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[center [size12 The Junker boy was amazed by the mere fact that the cowboy was acting the way he was. Maybe it was the pure shock that Jamison was still feeling from the kiss he had received. It was all weird and he couldn’t think too much on it or he would get weird, and that was the last thing he wanted. To be weird around McCree. He wanted to act casual, like it didn’t bother him. Bothering him in a good way though. Jamie wanted more, but it was time to sleep, not be greedy and beg for more. Instead, he allowed Jesse to embrace him in a way that he had never felt before and relax.]]
[center [size12 Jesse was right though. He needed to calm down and take it much more slow. He would never get better if he continued the way he was going. He would never get rid of this nasty radiation poisoning that he was plagued with if he continued to ignore everybody that wanted better for him. But, it wouldn’t just magically change overnight. Jamison had to think about his actions and decisions to better himself, instead of continuing on this suicide bomber spree that he has been doing most of his life.]]
[center [size12 Quietly, the Junker boy nestled his face into Jesse’s chest and relaxed finally. He began to doze off, but stopped himself to speak. [i [#FFBF00 “Yer roight, cowboy. I should probably slow down a bit,”]] he chuckled quietly into Jesse’s chest before finally falling asleep. It was finally time for them to get some decent sleep instead of constantly being woken up by something else, rather it be a person, or a random attack. They needed to take a break and make themselves finally sleep.]]
[center [size12 Though, Jamison’s sleep was peaceful, he did wake up a few times throughout the night. It wasn’t because of dreams, or nightmares, or even because Jesse was in the bed. He was all to make sure he wasn’t experiencing some weird trip or having a dreaming. He wanted to make sure this was real, that Jesse McCree, the former Deadlock Gang Member and infamous Dead Eye shoot was actually laying in the bed with him. It was comfort thing to see Jesse laying there, their bodies curled up together. Every time he did wake up, he couldn’t help, but to smile before falling back to sleep for good, after about the third time of doing it.]]
[center [size12 When morning came, a knock was what woke Jamison up. He blinked a few times, staying at the chest that belonged the McCree before wiggling his way out of the protective grasp and standing up. He stretched upwards, almost appearing even taller than he actually was then finally made his way to the door. He stood there for a moment, glancing at Jesse before sighing. He knew it looked weird, but he didn’t much care for it. Finally, he opened the door to see Commander Morrison at the door, with papers in hand.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 “Good morning, Fawkes. You and Jesse McCree have a mission to attend to today. I hope you are feeling up to it. Here is the papers with details on the mission. I went to find McCree, but he wasn’t in his room,”]] Morrison stopped for a moment when he actually got a glance into the room and found out exactly where Jesse McCree was. Morrison then cleared his throat, handing a second file folder to Jamison, for Jesse as well. [i [#FF0000 “You two are set to leave at 18:00,”]] with that Morrison was gone and Jamison shut the door. He groaned quietly before shaking his head.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FFBF00 “Oi! Cowboy, get up,”]] Jamison tossed Jesse’s file folder at him before plopping down next to him on the bed to jolt the bed to make sure the cowboy was actually up. [i [#FFBF00 “Looks like the boss man thinks me health is a-okay to get a mission done,”]] Jamison chuckled quietly as he glanced through the file folder. Talon Agents in Numbani. Something about [i A Doomfist] and an attack on the airport there.]]
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[size12 [center Much to Jesse's delight, the kiss was not only well-received, but seemed to deepen at the junker boy's insistence. Hands grabbed at Jesse's face, and Jesse scooped the boy into something of an embrace with one arm, allowing himself to let some of his pressure up on the bed. He pressed himself against the junker boy, letting his own body meld with his.] ]

[size12 [center Though only seconds, the kiss felt as though it lasted eons before Jamison pulled back, leaving a small void of dissatisfaction in the cowboy's heart and lips. Instead of pressing it further, he sat back as Jamison sat up to meet his gaze level, asking the burning question in which Jesse himself didn't know the answer.] ]

