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[center [i Muay Thai]]

[center [I Wing Chun]]

[center [i Jeet Kune Do]]

[center [I Aikido]]

[center [I Karate]]

[center [I Wushu]]

[center [I Bushido]]

[center [I [size12 Seven Styles have been made through the centuries... Each, with a strength none can fathom. Each, with responsibility that holds the warrior true... With an aim that all share... The desire for the New World]]]

[center [I [size12 A new threat has sufaced... A man ventured into ruins of his kingdom in the forests or China, and became the host of an Evil Dark King Shiezuko, thisty for vengence and power]]]

[center [I [size12 Upon his release from his prison, A Guardian named Tien Gong had awakened from his slumber... And must find the Seven Warriors. The souls of the Seven Warriors found their successors. Time is of the essence, and they must stop Shiezuko from destroying what they all know]]]

[center [I [size20 o(^^o)...  (o^^)o]]]

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[center Picture: [I Real Pictures, please, and please not all Asian. Let's spice it up with different races, shall we?]]

[center Name:]

[center Age: [I Ranging from 17 to 26]]

[center Occupation: [I a job or hobby your charry has done before being chosen]]

[center Primary Style: [i Any chosen style can also be secondary. But, not everyone gets the same secondary style]]

[center Secondary Style: [i any style besides your chosen Primary, or any style outside of the chosen seven... Choose wisely, you cannot get another style]]

[center Personality:]

[center Bio:]

[center [I [size20 o(^^o)...  (o^^)o]]]

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[center Picture: [pic]]

[center Name: L 'eo Thai]

[center Age: [I 23]]

[center Occupation: [I Writer in formal magazine]]

[center Primary Style: [i Muay Thai]]

[center Secondary Style: [i Wing Chun]]

[center Personality: Reserved, patient, hothead, cocky, quiet, caring]

[center Bio: L 'eo is a woman with quite a few things in her past, so terrible, she bothers not to think of them. Being chosen by the warrior gave her a sense of purpose, so much she became leader to protect t the others... Despite it, though, she still have to battle her biggest struggle...trusting herself]

[center [I [size20 o(^^o)...  (o^^)o]]]
[center Puppetmaster: [i [ Arya]]]

[center Picture: [pic]]

[center Name: [i Ilvana Moriartybb]]

[center Age: [i 19]]

[center Occupation: [i Florist]]

[center Primary Style: [i Aikido]]

[center Secondary Style: [i Jeet Kune Do]]

[center Personality: [i Introvert, thoughtful, compromisable, suspicious]]

[center Bio: [i Despite the last name, not the way she actually acts; she usually acts like a law-abiding citizen. Although there were many moments when she was made fun off because of the last name, she restrained herself from lashing out as violence was an extreme last resort.]]
[center [i It was during her time working as a florist that she was chosen by one of the Seven Warriors; how or why she did not know, but it happened.]]

[center [I [size20 o(^^o)...  (o^^)o ]]]

[center Puppetmaster: [I [ Yoruneko]]]

[center Picture: [pic]]

[center Name: [i Jasmine Greer]]

[center Age: [i 24]]

[center Occupation: [i IT Specialist]]

[center Primary Style: [i Jeet Kune Do]]

[center Secondary Style: [i Hapkido]

[center Quick Description: [i Hapkido is a Korean martial art practiced the world over. Characterized by joint locks, pressure-point strikes, throws, and dynamic kicking techniques, it is unique among Korean martial arts [u ] in its emphasis on deflecting an opponent’s attacks instead of forceful blocking.]]

[center [i Hapkido is the [u “anti-martial art”]. It was designed as a way to defend against and overcome an attacker with skill in many forms of martial combat. It is designed to allow a martial artist to rapidly subdue an opponent and render any attacker completely incapable of causing harm.]]

[center Personality: [i enjoys balance, reliable, low tolerance for disrespect, work hard play hard mentality]]

[center Bio: [i Jasmine holds herself to her word and expects the same of those in her professional and personal circles. Yes, things happen, especially in her workplace. She’s reasonable, but maintains a standard. For her, martial arts instilled more than just a way to protect and fight, but a mentality as well.]]

