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"I didn't do anything wrong, she left, and I mean who would leave me?" Kai said a bit cocky and defensive. Being a jerk was his defense mechanism and it worked quite well. He was over this conversation and just wanted to continue on with their date without bringing up how many exes that he may or may not have. Or why he was single when they met.

He realized what he did and instantly felt bad. "Sorry you know I'm still a work in progress." He didn't want to upset her and he needed to learn to think before he spoke.
Isabella leads Kai to the tilt awhirl as they talk [#20b2aa “There is nothing wrong with being handsome and strong. There are plenty of actors and models that literally get paid tons of money just for being attractive and strong.”] She says looping her arm through his

[#20b2aa “Also there is nothing wrong with looking back to the past, sometimes the past is exactly where you need to look to make a better future. You can’t learn from the past if you don’t evaluate what you did wrong and there by grow from your past choices.”]
  Isabella Hardin / bellerose1207 / 21h 48m 36s
"She was well I guess my girlfriend, we never really labeled it. Three years ago when I was a freshman, she was a senior and I was head over heels and she left to go to college and never looked back." Kai said trying to get off the subject quite quickly. He had had enough of appearing weak and vulnerable in front of her.

"That's ancient history, I want to do it now to better myself and I'm not good at much. Being handsome and strong will only get you so far."
It was like watching a flip switch with Kai, one minute he’s acting insecure and very much unlike himself, and the next his confidence and cockiness comes flooding back into him. Hearing that it was another girl that originally provided the interest in becoming a Vet Tech provides Isabella a bit of discomfort, but she does her best to shake it off. She can’t judge him for his past actions, just the actions he takes now.

His suggestive comment incites a laugh from Isabella, the mere suggestion of him being good with his hands on their first date is simply comical, but once they stop at a stall where you use a ball to knock down bottles, Isabella allows herself to be wowed at how good his aim in. [#20b2aa “Why thank you.”] She says while laughing at Kai kissing his muscles. [#20b2aa “I’ll take the koala bear.”] she says pointing to the small koala bear stuffed animal holding a large stuffed log. When the stall worker hands it to her, Isabella holds it tightly against her chest for a second before leaning up and giving Kai a kiss on the cheek.

[#20b2aa “So who was this girl that inspired you to become a Vet Tech? She must have been pretty special to you to inspire a lifelong goal.”] Isabella points out as they continue to walk.
  Isabella Hardin / bellerose1207 / 1d 17h 22m 8s
"I like animals and I'm not going to lie the interest started because of a girl but I'm actually interested in it and its something I could see myself doing in life. I have a million other interests too, none I'm very good at though. I mean I've been told I'm very uh good with my hands...." Kai said smirking.

He had this self assurance oozing out of every pore. He was so sure that she found him sexy. What girl didn't find him sexy?

Kai picked a game where you knock down the bottles and win a prize. He pushed his sleeves up and threw two balls, knocking over the bottles. "Winner!" The man in the stall called out and Kai fake kissed his muscles, cocky but cute. "Pick a prize any prize." Kai gestured to her to pick from the wall of prizes.
  Kai Anoai (alternate) / polkadotrocker / 1d 20h 57m 46s
Isabella gives him a small smile, she does her best to let her nerves not get to her, but it's sort of like grinding her teeth. Here she is actually on her first date with someone and this guy who they both know he's had a girlfriend before is pretending like he's brand new to this.

She takes her lemonade from him and walks beside him, listening to his question [#20b2aa "I'm going to try and get into Yale for Photography. I know that it's a long stretch and a lot of people don't realize it, but Yale has the best photography program in America. It's always been my dream to go to an Ivy league college, but I also want to be able to follow my dream and do Photography for national geographic. I told you that before remember? All those pictures I've taken that are sitting in my closet?"] she says, trying to remind him of the first day that he moved in with her.

[#20b2aa "Also I'm sure you won't mess it up, it's something your passionate about. Might I ask why though? What made you want to do Vet tech as your job?"] She asks, tracing the rim of the cup with her fingers, feeling her excitement for the date seeping out with every passing step.
  Isabella Hardin / bellerose1207 / 1d 21h 8m 43s
"Okay I get it, I've just never done this before, I need guidance." Kai said as he ordered a lemonade for her and one for himself and paid for them both. "I don't want you to have to pay for everything on this date."

He took her hand as they walked and asked, "So what school are you thinking about applying to? For what? We both know I'm going to be a Vet Tech and I have my fingers crossed that I won't mess it up."
  Kai Anoai (alternate) / polkadotrocker / 1d 22h 38m 11s
Isabella blushes along with Kai at the mention of the tunnel of love, but his constant reassurance of just how important she is to him makes her skin crawl a bit [#20b2aa "Kai, I really wish you'd stop telling me constantly how much you care about me and how you'd do anything for me. I know you care very strongly for me and that I mean a lot to you, but it's making me uncomfortable that you say it basically every two seconds. I'd like to be able to enjoy today with you without feeling pressure to be perfect or to feel like you are putting me up on this super high pedestal because of how much you care about me. I know you care about me a lot, but I'd prefer if you just talk to me, ask me questions, let me ask you questions, get to know each other more without every second being about nothing but how deep our emotions for each other do and do not go."] Isabella says coming to a stop near a lemonade stand, wanting to get a drink, but also wanting to get that off of her chest.
  Isabella Hardin / bellerose1207 / 1d 22h 44m 19s
"What should we ride first, theres the roller coaster, the tilt a whirl, the ferris wheel, the carousel....the tunnel of love....." Kai said trailing off and looking at the ground. He was shy when it came to her but any other girl he had no problem talking to. What was wrong with him?

