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[center [h3 Eve Of Adventure]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b As Rex entered the domain of their home it seemed quiet until Charles and Estelle had tapped Rex. As Marian in her fluffy-ball like spirit form appeared a bit spooked flying by his side. Charles had let out a laugh as he began to spoke as Estelle hushed them.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [#265e64 Estelle's right the children are sleeping we gotta be quiet. Dinner is at the table so I see you have become bounded with a spirit. That's great Rex I'm surprised but were proud all the same come come!]]

[center [pic]]

[center [#6996c3 Yes come eat with us, I'm sure the training was grueling you look in rough shape. Here let me treat you're wounds.]]

[center [b Estelle had sat him down as she began to remove his clothes Rex letting out a slight blush. No she is a married woman! Why is he getting shy? As she rubbed an ointment on his wounds he was surprised she hadn't used healing magic. Healing.. Arc's that would get used to saying huh? Couldn't presume she wielded a Holy gate though he was healed by magic once? Sure he was asleep but it was the witch who healed him. As he tried to dim down his blushing he heard the spirit childishly laugh at him as he gave a pouting glare.]]

[center [+pink Kukuku~]]

[center [b As Rex sat down she began to wrap bandages around him as they placed food on the table. Mashed potatoes and meat it looked a bit cold but he was late wasn't he? It was fine he was so hungry and content as the fireplace went on. There was a cold chill and yet a burning sensation from the fire he loved that feeling of being cold and trying to stay warm. The only thing he hated? Was how that feeling made him feel so "cuddily" how he wrapped around his blankets and hugging his pillow tightly to his chest.]]

[center [b Rex remembered dating a few girls embarrassingly online it was easier to talk and meet cooler people there. Nerds and strange folk just like him and some of them were really pretty too! He remembered a girl who was very special to him. He'd set his AC high as possible as he'd strip down and wrap himself in covers trying to stay warm. Holding his phone close to him like it was the world. He clung on to that thing like it was his life like she held the meaning of everything dear to him. Or maybe it was more accurate he felt she was everything dear to him.]]

[center [b Strange for a woman he never met right? He remembered Arthur finding out how embarrassed he was. Arthur didn't judge though sure Arthur couldn't handle a girl that far away but he understood Rex all the same. It was strange to think of the world before as he ate Estelle and Charles offered accepting smiles they must have thought Rex was tired and worn from his day.]]

[center [#6996c3 I know it looks like a lot is on you're mind but those are strange wounds dear. How did you get them?]]

[center [b Rex had pressed his fork into the meat as the spirit looked at him as he looked down. He wasn't upset about his training or how it happened actually it was kinda... Awesome? Weird he almost died out there he should be scared and for once? He sorta was he didn't want his journey to end but it felt awesome to wield a piece of himself he never knew existed. A part of human nature unlocked a part he never knew was possible he may have lost his name but he never felt more familiar with himself than he did right here and now. Which in a way that feeling in itself? Was unfamiliar all the same he looked up at them as he gave a meek smile.]]

[center [+orange B-Brew...]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Right than and there a woman had entered the room taking a seat. As Charles let out a gasp giving a bow as he stood up as Estelle did the same.]]

[center [font macondo No please earlier you had talked to me freely. I know I suddenly barged in here but please remain as carefree as you were before.]]

[center [#265e64 Of course, I'm sorry just taken by surprise allow me to get you a plate of food mam.]]

[center [b His tone had eased up a bit as he sat up to go get her a plate as well. Had they forgot to set up a plate for her as well? They must have been nervous to have her over. Though it wasn't long before his goddess had began to speak again.]]

[center [font macondo Awe I don't mean to oppose on the poor man but I thank him all the same. As for Rex he was attacked by Blight Wolves while he was learning how to wield a Spirit Arc which he succeeded in unleashing due to his kind and adorable spirit.]]

[center [b She had offered a smile as Rex blinked a bit giving a nod. She made that a lot easier to explain than Rex would have. Talking to people wasn't exactly something he was good at obviously. If he was good at that good at making connections. Would have he came here? Obviously he was poor at keeping them even that one woman he treasured more than anything. Worked so hard to see and when she was so close she fell right of his reach. Had he pushed too hard? Clung too much? It seemed beside Arthur and his mother he pushed people away without ever meaning too. The chance to make new friends period and to keep someone dear to him. He had shivered a bit as he scooted to the fireplace.]]

[center [b It was than the witch had scooted her chair in a quirky manner right next to his own. As she held at his arm laying her head on his shoulder.]]

[center [font macondo My temples ail from intensive worry please allow me to borrow you're shoulder faithful companion.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Her voice was so... Elegant and yet so simple? It had a charm to it he couldn't place and than it had hit him. Of course he compared everything to Anime it had but it was similar wasn't it? Holo the Wise Wolf! She was almost as flirty and something about her felt even twice as cunning.]]

[center [b As they brought food back for his mistress she had picked up her silverware. She had held them rather delicately as Rex smiled from one side of his mouth. He kinda expected that she'd-]]

[center [b With that she flipped the silverware holding them upside down as she stabbed down at the meat chowing down like a mad woman. As she stuffed and gorged her little face as Estelle and Charles stared a bit surprised as Rex began to chuckle holding his stomach as he couldn't stop laughing. What was that?!]]

[center [font macondo I'm sorrifsh I meansh ack! Yikes, I apologize I just never have had the need to eat or drink before. So the need or rather the urge is hard to put on a leash.]]

[center [b She had blushed as she stared down beginning to eat slower as Rex let out a soft smile. She was one surprise after another? With dinner over Rex had sat up as he gave his good night's to his host they were kind as always. He was truly grateful for that from the bottom of his heart.]]

[center [b He had walked down a hall to be quiet to not awaken the children as he opened a door he closed the door behind him. Grabbing a towel on a wooden chair as he took his jacket off rubbing at his face the sweat from his shoulders next.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b As he laid on the bed staring at the wall as thoughts began to flood the short boy. As the spirit lingering above him had began to fade out.]]

[center [+pink Good night Rex and...]]

[center [+pink Again thank you for today.]]

[center [b Rex had smiled as he reached out to pat her head as she gave out a pout. He wasn't sure why he was so unguarded around Marian was it because they were bounded? As much as he trusted the witch and adored her for saving him he was still tense and shy around her. So why so laid back with Marian? Maybe because seeing something as magical as a spirit was awe-inspiring? Well his mistress was akin to that of a goddess right? He was impressed by her too but maybe it was cause of her small fluffy form? He wasn't sure why but he felt he could trust Marian maybe flower spirits had a sense of warm and trust to them. With that thoughts began flood his mind as he placed a hand on his chest. He wondered what had happened to that woman to Arthur and to his mother was this him missing the world before? No not the world the people in it. Every anime he watched when the "hero" came to a new world. He rarely thought of things like his family or a friend from before or maybe an old flame. He hopped into the world always so easily and Rex was perfect for that he really loved and adored this world.]]

[center [b He had almost wished he could have brought them here not that his "old flame" would have wanted to his face. It was so random he started to think about such stupid things it was weird right? Here he was to protect a living bonafide goddess and he thinks of some random girl on the internet forever ago.]]

[center [b With that he felt rustling in the bed as he turned over to see said "goddess" curled up into him. As he looked at her his face flustering into a deep crimson red as he looked away from her.]]

[center [+orange W-What--]]

[center [b She had raised her finger a finger as she pressed it against his lips. As he felt a sensation a soul something pierce his heart as he could hear a clutter of noises into his head. It was... A sense of peace the sound of music fluttering the insides of his ear drums as she began to smile.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [+orange Y-You're magic I thought..?]]

[center [font macondo We have a connection you and me, that magic is still lasting and it's said the feelings of a master can affect those of a familiar in a number of ways. I can feel it too.. The sounds the sensation you're feeling it's warm isn't it? Perhaps it is because I am relieved you weren't stupid enough to get yourself killed today. Is what they usually say in anime right? I've seen a lot I've watched you watching quiet a lot, you kept so much in you're mind. I felt it was the only way I could... Connect and wonder what went on in that mind of yours.]]

[center [b She had held his hands as he blushed why the fascination with him? Her eyes screamed curious nature as she stared into his own as he attempted to escape looking away. A crescendo of trumpets in his ears and the drumbeat of his heart in turn invaded him. He closed his eyes as she pressed her forehead against his own almost in a motherly protective sort of nature. Rex however had not minded as he let himself loosen from his tense self into her forehead.]]

[center [font macondo No I can't scold you for being reckless it's who you are. I'd like you to be careful sure but I am proud of you truly I'm sorry Angel had given you a hard time. Humans tend to see Spirits in a certain lighting I'm afraid. I knew coming here you'd treat them better you seemed the type to do something naive like that. It's why I selected you dear Rex.]]

[center [b She said as she pulled him into a protective hug holding him into her chest. Wasn't a man supposed to take charge? Was this what it was like? To be close to a woman? To hold her tightly? To snuggle? To cuddle? It was very different from a blanket or a pillow that was for sure. It was by no means the same of course right? Time began to pass as she stroked his hair cooing at him as he gulped she placed his arms around her.]]

[center [font macondo Rex dear, I want you to know we are partners in this. That you can hold onto me. Even cry in my arms that here like this? In this simple almost useless way I can protect you, I learned few things but one being? The contortions on you're face? How pain and stings wrinkled that adorable face. That you let you're thoughts roam free and in turn they hurt you don't they? It isn't much for the way you fight and risk you're life but like this I can and I will protect you from that pain from those feelings.]]

[center [b Rex's eyes had widened, "Useless?" it wasn't much? He stared at the wall this wasn't much compared to how he fought? In his whole life... He.. Would have never admitted it to anyone or maybe even to himself. Yet all at once he knew it was true he was afraid that made him weak but he knew it was true. This was all he wanted to vent his frustrations and pain into someone holding him. Ha to be coddled like some child he was so pathetic wasn't he... He began to sigh as she gave him a stern look.]]

[center [font macondo Again I see that face show despair, Rex it's okay to be protected. Please let me be you're rock as you are my savior in name and form.]]

[center [b Savior? Him? Yeah right she could have chosen anyone and yet she made him feel... A way no one else had before. No one besides Arthur and his mother had tried but this woman all at once busted down his barriers. Were they so fragile? A mask of fake strength? Or rather was he crying out for someone to do this? Crying out, that was exactly Rex began to do as tears invaded his face and he had no way to fight it. It wasn't like a beast or man he could swing and kick and fight like hell. No all he could do was lean his face and body against her own as he began to weep into her chest as his sobs reached the ears of the woman who saved him. A woman who gave him a new chance at life it was all starting to seep in. On how much it all really meant to him.]]
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[center [h3 More Learning? Yuck]]

[center [b Henry had thrown another book opened on an opening page to give Rex a chance to view it's contents. As Henry and Angel nudged for him to read it Rex couldn't help but sigh. When would he get a chance to learn these Arc's? He'd have to be patient this did seem like a delicate and sacred art. As Rex began to view through the same twelve elements this time from a physical perspective.]]

[center [b All physical Arc's consume stamina. Certain Arc's can require strength in specific area's.]]

[center [b Fire: Creating fire from one's self an easier task and much quicker than Spirit Arc's The fire being less pure but taking no casting time nor the aid of Spirits converting ones own Arcana into raw firepower.]]
[center [b Strength's Required: Strong Heart, strain on heart ]]

[center [b Earth: Controlling dirt and soil with a weaker offensive power than Fire can control Earth and rocks for more defensive fortitude. ]]
[center [b Strength Required: Bone density, strain on bones]]

[center [b Ice/Water: Changing the temperature of water around bending it to will it's versatile for defense and offense a balanced element physical arcs can't have any healing factors. Less strain than other physical Arc's.]]
[center [b Strength Required: A strain causing one's body to lower in temp lowering more and more. It's a more gradual strain on the body increasing more over the course of a battle.]]

[center [b Air: The easiest to access with lower Arcana cost wielding instantly the art's of air and wind even shifting one's air around them to help float through the air. A lesser strain as well.]]
[center [b Strength Required: Causing minor stress to the legs while consuming normal amounts of stamina.]]

[center [b Knight Gate: A physical gate that increases strength and endurance instantly to perform feats otherwise impossible. A heavy strain on the body when casting such Arc's.]
[center [b Strength Required: Immense stamina while also putting pressure into the bones and muscle of the boosted area's. The stronger the boost the greater the pressure.]]

[center [b Charm: Weaker charms than their spirit counterparts however not requiring an understanding of the people around you.]]
[center [b Strength Required: Causing pressure into one's bones and muscle surrounding their face. Requires a tolerance for pain while holding a smile even under that pain increases over time and with greater charms.]]

[center [b Assassin's Gate: Used to increase one's stamina and speed for short burst of times. While also increasing reflexes and perception.]]
[center [b Strength Required: Strong legs are required for most of these Arc's.]]

[center [b Beast Gate: No longer requiring time or an understanding requiring only a tolerance for suffering. Gaining the ability of an animal for short burst of times rather than extended periods.]]
[center [b Strength Required: Tolerance for large amounts of pain be forewarned a man can even die from shock of pain.]]

[center [b Arcana's Gate: Putting a strain one 's eyes these Arc's encase the body around Arcana and physical energy manifested. Serving as a barrier and a booster however it must be used in reserve as one cannot train one's eye.]]
[center [b Strength Required: Unknown]]

[center [b Darkness: Giving one the ability to suck life and energy from others with contact on body to body. An advanced form of Arc to learn.]]

[center [b Strength Required: Strain includes muscle tear throughout the body. Testing what one's body is capable of the tears growing worse over time can be healed with the life force sucked from opponents.]]

[center [b Light/Holy: These physical Arc's are based off creating barriers and shields as well as holy walls and hardening one's skin.]]
[center [b Strength Required: Overall strain on the body.]]

[center [b Sealing Gate: A Gate most unknown to humanity a gate used to seal things. Such as memories, skills, access to Arcana. Even in extreme cases sealing creatures to certain area's. Must have an understanding of what you are sealing in sealing more powerful things. May cost more than Arcana such as a Rune shattering or a might sigil. In Arthur's case he stuck his blade Excalibur in the witches grove to keep the sealing Arc attached to her body and her magic.]]
[center [b Strength Required: Unknown]]

[center [b Mankind isn't sure whether to wield Sealing Gates as an Arcane Arc or Physical Arc is more or less effective both having difficult cost either way.]]

[center [i Now Rex it takes people a long time to decide the fields they wish to study in. The witch has instructed you take a spiritual and physical gate any ideas on which?]]

[center [b Rex knew they wanted him to take time maybe even a day or two to think about this before he even starts training. He had looked through both pages and to him it was obvious which routes he would take. Heavy cost, heavy value and so he had looked up at them.]]

[center [+orange I-I.. Arcana G-Gate for my spirit Arc a-and K-Knight G-Gate for m-my physical...]]

[center [+darkblue I figured as something as dull and straightforward for you. High physical strain as well as high Arcana strain as for the next part of this fiasco. Selecting a Knight Arc to commence with.]]

[center [b Rex had looked to find a rank C Arc he thought a Rank D Arcana gate was a bit disappointing he'd aim a little higher here. "Knight's Call" it was a basic augmentation increasing his physical density/endurance and strength for a short burst of time. So perhaps an attack or two or to block something?]]

[center [b Rex found himself pointing at Knight's Call as Henry let out a smile and a nod.]]

[center [i That Arc will only cost one Arcana most physical Arc's only cost one and rarely two. The Arcana works mostly as a spark to start the engine to unleash what is within us. Thus why the cost are so low myself? I have about twenty Arcana it may not seem like much but for a physical Arc wielder? I can cast twenty Arc's and powerful ones as well. Angel here has around two hundred and thirty the max a human can hold again is twelve hundred.]]

[center [+darkblue As for the Void Slash it will cost four twice as much as Spirit Arc's at that rank normally cost. They normally cost two Arcana more rarely three. That is a rank two D Rank as the Knight's Call is a Rank 2 C rank. Are you ready to get started?]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex had pulled out his blade as Angel and Henry began to teach the boy.] Or at least he had thought that was the case.]

[center [+darkblue First you'll try to call on to the power the first two Arc's should feel a bit like instinct. You'll need to be pushed in a way that makes you wield these. We'll be off you have those books try you're best to learn them all right?]]

[center [b What?! They were just leaving?! Henry and her had given a wave as Rex grunted in frustration with a sigh.]]

[center [+orange Okay.. Ermm.. Knight's Call!!]]

[center [b He flipped his blade around as he focused onto the Rune and whatever energy he tried to feel in himself. Nothing not a lick of anything as he growled and swung again screaming on top of his lungs.]]

[center [+orange Void Slash!!! Oh yeah I gotta make a incantation.. Contact with Spirit's? Come on Spirits! I've got some tasty Arcana! Take all six I don't care just show me what you got! Hello! Anyone out there!!]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b He shut his eyes as he focused his thoughts hoping a spirit would hear or something. Yet? Nothing as Rex swung and swung and trained and studied all day long. As he growled in frustration as the night began to fall as he thought of heading back.]]

[center [b He began to walk back as he gripped at his blade throwing it on the ground. No! He couldn't just head back like this he was used to not doing things so why did this bother him? He used to turn in half ass homework sometimes even incomplete. Not completing school work or job applications or lazily doing a job or not even turning in for work. So why did this bother him? He fell to his as he took a deep breath as tears began to sting his eyes.]]

[center [+orange I've never done anything right...]]

[center [b In person on the internet it didn't matter when drama hit? He'd run away he'd punch his way out or hide till it was all over. He just wanted to make others happy he just wanted to be a hero to others. It was so cheesy so stupid and so naive.]]

[center [b He began to grit his teeth as he punched the ground thinking of the world before as he fought the urge to cry. No he had a new chance a new chance to do everything right. To be the person he wanted to be he'd rather die than live another useless existence. Sure he had time to learn they told him but he couldn't wait he just couldn't. As he reached out gripping at his blade he ran out into the forest.]]

[center [b Tired and dirty as he ran more and more shouting "Come and get me!" as he yelled and even bad mouthed spirits. He could finally see ghastly fogs screeching in the forest. So Spirit's didn't like what he had to say but they ignored him before? More petty than he expected really as he swung at the air they couldn't affect him nor he them.]]

[left Stop]

[right Ruck-us]

[center Stop]

[center [b A chill fell down Rex's spine as he looked around as he turned to see a couple of wolves in black fur. Where the spirits telling him to stop because he'd attract these things? He noticed one ran after the ghastly spirits as three charged at him. Venom falling from their teeth with dark red eyes and black fur they must have been more Brew.]]

[center [b Rex had rolled to the side with his newly enhanced strength and speed as he stabbed at it's heart from the left. Pulling his blade out he was a bit shocked how fluid that movement was. How fast, how accurate it was how he envisioned his swordsmanship to one day be. Something his mind carved out for him that his body couldn't keep up with. Caught up in that moment one had bit his shoulder letting the poison seep into shoulder as the acid ate at the clothing his shoulder and skin burned but the bone stood strong. He was even harder to melt down wasn't he? He grunted in pain as he heard a shriek right at that sound he began to run faster than ever before as he jumped from one tree branch than another. The two wolves behind him was he doing this? Just outrunning creatures on all fours? As he saw a wolf howling some.. Spell? No an Arc at a Spirit as it began to slowly vanish as Rex came in kicking the beast over as he ruthlessly slashed at it's neck. The spirit had fallen to the ground did it? Rex had reached out to it finally to feel a presence what did that wolf do to this thing?]]

[center [+orange D-Did it.. Suck Arcana from you...? Here take some of mine okay? H-Hurry!]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The Spirit had sapped itself into his hand as he let out a smile. He felt a strange energy as a few more wolves turned around as the spirit began to float again.]]

[center [+orange Go! Get out of here! I'll handle these guys!]]

[center [b Rex said as the spirit began to fly off before hurling right back throwing itself into his back. As he felt an array of energy and emotion flowing through his body. As he took a deep breath pulling back his blade an a purple aura covered his blade. As it began to charge he could hear a voice as he fought the wolves.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b A mental image of a woman plastering itself into his mind. Images of a this woman crying? Flashes? Rex had blocked another strike as these thoughts invaded her mind what the hell was this? He saw her pleading with a man as he shoved her aside before walking a way.]]

