to her jacket and turns on the two of them. [#f08080 “It’s good to see you again Captain Alex. I’m afraid General Sneachta reported that you haven’t been to the last few meetings. I’m glad that I was able to find you, we were hoping to make sure that you hadn’t gotten distracted or into any trouble.”] Rosalind says her face stoic and her tone very professional. She holds Alex’s pink eyes daring her to look away or make a false move under her gaze.

For a moment Alex seems to flinch slightly, the glimmer in her eyes dimming just a bit before she manages to perfectly put on a look of innocence, looking over at Josh [#C71585 “I’m sorry, I don’t think I know what you mean? Who are you again?”] She asks, leaning even more against him, their intertwined hands going behind her back. Her tone comes off in a mixture of concern and arrogance, clearly thinking that she has all of the cards in this situation.

Rosalind smiles a bit, forcing herself into Josh’s mind, hoping that her presence will allow him the free will she thinks he might be missing. She takes off her jacket and tosses it onto Josh’s bed, unfolding her wings and standing just a bit taller [#f08080 “I’m terribly sorry, let me properly introduce myself. I’m General Awen, and as I’m sure you know Captain when you don’t report in us generals tend to get a bit worried that you might have strayed from our mission. I’m glad that I was able to run into you today to make sure you are aware of our meeting tonight at the great oak tree. You also don’t have to worry about Joshua; he has been fully briefed on the situation and recruited to our cause. I recommend that you attend tonight’s meeting, any additional absences and you will have to be demoted. We only reward and rely on those that are worthy of our trust. Now if you will please leave, I have classified information that I have to discuss with Joshua.”] Rosalind says nodding towards the door behind Alex. [#f08080 “Oh, I would also recommend not imposing your will on others in the group. We frown upon mind control, if you understand what I mean.”] Rosalind adds, giving her a knowing smile, pushing very hard on her connection with Josh, doing her best to push Alex out of his mind.

The longer that Alex leans against Joshua the more rage Rosalind feels rolling around inside of her. While she’s telling herself that she’s upset simply because of the fact that she’s forcing herself onto him and taking away his control, she knows that isn’t the full truth.
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Something bad? He didn’t know what Rosalind meant. But he had to deal with Alex right now. He approached warily. She had this little smirk, like she was getting something she wanted. She had adorable, delicate features, and of course the enchanting pink eyes. Joshua wondered what she was getting at,”So why do you care? It shouldn’t matter to you what sort of chip they’ll put in my head.”

Alex reached for his hands, managing to grab them before he could jerk back,”Joshy, darling, of course I care.”

He tried to pull his hands out of hers, but he could feel her pushing in his mind. Not as forceful as before, not trying to push but more like she was soothing him. He found himself relaxing, and his head felt more foggy. It took effort to keep himself sharp and suspicious of Alex. He knew she was manipulating his head, but it was hard to resist. Part of him didn’t want to. The rest of him knew that if he did, he would soon be talking with Dr. Dupree.

“Good boy. Sit down here, we can have a nice chat before I have to go.”

Joshua sat down next to her, noting how she didn’t let go of him. He was on the edge of pushing her away, but the threat of Dr. Dupree kept him from fighting her too much. He needed to know what she was after. “So what do you want from me?”

Alex smiled, leaning closer,”I want you, darling. I miss you, and I want you back. Don’t you want things back to how they were? You and me.”

In his head he could see it. What she wanted him to see. The two of them together, holding hands and walking. Kissing her under a tree. Was it Alex? For a moment it wasn’t Alex in his arms, it was pink hair, the feeling of sunshine, and the smell of flowers. Rosalind? It was a vague, fuzzy impression, overlaid onto Alex. Alex laughed, and the picture was gone,”Who is that, Josh?”

“No one.” He tried to pull his hand back, but Alex held on and leaned closer.

Someone knocked at the door, drawing Alex’s attention. Joshua knew it was Rosalind before she even spoke. “Rosalind, is it? Is she the one? Do I have competition for you now? I really shouldn’t have let you go, darling.”

“Leaver her alone, Alex.”

