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[size12 Upon getting his wine, he lifted the glass to his face but took a sniff instead of a sip. He made a satisfied sound and then took a sip, the movement seeming delicate. He made another satisfied sound.] [b "This is on par with my usual choice back home. This is a bit sweeter though, not that I mind. Thank you."] [size12 He said to the dragon before taking another sip.]

[size12 The door sounded and in came a woman. However, that wasn't what he noticed first. He looked right at the being that followed her in. No one else seemed to have noticed it but he did. It was a dark shadowy creature that seemed attached to the woman. The mini-dragon looking creatures all got upset for some reason so maybe they sensed it but still couldn't see it. Maybe sensing something and not being able to see it was a rather troublesome thing if not just plain terrifying. Well, terrifying to those other than the odd male. He shrugged and turned back to his wine and cigarette, which was half burned at this point. He inhaled the smoke, breathing it back out in a thick, heavily scented cloud.]
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[h3 [center Fidirth & Lenka]]
[#b85600 "Aye then lad. Sure there be a few bottles around here."]
The Dragonian then turned, going through the shelves behind him. His firelizard continued to rest on his shoulder, looking around. The creature gave a chirrup.
Hearing the other male, the demon, Fidirth responded, [#b85600 "I have a stew in da back that's been cooking. Flavor should be good if ye want some."]
The Dragonian soon returned to the man who had asked for the wine. Fidirth set the glass he had grabbed, popping the cork of the bottle. He poured the liquid, setting it before the stranger. The Dragonian gave a polite smile, glancing towards the door.
The firelizards had started to chatter again, quite loudly in fact. A woman entered his dwelling. By the sound of the chattering firelizards, something had upset them. Fidirth glanced towards them, saying something in dragon-tongue. At his voice, the small dragons seemed to settle down, if only slightly.
He looked towards the woman, [#b85600 "Apologies about dem lass. They are faithful messengers, but they can be a bit much at times....OW! Mariah ya wee devil!"]
The green firelizard had nipped his griff when he mentioned the firelizards being 'a bit much at times'.
[hr ]
As for Lenka, he continued to eye the people entering. Such an interesting group. Another reason he snuck away from the forest that his brother kept him strictly to, here, Lenka could meet people.
He continued to slowly lap up his drink. His eyes shifted as the firelizards started to make a racket. Lenka paused for a moment, taking in the newcomer. He could've sworn he saw a movement near the woman, but then he could be wrong. Either way, he wasn't too bothered by it.
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Traveling the long distance from her home, Adeline came across an Inn, that was welcoming all.

With a slight smile on her face, Adeline walked to the door as it opened itself for her, or so it seemed. Her company, only visible to certain eyes, was a black shadow whom called itself [i Protectoris Tenebris] meaning dark protector in Latin. At a young age, [i Protectoris Tenebris] had attached himself to her, clingling like a like a stubborn child to its parents leg. From that point on it went everywhere with her, silently protecting her from the Darkness its self. “Thank you Tenebris.” Adeline whispered to her company as she made her way to a lonesome table.
The demon male had set the knapsack down by his feet. His tail swayed back and forth, yellow eyes glowing slightly. Vlastimir, as was his name, was generally a laid-back demon. Not much bothered him, and he didn't bother much.
He looked between the few creatures who were there. Another soon entered the place. Vlastimir glanced upwards for several moments, then returned his gaze elsewhere. He tapped a finger on the bar top, relaxed.
Though as the Dragonian addressed him and the other man, Vlastimir replied.
[#dc143c "Don't by chance have food for an empty stomach do you?"]
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 329d 19h 43m 52s
[size12 The odd male eyed the other patrons and the one who seemed to be the owner. He pulled out a silver metal cigarette case and popped it open, plucking a cigarette from inside. However, there was no lighter in sight. Instead, with a simple snap of his fingers, a flame appeared at his finger tip which was used to light the cigarette.]

