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Joshua sighed and ruffled the hair on the top of his head. It was already a bit of a mess, and his ruffling only made it stick out a little differently. Humanoid size would be practically impossible to hide if they got that big. “Oh. Sorry about that.”

So that was the specifics of it. He felt a bit bad for distracting her and making a mess like this. But was this what she was capable of by accident? That was impressive. Joshua looked at the creatures in her lap. They were pretty cute now, but what would they look like bigger? “Sounds good to ask. I’d offer to hide them, since I don’t have pixie dust, except I have a roommate who would freak out and report it.”

He scooted a little closer to her, his head tilted slightly. His mind was turning over something as he looked at the creatures. Joshua leaned his head against Rosalind’s shoulder, the gears in his mind turning even as he thought the questions to her,[i “Humanoid size or bigger? What’s the purpose then? Would they defend you? Sorry, just wondering if they might be helpful when things happen.”]
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 2h 28m 19s
Rosalind watches as Josh lifts the knocked over jar of pixie dust and attempt to get as much pixie dust back into the container as possible. She focuses on the pixie dust being put in and exactly how much had been knocked out and used. It’s not too much, but it’s enough to make each of the previously palm sized creatures turn into cat sized creatures. She can feel concern washing over her, but she’s not sure if it’s her own or Josh’s not that it even matters at this point. She climbs off of the bed and moves over to the creatures, lifting them up and off of the floor and places them on the bed.

She grabs her broom and dustpan and sweeps up the small particles that Josh missed and throws it away. She plops back down on the bed and pulls the creatures into her laps, trying to figure out how to keep them in control during this painfully long month before they no longer need to hide. [#f08080 “I honestly have no idea what to do. They can keep growing till they are humanoid size; some creatures can grow even bigger than that, it’s dependent on the strength of the spell. I was sitting here practicing and trying to create a single one of these. I managed to get it almost perfect but then you reached out to me and I lost concentration. I thought it meant that the spell failed, because the creature in my hand fell apart, it wasn’t until a bit later that I looked up and saw all of these things just roaming around the room. I’m going to have to bring them to the meeting tonight, maybe another general will know what to do, or a seer may give me some advice on hiding them.”] Rosalind says as she runs her fingers over the leafy fur of one of the creatures
  Rosalind Hayes / bellerose1207 / 2d 17h 40m 33s
[i “Mm, I see. I wonder if I’ve met him then. I guess we’ll find out. It makes sense not wanting to talk about school really.”] The talking was working well enough. He could keep his mind on it, at least mostly. Her heartbeat was soothing to listen to.

He was about to answer about the project she she suddenly moved. Joshua sat up, looking where she was. The little plant creatures had gotten into something. Something magical at that. They were growing.

[i “Mischievous.”] The thought came out almost without him realizing it.

They could be little trouble makers, clearly. The problem with that was that they were now getting big enough to get into bigger trouble. “Uh, Rosalind? How are you going to manage them for the next month? Especially if they get bigger?”

As he talked he also cleaned. The jar hovered up, and what he could get of the pixie dust was being poured inside. It seemed best that they not be allowed into more, if it could be helped. How big could they get? Too big to hide? “How did you end up with them again?”
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 3d 5h 50m 54s
Rosalind could easily understand the draw of desire he’s talking about not being distracted by. She could almost imagine his hands touching her skin in places that haven’t been touched in quite a long time. She could simply pull him off her chest and bring his lips to hers and that would allow more than an ample amount of distraction, but she has never been one to rush into a physical connection before, let alone a relationship. Even as they lay there, cuddled to each other and in a blissful peace, Rosalind realizes that they haven’t actually determined that they are in a relationship. This is almost enough to cause worry in Rosalind, but she knows that even if they haven’t established that they are in a committed relationship that there isn’t anything that they wouldn’t do for each other. Including josh attempting to keep them focused on the tasks at hand.

[#f08080 [i “Yeah, my brother is a teacher here, his fae blood took on troll like abilities, so he’s basically a strong arm, and I want to say he teaches some of the defense classes during the day. But I don’t know exactly what he teaches to be honest; we don’t typically talk about school when we get together. School acts more like the cover that we both know is something going on in the others life, but not actually a part of our reality.”]] She admits, thinking about the project again, anything to keep her mind from wondering back to the obvious distractions available.

