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[center [i [size15 Lenali Sheppard]]]
[I Lenali Sheppard... The perfect and first successful experimented immortal. She was turned when she was 23, a slave to a slave trader by the companion of the First Vampire... Dracula. At the time, she wanted to marry her love, Giever, another slave that she thought she loved as a human. But, she had been betrayed by him. He sought freedom to be a house slave and sold her out that she planned on marrying him against their wishes. They whipped her almost to death. She sought revenge on them, she wanted to be free to take her revenge... Dracula accepted]

[I unfortunately, Giever survived, but Dracula sought use for him.]

[I Judas Iscariot, the first or all damned, had found another to be useful, a son of a king named Zekeriah. With his, Judas had thought of many experiments he wanted to exercise, and used his favorite on him... Mixing tained blood with his before being turned]

[center [I Zekeriah "Zeke" later]]

[I Lenali had a plan, after a few centuries of being experimented on. She wanted to set her kind free from Judas' bondage, starting with Zekeriah. It was successful. They had freed the vampires, and had disappeared, off radar.]

[I They were married later, and lived peaceful lives through the decades.. Until the ambush in 1915. Giever had been sent to capture Lenali and Zeke. Zeke was captured, but he had made sure that she had escaped.]

[I That was over a hundred years. Zeke had finally escaped from the castle... The only thing on his mind is his wife... And the first place to look is in America..]


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[center [pic]]

[center 1915]

[center [i [size10 The town they have been guarding for eons had been kept at bay from the enemies of those that lingered. The sacrament of the eldars held strong at the borders, but it still kept them on edge. After many forms of history, they have seen only six fail... One of which had slaves freed. It wasn't as big of a loss as their fledgling they had lost track of. She was beyond any vampire's reckoning. She had proven that much in the matter of a century. It usually took a fledgling more than six hundred years to reach true potential. This one in particular had exceeded by accomplishing six centuries worth of training within a century... And had ever since evolved into pre- born vampire. At first, it was a miraculous thing, but underneath, they began to feel fearful of her sudden advance... And soon, she had became a threat. But, before they could take action, the vampire had disappeared into the night, alongside another promising fledgling, leaving not a trace.]]]

[center [i [size10 Since that long hundred years ago, they have been trying to track the vampire down... But, even though she had been created by an eldar, he couldn't track her down in the haze of distance. This vampire was smart... Too smart... And in the back of his mind, he hoped he didn't. But, across the world, into North America, there lived a vampire hiding in the city of Union City, Georgia.]]]

[size10 [center [i In America, 2015,]]

[size10 In the streets of Georgia, it would be much livelier if it wasn't for all the people hiding. Gangsters took control of the area. It was common, really, and in the area, Bloods had control of the area. She, of all people knew about it, being that she lived through the years. She watched as a gang grew against the KKK, and separated into gangs. It was something that happened right in front of her. From the time she was in, she remembered the lynching and such... But seeing it evolve to police brutality and false charges became a problem. Though she wished with all her might that she could intervene, she refused the urge. In the world of humans, even her own people must learn to stand up for themselves.]

[size10 It had been about four hundred years since her tragic departure from mortal life. She could still remember it like it had happened yesterday. To this day, she still wished that she could rip him to shreds and that her Zeke was still there with her. His unaltered smile, his hopeful gleam in his eye... Though the masters called them experiments, to her, Zeke was a man, unlike Giever, her traitor.]

[size10 In this time, however, she realized that she was venturing off into her mind again. She never liked slacking off on her work. She knew best of the time today. She lived through four hundred years of change. Suddenly, someone had ran into the bookstore and went straight to her.]

[size10 [b "Lenali! Lenali, you so gotta come on! The concert's tonight!] the girl said. Lenali looked at her and chuckled. [i "Now, now, Rajah, you can wait five more minutes"] she said softly. She chuckled as she walked over to the closet, Rajah following. Rajah was the type of vampire that would get excited about anything new when it came to the sound of music. She had been blind, deaf and dumb most of her life in the time of the old west. When Lenali found her, she was alone, near dying, and out of sympathy, she turned her and regained her senses. She sighed as she as she put on her sweater. [i "Okay... Let's go"] she said as she walked up to the front desk and grabbed her car keys. Rajah jumped for joy as she hurried to the door. Lenali chuckled. It was good to have a companion. She was always willing to make her smile. It was the least she could do.]

[size10 Lenali locked up her bookstore and threw her arm over Rajah's shoulder. [b "Alright, let's get a move on, Lenali. The John Leguizamo comedy concert is supposed to start soon. I already got front seat tickets."] she said as she hurried to Lenali's car. Lenali chuckled to herself as she walked up and got in the car, letting Rajah in. She sighed as she turned the ignition. She chuckled as she drove off as Rajah started ranting with excitement, mimicking John's impersonations, making the silent Lenali laugh. This was what she needed. She needed to chill out for awhile, take her mind off. She had been off radar for centuries. She had no worries. She just felt like this was a good time to catch a show. Nothing big... Right?]
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