[size12 [center Shaking his head and shrugging, Jesse avoided the junker boy's gaze. He found himself looking around the room and almost suddenly appreciating the state of chaos in the room through a lens he hadn't seen before, as if the kiss itself had changed his entire perspective. At the Jamison's joke, Jesse couldn't help but chuckle involuntarily. Charm could be considered part of it.] ]

[size12 [center [b "Ya know. When ya jus' feel like doin' somethin', sometimes ya gotta jus' do it, ya know?"] As he spoke, he met Jamison's eyes again and felt the urge to send another kiss, but restrained himself. He didn't know where his impulse would take him, and he didn't want to take advantage of the situation.] ]

[size12 [center Instead, he laid down beside Jamison, pulling the junker boy into a protective embrace. [b "C'mere,"] he growled, letting the boy rest his head on the cowboy's chest. It was high time the both of them got some actual rest, rather than always on edge. He kissed the top of Jamison's head and rested his chin atop his hair. [b "Can't be goin' a mile a millisecond all the time, ya here?"] ] ]
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[center [size12 Jamison was soon taken over by something really strange. It was a mysterious Jesse McCree that had crawls over top of him, pinning him to the bed. Well, Jamie could move if he really wanted to, seeing how Jesse wasn't actually keeping him held there, but the look on his face said something that Jamison wasn't really picking up on. There was silence between the two of them and soon, Jamison found out exactly what was on Jesse's mind. [i A kiss]. The junker boy was definitely taken back by there. His eyes were opened wide before he finally gave in, which didn't take too long since he was completely okay with this.]]
[center [size12 Jamison's hands on Jesse's face, gently as he held Jesse there to kiss him back. It was such a strange relationship between the two of them and no one would ever guess this would happen between the two, radically different males. Jamison didn't care what others thought about anything involving him. Jamie had always been like that. He was constantly judged and he allowed it all to roll off his back like it was nothing.]]
[center [size12 Jamison finally pulled back, letting his head rest back onto the pillow. He was staring up at the cowboy that was still hovering over him with a look of curiosity. He was still confused as to why Jesse did that though. No one just willingly kissed Jamison. No one would ever willingly think of doing that. There was a couple of times that Jamison had flirted with Mei, but all chances of that happening would be turned down by the ice queen.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FFBF00 "Aye, mate. Are ya okay?"]] Jamison began to sit up carefully, making sure he didn't knock Jesse over or harm him. He carefully maneuvered around him and smiled. He was kind of giddy that Jesse McCree, the most infamous cowboy, had even thought about kissing. Let alone actually doing it. [i [#FFBF00 "What made ya kiss me? Was it me charm?"]] Jamison chuckled, being the type to joke around about anything.]]
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[size12 [center Jesse looked down at the junker boy, conflicted. There had been a hate in his heart for those that joined the team hailing from the irradiated hellscape they thrived in. They were callous, loud, destructive, and lacked any sort of reputable manners. Hell, Jesse couldn't consider himself a good person, but he could have at least seen himself as better than them.] ]

[size12 [center But it was condescending to think so, because he could see there was a camaraderie that existed between Junkrat and Roadhog that was brighter than Gabriel or Genji had had for him in their Blackwatch days. It was very much a fend-for-yourself feeling that relied heavily on pushing yourself to the edge for the greatest success. He could see that Junkrat and Roadhog were not like that. They cared about one another and wanted to see them not only survive but thrive. And even now, Jesse could feel a concern for the junker boy's health.] ]

[size12 [center And a concern of some other sort.] ]

[size12 [center He waited in a moment of silence, still feeling the junker boy's rough skin on his own. It felt strange to him, almost burning to the touch. It had almost hurt, but that wasn't quite the way to describe it in Jesse's mind. If hurt could feel good, he could say that was it.] ]