[center [+pink It's rude to look at a ladies past you know. I'm already taking you're Arcana so you can prepare an Arc. It seems you aren't like most humans you're body on instinct is bent on unleashing that specific Arc. I've bound myself to you're body begin the incantation.]]

[center [+orange W-What do I say it out loud or in my mind? Where are you?]]

[center [b Wow she was really.. Pretty weren't spirits supposed to be like creepy scary ghost? Or ancient wise looking beings?]]

[center [+pink Either one works by the way can still hear you're thoughts! I-Is my appearance really important right now? You're a strange human...]]

[center [b Rex had continued to dodge each slash as the the blade made a loud clicking sound. As he cut down another beast blocking another as one spewed venom at his leg as he grunted in pain.]]

[center [+orange So like do I start saying s-some fancy words? Like a ritual for a spell?]]

[center [+pink What? No an incantation is time taken for the Arcana to convert into an Arc. I've converted four of you're Arcana into this Arc Void Slash I warn you I'm not a combat spirit. I am a spirit of nature one over flowers for that matter. An incantation also requires that we agree on an amount on this contract in which I do. I've also.. Taken two of you're Arcana when you helped me.]]

[center [b Her voice became somber but with a deep profound sense of gratitude. Rex had found himself blushing a bit her voice sounded so kind.]]

[center [+orange I Rex Rider hereby agree to this terms!! Vooooid Slassssshhhh!]]

[center [b Rex had backed up spinning around to build momentum as he swung with all his physical strength it probably didn't make a difference but it felt better. As a curved purple wave of massive energy began to blast forward sending almost eight wolves asunder as the rest saw and began to growled as they began to patter away. He felt... A deeper understanding of Arcana the living energy behind it. He was overthinking it rather than letting it come to instinct maybe after these two Arc's he'd have to learn without that Feral Instinct. Yet he could feel the urge to cast.. Er Unleash a Knight's Calling sadly his body was too empty to hope to unleash such an Arc.]]

[center [+orange W-Wow that was... Something... H-Hey are you okay? S-Spirit..? How about you come back with me..? So they don't attack you okay? I-It's my fault they got riled up...]]

[center [+pink No they've wandered in the forest for some time you merely woke them up as well as drove them off. You would take me back? With other humans? W-We aren't even bounded and you ask I'd stay! H-How embarrassing!!]]

[center [b He could sense a strange feeling of embarrassment wash over him as he saw an image of her blushing. Wow.. Spirits are a lot cuter than he expected.]]

[center [+pink D-Don't think like that stop! You're such a weird h-human!!]]

[center [b Rex blushed as he scratched at his cheek as he began to walk back sheathing his blade. He wasn't sure who she was but he needed to be careful about his thoughts he didn't want to worry her.]]

[center [+pink Normally one has to form a contract for a spirit to bound to a man. You're guard was so lowered it was easy to enter you're Gate you're lucky a spirit didn't try to possess you for ill intentions.]]

[center [+orange Yikes I just presumed they couldn't hurt me, I'm sorry for my rude w-words earlier I was just frustrated at my lack of progress. I have someone.. I need to grow stronger to protect. So can you teach me a few things on the way back?]]

[center [+pink Y-You're still set on h-helping me..? I'm a flower spirit.. Someone a farmer or a gardener would want not a warrior wielding a sigil blade like that. You seem a novice in Arc's but quiet the expert in swordsmanship did you become a knight on physical merit alone? That is impressive but I'll simply waste you're time. I can't increase an Arc's base power if anything I may decrease it's power and I'm not too good with Arcana...]]

[center [+orange Hmm? But you didn't keep any extra for yourself in that Arc right? I didn't have any but you did it for no tip right? Four is the minimum cost but some spirits are greedy I've been taught. You aren't and you even helped me out you didn't have too. So what is bounding? How does it work? Can one bound with multiple spirits?]]

[center [+pink W-What?! I.. Of course I helped you helped me it was only fair! A human can't hold more than one spirit in their body but they can form contracts that can be renewed with limitless spirits. It's usually a difficult process but they will know you're location and some contracts even have them follow you. These Spirits are referred to as you're "Familia"]]

[center [+orange Oh so l-like a family..?]]

[center [+pink For someone so strong you seem rather... Shy and timid no need to be so anxious around a low grade spirit such as I. It's more like a company or a business really for both parties to have mutual gain.]]

[center [+orange Like Arcana?]]

[center [b The woman took a sigh as Rex tilted his head why was she sighing did he say something wrong? He was new to this okay he didn't know.]]

[center [+pink There are other things a spirit can gain from humans. Such as Rune's or finding "Eternal Peace"]]

[center [+orange Eternal peace... Huh I don't see why we don't just g-give that? Also you aren't just a low g-grade anything! You're a really nice person.. I mean S-Spirit!]]

[center [b Rex now felt another feeling wash over him as he found a smile forming on his lips as he felt a soft whisper seep into his body.]]

[center [+pink Thank you.]]

[center [+orange I Rex agree to bound with you until you no longer need me!]]

[center [+pink I Marian Rosswald agree to the terms you have set.]]

[center [b Rex didn't have to see it to feel how pleasant her smile at that moment was as he wandered into the village. As Henry and Angel came up as well as the witch.]]

[center [+orange H-Hey I learned how to wield my Arc's! A-At least Void S-Slash...]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b The witch had ran in her dress as she came and hugged Rex as he blushed shocked as he held onto her. As she pulled away looking at him with almost a pout on those precious lips.]]

[center [font macondo Don't run off without my say so got it? You're... my familiar I can't let anything happen to you.]]

[center [b I.. I did it for you I.. Before he could speak up Marian had taken the form visible again as the yellow ball of fluff he first saw when he met her. As she began to speak in a more squeaky almost childish voice.]]

[center [+pink He was learning that Arc for you lady, also he was saving me! You should be proud of him he's even learned how to bound to a spirit for you.]]

[center [+orange M-Marian!]]

[center [b The witch gasped a bit and chuckled as she leaned in kissing Rex's nose as she let out a long breath.]]

[center [font macondo Bound already? Of course I'm proud! I just care about you is all strange I know but still. I knew you showed promise Rex but this? You exceed my expectations it took Angel a month to learn a simple rank one Spirit Arc it takes time before the ball gets rolling. Even now she only has four spirits in her Famila and here you are bound to a spirit?]]

[center [+darkblue Reverse Seal Arc.. Reveal!]]

[center [b Angels eyes turned a bright yellow as she began to inspect the spirit as she took a deep breath.]]

[center [+darkblue It's a flower spirit it's not gonna exactly help with you're Knight or Arcana gate so you should break the contract and form a new one. It's not worth trading with to add to you're famila either you two aren't compatible.]]

[center [+orange H-Huh..?! What... N-No I'm not just discarding her it's d-dangerous out t-there Brew tried to devour her!]]

[center [+darkblue Her..?]]

[center [+orange Yes her and her name is Marian not it. S-She's..]]

[center [b Rex took a deep breath as he looked at Angel fiercely no longer stuttering. As he gripped his fist even tighter staring deep into her eyes.]]

[center [+orange Marian saved my life and I owe her! We may have just met but like my mistress. She's saved my life and for that I owe her she gave me a chance to grow. So you know what? Maybe I should give her a chance to grow I won't just give up on her. If humans are expected to train and grow than why can't Spirits learn and grow stronger too?]]

[center [+darkblue Training... Teaching a spirit? Is that even possible?]]

[center [+orange You're a spirit sage and you never even tried! Forget it I'm starting off at square one and Marian can start there with me! All right?]]

[center [b Rex said the last part as he gripped at her shirt before quickly letting go and walking away. As Angel growled taking a few steps forward her hand glowing a purple energy as Henry placed a hand on her shoulder shaking his head. As Rex began to head to Charles and Estelle's place.]]

[center [+pink I-I.. You didn't say we'd stay b-bound together!]]

[center [+orange Hmm? O-Oh I'm sorry.. I was just mad... N-No I mean I meant it! I just.. I just don't wanna force you I think it's unfair to label you off. Did you want to be a flower spirit or was that f-forced onto you?]]

[center [+pink I.. Never minded it I hated war detested it but I never really got a choice in the matter. Do you think it's possible I could really simply with training? Become a heroic spirit? Obtain Eternal Peace?]]

[center [+orange Y-Yeah! I-I'm not sure what those things are but.. You're plenty heroic and you d-deserve peace. T-Thank you M-Marian I'm... Glad it was you I got to become bound with. So I wasn't blinded like that to treat spirit's like tools.]]

[center [+pink That's what spirits and humans are to each other.. Worlds apart all they could ever be to each other is tools.]]

[center [+orange Well not us Marian, from now on? You're my f-friend okay?]]

[center [b Where was the self confidence came from? To tell a pretty girl you're my friend deal with it? Was it cause she was a spirit? No it wasn't because of that it was because he knew what it was like to be lost and need a friend. Arthur came into his life and brightened it up he wanted.. To do that for someone else.]]

[center [+pink Y-You're so embarrassing!]]

[center [b Rex blushed as the two let out a soft chuckle she seemed not to mind his inner ramblings. That was important for him to have in a partner and he could already tell she would make a great partner. As he opened the door to Charles and Estelle's home it was late so maybe he missed dinner? The kids had to be sleeping.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm late.. Y-You guys... Awake..?]]
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[center [h3 Feral Instinct]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Little time was wasted as Henry and Angel had taken Rex to a large and vast plain nearby. Full of grass and summer breeze as Rex felt it hit his face.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [i Time to start now as for the first two arc's it'll be supposedly easier. This term for a familiar or a Guardian Beast is called Feral Instinct it's a sort of charm cast by the contract of the deity bestowed upon the beast. Though a human has never been selected before. That isn't to say these beast weren't capable of speech. A deity had never saw humanity as a race suited for war. Not us or any race in Fyuria nay that right was saved for the beast right Angel?]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+darkblue I suppose but we were given Runes and Sacred Vessals also known as Blessed Gear more roughly referred to as. To defend ourselves the gods had never seen us fit still to be a beast of Guardian. Are lifespan's are too short even the races that live a few hundred years can't compare to a mystical beast as a dragon or a griffin. Living to thousands of years to grow wiser and more in power if these beast can learn Arc's as well and use Runes why make one of humanity take such a task? We even rely on sacred vessals and a familiar can't use those.]]

[center [+orange Huh..? You mean... My equipment isn't sacred... Vessals? I...]]

[center [i Ahh the witch told you they were huh? Well did she have you test out you're power in some way here? You're newfound agility perhaps? She wanted you to trust in something to give you a sense of not being able to fail she told us she would try this. That you may not fully believe in yourself but seeing you against that golem? I can see you believe in yourself. Sadly sigil's and Runes are all a familiar's body are capable with. That isn't too say the hard leather you are wearing from top to bottom is useless it's sturdy and very light.]]

[center [+darkblue Henry we weren't supposed to tell him that, regardless the goddess only had the best intentions in not telling you. It's hard to compare yourself to beast of legend.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex had gripped his blade tightly as he found his heart racing and a smile crept upon his face. It was kind of her to look out for him but he could see what was going on here. She wanted to train and coax him to be the ultimate weapon yes? He felt his blood pumping he had believed her intentions to be for a good reason yes. Regardless if they weren't he had indeed owed her much. Either way she needed to realize that it was his turn to protect her. That he needed to take this weight of growing stronger on his own shoulders. If he was to be great like these beast he couldn't have mental training wheel's. The way he pushed himself training in the real world. He almost pushed himself to death on a daily basis. He remembered climbing the highest tree's he could doing sit up's as he hung his legs off a sturdy branch. Or pull up's as high as he could it forced him not to let go. That even after pushed past his limit? If he let go he'd die and that pressure he excelled in no room for mistakes as he swung his stick on that branch. Lunge swing stab and slam. As he practiced kicking and slashing with his wooden blade. His balance improved it had to and if he had died? He was willing to accept it.]]

[center [b Henry stepped forth as he began to spoke.]]

[center [i Now to start with fundamental's we will explain what it takes to unleash an Arc. It requires a inner power we refer to as Arcana as physical or sword Arc's don't consume much Arcana they consume great stamina from the body. Spirit Arc's require no stamina draining at one's Arcana though losing Arcana can be referred to as mental fatigue. Increasing how easily one becomes stressed out or loses it on the battle field. Using an arc without any Arcana left will begin to land direct blows on you're mental well being sometimes even permanent damage so be aware of you're limits. I can tell you don't exactly feel fear but if you find yourself scared? It could be due to that mental stress. I believe for the sake of the lesson you should start with a Spirit Arc with Angel here.]]

[center [+darkblue Ahem, well to cast a spirit Arc you must understand the element you are wielding. The Gate there are hundreds of gate's but only twelve have been studied and understood completely.]]

[center [+darkblue Fire,Earth,Ice and water sharing a gate. Air,Knight Gate ,Charm ,Assassin's Gate,Beast Gate,Arcana's Gate,Darkness,Light and holy sharing a gate. Last and not least Sealing Gate which is what are mistress was inflicted with due to Arthur and the goddess Aria. Keep in mind each gate has a spirit and physical version so it's twenty four separate styles. An Arc can be graded from grade's one to twelve. One being the strongest and twelve being insanely powerful. Some Arcanist rate this even more specific such as Grade One Rank A. F,D,C,B,A,S from weakest to strongest. Very few Arc's have been ranked Rank 12 Grade S and have been lost in history. Such as the Arc unleashed on our mistress.]]

[center [+orange Yes Unleash is the term used for an Arc and casting is the term used for magic right?]]

[center [+darkblue You've caught on quick but yes that is correct. Now I suppose we could start with grade one rank A Arc's. To help you on you're journey. You can handle that yes? Ask whatever questions you might have. I'm sure you'll want me to explain the gates a bit yes?]]

[center [+orange That and the difference.. So I could learn spirit and physical Arc's in a single Gate. Or one from two different Gates what a-are they capable o-o-of?]]

[center [+darkblue Speak up! How can you be so spineless? Really? How she chose you instead of.. Agh whatever fine I'll explain each gate in the spiritual section. First let me explain that when casting a Spirit Arc it takes time this time is referred to as an Incantation. The spirit's speak to you're soul so to speak. A inner mental conversation as you form a contract offering Arcana for you to in turn cast an Arc. To add there are Arc's which are gateless which lack element or special property. Some Spirit's want more than Arcana so this comes down to haggling and being assertive you must talk to them. They need Arcana to survive but they can be finicky at times. They use the Arcana to cast an Arc and keep what's left over for themselves. So in a sense they are parasites and some spirits may be kind. Other's can be more difficult and less fond of humanity. You can form a lasting contract with one spirit at a time known as a Spirit Guide. They travel with you to make things easier. You can tell what sort of spirit's may be in certain area's if it's rainy and wet? Water spirits may dwell there they affect nature itself. The more powerful the more powerful the Arc but they are very self aware of their limits unlike us. They will demand more Arcana for the increase in power. They will demand it in numbers this is a power than can be measured. How much Arcana you have is dependent on you're genes and practice. Familiar's may be affected differently though the most human being as ever held seems to be twelve hundred. I'm sure twelve is a number consistent thing to appear isn't it? It is considered a holy number maybe due to people seeing the world having twelve deities. It may not sound like much but I'm a powerful Spirit Arcanist who devoted my life to it. Standing at two hundred and thirty Arcana. I don't run out often it's not the cost but the knowledge that matters more time than not. We have to have a mental understanding of what we are wielding and the spirit we converse with. The element's in water or air in Earth. Emotions and believes even come to play and many factors we ourselves are unaware. I warn you most Arcanist start at one or two Arcana but don't fret. Rune's can help the cost of Arcana to be more effective or to be more "appetizing" to Spirit's to lower cost. All with unique effects some even increase cost but improve spirit's mood's for greater power. You're Rune helps you cast Spirit Arc's even if you don't have a full understanding on the elements. Combined with you're feral instinct you're first Spirit Arc should be much easier. Here's a vague description of each gate from as Spirit Arc's.]]

[center [b She said as she threw a book at him. Something she had written in explaining each Gate in detail from a spirit arc perspective.]]

[center [b Fire: to create fire from Spirit's energy or the elements around. This fire is more pure than the fire in physical Arc's it can even increase the heat in the air. Controlling lava or fire around and bending it to one's will is easier than creating fire for ones self.]]
[center [b Emotions: Passionate Rash and brazen. Passionate Soul]]

[center [b Earth: Controlling dirt and soil easier to grab access to than fire but weaker as a result perfect for defense rather than offense. You must understand nature and creating it can be very difficult though it controls grass and all elements of nature as well. Softening and hardening Earth is a easier task as well.]]
[center [b Emotions: Mental Fortitude and strength. Stalwart Soul]]

[center [b Ice/Water: Changing the tempature of water around bending it to will it's versatile for defense and offense a balanced element compared to Earth or Fire but not being the best at either offense or defense. Water can have healing properties such as sucking liquid venom from others. Controlling liquids though controlling liquid with life such as blood is rare if not most times impossible. Like Earth and Fire you must understand the elements in this to unleash this Arc. Water Spirit Arc's are filled with unique supportive Arc's.]]
[center [b Emotions: Calm and Relaxed with a sense of inner peace. Peaceful Soul]]

[center [b Air: The easiest to access with lower Arcana cost and shorter Unleash times. It is easier to understand as well but at the cost of power it has plenty of disruptive properties.]]
[center [b Emotions: A sense of freedom and happiness independent nature. A Free Soul]]

[center [b Knight Gate: A Spirit Arc used to Bolster one's strength both physically and mentally. You can even give that target Arcana or physical stamina this is more complex than the four previous elements. You must understand human empathy and love other ideals of human nature. This isn't exactly easily explained, it can even be used to change the properties of a targets body such as hardening skin or increasing mental fortitude. Prolonging how long one can go without tiring or having to eat. As well as closing woulds and putting bones back to place even if still left broken.]]
[center [b Emotions: A burning desire to protect and to look after. Protective nature and bravery. A Guardians Soul]]

[center [b Charm: Used to charm a person the understanding required here is the understanding of the person you are charming.]]
[center [b Emotions: Empathy, Love, Kindness. Loving Soul]]

[center [b Assassin's Gate: Used in terms of stealth such as masking footsteps or presence. Even offering types of movements such a teleporting Arc's moving over short distances in quick succession.]]
[center [b Emotions: Anger,Negative feeling,Sadness. Tragic Soul.]]

[center [b Beast Gate: Calling upon nature and it's beast to serve you or altering you're body for a bit to call upon a beast traits to aid you. Must have an understanding of the beast and nature itself to wield.]]
[center [b Emotions: Love for animals, Love for Nature, Nurturing Soul]]

[center [b Arcana's Gate: A Gate for Spirit Arcanist using more powerful non elemental strikes referred to as the void. A purple substance easier to call upon with devastating power taking high Arcana cost and harder yet to understand the "Spirit's Of The Void" the most dangerous Gate to delve in.]]
[center [b Emotions: Unknown]]

[center [b Darkness: The Witch asked I describe this as "Debuffs" not sure why. It's based on less power than air and even more disruption using Shadows to cloak one at night. The Shadow's can take physical form and strike sadly it is considered the weakest gate for head on combat. But it is very versatile.]]

[center [b Emotions: Curious Nature, Eagerness to Learn, An Academic's soul.]]

[center [b Light/Holy: Healing magic as well as rays of light to damage ones foes. Effective against shadow and creatures of the dark such as undead or unholy beings.]]
[center [b Emotions: Purity a want to aid others and to be kind and compassionate. A Pure Soul]]

[center [b Sealing Gate: A Gate most unknown to humanity a gate used to seal things. Such as memories,skills,access to Arcana. Even in extreme cases sealing creatures to certain area's. Must have an understanding of what you are sealing in sealing more powerful things. May cost more than Arcana such as a Rune shattering or a might sigil. In Arthur's case he stuck his blade Excalibur in the witches grove to keep the sealing Arc attached to her body and her magic.]]
[center [b Emotions: Unknown]]

[center [+darkblue Read each carefully and than select a gate you wish to start on.]]

[center [+orange Emotions... Soul?]]

