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[font "century gothic" This is just a place for me to organize my thoughts and whatnot.

Nothing interesting to see in here. But be my guest if you want to stay....

Last chance to turn back. There's probably nothing in here for you. My mind can be a very scary place sometimes.


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So how the hell does one go about telling one of their best friends that you really don't think her relationship with her husband is good? She talks to me a lot about things he does that irritate her or upset her. Then she pushes it aside and acts like everything is fine again. She also doesn't want to practice witchcraft because he may be uncomfortable. Her ancestors aren't thrilled with that. Do I admit that I don't think they fit well together? I think that would cause problems. I'd really rather not hurt our friendship over that.
  Wolfboy / 211d 5h 1m 24s
Another year older. I think I had a pretty good birthday. Got to see two of my best friends. Megs got me a pentacle necklace, which I really like. I didn't have a pentacle to wear, and now I do. Even if I did, the necklace that she got for me would be the one that I'd choose to wear, because she got it for me. That makes it even more special than it just being a pentacle.

I got to hang out with my other best friend for a few hours, as well. It's great to be able to sit and talk with her. She even broke out her tarot cards after her kids went to bed, which I was super happy to see her doing. She really needs to embrace her magickal gift more. Of course, her husband wasn't home, so that's probably the reason she didn't mind bringing them out.

I've still got another thing on my mind. I'm wondering... no, I shouldn't. Probably not a good idea. I should hold my tongue. But what if it is a good idea? I really don't know.
  Wolfboy / 216d 22h 13m 11s
Should I admit it? Would it screw everything up? I don't want to do that. Not at all. Our friendship means a lot to me, and I really don't want to hurt that.
  Wolfboy / 231d 15h 53m 35s
I really do have to wonder if I'm bugging people when I talk to them. It would be different if it was just one person, but two of my best friends are starting to talk to me less and don't give much of a response when I message them, if I get a response at all. I really don't want to bother people, but it seems like that may be what I'm doing. I don't think I've done anything to make people mad at me.
  Wolfboy / 278d 1h 54m 28s
Been a busy few months. Some good things, some bad things, but busy regardless.

My grandpa passed away in late July. We knew it was coming, but it was still hard to say goodbye. I'm thankful for my family and friends for being there for me through that difficult time.

In more positive news, D&D is going great! I always look forward to playing, and my group is awesome. I am likely going to start DMing a game at some point, just not entirely sure when . Outside of the official group, there's a possibility that I'll either be playing in or DMing a game for Megan and her nephew, depending on what she wants me to do. That should be fun.

East Side Night is this Friday at the fair, and I'm definitely looking forward to it. Should be fun spending the evening with some drinks and good friends. Even better if my group runs into a certain person that will be in for a shock seeing me and Megan hanging out together. Her reaction will likely be pretty funny.

I managed to actually win something on the radio, which was kind of a surprise. It's a gift card good for two free tickets to any movie and any theater of my choice. Only thing is, I wouldn't know who to ask. Maybe one of my best friends would want to go.

So yeah, busy couple of months. For the most part though, things are going well enough. Hard to believe that in a couple short months, the weather will be taking a turn towards cold. Ah well. Good weather for bonfires then, eh?
  Wolfboy / 330d 10h 24m 12s
Well, once again I got rejected for a job. It's getting seriously discouraging to never be given a job because I'm constantly against people that already have experience. It makes it hard to get any experience, myself. It makes me question what the point in getting my degree was when it doesn't seem to make even the slightest bit of difference in me getting a better job. I get it, it's a criminal justice degree, but it's still a damn bachelor's degree.

In other news, I've now played D&D a couple more times. It is definitely safe to say that I enjoy it. I'm starting to pick things up, I think. It has very quickly become something that I look forward to every two weeks. M, thanks for having me join. It's a lot of fun.

The weather has taken a turn towards warm. Before long, the golf courses will be open. I'm looking forward to getting out to the driving range to get some practice in. It's going to be nice to be able to do things outside again. I love being outdoors, and can't wait to not be cooped up because of the weather.
  :. Me .: / Wolfboy / 1y 111d 17h 1m 5s
Well, I'm very surprised. A lieutenant with the local police department emailed me earlier in the week, asking if I was still interested in a dispatch position. I am still on the certified list, so I replied that I am. He responded saying that they are going to have me come in and sit down with a dispatcher for an evaluation, which means I'm skipping the testing and the preliminary interview. Let's just hope it's not like every other time I apply for a job where I get told no. That's getting really discouraging, to be honest. Every damn time I apply anywhere, no matter how well I think I do and how qualified I am, I never get offered a job. I mean, I know I'm bad at interviews, but come on. It sucks, because you start to question what the hell the point of getting your degree was. Obviously it's pretty easy to pass one up now. Let's hope them contacting me this time is a good sign, but who knows. I may do my evaluation and they decide to remove me from the process again.

I played D&D for the first time on Friday. I enjoyed it, but I'm sure I didn't do that great. Hopefully I'll get better as I go along. I'm glad the group was willing to put up with me asking dumb questions and not being entirely sure what I was doing. Hopefully I didn't annoy anybody too badly.