[size12 [center Impulse was something Jesse let drive him in his life, as he let it drive him in this moment. In a fluid motion, he knelt onto the bed and straddled Jamison, face inches from the junker boy's as he planted his hands on the bed on either side of Jamison's head. His breathing had gotten shallow for a second, simply because he wanted to act on this and had little thought for other actions. And act he did. Closing the small distance, he pressed his lips against Jamison's.] ]
  Jesse McCree / kyanydkwc / 297d 13h 44m 55s
[center [size12 The Junker never had seen so many disapproving glances towards Jesse McCree before and began thinking that it was most likely because of the fact that he was hanging around him. Jamison knew that most people would prefer to watch paint dry than be around the Junker boy for more than 5 minutes at a time. Jamison never understood that. He thought himself as fun loving and exciting to be around, not an annoyance. He wanted to fix their opinions, but how? Jamison did not know, but he would figure that out, eventually, right?]]
[center [size12 Once back into the room, Jamison glanced at Jesse, who sat himself down at his work station and pouted. He thought Jesse would be joining him, not watching over him like some weird guardian angel type of bullshit. Jamie walked over to Jesse and looked down at him. Sitting down, Jesse came to about chest level to Jamison. A soft, but still audible sigh came from Junkrat's lips and he leaned against McCree, resting his chin on top of Jesse's head. [i [#FFBF00 "Won't ya lay down with me, Cowboy?"]] The pout was even heard through Jamison's voice as he huffed quietly.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FFBF00 "Slept real good yesterday with ya in me bed,"]] Jamison grinned as he pulled back, looking down at the scruffy cowboy. He tilted his head down to be more eye level with Jesse. He even gave him another one of his infamous, big toothy grins. [i [#FFBF00 "Come on,"]] he grabbed McCree's fleshy hand and pulled him out of the chair. Jamison stepped backwards before climbing into the bed with a soft yawn. [i [#FFBF00 "Ya know, ya can't resist me charm,"]] Jamison chuckled to himself as he nestled his face into one of the pillows.]]
[center [size12 The Junker hadn't really had the company of someone else other than Roadhog, in a very long time. Yeah, being a part of Overwatch, you were always around people, but being with Jesse McCree was something different. It wasn't a casual interaction, no. It was closeness and a personal interaction that made Jamison feel like someone else noticed him for being him instead of being an obnoxious little shit. He felt better about himself than before their initial interaction when Jamison had gotten violently ill in front of him.]]
[center [size12 Jamison rolled over, onto his back, and tilted his head upwards to glance at the cowboy with a small huff. A tiny whimper escaped him his lips. He was desperate for the interaction, the physical touch of someone else. He was being beyond needy. He was being obsessive and annoying, he knew it, but did her care? Nope. Not really.]]
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[size12 [center Given that they were far enough and that the junker boy was beginning to put up something of a fight to be let go, he gently lowered the boy to the ground and gave himself a bit of a stretch to adjust to the lack of weight on his shoulders. Though the boy didn't weigh much at all, he was still decently tall and cumbersome to try and maneuver around the corridors while flailing. [b "Now, I reckon ya don' hafta be so indignan' about it, right? I gotcha."] ] ]

[size12 [center The two of them walked back to Junkrat's room, meeting the strange looks from other associates and members of the Overwatch crew meandering about the halls. He returned them with his usual charming grin but it was soon getting frustrating it. He knew that the two of them hanging out together was rather unheard of considering how often they butted heads, but he didn't think he'd see so much disapproval. He had assumed Overwatch was rather accepting of differences, but then again he could remember how many issues the addition of renegades such as himself and Junkrat seemed to make, especially considering McCree's old affiliation with the older organization of Blackwatch.] ]

[size12 [center Once back, McCree crossed his arms and nodded towards Junkrat's bed as McCree himself took a seat at the junker boy's disheveled work station. [b "Ya gonna get yerself some rest before ol' Mercy decides not to be so merciful no more?"] ] ]
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[center [size12 The Junker was about to say something, but something stopped him and that was Jesse McCree picking him up and throwing him over his shoulder. This was an odd feeling, but at the same time, it was kind of nice as well. He wanted to know what the blonde haired Sheila wanted to say. He was hoping it was about yesterday's little battle that Jamison and Jesse had snuck off to even though Jamison had no business even thinking about participating in.]]