[center [+darkblue Yes unlike physical Arc's these come into play to one's effective and power in using a Spirit Arc. Sometimes it may even prevent mastery a spirit can sense if you are one of the same. Where do you think the saying Kindred Spirit came from?]]

[center [b Uhh not how it came to be in my world. Rex thought to himself than he began to think and wonder how terms here weren't too different from the one he was from. "Magic" "Dragon" sure it had differences but similar all the same. How could that be? Sure when it happened in anime the main character glossed right over it. This is real life so how? Could it be part of the Ancients being part of another world? Or maybe... Emotions from one realm affected ideas in another? What if... The witch created the world while having the world she adored on the brain? She took what we made fantasy and took that idea into a world. For that though this world would be pretty new right? No it's old Rex could tell perhaps time flowed differently here. One day in his world could mean years already passed here right? It was a lot to wrap his brain around.]]

[center [+orange If feelings matter... I think... Knight's Gate would be a good fit. However I am too curious on the Arcana gate I know I shouldn't be risky with my life if I die the Witch does too yes?]]

[center [+darkblue I.. Yes]]

[center [i Oh boy oh boy, Rex you don't want to be coddled yes? Well if that is the case than no. If you were to die the Witch could call forth a new familiar granted her magic is fully gone if she stayed in her grove long enough and recovered even a fraction of magical energy. All she'd have to do is select someone from the village and a new familiar could be summoned though it could be almost a century for her to wait. She had only wanted to make sure you treasured the life you held so you'd live to protect her.]]

[center [+orange Well... I will okay? Still I have to be strong and I figured Spirit Arc's are my all or nothing right? W-W-Well...]]

[center [+darkblue What did I say about speaking up? Lucky for you my first gate ever to learn in is Gate Arcana. I warn you the cost are high a grade one Spirit Arc on average can take two Arcana. The case here? Might not exactly be the same. Even four Arcana for a more simple Arc you might not even have the power to wield them.]]

[center [+orange I.. I still.. W-Want to try... Measure me up?]]

[center [b Angel sighed as she waved her arms around a magical energy seeping to her hands.]]

[center [+darkblue Sealing Gate Reverse Seal Arc reveal.]]

[center [b She took a moment as she punched her hands into Rex's chest as it pushed him to the ground as he coughed a bit and Angel smiled as a number appeared on her arm.]]

[center [+darkblue Six Arcana not half bad it's kinda rare but I'm disappointed I thought becoming a familiar would increase Arcana. Perhaps it did if so not by much. Still some even start with zero so it's something I suppose Six is pretty good. Not legendary but good all the same.]]

[center [b Rex had sighed a bit disappointed himself but he had always relied on his own two hands before. Arc's weren't something he could heavily rely on at least not for some time. Still the physical improvement of strength speed and stamina and endurance from becoming a familiar should help. He wondered how much stronger he really was now it was strange to think he had a power that in a sense wasn't really his own anymore. It wasn't all from his hard work to gain that kinda power without lifting a finger felt strange. He zoned off as Angel through a book at his face as he sat on the ground. As he rubbed his nose he looked down at the book and looked through. Until he found something nice and direct something perfect for him.]]

[center [+orange This... Void Slash?]]

[center [+darkblue Hmm.. Now do you want to start learning that? The Arc is simple the Spirit converses Arcana into it's truest form launching that energy into a blastwave. It's a simple grade one but a more powerful one in raw power anyhow it isn't too versatile but the area and the elements around won't be a problem. You can learn what physical Arc you'll be learning I warn you that Arc cost about four Arcana if you don't let any spirit rip you off. As you're teacher I will put this rule out there no matter what in any circumstance use an Arc without Arcana the Arcana in our souls? Make us who we are and keep us alive it's not worth it. Okay? Just don't do it got it? Exercising you're Arcana is the best way to increase it straight and simple.]]

[center [i I have to agree, though before you start we should get you an idea a bit more about physical Arc's these are a lot more straight forward. You're built for these if I have to say I've explained they can require strength from separate body parts and immense stamina. The stamina toll is ranked the same way an Arc's power is. Rank one through twelve and grades F to S.]]

[center [b Rex sat up as he began to listen to Henry's explain sword Arc's. As his newly found orange eyes had a tint of passion in them this was what he was waiting for.]]
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[center [h3 Village Brew]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b As the Witch grabbed at his arm he gulped as she giggled pulling him into the village. As drums and flutes began to play all around with a group of vocalist singing.. What didn't feel like any words. A strange and mystical tune what was that? Some of those noises seemed strange...]]

[center [font macondo Spirit Calling, it's when those sing and dance with the spirits. With Angel around as our Spirit Sage she tries to please the Spirits around here so when she calls upon them she can build a foundation with them. Talented Spirit Arcanist can form incantations with random spirits effortlessly.]]

[center [b Rex had nodded as he began to think, she expected him to learn Spirit Arc's as well? Really? It didn't seem up his route at all how could he be expected to learn those? Academics in his own world wasn't even a strong suit for him and yet?]]

[center [font macondo Hey please don't focus on that hun, just focus on having fun okay? If need be we can postpone training till tomorrow. I just want to get to know you first.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Her voice seemed rather sweet if not a slight tint of seductive but sweet all the same. Rex had felt his heart begun to race, was it that charm spell? No this had felt more... Natural she was awfully cute. As he stared for a moment he looked away he had never had a woman cling on to him. He didn't know how to respond he was at a loss for words as she took him to a rather large house? No it looked like a store as she closed her eyes leaning against him breathing a bit harder than usual. As he grabbed her shoulders to catch her he had asked with his cheeks bursting red.]]

[center [+orange A-Are you okay?]]

[center [font macondo You're as sweet in person as you were when I saw you.]]

[center [b She had smiled tilting her head as she gave a slight nod as she held at her head.]]

[center [font macondo I'll be okay I'm afraid that my magic is starting to leave my body. Once it does completely even at that lair I won't have an ounce of magical energy. It just is a little stifling to be brought down to a mortal girls body. That's why I have my big strong knight with me right?]]

[center [b She said teasingly as Rex chuckled rolling his eyes. She was so goofy but it made him lower his guard more and more. He barely knew this girl and yet she was counting on him even giving up her god-hood. She didn't seem like she was lying, about being okay nor did her trust in Rex feel very fake. Had watching him made her truly trust him so? He never did anything to deserve such praise from her and the village.]]

[center [font macondo One moment dear, see I have to get a change of clothes in here. As for money I'm afraid we'll need to start fairly broke but I know where we can get work in the next town. I know you aren't a fan of that word and don't worry I promise it won't suck okay?]]

[center [b She tapped his nose almost as if asking a dog to wait for his master. Though her smile seemed sincere all the same and it made Rex rather happy. He felt embarrassed she knew how lazy he was when it came to getting a job. He didn't think it'd suck he knew that she was aware of his skills. That'd work would be something more exciting a way to test out his new power and to grow. He wasn't sure what his goal was yet as her familiar maybe to help bring her village money? Reputation? For people to stop scorning them as cultist? He was surprised and relieved to see she didn't know exactly what he was thinking. She underestimated how aware he would be of work not being so boring. She had to reassure him just in case it made her seem more... Human not so all knowing. That thought put him at ease she was more like a normal girl than he would ever expect a witch or a goddess to be.]]

[center [b As thirty minutes passed with Rex standing in front of the store people had passed by waving and even stopping to keep Rex company as he explained the situation. It was strange how much they cared about him being bored or hungry or thirsty he was glad to have them. He owed these people and most of all he felt a debt of gratitude to his new "goddess" for bringing him here. He felt like she had saved him more than he could ever her. It was clear to him that he was okay with his purpose to be her shield she gave his life excitement and meaning.]]

[center [b With that she had finally exited the store wearing a whole set of attire. Her eyes had even dimmed from the bright purple any tints of purple in hair gone completely black. Her eyes a darker brown a reddish color even.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+orange G-Goddess... I-Is that you..?]]

[center [b She had closed one eye with a wink as she placed a hand on her shoulder and gave a smile of reassurance. Oh with that flirty smile? Of course it was her.]]

[center [font macondo Goddess huh? Well I did say call me anything didn't I? It's a little flattering but it doesn't sound too modest of me huh? How about an Alias for when we travel together, think of a name for me okay? Maybe our story could be a couple of newly weds how's that sound? As for my appearance, I'm afraid this is how I appear as a mortal without my magical energy. Do I seem rather bland now?]]

[center [b She pouted as she twirled the ends of her hair looking away as he shook his head. No if anything she looked even cuter this way it was hard for Rex to pull his head away. Wait... Married couple? Well logically it made a good story but still she had to have just found it fun to tease him. Rex again found himself beet red as he scoured his eyes somewhere else.]]

[center [font macondo You are so obvious it's adorable! Hahaha, I have to say you are the first man to look at me as a woman and not either a monster or goddess. It is quiet refreshing if not a bit embarrassing.]]

[center [b She put a hand in front of her lips as she giggled and began to laugh until she snorted a bit. As she covered her face in horror and shock as she teared up rather embarrassed. Rex had blinked it wasn't long as he began to burst into laughter. For how refined and elegant she tries to act that snort was so dorky. It was to Rex the cutest thing yet it didn't change how funny and sudden it all was.]]

[center [font macondo H-Hey don't laugh! I'm not used to all these new functions okay.. Elegance is something I never really had to think about. Being a deity kinda keeps all that in check for you.]]

[center [+orange Oh I'm sorry my goddess of the snorts must I kneel now to show penance?]]

[center [b She blinked looking at him as she tilted her head a bit confused. Oh no was he being too weird? That's what happened when he said something straight forward like that. He makes a joke or finally stops stuttering and he freaks her out. Though she herself began to giggle as she playfully hit him in the arm with a kind smile.]]

[center [font macondo Awe you suck, hehe I'd be lying if I said I didn't like this side of you too. I know you and Arthur made jokes like that all the time. I thought it'd take a little longer before you considered me a friend like that. I'm glad, to be frank I think you are my first real friend outside of this village. Well I suppose I was friends with a deity if that counts but it didn't feel... Like this. You wanna go on a boat ride with me?]]

[center [b She asked as she grabbed his hand as he smiled softly and nodded. She had blushed with a brimming smile as she pulled him toward the row boats with eager smiles ready to escort their goddess. It'd just be around the village but still it was nice to sit down. The moisture in the air felt rather nice as the two sat down. The ferryman gave a smile.]]

[center Good morning milady]

[center [b Like that they were off a cold moist breeze against Rex's face as his heart began to soar. This village was so fresh and new to him it was an adventure all on it's own this peaceful little village. He had saw a few houses being rebuilt as the ferryman asked.]]

[center Aren't you Rex the fellow who took down that Golem? Sent him packing did ya? Well I'm mighty thankful I think all of Brew is.]

[center [+orange Aren't Brew.. The name of those... Beast?]]

[center [font macondo Sure! Though I had control of the Brew at one time before my magic was sealed. For that time they protected this village the Witches Brew the world called them and in disdain they called this place Brew. As to be my "cauldron" of sorts but the village decided to take up the name to show they didn't care what the outside world thought. Beast many generations ago were much more powerful the ones that still exist are called Ancients due to this fact. In individual power they outclassed even my Brew the Deity's had Guardian Beast or Familiar to protect the people. Blessed Gear along with the gift of Rune's and talent of Arc's. They ancients even preyed upon spirits so Spirit Arc's were a way for them to work together against that threat. Even lord Arthur fought these beast as Grace's champion one of the twelve kingdoms. He was the most powerful knight of the realm and a hero only rivaled by the White Swordsman Rex Rider. Both directly taught from a deity to wield these Arc's though Rex Rider was not ageless like Arthur he passed the name and his talents down from generation to generation. The man you've swapped places with he and Arthur despite having differences banded together from time to time. I broke the sacred rule came to this world both to aid and to fulfill an agenda of mine I admit. I made the Brew to protect my little village since we couldn't form a kingdom with what little support we had. That did a lot of good huh?]]

[center [b She looked down at the water with a somber look in her face in those eyes as she laid her head on Rex's shoulder. His cheeks pinkish red as his face showed worry she had been through a lot hadn't she? This Arthur sounded like a great man with a huge misunderstanding. She seemed kind and delicate she had made the beast to simply help her people. The man had even nodded with her story as he continued to row these people knew they wouldn't be here today if not for her. Though she didn't seem too proud of that fact if anything she seemed like all she did was fail them. To see a Brew kill people here? To destroy? Had to be a punch in the stomach.]]

[center [+orange W-Well.. I think it did the Ancients aren't much a problem now right? It wasn't you're fault that you lost control Arthur was just afraid and h-h-he made.. A-A poor mistake r-right? I-I-If the deities made t-this world.. Than how come Ancients d-d-defy them?]]

[center [font macondo Simple, they aren't from this world.]]

[center [b A chill went up Rex's spine as he shook his head these beast came from another world? Besides here? Besides his own? This was a lot to take in.]]

[center Don't worry their gone now though people just have to watch out for monsters and the Brew. Still not many people know the truth about the Ancients. Besides this village of course, it was our goddess and the Aria who created Fyuria after all.]

[center [font macondo Enough talk of things long past, let's focus on the here and now shall we? So Rex is this you're first date?]]

[center [+orange D-D-Date?! This... Is... A Date? I-I...]]

[center [font macondo Of course it is goofball! What would you call it?]]

[center [b A girl who is way too perfect to be treating me like this? Is what he wanted to say but instead he found himself stammering as she clung on to him with a cheeky grin.]]

[center [+orange Ha, you're the goofball you could have any guy here. Y-You're crazy for grabbing me.]]

[center [font macondo Rex, I've made a lot of mistakes in the past more than any women man or child even. You however are not one of them that I promise. So don't be down on yourself! Can I ask a few questions Rex? Like how are you feeling? What was it like fighting a real life Golem? I know to you it's a crazy idea of fantasy, why'd you do it? Just because I watched you a lot doesn't mean I know everything about you. I couldn't read you're mind and it was obvious you didn't talk much so I never knew how things affected you before.]]

[center [b "How they affected me?" Rex thought, they crushed me everything about the world before broke him down. Sure he was quiet and kept to himself and kept training and watching anime away. He forsook his studies one could say he was lazy and laid back like Arthur but that wasn't it. Not entirely no he had given up he didn't care anymore.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [+orange I-I.. C-Can I be honest...?]]

[center [font macondo That's all I ever want from you, I promise never to lie to you. You have to do the same okay? We are a team now all right?]]

[center [b She said as he took a deep breath. He didn't want to sound cocky or even crazy but he decided to be honest all the same.]]

[center [+orange I.. Wasn't afraid... Sure it g-g-gave me a chill.. It was creepy but my blood... It wouldn't stop pumping I'd accuse someone of a spell but I was always.. L-Like this.. I only ever felt alive in... Conflicts like that. Though this was something new it was so out of my league there was no way I could face that thing. Yet everyone needed me, I did it because before I felt I never did a damn thing. I felt worthless and utterly useless in the world before. These people had given me what years of therapy and medication couldn't before. Comfort and happiness that isn't to say Arthur wasn't a good friend. He and my mom are what honestly kept me around grounded. I always felt.. I held them back this was a way to pay people who helped me back. Even if I died if I could save even one person that's why I did it. I guess because at the end of the day I wanted to childishly play hero. Goddess, I'm going to be honest.. A-And... It isn't easy. Keep in mind.. I owe you and that I am grateful that pulling me here? You've saved my life and given me so much happiness. Even if you are using me or manipulating me for some grand scheme I can't say I care. You've given me purpose beyond what I could ever hope. I know t-this could seem like a ploy to lower you're guard tell me the truth. Regardless even if I'm in the dark, I've decided to serve you no matter what. No point in hiding that fact I'm here for you not because you are a goddess but because of what you've done for me. Because... As bold as it is to say... You're my friend even if I am just a tool.]]

[center [b Rex felt his chest pound as he looked away he wasn't good at this. It was very emotionally draining to talk so much and to put so much effort to not stuttering. He even had to slow down so he wouldn't stutter he got so shy and sweaty and uncomfortable. He began to fidget a bit awkwardly as he looked at her with a wide gaze of shock as tears fell down her face with a smile.]]

[center [font macondo Dummy, you never told me if you were fine. I think we'll be great friends it's embarrassing to already say we are huh? We've known each other such a small amount of time. I've watched you for ages and you already feel so indebted to me. You are more than my sword and shield you aren't a means to an end. I admit I need you but I still see you as a person. Seeing how lost and frail you were like an adorable little puppy.. I've always wanted to guide you. I can't explain it but that is what I've yearned for. Such innocent and yet such sadness such pain. You never deserved any of that, I adore the world you came from but I don't adore what it has done to you.]]

[center [b Adore the world? Really? What could she love about his world? It was completely garbage and he hated it with every fiber of his being. Minus Arthur and his mother of course but her saying she wasn't glad how it broke him. How she wanted to guide him? On was he okay? He felt his heart pounding ever harder as a smile began to sneak up on his lips as he put a hand on his chest. As she grabbed his spare hand as he let out a soft smile]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+orange I am far beyond okay.]]

[center [b She had let a smile as the boat ride stopped dropping the two off as Henry and Angel came over Henry wearing a grin. They must have been following the two Rex supposed his first date couldn't last forever now could it? He had work to do right?]]

[center [font macondo Awe, dutiful as always that one I'm sure Angel dragged him along. Well Rex you can tell them you aren't exactly ready to head right back into work if you want.]]

[center [b He shook his head and smiled at her. No he was ready for this sure he wanted to spend more time with her. He was also however eager to learn his new body this new world he had to if he was going to protect her. He couldn't count on someone to save him every time he got hurt badly. She had giggled and leaned over squishing the short male into a tight hug. He had blinked blushing giving her a weird awkward half hug with one arm as she gave a wave walking off with a brimming smile.]]

[center [font macondo I'll be at Charles and Estelle's place we leave tomorrow okay? Don't worry a familiar can learn his first two Arc's easier than most can even beast do by instinct alone. It's after that they'll grow increasingly difficult I'll leave the rest to Angel and Henry have fun Rex.]]

[center [b He gave a nod as he looked at the other two, so that was his first date huh? Sweet and short maybe even a bit rushed but for Rex? It was perfect no doubt.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm r-ready!]]
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[center [h3 No Place Like Home?]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b As Rex left the rather calming room to traverse the hell hole this Witch had called home. She had reached and grabbed at his arm tracing her fingers up his arm as he gulped turning away. Why was she being so kind? Was it part of bonding with her familiar? Rex felt a surge of energy and excitement hit his body. He felt rather light and full of energy he started to jitter a bit overflowing with energy he couldn't explain. His vest felt tighter than usual but not restrictive at once.]]

[center [font macondo Strut your stuff it's all part of the process after all. I can feel you shake you're bursting to go off aren't you?]]

[center [b He fought the urge he hadn't wanted to embarrass himself but she had grabbed at his back smiling. Hopping on to him for a ride herself was this part of his duty? Regardless he hadn't minded one bit she had felt soft and warm as he took a deep breath. He looked forward and began to sprint faster than he ever had before she even hadn't felt too heavy. If he had to say he felt a couple times stronger two... Maybe even three times stronger. She felt like a feather! None of his gear increased his base physical prowess right? Not his strength anyway besides grip strength anyhow. With his shoes feeling tighter and his leg's feeling lighter he felt his familiar powers and his sneakers did much for his speed. The energy? Stamina? Part of the contract for sure no doubt she really set him up for success but for what? Why?]]

[center [b As her black locks fell across his neck she laid her head on his back. As she held on tightly he began to run through the area as he jumped high into the air toward a tree branch. He wasn't sure what gave him the idea launching around four or five feet. He stumbled a bit almost falling as he gained his balanced. Before jumping to another branch catching his hand on the branch. His grip hold was tight beyond belief it wasn't even hard to grasp the catch as he swung landing down on the ground. As the woman on his back let a fit of giggles he began to bolt down as she pointed and led where to go. He hadn't realized he really didn't know where to go but luckily she did a good job of steering her trusty steed. He felt he wasn't growing too tired he still hasn't mastered the use of his rune or gear?]]

[center [+orange How do I learn to m-master this gear? T-T-This Rune..? Wait..]]