[center [I [size20 o(^^o)...  (o^^)o ]]]

[center Puppetmaster: [i [ Kasaishadowfox]]

[center Picture: [I [pic]]

[center Name: [i Mori Nasu]]

[center Age: [i 24]]

[center Occupation: [i Naval Crime Scene Investigator]]

[center Primary Style:[i Bushido]]

[center Secondary Style: [i Wushu ]]

[center Personality: [i Stern, Hot headed, collected, Reliable]]

[center Bio: [i Mori has always been different his mother and father sent him away to america when he was little with his uncle where he lived a seemingly normal life after high school he joined the Navy where he had become a NCIS agent. His uncle had taught him the way of the samurai, Bushido. He had never liked guns but as a naval agent he had to carry one. he was also taught Wushu only if he didn't have a sword with him which he kept in his car all the time]]

[center [I [size20 o(^^o)...  (o^^)o ]]]
Puppetmaster: [ KasaiShadowFox]

Picture: [pic]

Name: Sevvan Hale

Age: 25

Occupation: United States Navy Seal

Primary Style: Wushu

Secondary Style: Wing Chun

Personality: Stubborn, Calm, Collected, Trustworthy

Bio:As a young boy Sevvan was taught by his mother and father the fighting style of Wushu. As a child he was not allowed to go to school both parents being well off had a teacher come to their home and teach him all the way through high school. Once he finished he told both parents that he was joining the service where he became a Navy seal he met Mori and became friends.

[center [I [size20 o(^^o)...  (o^^)o ]]]
Puppetmaster: [ Bloody_Eve]

Picture: [pic]

Name: a'Raphael Aries

Age: 24

Occupation: Photographer

Primary Style: Wing Chun

Secondary Style: Muay Thai

Personality: Dedicated, thoughful, big lush, talkative, diatant, protective, bashful , one nerve temper.

Bio: a'Raphael had always had a weakness for beautiful things. He loved capturing those things to carry around and cherish. But, he realized some time later... He never took pictures intimately involving a woman... In fact, he never took pictures of any woman in focus. It may have seemed he hadn't fallen in love. Not just yet.

In his travels, he landed into the most of lively places, and catches only a glimpse of what he remembered was a woman before being in a cave with six others. When he saw L 'eo, he realized it was her... And had instantly fell in love... Poor boy.
[center [I [size20 o(^^o)...  (o^^)o ]]]


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L'eo sighed to herself some. Everyone used their time to get to know each other, and she was adamant on being silent, thinking about the situation. She saw that the entity had been hovering ever so slightly, as if trying to lure something out... She stood and walked to where he hovered, and looked into the shadows. [I "Master Gong? "] she asked.

Master Gong nodded to her. [b "Kito... An orphan. He won't come out... I was trying to inform him that we are not a threat. "]

L'eo looked into the shadow when she saw something move. She knelt to him, and smiled some. [I "What are you doing in there, little one? "] she asked. The child whimpered. She could could understand his fear. [I "Dont worry. We won't hurt you... In. Fact, we wanna go home too... Tell you what... You stay with me, we both go home, okay? "] she asked before reaching her hand out. [I "It's alright"]

After a moment of hesitation, he finally came out with her help, and how scared was he. He hid behind her immediately, only wanting to stay near her as she said. She sighed as she looked to Master gong. [I "Really? A child? "]
  Kito / Bloody_Eve / 3y 75d 6h 55m 48s
Mori watched as the others conversed the male stood in silence he was happy that Sevvan was close by he didn’t like being held pretty much captive but this was way better then Sevvan’s and his last mission, it was less trouble. So he thought. Mori watched as the more talkative out of the two was conversing with the other two ladies Ilvana and Jasmine as he heard right, he hoped.

The slinder yet muscular male trailed behind Sevvan keeping intune with his surroundings. He listened as master Gong had said they were to defend humanity Mori began to laugh putting his hand to his mouth. [b “Hey, do you not understand that’s what me and Sevvan were already doing we were defending our country against Terrorists. But if this is some ghostly shit like your pulling right now I don’t know how we are going to handle something like that.”] He looked down at his sword.

