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[center [pic]]
[center [size10 Always flourishing,
no what matter what. ]]
  Barbie / 111d 22h 36m 10s
[size10 I feel so much better today.

I think instead of stressing out of my mind, I'm gonna chill. I will watch my anime, play the new Busan map... Mm.. actually...

Should I just go blonde today ?
  Barbie / 128d 8h 19m 10s
[size10 You know..
It is difficult when you don't like bae's sister.

I have an impression of her in my head.
I wanna like her but then I hear all this shit about her.

The most annoying part? she tried to stop J from coming to see me..
And then talked so much shit like ???? but I'm supposed to like her?
Then she is just selfish and dumps all the weight on J, like... yeah..

But I'm supposed to like her.
Just such a huge hypocrite too..
Lies to her parents about where the fuck she going. And it isn't even small lies, it's like "I'm going to New York" but ends up in San Diego.
Like how could you preach about being responsible and all this other shit when you're the one her parents gotta worry about but you love to talk shit about J not being capable.

I think at the time she was being envious though..
Funny that she traveled to California right after.
I like how she thinks she is the only one allowed to travel.
So petty you try to ruin your sister's plans. Smh.

I don't think I ever will like you.
Ugh. That is why I'm avoiding her like the plague lol.
Even if bae doesn't like it, the best I can do is muster up a fake smile cause

Girl, bye.
  Barbie / 142d 6h 7m 17s
[size10 Why is it that some people just gotta lie so much..
To the extreme.. it isn't even small lies, it's some big ass lies..
on some movie type shit

I survived in the woods this long for this much time type shit

This is why don't I have a lot of friends online in general
I chill on discord with my friends and bae and that is all I need
I don't wanna fuck with this these type of ppl because I'm trying to adult and I just don't wanna deal with these lies like you still 13, 2009 weaboo nonesense BYE.

Too many of those types on ES too lmao
I think I'm just on here for like 2 people and to vent, mostly to vent because having a personal journal is useful and the only thing this site is useful for now tbh cause this roleplay site lacks actual roleplay, I feel bad for the bitches on here whose whole life revolves around this site, if you stalking me you know who you are, shout out to you bitches if so.
  Barbie / 151d 4h 15m 38s
[size10 Eeowwwwwwwww!!!

I'm happy about my progress.
College is paying off.

My counselor was so proud of me~
I got a high five and all, like yassss

I'm dat bitch!!!
  Barbie / 151d 22h 44m 44s
[center [size10 And I can be all the things you told me not to be
[b When you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing]
And he see the universe when I'm in company
It's all in me
You, you love it how I move you
You love it how I touch you
My one, when all is said and done]
[size15 [b You'll believe God is a [i woman]]]]

[size10 I am obsessed with all the new music releasing. I'm sitting pretty waiting on Ari's sweetener album. I listened to all of Queen too and I'm obsessed. I'm on top of these album releases, Cardi's album was a hit and I'm still not tired of it! Travis Scott released new shit, Tyga which surprisingly some of his songs were good hits, Iggy released some good shit too. Like, wow.

Sabrina Claudio released [i 'No rain, no flowers'] and I'm living for it.
Her voice is soooo hypnotizing.. all this music serving me eargasms.
  :・゚✧ / Barbie / 157d 18h 26m 58s

[i Want the Nicki cheat code? Come on, bitch, nice try
Let's be real, all you bitches wanna look like me
Wanna be in demand, get booked like me
Wanna run up in the lab and cook like me
But ain't nan you hoes pussy good like me
Pussy so good his ex wanna still fight me
Face so pretty bitches wish they could slice me
She just mad 'cause he never bought her ice like me
I cut all my niggas off, but they would still wife me
Rap bitches tell they team, "Make 'em like Barbie"
Had to come off IG so they can't stalk me
All they do is copy looks, steal music, too
Want to see what bitches do when they lose the blue-print
I mean the pinkprint, ho, let it sink in]
  Barbie / 157d 20h 10m 29s
[size10 Te amo ♥]
  Barbie / 157d 21h 58m 14s
[size10 I had the best time in California with you.
Honestly, every minute I spent with you had me falling in love all over again.
Going back now, I miss you too much.
It was so special and great that it felt like it went by too fast.
It felt like a dream.

Not only did I feel complete during those days, it clarified something for me..
That I don't want to be without you..
That I want to spend every moment with you.
I just want to wake up to you every morning and end every night holding you in my arms.
That's all I'll say... I don't want to reveal too much to you..

I love you so much.
Until next time, [s my love] loser.]
  Lucis / 158d 3h 56m 1s
[center [size10 I miss you so much already.]]
  Barbie / 159d 15h 14m 7s
[size10 Bae has been in California with me for awhile and I'm gonna be heartbroken when bae returns to Canada. I might cry, probably will knowing me but I know we'll see each other soon. I can't wait for our visits to become a lot more frequent. We had a lot of fun together, turns out Teme didn't coward from my crazy, stunt ways in the dunes, aha!

Teme really spoiled me too, took me out to eat to all my favorite restaurants, even treated my family too! Took me out shopping, bought me a dress and some other clothing ❤

Bought me a Sasuke plushie ❤ ❤
We tried sake and it was disgusting lmao
We drank lots of Remy Martin! We went to the pier..
Had lots of cute dates~
We did so much~ ~~~ nfkcnkjnd.

Mi amor is currently sleeping next to me, knocked out
after all the sex *eyes emoji* I'm spoiled even in the sheets..

I'm so lucky..
I'm going to miss my Teme..

[center I'm such a needy girlfriend.
Well, time to wake the sleepy head with kisses
and demand I be held

[size10 quick mention I really can't handle neck kisses sometimes.
Tonight was one of those nights I was super ticklish there and
though bae was trying hard to please me with it, I just entered giggle fits.
Unf, my heart.]
  :・゚✧ / Barbie / 161d 15h 10m 10s

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