[center [size12 Junkrat laid limp over the cowboy's shoulder with a small, disgruntled huff. He felt a tab bit defeated after a bit of McCree carrying him off over his shoulder. He wanted to squirm and try to wiggle his way free, but that would never do him, nor McCree any good in this situation. He would cause his arm to began to bleed after the terrifying needle had been shoved into his arm. It was a thick, hollowed needle that had injected some really painful, but yet helpful liquid into his body that was in place to fight the radiation that was infused inside of his body.]]

[center [size12 Once they were far enough away, Jamison glanced backwards at the back of Jesse's head and pouted. [i [#FFBF00 "Y'know, Cowboy.... Me legs still work,"]] he mumbled, wiggling his arms back and forth to where they were hitting Jesse in the back just to annoy him enough to put him down.]]

[center [size12 Another napping session with the western cowboy did sound really good right now. The appointments with Angela did exhaust him and not only physically, but mentally as well. That was a big reason why he hated going to them. He would normally sleep for at least 12, if not more, hours at a time. It was most likely from the fight he put up against being injected with that crap.]]
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[size12 [center Though intimidating, McCree could gather that the hulking Roadhog meant well. The safety of Junkrat seemed to be the big man's main and only concern, which was to be expected considering everything the two had gone through, or at least that McCree was aware of. He didn't exactly have access to their records, so anything he really knew was solely what he had heard.] ]

[size12 [center Still, it wasn't enough to make him lose his appetite, and he continued his meal in relative silence with the junker boy nearby.] ]

[size20 [center ~] ]

[size12 [center McCree hadn't exactly expected the junker boy to be as terrified of needles as he seemed, considering that he was incredibly enthused my the most dangerous of tools, from explosives to bear traps to rolling wheels of doom. Given Jamison's frantic flailing despite the restraints, McCree had to step back and let Dr. Ziegler take care of everything herself, although she was more than capable. It seemed her many hours of experience in the field both medically and in the capacity of battle were incredibly useful to her at this very moment.] ]

[size12 [center [b "Ya know..."] McCree chimed in. [b "The less you avoid these, the less you eventually hafta go ta these."] He gestured in the air ambiguously to the room as Dr. Ziegler crossed her arms in triumph and nodded.] ]

[size12 [center [+orange "Now that that is taken care of, I think we need to talk about..." ] ] ]

[size12 [center Before the doctor could continue, McCree stood up and interjected. [b "Now, now, doc, you ain't gonna leave 'im all tied up like that, are ya? Boy's already in enough pain."] Before she could stammer a sentence off, not taking well to being interrupted mid sentence, McCree had already undone the restraints and hoisted the junker boy over his shoulder. [b "He's gon need his rest after all that excitement, doncha think, doc?"] Before she could reply, McCree left a dumbfounded Mercy in her office, arms crossed and face red with what he could only hope wasn't anger.] ]
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[center [size12 Jamison wasn't much of an eater, he enjoyed his signature Boba tea and that was about it. His radiation poisoning made eating more of a chore than an actual pleasure. It made his stomach, even his whole body, feel strange, so he opted in not doing it very often which is what led to his very scrawny stature. Today wasn't much different, but he could never pass up cake. He had a major sweet tooth when he could muster the want to eat. He held the plate rather tightly in his hand as he motioned for McCree, once he found his food of choice, to a more secluded table, in the corner of the room.]]