[b “Then again, Hey Gong….My sword is there some funny magic in it or something. Because no matter how I tried before I couldn’t pull the Seal off but now the sword is not sealed.”] He lifted the sword waist height. Mori didn’t understand how all of them were so special. He looked over at Jasmine. [b “Forgive me im Mori it’s a pleasure to meet you miss, and you as well miss?”] he motioned to Ilvana as well. He didn’t want to feel to rude so he had to introduce himself.
  Mori Nasu / KasaiShadowFox / 3y 93d 9h 50s
L'eo had looked to the woman before nodding. [i "She's asking you a question, Master Gong... Why did you bring us here? "]

The spirit stopped his silent floating and looked to them. [b "There is a threat among us, something that threatens humanity. It has appeared a few months back, hence why I came to be. A dark force is building... And will destroy everything you know and love... You've been chosen to stop it"]

[I "How are we to stop it? We're not strong, we ain't super heroes"] she said. a'Raphael nodded And stood. "I mean, she's right. Don't you need someone like Superman or Batman to stop it? "

The spirit stared as L'eo huffed. [b "You've been chosen by the warriors that had encased it long ago. They have chosen the strongest and most able to be able to fight. I do not doubt their judgement... For now, we are only meeting, but we must train and be start protecting what is ours... Our home"]
  L' eo Thai / Bloody_Eve / 3y 99d 12h 32m 8s
As right as Master Gong was, Jasmine did not like how the glowing face went about making his points. Despite this, she trusted her instincts not to do anything rash. However they were taken, he was able to kidnap everyone without one person having a hint to what was going on, yet he knew all about them. The fact that this included two Navy Seals said volumes.

The crazier part was that their existence was temporarily wiped from the lives they were living. So, no one was looking and they had nothing to go back to until they finished whatever fate mission he had them on. Identity theft is one thing, but this seemed like their identities were being held for ransom. Mountain blizzard or not, they didn't have much choice in hearing him out. As far as crazy goes, they were talking to a glowing face full of wisdom that a person would normally see in a movie. Who knew that Hollywood got something right?

As Jasmine went on to the next question: What did Master Gong want them to do so badly that he did all of this, she noticed the girl by the fire was more worked up by what was said about her life. [i ‘What’s he trying to accomplish by kidnapping and prying into people’s issues like this?’]

[#DA70D6 “Is all of this necessary?”] she asked, directing her question at the entity.

L’eo’s other outburst about not being able to watch out for themselves spoke the truth. Although Master Gong was able to break basic laws of physics, there was no telling if they could in order to protect themselves from this guy. Actually, despite his form being energy, who knew if that was his true form or if he could regenerate? Regardless, there had to be something they do if things went south. They just needed to figure it out.

After one of the Navy brothers voiced the bottom line to the florist, Jasmine saw him motion for her to come over there. Keeping in mind that he was the one with the pistol, she went over. It didn't seem like he was going to use it and she didn't plan on giving him a reason to anyway. She agreed that getting this over with was the best way to get things back to normal, hoping it won't be too time consuming of a task.

When he smiled and introduced himself, she returned the smile and replied, [#DA70D6 “It’s nice to meet you too, Sevvan. And Ilvana, right? My name’s Jasmine. I'm sure we all will.”]

She turned to face the entity, [#DA70D6 “Master Gong, can we please get back to the point of why you brought us here?”]
  Jasmine Greer / Yoruneko / 3y 103d 13h 18m 53s
a'Raphael stared at Sevvan as he was marveling over L'eo... He thought she wouldn't ssu a ythjng, probably brush him off and leave an open door for him, but he saw a pained face turn towards him. [I "Watch my back? We can barely watch the front with this guy... "] she sighed before taking a seat again. [I "... But, I'll consider it... Sevvan"]

a'Raphael stared in amazement. L'eo had been rigerously honest since she had been dropped here. He can't even be honest with himself. That made him jealous. Before lo g, he noticed that Sevvan had went to a redhead, while Master Gong had hovered left and right without a single word since her outburst. a'Raphael was petrified... The blizzard seemed more comforting than the cave.... But, until it was safe for them to leave, this was home sweet home... But it made him sigh. [u "Didn't think we would become the teenage mutant ninja turtles... "] he muttered.
  a' Raphael Aries / Bloody_Eve / 3y 113d 22h 35m 57s
[center Sevvan brushed off the woman he was speaking too but was ignored when his best friend hugged him from behind. [#00FFFF No fucking way! You’re here too brother!”] He laughed as he followed his best friend to the wall of the cave. [#00FFFF “I’ll check on the rest to make sure everyone is fine. If what this man is saying is true we will need as many allies as we can.”] The male said before walking to the orange haired woman. [#00FFFF “My name is Sevvan, a pleasure to meet your acquaintance. Seems like we all have our issues but we have to finish whatever this Master Gong wants us too, so we can get back to what we were doing before this whole thing happened.”] the blonde-haired male smiled at the younger female.]

