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Rosalind lays on her bed, taking highly detailed notes as she flips through this weeks required reading. She can't help but appreciate the intricacies of the different races and their respective psychologies. It's interesting to learn how the different abilities influence the chemical compounds that allow the brain to work and it also reveals weaknesses that could be used against the different races once war breaks out. Rosalind usually feels bad when the thought comes to her, but she knows that it would be a very powerful tool to turn the minds of people against themselves.

[#f08080 "That makes sense, but I imagine when you have power like that it's easy to control yourself and fake your way through the testing. Plus power storage is a very very useful tool. But you are right as well, the less risks we take the better chance we have to skate by until things start going crazy. Just let me know when you head to the bathroom so I can prepare for the drain."] She asks, pausing only briefly from her note taking to talk to him before returning.

Unknown to Rosalind, her "failed incantation" had actually brought conscious life to the plants in her room, allowing the small succulents to take a new form, much like that of gnomes, only rather then being similar to mushrooms they take a humanoid version of their plant. They shake off the pebbles and soil from their pots before making their way towards their mother.
  Rosalind Hayes / bellerose1207 / 1d 5h 25m 7s
That sounded a little scary. Being able to turn people’s magic against them. It sounded a bit like S class psychics and being able to control people. Meaning the administration was likely terrified of anyone that powerful coming along.

Joshua made his way to his next class in silence, paying just enough attention to people around him to avoid bumping into them,[i “Someone that powerful sounds like they’d get a chip, psychic or not. Anyway, I think I can over the distance. I’ll get a bathroom pass to make sure nothing funny happens in class, but I have a feeling for it now. I’d love to come see you, but the fewer risks the better, right?”]

He really would like to see her. The way she described it made him curious, and he could feel that she was more energetic. Something about her felt more alive somehow. It would be a shame to take that from her, even temporarily.

[i “I’ll definitely have to see later though.”]

Joshua entered the classroom and took a seat toward the back, sinking down into the chair. It was hard plastic and uncomfortable, but Joshua was feeling worn down from the day. Sometime during this class he’d sneak out to absorb the power from Rosalind so she could come to their shared class.
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 18d 5h 36m 9s
Rosalind manages to get all of the pixie dust into a series of containers before pulling her wings into her back, hoping to stop the constant flow of falling pixie dust. While she does manage to fit them into the slots in her back, the pressure is significantly more then it would be ordinarily. She can feel the pressure pushing against her lungs, trying to affect her breathing, but missing it just barely.

She moves over to her bed and pulls off her psychology text book from her desk, sentencing herself to actually doing homework for the short few hours until her first class. [#f08080 "Exactly, I don't know whether it's because the more magic you have the more in touch with whatever gods there may be or whatever powers exist within the world or something like that, but yes. The stronger you are with magic the more in tune you are with the magic around you. I've even heard of a few people being so in touch with magic that they can turn other people's magic against them."] She does her best to focus on the homework in front of her, knowing that she has to keep up the appearance of being a proper student, even though everything inside of her merely begs for her to return to the planning board and work on the movement.

However the moment he mentions having to drain the power out of her she groans. She lays the book over her face, wanting to disappear into the text and be a simple human with little worries. [#f08080 "This would be so much easier if you lived in a closer dorm room, but yes. It would be too weird for me to skip only one class on the day of a meeting. Especially since I've never missed a class since they found me. Do you want to try draining it from this distance or do you think you have enough time to come here and do it in person? If you do then you would be able to see me in full on maiden mode as well."] She picks the book back up and rolls over onto her stomach before grabbing her note book to take notes.
  Rosalind Hayes / bellerose1207 / 21d 7h 51m 31s
It sounded like she had the pixie dust under control, but Joshua knew it was probably still possible for things to get out of hand. At least until they could store this extra power somewhere.

