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she grabbed any cards that may have been dropped including the ripped card.
Marik nodded lifting him onto his shoulders carrying him
  Joey / ganondorf / 204d 17h 43m 27s
she nodded and helped him up. "let's get him to bed."
Joey was passed out his duel disk turned off. marik ran over. "his soul still there hes just exhausted. he did everything to fight back it seemed."
  Joey / ganondorf / 204d 17h 54m 21s
she gasped and flinched before running to joey. "joey?"
He got hit and got down to one life point growling. "fine then. go self destruct button!" he yelled making the duel a tie. "so you cant trace me." he ripped the seal in half and joey collapsed.
  Joey / ganondorf / 204d 18h 1m 5s
she activated magic cylinder and gulped watching him.
He drew and sacrificed hsi monster. "that one was too weak. time for a power hitter. come out my servant dark magician!" he yelled summoning the magician. "attack!"
  Joey / ganondorf / 204d 18h 5m 50s
she gulped and looked at her cards carefully after drawing. she set a few traps and a spell card and ended her turn.
Joey pulled a monster. "now one monster in defense mode and its your move." Marik went back inside to look for the millenium rod.
  Joey / ganondorf / 204d 18h 9m 32s
she frowned and swallowed. "joey...." she said worriedly and looked at him.
he chukled. "My turn. " he drew a card and his eyes changed color from their normal blue to purple and he smirked. "Now then....I play forth the seal of orichalcos!" he said playing eliminating the blue eyes instantly since it was special summoned. Marik sensed the darkness and ran outside. "what the why did he play that card!?" Atem jumped outside the seal with seto. "we can't help we can't get in!" Joey smiled. "it was so easy to take over this fools mind you stupid girl." a demonic voice said.
  Joey / ganondorf / 204d 18h 13m 41s
"you sneaky little american." she teased and smiled.
"Activate trap card! negate attack!" he said the battle phase ending. "sorry but i aint loosing so quick." he said smirking.
  Joey / ganondorf / 204d 18h 19m 48s
she smiled and looked at her cards after drawing. "hm..." she said thinking and then played mystical wind typhoon destroying his spell. she smiled and then had her blues eyes attack him directly.

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