There were stalls for cotton candy and fries and a lemonade stand all around them. Even a petting zoo of odd animals like a monkey and a llama. Even a strong man competition where you use the mallet and hit it to make the bell ring.

Kai looked up into her eyes and said, "Even if neither us of thought we would be together, the fact is now, we are, and I don't want to screw it up because honestly your the best thing thats ever happened to me and I mean that."
  Kai Anoai (alternate) / polkadotrocker / 1d 23h 53m 10s
Isabella can't help but love the feeling of the sun on her skin, or the fact that while its completely busy and there are people everywhere, no one is staring at them or bothering either of them. It's like they are completely alone in the crowded area. Hearing his words about winning Isabella a prize makes her chuckle a bit and she gives his hand a squeeze.

[#20b2aa "I mean I guess you can look at it that way, but I don't, we aren't completely different, I don't really think anyone is completely opposite than anyone else, just different ways of dealing with things and a different mind set. So to answer your question, no when we first met I never thought I'd be dating you, but when we first met I never thought I'd be dating anyone to be fair."] She says as they walk to the ticket booth. Isabella springs for 2 all day passes and waits for them each to have their bracelets on before they head out into the crowd and pass a few stalls, simply taking in all of the sights.
  Isabella Hardin / bellerose1207 / 1d 23h 59m 11s
"Theres an amusement park here? Thats cool, I've never been to one, but I've always wanted to play a carnival game and win a beautiful girl a stuffed animal." He asked smiling as they held hands.

He laced his fingers with hers, "Today is the best day, and being with you only makes it sweeter." He was trying to win her over and he hoped he was succeeding. "Have you ever thought that you would date me? I mean we're opposites but we work, somehow."
Isabella can't help but be a bit surprised at the mention of prom. She had never even given much thought to going to prom, it seemed like a waste of time and an even bigger waste of money, but watching Kai's face glow as he mentions it, she can't help but feel her heart soften at the idea.

[#20b2aa "Thank you for asking me out, that's really what makes it so we are on this date. And I hope the rest of this day is fun, we could certainly use some fun right now."] She says, pointing a bit of her chocolate pancake at him for a moment before stuffing it in her mouth. She makes a purely satisfied face and continues eating.

After breakfast, Isabella takes Kai's hand and leads him to the pier on foot, headed straight for the amusement park.
  Isabella Hardin / bellerose1207 / 3d 20h 39m 32s
"Okay I'm doing it for me because if I scared you or hurt you I couldn't live with myself and technically this is my first real date too." Kai said taking a drink of his iced tea. "I'm glad my first date is with you... and I hope my second and third are as well or that will really ruin my plans for prom."

Kai had missed his junior prom, he had worked because he hadn't had a date and now his senior prom he really wanted to go with her but they were just starting out.

Their food came and the waitress brought the ketchup for Kai's eggs and he thanked her. He was so hungry, he ate nearly everything on his plate. He was thankful for breakfast. "Thank you for this date, its great, plus the rest of today should be fun."
  Kai Anoai (alternate) / polkadotrocker / 3d 20h 53m 38s
Isabella is happy that they get to stay and order breakfast, she goes with the ever childish but adorable chocolate pancakes with the whip cream face and cherry nose. More people file into the restaurant but she doesn't recognize them, so instead she just focuses on what Kai is saying.

[#20b2aa "I can make that agreement, that I'll tell you if you scare me, but not because you are agreeing to go to therapy for [i me] I want you to go to therapy for [i you]. At the end of the day you are the only one who has to live with themselves so you should do that kind of thing for yourself, not because someone tells you it might be a good idea. I want you to get better Kai, but I don't feel comfortable with the idea that I might be forcing you to do so."] Isabella says, giving him a mildly uncomfortable look as they wait for their food.

[#20b2aa "Also you got into college with two scholarships because of you, not me. I just showed you were to apply, your the one who did all the work."] she points out as their food arrives. [#20b2aa "This is my literal first date Kai, so I think it's safe to say we are both equally nervous."]
  Isabella Hardin / bellerose1207 / 3d 21h 29m 23s
"I could get used to that." Kai whispered smiling at her before sinking down in a booth with her. "I will go back to counseling because you asked me to, and lets make a rule if I ever start to scare you in any circumstance you tell me." He held her hand across the table and said, "Good memories are something I don't have a lot of so making some new ones is right up my alley."

He ordered eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast with some orange juice from a different waitress. Patsy mysteriously quit. Kai couldn't help but chuckle. That girl was crazy with a capital C.

"Listen I don't need to know what happened to your mom until your ready and want to tell me, okay, I'll go back to counseling for you and did I mention I got a second scholarship, that covers my first semester at the community college vet tech program, your boyfriend is going to get an education thanks to your help and how smart you are."

He took a deep breath and continues, "I've never been good at first dates so I'm sorry if I'm nervous." His black hair hung in his face, unruly when it was down but he wouldn't dare cut it. A few people from their school came in and sat on the other side of the diner and looked at them but said nothing.

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