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[b "We know what we're doing."

Eastern Border of Germany
05Jan4244 - 0712 Hours
Sniper Team 07]

The sound of light breaths and creaking wood filled the darkness of the abandoned windmill, a pair of lumps in the old piles of hay lie facing an open window; the breathing quieted.

[B Mmh..] The tired, though muted, voice of the male mumbled. [B Might it be about that time?] He asked after just having awoken to the faint rays of light peeking over the horizon.

[B Mhmm..] Came the reply of the woman next to him while light was slowly beginning to paint the sky, the shadows receding to show a more clear picture of the scene, two long, thin barrels poked out of the hay with scopes on each farther back that led to.. More hay? The woman's eyes flicked over to the male as he rustled in position, clearly showing her mistrust for the German, especially with the assignments they were on.

[b Ja.. I see them now..] The male murmured as he peered through his own scope, the movement showing that the hay rustled with him exactly, such was the advancement of the Essex Chameleon Armour, light and flexible like regular clothing but as tough as metal, with the added bonus that the wearer becomes nearly invisible when motionless. [b Wind has shifted to the East.. Adjust by.. Two..]

Natasha nodded, the barrel of her rifle adjusting slightly while her own armour corrected its imaging from the movement, her finger sliding up to click off the safety and curl around the trigger, sighting down from the windmill to a large bunch of Tents in a forest clearing below where a large number of Mech units and tanks lay silent in the off position surrounding them like a wall, Klause and Natasha were on the edge of German territory right now where they were on a mission to take out one of the officers of a Tank division, a man who sat outside near the fire at this very moment.

[b Take him..] Klause murmured and a single muted thump sounded in the air.


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Even though Klause somewhat stumbled through his French, at least it was much better compared to her nonexistent French. She didn't know what Klause was saying, or what the woman behind the counter was saying, but she did get an interesting look from the woman. Hopefully Klause hadn't said anything impudent, or she'd have to teach him a good lesson.

Hauling all the stuff was somewhat of a pain, but if it had to be done then it had to be done. Klause being the gentleman, opened the door with his wrist pad, allowing them to just walk into the room, the door automatically closing behind them. She automatically went to the window, withdrew them just a bit to observe the outside streets. Nothing of interest as happening down there, at least not yet. Although interesting things might start happening.

Klause spoke up, offering a plan on how to stake out their target. She stood in silence for awhile, thinking about what he had said, attempting to find holes in his plan. Not because she didn't want his plan to work, it was just better to think now and act later. [+purple "Sounds like an excellent plan. As long as he doesn't recognize you."] She stopped, but then she remembered that he didn't know who the target was at all, Klause had only been told the name and location of the individual, not precisely who he was. [+purple "Our target is someone of high rank in the German army, and seeing as you had been in the German army, there is a slight possibility of you being recognized."]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/ccs.?family=Handlee] [handlee [#405c77 [center [size16 [i French? Moi? Several classes so I could do this..] Klause thought to himself while they entered the hotel, lips pursing slightly in concentration till they reached the counter. [I Voudrais..? I think so..] [b Je voudrais.. Ah.. Verdammt.. Acheter une.. Chambre..?] He spoke out nervously and the woman behind the counter simply smiled and turned to her computer, taking down both their names, Klause, being a mercenary, gave the woman a passport and ID under a different name, Nicholas, Natasha was now Vanessa, then made polite conversation about how he had forced his friend to take a leave from work before she hurt herself by doing too much of it, the woman gave them the cards to their rooms to which Klause took out his phone and scanned them before handing them to Natasha and thanking the woman, the two then took their bags to the elevator and up to their rooms

A few minutes later, Klause pulled his phone out and clicked a couple buttons on an app, the two doors in front of them led to adjoining rooms and the app allowed the doors to unlock and open themselves for ease of mobility if you had many things. [B Gotta open the door for a lady and all.] Klause teased as he grinned then walked into his own room to close the door behind him and open the one inside that connected their rooms, setting his bags on the counter to set a few electronic maps, files, and his laptop and Tablet there as well. [B So.. First we gotta find his room out and then a good vantage point.. I can go to the hotel and set up in the lobby to read until he walks around in the open then I'll tag his clothes, we can follow the signal to find his room while you search for a good location, how does that sound?
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She didn't pay attention to Klause; on the one hand it was a jerk move, but on the other hand she didn't really give damn that she was acting like this. It was practically silent between the two of them for the whole journey to the nearest airport, except for

The occasional whine of the motorcycle or something snapping beneath the tires. They could just totally avoid the airport and get to Lyons in France by motorcycle, but that would take too long.