[center Sevvan looked back at his friend who was still against the wall watching the rest. The male stood there his 9mm was still in the back of his pant belt he was still on edge about everything that happened maybe it was just a dream and him and Mori would be back playing their card game before all of this.]

[center He smiled back down at her and then looked over at the other woman motioning her over there with them. Sevvan was always a friendly person and protective over women not only because he thought of them as fragil but because he hated seeing women hurt and being in the military he has seen many marine and army women killed in action he wants to do anything he can to protect all three women and his best friend.]

[center Don’t get him wrong he will protect the men too but it was just in his nature to keep women safe. Sevvan smiled at the other woman. [#00FFFF hello, I am Sevvan It is a pleasure to meet you. I hope to be able to get to know you all in our journey.”] ]
  Sevvan Hale / KasaiShadowFox / 3y 115d 8h 20m 37s
[center [I [size20 o(^^o)...  (o^^)o]]]

[center L'eo had thought she could keep calm and allow this entity to speak, but something in her was worried about it as well. Everyone's names had been revealed... a'Rapahel... Jasmine... Then the two best friends... She looked to the fire for solace. It didn't make her feel any better at the time that this man she didn't even know existed knows so much about everyone and hadn't been a dust in his eye.]

[center Gong hand looked to her as she kstared into the fire. He felt her aura, and nodded. [b You are extraordinary. L'eo Thai...]]he said. L'eo looked up to the entity, xonduaed on whether she should respond, or run... Gong smiled. [b You have been through a traumatic life, and somehow still manage to move on for the better. You don't trust anyone... That I understand. What will really confuse me... Is if you will follow your destiny orstay mad at the world because of your misfortune]

[center L'eo stared at him, with a warning. [I "Look, you have no idea who your talking to--"]

[center [b Oh, but I do, L'eo. You were riddled with hate when any person starts babbling on about the past... You try to avoid the past as much as possible. Music was your escape. I know this because after all that had been done, you snuck into a studio to sleep... And made a song... The producers were your saviors...]]

[center L'eo stared with surprise. She felt her heart race, and she began feeling the pain in her heart. She stared at him hard. [I "... You don't know me... You don't... Fucking ... Know me".]]
  L' eo Thai / Bloody_Eve / 3y 115d 17h 36m 23s
A few more snips of pruning scissors, before that sound was replaced by the tearing of plastic, and then the wrapping of the same plastic around something. Then the same plastic was slid along a table, to come to rest near other objects wrapped in plastic; these were roses. It was the early morning, and she was preparing the shop for opening time, along with other employees. She had just finished making the bouquets of roses, or as one of her Russian coworkers liked to put it occasionally, a bucket of roses; a wordplay on the Russian word for bouquet, which sounded like the word bucket in the English language.

The shop was filled with the aromas of various flowers, and he sky was still colored by the rise of the sun. Standing up, she looked around the shop, which seemed devoid of people; the various flowers and small plants obscured all the other employees from seeing each other, and soon the shop would be opened. There were various bouquets of flowers, some of them she had arranged and were occasionally bought. Turning around she reached for her mug of tea, which steamed hot air into the surrounding air. Just as she was about to take a sip, the whole world around her darkened.

She materialized back into the world, appeared to be a tunnel of some sort which led deeper to an interior from where some light source was lighting up. The other way, the tunnel opened up and it felt extremely cold there. Unless she wanted to go out there in her current wear, which she didn't really want to, there was only one choice and that was to go deeper into the interior.

The light source was a fire, and there were others there as well; two other females and four males, although she felt a bit awkward as she was the only one with a mug of fresh, hot tea. But other than the fire, there was nothing else happening, all of them were waiting for this next thing to happen.

And then it happened. A man appeared, in robes, at the same time ancient looking but at the same time not that ancient, an apparition yet at the same time he appeared to be so alive. He then began to explain, it was interesting, although when he came to the part about their life stories she felt dubious about that.

