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"He is the strongest in our village, strong willed too, he found you in the woods, he is very quiet. He was married once before and doesn't speak of it often. You will make him a fine wife. He is our Chief, you will make many women very jealous. He will protect you and make sure you are comfortable. You are lucky most live in tents like these, you will live in the Chief's tent and dine first, in our tribe women are worshipped, that is why the Elder's have picked him for you. You are a pale face, our enemy but he is our Chief and if our chief can love and trust you, we have a chance." Emina explained as she escorted her to the Elder tent for the ceremony.

Her husband to be was standing there with his back to them. He was shirtless and there were many markings and tattoos on his body. His black hair was braided down his back. The ceremony was quick. No kissing involved. Hand holding and swearing their loyalty and love to each other. He didn't look at her once during the ceremony or the walk to their tent.

The Chief's tent was much nicer than any of the others. Animal hide floor, a tub to bathe in, a small fire place and a circle bed stuffed with feathers. His clothing hung beside the fireplace in the large tent. There was plenty of room. They hadn't even asked each other's names yet when he said, "If you need anything tell me, we eat in the long house in the morn and in the evening. We will be brought our food tonight."

Kai was normally quiet. It was obvious in the tent that at one time a female had lived there. There were female's clothes in a small folded pile on a wooden bench as well as a small box of children's toys. Blocks and a doll. Things of the past.
  Kai Anoai Savage / polkadotrocker / 2y 36d 15h 1m 9s
As the elders were telling Chey of her destiny, she seemed quite horrified. Although she was grateful to whoever had saved her from freezing to death, she was a princess, and although she was trying to outrun her coronation, this way of life was simply not meant for her. Unable to speak in the moment, the girl decided to submit to their decision just for the time being, as she was confident she was clever enough to later find a way to escape from the village. For this, the villagers trusting her, was absolutely essential.

Nodding quietly to anything said which was directed towards her, the girl followed the Emina and allowed her to get her cleaned up and ready. Strearing down at her dress, Cheyenne remembered the saying which had circled her kindgom for years now. "Beauty like hers, it blisters the eyes". Yet here she was, forced into a marriage with a man she did not select, when she could have chosen anyone she had wanted back home. However at this point there was no longer a chance of getting out.

"What is he like?" the princess asked quietly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.
  =Cheyenne= / SoyLatte / 2y 36d 15h 11m 26s
Savage children screamed seeing her and tugged on their mothers hands and dresses. Emina hurried to her. "You must come with me." She quickly pulled her into the Elder tent. The floor of this tent was animal hide unlike the one she had been in. Only the important people and places had hide floors to keep the cold at bay, or at least some of the cold.

Emina was a small woman, maybe 5 foot tall. She looked to be about 30 years old and wise. "The elders have decided your fate." She pushed her toward four older men. These men looked like they were ancient.

"We sense you are running from your past running from something you cannot out run, you need protection." One of the elders said as another stepped forward.

The one that stepped forward looked to her, "I am Elder Anoai, my son can provide you protection that you need, you will marry him he has been married once before, tis the only choice, marry him or be killed, you will not be accepted by the Quileute tribe. Tis the only choice."

He was being merciful. When the chief and his men brought her back, it had been because he felt sorry for her and he was not a cold blooded man. The elders were another story. He had only killed men in the battle of thornes two years prior while avenging his family.

"You will marry my son tonight." The elder said before taking his head and Emina rushed her back to the tent she started at. "I will answer your questions and prepare you for your wedding ceremony, you are lucky the elders were nice, you will like Elder Anoai's son, women in the village will be very jealous."

They hadn't laid eyes on each other properly and she had no idea that he was the one who saved her in the snow. Emina bathed her and clothed her in a traditional marriage dress. Plain, but beautiful.
  Kai Anoai Savage / polkadotrocker / 2y 36d 15h 28m 12s
The pale light sneaking in through the openings in the tent, played gently on Cheyenne's eyes, waking her up. The princess blinked a couple of times as her blue eyes came to an open state, in an attempt to establish her whereabouts. Noticing that she was not familiar with the location she had found herself in, the brunette began to panic.

Her body jerked up and immediately reached for the items of clothing placed beside her, putting on only the dress, the coat and the boots, and leaving the pants behind. Her mind told her to explore the tent for a weapon of sorts, but she was far too confused and frightened to begin looking through things which did not belong to her. Letting out her hazelnut colored hair, the princess walked up to the entrance to the tent, taking a deep breath before swinging it open and stepping outside.

To her surprise, she would step into what seemed like a village, with every face she could see, staring right back at her. Chayenne's body froze entirely. Unable to move, her thoughts raced back to the number of stories she had heard from her father as well as much of the staff and servants working in the castle. Portraying horrors which the people in front of her had brought onto her kingdom.
  =Cheyenne= / SoyLatte / 2y 36d 15h 39m 7s
Galloping through the dense forrest on his horse the Chief spotted something shimmering in the distance. His men followed on horseback as well. Hunting for the tribe was hard and risky in the treacherous weather, it had been snowing for what seemed like days. The snow was powdery but packed down hard on the ground, winter was upon the land.

Coming up on the shimmering object in the snow the Chief motioned for his men to stop short of his lead. Disembarking his horse he realized what was in the snow, a young woman, her lips and feet were beginning to become a blue color. She was still alive but dying. He ordered his men to take her back to Emina in the village. Emina was the closest thing the tribe had to a medicine woman. The men tried to protest, the woman was a pale face, their enemy, but the chief's word was law.

The hunting party returned to the Quileute village with a wild boar in hand, a sack full of rabbits from their traps, and a young girl....
Emina went to work trying to save the girl. Once she was sure there was nothing more to do than wait, she gathered deerskin boots, a wolf pelt coat, a dress, and deerskin pants as well for the girl. The chief provided these items from his tent, they had belonged to someone very important to him and items like these were not plentiful in the village.

The villagers did not know the pale face was in Emina's tent, they didn't need to know everything. Village Elders ordered Emina to bring the pale face to them once she awoke. 4 Elders made up the small group within the tribe, one of them was the Chief's father, Elder Anoai. They had already made their choices of what to do with the pale faced girl, it was just a matter of time until she knew her fate.
  Kai Anoai Savage / polkadotrocker / 2y 36d 17h 26m 40s

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