the clutch of the black crown

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[B [I Yes, I just woke up because you surprisingly managed to awaken me...but I'm well rested...what about yourself?]] Cynder asked with a yawn.
  Cynder (Full grown) / SilentHiller / 142d 14h 27m 44s
"Oh. well, how are you doing yourself? did you just wake up?"
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 142d 15h 1m 15s
[B [I I have not heard from master for a century, since I started sleeping...]]
  Cynder (Full grown) / SilentHiller / 142d 15h 24m 27s
"I was looking for my master...he said to meet him here in regards to the eggs..."
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 142d 18h 33m 42s
Cynder was sleeping in an isolated part of the courtyard, until she heard Arcaeus. [B [I yes Arcaeus?]] she said in a low, soft tone.
  Cynder (Full grown) / SilentHiller / 143d 13h 46m 39s
arcaeus walks into the courtyard. "hello? anyone there?"
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 143d 17h 21m 8s

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