[i “In tune? You mean I should be able to tell how strong they are if I get stronger? At least magically.”] She seemed a little uneasy about the subject. The way she talked, it was like she was uncomfortable with the differences in power levels, or at least uncomfortable discussing them.

She was right enough that magical ability was not someone’s entire ability. For psychics they trained physically too, and the strongest physical fighters were not always the strongest psychics.

Joshua had to change classes, so he started gathering his things. The day would be over before too much longer. His shared class with Rosalind would start later, and he’d need to take on the power from her so she could come. [i “Got to move to the next class. It’ll be time to give me the power soon so you can come to class. It’d be too suspicious if you skipped, right?”]
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 26d 14h 10m 16s
The concern in Joshua's voice fills Rosalind with pure warmth. She manages to find her broom tucked away in her closet, tangled in an old coat. It takes her a moment, but she does manage to untangle it before she responds [#f08080 "I'll be fine, I have more then enough containers to put it in, so I'm honestly not too worried about it. Plus I've got towels sealing my door so none float out into the hall."] She admits, starting to sweep up the pixie dust.

Thinking about how noticeable her change is causes her to think about her dream, and how Josh looked like him but clearly much stronger then he is now. [#f08080 "So you may not know this yet, but the stronger your abilities get the more in tune with other people's strength you tend to be. It's hard to explain the feeling, but when your around someone that is less powerful there's something about their vibe that seems dimmer then when you are around someone who has more magical strength.

Not that there is anything wrong with the different ability levels, because the magical ability doesn't determine the persons entire ability. It's just that usually creatures who are stronger are simply more attuned to their abilities then those that aren't."] She can't help but feel highly uncomfortable any time she talks about strength level in abilities. Far too many fights have broken out about why those with stronger magic tend to be the ones who end up being leaders, especially if the whole point of the rebellion is to create a more equal world. Rosalind couldn't even begin to count the amount of times she's had to defend her rank to older solders, not that she has ever let that bother her before.
  Rosalind Hayes / bellerose1207 / 32d 8h 40m 0s
[i “Not sure it’ll be much of a sight. Psychics don’t usually look different when we get stronger.”] He did wonder though. Would the bond with her have some kind of effect on him that way?

The college would be just the start. It would be a long battle once things started to really get things to change. She was right. At the same time, after she spoke he felt something from her. The memory of pain. A flash of a broken hand. He pushed the images away, trying to focus on his class despite the dark feelings coming from her.

They’d clearly hurt her. She had been born free, and then captured. The process was clearly rough. Her voice cut through the feeling, and he breathed out. Something new?

[i “Wow. So you’ve got a lot of powers. I wonder if we could have any opportunity to practice at all.”]

Back to his notes, and Joshua tried to keep from smiling,[i “A lot of pixie dust everywhere, huh? Hope we can deal with that alright. Are you going to be alright cleaning it yourself now?”]

He doubted he would be able to go help her, but he was also concerned about her possibly getting caught.
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 33d 13h 16m 36s
Rosalind is in the middle of practicing a creation incantation when Josh’s thoughts flood into hers. She swears as the small plant creature in her hand crumbles into a pile of wilted leaves. She sighs and listens to Josh’s rambling before standing and brushing the wilted creature into her waste basket. She can’t help but chuckle at his enthusiasm [#f08080 [i “I think that is a wonderful idea, the less that they are prepared for the better off we will be when we attack. I do think that the storage stones are going to be our best options; they store lots of magic and are very simple to fill and draw from. I personally can’t think of anything better, I still want to run it by Farley first just in case she can think of something better, but we have access to lots of storage stones, so even if there is something better it’ll work as a temporary fix.”]]