After buying a plane ticket, and four hours later, the two of them arrived in the city in France. As soon as they could get off the plane, she started walking towards the nearest exit with Klause trying to keep up. What stopped her was him calling her Nate, that really got her attention. She listened to what he had to say, and he was right about this whole snooping and intelligence gathering.

She pulled him aside to where it would be hard to overheard them, [+purple "I understand that, but thanks for reminding me before I went ahead and did something stupid that could get us both killed. Secondly, I hope your French is up to par because I don't know any French, so you might have to do most of the talking. Now, let's go get a taxi."]

Walking outside, she managed to hail a taxi, and putting their belongings in the trunk then sat down inside. She only said the name of a hotel that had been five blocks east of the hotel where this German bastard was staying at, and they were off. During the ride she had closed her eyes, and the memory that she had shortly seen after looking at the list back from where they had come from appeared, this time in full. What she saw was a perfect rendition of the past, her and her younger brother huddling outside of a burnt town with others as a few Germans walked towards them. And then they started shooting random people, just like that they had pointed a gun and took away a life for no reason; she could hear that one gunshot that sent the bullet with her brother's name on it and killed him. After the Germans had left, she had been found cradling his dead body completely in tears.

The taxi had stopped, they had arrived at their destination. She paid the fare to the driver, then got out and took out their stuff. [+purple "Now remember, you do the talking, so that means you are renting a room for both of us."]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/ccs.?family=Handlee] [handlee [#405c77 [center [size16 Klause binked in curiousity and hopped down from the Mech, watching the woman as she stormed off to motorcycle. [B I uh.. Kinda need the list and a name, mein freund.] He spoke to her with a little light sarcasm, taking down the name then tapping the coordinates into the device on his wrist, relaying them to Natasha. [B Do Svedanja to your.. Team.. I guess..?] He asked her even though the answer was obvious as they zipped through the forest, Natasha never answered so Klause shrugged and cleared his throat. [B Ah well, Au revoir to them and bon voyage to us, we fly to France~!!]

It was four hours later that the pair arrived at the airport in France, Klause strolling cheerily out of the gate and tugging out a map and his wrist remote, clicking a few touch screen keys on a hologram, peering at it. [B He's at.. Jean Travenous Hotel.. Who even is tha- Natasha?] He glanced uo only to see the woman strolling quickly away to the exit, Klause jogged to catch up with her. [B Uh, look.. Um.. Nate..?] He tried for silly naming to get her annoyed as well as her attention. [B I was just thinking, being that we're in a city open to the public and not a battleground.. I uh.. Implore you.. To consider taking a hotel several blovks down from the target so we can watch for a few things first amd get.. Um.. Intelligence and all.
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She for a brief second saw Klause making his way out of the tree he had concealed himself, before turning her attention back to her area quickly. Despite the ruthlessness of the surprise attack, and the destruction it had caused, and there was some form of resistance appearing and some of that gunfire was going her way.

By this time she had reloaded her rifle and proceeded to shoot at another five mechs which promptly fell silent because of the pilot being killed. The rest of the fire was gunfire from infantry, and decided that it would be a waste of her sniper rifle ammo, she switched to her pistol. Even though it didn't have a silencer, like a silencer really mattered as this point, the German soldiers still died with a bullet to their head.

At one point the ground began to shake, and she spotted a mech running. She was about to fire it, when she noticed that it wasn't running directly at her, but directly at the Germans. A missile flew out the mech, landed in the midst of soldiers and vehicles, and everything went out in a beautiful explosion. To finish the job, the mech took out the oversized machine-gun on its back, and shot a few rounds into the remaining soldiers.