[center [b He stopped in his tracks before as the hell hole behind felt what was a mile away. As he began to pant a bit he hadn't realized how far he went so quickly he pushed himself fast. It was easier to use this massive amount of energy with the things he was capable of now. What was he capable of now? No that wasn't why he stopped he hadn't asked one obvious question.]]

[center [+orange W-W-What is... What is... Y-You're... You're.... N-Na.. Na..]]

[center [font macondo Don't worry on that, call me whatever your heart desires. I haven't had a name I could remember in thousands of years beside that of the Witch or Goddess. For you however? Sweetie or cutie or master whatever you wish to call me.]]

[center [b What? What kinda answer was that? He thought as he went through the dark forest seeing a light near the end of the crowded trail. The bushes were thick and in the way as he pushed his way through. He couldn't call her goddess right? Master? Maybe... Surely not Witch but she hardly considered that an insult it seemed.]]

[center [b As they begin to come out of the exit she had leaned it to his ear to whisper.]]

[center [font macondo You worry of what's outside but not what is within.]]

[center [b An answer to his question of to master these things? She had reached into his chest... His heart? No over the mark on his chest of course why did he expect something so sappy and cliche? Not that he would have minded a rather Otaku answer like that. Power of the heart the good guys always win those stories never bored Rex. He knew they could appear boring but he didn't care. Over his mark huh? So does that mean his Familiar powers would need to be mastered as well? Wait... Why did he want to master them what was the point? What was the point of exercising before? Watching video after video of how to grow in grip strength. Arm strength he ignored muscles that were not needed whatever was effective. To jump high hit hard even to micro fracture his bones very carefully again and again to have them grow stronger. His bones were as hard as rock he had learned that from many Muay Thai kick boxer readings. How they could kick wood apart because of their strong bones and thick calves even if they weren't huge or rather "buff". A crude word that Rex didn't enjoy he even gained more muscle than he would have liked but whatever he needed to play the fantasy of being a warrior. Yet no matter how strong he got it was never enough it was never ever enough. This spirit of self improvement if only it revolved around his education his social skills. Or even his faith he would have not hated his world so. In fact he may have even came back home who knows?]]

[center [b He found the answer he was looking for it wasn't a fantasy here and now he could become that warrior. To fulfill that dream he didn't want to settle for dying a worthy death. Not now that the first woman to care for him that her life was now tied to his. He had to become stronger to repay her and to live a long eternity here. Age no longer being a factor... His heart began to race this couldn't be real? He felt the same. Though he could still be killed obviously or she wouldn't need to prepare him. As he pondered these thoughts and let the things she had told him sink in.]]

[center [b He saw everyone back at the village waving at him. As even in the woman in the cloak finally raised her head in seeing the woman behind him. Removing her cloak and waving frantically so casual toward their goddess was she lying? Was she no goddess? No the Magic he saw was real right? Though as they waved they had went to bow for her as Rex saw a clear look at the woman called... Angel? That cloaked one yes.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Of course she ended being... Adorable figures right? The woman on his back couldn't help but chuckle as Rex noticed the Angel.]]

[center [font macondo She's cute huh? Can't blame you for noticing right?]]

[center [b Rex blushed as they came closer to the crowd as they held a banner and screaming welcome back. They were all there Rex couldn't help but smile as he put their goddess on her feet she landed rather gracefully with her arms raised. As she gave a soft little hop and whipped her hair around as she attempted to get it out of her face.]]

[center [pic]

[center [b At that Will had come over the burly blacksmith as he came over patting Rex on the back as his wife and kids came over. His wife had hugged Rex as tears flowed from her face as she thanked him again and again.]]

[center We cannot ever thank you enough my boy me and my wife are forever grateful to ya]

[center [+orange Ann... W-Will..]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b She pulled away and smiled as the simple woman ran beside her husbands side smiling. They were a sweet rather... Normal couple to expect in a land where the era seemed as it was. This wasn't an olden era however Rex had to remember this was another Realm. These weren't generic RPG characters the blacksmith and the wife. These were... Real people with real gratitude not at some avatar on a screen but to him. That idea though not as mystical as some things to Rex was mind blowing.]]

[center [b He smiled as he gave the two hug letting tears stream down his own face. He felt the magic had worn down this openness now was Rex and Rex alone he was so glad he did something... Worthy of making others proud of him.]]

[center You did us good my boy the goddess was right about you. She must feel safe to visit here so soon after an attack. Though don't let me keep you lad Charles and the others are eager to see you too. Angel is pretty eager to meet you too I think she and Henry are eager to train you in some Arcs to help you relearn a few things Hero.]

[center [b Oh that was right they hadn't known the truth perhaps it'd be a little much to bear. It made sense for the goddess to not over complicate things. Only that he was a chosen warrior.. Familiar for her.]]

[center [b Though as Rex wandered over Angel had came over looking at him as she circled him inspecting him. Her eyes shared two separate colors she was known as the Spirit sage who knew what whacky story was behind that right? Though as she stood in front of him she was rather short even to Rex's five foot six stature he was a short male. He and Arthur shared that trait but Arthur was two inches taller at least he was just average despite he had FELT short. This world had not changed his height but was that even possible? Was it a thing of chance? Who knew this woman however stood at around four feet eleven at most five feet she was rather short it was really cute. Though her look seemed vicious she had reached out to his shirt yanking it up.]]

[center [+orange A-Aah!!]]

[center [font macondo Haha oh my, Angel you could have asked if he was my familiar.]]

[center [b Angel looked at the mark on his chest as she placed a hand over it's mark. As she sighed and Rex pulled back covering his chest rather embarrassed as a few others laughed along with Charles and Estelle. Angel looked up at Rex and began to speak in a forward matter of factly tone.]]

[center [+darkblue I always thought that one day I would inherit that rite. I had... Trained... Years for that and yet you defeated that Golem? Without blessed gear? A Rune? Arcs? How... How did you do it?!]]

[center [+orange I-I just got lucky... I-I-I'd be dead if not for you guys...]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+#265e64 Come now Angel let's not attack the poor kid. Or maybe I should call you Sir Rex you are a true swordsman no doubt but our goddess has told us you haven't remembered. Despite your bold claims you didn't have an Arc to use no Rune. Not any Blessed gear to call upon and that you're condition is permanent I'm sorry... You're family you're frie--]]

[center [+orange C-Charles... You guys a-a-are.. Are my family.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [#6996c3 Damn straight we are! Henry and Angel might get you today with our goddess but you're eating dinner here tonight.]]

[center [b Estelle had said as she bonked Rex over the head despite how pretty she was. Rex couldn't chuckle almost as if she was a second mother despite barely knowing her she most of been the village mom with a personality like that wonder how Charles fell for her. Mommy kinks alert? Rex chuckled again to himself as he felt a stern hand on his shoulder as Estelle started to lecture him on dangerous behavior he felt someone poke him from behind.]]

[center [i Boo]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Rex backed up surprised but of course it was just Henry as he gave a hello. With a simple wave as the Witch herself came over clinging again to Rex's arm it was hard to tell if he was he held on to like a man? Or a dog at her command and strangely? Rex wasn't sure if he cared either way. He was always the type to follow anyhow.]]

[center [font macondo I'm sorry loves but my adorable little pet and I have to leave tomorrow. So tonight will be his last night here we only have enough time to teach him a single sword and spirit Arc. Though Henry and Angel I'll need you're research materials. Lady Ann has already helped composed them into books yes? He can study those while we go abroad.]]

[center [b Study? That didn't sound fun if anything Rex felt he'd rather wing it than study. He wasn't eager to admit he was a knuckle headed moron- Wait he was going to learn Sword and Spirit Arcs?! Spirit seemed even more revolved around the mind could he? Could he learn those? The Sword Arcs sounded cool but the Spirit Arcs had him a bit worried.]]

[center [+orange S-Spirit Arc...?]]

[center [b Angel shrugged as she stopped pouting and came right over looking at Rex as she crossed her arms.]]

[center [+darkblue No doubt you have iron will of a tempest beast either that you're as crazy as a wild boar. Either way not many folk learn both most find a sub genre or two in one of these types and learn these. Me and Henry maybe Sages here but we only three sub genre's ourselves when their are hundreds of them. Just because one is of mind and other of body their are several traits of the body. Some sub genre's may require strong will. Strong legs strong tolerance for pain plenty of stamina healthy set of lungs. The traits of mind list even further down though the body is to not be underestimated it's depth. You seem a bit... Dull minded.]]

[center [i Now now, Charles already said to cut our hero a break he did save us after all. I'm sure he used Spirit Arc's before he is a Hero after all. It's a shame the Chief wasn't here to congratulate you though that does leave the spot open now. Goddess is that okay with you?]]

[center [font macondo Do not children, I am sure you do not need a chief you are strong like minded people. Also I have faith in my familiar Angel I require you do too sweetheart.]]

[center [b With that Angel had crossed her arms and pouted before sighing and shaking her head with a bow.]]

[center [+darkblue Yes you're divine grace!]]

[center [font macondo Now before the training this evening Rex owes me the day. I'd love to spend some quality time with him and the rest of you before we set off. Do not worry the brew here have dispersed since the Golem fled this entire place they are few in number due to Rex's bravery. Let us celebrate rejoice! Come everyone!]]

[center [b She hollered playfully as many people began to swarm her. Asking question after question as the children too pulled at her dress. As dark and eerie she appeared they seemed comfortable around her. Though as that ruckus died down the people left to go help run the next festival. These people loved to party didn't they? It wasn't long before his master had grabbed his hand and gave him a usual devious smirk. It was something he was growing used to by this point. As Charles and the gang came along to hang out with them. This was a chance for him to learn about this woman... Though it seemed she too wanted to learn more of her Familiar. Even if she had watched him before the idea both terrified and flattered Rex. Figures the boys very first date would be a Witch that almost everyone in the land feared. Yet she was the girl Rex felt least afraid of strange how that worked wasn't it? Well all or nothing this battle may prove to be a lot scarier than with the Golem. Already he found it was hard to take his gaze off of his rather beautiful "opponent" as she offered a gleaming smile his cheeks turned red. Already was this battle.. Not in his favor.]]
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[center [h3 Warrior]]

[center [b But even so even if he could find peace in this and solace and even though he hadn't felt a fear in his heart. A fear of death and yet despite that base need of fear to have a will to survive. He could feel a fire burning his chest into those newfound orange eyes of his. A fire that rot into his very soul Arc's or not he would make his stand. He would not go quietly into the night not without giving a fight at least.]]

[center [+orange All right ugly I'm not going down alone all right? Ya hear me?!]]

[center [b Big words from him could he really back this up? Surely not he was just a man regardless of how hard he pushed his body each and every day. Losing himself in his physical self improvement alongside his other hobbies was all he was good at. It was all he was good for and in the end that strength did him no good. He couldn't overcome a damn thing he's hurt others several times but yet... When it comes to saving someone what? What good could he do? It was easy to say the situation wasn't fair and maybe he'd be right too. Than again life being unfair? Was sort've his whole excuse and he's been using it far too long. Here and now he would face his own weakness and his own shortcomings the best way he knew how to. In a physical representation for him this battle was the struggle he had been facing for all this time. With that Rex found his body moving on it's own as his feet raced through the cold hard ground. Mud sputtering upward from his stomping charge as his white sneakers found themselves covered in a dark brown substance. As the Golem swung it's massive arm Rex slide down legs first with his elbow sliding through the mud and dirt. As the club swung right over his body he scrambled himself back up in a clumsy fashion as he charged at the beast slashing at it's legs frantically and desperately. As the beast jerked it's leg forward slamming Rex several feet back as it he crawled through the mud bleeding racked in pain. He held tight to his blade as the beast picked Rex up in it's hand as it began to crush his body.]]

[center [+orange Aghh!]]

[center [b He grunted and let a brief shout in pain escape his lips as he tried to push the fingers apart but to no avail. As he began to control his pain his body however was not sharing the same sentiment. Even if Rex's mind could withstand this his body would and will not as he began to cough and vomit blood. He always believed to be a pretty sturdy boy he's always been reckless ignored injuries that required stitches most of his life. He was covered in scars to show how reckless he was people thought he was some miscreant some thug. The only time a girl noticed him in fact was mistaking him for some horribly generic bad boy but he? He was anything but he wasn't bad or tough not where it counted no in reality he was just running away. As he considered letting go he realized... That was another way to just run away to just give up he had to fight as long as he had strength in his body left. As he lifted his sword up he placed his legs to push the hand apart slightly but to no avail. It only eased the grasp but a tiny tiny fraction and only so because of his enormous physical strength. As he flailed his sword around he had decided to throw it at the beast second eye as the blade stabbed in it's eye it through Rex through the air as his body crashed into a burning building. As the beast held it's face and pulled the blade out both of it's eyes now ruptured it stumbled through the ground as it finally found it's balance before running off. It's eyes already beginning to heal to a degree it had some some shape or form of sight even if obviously limited.]]

[center [b What power to take so many grievous and to run off as if was just a bad paper cut. To heal like it's just a nuisance? It'd heal up and fight again and again until a hero someone with REAL power could stop it. Instead of just... Just a boy these thoughts filled his heart even as he crashed through the wood of the house falling from floor to floor crashing through till he hit the bottom. His arms felt numb his legs crushed under a pile of wood and his vision growing hazy as he coughed up some blood. As he looked at the window he saw people come from hiding and cheer as the beast ran into the forest. Rex they cried and shouted as the cloaked woman along with Estelle began to water down the burning buildings unaware of which Rex was in. They came back along with armored villagers people that seemed more farmer than fighter returned for him? A stranger? He could yell for them to water this building down with a water like Spirit Arc. Though he felt only blood in lungs and his throat he let out a soft laugh that turned into a dire coughing fit of blood and spit. He felt cold and warm all at once the pain unbearable he had never been so hurt in his life. He'd had a few times in the ER but nothing like this. He had never seen so much blood in his life it was a bit unnerving but it wouldn't last. Was he.. Finally scared? Nah it's okay, he thought to himself. "I got a small taste of heaven before the real thing" he got to be a hero. Sure he had only drove it all and yet he felt pride in his chest despite at deaths door. Yet he couldn't help but feel how weak he was in both body and mind wasn't he stronger than this? All those hours of practice and exercise? This was the extent of what he could do? This.. Was his power?]]

[center [b As Darkness glazed over the boys eyes as they fell flat despite remaining wide open sight was something that was now beyond him. As he laid still looking like a corpse already despite feeling a bit down about the whole thing. He couldn't help but smile at the same time as he let his eye lids finally fall and his heart rate began to slow and slow until...]]

[center [h3 Dead Man Walking]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [+orange Huh?!]]

[center [b Rex shot up from the ground as he panted heavily his chest pounding as he looked at his body. His arms than his legs as he shot back up the burns and tears on his clothes all restored though they weren't nearly as damaged as he was. His sneakers white as can be and more importantly he was up on his feet already wait his lungs his lips... No blood?]]

[center [b His hands reached to his chest than to his own lips as he let out a breath of hair. Was he... Dead? And with that his head spun around to see a nightmare. A twisted tree like home with red cracks all around it spewing a dark and red light. A bigger gap where this red light escaped showing an entrance to this hell hole of a tree house. House was the last word one would think of this looked more like.]]

[center [+orange Hell..?]]

[center [b Dark and grey ashes fell from the sky as this tune began to ring inside of Rex's head. It was soft and yet... Eerie he knew this noise wasn't of this world that it was locked in his own brain. It wasn't loud or deafening but sure as hell creepy. Is that where he was? Hell? Wasn't he a good man? He was so religious and so certain he'd be in heaven had he done something wrong? A sin that could not be forgiven? A chill ran down his spine would he suffer forever? Was he alive? He had to see looking around for an object to cut himself with. He found his blade still strapped on his waist but how? He lost it in his fight no way this could be and yet...? He pulled the blade out and pulled his long sleeve shirt up with his teeth.]]

[center [font macondo You are very much alive my dear]]

[center [b A voice resounded in his head again and again a feeling an urge that resisted his hand from slashing his arm. He sheathed his blade as sweat began to fall from his forehead. Why? Couldn't fight this urge? He would have to believe that voice. Though it was obviously a woman's voice it also inspired terror and fear in the young mans heart. Yet it brought a morbid curious side from him he wasn't usually like this. Afraid and full of wonder? Two ways he never felt let alone all at once but there he was running in the dark pits of this hell into the red entrance. Though it freaked him out the fires and sounds of creatures unsettling sounds and things he had never heard before. Hushed whispers distorted and sounding almost wicked and before he knew it he came to a door as he opened it. Walking in he found a.. More peaceful place filled with flowers and the walls had posters? Were these from his world?]]

[center [+orange Huh? Anime? What the hell..? What the hell is going on?! Why are these here?]]

[center [b This seemed almost like Rex's perfect dream room it looked really awesome actually! Pretty badass he'd be excited if he wasn't so confused and worry and as he turned around he heard that voice again as the eerie tune ended. A silence followed the air as he saw a woman with a smile wave his way.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [font macondo Hey there handsome! I'm glad to meet you! Though you've been getting that a lot at my little village haven't you sweetie?]]

[center [b Rex blinked and blushed as he felt rather flustered his mind began to race. As thoughts began to invade his mind he was so confused as his lips felt a tingle.]]

[center [b Yeah she was really pretty but was that the first thought that should enter his mind? That voice is the same one who entered his mind she's the one who told him. Who is she? Who was she? Does she live in this hell hole? What was she? Some sort of demon? That attire screamed... Trouble in more ways than one. Her village? What is she talking about? Though he couldn't take his eyes off of her was it because she was so gorgeous? Or because the threat she imposed? Maybe a bit of both she brought a massive flair to his morbid curiosity this silence wasn't natural. What was this? He put a hand on his hip ready to draw his sword in case she sent him bad vibes all over.]]

[center [font macondo Awe how flattering you think I'm gorgeous do you? I should have turned that pesky spell off. I suppose that's why I myself was so forward you see this room lets your thoughts freely escape your lips. Whether you mean to or not let me get that.]]

[center [b And with that she snapped her fingers as the silence now felt more natural he felt his cheeks hot red. Everything he just thought.. He said out loud? Her beauty? His distrust? Finding her a demon? Who she was? Asking about her village? Everything? His intrigue in her both good and bad this was dangerous. She placed her hands over her face as her cheeks would hot red.]]

[center [font macondo Handsome huh? Oh gosh I'm so stupid!]]

[center [b She hid in her hands as she shook her head a bit and her body swayed he had to admit to himself. It was cute he thought to himself as he put his hands up as she started to hide her face away.]]

[center [+orange N-No i-i-it wasn't I m-m-mean... I'm....]]

[center [font macondo The dumb one? Nah it was sweet I'm afraid most mortals only find fear from me.]]

[center [b She said as she found her composure turning around with a devious grin her head tilted. As soon as he let his guard down she does something like that and he's ready to fight all over again. What was this woman's game? She began to circle around him as she decided to dive on to his questions from earlier.]]

[center [font macondo Am I demon? I suppose many call me that as you see I don't use Arc's or Spirits like the humans do. I possess spells or... Magic simply put that's how the world you are from would call them I'm sure a few would know it by the same term here. I am the Witch the master of the Brew which you've of course encountered.]]

[center [b Rex's eyes snapped open as he reached for his blade rushing at her. The Witch? Her vicious brew is what attacked that village? He didn't think even for a second as she raised her hand up as he flew to the air slamming against the wall. The wall looked nice but it felt like steel as she kept her hand up smiling brightly as he tried to fight the invisible force holding him down as he grunted.]]

[center [font macondo You are quiet the warrior a real hero aren't you? Can you let a lady finish though? I mean Arthur always tried to teach you that right?]]

[center [b And with that she let him go with a snap of her fingers a new tune invaded Rex's mind. The way she acted like he was insect spewing his personal past and putting tunes in his mind frustrated him like he was just an ant.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b This tune however he knew it... Any big Otaku listening to music on Youtube knew this sorta thing. He stood up as she gave him a sigh and smile she seemed rather hurt. Perhaps she was trying to be cunning a woman pretending to be hurt to lower his guard. Rex was desperate and stupid but he wasn't that stupid.]]