She returns to her spot in front of her grandmother’s tombs thinking about how different he could look when fully powered as well [#f08080 [i “I look forward to seeing you all powered up. I think it’ll definitely be a sight to see. Plus when we have control of the college we would definitely be a power couple.”]] She teases, watching the pages turns as she thinks about the end result of the battles to come [#f08080 [i “Granted, once we’ve taken the colleges the real war begins.”]] She says not only to him, but aloud. With the thought in mind, her memories come flooding to her playing the months after the fall of the Sanctuary in slow motions. She remembers her wings being scrapped as her captures collected pixie dust from her wings, the sight of her hand being smashed to pieces as they tried to force her true abilities to come to the surface unaware that she stored it in a storage stone likely destroyed in the aftermath of the battle. She remembers the months of healing she had to go through as they had to reset her bones time and time again to make her hand useful, the first few days without the sun were the worst, the shivers rippling through her body not to mention the monster they almost turned her into always lingering below the surface, a feral fae, completely deranged and disconnected from the world. The piercing grey color her eyes had begun to turn flashes in her mind before she comes back to reality.

As she comes back to reality she realizes that her skin is covered in sharp thorns all over her body [#f08080 [i “Sorry, I got lost in a very dark place for a second, but I just discovered something new.”]] She admits, pushing herself up and walking over to the mirrors. Everything besides her eyes is covered in deep brown thorns acting as a protective barrier between her and the rest of the world, but when she touches herself she feels no pain. [#f08080 [i “I have this weird coating on my skin, something I didn’t even mean to do. I honestly can’t even tell if it’s a coating or something that sprouted from my skin, but I’m covered in this thorn coating that I can only assume is caused by my thoughts.”]] She says doing her best to will the coating away. She watches it peel away from her like a snake shedding its skin. However when the skin falls to the ground it changes into a pile of pixie dust. [#f08080 [i “So the thorns were like a second skin that was made out of pixie dust. I’m beginning to think that my grandmother wasn’t kidding when she said that Maiden’s create an ungodly amount of pixie dust.”]] She chuckles a bit searching for her broom and dust pan.
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Pictures would be nice, but in person would be better. A sight to see, Joshua was sure it was. He gathered his things, and paused to try and tame his hair a little. His reflection looked a little tired, and Joshua knew he should try and get a bit of sleep when he could since he’d also be out at night for the meeting.

[i “Thanks. I should be fine, but I may talk a bit. Especially if I can fit in a nap.”]

Psychics were generally discouraged from any magical medications unless necessary, some arbitrary thing. Joshua wanted to keep as low a profile as possible for now, the less attention he drew the easier it would be to hide everything. He figured he could just get through the day.

Joshua could feel a focus settle over Rosalind as he left to return to class. She was working on something, he guessed research. As he walked, he mulled over the transfer of power between them. When he’d held the power, it felt intense but his headache had gone, at least temporarily. There was also the fact that it felt like more. There had been a power shift in the library, but it had been smaller, there hadn’t been that much power between them then.

Whatever was going on they were getting more power to work with, and if this wasn’t all then it might get to be too much for them to hide. He wasn’t as obvious about holding the power, but there was only so much he could take.

His steps stopped suddenly. That was right. If he held too much more power than he was capable of using it would hurt, it might even kill him. But all that power and he’d felt fine. Better than fine. A little odd but it was clearly not too much for him to survive, which meant he could theoretically handle more. His powers were likely to grow on their own, maybe rapidly.

He kept walking, hurrying into the building. He held his thoughts back to not disturb Rosalind just yet, but he’d come to one conclusion. They needed some way to siphon off this power outside of the two of them or it would quickly become impossible to keep concealed. The only hope for a long term solution was going to be a rush on whatever this plan was to overthrow this system before they got discovered.

Joshua was distracted through the class, still wondering what they were going to do. If he was right, it meant he and Rosalind were both powerful, and if they were clever could hide it in a way that all the administrators would underestimate them severely. He needed to find out how strong he really was, in a way no one would find out.