The mech then shut down as Klause popped out of it full with happiness. [+purple "Yes indeed, it was a beautiful one."] She got out of the tree and began walking through the debris to see if there was anything that possibly could be salvaged. So far everything was either dead, burned, exploded to bits, or just nonexistent, but there appeared to be some sort of mobile command vehicle which was relatively intact. Entering it with a drawn pistol, it was devoid of people. There was a large map, drawn with German positions as well as their future movements. Down on the table, there were several lists of paper.

One caught her eye, a list of names and where they were located. Scanning down the list, one caught her eye, and she suddenly heard a gunshot in the background, as well as the death rattle of a child, as well as a girl screaming and holding a dead child on the outskirts of a burned and desolate village. She was filled with rage, pure hatred for the guy who had this name.

Tearing down the map, she grabbed it along with the list of names with her, and she stormed out. [+purple "Klause, let's get moving."] She told him to input the coordinates and plot the a route while walking to her motorcycle. After everything was packed onto the motorcycle and she had sat down on it, [+purple "Come on Klause, we don't have all the time in the world."]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/ccs.?family=Handlee] [handlee [#405c77 [center [size16 Static rippled through his armour after the order was given, several high pitched but muted thumps were the only signals as bullets flew through air from the muzzle of a dancing battle rifle to lodge themselves within the chests of many of the soldiers walking beside the tanks, Klause clicked a button on his wrist and two trucks in the middle also exploded before a few more silenced rounds took out other soldiers.

Klause dropped from the tree once Natasha gave the order and slid down a rope he had attached to a branch then quickly ran to the line of vehicles with his rifle raised, moving from vehicle to vehicle and only stopping at one to send a few rounds into each of the two men stil in their seats, Klause dropped a magasine and shoved another quickly in place just as one of the guards swung his own rifle to knock Klause's to the ground, Klause jumped back as the rifle was swung again by a grunting German while Klause flicked open his ice picks, swinging one to catch the magasine of the gun and yank the person closer so he could spike the pick in through his skul and drop him to the ground, reaching behind him and hanging one back on his belt and grabbing his pistol, moving forward with the first pick in his left but there was no one else that came his way so he turned toward one of the untouched titans while the sound of fighting in Natasha's direction went on; he climbed up into the titan and started it up while clapping his hands together [b This is gonna be fun, heheeee~!!] He cried out then grabbed the controls, the titan mech lurching forward and breaking the chains that belt it to the truck before grabbing a large machine gun from it's back and bounding off to Natasha's direction, a gleeful Klause inside. [B Oh she's gonna be so surprised to see me!! [I Missile lock.]] The compiter warned and Klause clicked a button on the controls that sent a missile spiraling out from a rocket pod and into one of the trucks that blew up several of the guards before loud, mettalic clangs rilled through the air as Klause aimed and fired the machine gun at a few more of the soldiers that were torn in pieces by the munitions. [B I get all the points~!!

Well that was fun!!] Klause declared as the titan shut down and opened up, Klause holling down into the snow and waving to Natasha. [B Did you see how some of them exploded?!
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She was happy to let Klause do his thing, he was competent and she had seen his explosive work and sneakiness, which had also been impressive. As long as it sowed chaos for the German division, she was fine with whatever he had planned. She herself continued driving until she came to a spot which looked perfect for her needs; she stopped there, had the motorcycle, and used the grappling mechanism to climb up the tree. Setting up on one of the thicket branches, she positioned herself to have good shots at the German's ass when they ran into those mines.

A short while later Klause called in, everything was ready. [+purple "Good. I've taken a position where I'll be on their rear after they pass it. Your mines should give me enough time to take out the critical targets.] Now all they had to do was wait for the army to rumble through and set off the mines.

They didn't have long to wait as the rumbling of the German division got louder and louder. She still had the safety switch on her gun turned on, just in case random shit didn't happen as the division passed by. There were the usual soldiers, tanks, mechs, and towards the rear there were all the logistics truck; the most of interest to her were the fuel and munitions trucks, one bullet would could a devastating explosion which would further disorientated the Germans.

They continued going on, oblivious to what was happening. [+purple "Klause, hold your fire until I tell you that you can fire."] She kept the fuel tracks in the scope, preparing to cause havoc as soon as the Germans set off those mines. The Germans just kept going and going as the snow fell, completely oblivious to what was going to happen.