[size12 The male spent a moment to breath in the heavily scented smoke before turning towards the one who spoke to him and the other newcomer.] [b "Your finest wine, please."] [size12 He said, voice low and rumbling yet soft and comforting. He licked his lips lightly, barely a hint of his tongue which was forked. He inhaled the smoke from his cigarette, which had a very strong scent before speaking.] [b "Doesn't have to be the most expensive stuff you got. As long as it's not cheap."] [size12 Each word he spoke came with a small puff of oddly thick smoke. He heaved a sigh and the remainder came out in a cloud.]
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[h3 [center Fidirth & Lenka]]
Fidirth's tail had snaked downwards, wrapping around a bottle, grabbing another with a clawed hand. As he made Lenka's drink, the resting firelizards had started to chatter loudly again. Mariah, Fidirth's green firelizard, had hopped onto his shoulder, wrapping her tail lightly around his neck.
Sure enough, a demonic looking male entered the Inn. After several moments, another followed behind. Fidirth watched, giving them each a nod and a polite smile.
Lenka, the young dragon, glanced over as well. His curiosity instantly peaked as the two newcomers entered. Once the Dragonian had finished his drink, Lenka took his glass, forked tongue flicking out to taste the drink. His tail curled around a leg of the stool he sat on.
As for Fidirth, he wiped his hands on a towel, walking in the direction of the newcomers. The Dragonian continued to have a polite smile on his muzzle as he addressed them both, [#b85600 "Aye, G'day to ya lads. Welcome to me small Inn. Anything I can get either of ya?"]
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[size12 Peaceful. The world was peaceful. It was rare to find a place that wasn't a bustling, noisy town. It was nice.]

[size12 A strange seemingly young man wandered through the woods. He looked around as he wandered, taking in every detail as he passed them by. It wasn't long till he came across what appeared to be an inn.] [b "Rather odd for an inn to be out here in the middle of nowhere."] [size12 He mumbled to himself as he headed towards it. His boots thunked heavily on the wooden steps as he reached for the door. He swung it open and stepped inside. A breeze blew by, making a musky yet pleasant scent moving out from his body, the scent of a very good and very expensive cologne.] [b "Odd place."] [size12 He mumbled before moving towards the bar. He hopped up onto one of the stools and heaved a content sigh.]
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He was walking quietly down the path. The demonic looking male had a knapsack slung across his shoulder. He paused, glancing upwards with glowing eyes. His pupils narrowed, thin slits. His tail flicked to the side as he saw a building in the distance.
As the male stood there, a sudden gurgle came from his stomach. He glanced down, muttering under his breath, [#dc143c "Really? Complaining already? I just recently fed you."]
He sighed softly, walking towards the place. The demon male quietly opened the door, taking a moment to look around. As he entered, he heard the sound of chirrups. What appeared to be miniature dragons were on perches on the other side of the place. He watched the creatures for several moments, then walked towards the bar.
Behind the bar, stood a bronze Dragonian who was serving a young male. By the scent and looks, the demon was sure he was either a full dragon, or a Dragonkin. Either way, the male approached the bar. He took a seat further away from the pair.
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[h3 [center Unexpected Visitor]]
Fidirth walked out from the back. His tail trailed behind him as he made his way behind the bar. The Dragonian yawned, showing fangs. A couple of chirrups brought his attention. He glanced over, seeing several firelizards, waiting quietly for a snack and some water.
The Dragonian filled the dish with water, and the other he put scraps of meat. As he did, a green blur came nowhere, scooping up a bunch of the meat, then retreating again. There was a chorus of angry chattering.
Fidirth only chuckled softly, [#b85600 "Mariah ya little thief. Taking it all fer yerself."]
He shook his head, continuing to chuckle to himself. Fidirth went and got more scraps from the kitchen, giving them to the other firelizards. Once he finished, the Dragonian returned back behind the bar. He poured himself a glass of a red liquid, taking a swig.
The once quiet firelizards started to chatter loudly. Something or someone was coming. Fidirth lifted his head, forked tongue flicking from his muzzle. Hm, he knew that scent, though it wasn't often it came around.
Sure enough, the door to the Inn opened, a young male suddenly entering. He appeared human for the most part, except his legs were dragon-like, a tail snaking from the base of his spine. The other's eyes were glowing, pupils thin slits. Yet he had a smug look on his face.
As for Fidirth, he picked up a mug and a rag, wiping it down. His voice was quiet, but had a hint of amusement, [#b85600 "Wasn't expecting ye to be around, aren't ye gonna be in trouble lad?"]
The other glanced back out of the window, then looked back to Fidirth. The male grinned, showing fangs, [#ff8c00 "C'mon Fidirth, you know how Viidost can get."]
Fidirth chuckled, grabbing another glass, [#b85600 "Well, I take no blame when yer brother shows himself Lenka."]
[#ff8c00 "Deal. Pour me a glass of that exotic Summer Lotus, least I think that's what it's called."]
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