[center [font macondo That wasn't very nice to attack me all at once I don't actually have control of my Brew as of now. Sure they've been known to be evil for a rather long time but I'm afraid I never really had a good grasp around creating life. A soul is a complex thing no one can control... Even me. As for my village hun I am the one those people call goddess they taught you every person in this land worships separate deity's? They are an outcast village who chooses to worship the witch it's cruel fate one of my brew found them. Also for living here? I suppose I do but I don't really have a choice it's where someone has decided I belong. Those beast on the way in are Brew I've defeated and captured if I can learn from them I can learn how to stop them. Though I am glad the entrance is so menacing it attracts more Brew and keeps people away from these dangerous... Conflicts.]]

[center [b Rex wondered why people away would be good to her? Isn't a witch supposed to be... Well evil? Well not in anime that was for sure most of the time they were good guys. It was a cliche to have misunderstood good guys is that what this was? No this wasn't one of his fantasies and yet... She could kill him now if she wanted to so why not? Despite already attacking her he was a bit shy to ask a few questions but at the same time anger filled his chest. He had to ask her.]]

[center [+orange Than why? Did you not come to that village? S-Save them?! They revere you as a goddess and you let them die? Not a-all of them made it!! Is it because the Golem cancelled Arc's? How the hell did it do that? H-How the hell do you know about Arthur? These posters here too and the Chief why was he so damn afraid of you than? I-I-I'm not that stupid! So what's the real reason you haven't killed m-me?]]

[center [b He lied through his teeth it took a lot of mental effort to ask the right questions. To put her on her toes to make it hard for her to tell a lie he was ready to catch whatever tricks she might throw. Though his face softened as he looked away it was harsh to presume she would kill him if she didn't have a use for him. He wasn't afraid of her killing him but what if he was yelling at a good woman? It'd be hard to forgive himself her voice went from chilling to soothing to calming. This feeling was... Natural unlike the feelings he had at the village before of knowing this world was real or how he opened up a bit. Her voice felt smooth and soft mature kind and wise something mystical like she had been through a lot. Still he decided to be careful as he looked at her waiting for an answer as she sighed softly taking a seat.]]

[center [font macondo I'm sorry talking to humans of any world is difficult for me. Social interaction isn't my strong suit but we share that trait right? I would have saved them if I could have my magic cannot work outside of this place like it once could have. Ironically because of a man hundreds of years ago by the name of Arthur Knight the same name of your friend though they are very different people. He defeated a evil and powerful witch trapping her with a Sealing Arc so her power would only exist in that lair. Sure my objects work outside of here but out of here I am just a woman with a few magical trinkets I would not have made a change. Call me a coward if you wish "hero" aye let me answer some better questions as a reward for beating that big baddie.]]

[center [b She twirled around Rex as she ruffled at his hair with a soft chuckle as he flinched looking at her. She twirled again around the room looking at the posters around the room as she continued to speak.]]

[center [font macondo Your things how you came to them and how you are here now yes? Alive or in this place first of all? Of course how I know about your life before. The room as well and the Golem did cancel Arc's but Magic? He could not Knight's have only faced Golem's in squads or with Blessed Gear which you had nothing of. Nothing just with the strength you had you drove him away you are a real hero aren't you? I don't know how it cancels Arc's to answer your question I do apologize. Also I don't have a reason to kill you if anything I admire the courage and bravery you possess. So how you came here to Fyuria? The name you lost and gained the change in appearance those special objects you gained the way you've felt being here. The way you got here? I suppose it's a simple cliche but I brought you here.]]

[center [b She stretched turning around as she held her hands behind her back tilting her head.]]

[center [font My cursed objects have really limited use and my eye didn't have much time left. It can be used to find things I need like your internet but more effective if I may impose that idea. It looks in even other realms so I watched you for some time a few short years along with your friend. You two were candidates for me to bring with my Reactor Portal. I could only bring one of you and this may sound cruel but a man with no fear of death? A warriors spirit? A man lacking purpose and cursing his word while admiring worlds in fantasy much like my own? I found we could come to an agreement or a trade if you would become my Familiar I need you like it or not. You learn rather fast too right because of the entertainment you enjoy? I've seen of it I think I enjoyed it too in fact I'd say you lot know how to have more fun than Fyuria. So I took the liberty of recreating a lot of these things but sadly they can only exist here at my lair due to my magic.]]

[center [b With that a couch had slipped up as the tune left his head another door opening as a television on top of a table top began to play another song.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [font macondo I like that picture a... Thumbnail right? The erm.. Anime is it? He's seen as a monster and yet deep down he's just a frail little boy. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Where your from I'm afraid your bravery and talents are at waste. So I'm going to be honest with you okay? Even if that makes you a little angry but the first day you spent there. I managed to cast a spell on you through the portal wasting another charm. It was to put you at ease and this sense of feeling the feeling I chose was to accept this world quickly and the people there. I also instructed the people to be kind to you in which the Chief did not trust my choice he didn't trust you. He had spent so much time outside the village he saw me as the world did a witch. That they were indeed simply my pawns though I did not order them to bring you here. Simply to be kind they begged me to save your life that used the last of my trinkets in a very specific ritual so now I literally have nothing outside of this place. I don't blame you I just want you to understand I cannot help them rebuild but I do care for them.]]

[center [b The fact she was trying to justify herself seemed a little fishy but at the same time. Rex himself got defensive when people accused him like with Vanessa and that whole incident at the show. He had to explain himself he did accuse this girl of a lot. Why be so defensive? What could he really do to her? She patted the seat next to her own urging for him to have a seat and that he did. A few feet from her mostly because of his shy nature. Though she scooted closer to him with a friendly smile.]]

[center [font macondo I've seen many humans but you are easily the cutest most intriguing little one I've ever seen. Do I make you uneasy?]]

[center [b She smirked coming even closer to him as she wrapped her arm around his own as he gulped pulling away softly. His chest pounding it wasn't he hadn't enjoyed it he did far more than he should have. Evil witch or not she was still a stranger wait...]]

[center [+orange Wait.. A f-feeling? W-W-Was this... F-Fake..? What happened to my name speaking of which?! These things too! Why did this A-Arthur trap you?]]

[center [font macondo As for your feelings don't worry that pretty little head hero. It was just to let your thoughts and heart speak toward others more directly to not restrict yourself I wanted you to enjoy being here. While on that subject I'm sorry you got so hurt I was shocked on how brave you were. I knew the Golem was close but I thought I had time to prepare you. You still saved my people and for that I am grateful beyond words Rex. As for your name the laws of changing the balance of this world and another requires a way or form of fixing that balance. I have shown a man by that name Rex Rider the world you hail a world he felt fit his own talents better. He has lost his name and now wanders that realm with your name. I looked for a man that shared your name but alas I only found one crazy enough for this journey. Though I can tell you the name you had your mind won't remember that as your name forever. You may have remembered it for an instance here or there but soon it will be lost forever. As for your things? Well only the Chief knew you would be from a world not of our own I wanted the others to see reason to believe in me. More so I wanted to prepare you how I came to these is a long story. Perhaps my people's donations helped serve in gathering those you could say. As for Arthur? That's a lot of personal history I think we should save that for when I get to know you huh? Besides I have something more important to tell you here stand up for me okay?]]

[center [b Rex was enjoying the music in the room as he had his seat however comfortable he was he listened to her. It was cool that she knew of all these things she knew more of his hobbies than anyone he ever met. Arthur aside of course but as he stood up she placed her hands on his face as her face grew rather stern as he tilted his head his face turning red.]]

[center [font macondo I need to teach you about blessed gear it's usually equipment imbued with Spirit Arc to increase certain attributes. You can relate right? You've played a lot of these games with concepts very alike which makes you even more perfect for this. It takes a long time to make this the Vest you wear is made to protect the wearer. Those shoes to increase your speed the gloves to help your grip strength. That gauntlet also doubles for a Rune it isn't easily broken your blade too being fairly sharp as well as unbreakable. A seal too to show the great hero you've become the necklace and jeans help casting Arts to be a easier process. To do all the hard thinking and training for you it simply draws on your own energy and stamina for these Arcs. I can teach you a few but here's the thing... That Rune and blessed gear haven't been activated. It also requires these Spirit Arc enchanted clothing,armor,weapons to be left at an altar rotated with powerful priest to be blessed by the gods. These deities must understand the reason it is being made and agree the cause is just for them to agree to bless them. Thus why it is blessed gear that part for me wasn't too hard I just needed expensive material and our two Spirit Arc casters to enchant them. As for the sealed blade? That's the more complicated part still it requiring divine magic makes them rather sought after and sold often in the black market. People will attack you if they know you wear these but when I activate them they won't be at their full potential you will have to learn how to wield these things. No in the village can help you in that regard they use Arc's for short burst of speed and power. As for the Rune it is something academics have created without these a human being cannot hope to use the power of a Arc which comes either from the elements around and within like a Sword Arc. Or to require mystical spirts for a Spirit Arc much closer to that of a spell like I myself wield or divine magic though not nearly as powerful. The Rune you possess is balanced in casting either Spirit or Sword Arc a jack of all trades you may say. A rare and powerful one it is average in every area no strength's no weakness's. I know your a fan of knowing a worlds rules before conquering right? At least in the virtual world if I treat this like a game I am sure you'll thrive here. Now... Time for me to ask you a question okay?]]

[center [b She leaned in nose to nose as she pulled her hands away as he gulped chocking on his words as he blinked as he nodded. He took a step back holding onto his arm as she placed her hand over her face with a sly chuckle. Though it was rather endearing at the same time like a sister chuckling at her younger brother and yet...]]

[center [font macondo Good, good! I don't have much time to really ask this. See for this spell to work both people transported by an allotted time must want to stay by choice. The other has already agreed to stay in his world. Despite the spell taking his name and rearranging his appearance and his entire life. Now I ask you what do you desire? I must let you know that if you do not go back now it is possible you may never return back again. If you do stay... I want you to stay here with me to take a contract as my Familiar. As my Familiar it will be your job to serve me but magically speaking? Nothing truly binds you to listen to me besides my trust in you. I need you our lives will be intertwined you will never again age. If I die you will and if you die so will I. I think you are the perfect creature to serve as my familiar. Every deity has a champion in this world even if mine alone is called a Familiar. That Champion though has never been a human even for me. Usually a beast such as a Griffon or even a Golem a Dragon creatures you are familiar with right? I think our worlds share common ground in these terms. By becoming my familiar you will gain even more power in what regard? We won't know till the contract has begun I can undergo a rite to dismiss you one day if you so require. A familiar of the witch not something you wanna brag about in Fyuria.]]

[center [b This was sudden he hadn't really known her but it made sense to have a job in this world. He had nowhere to go... The village belonged to this woman right? Wait the village.. Those villagers brought him here he grabbed her shoulders as worry entered his eyes thinking back to them.]]

[center [+orange Charles! Estelle! Ann! Will! Their kids! Henry! The chief? The people! That woman in the cloak a-a-are they okay? Who made it o-out? Did any m-m-more Brew attack?]]

[center [b She grabbed his hands placing them at his side as she held on to them for a moment before letting go as she let out a chuckle.]]

[center [font macondo You are the hero type aren't you? Even if you are as timid as a little black cat. Hmm... their was more minor Brew beast with the Golem but only the Golem had claimed any lives. Four dead but the people you met are fine as for the cloaked woman she is the Spirit Sage Angel her along with Henry Estelle and Charles are my most devout followers. The Chief has however left he was afraid you when you survived you would never leave becoming the hero of the village. You need to decide I cut it a bit short but we have five minutes before the portal takes you back. If you go home you can never return home again consider this well and... To be frank I think you are my last hope. I know I'm just a stranger doubled with a witch but you are my last shot.]]

[center [b Rex had took a step back as he looked at the ground placing a hand over his face. Five minutes? To decide? He would return back where he came from huh? Back at the show? With what? Cops waiting for him? Vincent mad at him? Arthur would probably hate him now too but even if that could be fixed who cares. What did he have back in his world? It was shallow and it was stupid but a beautiful and kind woman needed him here. Her methods were brass but she realizes that and she seems rather sorry for that. He shook his head nodding for a yes.]]

[center [+orange I-I-I'm ready I-I'm h-h-h-here to... To..]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Here to serve? That felt so cringe to say like an over dramatic show. He wasn't good at saying the dramatic or serious things like Arthur was he always got embarrassed with these sort of things he reached his hand out. Would this be signing a paper or maybe a handshake? Blood ritual? Cut his hand maybe? What would she need? And with that she clasped her hand in his as she too nodded with a look of confidence upon the black outfitted witches face. A sense of eerie aura surrounding the two as she leaned in to Rex's face her nose touching his face. Causing a dark spark of lightning between the two as she slammed her lips onto his own. As his eyes widened he felt a shock in his throat and a fire in his belly. As he felt a jolt of pain encompass his body he still at once pulled her arms in as he kissed her back. A devious smirk fell upon her lips as she lavished his lips into a tight embrace.]]

[center [b He fell to his knee's afterwards in pain but in time it came to a close he held on to her hand for support. She came over placing her hands over his face as she smiled.]]

[center [font macondo Thank you for your service Rex Rider. As for your first task take me to the village I wish to get to know you better before I further prepare you Familiar. It is a important part for a deity to bound with the being they take as their champion such why the being must be sentient and self aware. In your world I'm sure they would call this a date yes?]]

[center [b She offered her hand to her newfound escort as Rex clutched at his chest in pain. As he looked down his shirt he saw a mark on his chest. Looking back up at her he saw the same mark on her chest in her rather revealing outfit. He looked back and forth to see it was the same mark.]]

[center [font macondo Oh? Staring are we? Like what we see familiar?]]

[center [b She chuckled a bit as Rex looked away blushing this was another long story huh? Well he knew this would be best to hide outside of the village. If being the Witches familiar was truly such a bad thing. To kill that Familiar is to kill her right? Yet he could only focus on the fact she caught him staring at her chest. Looking away his face turned red they had looked... Ni-- Nononono what was he thinking?! Nononono.]]

[center [font macondo Shall we be off? Hero? I want to thank you for everything before we get started. I owe you the world and back so I hope your ready to start your new life.]]
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[center [h3 A Bad Idea?]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex thought to himself that he had wanted to go but... At the same time he felt..]]

[center [+#6996c3 Awe well umm.. It can't hurt to take him the Chief won't be too harsh on you.]]

[center [+blue Yay! We get to go! Thanks mom thanks dad! Maybe Rex can remember some awesome Arcs!]]

[center You guys are the best!]

[center [b The children ran as they prepared for the festival Rex had tilted his head. Weren't they cooking dinner? He wasn't sure he wanted to question it maybe it was just an excuse to get him out of the house for a bit. They were so kind they didn't want to seem rude huh? Or maybe they forgot about the festival?]]

[center [+#cb2060 I'm glad you guys are in the spirit! Rex is it okay we eat at the festival? Me and Estelle got caught up with other things and all. Don't worry okay? It's going to be fun!]]

[center [b Rex grabbed at his own arm a bit timidly as he nodded giving a nervous smile. It didn't bother him he just felt he was imposing maybe it'd be better if he left. If the person in charge wanted him gone... It wasn't like a cult right? This was real somehow.. These Arcs and this world... Was real. No... Just cause they had special powers didn't make them not crazy. What if this was Earth? No way... What more proof did Rex need? The fact he couldn't even remember his own name is proof enough too...]]

[center [h3 Later On]]

[center [b Later that evening Rex had found himself at the night festival. As a fire like substance exploded into the sky fireworks? In fantasies they shouldn't have tech like that right? Still seeing the olden booths with games and drinks all around. Filled with beautiful women that seemed more simple honest country folk. The men full of cheer and joy Will and Ann had greeted Rex as he waved smiling as they began to dance along the music. They played rather well Rex was dragged from person to person he never got this attention before. These pretty girls were lined up to dance with him. They felt he was such a big deal but he felt they were the big deal! Not him wow he couldn't help but admire them a bit.]]

[center [+orange W-Whoa!]]

[center [b One woman had took the lead rather eagerly as he fell over to the hard wooden floor. She had let out a giggle as everybody offered a soft laugh if this was his world? He'd feel they were laughing at him but the way she offered him a hand up? The smiles spread on everyone's face he sat and decided to let out a laugh himself. It was time to cut loose a bit. As he stood up on his own the two children from before approached him.]]

[center [+blue Remember anything? Do you? Please? Can you cast some Arcs for us? The show always has mom and dad! With the two sages it gets so borrinnnngggg!]]

[center Yeah mister can we see a new Arc?]

[center [+orange I-I... Umm... I don't remember... I'm not really...]]

[center [b No he wouldn't tell them he wasn't from this world. They... Wouldn't really understand their was no way they could understand right? Rex had sighed as he reached for his sword everyone began to clear out of the way watching in excitement. They knew? He'd go ahead and try?]]

[center [+orange I... Well... I-I mean.. H-Here goes nothing r-r-r-right? Ahem..]]

[center [b What should he try? He'd prefer a sword Arc over a Spirit one right? He had a sword and physical attacks seemed more closer to home. More reasonable to him at least they were his favorite builds in RPG's anyhow.]]

[center [+orange Unleash Sword Arc! Hero's Slash!!]]

[center [b Rex span his blade between his fingers as he gripped the blade with both hands. As he spun around slashing through the air as he yelled putting everything he had into the swing. As his blade was swung into the dirt he looked forward to see he achieved... Nothing. Taking a long sigh he held the blade with one hand at his side sighing. This was so embarrassing.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [i Hey don't worry it'll come back but your sword form seems a bit flashy. I think you must recall some of your sword training if nothing else right?]]

[center [+#cb2060 Henry is right you seem a natural with the blade perhaps we could spar? It might bring back some memories from your time as a hero.]]

[center [+orange C-Charles? W-W-Where's Estelle...?]]

[center [+#cb2060 Hmm? Oh yeah her and the Spirit Sage are the only Spirit Arc wielders we have. So it's up to them to perform those Arcs in the sky you see now. We call them dancing Spirits it's a beautiful Arc people love to view. So is that a no or a yes to my offer friend?]]

[center [b He wasn't sure he already embarrassed himself once. Why did he even... Do that? Yolo right? No that wasn't how Rex... Not Rex... Who he was it wasn't the person he was. IS the person he is he didn't think screw it might as well go for it! So why? Had he hoped it'd work? Would he try? A man had approached the two offering them wooden blades with a grin as the crowd cheered for them. Charles spinning his wooden sword with a friendly smile.]]

[center [+#cb2060 Try to take it easy on me all right hero?]]

[center [b Rex gulped reaching for the wooden sword as the crowd cheered them on. Was he really going to do this? Charles had walked past the crowd taking the front stage wasn't that for the musicians? They had taken themselves off the stage playing a new tune a fast paced tune that made Rex's blood boil. This feeling of excitement... This feeling... Yes he remembered it, it... had helped him recall his name if but for a moment. Alvin, besides keeping himself stuffed inside he never felt more alive than when he had facing a problem head on. Not with words not with social interactions with his small appearance it was easy for others to find him helpless. When words seized to work and fist were thrown Alvin found himself on the ground but when he'd pick himself back up? That... This was the one talent he had he had never lost a fight before. He always packed a punch despite his small size perhaps it was the fact he was an exercise nut or he'd punch the air for hours on end. The same was with his wooden swords he'd save up for he'd sweat and sweat to forget the pain. Seeing himself bleed throb in pain and inflict that same pain did it... Make him feel better?]]

[center [b True it made him more un-likeable when the only way he knew how to defend himself when someone was harsh to him. The only way was to.. He had shaken his head thinking of the things people had called him. A criminal a brat throwing a tantrum a loser a sensitive asshole who couldn't take a joke. Were they jokes? Pushing him around? Throwing his things around making crude jesters? "Dude are you like one of those weirdo's who masturbate to cartoons?" "Well he's never seen a real girl after all right?"]]