“I have to let her in, don’t I? You don’t want to leave her out there… What if your RA comes by?” Alex had a smirk. Joshua glared. He stood up, and Alex followed. She kept hold of one of his hands while Joshua opened the door for Rosalind. As Joshua opened his mouth to ask her in, Alex interrupted, leaning on Joshua’s shoulder in a familiar way,”Rosalind, is it? I’m Alex. Come on in.”

[i “Exotic taste, Josh. She’s cute. You don’t like human girls?”] Alex’s voice resonated in his head.
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Rosalind listens to Josh's voice and feels an unusual tickle on the back of her neck. Not knowing why, Rosalind feels like something is wrong and immediately gets up. She pulls on some running shoes and a baggy jacket with a large hood, pulling it over her vibrant pink hair. [i [#f08080 "Josh, is something wrong? I don't know how but I think something bad is going to happen."]] Rosalind folds her wings into her back, wincing slightly as she does so. She steps out into the hallway and practically runs right into her RA.

It only takes one look over Rosalind's attire for the RA to hand over her access key and step out of her way. Rosalind smiles and takes off running throughout the halls, making a mental note to thank her later that night.

She doesn't understand how, but she knows that she's heading straight for Josh, like some invisible thread pulling her towards him. The closer she gets to him the better she feels, that is until a low humming begins somewhere in the back of her head. It's almost like something or someone is putting a fog over their connection and preventing her from reaching him.

She closes her eyes and leans against a wall, focusing on nothing but him for a moment. She can see him standing in his dorm with the girl from her dream. Not just that but a captain from the organization. This causes a heat to boil deep inside of Rosalind somewhere. She holds onto her connection with josh as tightly as she can and lets it guide her straight to his dorm.

She stands there, panting slightly, but doesn't stop. She rapidly knocks on the door, [#f08080 "Josh, it's Rosalind, let me in. I need to talk to you."] She hears the sound of two people talking behind the door before it opens.
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She was glowing again. How? He hadn’t touched her this time. But then again, pushing Alex away he’d felt a surge of power. It seemed gone now, but he didn’t feel strained from the force of fighting Alex. That was odd. Alex was supposed to be stronger than him by ranking. [i “Yeah, she was probably trying to influence me. I’m not sure what happened either. Um, I’m not sure if I can but I can try. Technically lunch is almost over but I’m taking a nap break. We’re allowed to take them just about any time, but we’re not supposed to leave the dorm.”]

Joshua tried to explain and ignore Alex, who was walking with him quietly and watching him curiously. Once they had some distance on the cafeteria she finally spoke up,”Well well, you’re getting stronger, Josh. What was that?”

“I’m not getting stronger.” Joshua frowned, and kept walking at a quicker pace. It wasn’t like he could outrun her without looking weird, and she wasn’t giving up.

Alex kept up with him and smiled,”Mhmm. Sure. So…”

She fell quiet as they reached the dorm, and Joshua got to his room. Joshua took the quiet moment to reach for Rosalind again, trying to not let her feel too much of his irritation about Alex following,[i “Alex is walking me back too. Once I get rid of her maybe we can meet somehow.”]

When Joshua tried to close the door, muttering a goodbye to Alex, Alex stuck her foot in and leaned in,”Not so fast, darling. I want to talk to you about that power you used. It’s more than you could do before, I know it. You can tell me, or you can talk to Dr. Dupree.”

Joshua went pale, suddenly very afraid. That would mean a detailed evaluation, they would find out about Rosalind and with that surge in power he was worried he might be stronger. It could bump him up to a B rank or more. He hesitated before opening the door to let Alex in and shutting it behind her. [i “Rosalind, I can’t get rid of her just yet. Hang on.”]

He didn’t know what Alex wanted. She’d always been trying to date powerful psychics. Her interest in him had always baffled him, Joshua didn’t think he was strong and his rank was sort of low. Alex always told him he had potential though, until she got frustrated and dumped him. Alex made herself comfortable and sat on Joshua’s bed,”Alright. So, you’re getting stronger and you don’t want anyone to know. You’re still scared of that little chip, aren’t you? Is that why you’re hiding it?”
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 9d 10h 30m 13s
For a moment the pain starts to get stronger before it is pushed out with a sudden rush of power coming at her from Joshua. She can’t tell if she imagined it or not, but she thinks she even felt herself lift off the floor for a brief second. With her vision clearing and the pain gone, Rosalind stares down at her slightly glowing hands. She sits there on the ground, staring at her hands, waiting to hear from Josh, hoping that she didn’t hurt him by drawing power from him.