[#f08080 “I think what we could do as far as the project is concerned, is that I could do the crafts part and then you could write up the facts on note cards. That way we are both working on stuff together but we are working on what we are best at.”] Rosalind says before looking over at the little creatures just in time to watch them knock over one of the many jars of pixie dust and then jump into it. Rosalind tries to move to stop them, but it’s already too late, they are growing and evolving, becoming creatures far larger than previously.
  Rosalind Hayes / bellerose1207 / 4d 59m 59s
Her hand in his hair felt nice. It was soothing while he listened to her. That did sound rough, not knowing when the plans would turn to action. He’d resigned himself to his fate as a psychic a while ago, though reluctantly. Joshua hadn’t had any hope of getting out of that life for a long time.

When she pulled him back to lie down with her, his mind wandered to kissing her. He pushed the thought down, his own face going red. She thought he smelled nice? He kept still, his arm resting over her. “You smell good to.”

It sounded awkward for him to say it, or he thought so anyway. [i “Psychic relationships can get intense fast. With the strong connection especially. We probably shouldn’t get too… distracted.”]

Joshua shifted slightly, pulling her closer,[i “We do still have to finish this project, right? So, your brother is a teacher here? What does he teach?”]

It was an attempt to keep his mind from wandering back to more distracting thoughts. If he let it go down that path it was sure to seep through and affect her.
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 4d 4h 30m 0s
Rosalind can’t help but laugh when he requests for something to do, she wasn’t planning on doing the project all by herself, but she can definitely see how it might seem like that’s what she meant. She adjusts slightly when Josh puts his head on her shoulder to allow for him to do so comfortably. She has to try hard to focus on the paperwork in front of her not to get distracted by the intoxicating scent coming off of him. It’s warm and musky but it wraps around her like a cocoon of desire. [#f08080 [i “I definitely understand that, at least you’re lucky enough to come in during the last month. Think about not knowing when the revolution would begin when you join, or having to climb the ranks to find out any information at all. When I joined I had been going to school for about 2 years at that point and was beginning to resign myself to a life without hope when Farley found me. She immediately recognized me as the opposite to her abilities and brought me under her wing. She made me her special case and trained me in everything she knew. When she told me about the rebellion I was ready to die for the cause that moment, I was bull headed and almost slipped up, but then I met some of the Seer’s and they did a private reading for me.

“They told me that all good things come from a patient and long journey across the ocean and that dry land will find me only when I recognize the waters in which I stand. I had no idea what they meant and I didn’t for several years, but at the beginning of the last year I ended up finding my brother. He had been out of school for some time and had been working with the rebellion out in the semi free world, before he came here as a teacher. I was so thankful for him being here and he brought news of the unrest outside of the schools. I didn’t even realize that it was the answers that I was looking for until I heard them.”]] Isabella admits while stroking Josh’s hair.

She tosses the notebook onto the ground and lies back on the bed, pulling Josh down with her. She positions it so his head is lying on her chest so that she can continue to play with his hair. The creatures have begun occupying themselves among the piles of books on the other side of the room. [#f08080 “You make it pretty hard to stay focused as well, you smell really good.”] She admits, blushing a bit as she does so.
  Rosalind Hayes / bellerose1207 / 5d 15h 27m 7s
End of the month? That sounded soon, but also painfully far. Waiting was going to be torture, especially once he knew the plans. [i “Too bad. I was hoping to be able to skip homework.”]

Joshua was only half joking. He laughed, scooting closer and leaning his head on her shoulder to look at her sketch book,”You’ve got to give me [i some] of the work. Especially if we’re not doing the lazy thing.”

Her sketches looked good though. They could probably manage it, and it might even be fun if they did the actual making of the props together. A brief image of Rosalind smiling, paper and glue on her cheek, flashed in his mind. He didn’t bother to hide it. [i “I think you’ll probably win on the crafts. But that’s a good point. Get to know the system you want to take down well.”]