And then explosions ripped through the quiet air, seemed the Germans found the mines the hard way. Flicking the safety switch to the off position, she sights the fuel trucks once again, aimed at one of them, and pressed the trigger. An extremely short while later, the fuel truck detonated as the fuel within caught fire, making the fuel and and then the munitions trucks set off in a deadly chain reaction. There were Germans running every which way, panicked, confused, in shock, and they made no attempt to search the surrounding area. [+purple "Klause, you can fire at will. After that, we are going in."]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/ccs.?family=Handlee] [handlee [#405c77 [center [size16 The bike hummed quietly as the two revved through the forest, a blinking light on his wrist showing a radar of how close they were getting before Natasha's voice came filtering in through the Mic, he nodded after she finished. [B Ja, I have one way, we'll go with your plan but add in a little something so they don't escape, I'll just get some anti tank mines set up ahead of our spot real quick.] And with that, Klause slowed down then curved off another direction behind Natasha.

He stopped his bike aways off from the road and took to his heels instead now, tromping through the snow while his armour activated, the tech trying to keep up with the moving background so he looked like a blur of snow running through snow; he finally reached the road and began setting up two mines in the snow, covering them up a bit as well then tugging his rifle from his shoulders to aim up and fire several shots into a branch that fell to the ground, it was wide and covered in dead branches, perfect. Klause dragged the limb behind him, covering up his tracks before dropping into the snow once more and tugging two C4 disks from one of his pouches and acticating them before tossing them and covering them with snow as well till he got up and moved off to the road, dragging the branch behind him though the snow seemed to falking enough to cover up tracks well enough; Klause ducked down behind several trees before calling in to Natasha. [B All set up~!! I'll traipse about up here in the middle to attack them from the side once the front mines go off.] He clicked his Mic off to listen to her response while tugging off his ice picks and unfolding them to begin hauling himself up the tree and sit out in of the branches with his rifle in his lap, armour shifting till he blended in with his enviornment
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After taking off all the gear and making sure everything was ok, she took in her armor in for repairs before going to do her own things. She took a shower, had something to eat, and then took a nap for awhile to relax. Even though they had just finished a mission, this was full on war and that meant that missions would be coming up pretty frequently. It was just a few hours later that she was called to the briefing room.

Klause was already sitting in the room when she walked in with her squad mates, yes he had gotten here first but she had had to go and get the briefing papers. Their new assignment, wipe out the division who's officer they had killed. Her two squad mates wouldn't be coming along with her this time, but that wasn't anything new.

[center The next day]
[pic http://i65.tinypic.com/2z66omo.jpg]

The two of them were getting dropped off at a specific point by drop ship, and they were given motorcycles; Klause's was the same one he had used, and hers was brand new. They were updated on the last position of the German division before the pilot flew back to base, and with nothing else to do it was time to start riding.

The German division had been taking a more northerly course, up where the Russian divisions weren't that strong due to operations against other places. The Germans it looked like, wanted to break in from the north and pour in like a torrential flood; their job was to kill if that German division and give the Russian high command some more time to more properly reinforce the northern forces.

As they got closer to a forest, [+purple "So Klause, this is the plan. We are going to let them pass us, and then hit them from the rear. We are going to have to hit them fast and hard, so they have no idea what hit them until it's too late. Got any of your own suggestions?"] Well, he was a mercenary, and a well trained one. So why not make full value off this guy?
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/ccs.?family=Handlee] [handlee [#405c77 [center [size16 Klause came out of his room feeling good and refreshed now that he was out of that armour and cleaned up, though not too long ago a briefing had been called so he knew it wouldn't last too long, he wandered off to the conference room after stretching a bit, humming a quiet tune to himself.

He sat down in a comfy chair and leaned back after arriving, the briefing report started once Natasha came in as well and it was led by one of her squad members, apparently they were going back to the previous site to clean up the remaining Tank Division since the death of their officer didn't deter them from pushing forward, to which neither of them seemed to have a problem with that, it would be nice to get a little payback on them.
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Her two comrades helped her lie down on the ground, before Klause came running over to see what all the commotion was about. She also didn't think they'd have problems, but alas the problems cared nought for timing and discomfort. When he said he had to amputate, she had bitten down hard on the leather because she did not want to be amputee on out here, and evidently her two comrades didn't like that idea either; this guy liked to joke, but he seriously needed to figure out when it was an ok time to joke and when it wasn't an ok time to joke. She brought her hand up to calm her two squad members, signaling everything would be alright; they relaxed but she could still feel the tension rolling of them.