In his second class after returning he finally reached out to Rosalind, absentmindedly taking notes, hoping the calm action would help temper his eagerness to talk with her. [i “Hey, how are you doing? I’ve been thinking, and I’d like to share what I’m thinking. So, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be adding to this extra power we’ve got. Whatever is bouncing between us is apparently under whatever maximum I have. Meaning even when you have it, I’ll be recovering and slowly working my way to that peak power. It’ll be hard to hide without help, but I was also thinking, depending on whatever plan we’ve got, they’re definitely going to be underestimating the two of us. If we can access this power suddenly, and they don’t know… Sorry, this is a lot at once.”]

Joshua stopped himself, realizing he was thinking fast and even his writing had gotten faster and turned to gibberish squiggles. He slowed down and tried to pick up what was going on in class and waited for Rosalind’s answer. He didn’t want anyone to be able to see there was anything odd going on with him.
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 41d 4h 1m 57s
Rosalind can’t help but smile at the thought of a time Josh would be able to see her like this. She’d be standing in direct sunlight with warmth flowing from her as they stand together, free form the chains of mortal gods. [#f08080 “Well I’m definitely taking enough pictures for you to see, in case it all goes away when we trade the power again. I would definitely like you to see this in person too; it’s definitely a sight to see.”] She says, doing her best to take pictures of the hard to see runs on the back of her wings.

Begrudgingly, she takes out the selfie stick her brother got her for her last birthday to aid in this task. [#f08080 “If you need anything today, please do not hesitate to reach out, even if it is just to rant about a professor. If regular medicine doesn’t work on that head ache I’d recommend some spring dust, it’s basically just this ground up combination of a bunch of stuff with a hint of pixie dust mixed in. Cures any basic aliments, and during the day I want to say its Professor Baker that is the day time witch that can help you. If not it’s Professor Turner, I can never remember which one is the day time verses the night time witch.”] She admits, finally finished with capturing pictures of the runes.

She floats over to her desk and pulls out her digital drawing pad and begins to sketch out the runes into her computer. It takes a bit of time to get the line work perfect, but she eventually gets all of the runes drawn and printed. She scoops up a handful of pixie dust from the floor and blows it onto a seemingly plain wall, revealing the massive bookshelf and collection of potions she has covering the wall. She pulls out a red binder and puts the drawings safely in plastic holders. She puts the binder back and pulls out one of her grandmothers old journal and begins to flip through it, hoping to gain some insight into her current abilities, so she can practice while she has them.
  Rosalind Hayes / bellerose1207 / 45d 4h 21s
He could feel some surprise and awe from her. Then a brief flash of pain and amusement. The surprise he’d expected, she always looked much healthier with the extra power. The pain though? She answered before he could ask.

[i “Oh. Wow. Are you okay?”] Joshua sat up, rubbing his head. His hair was a mess, but he needed to go to class even with the headache that was setting in. But what did Rosalind look like with the flowers? Was there any other change? [i “I wish I could come see. Maybe you can show me later. I should go to class. Try and get through as much as I can.”]

Medicine. That was what he needed for his headache. He went through a drawer in his desk for the bottle of pills and took a couple. They would take the edge off, at least. He didn’t want to keep stuck in his room and risk anyone fussing over him tonight. If they fussed, he might not be able to sneak away.
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 47d 13h 31m 16s
The sound of Joshua's voice comes to her like a warm blanket on a cold night. She feels the power slowly seep into her, like a minor tingle building in her toes. The sensation rises, building rapidly. Soon the tingling transforms into waves of heat rushing through her. Rosalind can't believe her eyes as the physical changes come with the waves of power. She watches as her shoulder length pink hair grows, curling far beyond her waist fading into a light blonde at the tips. Her skin becomes flawless, no longer glowing but merely shimmering under the florescent light. Her irises double in size, covering most of her eyes in the moss green color that they are. Her wings begin to flutter rapidly, growing with each beat until they are larger than her actual body with runs appearing in varying colors of pixie dust in her wings. Not to mention the pixie dust falling from each beat of her wings. Most surprising though is the flowers growing in a crown formation around her head.