Rosalind smelled good. That was probably why his mind was starting to wander more when he leaned against her. Thinking of her in the sunshine, happy. Her hair tickled his nose a little, and he brushed it away, but didn’t move his head. [i “You make it hard to stay focused, though.”]
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 6d 17h 24m 2s
Rosalind was already envisioning exactly how they could make some of the props, air dry clay being her favorite option. She can’t help but chuckle when Josh admits preferring the lazy option to the one requiring extra work. Rosalind looks up and is just about to explain her ideas to him when his voice comes from his mind rather than his mouth. She softens, understanding exactly how he feels and just how trying it can be to sit here and do trivial things such as homework with a revolution just on the horizon. [#f08080 [i “It’s not going to be too much longer, I swear. I really should wait till the meeting tonight, but we have plans in work to claim the school towards the end of this month, unfortunately that’s after this project is due so we still have to do it.”]]

Rosalind puts her hand over his and gives it a soft squeeze [#f08080 “I was thinking about getting some air dry clay to make a few items, then there is papier-mâché for some of the larger items, like staffs and such. All of which I don’t mind making myself, gods know I’ve got the time.”] She chuckles, grabbing her sketch book from her bag and showing him some of the designs she’s already got for the items she was planning to make, which include a staff, a crystal ball, fae rocks, talismans, and a few hex bags. [#f08080 “I know it’s a lot of work to do, but since they caught me I’ve always gone above and beyond to ensure that I don’t get in trouble. I’ve always been very dedicated in school, [i probably because I’ve always known that I would rebel against it and thought it was better to know my enemy before I did that.”]]
  Rosalind Hayes / bellerose1207 / 7d 20h 13m 50s
“I should with some more practice. It’s like… Trying to control a fire hose when you’re used to a garden hose. Something like that.” He laughed,”Hard to describe. But getting the homework out of the way sounds good.”

Joshua sat down next to her, not too enthusiastic about the project, but willing to get it out of the way as soon as possible. “Huh, that might be interesting. So, what kind of visual examples were you thinking? Because honestly, I don’t mind being lazy and going the power point route. When it comes to writing work I really tend to do the bare minimum.”

He smiled, glancing at her outline. It sure felt like she was doing most of the work for the project though. Part of him wished they wouldn’t need to even turn it in. That they wouldn’t be stuck hiding in the school for much longer. Ever since bonding with Rosalind, Joshua was starting to feel more and more eager to change things. To find some better way than the strictly controlled fates chosen for each of them. Her strong desire for freedom was infectious. In his head he asked quietly,[i “How much longer do you think we’ll have to do this?”]
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 8d 23h 23m 59s
Rosalind giggles as she watches the bag float to the ground; she pulls herself up and onto her bed. [#f08080 “Well, hopefully you are able to have enough control over your powers that emotional flare ups don’t cause you to lose control, because just like emotions are unpredictable battle is as well.”] Rosalind’s feet don’t even touch the ground as she sits on the side of her normal height bed. Now that they are free from the bed, the small creatures have crawled out from her bag and up and onto Rosalind.

Rosalind pulls out her binder from her bag and pats the open spot beside her on her bed. [#f08080 “So I figured we could go ahead and get the homework portion knocked out first and foremost. While I was awake earlier in the day I put together a bit of a format to arrange things in, detailing what would be the most important to include in each topic for the different jobs. I was thinking that instead of doing a power point like everyone else is going to we could use visual examples for what some of the jobs used. Put on a little show for them instead of just reading off a power point.”] Rosalind suggests while showing him the outline she had worked on earlier.
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She was excited, but he maintained his own calm as best he could. Spikes of emotion could cause his power to act up. It was the last thing they needed for now, with the possibility of a solution hours away.

Joshua expected Rosalind’s room to be… well, more like her or something. Have some personality. It looked pretty plain, at least until the pixie dust settled. He blinked, startled, and then saw all the books and maps, the containers and all the things that seemed more like they belonged in Rosalind’s room.

“Surprisingly well. It was… easy with you there. To stay calm.” He walked over, slightly amused to see her take off her shoes and lose that extra height. Joshua was on the tall side for a human. “We’re supposed to meditate and keep calm, because calm is control. Emotion is strong, but unpredictable.”

He tilted his head,”I sound like one of my teachers.”

