the clutch of the black crown

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"What the shards?!? th-this is impossible!! those shards shoudl have scraped your throat raw!!!"
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 81d 23h 6m 50s
Crystallis exhaled, and wherever her breath hit the ground, razor sharp crystal formations formed on the ground, which startled both of the other dragons.
"Wh-whoa!!! what in the shell is that? g-gemcutter's c-cave? master said i would find...never mind."
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 81d 23h 11m 7s
The statue had a bluish tinge to the crystal, and when Cynder touched it, the crystal casing shattered, revealing a crystal elemental dragon named Crystallis. [I Welcome, dragons, to Gemcutter's Cave...]
Arcaeus frowned. "Is there that statue?"
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 81d 23h 18m 2s
The two flew down and saw a crystal statue of a dragon, but they could tell that there was a living thing inside of it.
arcaeus nodded."Aye, i did. what was it? it came from over there."
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 81d 23h 52m 23s
The two hunted for at least an hour or two, then Cynder heard something strange, like crystal being struck by another piece of crystal. [B [I Did you hear that, Arcaeus?]]
  Cynder (Full grown) / SilentHiller / 82d 20m 45s
Arcaeus smiled as he watched Cynder, his favorite dragoness, kill her meal swiftly.
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 82d 1h 51m 15s
Cynder smiled and she suddenly dive bombed towards a herd of deer, then quickly scooped one up with her front legs, then bit its neck, killing it instantly.
  Cynder (Full grown) / SilentHiller / 82d 2h 26m 12s
"Very well. i shall be as quiet as a mouse and as true as a blade."
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 82d 2h 44m 9s
[B [I Fine, but do not interfere with my hunting...]] she said with a puff of green poison.
  Cynder (Full grown) / SilentHiller / 84d 23h 5m 19s
"May I join you? I'll need to further understand dragon hunting patterns."
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 84d 23h 6m 1s
[B [I It is fine, I needed to awaken anyways, for I need food...]] Cynder said.
  Cynder (Full grown) / SilentHiller / 84d 23h 7m 37s
"I am well enough. I apologize for waking you up, Lady Cynder."
  lotusfang / eeveelover / 84d 23h 12m 0s

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