[center [size12 Roadhog, the largest man in the group, walked up to Jamison with a small huff. He wasn't a big talker, his body posture and noises kind of dictated how he was feeling and what he wanted, especially his facial expressions, but those could barely be seen behind his mask, which he rarely took off. Jamison had seen Mako without his mask several times and he had a beautiful face, but it had some gnarly scars on it. His eyes were the purest shade of blue and his hair, when it wasn't littered with dirty and grim, was actually really soft and stark white. He was a lot older than people believed him to be. Almost 45 years old now.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FFBF00 "Ah, Roadie!"]] The thickness of the accent showed that the Junker was extremely excited to see the large man. [i [#FFBF00 "The Cowboy here is takin' real good care of me, don't ya worry, Big Guy,"]] Jamison grinned a wide, toothy grin up at Mako. Mako just nodded, eyeing Jesse for a brief moment before pointing at Jamison with narrowed eyes. [i [#FF0000 "If you get him hurt, I will break you,"]] he huffed before stalking off. Being Jamison's bodyguard and best friend made Mako feel a bit more on edge when Jamie was hanging out with other people that he wasn't used to. Though, McCree seemed a bit more caring about the Junker than Mako realized.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FFBF00 "Oi, don't worry about that big lug. He ain't going to do anythin to ya, mate,"]] he snatched Jesse's hand to pull him to the table, grinning. He felt a bit better now that he had a decent nap and now, he was going to eat something sweet, though Mercy wouldn't be too happy to find out that his food of choice today was cake instead of something healthy.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 A loud crash could be heard from inside of Angela's office where Jamison was going through his radiation treatments. [i [#FFBF00 "Oi! Sheila, get off me!"]] He screamed, trying to get away. A strong hold of some hospital restraints was the only thing keeping the Junker from escaping. A large needle was being inserted into the Junker's body. It was something that would help easy the radiation symptoms and hopefully get ride of the radiation completely. It was a painful process and Jamison acted the same every time.]]

[center [size12 The man could lose his limbs and act completely okay, like it was some kind of joke, but when it came to being stuck with needles larger than the country of Australia, that was when Jamison had an issue. When Jamison lost his arm, he made a joke about being "all right" with it, but now that he was being poked and prodded with everything that Angela thought would cure him, he was losing that humorous nature of his.]]

[center [size12 [i [#778899 "See, there... It wasn't that bad,"]] Angela murmured as she patted a band aid over where the needle was pressed into his skin. Jamison just glared at her. He hated these treatments more than anything, which was why he tried to evade them every chance he could get.]]
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[size12 [center Even McCree himself had to marvel at the amazing amount of self-restraint Jamison seemed to have in the presence of the omnic that had so recently been the victim of the junker boy's antagonism. He was worried that Zenyatta's approach would be the start of a rather tiresome day, but he was pleasantly surprised to see such good behavior. He was wondering if he was starting to have some effect on the junker boy after their short time together.] ]

[size12 [center Before he could say more to the benevolent omnic, he was soon pulled away to satisfy Jamison's craving for food. He couldn't deny that he himself was pretty hungry, but he figured that the junker boy wasn't able to eat much if his stomach wasn't all that up to it. He had to laugh at the voracious appetite the boy displayed, but he couldn't blame him. The food was particularly good today.] ]

[size12 [center [b "An appointment with ol' Mercy?"] Though McCree wasn't exactly up for the idea of seeing Mercy at the moment, he knew she'd have something to say to him about abandoning his supposed babysitting duties. [b "I guess I can spare some time ta' see the ol' girl."] Really, what choice did he have?] ]
  Jesse McCree / kyanydkwc / 1y 37d 23h 39m 9s
[center [size12 Jamison hadn't ever worried about anyone's opinion about him. He had learned that very soon in life. He was himself and no one could validly judge him for that. When they entered the eating area, he noticed the eyes that were following them and paid them no mind. Jesse McCree seemed the type to actually worry about appearances and opinions, so Jamie had taken a very small side step away from him to give him room that it didn't look so obvious that they were hanging out so much. All of this was done on assumptions though and Jamison could be completely wrong.]]

[center [size12 Jamison was about to make a straight bee line to where all the food was, but his path was interrupted by an Omnic. A famously, annoying Omnic named Zenyatta, well at least that was what the Junker boy thought Zenyatta was. Annoying. He gritted his teeth, keeping in mind that Jesse was with him. He slouched a bit more, feeling a bit defeated and offered a wave. [i [#FFBF00 "G'day, mate,"]] he grumbled before rolling his eyes.]]

[center [size12 Jamison was slowly learning that his behavior towards Omnics was very wrong and he needed to stop, but he was still stuck in his old ways. He took in a deep breath before staring holes into the food that was mere meters in front of them. His stomach growled once more. [i [#FFBF00 "Oi, mates. I'm fuckin' starvin',"]] he whined before pulling Jesse with him. He wanted to get away from Zenyatta before he did something that he wouldn't be too proud of later.]]