When she does finally hear from him, she sighs in relief. She pushes herself to a standing and walks over to her mirror and looks over herself. Her hair is fuller, the bags under her eyes are gone and the slight glow of the sun is radiating off of her. [#f08080 “I’m alright, I really need to get my hands on that book. I don’t know what you just did, but I am glowing again. Are you alright though? She was trying to get in your head? Why would she be trying to do that? Do you think you have enough time to come over and talk during your break? It’s great to always be able to talk like this, but I could use some face to face to try and figure this out what we need to do in situations like this.”] She says walking over to her desk and sitting down. She opens up her laptop and begins to search through the library catalog for all information on fae magic and the effects it can have.

She can’t find much, this is the worst part about fae traditions and rituals being shared mostly by word of mouth.
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Joshua thought Rosalind was sweet for wanting to help him feel less awkward. Alex was pushing things with her hands still laid out on the table toward Joshua, and Ethan seemed uselessly oblivious. He was eating and chatting,”Oh yeah, you should definitely take care of it before you get a bad headache. We’re allowed as many breaks as needed to attend to headaches or other problems, so if you need to you should. Just be sure to tell the RA…”

Ethan continued, and Joshua tuned him out a bit. He knew how breaks worked by now. His head was starting to really feel off though. Like a pressure, not really a headache. Almost at the same time he heard Rosalind he heard Alex’s voice, much more faint than Rosalind’s. In his head, but muffled.

[i “Sweetie, you know you want to let me in. Come on, just relax.”] It was a soft, inviting purr accompanied by the pressure of her pushing her way in as far as she could. He could see her face, both in front of him and projected in his head. Seeing double, to confuse him and get him to lower his defenses. He could feel Rosalind’s pain too. This was hurting her too?

[i “What’s wrong? You used to love this. Oh, who—”] The discomfort to him he could tolerate. Hurting Rosalind by getting in his head though? That made him mad.

[i “GET OUT!”] He pushed back mentally hard, harder than he’d meant. Alex clearly looked startled and had to grab the table to keep from falling over, and the lunch trays had all shifted away from him suddenly, and spilled most of the liquid. Ethan looked puzzled,”Uh…”

Joshua stood up quickly,”Sorry, didn’t mean to. Head hurts and I wasn’t hungry anymore. I [i really] need to go lay down.”

Ethan just nodded, frowning a little,”Sure, man. Just be careful, we’re not supposed to—”

“Ethan, sweetie, he knows.” Alex rubbed his shoulder gently with a smile,”You’re so sweet looking out for Josh. I’ll go ahead and walk him to the dorm to make sure he gets there okay, and you can get his tray. He really doesn’t look so good.”

Joshua didn’t, and he looked even worse hearing that Alex was going to walk with him. There was no objection though, since while Joshua just started walking, Alex got up to go with him while Ethan mumbled some agreement with Alex. Joshua walked faster, reaching out to Rosalind again in the silent moments as they exited the cafeteria,[i “Are you alright? I’m sorry. That was Alex. She was trying to get in my head.”]
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Rosalind can tell that he's holding something back, but for the first time since they touched it seems to be working, she actually feels just the slightest bit of ease from his overwhelming flow of emotions [#f08080 [i "Well I'm still sorry that it's awkward at all. I wish I could do something to make it feel less awkward."]] She takes a deep breath and climbs out of bed, choosing to no longer force herself to sleep and instead changes into some yoga appropriate clothes.

She centers herself in the small rays of sunshine and begins a simple yoga routine while mentally scheduling her day. She knows that her day will be shorter than normal with the fact that she only has one class to attend today, but she has the meeting at two in the morning that will likely keep her for a while leaving the rest of her day to homework.