[center [b "Dude your so freaking white do you ever go outside?" Comments on his style the way he smelled all because what?! He kept to himself? He didn't know how to act like a jackass? The scorned looks people gave him when he lost control and finally swung. The way the teachers treated him the way his mother though she loved him. Wondered... Why he was so violent what was wrong with him? "What's wrong.. With me?" No seriously what's wrong? He thought to himself why was he thinking this? Now of all times? He gripped his would be blade tightly as he looked forward to Charles raising it over his head with two hands. This isn't the first time he had to wield a weapon like this. Whenever he was practicing around his neighborhood everyone from school judged him. Laughed at him even tried to pick a fight with numbers "So your mr tought guy? So you think you get suspended and your some badass? Like some Last Samurai shit?"]]

[center [b "If my brother saw this he'd shoot your dumbass see how tough you act than. Stop acting like a little bitch" Why? People started fights over nothing... Over literally nothing for no real reason. No ideals and no purpose that world had no meaning behind it's actions. Before he knew it he was covered in blood that was the day he was almost arrested. Over a fight he hadn't started didn't he have a right to defend himself? The next day he'd just look at a girl and of course her boyfriend was right there. A larger louder man with a problem over the small glance Rex gave. He hadn't meant to so what? He was a creep? A rapist? A stalker? People jumped to so many conclusions and soon he found kind people hating him. Scared and frightened he would abuse his strength over others. Why? Couldn't he have met kind people sooner? Before he was known as such a monster... Such a nuisance?]]

[center [b Yet... He enjoyed it not others fearing him but the fights or as Rex loved to dramatize those battles. He loved to pretend they had meaning that he was the hero of his own story. To defeat evil like that but the real world? Wasn't as simple as that it wasn't a fairy tale despite how Rex wanted it to be. It was the one thing he was talented at. He never had good grades or people skills this? This strength was the one thing he had and he relished in using his only talent. If he died anywhere he always wanted it to be a battlefield. So that his meaningless stupid existence could finally come to a close. Yet despite the pain in his chest and heart from those memories. He found a grin across his face as he charged forward at Charles no longer thinking.]]

[center [b He had never fought a swordsman before pipes? Baseball bats? Knives? Sure but someone wielding a sword like weapon? No the most trained foes he's ever faced would be those with hand to hand training. A Martial art of some kind or an obnoxious older brother who spent time from the Army. Though Rex didn't win those one on ones without going to the hospital himself too he grew from those trials. He never backed down even if there was a case of a man stronger or more well trained. The way they held themselves? With no modesty? Like they were the ultimate shit? Or expected Rex to be scared and say sorry?]]

[center [b He couldn't do it he didn't care if you had age size or training on him. Rex had a tolerance for pain like no other the only thing that could stop him was death. Even if the fight was over the smallest of things. Was it bravery? Or merely the lack of fear? He didn't care if he died it meant nothing to him.]]

[center [b Rex had swung from the right with a loud roar as Charles blocked the strike. Stumbling back Rex closed in with a furious speed as he lunged forward Charles backing up and striking from above. As Rex moved his left hand by instinct to block the strike with the metal gauntlet. He was a natural born fighter using things he had to his advantage. He had a pride to proof that if these were real blades? He could have won. Grabbing the tip of Charles blade he pulled him in. Head butting Charles with resounding might as both of the males bled from the forehead Charles stumbled back with a chuckle dropping his blade.]]

[center [+#cb2060 Haha youch! I give I give!! You have the spirit of an animal friend! The Witch be damned you are one scary man.]]

[center [b The words may seem harsh but he had a light hearted tone to them. As if he was praising Rex rather than judging him for it. Rex had dropped his blade as blood fell from his own forehead as he saw Charles bleeding greatly as others tended to him. Why did he... Attack him so harshly? This man had been nothing but a friend to Rex despite being a total stranger. The crowd cheered "Rex! Rex! "Rex!"]]

[center [i Well the goddess herself may have sent us a champion after all!!]]

[center [b Henry came to raise Rex's arm in the sky as the crowd cheered. Henry looked over at Rex as tears flowed from his face. Witch? Goddess? He wanted to ask but his heart was too torn to do so. They... however took it well. No cops no scornful looks? No hatred? Praise? Kindness? This... This couldn't be his world no way it was.]]

[center [i Hey are you okay are you in pain? You seemed so brave before, lacking any memory must be scary huh?]]

[center [+orange I-I'm okay... J-Just... Is Charles... O-O-Okay?]]

[center [i Hmm? Aye your a soft one aren't you? Don't worry he's stronger than he looks.]]

[center [b Stronger than he looks? Don't judge a book by its cover... Yeah Rex could understand that. Under all of his scrawny awkward teenager was a viking. At least that's what Arthur always told him Charles was probably holding back himself. He was glad Charles was going to be okay though before Rex could say anything to Henry the music had set silent. As an older man began to walk through the crowd in a fur coat. He wasn't that much older maybe late forties at most.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+darkred What in the Fallen Star is going on here?!]]

[center [i Chief is that you? Your back? Has the goddess spoke to you from the great Altar?]]

[center [+darkred Do not answer a question with a question boy. You! Intruder come with me.]]

[center [b Henry had tried to speak up as well as Charles stepping forth but the Chief raising his hand. Henry had grabbed Charles by the arm taking a sigh and a nod as Charles looked at the chief with disdain in his eyes.]]

[center [+orange I-I-I.. O-O-Okay...]]

[center [b The Chief had led Rex away from the crowd as everyone watched in silence. As the two entered a cabin alone in the outskirts of the small town laid in the middle of the forest. Rex had taken a seat putting a hand on the hilt of his own blade. If he was an intruder to this man he may try killing Rex here and now. Who knew what power or strength he may hold. The Chief had taken a sigh as he removed his own coat to show a great deal of muscle but he seemed to be... Relaxed?]]

[center [+darkred Now now no need for that blade boy you aren't in any real danger this old man's fighting days are passed him.]]

[center [b He seemed so stern before... Why now would he let his guard down? No Rex was going to go down without a fight. Despite his timid appearance Rex had always made a single promise to himself. The only respect he held for himself was as a title he had given himself. Maybe it was from watching too much anime but that title? Despite his awkward nature was that of a warrior. If he murdered this man he would be alone wouldn't he? Rex took a stand as he drew his blade out as he stared at the man breathing heavily. As the man took a sigh shrugging his arms as he shook his head.]]

[center [+darkred Calm down my boy I know you aren't from here. The goddess has told me of your coming and that's why you must go. I'll give you supplies and answer any questions you have of this world I'll help you get a fair start.]]

[center [+orange W-W-What...?]]

[center [b Why would he need to run away? Didn't they trust that so called goddess? The sense of urgency filled the old mans voice as he quivered this was serious but why? So he knew.. Rex wasn't just lacking his memory. He couldn't play these games he had to ask these questions here and now see if he'd truly answer them.]]

[center [+orange I've been nothing but confused here term a-after term! Who's the goddess? T-The witch? I-I heard something about Falling S-S-Star is that like h-hell? W-Why can't I remember my name? W-W-W-Why did I end up h-h-here?]]

[center [+darkred I suppose you are confused are you truly... Not from Fyuria? How is that possible... Hmm we must be quick. To cut to the chase it's not just THE goddess. Their are many deities that rule over Fyuria. Those who worship a specific deity call that one to be their goddess. As for the Witch? I... In this world many believe her to have never existed at most a figure in the past long dead. She is one and only and she is very much real she is a true terror an eternal plight I have only now come to realize this. Whatever you do avoid her and her creations at any and all cost. Though they are rare to be seen by any mortal I'm afraid you are a different case. As for Falling Star? That is a realm the Witch herself as made it is very much a living hell. Her creations the Brew come from that place. Now go take whatever you need in this cabin you must go!! Now!!! My final bit of advice do not bring up the Witch her mere mention brings fear and offense to many in Fyuria. I am sorry lad I cannot spare anymore time there are packs on the bed take what you need and go.]]

[center [b The man said as he began to sweat and tremble Rex had taken his blade placing it back in it's sheath. It felt strange.. To have a blade to sheath like that. It would have felt pretty good in fact it had a bit. Though worry was the real feeling that Rex had felt was this witch like a Devil? Why would she be after Rex?]]

[center [b Death Rex hadn't feared but what if this creature had other plans? To make him a slave? To engulf his soul? No.. That wasn't possible he hadn't believe something so terrifying could exist. He had cared to have an afterlife with peace and happiness with angels and loved ones. Rex shook his head as terrible images of demons and cackling filled his head. He couldn't scare himself before the real adventure even began he would trust this man and go. Would he be safe alone? In the forest? No... If he was to be a warrior he had to be brave. Rex knew his afterlife would be filled with happiness and bliss no matter what horrors he faced a horrific death? Is something he was willing to face even... If sadly it had no real meaning or purpose behind it.]]

[center [b As Rex began to pack his things up he heard a crash and several screams in the forest.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex had reached for the back pack but instead had clenched his hand. As he turned around pushing the old man out of the way as he decided to run out of the door. The man yelling at Rex but the words had not reached him. Something was wrong and Rex couldn't explain it but he knew one thing. The kind people here that had been gentle and sweet toward Rex. Treated him almost as a frail treasure a treatment he had never once received in his eighteen years of life on his world. He received in less than eighteen hours here. It made him feel warm inside his heart brimmed with joy as he slowly but surely came out of his shell. No Therapy or amount of medication dragged him out of his shell like this short time had. Sure it was ridiculous and it didn't make any sense. He had fought for stupider reasons in the past why not now? When it meant something to him?]]

[center [b Rex had drew his sword as he charged into the village as he saw Henry and a.. Woman? It was hard to tell the cloak she had wore alongside Estelle and Charles the four on one knee panting.]]

[center [i Huff.. Huff... How is this possible? Is it draining of us of our Arcana? Without Arc's this could be bad... Why isn't our blessed gear working? This doesn't add up.]]

[center [+darkblue So were virtually naked? Wonderful!

[center [+#cb2060 Doesn't matter! Henry! Jessabelle! Take Estelle and run with the village! I'll hold it off!!]]

[center [+#6996c3 Charles! You are a fool if you think I'll leave you here!! Our children need both of their parents not just one!]]

[center [b Rex had gripped his hand around his blade as he gawked at the scenario. The village in blaze as screams ensued and several of the villagers ran past Rex. Including Ann and Will as they urged their children to run. Henry and the others stood with arms in hand as they were deadlocked with... No way that can't be real.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b What in the hell was that thing? It was wielding a tree like a club at least two stories high. Was that a treant? A golem? Like in the games? Seeing it up close it felt completely different it felt... Alive the way it breathed. It's wooden arms moved with each breath and the way it's glowing eyes peered into the eyes of those deadlocked with it. They pierced Rex's chest they were... Creepy that was for sure. Though as the creature reached over to Will's scared children. The burly man covered his arms around them and his wife.]]

[center [b Clank! Didn't have time to think didn't have time to consider. Gotta move now and gotta move fast that was the only thought filling Rex. No... His body his being his mind was completely shut off that thought was his entire being. As his blade stabbed into the beast hand it seemed rather sharp! As Rex shook under the might and weight of the beast he pierced through the hand entirely as he let out a loud and passionate roar. Whatever was draining the other four luckily had no effect on Rex he felt at full power. Full power..? What was that? He was just a normal high school boy. What power did he have? He couldn't worry about that not now he bellowed at others.]]

[center [+orange Get out of here NOW! I... My memories have returned? Let a man of Hero rank handle this!!]]

[center [b For once the timid boy had not stuttered Will had nodded with a thumbs up as he left. Sure what Rex had yelled was a total and utter lie but he tried to make it sound convincing. The beast had swung it's arm wildly as Rex latched on to the blade for dear life. As the creature shook Rex up more and more the boy went flying in the air as he let out a shocked scream. As he fell down however he stabbed the blade downward into the beast eye. Slipping off of it's head he fell to the ground landing on his back.]]

[center [+orange Urgh!]]

[center [b He groaned in pain, wait... He couldn't show this weakness. Not to sell this story Rex had picked himself off the ground as he held at his arm and let it go. Letting out a smirk as he popped his shoulder pain shooting through his entire body.]]

[center [+orange Just a little rusty this beast is a push over! It's drain is rather low as well.]]

[center [i Hmm... He does seem unaffected by it's drain maybe his memories have returned. If so Charles we can leave this up to him we need to get the people out of here! More Brew may attack the people as they escape!]]

[center [+darkblue Right lets go!]]

[center [b The woman in the cloak spoke up again Rex was certain now that it was a woman. Charles looked at Rex and nodded as he held at his arm. It appeared even with the drain Charles had tried to fight he was rather hurt.]]

[center [+#cb2060 Come back alive okay? Mr Hero!]]

[center [+orange Heh h-heh.. Yeah you b-bet!]]

[center [b Rex grinned as the rest began to leave he held at his own arm as a dark mist began to fill behind the beast. Cutting the people off from Rex and the creature it almost seemed... The creature was smiling was it? Come alive? Yeah that wasn't something Rex could promise. In a real Anime Rex would find a way to win this fight and make it back to them. That girl may have been the hero's love interest. He'd take up quest in the village get stronger find a lover. Make friends and come to a long term goal maybe seek adventure past here. To bring fame and money to the isolated village so monsters can't hurt them anymore. It frustrated Rex he always felt stronger than this but his arm from that fall? Wasn't doing too hot the beast had one damaged eye for sure but the odds weren't looking good. One fall from that height was.. My limit? The idea angered Rex as he grabbed his blade tightly with both hands looking forward. Win or lose he'd give it all he got.]]

[center [+orange So your excited too huh? Well than let's see what you got!? Hit me with your best shot!! Try not to bore me!!]]

[center [b Sure Rex was talking a big game but he was just that dork from back home in California. A nobody a shut in an anti social degenerate. A punk who got into stupid fights and yet a man without any spine at all. Can't even say a straight sentence and here he was shouting at a giant beast. Ehh screw it might as well right? Go out with a bang! Sure his story ended rather early but he at least had found a death that had... A purpose and in that he could find peace.]]

[center [b Rex smiled as tears fell down his face as he gripped his blade tightly. They weren't tears of sadness or of fear no they were tears of happiness. This? This wasn't scary the idea of living sixty to eighty years of without motivation or love? In a world where his dorky title of warrior was nothing but an Otaku's stupid fantasy. A world where what he valued? Beauty and charisma and strength meant nothing. That wasn't the world he wanted to live in or even die in. This? Was the most alive he had ever felt as pathetic as that was he was happy to feel this way. Even if it meant this outcome to Rex? It was worth it he had no regrets. Had he been given a choice this is what he would have chosen.]]
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[center [h3 "Level One"]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex shook his head lost in thought was he really approaching this like some sort of game? From level one huh? Well in every game at the start you help those around right? Talking to people in video games is easy though press X and boom! Your character does all the talking at worse? You choose dialogue options and its easy to decide which were viable and which are stupid.]]

[center [b Though NPC's tended to be awfully easy to approach friendly and willing to offer quest rather easily. Always needing help and such that wasn't the case in life people kept to themselves. They handled their own problems and people mostly? Were isolated how could a world with billions and billions of people feel so lonely?]]

[center [b Speaking of friendly NPC's everyone had offered Rex a friendly smile and a wave. Rex had smiled nervously waving back as he fixed his hair behind his ear. It was strange to get used to this mop of hair but looking in the mirror? He loved the way he look! He felt he looked badass like a real hero! Sure he had played with sticks all his life pretending but would he be able to really use that sword?]]

[center [b Strange he wondered that but it was cool to have at the very least only made him look more awesome! Rex had wandered from place to place as he came to a stand. They had food and fruit? It looked like an apple but it had a strange pinkish red color to it.]]

[center [+orange H-How much are these? W-What do they cost I mean?]]

[center Hm? Aye lad we don't use the kingdoms coins nay we barter what we make. Though if your hungry the cathedral normally has spare food. We donate ten percent of our harvest for the less fortunate those that struggle with hard work. The elderly and the lame we are delighted to have you visiting us though! Please have as many as you like but I only ask you come to my wives booth. Ya see she wants everyone to get a chance to talk with you. In exchange I'd really owe you she was dying to ask you, your the talk of the town my boy! You look so young to have such a grand Sigil. It is rather impressive! Our goddess has blessed us indeed.]

[center [b The burly man put his hands on his shoulders as he let out a hearty laugh. Goddess? Had this place beings powerful enough to be thought of deity's? Rex was convinced even if they are real they weren't real gods or goddesses. Hmm.. for all he knew he was in some crazy cult why be so kind to a stranger? Still Rex was a man to have no real fear what could go wrong? Losing his life? Not something he was too afraid besides they'd have killed him by now. A fate worse than death? Nothing could be worse than how he already felt on a daily basis it was a bit dramatic sure. Though it was how he felt perhaps his lack of fear was foolish but he didn't care even if he realized that.]]

[center [+orange U-Umm..? Me? I-I'm not really a-a-a hero... I..]]

[center [b He fidgeted awkwardly that Sigil made him seem like a rank he wasn't. How could he be anything right? Hopefully these were just crazy cos players getting a little out of hand. Hopefully? No.. Part of him wanted this to be real. He just felt he needed proof he was anxious to get it. He gulped as he shook his head it wasn't an apple he wanted not at this point.]]

[center [+orange I-I.. I-I-I'm sorry but... This just can't b-b-be real right? I mean these Sigils? These Runes? These Arcs? What are they m-magic? I-I-I'll do whatever you ask... B-But prove it to me! T-That this craziness is real.. Fyuria all of this. This perfect little quiet village show me, show me an A-Arc!]]

[center [b He panted as he grabbed the hem of his sturdy shirt as the man crossed his arms closing his eyes with a grumble. Yikes! He had hoped he didn't upset him! He wasn't afraid except of awkward social situations and hurting others feelings? That wasn't something he wanted.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm s-sorry I-I-I'm just tired a-a-and..]]

[center Hmm okay kid ya got a deal! It's okay the Sage warned us you may have lost your memory. The goddess had foretold a stranger unsure of who he was would find us. You match the part kiddo a prayer come true. It's bad huh you can't even remember Arcs ehh? Fine you got it though the Sage is out hunting with our men. Only four of us are actually capable of unleashing arcs. As for magic..? Be careful where you use that word the village here has no problem with it but you may upset the city folk. Lets see we have... Charles and Estelle but their making dinner around this time for the kids. I suppose the Sword Sage does owe me one give me a moment kid.]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b As Rex sat there fidgeting and grabbing at the gloves around his hands. They were a new edition as well and nice to tug at while he wanted anxiously. Maybe he pushed too hard? Broke their version of reality? So the guy took off? Would things spiral down? A feeling in his chest said it was real but he couldn't fight that with sound logic he just couldn't. It wasn't long before the man had returned with a man wielding a large hammer.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [i Hello there young Hero my name is Henry it is a pleasure I am the so called Sword Sage. So you request to see an Arc? What variation? I'm afraid I cannot wield any Spirit Arcs but I am well versed in many Sword Arcs.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm R-Rex.. I-Isn't that a hammer...?]]

[center [i Oh my it's worse than I thought oh dear is me! Haha well yes my observant friend it is a hammer. Sword Arc's are physical manifestations turned into arcs unlike the Spiritual Arcs. Any physical form of Arc is called a Sword Arc regardless the weapon used as a conductor. The blade in question isn't from the weapon itself it's the users own strength. Though that strength can come from a number of places your heart your muscle your will your very soul. It's rather complex to explain to someone with this case of memory loss... Hmm well you wished to see an Arc yes? Anything in mind that you can recall?]]

[center [b The man placed a hand on his hip with a rather cheeky smile. As he pressed his glasses up spinning his hammer around as it slammed against the ground. As he leaned against it offering Rex a small smile as he leaned against the palm of his own hand.]]

[center [b Okay people here already had a cool style that Rex was more than a fan of. That thing must weigh a lot how could he just swing it like that? Rex shook his head and cut straight to the point no more pondering or wondering.]]

[center [+orange Something big! W-Wild! C-Crazy I d-d-don't care! Just.. B-Blow me away!]]

[center [b The man shrugged as he took a bow as he kicked the hammer over his shoulder. As he gripped at the end holding it with a smile as he put his fingers into the symbol of a gun. As he went began to speak.]]

[center [i Pow! Okay tiger you got it!]]

