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[center [pic]]
In this land, dragons rule. Many come and go, passing through the Dragon Kingdom. The Mountains, though, is where the Dragon King and many other dragons call home.
[center [pic]]
There was a young Dragonian, Fidirth Ironwielder, asking the Dragon King if he could perhaps create a place for weary travelers. Fidirth thought it would also prove as a nice way of keeping track of those who were passing through the Dragon Kingdom. The Dragon King readily agreed.

Hence, [b The Dragon's Inn] was created:
[center [pic]]

~Innkeeper: [ Fidirth Ironwielder]

[center [b P.S.]]
Fire lizards come and go, being small messengers. They can easily be distracted, so it is advised to keep any objects of value hidden most of the time.

Mariah is the Inn's fire lizard. She is mischievous and likes to steal things. So be aware of her, she tends to lurk and take something when you least expect it. She's also easy to make jealous. Mariah like's to believe she is the 'Queen' of the Inn, meaning she thinks everyone should adore her and no one else.
[center [h3 Rules]]
~Romance, it happens
~Absolutely [b NO] godmodding
If I see any of this, I will kick you out
~Cursing is alright, just don't overdo it please
~It is advised to stay away from Mount Draconis, unless you really want to die
~Battles must be taken outside
~Property Damage...
[i Lovely to look at, delightful to hold, but if you break it, consider it sold]
~Once you step inside the inn, all are considered equal, be it a human, to a minotaur
~Dragon Royalty comes and goes, it is suggested to respect the Dragon Royals, and keep on their good side
~Dragonslayers are discouraged
~Most of all...[b HAVE FUN!!!!!!]

-Any other questions, feel free to PM me, [ Dragoncita]


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Roleplay Responses

The chattering of creatures caught her ear and head followed in suit with a curious turn. She stared at the bunch of wing’d lizards. Her face somewhat puzzled as she let the inn’s door close shut behind her.

[#009999 “That would be-”] She paused for a moment. Her eyes shifted ever so slightly as they washed over him. [#009999 “That...”] She corrected herself. [#009999 “ I would greatly appreciate a glass of ale, good sir”] She smiled back. But not a simple friendly smile. No, her smile was more like that of a coy businessman.

She watched them with a look of amusement as she made her way over to the male. This had not been her first experience firelizards. But the inn kept- [#009999 [s Maybe? Was he?]] Her thoughts trailed. While her eyes followed a particular green firelizard. It seemed like a live wire.

[#009999 “Oh-”] Her eyes shifted onto the male.[#009999 “ I do not mind good sir”] She tried not to eye him. God how her teacher would scald her; should she ever be so rude as to stare at anyone. [#009999 “How much for a glass of ale?”] She asked. While finding herself a seat at the counter. Normally she would ask for a room and go about her normal routine before ordering a drink. But after the last few days to heck with it.
  Marie / hextheblackcat / 1h 39m 41s
[h3 [center Fidirth]]
A sudden chorus of chirps and squawks from the perched firelizards brought the Dragonian's attention. He turned his horned head towards the door, forked tongue flicking out, testing the air. Sure enough, a rather bedraggled young woman appeared in the doorway. Not the first time he had seen a sight, and it wouldn't be the last. Each time though, he couldn't help but feel slightly sorry for the person or creature. Must've had a rough time through whatever territory they came from to get here.
[#b85600 "Ye look like ya could use a good drink lass...oh shut it ya bunch of winged lizards! I'm aware that there is someone here!"]
He had called over to the perched firelizards, that were still continuing their noisy chorus. Fidirth glared at the small creatures, mumbling something in another tongue before looking back to the woman. He offered her a genuine smile on his muzzle.
[#b85600 "Ye'll need to excuse them lass. They can get quite excitable...don't cha lot have messages to deliver?"]
Mariah, the green that had once been lounging on the bar, suddenly sprung off, opening her wings and flitting over to the bunch nestled together on the perches. The small creature started a rather angry chattering, instantly causing a stir. Several firelizards squawked back, but quickly flitted away out of the inn through the window left for them to go in and out.
Fidirth chuckled at his firelizard's display, [#b85600 "Thank ye wee lass. Some need a bit of a push to continue doing what they're suppose to get done."]
  Fidirth Ironwielder / Dragoncita / 20h 14m 6s
[#009999 “Go to the Dragon kingdom it’ll be fun-”] She grumbled to herself while stumbling around in the mountainside. She looked like something the cat dragged in but that didn’t stop her from approaching the first man made looking structure that she had seen since her tumble way back when.

[#009999 “Finally!”] She exhaled a sigh of relief as she stopped to tend to herself. She ran a hand through her messy hair. Her fingers combing out leaves and a few twigs. While she finished up with a quick dusting off her frilly dress before nearing the front door. There she stood to read the sign.[#009999 ” The Dragon’s Inn?”] She rose a dirty blonde brow. But did not hesitate to open the door. Three nights spent lost in the woods was more than enough for her.

[#009999 “Pardon me-”] She spoke as she stepped in through the threshold of the doorway and into the inn. She definitely looking like something the cat dragged in...
  Marie / hextheblackcat / 3d 2h 4m 24s
[h3 [center Fidirth Ironwielder]]
Fidirth walked out from the back. His tail trailed behind him as he made his way behind the bar. The Dragonian yawned, showing fangs. A couple of chirrups brought his attention. He glanced over, seeing several firelizards, waiting quietly for a snack and some water.
The Dragonian filled the dish with water, and the other he put scraps of meat. As he did, a green blur came nowhere, scooping up a bunch of the meat, then retreating again. There was a chorus of angry chattering.
Fidirth only chuckled softly, [#b85600 "Mariah ya little thief. Taking it all fer yerself."]
He shook his head, continuing to chuckle to himself. Fidirth went and got more scraps from the kitchen, giving them to the other firelizards. Once he finished, the Dragonian returned back behind the bar. He poured himself a glass of a red liquid, taking a swig.
The green firelizard, Mariah, had taken her place on the bar, sprawled out, the meat she had nabbed between her small paws. Her tail swayed back and forth, a pleased look on the small dragon's muzzle.
The Dragonian held his smile on his muzzle. He reached a clawed hand over, lightly using a claw to rub the firelizard's head. The little creature started to prrum.
[#b85600 "So, what kind of riff-raff will come stumbling to our inn today wee lass?"]
  Fidirth Ironwielder / Dragoncita / 3d 10h 4m 40s

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