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[center[b Flashback]]

Wesker phased through the bullets of the S.T.A.R.S members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine's guns kicking Chris in his stomach, turning breaking Jills block stance before side stepping back. Pulling out his own gun aiming straight at Chris he grinned slightly [b "Lets end this shall we?"]

In a blink of an eye before he could pull the trigger the weight of Jill had overcome his pushing him back he stumbled grabbing a hold of her as they were both thrown into the abyss.

Chris let out a gut wrenching cry as he watched his partner seemingly taken her life along with his former partner [i "JILLL!!!"]

[center[b Present]]

Wesker awoke to a few droplets of rain hitting his face, his midnight coat no where to be seen. Attempting to stand he cringed slightly his leg had been damaged in the fall. Forcing himself up he looked around it was dark and raining but not too violently.

Suddenly remembering how he had gotten to this point he looked behind him to see Jill laying face up unconcious on the ground. Feeling almost a tad sympathetic he picked her up and stumbled to one of the entrances to the manor deep underground.

[center[b Cut To Inside Mansion]]

He layed her on the examination table looking over her face and arms for any wounds or cuts. One of her arms looked as though it was broken scraped by a rock on the way down. Bandaging it up as well as applying green herbs he closed the wounds but still there was something wrong.

[b "Chris. Its official that you have lost. I am now in posession of youre greatest asset."] he chuckled before bringing her to the resting area. Locking the door behind him he left the key on a hook close to the door as he went to tend his own wounds
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