The water burned somewhat, but the knife and shrapnel hurt a lot; she bit hard, keeping tears and expressions of pain of her face. Klause eventually got the damn thing out, and he even joked about it being a souvenir. But whatever e sprayed, that burned so badly that she was biting the leather really hard; she only stopped when Klause finished covering the wound up on her leg.

She hadn't even tried blowing up in the first place, but now that this was finished there was other urgent business to take care off. She managed to stand up, and using her rifle as a sort of crutch, walked over to the debrief room with Klause following.

The officer in their raised an eyebrow at seeing the sight of one of the most talented snipers walk in using their sniper as a crutch, followed by a German mercenary; the officer didn't say anything until both of them had sat down. The officer sat down, and then gave her a stern look. [+purple "Офицер был убит, а также несколько мехов и танкoB. Во время побега мы были последованы, и это было, когда я былa раненa."] The officer merely clacked away on a keyboard, before turning back to them, [b "Очень хорошая работа, вы свободны идти."] Debriefs which involved snipers and assassinations were usually short. She saluted the officer, who did likewise, before she left to head back to the armory and check over her gear. The armor would definitely be needed to be repaired.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/ccs.?family=Handlee] [handlee [#405c77 [center [size16 [b What? An apology for me? Nonsense!!] Klause smiled as he replied. [B If you died then how would I ever make money, be a pretty lousy mercenary if I kept letting my clients die~!!] He chuckled softly and leaned back for the rest of the ride.

When they got back, Klause was feeling much better despite the bruising on some parts of him and he hopped briskly down from one side of the truck then shouldered his weapon, until he he heard Natasha stumble on the other side. [b Oh.. What trouble you do now?] Klause groaned a bit as he hurried over to where Natasha was being lain down on the ground, a puncture wound in her calf, from what Klause could see. [B Well I thought we weren't gonna have problems till you were under the proper care.. But as it is..] he tugged a canteen out as well as several things from a pouch, one of which he stuck between her teeth, it was a tough pics of leather. [B You will want to bite down on this, ja? I have to amputate.] He said as he tugged a knife out but quickly smiled behind the visor and called out cheerily, [b Just kidding, but I do have to get this out, so bite.] Then, he poured a little water over the puncture amd he poked gently into her calf with the knife to lever the shrapnel slowly out and irrigating it with the water every so often till the piece was out and held up to see. [B Souvenir, ja? It doesn't look bad, just needs cleaning..] He murmured as He put the piece down and held up a spray bottle, [b Bite down again.] he cautioned before spraying the wound with the liquid from the bottle, it caused a searing, burning pain for a few seconds but cleaned the wound and left a netting made up of organic material that cleaned the wound and sealed it up while still allowing it to breathe rather than fester.

[B You're lucky, nothing vital got hit and you'll walk on it real soon, just try not to blow up anymore.] Klause packed his things back up and handed Natasha her rifle to use a crutch of sorts after nodding to the other two, they both then walked off into the building for debriefing.
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Some of vision and hearing had returned, as well as some parts of the arms and legs, but not enough to be able to fight effectively. Although when the drones that were pursuing and trying to kill them flew into trees and exploded into non-existence, that wasn't pure luck; either the drones had been built faultily, or someone who she thought was dead was actually very alive right now.

It did turn out to be the latter, and then he just had to say her name; yes it was quiet but anyone with good hearing would've been able to pick it up. Unfortunately for her, she couldn't talk back at all; the only thing she could do was move somewhat, and even that didn't add up to anything at all. Although she couldn't get to Klause, the vice-versa wasn't the same; Klause walked up to where she was sitting against the tree, and wrapping her arm around his shoulders he began dragging her out. And honestly, this time she appreciated the humour as it helped take her mind off her current position.