Even with thinking of her days schedule, she keeps getting distracted by her dream. The way Josh's eyes shimmer with power pulling her towards him and inches from being wrapped in the warmth of his arms, as if his body heat would be enough to satisfy all of her needs. The pure bliss on his face as he watched her flitter towards him was completely captivating, up until the half elf walked in and his bliss was twisted into a painful confusion. When she turned towards the elf and met her eyes it was as if the whole world was consumed by the pink in her eyes.

Rosalind comes back to reality when a sudden and sharp pain rips through her skull, threatening to over come her [#f08080 [i "Josh? Are you okay? Is someone trying to reach into your mind or something?"]] She finds herself on the floor holding her head in her hands, as if she could physically hold it together. She has no idea how she knows that someone's trying to enter his mind but somehow she can tell that's what's happening. Her eye sight is blurry and she's doing her best to stay breathing evenly but it's to no avail.
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Alex was looking at him expectantly. Ethan didn’t even seem to notice just how intense she was staring at Joshua. Joshua nodded,”Tonight, yeah.”

Alex clapped her hands,”Perfect. I’ll get the girls together, and Ethan you can ask Tom and James. It’ll be so good to have all of us together again.”

She had a pretty smile, but Joshua knew her well enough to see that she was up to something. What she was saying wasn’t the whole picture. But there was Rosalind. Joshua was feeling something from her, and then she pushed some comfort. He turned his head down to focus on his food,[i “No. Not exactly. Alex is here. Awkward but nothing too awful. Sorry again for waking you.”]

Within his own turmoil it was hard to pick out what exactly was Rosalind. She connected with him in a way he wasn’t used to, one he had a harder time blocking. He nibbled on his food, reaching out to Rosalind carefully. He didn’t want to spy, but he was curious. He also didn’t want Rosalind to see the mixed attraction and anger about Alex.

He caught a vague flash of someplace he’d never seen, full of so many magic people and creatures. Things blurred, but he smelled roses and the burning of candles. He saw a dark haired figure, then Alex’s face. Alex? From Rosalind’s head? He was confused, and wondered how Rosalind knew Alex. Joshua doubted he should ask, since talking about Alex clearly made Rosalind feel something. Not a great something.

He was jerked out of that by seeing Alex’s hand reaching for his. He jerked away and looked up at her, startled. Alex smiled in a way meant to be sweet but she was clearly a little irritated,”Josh, are you alright? You don’t look great. Headache?”

Headaches were pretty common for psychics. He didn’t have one at the moment, but he nodded anyway,”Yeah. I’m fine, probably just need some water. Or a nap.”
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 22d 5h 25m 57s
The flood of conflicted emotions comes from both sides for Rosalind, landing her in a complicated situation. Does she confront Josh on his feelings, only to have to explain her own, or does she let things be and merely leave it alone? She sits up and fittles with her hair, trying to figure out exactly what she should do.

Knowing that her silence might cause red flags on it's own, she decides to go with subtlety [i [#f08080 "No, it's okay, I'm use to waking up a bunch of times during the day anyway. Is everything okay with your room mate though? He's not talking your ear off about Alex is he? It must be weird if he is."]] She admits to him, doing her best to send as much comfort and strength his way as possible. Just because her feelings are a train wreck right now doesn't mean she isn't going to do everything in her power to be there for him and help him out when he's in trouble.

She slowly and calmly tries to go over her dream, hoping that the images in her head don't filter over to Josh as she does so. She was back in the sanctuary, which is totally normal, it's the one place she felt truly free and safe. She was The Summer Maiden, which she is, so that's just pulling from her reality. She felt something was missing, also just pulling from reality, even if it was a different kind of missing. The romantic scene with Josh though is where things become confusing.

She shakes her head and tries to take a deep and steadying breath. Surely it wasn't because of Josh that the scene was romantic. It's far more likely that it was romantic because she hasn't been on a date in almost three years and she is just feeling really lonely She's just projecting her desire for romance onto the strongest connection she has, which currently is with Josh. She sighs, finally feeling relaxed, glad to have found a reason for the whole dream.
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