When it came her turn, he looked at her before saying two words, [b "Ilvana Moriarty."] His tone, especially the way he had pronounced her last name, reminded her of the way everyone who had taunted her pronounced it; but this guy hadn't grabbed her for the mere purpose of taunting her, so she merely let the frustration wash away. [b "Throughout your life you have been taunted about your last name, but you never stooped to the same level, nor did you ever respond with violence. You practice aikido, a martial art where the opponent is not harmed as much as possible. And you work as a florist, wherever you have made some of your own flower arrangements; flower arranging and aikido go together extremely well."]

That was all he had to say to her, and even though it wasn't that much, it was the results that mattered.
  Ilvana / Arya / 3y 123d 18h 20m 2s
She had just gotten back to the office after meeting with a client, when she was no longer walking through the lobby. Instead, she was standing in an eerie cave with a group of strangers. She was immediately on alert. She couldn’t have been drugged and brought there. Otherwise, she would have been lying down or propped up against something. Neither were the case. Instead of frying her brain trying to figure out how she and the rest got there, she immediately started assessing the current situation.

There was an exit out of the cave, however, below freezing air was flowing in from that direction. So, that wasn't going to work in her current attire.There was a fire already lit, illuminating and warming the surrounding area. Apparently, it’s been going for some time. She could see six others in there with her. Two other females and four males. Everyone seemed to be processing what was going on in their own way. She noticed one of the guys warily taking out his pistol from where he was concealing it. Another one had a sword in his hands with a puzzled look on his face. One of the girls was staring into the fire, getting increasingly agitated by the company. This other guy had a star-struck gaze that never broke from the girl. So on, so forth.

She kept track of how close each person and weapon was in proximity to her just in case a fight broke out, along with the temperament of each one. However, something out a movie happened instead. Some wise figure appeared from the fire and spoke to them with a cliche line that didn't really explain anything. He introduced himself as Master Gong and then the rest with stories of their lives.

[b “Jasmine Greer,”] the glowing master began her story. [b “As the founder of Jeet Kune Do described, ‘Kung Fu is the direct expression of one’s feeling with the minimum of movements and energy’. Majority of your life has been spent striving to exemplify this philosophy while mastering the style. From your early childhood in Oakland, you’ve trained in Jeet Kune Do. At the time, your parents heard it was a great way for you to learn to defend yourself and keep you from being part of either side of the various crimes going on. The impact not only surpassed their expectations long ago, but has affected others in your life. Although his life was short, you played a large role in Andre finding himself again. Six years have past since his funeral. No one was ever convicted for his murder, and you know his case will remain as one more of a long list of those just like that. Back then, you tried to pick up the trail, but ended up having to move on after exhausting every lead you could find.—”]

As Jasmine listened to the entity, she was curious at first to what he would share. However, when he spoke of Andre’s murder the way he did, she could no longer just listen idly. [#DA70D6 “I’m sorry, Master Gong. I mean no disrespect, but I'm going to have to stop you there for a moment. Since you know all of this, I’m assuming you know what happened and who did it. Please correct me if I'm wrong. However, it doesn’t seem like you are bringing this up to share that knowledge. What is the reason then?”]

[b “Exactly what you just proved. Although you were forced to move forward in your daily life, you never allowed yourself to heal on the inside. Luckily, it is not too late in this.”]
  Jasmine Greer / Yoruneko / 3y 128d 3h 45m 39s
[center [I Mori was never the type most wanted to warm up too, only because of his serious face. If people just took the chance to get to know the man they would see he is quiet caring and Reliable. The 6’1 Male sat on the chair looking across the table at his Best friend and Battle buddy Sevvan, both men were in the same Seal team before Mori changed his mind and became a NCIS agent to protect the men and women in the service get the justice they deserved.]]

[center [I both men drank beers and laughed telling each other stories they have told a million times but felt as if they would never get over them. They talked about old missions and their very first mission together. They both told how they remembered it both were rookies as their Commander had told them they both replaced two soldiers who had passed away on their last mission the group they were in didn’t accept the two at first but they grew on the team as they showed their abilities. [#FF0000 “Remember that first mission, your dumb ass walked into a trap even though our Commander told us to wait and my dumb ass followed you to make sure you were not going to get hurt. The first thing that happened your gun was knocked from your hands, which pissed you off and so you took him down with your bare hands while I shot the three other men before they let off any rounds into your head. Man, that was such an Adrenalin rush our commander chewed us out before congratulating us, they were a good team.”]he spoke before both of their faces seemed to frown and chugged their beers.]]