As he dragged her with himself, she hobbled along as best she could. Most of the numb feeling was gone, but it obstinately remained in a few spots, which was annoying but at least she had the solace that they'd eventually go away. The two of them had eventually crossed the border, and upon finding a ditch they both went down into the ditch. Klause gently set her down, and after he sat down he activated the beacon.

As the feeling returned to the rest of her body, her thoughts returned to the explosions that had happened before Klause had left the barn. There was only one way that could've worked, and that was if he had planted the explosives while he was on recon inside the enemy base; daring bastard, except when he had tried to tell her about it, she had merely shushed him up about that matter. But it had turned out to be extremly useful today.

They had both been resting when there were shadows cast, someone had come; it turned out to be her squad who had been faithfully been waiting for the beacon to go off before coming here to pick them up. They merely hauled Klause up and pushed him into the truck, one of her squad mates helped her up and helped to walk her over inside the truck, and then she sat down with the help of the squad mate. The rest of her squad sat down, and the journey back to base in eerie silence began.

As she sat there with her back against the seat, she turned her head to face Klause. Opening a private radio channel to Klause, [+purple "I guess I owe you an apology, for last night. And I guess that I owe you another apology as well, me being too suspicious about you."] She kept looking at him, even though she couldn't see his face nor him see her face. Yes, this guy had his faults and she had been overly suspicious on some things, but those faults hadn't impeded him completing the mission with her and her suspicions had turned out to be somewhat wrong.

And sometime later they began to approach the base, turning to her two comrades, [+purple "Ivanov and Ana, you two can go get some rest. I suspect we're going to have a mission soon."] Turning her head to Klause, [+purple "Klause, you're coming with me to the debrief for the mission."]

And finally they had stopped within the base, and shortly the back door of the truck opened up. She was out of the truck first, but the step that followed the step after exiting the crash, she collapsed. She started to feel light-headed and drowsy, and she could hear Ivanov and Ana running up to her. Looking down at her leg, there had been a piece of shrapnel which had penetrated the calf of her leg and started a slow bleeding process.
  Natasha / Arya / 1y 115d 23h 4m 18s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/ccs.?family=Handlee] [handlee [#405c77 [center [size16 Klause looked behind him after speaking to gauge the distance of the bots from the spoke he planted when he saw the missile, rolling off his bike and throwing his arms up quick as it exploded, knocking him back to roll, mostly unscathed though a bit bruised, to the ground, his hand clenching over the remote detonate the spike and send an electrical jolt out that short circuited the drones which flew off and rocketed into the trees with separate explosions.

Klause slowly for up with a groan and gazed at his shaky arms. [B Ja.. Gonna feel that in the morning..] He mumbled before looking up and around suddenly. [B Natasha..!] He called out in hushed but alarmed voice before getting up and walking to the wreckage of the other bike where Natasha lie amidst the smoking debris; he slowly hauled her up and tugged her arm over his shoulders and began walking in an easterly direction. [b Got yourself into some fine trouble, haven't you, now I've gotta drag my body.. And yours.. Across this border..] He eventually quieted and kept dragging her with him till they crossed the border and down into a ditch on the side of the road where he activated a beacon on his wrist and relaxed there on the ground. [B Damned lucky you have no shrapnel in you.. Bike blew mostly in half..] He mumbled, closing his eyes for a bit.

[U [b Nine Hours Earlier]]

They arrived about a mile from their destination several hours after leaving the hotel, dropping their bikes off near a group of trees and under some camoflauged netting so they could begin jogging through the snow. [b Oof.. I hate running..] Klause grumbled under his breath but it wasn't too long before they reach an old, broken down windmill being covered in the snow that fell, an orange glow on the horizon. [b You get set up, I'll do a close up Recon really quick!!] Klause smiled and announced before taking off silently down the hill while his armour's mirror field activated; he made it into the clearing soon after and snuck around between a few different Mech units and tanks. [B Must be too cold to guard tonight, tough luck for them..] He murmured and laughed to himself as he took back off to the windmill, looking like nothing more than an ascending snow flurry.