[center [b At that Henry twirled his hammer around as his hair began to flow wildly as a gust of wind came in. Rex had watched in eagerness as the man threw the hammer into the air as he clasped his hands together closing his eyes. As he caught the spinning hammer spinning into a three sixty strike as he swung the hammer inches away from Rex's face. As the young boy blinked but hadn't exactly flinched the man smirked as he placed his hammer into the ground yawning with a stretch. As he picked it back up he began to walk away giving the shop keeper a wave before leaving.]]

[center [i There ya go hope were even now for some time was nice seeing you again Will. Tell the wife I said hey so long for now.]]

[center [+orange What?! That was it?! That's n-nothing really? I-]]

[center [b And with that Rex lost control of his voice. His legs wait had he... Lost control of them? He felt weightless as he looked down he saw the sky? The blue sky? His stomach sank as he blinked wait was he?]]

[center [b Rex had yelled out in shock as he was hurled through the sky as he went across the street. Crashing into the ground as he groaned holding at his head.]]

[center [+orange Ouch...]]

[center Hahaha you did say blow me away! Wow that Henry is as sly as ever the Sword Sage is a bit strange but he's not a bad guy. It's official you really can't remember anything huh? You didn't even unleash your Rune to defend yourself at all. Well kid a deal is a deal so time you help me and Ann all right? Rex?]

[center [b The man smiled as he extended a hand to Rex as Rex couldn't help but laugh a bit and reach out to the man. No way! This? Can't be but.. It wasn't a dream that was like wind magic or something!]]

[center [+orange That was awesome! W-Wow! I-I-I gotta learn that!]]

[center It'll come back to you Hero! Wait a second... This won't work at all! You'd have to answer questions at the booth... You can't remember anything can you? Ahh we'll see if we can get you to ring any bells!]

[center [b He wrapped his arm around the boys shoulder with another hardy laugh he patted Rex's shoulder. Normally Rex didn't like touchy people but this? He hadn't minded maybe this was all an anti social person needed? A friendly and kind community? A whole community to get one person to open up? Kinda sad or maybe... Rex just wanted any kind of attention he could get. He smiled and nodded as the two went off.]]

[center [b The man had brought Rex to his wives booth as she approached the two. She gave a small bow and a gentle smile as she introduced herself to Rex.]]

[center [+teal I'm Ann nice to meet you!]]

[center [+orange O-Oh um.. I'm Rex mam a pleasure to meet you! All o-of you I really love the village so far.]]

[center [+teal Awe that's sweet thanks some of the younger men find it boring so we have a lot of hunters. So you've come for the booth? Are you comfortable answering any questions hon?]]

[center [b Rex smiled and nodded wow he's never had anyone ask him if he was comfortable with... Anyone. It was nice it made him feel a little more secure and it wasn't long before things got underway normally this would drive him crazy but he was happy to answer each question. First was a young man]]

[center [+red Hey your Rune! Can you unleash any Arcs? Sword? Spirit? Both? Which Element? What Gate?]]

[center [+orange I-I'm.. Afraid I don't know about any of that...]]

[center [+red No way but your rune! Your Sigil! Man I'm sure you make plenty of money I'm so jealous I'd love to see city life. What's it like? In the Kingdom? Mind if I see? The Sigil? The Rune?]]

[center [+orange U-Umm.. I don't know I'm told I-I forgot...? S-Sure you can see!]]

[center [b Was he going along with that excuse? Yeah right he'd never forget anything this awesome he'd rather remember this world over the stupid last one. How'd he get here? Why was he here? Did someone summon him? Like a cute girl? That's how it worked in every anime that he would serve a little cutie! Maybe she was here in this village. Saints Village.. Right?]]

[center [b The man had pulled the Rune off of Rex's wrist as he offered him the blade the man putting the Rune on his hand. He went to grab the blade as a spark repelled the man.]]

[center [+red Ahh you got me! It's a real Sigil! See a lot of rookies don't know this but Sigil's the real deal? Are bound to the person they are granted too. I've tricked a lot of would be "Hero's" from swindling us in the past! I may not use seals and Arc's along with any Runes but I know how they are unleashed. I do research them a lot I handle Charles and Estelle's things after all if you ever need some fine tuning come to me. For a fee of course I actually enjoy money unlike these weirdos I get out sometimes.]]

[center [b He said as he inspected the Rune before handing it back to Rex. As Rex smiled a bit awkwardly picking his blade back on and putting them both back on.]]

[center [b Rex had gone from person to person children the elderly and the men and women. As he spoke to each and every one of them he found himself stuttering a bit less. He felt rather at ease here it was almost as he felt warm hands pushing him forward.]]

[center [+orange N-Next?]]

[center [+pink Hey Rex! So my questions are really simple!!]]

[center [b His name was getting around huh wasn't it? His name? Wait... That wasn't his name right? No.... it wasn't just for now until he made it back. Made it back... Would he? Want to? His mother must be worried sick and his sister too. Arthur too he felt bad for them but... Was he in a hurry to make it home?]]

[center [+orange Oh uhh y-yes?]]

[center [+pink Umm.. Are you staying here? Please? I know the chiefs strict but we'd love to have you! Well and.. Are you single? By any chance?]]

[center [b Rex blushed as he blinked that was direct it wasn't long before Ann and Will's kids came out. As they ran out to Rex poking at his sheath asking him a ton of questions.]]

[center Daddy daddy is he a real knight?!]

[center That he is my boy! He's a hero after all. He just a little help from us to remember say you'll stay? I know Charles told me to let you eat at his house but maybe you can convince those love birds to come to the festival tonight? So you can hang out with everyone.]

[center [+teal Oh dear what a wonderful idea! You can let the ladies know you're marital status at the festival haha it'd be great! If the Chief see's you get along with everyone he'll believe in the Sage's prayer.]]

[center [+orange I u-uhh.. O-O-Okay? I mean I'd... I'd love to...]]

[center [b He mumbled the last part with a soft blush maybe they could teach him how to use a few Arcs there! He didn't want to impose right now he enjoyed making friends... He's never really made friends and sure not many were around his age but strangely it wasn't really bothering him. He nodded and turned his red face as he headed back to Charles house as he entered the house with a grin on his face.]]

[center [+#cb2060 Well you seemed a bit anxious before but I see somebody had fun.]]

[center [b Rex sat down and nodded like an excited little boy coming home to his parents. What was this aura why was he feeling this way? As he told the strangers of his day as the married couple laughed and smiled. He had offered they all go to the festival. As the wife looked a bit worried looking back at her husband than to Rex.]]

[center [+#6996c3 Sweetie the chief might be there and he might not be... As happy to see you. He and the Sage are at odds on whether or not you being here is what foretold or not.]]

[center [+blue The chiefs a butt face he's stopped believing in the goddess forever ago! No wonder him and the sage fight! Right papa?]]

[center [+#6996c3 No! Sweetie that is not what I and your father are saying he's just been confused.]]

[center [+#cb2060 No love we can't hide the truth from our children anymore. The Chief has lost faith in our beloved goddess but the village has not. Perhaps he's too old and senile to be in charge.]]

[center [+#6996c3 Charles! Even if that's true we can't disrespect the Chief! Rex... You are welcome to we can talk this out with him but are you sure..?]]

[center [+orange I.. I.. I-I told Will and Ann... I-I'd be there... B-Before we go... C-Could I ask you... S-Some things? A-About Fyuria? Sigils? Seals..? Arcs? Runes..? I-I-I'm honestly really lost....]]

[center [+#cb2060 Of course I'm more than happy to help Rex that's a lot of questions so I hope your ready for a few long stories. I'll try and give the simple version.. Are you ready?]]

[center [b Rex had adjusted himself in his chair as he nodded and looked at the two of them. He wanted to earn a place in this village he wanted to belong he didn't agree in the worship of this goddess either. Though he did feel at home he felt here he couldn't be left alone in this world. He... Didn't want to be alone not anymore. Though he didn't want to cause problems for his new friends either.]]
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[center [h3 Inside]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b "Now what?" Alvin thought to himself it didn't matter the walk wouldn't kill him. A long silent walk wouldn't hurt it was times like these he could let his mind drift and wander. Though it wasn't too long before he had felt a hard corner stab into his side.]]

[center [+green Ow!]]

[center [b He grunted it was a table right? It was hard to see but before he could see or say anything he heard a woman's voice. A hushed whisper as her voice felt barely audible. All the same it was as clear as could be it sent shivers down his spine. Perhaps it was just a bit creepy he couldn't see her at all in the dark.]]

[center [+purple How quaint a man to walk life trending in darkness. To stumble blinded here I was sure you'd see just fine.]]

[center [b Oh great it's one of those get in your head spooks huh? What is this a show where a woman shows ESP? No magic? They did sign up for this but it was too cheesy for Alvin to take seriously. Though... This woman had sounded dead serious she was a good actor he would give her that. It didn't change the fact how awkward and weird this whole situation made him feel.]]

[center [+green I-I.. Umm...]]

[center [+purple Don't cry not now]]

[center [+green E-Excuse me?]]

[center [b As a light began to glow from the table the woman showed a soft but crooked smile across her face. As a black coat concealed her eyes and forehead from Alvin's forehead. She seemed.. rather beautiful from what he could see.]]

[center [+purple Don't fret little one and don't run. Stand now and realize your purpose in life. Never again feel unsure for I the witch will always stand by your side.]]

[center [b Alvin tilted his head rather confused don't fret? How does she know he wants purpose? No it's one of those guessing games isn't it right? She's just presuming what issues he may have. A messed up little game than isn't it. Don't run... Strange he was just running wasn't he? As she lifted her hand and pointed rightward she whispered a word. Two letters... "Go" he could see her lips but barely hear anything. As the light vanished he heard a stumble and the table was... No way gone? What the hell?]]

[center [b If Alvin wasn't so stressed about socially embarrassing himself in front of Arthur's friends yet again. Like he had always had before he'd admit that was a cool trick. It even stole a small smile though as Alvin walked it wasn't long before a woman had grabbed him from behind small in stature. As she turned Alvin around she had laid her head into his chest.]]

[center [+lightpurple Is that... How you feel...?]]

[center [b That voice was that.. Emma? She caught up with him but what was she going on about? She seemed a little out of it though Alvin couldn't really see anything. As she fumbled her hands trying to find Alvin's face she finally placed her hands around his cheeks. His face began to blush as Emma pressed her nose to his own. As her lips planted themselves upon the corner of his mouth. She had missed but it wasn't long before she let her lips flourish and hit it's mark. Alvin had stood their wide eyed as he leaned in closing his eyes. He didn't know the woman but.. She... Was pretty right? She had a soft voice and she... Right here and now? She had acknowledged him came to show how desperate he was for attention wasn't he?]]

[center [b As the the two pulled apart Alvin had softly uttered her name as she jumped back.]]

[center [+lightpurple Vince-- Wait.. No Alvin is that.. Is that....]]

[center [b And at that the lights had turned on the man from the entrance again showing himself as he took a bow. With a rather cheeky grin.]]

[center "I do hope you enjoyed the our humble show now step this way as the real show is going to begin very soon.]

[center [b Emma's eyes flared up as her nostrils did the same as her eyes began to narrow.]]

[center [+lightpurple What the hell is wrong with you?! If you knew it was me... Why didn't you stop me? Are you really some sicko? You'd take any chance wouldn't you? You haven't stopped staring at me since we started this. You'd let a stranger kiss you because what... She's a girl?!]]

[center [+green N-N-No I...]]

[center [h3 Meanwhile]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b As Arthur and Vanessa entered their section Arthur had looked over and given the small girl a smile.]]

[center [+brown This is kinda creepy huh? If something goes wrong you'll protect me right?]]

[center [b The girl giggled as she continued to walk by his side she shook her head playfully.]]

[center [+orange Oh your such a charmer to let a lady do that I can't say I'll be able to do much. I have arms like limp noodles boy were screwed something goes wrong.]]

[center [b Arthur laughed he liked that this girl got his sense of humor. He loved to joke around he even had a bad habit of making jokes when things were serious.]]

[center [+brown Think Emma and Alvin are getting it on now as we speak? He's the real charmer! Haha, I'm just kidding he's pretty harmless.]]

[center [+orange Yeah? Are you? Oh and by the way I don't see it happening Emma she... Kinda already has a crush. Course that guy already has a girlfriend ya know girl drama and all that jazz.]]

[center [+brown Oh I get it in fact my type is married women in their thirties.]]

[center [b Arthur pointed at himself with a grin as the two laughed again. Yeah this going perfectly pretty was nice but Arthur was more in tune with... Can a girl get his sense of humor or have one at all. She was pretty funny and the way she brought up girl drama? Sounded like she wasn't into that she wanted to lay back take life easy. That was the vibe he got anyhow. As the two talked and laughed at the silly little jump scares this show through at them. It was a bit disappointing but fun all the same right?]]

[center [b Though as they got to the end of path way they had met up with Vincent and Serah. As the four walked a little further ahead they could hear a voice.. Screaming? Was it part of the show?]]

[center [+orange Guys that's.. That's Emma.]]

[center [b The normally chipper girl said in a worried tone before the others reacted Arthur had ran ahead. It sounded serious like she was upset and the others took a moment before following in suit. As Arthur entered the fray he saw the woman tearing into Alvin as he was backed into a wall as she yelled at him.]]

[center [+brown What... Happened?]]

[center [b Emma turned around panicked as she looked at the ground than at Alvin. Alvin began to answer but she defensively cut him off.]]

[center [+lightpurple H-He tried to kiss me in the dark! I don't e-e-even know this guy!]]

[center [b She teared up as Alvin's eyes popped up with terror and shock as the others came in just for that last bit. Vanessa put her hands over her mouth a bit shocked herself. As Vincent walked over to Alvin.]]

[center [+blue Alvin I know I said they were cute but I meant wait a little longer than that! Also I was kinda just teasing.. That's not all right you scared Emma.]]

[center [+orange I don't wanna be a bitch but Vincent your being a bit too soft on Alvin. Emma has had guys force themselves on her and this is a bit traumatic for her. What if they were alone how much farther would it have gone?]]

[center [+green N-No she thought I w-w-was... Vincent! T-Than she k-kissed me...]]

[center [b Everyone looked in horror as they looked as they stared at Alvin and than Emma unsure of who to believe. As Vincent spoke up.]]

[center [+blue Alvin I know your Arthur's friend so you gotta be a good guy right? I know you meant no harm but you don't have to lie. Emma's a harmless fly she's not exactly the girl who'd go after a taken man. Her and Serah are like best friends.]]

[center [+brown I..]]

[center [b Arthur had spoken up grabbing at his arm what happened to not having teenage drama? This isn't exactly Arhur's idea of fun but.. Now his friend was in trouble and no one believed him. Alvin began to tear up as he grit his teeth he began to ran for it. As Vanessa grabbed him with a stern look.]]

[center [+orange Whoa you can't just do that!]]

[center [b Alvin panicked and under in distress pushed her away as Vincent grabbed his wrist.]]

[center [+blue Alvin you can't just do that we have to talk about this.]]

[center [+green M-M-Make me!]]

[center [b Alvin growled in a defensive and yet... Angry tone as he pulled his arm away. Vincent had a look that screamed he felt rather challenged. Not to mention attacked Vincent turning the smaller male around as he plowed his fist into Alvin's cheekbone. As Alvin slid back standing his ground as he took a deep breath curling his hands into fist. As he pulled his arm back before throwing a haymaker he let out a quick jab from his left hand to knock Vincent off balance. As his hay maker connected striking Vincent's temple. As Alvin through a hay maker again from the left with all the force he could muster knocking Vincent right on his ass. A lot of brute force was behind the punch.]]

[center [+pink Alvin what the fuck!?]]

[center [b Serah screamed as Arthur stood shocked Alvin took the chance to run away. Before anyone working here would intervene and it wasn't long the host was already over. Alvin delving back into the dark path they came from as Arthur decided to give chase. It was his friend? Yet... He was too afraid to defend Alvin in front of everyone. He believed Alvin but... Why didn't he speak up?]]

[center [h3 Our Story Begins]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b As Alvin ran through the path fettered by fear and regret consumed with anger. A childish anger he felt this whole situation was stupid and so pointlessly over dramatic. Is this what his life would be? Video games? Anime? Imagining a life with greater meaning and greater purpose. Every time he tries to socialize this? Him messing it up?]]

[center [b What was the goal? What classified as having a life that meant something? Enjoying it? Making money? Friends? Having a family? Saving lives? So he should study hard? Be a doctor? Than why? Why didn't he have the drive? The passion to study? To make something of himself? Or want to connect with others? He wanted to... He wanted to but it all seemed so hard... And he just wasn't good at any of it. It was okay to be bad at so many things in a video game like an RPG and have only a few strengths. All Alvin can do was what? Fight? In this day and age what was that worth? It even made this scenario worse he always felt he was born in the wrong place the wrong era. Hell the wrong world that's how every otaku feels isn't it?]]

[center [b He hated it all the same he couldn't stand this world and it's set rules. It was all right he wasn't so bright why couldn't other traits matter? Brain over brawn for a boy who thought so much he didn't feel very smart. So what he wasn't good at socializing but people skills... That's essential it made the world so bland. That everyone aspired to the same goal to be successful.]]

[center [b He'd give his life up to be away from it all just.. Give it all up to]]

[center [b And at that Alvin ran smack down into a wall. What the that wasn't... There before right? As darkness began to seep around his eyes he... Saw that woman again as she laid beside him.]]

[center [+purple Hush little pet don't you worry now.]]

[center [b And like that.. It was lights out.]]

[center [h3 A New Life]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+#265e64 Hello? Sir are you okay? Hello?]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Alvin shot out of his bed as he looked began to pant heavily as he looked down at the bed. He heard a mans voice as his ears rang he felt his bangs... Longer than usual run down his face white? White hair? He touched at his face why did he feel.. Different? As he shot up and ran to the nearest window he looked at the mirror.]]

[center [+orange W-What the...?]]

[center [b His eyes were orange his attire too had changed it felt thick almost as if it was meant to offer some sort of protection. It was heavier than clothing and... Wait was that a steel blade by his side? Why? In fact the house was rather old when was this made the dark ages? Really?]]

[center [+#cb2060 Sorry stranger if I startled you I found you in the forest. Lumina forest isn't a place where many folks go the witch had died their after all. Her beast may be looking for prey to munch on friend. So where you hail from?]]

[center [+orange I-I... I.. C-California.. Where am I?]]

[center [+#cb2060 Your at Saint Village not a lot of people in the kingdom know this place though. I hope we can keep that between us stranger my wife and I could make you something? Are you a sellsword? A knight? I can't help but notice your equipment are top of the line.]]

[center [+orange K-Knight..? S-S-Sell sword....?]]

[center [b The awkward boy fidgeted what was he talking about? Were these people crazy? Did they dye his hair white? What this some roleplay?]]

[center [+#cb2060 You must have memory loss when our village sage healed you up he warned us of this. Still we are to celebrate every stranger who finds us tis tradition. We are more than happy to have a capable swordsman among our community the beast around these parts are bothersome. We're mostly farmers by nature even if we have quite a few weapons we aren't fighters. You seem different though that sword has quite the sigil.]]

[center [b Alvin sat down as he put his face into hands letting out a heavy breath. He was dreaming right? Last thing he remembered was hitting his face against a wall. Wait... yeah he's knocked out right now it's a dream! He pinched at his arm and shut his eyes tightly and yet... No avail he was still here.]]

[center [+#cb2060 That bad huh? You can't remember what your sigil is? Does that mean you can't use the rune on your black gauntlet? That's a shame... I'm sure it'll come to you in time! My names Charles ya can call me Charley. Whats yours?]]

[center [+orange My name is... -----]]

[center [b What the? He could.. Remember his name and yet... When he tried to say the name nothing but...]]

[center [+orange Rider.. R-Rex Rider.]]

[center [+#cb2060 Well Mr Rider it's a pleasure to meet you don't be so tense lad. I know its dangerous around here but if we wanted you dead or your things? You would be dead but I will try and convince you to stay here. The chief doesn't believe in outside help but your perfect to prove him wrong. Sorry my intentions aren't one hundred percent pure. Though I'd have helped you out either way I'm sure.]]