[center [I [#FF0000 “I’ll go get us another one, besides it’s your turn no cheating now.”] he smirked before going to the kitchen to the fridge to get them beers he heard his dear friend laugh and shout that he had won, before he was able to grab the beers he was no longer in his kitchen but in a cave a fire was lit up a few women were there and a couple men. In his hand was his sword which had confused him because before arriving where ever they were his sword that was passed down for generations and was seal was now in his hand the seal seemed to be burned off. No one in his family had been able to break this seal. The Brown eyed man put the sheath in-between his belt and pants holding to the hilt of his sword ready for anything until he heard a familiar voice it was Sevvan but it seemed as if he didn’t realize Mori was there. But then again since they were best friends he was comfortable around him and all the others were strangers.]]

[center [I Mori sighed and let him have his time to warm up to things he knew that if he were to go anywhere near his friend he would have swung and his fighting style was aggressive; Of course, he really didn’t want to fight his friend so he stayed back until Sevvan had gone to the entrance of the cave to scout and calm down. Mori walked closer to the Figure in the fire before being pointed too.]]

[center [I [b “You, you are Mori Nasu, your parents are Midori and Nakuta Nasu. Both were Disciples at a time both Samurai’s they sent you to live with your uncle in America due to not wanting others hands to get you before you could learn Bushido, They way of the Samurai. They left you the sword I had unsealed because it is your destiny to fight alongside these other fighters. There will be obstacles in your way but with the help of your new allies you will be able to overcome them. You spent all of your child hood wanting to meet your parents but they both died protecting you where about because others wanted you for their own greedy purposes. The sword and you were kept out of the reach of them thanks to them. Now you will have to honor your parents and destroy the oncoming evil.”] Master Gong paused and then cleared his throat before speaking again.]]

[center [I [b “being a former navy seal you have experience like your friend Sevvan. I have been watching you guys create the special bond. It’s so special that he wasn’t even able to detect your presence because he feels safe around you, right now he believes that you have forgotten all about you not knowing that you are right here in this cave with him.] Master Gong had moved on from him while Mori thought all this over, His parents had sacrificed themselves so he could be here this day. Mori wondered if they knew, and if they did why didn’t they tell him write a letter that he could have gotten all these years he believed that his parents just didn’t want to bother with him.]]

[center [I Mori walked to the back leaning against the wall he didn’t open up to people very much because it was hard to trust. It was hard to trust anyone and Master Gong expected them to all work together but was Mori ready to work in a team again. He knew he could work with Sevvan but that’s only because they knew and trusted each other with their lives. But everyone else here didn’t seem like they should be here and it frustrated Mori.]]

[center [I Mori walked to the Entrance of the cave watching his friend walking over to the woman talking to her, the male needed a break he also wanted to unsheathe his Katana fir the first time. [#FF0000 “Shino, that is what ill Name you. You will be my partner and we will work together in sequence.”] he spoke to the sword coming in hearing about the young male who sat against the wall his eyes fixated on the woman Sevvan was talking too. He nodded his head before walking over to his own friend placing a hand on his shoulder. [#FF0000 “That was fast, you would replace me like that.”] he joked as his friend had turned wrapping his arms around him in a quick embrace. [#FF0000 “Ha-ha so you thought you lost me. Don’t worry you know I will always have your back Brother. Even if I wasn’t in this mess with you I would have got to know you all over again.”] he patted his back then walked to the wall leaning against it looking down at the male. [#FF0000 “Sorry about your mother, if you have our back we have yours. At least me and Sevvan. I’m Mori nice to meet ya.”]]]
  Mori Nasu / KasaiShadowFox / 3y 131d 9h 17m 24s
[center Oh, such a poor boy. He sat quietly, fixated on a sight he hadn't seen before. By the slight chance of fate, he had awakened, in a desolate cave with six other people... And one in particular had caught his senses. L 'eo had been his light for ten minutes now, unable to take his eyes off of her. He couldn't believe it. To think... He is in a seemingly dangerous situation, and has still found a woman to stare at.]

