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[center [pic]]
In this land, dragons rule. Many come and go, passing through the Dragon Kingdom. The Mountains, though, is where the Dragon King and many other dragons call home.
[center [pic]]
There was a young Dragonian, Fidirth Ironwielder, asking the Dragon King if he could perhaps create a place for weary travelers. Fidirth thought it would also prove as a nice way of keeping track of those who were passing through the Dragon Kingdom. The Dragon King readily agreed.

Hence, [b The Dragon's Inn] was created:
[center [pic]]

~Innkeeper: [ Fidirth Ironwielder]

[center [b P.S.]]
Fire lizards come and go, being small messengers. They can easily be distracted, so it is advised to keep any objects of value hidden most of the time.

Mariah is the Inn's fire lizard. She is mischievous and likes to steal things. So be aware of her, she tends to lurk and take something when you least expect it. She's also easy to make jealous. Mariah like's to believe she is the 'Queen' of the Inn, meaning she thinks everyone should adore her and no one else.
[center [h3 Rules]]
~Romance, it happens
~Absolutely [b NO] godmodding
If I see any of this, I will kick you out
~Cursing is alright, just don't overdo it please
~It is advised to stay away from Mount Draconis, unless you really want to die
~Battles must be taken outside
~Property Damage...
[i Lovely to look at, delightful to hold, but if you break it, consider it sold]
~Once you step inside the inn, all are considered equal, be it a human, to a minotaur
~Dragon Royalty comes and goes, it is suggested to respect the Dragon Royals, and keep on their good side
~Dragonslayers are discouraged
~Most of all...[b HAVE FUN!!!!!!]

-Any other questions, feel free to PM me, [ Dragoncita]