I'm definitely getting tired of winter. Around 8 inches of snow over the past 24 hours, and 4 to 6 more expected in the middle of the week. I'm sick of shoveling and having to clean my car off. Bring on spring and thunderstorms. I love thunderstorms and rain. They're so calming. Then again, I'm a bit of a pluviophile. Here's hoping that we get some nice thunderstorms early in the spring.
  :. Me .: / Wolfboy / 1y 139d 14h 30m 56s
This cold is ridiculous. It's pretty bad when less than five minutes outside at work caused my legs to be all tingly. My uniform pants really do not keep the elements out all that well. Thankfully the weekend is supposed to be much warmer, just in time for me to hang out with my best friend on Sunday. We're going to lunch together and then I'm taking her shopping for crafting supplies as part of her birthday present. She's making her husband watch their kids for the day. We're both excited, because we haven't gotten to do anything like this since about 2012. Should be a fun day.

I've decided that I probably should start bowling at least once a week again. I need the practice, and I eventually might get on a league again . Unfortunately my last time bowling tore my finger up a bit thanks to dry skin, so now I have to wait for it to heal before I can bowl again.

I'm starting to think that my phone is being dumb. My best friend has said there have been several times when she never received the response to her texts, even though my phone clearly shows that I sent the text. I'm thinking it isn't actually sending texts, but is telling me it is. My phone is an asshole, apparently.

I decided to ask a certain person to hang out. I think it would be good to actually be able to chat in person and would be another step towards building a friendship again. I just hope that I'm not bugging her when I text her.
  :. Me .: / Wolfboy / 1y 157d 16h 58m 32s
Well, the weather is about to take another nasty turn. Lucky me, I get to drive home during the worst part of it. The thin purple line doesn't stop working because of bad weather. If the power goes out, we'll still be here. Fire? Yup, we're still here. And last time the power went out there was a fire so if the power goes out because of the ice...

I keep getting calls from a phone number that's coming up as unavailable. I'd normally say it's probably a scam, but on Saturday it called twice within an hour. I'm beginning to wonder if it's somebody I know using a different phone. Odd. Then again, most people know I'm more responsive to texts, and if I don't know a number I'm not likely to answer unless a voicemail is left.

I'm not entirely sure if a certain person is getting my texts. If she is, then I feel like I'm probably bothering her by texting. In that case, she's probably just too nice to say anything. I really don't want to bother anybody just because I want to chat. I know I'm not the most interesting person when I'm texting. I'm somewhat more fun in person, but I'm not so sure if asking to hang out would be a good idea. On one hand she may agree to it, on the other, it may weird her out.
  :. Me .: / Wolfboy / 1y 166d 3h 33m 14s
Well, so much for my overtime woes being over. I'm still going to be required to work at least four hours every weekend. Why? Because the officer that was supposed to be coming back and taking his old shift failed his stress test, and the supervisor is bending over backwards to hold his shift for him until he returns to full strength. The problem is that I continue to lose my weekends, and I'm getting a bit annoyed.

I still kind of want to ask a certain somebody to hang out at some point. I feel like actually hanging out makes it easier for me to be my dorky self. Plus, it seems like a step further towards an actual friendship, which is something I'm hopeful that we can have. But since I don't want to bother her or weird her out, I likely won't ask.
  :. Me .: / Wolfboy / 1y 170d 16h 36m 12s
Well, at least I get most of the weekend off. Only had a four hour shift this morning, then the rest of the weekend to myself. I really have no idea what to do with weekends though. It's not like I have much of a social life. I don't have many friends that I hang out with, and people are usually too busy or broke to hang out. On top of that, I'm the type of person that feels like I'm bothering people when I contact them first, which leads me to never really asking people to hang out, even though sometimes I'd like to. Why? Because I always tell myself that if they wanted to hang out, they'd ask me instead of the other way around. Since people usually don't, they must not want to hang out. Logic.

Case in point: There is a person that I'd like to hang out with. I really do want to take a shot at being friends , and hanging out seems like a logical step, but I don't want to bother or scare said person, thus I haven't and likely won't ask. I probably overthink these things, but I really don't know.

I have been watching a D&D campaign on YouTube. This game seems incredibly amusing. I seriously would like to get into it, but I would have to find a group that would be willing to put up with a complete noob asking a ton of stupid questions, because I'm still mildly confused. I'm picking some stuff up though.
  :. Me .: / Wolfboy / 1y 175d 21h 25m 36s
Holidays went okay. I'm definitely not complaining that Christmas is over. Got expensive quickly. Now I'm waiting for my bank account to replenish to an acceptable amount before I buy anything else. Luckily Friday is payday. That'll help.

Our guard that was in the hospital has returned, so my overtime woes may be at a temporary end. I might actually start getting days off *gasp*. I don't know what to do with those though, honestly. It's not like I have much of a social life. Friends are usually either busy or broke, and therefore can't hang out. This is what happens when you're the type of person that would rather keep a few close friends than many acquaintances.