[center [size12 [i [#FFBF00 "Me favorite!"]] Jamie exclaimed loudly as he plucked a piece of cake from the counter. His eyes were the size of dinner plates. He had completely ignored the actual healthy food that should be eaten before dessert, or maybe he did it on purpose. He hated healthy food, especially salad and there was always salad on the menu. He made a disgusted face when he thought about it before turning to Jesse with a large face. [i [#FFBF00 "Oh, I got me appointment with the Blonde Sheila today, do ya wanna go with me?"]] Jamison asked Jesse in hopes he would agree to it. He hated the radiation treatments and always loved company.]]
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[size12 [center Not wanting to seem like a bad sport, Jesse took Jamison's hand, only to be surprised when he was pulled up to his feet. What surprised him even more was how much taller the junker boy seemed when he stood up straight. Though only for a second, the junker boy seemed to tower over McCree before he resumed his usual dramatic slouch. It was enough to dumbfound Jesse for a moment before he could comprehend the question that had already been asked of him.] ]

[size12 [center [b "Food? Ah, yea'. Sounds like a good ide-er'. I could eat myself silly right about now."] He still stood a bit awkwardly, a bit ill at ease with what happened. Even though Jamison had brushed it off, he still felt like something like that would give anyone a start. He hoped that it wouldn't happen again if he'd be spending more time with Jamison] ]

[size20 [center ~] ]

[size12 [center Eyes around the room seemed to judge the two of them hanging out together, but the approving look on Mercy's face in the corridors as well as the knowing glance Ana shared in passing was more than enough to dissuade any discussion on it. Despite how delicate and graceful Mercy seemed to be, when it came to the behaviors and well being of others, she ruled supreme, even above Soldier and Reinhardt themselves. But what made things awkward was what happened in the lunchroom.] ]

[size12 [center [i "Greetings, Mr. McCree and Mr. Fawkes. How are we doing today?"] The unmistakably emotive omnic voice was none other than Zenyatta, who if he could would wear a smile plastered across his metal face.] ]

[size12 [center [b "Doin' jus' grand, my friend. Cain't complain much, ya know?"] Zenyatta nodded understandingly and turned towards Junkrat, awaiting his response.] ]
  Jesse McCree / kyanydkwc / 1y 55d 1h 41m 39s
[center [size12 Widen, amber eyes staring up at the man above him. The cowboy who was just asleep and the moment that the Junker boy had blinked, he had been switched from being relaxed and chilled out next to his friend and now being roughly pinned against the bed. He was slightly scared, but at the same time, he found himself mildly aroused, a small smirk curled into his face as he chuckled softly. He knew that McCree did not mean any harm by his reaction. Jamison knew that he did things way out of the ordinary and he did not fault Jesse in any way.]]

[center [size12 Once he felt the weight come off of his body, he stretched for a moment. He moved a bit before strapping his metal limbs back to his body. [i [#FFBF00 "Oi, Cowboy. Ya ain't got ta apologize,"]] he chuckled, positioning himself to where he was sitting next to the tanned cowboy. He wrapped an arm around the man's shoulders and leaned into him. [i [#FFBF00 "At least there ain't a way ta startle ya,"]] he murmured in between a prolonged yawn. Jamie rested his head against McCree's shoulder, peering longingly towards the soot covered window.]]

[center [size12 Junkrat pulled himself up from the bed, giving a big stretch up towards the ceiling. No one really thought Jamison was tall until he did stretch. His heavy weighted limbs and weapons made him slouch badly, but he was actually over 6 feet tall. 6 foot 5 to be exact. He looked down at Jesse before holding out his hands towards him with a meek, sheepish smile. [i [#FFBF00 "Slept fine, mate especially with the cowboy 'round,"]] he purred softly, urging the male to take his hands. [i [#FFBF00 "Me stomachs growlin' somethin' fierce for some food, let's eat,"]] he grinned widely, showing off those few golden teeth that he had in place of his normal teeth.]]
  junkrat / GH0UL / 1y 65d 10h 34m 49s
[size12 [center Jesse woke with a bit of a start, not expecting both the words and the dry kiss on his cheek. Springing into action as if he'd finally woken up from a stray sleeping dart from Ana, he turned on what was holding him, inadvertently pinning Junkrat mere inches beneath him. His breathing heavy and ragged from the sudden start, it took him a second to gather his bearings, to which he realized that he had made a mistake.] ]