Joshua pulled off his bag, and let go of it. Instead of just falling, it stayed there before gently floating to rest on the floor near the door,”It’s also weird. I barely had to think about that at all. It feels like I could end up doing all kinds of things with so little effort.”
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 9d 23h 44m 8s
Rosalind does her best to keep calm, but her heart is pounding in anticipation as she nods and leads Josh through the school and to her dorm room. She knows that he can feel her excitement, but she manages to keep her appearance under control as she silently takes turns throughout the school. She leads them to the dorm quickly, unlocking the door and revealing her seemingly plain dorm room. There is little personalization to the room, but once the door to her room is closed, Rosalind lifts her leg and gets a pinch of pixie dust from the heel of her boot and blows it at Josh. Once it has settles over him, it reveals the stacks of magical tombs stacked around the room, maps pinned to the wall, potions and containers filled with unusual ingredients as well as tons of pixie dust.

[#f08080 “So this is my room.”] Rosalind says as she walks over to her bed and lets the little creatures crawl out of her bag and turns to Josh. [#f08080 “So, how are you doing? You did really well at keeping it together in class, but how are you adjusting to the new level of magic in your system?”] Rosalind says as she slowly takes her shoes off. With her shoes off she shrinks an additional 4 inches. Fae creatures are typically very short, so a lot of them tend to wear heeled shoes to compensate; Rosalind is not immune to the short height.
  Rosalind Hayes / bellerose1207 / 10d 17h 13m 45s
“That sounds good. I think we have what we need from the library, so it’ll be easier to talk to plan in your room.”

It was logical. That would be the official reason, but the project wasn’t the only thing they could talk about more freely in her room. They could figure out powers, and talk over the rest of the plan for that night. Joshua smiled at Rosalind,”So if that’s settled, lead the way.”

He would wait to ask anything until later. Asking in her head just then, walking in halls with other students, was a good way to get distracted and make someone suspicious.
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 11d 18h 30m 48s
Rosalind is in shock by the Seer's reaction. The Seer's are the one's mostly in charge of the revolution, always talking behind closed doors, only sharing bits and pieces with anyone else. Expect for with the One true General, who no one truly knows who that is.

Rosalind follows Josh out of the classroom, doing her best to focus her attention on what he's saying. He's having dinner with Alex and a few others, and he wants to actually study. For a brief moment, Rosalind feels like her head is actually spinning, but she does her best to keep the discomfort off of her face.

[#f08080 "I don't have another class till around 10 so if you'd be cool with it, we could head back to my dorm to study before you head out to dinner. If not we could always go to the library. I can't go outside just yet, too much sunlight still, but once it gets dark we could always go sit in the courtyard."] She smiles as she easily falls into step besides him. Rosalind keeps her hand in her bag, allowing the creatures to cling to her fingers once again.
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Joshua focused on his notes, or tried to. The newfound sensations intrigued him, but he found himself feeling less overwhelmed than he thought. The initial surprise wore out into a sort of calm curiosity. He could feel Rosalind’s calmness, which seemed to bleed into his head. It was welcome feeling, so he just let it be. Her hand on his leg came as a bit of a surprise, but Joshua tried not to visibly react. At least not that the rest of the class would notice. He put his hand over hers for a little bit before returning to his somewhat lazy note taking.

Once class ended, Joshua wordlessly followed Rosalind, feeling all the jumbled auras slip away. All except the teachers, which seemed to shimmer like her eyes. Impossible to pin down to any specific color.

Joshua stood frozen for several seconds, not sure what she meant exactly. The low voice made it clear it was important, and the way she held his wrist. This path was the best for him? He nodded slightly, managing to respond,”Uh, thank you.”

The willow tree. So she knew, and was in on it. Of course she was. She probably knew a [i lot] about everything going on, but likely said very little. He’d heard Seers were like that, often keeping most of what they knew to themselves.

Joshua glanced at the pass on his way out before looking at Rosalind and asking casually in case anyone heard as they left the room,”So, what’s your plan on studying? I’m mostly free tonight. Except I got roped into dinner with a few friends. Including Alex.”

There was no point in trying to hide it from Rosalind. She’d find out anyway, especially if Alex tried any more mind games at dinner.
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 14d 17h 18m 26s

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