I am still worried that I've done something to ruin my chance at making friends again with a certain person. I'm not sure whether I did something wrong or not, but I do know that I was deleted from Facebook. M, I hope that I didn't upset you somehow. If I did, I'm sorry. I don't know what I did, but that doesn't mean I didn't do anything. I have a talent for screwing things up, sometimes without my own knowledge.
  :. Me .: / Wolfboy / 1y 193d 2h 44m 18s
It has been a very long time since I've posted in here. Should be a testament to how boring my life is. Meh, c'est la vie.

Not much exciting going on. I'm still working the same crappy job, getting terrible pay and working most weekends . Kind of frustrating, and I want something better, but I never seem to get hired.

I applied as a community service officer in a nearby police department a while back. Got all the way to the interview, only to not end up getting the job. I must be God awful at interviews. It also makes me seriously question why the hell I bothered getting that little piece of paper considering it never seems to mean a damn thing. Only thing it has gotten me is debt.

I'm once again trying to buckle down and get my fitness to police standards. I can pass the pushups and situps easily, but the run has gotten me a few times. In the past month, I've gotten my mile and a half time below twelve minutes, which puts me at a minute better than passing. Now I need to get it even lower. I'll be super excited if I can hit eleven flat. I'm considering buying a power rack for home to give an even bigger boost to my fitness goals.

I had quite the surprise a while back when an old friend messaged me. We talked and agreed to try our hand at friendship again, but I'm thinking I may have already done something to screw that up. It wouldn't surprise me. M, if that's the case, I honestly am not sure what I did, but I'm sorry. I know I'm an annoying pain in the ass sometimes, so I get it if that's the reason.

So that's that. Not much has changed. I'm a boring person, obviously.
  :. Me .: / Wolfboy / 1y 200d 20h 53m 51s
*sitting in front of a campfire*

Okay, everyone, gather round!

Quickly now, have a seat. I've got a tale for you. This is the legend of the Steam Sale, and the great savior that is Gaben.

*clears throat*

Once upon a time, there lived a people in a far away land called Vidya. These people were called Gamers. For many years, the Gamers lived in harmony. The Gamers had a love for books. They read every day and every night, longing for the fantastical tales these books weaved.

The books produced by the scholars, called Developers, were reasonably priced, and the Gamers could afford to read to their heart's content. But as the years went by, this harmony would be shattered.

The Publishers, who oversaw the Developers, decided to get greedy. Their books got bigger, but as they did, pages were torn out. The Publishers charged for each of these pages, calling it DLC. The Gamers had no choice but to pay for it in order to enjoy their favorite stories.

Dark times fell upon the land of Vidya. A plague began to sweep though the people. The plague was called High Price. The Publishers, now living in large estates, wanted to continue to spread the plague, as it made them wealthy.

Then one day, hope began to creep in. The king of the land of Valve, Gabe Newell, or Lord Gaben, as his people knew him, had seen enough of the High Price plague, and knew he needed to help his people, the PC Gamers. He journeyed to the Publishers, who by now had a castle.

Lord Gaben met with the Publishers, demanding that they help to relieve the plague. "The people have suffered long enough. We must to stop this plague!" The Publishers were reluctant, at first, but Lord Gaben was firm.

Eventually it was agreed that at various times every year, the kingdom of Valve could hold a campaign, now known as the Steam Sale campaign, to relieve the strain of the plague of High Prices. The DLC could be included with the rest of the book at a lower price, which in turn benefited the Publishers and the Developers, as more people could afford the books.

The plague of High Prices had come to an end. The people of the kingdom of Valve expanded and built massive libraries to store their tomes, now whole. They could continue to read without fearing the plague.

And so the Steam Sale came to be. To this day, it is held regularly, allowing the people of Valve to continue to build their libraries for reasonable prices. Thanks to our Lord Gaben, who reigns to this day, we still get relief from the High Price plague. All hail Lord Gaben!
  :. Me .: / Wolfboy / 2y 15d 18h 57m 14s
Well, another month and not much has happened.

I put in an application with the local police department as a dispatcher. It isn't necessarily where I want to end up, but it's more of a foot in the door than private security and it is a huge pay increase from where I'm at right now. I can't really object to making $15 more per hour than what I'm making currently. It will also get my name out there, and make me known to the officers and higher ups at the local PD.

I'm applying as an officer again, as well, but I'm not overly confident in my ability to pass the fitness test. I'm better than I was before, but still nowhere near where I'd like to be. I can't wait for the weather to stay warm so I can begin running outside again. I hate treadmills. You're literally running in place and staring at the same scenery the entire time. It makes it hard to get motivated because it's so boring. At least outside the scenery changes. I do need a new pair of running shoes though. Mine are killing my feet, especially around my arches. Not a fun experience. I am confident that I will be ready for any fitness tests by the end of summer at the latest. Hopefully a nearby town will hire around then so I can start my career. Fingers crossed!

I did get to see my best friend again this weekend for her birthday, which was awesome. We don't get to hang out nearly as much as we would like to, but we're hoping we can change that soon enough.

So yeah, boring again, eh?
  :. Me .: / Wolfboy / 2y 138d 14h 34m 3s

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