[size12 [center He backed off and sat at the edge of the bed facing Jamison, calming his breathing. [b "My apologies, pardner. where I was for a sec' there."] He chuckled nervously, feeling a bit embarrassed at his own reflexes. He was used to not remembering exactly where he was when he fell asleep, as he was used to passing out after a drinking binge in the common areas only to wake up either being carried to his room by a huffing and puffing Winston or already back in his room with a nasty hangover. To wake up decently sober and...with someone's arms around him? And to hear high noon as the first thing he heard? It was all cause for some...minor alarm.] ]

[size12 [center Jesse suddenly became uncomfortable, though it had nothing to do with where he was. He felt awkward in the sense that what he had done was a bit uncalled for, and he wasn't really sure how the junker boy was to react. [b "Sleep well?"] was all he could really manage to ask with a shrug and an earnest smile.] ]
  Jesse McCree / kyanydkwc / 1y 66d 11h 48m 40s
[center [size12 This is definitely something that the Junker boy could get used to. He was never one for that whole romance thing, or even being cute and cuddly, but something about living among these people, the Overwatch agents, had slowly made him soft over the months and even years that he had been with them. He would never outwardly admit it, but he did enjoy most of their company and sometimes went out of his way during battles to make sure they were safe, even if it meant getting himself hurt. He had almost blown his metal arm to bits when he had saved Mercy from some baddies. She ended up dealing with his bitching and complaining over it for a whole week until he had gotten his arm fixed. Painful, but entertaining.]]

[center [size12 Jamison wiggled for a moment, removing the last mechanical limb and placed it aside on the night stand next to the bed. With his good arm wrapped over McCree's chest and his head nestled right into his side. He was beyond comfortable and really did not want to move any time soon. He hoped that this nap would be undisturbed, no body coming and bothering them. It would be the end of who ever's life that even thought about waking them up from a nice nap. Jamie was considered notoriously infamous for being very loud and cranky when he's woken up from his sleep, whether he had been sleeping for two hours or two days. The radiation poisoning really took a lot of energy out of him and made him constantly tired, which was another reason why he never had to aim with his weapon, he could just aim where ever and hit his target. It made battling a lot easier for his tired body, soul, and mind.]]

[center [size12 Jamison was definitely out like a light within minutes of them laying there. He was comfortable and there was even a small, little smile across his face as he nestled more into Jesse's body. It was comfortable, something that Jamie was not used to. There was a rumor that Mako Rutledge and Jamison Fawkes had been a thing in the past, but that was hardly true. There were some feelings there, but something that the Junker couldn't ever allow himself to have. There was a professional relationship there and Jamie knew how to be professional, to a point. Mako and him remained in a good partnership of boss and bodyguard and Mako was very protective over Jamison, most people knew that already. It was a miracle that he wasn't in there checking up on Jamison, but there must have been a mutual trust between Roadhog and McCree to allow this to happen.]]

[center [size15 ~~~]]

[center [size12 Jamison woke up, groggy and dry. He smacked his chapped lips a few times before leaning up slowly. He felt lighter than normally, it was because of the fact that he had removed his metal limbs. He must have been really tired because he didn't remember taking them off. He cleared his scratchy throat and glanced over at the body besides him. Jesse McCree. Wow, he must have been either out of it or needy to have this little shithead in his room. He chuckled to himself before laying back down besides the cowboy.]]

[center [size12 Jamie moved, wiggling to were he was laying on his stomach, face mere inches from the cowboy's and he had a large, ear to ear grin on his face. He leaned in closer before giggling as quietly as he could. [i [#FFBF00 "It's high noon, cowboy. Time ta get up,"]] he spoke a little louder than he should probably have. He even pressed a chapped lipped kiss on McCree's cheek, sometime to kind of top the whole waking up experience for Jesse.]]
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