[center a'Raphael's eyes were stuck on her until the entity had appeared. Surprising that this man had appeared and stared everyone down. This one started with a few girls, then called out one named Sevvan. His life was spoken to him, and it easily corrupted his train of thought to panic. He spoke his piece, then departed.]

[center [b [I Your name...]] he began... [b [I... Is a'Raphael Aries... A photographer from New York. It's a perfect cover for your fetish for beautiful things. At 11, you've lost your mother, the same woman that raised you on her own since birth. You saw her in your dreams, and you always thought she was beautiful. So, you developed a desire to capture anything beautiful and keep with you. It is a lo g story about your teen years. You started doing things your mother wouldn't have been proud of. You fought, sided in gangs, and despite it... You persevered. You hold your head high, a'Raphael... Your desire for that beautiful woman will be fufilled sooner than you think]] a'Raphael gasped some, but the entity laughed silently before nodding to him.

[center As he went on, a'Raphael saw Sevvan slink over to her and began speaking to her silently. He sighed some, sitting against the wall of the cave, somewhat bewildered, fascinated... And Jealous at the same time. L 'eo wasn't paying him any mind just yet... But, even with that, Raoh was jealous... He was brave enough to talk to her. ]
  a' Raphael Aries / Bloody_Eve / 3y 131d 9h 32m 8s
[center [i Sevvan sat at a small man made table made by his best friend Mori, The have only known each other since boot camp. They both decided that their day off they would both play cards together they never went home because they had nothing left to go to Sevvan’s ex-wife cheated on him while he was in Iraq fighting the war, not only did she cheat on him with three other men but tried to get into contact with Mori. But the male had told Sevvan so they decided to move into an apartment together, the reason for the Apartment is because they didn’t have need for a house they moved around a lot. If Sevvan wasn’t in Iraq they stationed him somewhere different every other 4 years so the apartment wasn’t a permanent home, Just something that sheltered him until his next move. ]]

[center [I As Sevvan set down his jack standing up winning the game now out of cards. While he stood, he was no longer in the room with Mori he was with a group of people he looked around pulling a 9 mm from the back of his pants. He never left home without it, due to his PTSD that he got out in the field the four years he spent in Iraq the things that he had done and seen he never wished anyone would have to see it or go through what he did. The yelling of the others made him cautious what happened how did he get there where was Mori he was just playing card and now he’s in the middle of nowhere with people he didn’t even know. He stepped back no one seemed to have a weapon on him but all the noise started to make him nervous until a woman yelled at everyone to calm down once that happened he placed his gun in its holster that was hidden in the back of his pants.]]

[center [i Sevvan crossed his arms as he listened to the voice staring into the fire before them. His blue eye’s never left the fire but continued to listen for the others movements not letting his guard down even one was a stranger to him so he thought. The only person he didn’t seem to notice was his friend Mori and the reason is because he felt safe around his battle buddy. The male stood and listened, he didn’t understand why this Entity or what every he was choose them and what for. [#00FFFF “Hey, you need to tell us why the hell we are here what do you mean…”] he paused and let then let the man fallow through with the explanation. It made Sevvan nervous that this male knew so much about him and his past.]]

[center [I [b “Your young man had a good living as a child, your parents teaching you Wushu while keeping you away from other children afraid that you wouldn’t take your lessons seriously, that you would not follow the path of a Wushu Warrior your parent were getting you ready to become the next disciple. Of course, your parents only did it because they were taught so on and so on it has been in your family for years and I hope that you too will pass it down to your children if you live.] Sevvan’s eyes were glued to the figure straightening his posture before the male figure who called himself Master Gong.]]

[center [I [b “Well after you completed home school you told your parents that you wanted to join the military where you spent your last seven years. You have seen things that others would never want to see in their life but it will be easier for you to kill then it would for most of these Disciples. I know that you will have everyone’s back in this cave. Well I hope you will as they will have yours. I know you’re thinking that everyone will be looking for you but I have that already handle anyone that you have worked with all had their memories wiped you do not exist as of right now once your mission is finished you will be able to go back and everyone will remember. But until then you better follow my orders.”] Master Gong laughed because the normally calm and collected was agitated on the verge of anger.]]