Rosalind hovers there, staring at herself completely speechless. She feels more invigorated than she can remember ever feeling. With just a slight flick of her wrist a towel finds its way under the crack of her door, keeping the fairy dust from seeping out of the room. She takes a deep breath and tries to pluck one of the flowers out of her hair. Instead of it giving easily she feels as if she's pulling it from within her skin. She can't help but laugh at the pain.

[#f08080 "So this is not what I expected at all. I literally have flowers blooming out of my head. I mean I've read that maidens were usually pretty attached to their crowns but I did not think it meant literally. I mean I literally have flowers that have sprouted from my scalp and hurt when I try to take them out."] Rosalind floats over to her desk and grabs her camera to capture proof. She begins to take pictures, not only of the changes, but close up shots of the runes detailed on her wings, for research later on.
  Rosalind Hayes / bellerose1207 / 50d 6h 35m 15s
Another big problem? He frowned slightly and looked where she pointed. Things floating. Not just one thing, but he scanned the room to see that everything was. Now that he was looking Joshua could feel them. He sensed there was more than this room in whatever sphere he was affecting. “Oh. Oh no.”

He panicked for a moment, sending everything clattering back down. He only vaguely heard her talking about passing the power back and forth, until she held his hand and he felt a calm sensation wash over him. It made him shiver, feeling like cold water running down him. He let it, and listened more attentively.

Send it to her, then he’d take it at night and try to keep it from his roommate. It sounded dangerous, but so was him holding onto this much power he couldn’t control. He nodded silently, still calming himself from that moment of panic. It was a good thing no one but Rosalind had seen that.

He sat on his bed once she left, still feeling a little dazed. He waited to hear from her, worried that she might not make it back safely. He would send her most of the power, but he also decided to hold onto a little of it. Learn to control it a little at a time, in case her trying to find some object to store it in didn’t pan out. It sounded spectacularly against the rules, so it might be hard to pull off.

He sighed in relief when he heard her in his head. She made it back safe. [i “Okay, but I’m going to keep some of it. I need to learn to keep a lot of power under wraps in case finding some magic storage doesn’t pan out. Especially since I’ll probably have to hold it all tonight for class anyway, since it’s not very likely we’ll get anything so soon.”]

He took a deep breath and let it out, focusing on his connection with her. It was like pulling the power from her, but in reverse. His whole body ached in a way that was more than any physical pain. It blurred his vision, but he pushed through it until he figured he’d sent her enough and what was left was more than normal for him, but he felt pretty confident he could keep it controlled. He laid back on his bed, letting the pain recede,[i “There. How is that?”]
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 54d 9h 7m 9s
The moment the power drain is finished, Rosalind vaguely notices that a few things are floating behind Joshua, but it's not until after the kiss that she truly notices it. Her eyes go wide as they immediately take in the levitating room.

While she does register that Josh has spoken, her racing mind can't process anything he says. [#f08080 "Umm, Josh, I think we might have another problem, another really big problem."] She says pointing to the floating room behind him.

Even though she feels the pull of exhaustion, she stands very still trying to come up with a plan for handling this situation. She looks around the room and finds the sun shining brightly into their room and it hits her [#f08080 "Well this is going to be a fun little balancing act. We are going to have to pass the power between us until we can find something to store it in. During the day I'm going to have to have it and stay locked in my room whether I can sleep or not, and at night you're going to have to be very careful not to tip your room mate off to your power boost. If not you're going to end up with the chip and I'm going to be locked away."] She says, tapping her chin, trying to remember what kind of options they have for storing powers. [#f08080 "This just leaves the one class we share during the day, I'm going to have to talk to Farley tonight to find the best magic storage option that we could use. I can't think of what the best thing would be, but if I don't know it Farley certainly does. Even though she's a maiden, she's as knowledgeable as a crone."] Rosalind says, reaching over and taking Josh's hand, doing her best to send a very calming and soothing sensation to him.