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A baby dragon came into the inn looking for some shelter. She would have a tear in her wing as it seem she was trying to fly but fail. One eye was swollen as she clasped on the floor. "Sorr..sorry but can I st...stay here fo..for a" She asked as she was unsure what to do.
  Baby Luna / lunalight / 194d 2h 42m 38s
[h3 [center Fidirth & Lenka]]
Fidirth nodded to the other, disappearing for a bit, then reappearing. He carefully set the glass down, pouring her the drink she asked for, Apple Cider. The Dragonian usually had a wide variety of drinks and usually simple meals to keep all his customers happy.
Once he seemed finished, Fidirth wandered over to Lenka and the firelizards. He grinned at the dragon, [#b85600 "So, ye enjoying yerself lad?"]
Several firelizards were perched on Lenka. He turned to look at the Dragonian, smiling brightly, [#ff8c00 "I always enjoy coming here. Lots of new things to see and creatures to meet."]
[#b85600 "Good to hear lad."]
  Capricorn / Dragoncita / 1y 240d 1h 7m 39s
[b "Are you sure? There are things out there that can kill while someone is asleep. If you woke up one day and it was there, that's what happened."] [size12 Rexx said rather casually.] [b "The demon that nearly killed my friend was one of those kinds. Some call them Dream Eaters while others call them The Eternal Sleep. You can never tell they are there as they are masters of hiding. So really, you can't truly say you've never been threatened. Even I've been attacked by them, only to wake up exhausted with no evidence that something happened. Waking up more exhausted that you did before you went to sleep is the clue that the Dream Eaters have attacked."] [size12 He said before taking a sip of wine.] [b "A pleasure. Tenebris, from what I was told, is the species name for them."]
  Rexx / -Mirror- / 1y 241d 16h 24m 26s
Adeline raised an eyebrow in curiosity as she listened to this man talk, "Pre-Mature death? I've never been threatened a day in my life! Nor have I almost died." She took another sip of her Bourbon before nodding. "It's a pleasure to meet you Rexx. My name is Adeline and the creature clinging to me is Tenebris."
[b "I don't usually miss things like that. But yes. I can see it. I imagine there's others that can see it as well but I'm sure it's a rarity."] [size12 He said before taking a couple sips of his wine and a drag of his cigarette. He appeared to have went deep into thought before he moved the hand he was resting on and snapped his fingers.] [b "So that's where I've seen it. I had a friend that had one of those creatures. He told me that they are associated with death and protection. They are rather peaceful and will attach themselves to those they feel are in danger of a premature death. My friend had nearly died at the hands of a demon and one of them appeared and protected his soul from the Reaper."] [size12 He said, his face having lit up a little bit as he remembered the incident.] [b "Oh. Pardon me. The name's Rexx."]
  Rexx / -Mirror- / 1y 241d 21h 39m 19s
"Thank you very much." Adeline smiled as the man poured her glass of Bourbon and handed it to her. Right as she lifted the glass to her lips, the man smoking had questioned her about [i Tenebris]. [i He could see it?] She brought her eyes to the man, studying him, "I-I... Um... Y-You can see it?" She questioned in curiosity. "I didn't think other's could."
[size12 The man waved a hand towards the dragon being to acknowledge the reply. He reached into his coat and pulled the cigarette case out, pulling another cigarette from it and lighting it with a snap of his fingers. It was then he was down to one more.] [b "Last one, huh? Oh well."] [size12 He mumbled to himself before taking a sip of wine. He watched the the woman with the shadow creature moved to sit at the bar a couple seats away. He couldn't help but to keep looking at the shadow being. He wanted to say it was familiar to him but he couldn't place as to why. He shrugged.] [b "Pardon me, madam, but that shadow being that is on your back seems familiar to me. Seems rather annoying as well."] [size12 The male spoke with a soft, polite tone. He had turned to lean an elbow on the counter top with his jaw resting on his fist. His other hand held the wine glass, now half empty, as it rested on his right ankle which was propped up on his knee. He had a look of curiosity in his eyes but his face appeared to be sad or tired.]
  Rexx / -Mirror- / 1y 241d 22h 59m 23s
Nekroma looked at the dragonian, and stared for a bit. Her abyss eyes seemed to stare into his soul. "Yes..." She shook her ears a bit. "Apple cider please..."
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 1y 241d 23h 31m 21s
[h3 [center Fidirth & Lenka]]
Fidirth tilted his head. This was a curious woman. However, it wasn't any of his concern as long as his Inn was left intact and the customers paid, the Dragonian was happy.
[#b85600 "Aye, there should be bourbon around here fer ya lass. Mariah, would you fetch me a bottle ya?"]
Hearing her name, the firelizard perked up, giving a chirrup. She unwound her tail from his neck, turning and opening her wings. The small dragon then took flight towards the bottles.
As she did that, Fidirth returned back to the bar and through the door that led to the kitchen. Though it wasn't long before the Dragonian had returned. In one hand he held a bowl with the stew he mentioned, his other held a glass. He set it down before the demonic male.
He glanced to the other who thanked him for the wine, [#b85600 "Yer more than welcome lad."]
Fidirth was soon by the woman who had asked for the bourbon. Mariah the firelizard was waiting, having carried the bottle over. He thanked the creature, Mariah returning to her place on his shoulder. He poured the woman her drink.
[#b85600 "And there ya go lass."]
He then turned his attention to the newest customer. Another female, one wearing a mask. The Dragonian kept his polite smile, [#b85600 "Welcome to the Dragon's Inn. Sorry fer da wait lass. Anything I can get ya?"]
[hr ]
As for Lenka, he had slipped off of his stool. The young dragon had finished his drink, leaving a few coins by his glass. He made his way towards the firelizards.
He smiled as the small dragons chirruped at him. Lenka reached over, scratching one lightly on the head. A few other firelizards jumped, hopping onto his shoulders.
[#ff8c00 "Heh, good to see you too guys. Not often I get to see you little guys coming through our parts."]
  Fidirth Ironwielder / Dragoncita / 1y 241d 23h 42m 29s
Adeline stiffed, as [i Tenebris] protectively clung to her now, overwhelming her with the possible signs of danger, as the necromancer entered the Inn. "I said I was fine, I can handle myself if something happens." She whispered to it, before raising from her seat and heading over to the bar, sitting a couple stools away from the one smoking. She shifted, leaning against the bar. "May I please have some Bourbon?"
[size12 The cigarette he had been smoking had been burnt down the the filter and snuffed itself out upon one final inhale. There was an ashtray next to him so he put the butt there. He turned around in his seat, and leaned his back against the counter, wine glass in hand and legs crossed. It was just in time to see another odd being enter, an aura almost as deadly as his own but not as strong.] [b "Bunch of odd creatures visiting."] [size12 He mumbled into his glass of wine before taking a sip, his voice low enough to be more a growl than anything. He watched with bright blue eyes as people milled about.] [b "It's rarely this lively back home."] [size12 He mumbled again in that low, growling voice.]
  Rexx / -Mirror- / 1y 243d 23h 5m 43s
[#dc143c "A bit of that stew should do the trick if it isn't too much trouble for you."]
As Vlastimir waited, his yellow eyes returning to 'people watching', if that's what you could call it. The tip of his tail twitched ever so slightly. He sensed it before seeing it, the darkness.
His eyes shifted to the door as a woman entered. Hm, seemed the small dragons had noticed, but couldn't see it by they way they sounded. Being a demon, he had a few perks of taking note of such things, though Vlastimir was sure others could probably see it as well...maybe.
He was slightly intrigued, but didn't say a word. He simply waited for his food.
  ADragonsHoard / 1y 243d 23h 34m 8s
Nekroma walked in to the in, her two main eyes giant black chasms. Her third slit eye darted around the room. Her face was hidden by a nekomata mask that was white with pink highlights around her three eyes, as well as making the shape of a cat mouth. Her hair was black with white and pink cat ears, and was rather messy. Her cloak covered everything until right above her knees. Her skin was unnaturally pale, almost albino, and black bandages wrapped around her leg right under the knee. Her feet were cat paws, and two huge tail were showing. They were whit with pink tips, and a blue, underworldly tipped each tail.