[b You'll never guess what I did..!] Klause whispered out loud as he hauled himself up to the top of the windmill to get into position, though Natasha harshly shushed him, he held his chest in mock hurt and declared out in a whisper as he settled in and lay his head on the stock of his weapon. [B Shush me, will she.. Hah, see who's laughing when no one else ever talks to her..] he mumbled exaggeratedly as he slowly dropped off to sleep.

[U [b Present Time]]

Klause opened his eyes as movement darkened the light of the Sun. [B About time you boys got here..] He muttered in a mock complaining time as he was hauled up to his feet. [I "Must be the mercenary she picked up.."] One of the soldiers spoke to the other who merely nodded and pushed Klause up into the truck who then found himself a seat to drop in, Natasha being helped into the truck as well before the rest of Natasha's squad got in to take them to their base
  Klдцsе Еssеж / Atorie / 1y 116d 10h 48m 53s
She waited, although not patiently; considering they had kicked a very dangerous hornets nest, time was off the essence. She did pick up a sound, a really quiet one, and that eventually resolved into Klause riding in on his motorcycle. He set down his motorcycle near hers, and looked up at her with the help of his thermal-imagina lens in his helmet; she also had them, but didn't turn it in. And the first thing he said, about his somewhat forgetful memory, was extremely unnecessary, and she did not offer a reply.

As he pulled up the map, she slid off the tree and landed in front of him as he finished pulling up the map on his wrist. It showed their route home, and as she looked at it he went on to talk some more. One thing she had to put up with was how much this guy liked to talk, and how much his talk was supposed to be funny; to her it wasn't funny at all. In all honesty, she would've liked to go back and kill the whole army, but since the whole army was trying to kill them that would definitely be asking for getting killed.

And there was that sound that both of them heard, which then came into view as drones; before anything else could happen, the drones fired missiles everywhere but where the two of them were. What Klause said next was sensible, and the two of them mounted their bikes, before beginning to ride off.

Although for some reason, she had a flashback.

[center 15 hours earlier]

She had been waiting in a hotel room, for this Klause fellow to come up. She had read his files, and they were very interesting indeed. This guy had a lot of military experience from being in the German army, before leaving and working as a private mercenary. She was sitting on the chair when there was a knock on the door; opening the door there was that Klause fellow, when he began saying her name she took him by the arm and threw him into the room and shutting the door with a loud slam.

[+purple "First thing you should learn is not to be such a loud mouth, understood?"] And he replied, this was going to be so much 'fun' talking to him; he talked in a way which just got on her nerves. [+purple "Anyways, yes I'm the woman who hired you, and my name is Natasha. I hired you after seeing your files, after my previous spotter was killed by their wounds following an explosion."] She let that sink in without telling him what had happened to her.

[+purple "We have a mission, our target is a German high ranking tank officer in a division on the march. We get to kill him."] She gave him all the files respective to the mission, [+purple "We leave in six hours"], and she had left it like that for the next six hours.

Six hours later they had been on a transport aircraft with each one of them in full gear. The transport aircraft flew them out to a pre-arranged spot with the motorcycles, and the two of them were briefed on the last known position of this German division. It had been dark when they had caught up to the German division, and then the rest of the time was for reconning.

[center Back to present day]

An explosion shook her out of the flashback, and she gunned the engine and her motorcycle accelerated, as well as Klause who followed her really close. It seemed as if they were getting away, the drones and the explosions getting father and farther away.

But the an explosion happened, one very near and with which force that she flew off the motorcycle, and then she had another flashback; this one was what had happened somewhere two months ago, when a similar explosion had thrown both her partner and her, causing great harm for her and killing her partner.

[center The flashback]

The two of them had been walking forward when an explosion occurred, throwing both her and her partner away from each other with plenty of force. The light was blinding, and she had hit something hard, and she realized she wouldn't be able to fight. She couldn't even move, and then she had fallen unconscious. It was only later that she had awoke in a military hospital, and sent back to sleep.

[center End of flashback]

Her head hurt, her ears were ringing, her vision was blurry, she felt difficulty breathing, she couldn't feel any part of herself, she couldn't move. She was hard against a tree, and then various bits and pieces of the motorcycles, some on fire, started falling down. The enemy forces would probably be on them soon, and with Klause most likely out of action, she'd be captured. She wanted to say an expletive, but couldn't.
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