[#f08080 "Please don't worry about this, we are so close to the end of our planning stages that this is all temporary, we will be able to be just us once everything is finally set up. I swear to you, I won't let anyone put a chip in that beautiful brain of yours."] Rosalind says, putting her hand against his cheek. [#f08080 "But I really do need to go back to my room. Once I'm in my room, try your best to send the excess power my way before you leave. I'll let you know once it's safe."] She leans up and gives him a soft kiss on the cheek before forcing herself out of his arms and even further out of his room until she is safely behind her closed door.

[i [#f08080 "Okay, I'm in my room, go ahead and send the power my way."]] She says, taking her jacket off and unfurling her wings in front of the mirror, wondering what she looks like with a lot of power, having been kept weak for so long that she can't even remember what that much power feels like.
  Rosalind Hayes / bellerose1207 / 57d 4h 47m 2s
Only temporary. He hoped so. He took a breath and started pulling the energy from her. The warm energy flowed from her into him. It felt hot almost, and he could feel the pain in her as he pulled. He wanted to stop, it was hot under his skin and felt like white noise in his head, and her pain pierced through him. He didn’t until he saw that she looked like before. Vaguely ill. He wouldn’t have noticed really if he hadn’t seen what she could look like.

When he stopped, the discomfort receded. His headache had mostly gone, and that power coursed through him, like electricity. He wasn’t paying attention to it, but several things in the room had started to levitate just barely while he’d been pulling power from her, and they hadn’t come down yet either. It felt odd to him, to be aware she was so drained and he was practically overflowing with energy. “I don’t know if I’d call it better. It feels… unbalanced.”

He nodded,”I’ll try. You get some rest though.” Her wings seemed too pretty to hide away. The brief kiss makes a smile appear, a chased a little of the melancholy away. The little things in the room floated a bit higher, getting an inch or so above the surfaces. The furniture joined in, barely lifting up. If it were just one or two objects it wouldn’t have been an impressive display, but everything in the room was lifting up, and out of sight things in the rooms next to his. He still hadn’t noticed, his attention firmly on her. Joshua brushed her hair back with his fingers and kissed her forehead,”I should get back to class soon before anyone comes checking. I’ll check in on you later and see how you’re feeling. And if it happens again, I think I’ve got the hang of it so I’m pretty sure I could do this with some distance next time.”
  Joshua Alston / Yavanna / 60d 7h 35m 2s
Rosalind couldn’t help but agree that it would be best to keep going when they wouldn’t get in trouble. [#f08080 [i “That’s a good idea.”]] She admits, doing her best to steady herself for the pain. The sensation of his forehead against her own is soothing, even if the waves of frustration are less than so. She takes a deep breath [#f08080 “I know you don’t, but if we don’t then even worse things would happen to me. We can’t afford that to happen, so we do this, it’s only temporary though.”] She says, putting her hand on his cheek, enjoying the warmth for just a moment longer.

She takes a deep breath, leaning back a bit, and landing on her feet once again before nodding. The pain comes, feeling like it’s ripping her soul apart, but she holds on. She keeps her fingers intertwined with his, finding strength in his presence even through the pain. When she feels the glow fully recede, she opens her eyes and looks up at Joshua once again [#f08080 “Thank you, I hope you feel at least a bit better with the extra power in your system. You should really look into the block though, I feel like our relationship might push Alex over the edge a bit. I should go, lay down though.”] She admits, feeling really tired all of a sudden. She tucks her wings into her backs once again, wincing just slightly as they tuck in. Other than her bright pink hair, with the glow gone and her wings tucked in, she could pass for just an ordinary human. She picks up her jacket off of his bed and puts it back on, turning towards him and leaning up to him to kiss him once again, fighting the urge to just stay and curl into his arms and sleep there.
  Rosalind Hayes / bellerose1207 / 61d 6h 33m 19s

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