Nekroma was questioningly quiet when she walked in, her aura was deathly. She was an obvious necromancer, and she silently sat at the bar. She looked around at all the small dragon-like creatures. A new form she could use...
  Nekroma / RamaAmor / 1y 244d 1h 42m 6s
The chattering of the fire lizards and the constant staring made Adeline nervous, and apparently her shadow sensed it and wrapped itself around her tighter. "I'm fine." She whispered, before raising her head to reply to the man, "No worries Sir, it seem's its my fault." She felt a rush of coldness run throughout her body, [i Protectoris Tenebris] sent a warning vibe throughout her. "I said I was fine. Now stay quiet, no one is going to hurt me." She whispered again and ran her hand over her arm.
[size12 Upon getting his wine, he lifted the glass to his face but took a sniff instead of a sip. He made a satisfied sound and then took a sip, the movement seeming delicate. He made another satisfied sound.] [b "This is on par with my usual choice back home. This is a bit sweeter though, not that I mind. Thank you."] [size12 He said to the dragon before taking another sip.]

[size12 The door sounded and in came a woman. However, that wasn't what he noticed first. He looked right at the being that followed her in. No one else seemed to have noticed it but he did. It was a dark shadowy creature that seemed attached to the woman. The mini-dragon looking creatures all got upset for some reason so maybe they sensed it but still couldn't see it. Maybe sensing something and not being able to see it was a rather troublesome thing if not just plain terrifying. Well, terrifying to those other than the odd male. He shrugged and turned back to his wine and cigarette, which was half burned at this point. He inhaled the smoke, breathing it back out in a thick, heavily scented cloud.]
  Rexx / -Mirror- / 1y 244d 4h 16m 20s

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