[center [i [#00FFFF “So your telling me that my friends and Co-works don’t remember me. Your telling me that if I don’t go along with your little plan that I’m going to suffer that I’m going to have to make new friends. I’m going to have to re-do boot camp and seal training. I don’t have time for your bull shit I’m out of here. I can’t trust these people with my life. You know how long it takes to know that the person behind you won’t let a bullet go through you that they would watch your back as you watch theirs. None of these people have what it takes from what I see here. Maybe that woman because she was the first to stand up but no one else here has what it going outside to contemplate this. Master Gong.”]]]

[center [i Sevvan sighed and then walked to the entrance of the cave, it wasn’t like he could leave the place if he were to he would freeze to death within a few minutes with the clothes he was wearing. He had to somehow calm himself once he was done calming he came back in walking to the woman he spoke about before. [#00FFFF “Hey, if you plan on going through with this are you wanting to be Battle buddies you watch my back ill watch yours, you seem like the only one that is collected in here?”] He looked into her eyes hearing footsteps behind him. [#00FFFF “It’s not like we can leave this place. We are in the mountains if we were to leave this place we would die within minutes with how we are all dressed none of us were prepared for this weather.]]]
  Sevvan Hale / KasaiShadowFox / 3y 131d 14h 26m 15s
[center [I [size20 o(^^o)...  (o^^)o]]]

[center [I "I can't say that this is a good turn of events, but it seems to be an opportunity with this. Master Gong told me that we were chosen for a reason... For what reason it's still hazy, but all he can tell us is that we've been chosen to defeat a great evil... Why us, though? It didn't occur to me that it was possible that though the seven of us were unique... We possessed a strong attribute that were obviously useful for where this road we didn't choose will take us. He also told me... That he had chosen me to be leader because I had an interesting past that had me learn to survive in extreme measures. I appreciate the honor... Despite not know knowing what we're fighting against ..."]]

[center L 'eo wasn't much for people. Since this turn of events, and to her, it was kinda funny, that this entity had somehow yanked them from their every day lives and drop them in the mountains. Every one that was chosen have the same story... They were doing something... Whatever, it may have been boring or spectacular, and suddenly wake up in the Apalache Mountains, unable to even run away it was too cold... That is if they could get past the barriers.]

[center Despite the others were screaming and scared to death about this thought of being kidnapped, L 'eo was calm... Extremely too calm given the situation. This worried the others. But, they were to scared to even approach her. Was she in league with the kidnappers? Was she just trying not to go nuts? L 'eo sighed in relief when they finally calmed themselves. She needed to think. The cave they were in seemed to glow ominously, and the fire that seemed to burn for hours with no tending kept her attention. As she stared into it's hypnotizing dance, a voice instantly snapped her out of it. [I "Why are so damn calm about this? Don't you want to get out? "]]

[center Her attention slowly adverted from the flames to the shadow near her, standing, and shaking . She sighed and shook her head before looking back at the flames. The image seemed irritated, and began ranting and cursing, making it harder for her to keep her calm and focus. Sure enough , L 'eo finally turned to the others, who seemed to have their attention all on her. [I "Don't any of you know when to shut up and not panic? Damn, all that will do is piss me off... "] She sighed as they drew closer. [I "Do you know what happened? "]

[center Before she could answer, an overwhelming glow appeared, and she shrouded her eyes, it was so bright from where she sat. [I [u YOU ALL ARE HERE FOR A HIGHER PURPOSE... SOMETHING THAT WILL DETERMINE THE FATE OF US ALL...]] L 'eo stared after her eye adjusted. [I "What the he'll does that mean?! "] she demanded. She had to know. Why were they kidnapped?]

[center [I "... I was unaware that this man did his homework... With all of us... Well, I can't say that he is a man... But the projection of what our eyes could see, he was a man... Only inside the cave he brought us to. In his solid form, he looked like an ancient teacher of a certain type of martial arts. He wore noble attire, and his hair, white as the snow in the blizzard was tied high with noble chopsticks petruding from it. His mustache and beard were to his torso, and his eyes had knowledge so profound, you would know if he was lying... And that, I know he was unable to do. ]]

[center [I Master Gong then introduced himself, and to formally call him Master Gong. He began proving that this was no lie... He began telling us our lives... As if he had been watching us our entire lives... I was scared. He wasn't coming for me just yet. I realized he was saving my story for last. But, it didn't stop him from speaking to one of the young girls that stood nearby. There, began the story telling]]
  L' eo Thai / Bloody_Eve / 3y 135d 15h 47m 32s

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