[center [b Death? Being robbed? Was he... Rex afraid of that? Why couldn't he think of his own name? It was his name after all and yet... He couldn't think of it. In the back of his mind he knew what it was and yet... It was frustrating and he didn't like it. It felt like an inch you had to scratch but you just can't reach it. Or you knew your back was itchy but you couldn't figure out exactly where.]]

[center [b No Rex wasn't afraid of dying not before he'd have only asked to die awake and with a fair shot. Maybe die saving another? He was ready for his life to be over and see what the after life had to offer. He felt he wasn't cut out for this world did that make him weak? Yes he always dreamed of being a hero and yet? He was weaker than any frail "damsel" ever could be.]]

[center [+#cb2060 If you have any questions or anything you can't remember just ask me okay Mr Rider? Hey you should explore around the village while I cook let's get to know each other better when you get back all right? I guess I can't really ask you many questions about yourself but still. There is a lot I'd love to talk with you on but I'm sure your starving the wife will be home soon. Fair warning I have three children and I may call them my angels but they are little nightmares. They are rather wild but I'm sure they'll love to meet a new person everyone in the village is busy but eager to meet ya. Just... Avoid the chief okay? Haven't really explained much to him okay?]]

[center [b The man clasped his hands together as to ask for a favor as he closed one eye letting out a half smile. Rex looked away a bit shyly but he couldn't help but smile for a second. This man seemed... Surreal crazy and outta his mind? Yeah but if the world was really like this? Tis and sir? Knight and runes? A world exciting like that? He'd love it in a heartbeat.]]

[center [b Surprise surprise to our dear readers as Rex came out the little hut. He had saw a village with straw ceilings all over horses and carriages. As kids ran by laughing and playing as men and woman were preparing for... Something Rex wasn't too sure. At the front of the village stood two men holding spears what was this? A fair? They were in the middle of a forest was this a crazy cult? Was that show a crazy cult? No way this was real and yet Rex felt in his chest... It was. The same unnatural feeling of losing his name was this feeling in his heart. Though the excitement and passion for it? That felt as natural as could be. He drew his sword out as he saw markings down the blade as he smiled he swung the blade forward and chuckled. This was way too freaking cool! Otaku jackpot! If he was dreaming?]]

[center [+orange Please don't wake me up.]]

[center Hey mister! Your sigil is so cool! What does it say?!]

[center [+blue Dummy it says "Hero" your so dumb!]]

[center I'm telling mom you called me dumb! Just cause your older doesn't make you smarter meany! Doesn't that mean his sigil can un... unweash Arcs?]

[center [+blue Unleash stupid! No that's what his Rune on his hands for!]]

[center Oh the metal thing?]

[center [b Two kids one seemed around nine the other? Twelve at the oldest. They had dirty rugged clothing the younger one grabbed a metal object on the back of his left hand. Why was that there? What was it? A rune? Over... A gauntlet right? Or was the gauntlet the rune? What's a rune? Like a marking for a spell? Like in all the video games? Arc? Sigil?]]

[center [+orange U-Umm... I-I... What's a s-s-sigil...?]]

[center [b Why was he being so shy!? They were just kids after all but somehow it made it even more awkward. An eighteen year old talking to kids? Adults gave you weird looks for that sorta thing but... As he looked around? All he saw were smiles and at worst people minding their own business. Why were these people being so kind? Wouldn't the guards be afraid to trust a stranger with children? If he is dreaming he's probably gonna wake up in jail speaking of which. Assault? Yup, and could Emma say he was trying to rape her? Oh yeah attempted rape and assault on a business property? Fun fun and fun his mom was already so broke she couldn't afford bail. Rex couldn't help but let out a long sigh as his face went into a soft frown.]]

[center [+blue Show us an Arc! Like one of the great Arcanist! Do you use spirit arcs too? Or just sword arcs? I don't care just show us one!!]]

[center [+orange I-I umm err...]]

[center [b As Rex sheathed his blade he rubbed the back of his neck. Arcanist? Arc? What were they talking about? He didn't like being confused but he really wanted to ask maybe he'd save these questions for Charles. Though as the kids pestered the boy over it, it wasn't long before a woman intervened.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [#6996c3 Now don't tell me my little ones are giving you a hard time. I'm sorry they tend to do that you'd think their parents being arc users would satisfy them. Heh heh well hello there my husbands told me about you I didn't think you would be up though. We met once but you were asleep in the house not really a meeting. The name is Estelle it's a pleasure to meet you. We don't exactly have handsome young knights come through here.]]

[center [b Rex blinked blushing as he shook his head. Handsome? Knight? Him? No way and she... Was that mans wife? His children? She looked way too young to be a mother pretty too! Hot mama right? Something dorky that Arthur would say but it made Rex smile as he nodded his head taking a small bow.]]

[center [+orange U-Umm.. R-Rex Rider a pleasure mam your kids were no bother at all don't worry.]]

[center [#6996c3 Strong name so who granted you the sigil? Hero is a hearty title not many can grant sigils. It must be a story I must say I'm a bit intimidated.]]

[center [b Alvin grew even redder as he kicked at the dirt as he looked away. As he looked up at her than away he was the one who felt afraid. He wished he could have answered but instead he remained silent. He didn't even know what this was about.]]

[center [+orange Umm.. I'm not really sure... U-Uhh.. W-What's a sigil...?]]

[center [#6996c3 Oh.. the Sage wasn't wrong you really can't remember can you Rex? Is it that bad? Can you really remember nothing? At least you know your name sweetie... Hmm a Sigil is a sealing Arc. An incredibly powerful one that bounds a well made blade to a person with a unique title. Only those of royal blood from the kingdoms can unleash these arcs. They are granted with a signature a title or better known as a sigil. Though the blade is normally well made it's just a title to show you've earned it. Be it Forge of God for the blacksmith. Or Knight for a noble man though yours is a hard title to earn it comes with many perks to whomever entrusted you with. You are near and dear to the kingdom who has given you this. "Hero" the gods who trusted royal families with these arcs. Made sure to leave behind the sigil and it's meaning.]]

[center [b So it's a glorified title in a badass weapon? With political perks.. Wait kingdoms? Gods? She did not just say that did she? Sealing arc? What was this magic?]]

[center [+orange I... What's a r-rune t-t-than? K-Kingdoms..? Gods...? W-What in t-the world?]]

[center [#6996c3 Have you forgotten everything about Fyuria?]]

[center [+orange F-F-Fyuria..?]]

[center [#6996c3 Oh no... Sweetie our world Fyuria you don't know that? We will carry this on later with my husband the children and I will return home to carry on the meal. Feel free to look around before heading back people here would love to meet you. In fact to be frank lad everyone's already looking. I'm sure they want to see a man holding the sigil of hero unleash an arc.]]

[center [b It was strange... They used the word... Unleash like Rex would have used for cast. So unleash basically meant to cast and arc was magic? It had classes like spirit and sword? Runes tapped into this if Sigils didn't right? He played a lot of video games and this felt like one. Approach with that anime and video game mindset and he could figure things out quickly. He played so many fantasy games he skipped tutorials because terms? Basically translated to other things and he learned fast enough. So as the family waved bye at him he had waved and thanked them rather meekly quiet as always. Fyuria.. Was the name of the world. Why wasn't he awake by now? As he tried to convince himself he wasn't awake that this wasn't real? The feeling in his chest grew and grew to bring one thought to his mind. One resounding thought that penetrated his mind again and again.]]

[center [b This was real and this? Was his new life.]]
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[center [h3 Chapter Two: Alvin]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b As time passed Arthur and Alvin had made their way to the circus it was a strange festival indeed. They had a few attractions available before and after the show. Arthur and Alvin paying for their tickets a man wearing a long robe had given a sly smile welcoming them to the attraction.]]

[center [+brown Oh their going for one of those creepy things huh? That means the girls might have to cling to us huh? Haha kidding kidding!]]

[center [b Arthur chuckled scratching at his cheek as the two waited at the entrance. Alvin offered a weak but friendly smile he could feel himself getting a bit sweaty he was anxious. Maybe he should have asked his friend to stay home and play video games he could feel himself sweating more and more. He took a deep breath as he held onto to his own scarf in the cold. As he let out a breath of cold air he could hear people entering laughing and giggling as well as screaming from some of the attractions followed by more laughter.]]

[center [b The noises and air all began to fill his head as he found himself daydreaming. Though it wasn't long before a small group approached Alvin and Arthur... Oh it was Arthur's friends. Alvin was "friends" with them as well but... He kept to himself mostly.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+brown Hey Vince! Hey Serah how are you two lovebirds doing?]]

[center [b Arthur said as he let out his usual dorkish laugh as Vincent rubbed at his neck giving a casual shrug as he smiled. Serah had playfully rolled her eyes at him as Arthur laughed at his own humor. So they were still dating huh? Not that it bothered Arthur sure he was a tad jealous but it was sweet all the same.]]

[center [+blue Hey Arthur hey Alvin so we invited a few friends from one of our science class that cool?]]

[center [+pink Yeah I'm sorry I promised I'd go with them too hope it's not a problem guys!]]

[center [+blue Besides their both pretty cute thought you two might like that!]]

[center [b Vincent said as he nudged Arthur he had let out a somewhat awkward laughter as he rubbed at the back of his head. Alvin gulped he had hoped Vincent didn't make them sound... Unsavory.]]

[center [+brown Haha well we don't wanna lose them we can just talk here to pass the time and wait here. How have you two been? Up to anything much?]]

[center [+blue Not really I guess just looking into colleges Serah got a new part time job though. It's at the movies it's pretty cool she says.]]

[center [+pink Yeah it's pretty easy actually I'm not gonna lie. How about you guys?]]

[center [+brown Oh? Me? I guess nothing too much same old same old!]]

[center [b Alvin had looked up at the two as he blinked a bit he had mumbled looking away from the two.]]

[center [+green I.. Umm.. Just s-studying..]]

[center [b That was of course a lie catching up on the new games of the year and some more anime. Same old same old but they'd judge him for doing nothing productive like getting a job or looking into education. He was a NEET through and through yeah he was a STUDENT but he hardly felt like it at times. When people asked how is life was it really hit home how little he was doing with his life. Why? Why did he have no motivation to do anything? Lazy? Lack of passion? What was it?]]

[center [b As the three had idle conversation the atmosphere lightened up a bit. Alvin even added a piece here or there but he kept silent for the most part as he listened to them talking. Adding a word here or there. Though as two girls entered the entrance Serah had waved frantically at the two as they paid at the front. They made their way over one was rather bright and cheery with a smile. The other? Seemed a bit more slow shy and reserved she even hard darker hair to match. Though Alvin had noticed instantly Vincent wasn't lying they were... Adorable. Arthur was already checking them out but he hadn't met anything strange by it just admiring how pretty they were.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+pink Hi guys! These are my friends I was talking about! So I guess here's a chance for everyone to meet each other?]]

[center [b The bright haired girl with a brimming smile seemed social and direct enough as she stepped forward extending a hand out.]]

[center [+orange Hi! My names Vanessa! It's nice to meet you guys!!]]

[center [b Arthur's smile had weakened a bit but not too much as he eagerly shook her hand. His smile returning to it's usual state as he introduced himself with a cheery tone himself.]]

[center [+brown Arthur it's nice to meet you! What's you're name?]]

[center [b He asked the second girl as she looked down for a second before looking back up. As she clung to her sleeves her voice meek sweet and soft.]]

[center [+lightblue My name is Emma nice to meet you.]]

[center [b Alvin had fidgeted as he considered to shake their hands but he wasn't sure. It wasn't long before Arthur had shaken her hand as he patted Alvin on the shoulder softly.]]

[center [+brown Yeah what is you're name man? Kidding kidding! This is Alvin we go way back! He's a bit shy but don't worry you'll grow on him quick he's super friendly! He deals with my ass after all!]]

[center [b Alvin let out a soft sigh of relief Arthur was always their for him wasn't he? It was moments like these that made Alvin wonder why he always had a pity party. Well.. one day Arthur would grow up get a job have a life have a passion and Alvin would be doing what? Could they still be friends? Most likely not.. So why not get a life? Not so hard right? It was hard to explain that feeling... The feeling of wanting to close yourself off the world. Alvin hated being around others having to talk or socialize with others and yet? Here he was hoping to have a good time to maybe change that. It always... Well it never ended well for him really.]]

[center [+blue Okay now that's outta the way I want to show you guys the real reason I wanted to come here! Their is an attraction called the Witches Broth and yeah it sounds cheesy as hell. Though I saw some shit that made it look pretty creepy! If not we can just make fun of it. I'm kinda curious ya know?]]

[center [+pink Yeah me too babe we can do it alone before the show if you guys don't wanna come?]]

[center [b Though despite her offer it was apparent they had all wanted to stay as a group. As they talked it out they had found the attraction as a man wearing a dark cloak wearing a top hat and holding a cane welcomed them in.]]

[center "My mistress has been awaiting you."]

[center [b As they laughed at the cheesiness even Alvin found himself with a small smile. Though being the last one to walk in the man looked at Alvin with a devious smile and staring into his eyes.]]

[center "Certainly you young man."]

[center [b Well clearly it was part of the show. At haunted rides and such they always singled Alvin out for being so quiet he seemed to be a weak link. Though this sort of stuff never really creeped him out to be honest. Though he.. Was happy to finally get out of the house at least well partly anyhow.]]

[center [b As the six advanced forward they found only cheesy jump scares and attempts to scare them. Bad actors pleading for help as the "ghouls and gobs" murdered them. Serial killers and this whole theme that a witch was controlling them. "A witch get's what she wants" it was kinda silly they were a bit old for this huh? Well it wasn't directed at kids anyhow but it was silly.]]

[center [b As they began to laugh and make fun of the event Alvin had found himself making a joke to himself. As he mumbled softly in all the racket.]]

[center [+green If she gets what she wants why not ask for a better show..?]]

[center [b Though he had spoken louder than he had wanted Emma had overheard him. She had looked over as she giggled softly into her sleeve she wasn't the only one. He had managed to get a chuckle from everyone actually.]]

[center [+brown Haha wow man harsh don't you think?]]

[center [+blue Savage!]]

[center [b Alvin smiled weakly but as they continued on that joke making more he found himself laughing a bit. They were being friendly weren't they? That was nice to say the least he found himself looking over to Emma a few times. She had looked over and than away a few times. She was... Beautiful it was hard not to notice that much was for certain. As they ventured forward their split multiple baths in a dark corridor as another man dressed the same as the first stood there as he bowed. Taking his hat off as he placed it back on his head he began to explain this part of the attraction.]]

[center "Ladies and gents for this part of the journey the witch implores you to find self discovery! Intimate discovery of others! As we delve into the human mind! I ask you to split up into three groups of two and select a path!]

[center [+brown Well I don't mind who I go with I'm sure Serah and Vincent will pair up right?]]

[center [+blue Yeah but you shouldn't go with Alvin! I'd like for him to try coming out of his shell a bit.]]

[center [+pink Ya know? I honestly was gonna say the same thing about Emma you two are so quiet! Maybe you two should go together?]]

[center [+purple A-Ahh! You're so embarrassing I'm not five! Sorry for being so quiet!]]

[center [+orange I agree we can go together okay Arthur?]]

[center [+brown Oh um.. Sure sounds good I think!]]

[center [b And with a bit of flustered arguing from Alvin and Emma it wasn't long before everyone had chosen a path. Alvin had began to walk beside Emma as the two looked away they wandered deeper as the lights began to dim. Alvin had pulled out his phone has he used it as a flash light. Though she had looked at it noticing the background was an anime wallpaper.]]

[center [+purple Is that..?]]

[center [+green Oh I it's uhh...]]

[center [+purple I.. I love that anime!]]

[center [+green Wait... You do? Really y-y-you've seen it..?]]

[center [+purple The main character was my favorite oh and the main girl? It's been awhile but I really liked it, it was kinda creepy too. The demon maid was pretty cute!]]

[center [+green Y-Yeah and the way he introduced himself? "I'm unemployed and broke beyond belief!" I-I was like same though!]]

[center [b Alvin laughed it was a silly scene people don't scream that kinda thing when they meet someone. Though as he turned around Emma's smile faded perhaps that joke.. Came out kinda awkward? He didn't land that the best way he had wanted too... The trip was followed by even more awkward jokes. Alvin was trying his best to sort have save the trip but instead he had ended up being rather quiet instead.]]

[center [b Did she not like his sense of humor..? It was a leap for him to even talk this much really... Now he was sounding like a spaz. Arthur must have been doing a better time right? Alvin had began to sweat and sweat as he began to walk faster. He needed a way to avoid this situation to regroup with the others and with Arthur. ]]

[center [b As Alvin began to walk faster it was apparent Emma was keeping pace. He couldn't lose her... not like that right was he really doing this? Trying to escape from a little girl? This felt so tense and she was giving off.. "Yuck" sorta vibes. Damn it this path was going forever no jump scares or nothing just a dark corridor seriously?! So as time went by Alvin found his finger sliding to the side of his phone. As an idea struck him like lightning all at once.]]

[center [+green Emma I think my batteries dyin--]]

[center [b Cutting himself all at once he went to turn the phone off as a man bumped into the two. Another fancy man wearing a top hat as he gave a bow.]]

[center "Now that the witch has learned how you are with another she wishes to see how each of you strive on you're own. I commend thee bravery for ongoing such a valiant task from this point forward. The two of you must select a path on you're own."]

[center [b Saved by this crazy show as Alvin looked right and than left he gave Emma a small wave as she smiled with a wave back. It seemed friendly enough as Alvin took the right path as he began to walk into the almost... No it was pitch black void. It gave him a sort of eerie feeling but he was mostly relieved to be on his own for the most part.]]
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[center [h3 Chapter One: Arthur Knight]]

[center [pic]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Autumn flowing hair gorgeous green eyes and a beaming smile. Arthur was a man born with a lot going for him wasn't he? Though he wasn't very vain of these aspects he was grateful for everything he had.]]

[center [b Parents who loved him dearly and a younger sister he was more than proud of. As the young man walked under the starlit sky looking into his phone as he placed it in his back pocket.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b As he stared up at the gorgeous starlit sky he loved it here in Los Angeles everyone was celebrating the new year.]]

[center [+brown Twenty-twenty huh? What a pretty number everyone's pretty pumped huh?]]

[center [b He smiled as he pondered about the tweets he shared with his friends. Should they go to the carnival coming to town? Or was it a circus? It wasn't really Arthur's idea but they seemed eager to do so and he loved to hang out with his friends. It didn't hurt there was going to be a lot of pretty girls there! He wasn't exactly flirtatious but he was friendly! He may have kept it to himself but he did love to see a pretty girl smiling. He had a few crushes of his own actually not counting his favorite two dimensional waifu's of course! Something his friends would surely judge him for.]]

[center [b Though he wasn't that direct he wasn't exactly anti social either he was a bit of a spaz. A dork a goofball who always found a way to make others laugh he's been through his fair share of friendships and relationships. He was just as social on obscure websites on the internet he loved to talk to anyone he wasn't afraid of strangers. Sure he was a bit nervous at first but give him enough time and he was a chatty cathy.]]

[center [b He was already thinking about which friend he was going to play video games with afterwards. Serah? Alvin? Vincent? Or which girl he'd try and spend some alone time with... He was a bit girl crazy he wasn't eager to stay single for very long. Though he always had stayed single for quiet some time.]]

[center [b Would this trip change that he wondered. He was a bit tired of the flirtationships or playful banter. Though he'd never have the backbone to tell anyone that. He was pretty bad at talking about his feelings.]]

[center [b Though regardless or not he got to spend time with any cute girls he would have fun! He might even meet new people fellow otaku's! It was hard having so very few friends dork it out with him. Sure he called them "nerds" but to him they were the coolest people he would ever know.]]

[center [b "Thinking of which" he was out here to meet a friend of his hopefully they'd get to spend some time together! Hang out it was Friday night after all it was hard for seniors to get some down time.]]

[center [h3 Enter The Hero Of Our Story]]

[center [pic]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Alvin had been sitting on a bench for some time as he swayed his feet back and forth. He was waiting for his friend Arthur they were going to go out and eat and play some video games at his house. Alvin was too shy to text him again he didn't want to annoy him and despite his meek and timid appearance he was excited for tonight! He was roaring to go he always dominated against or even with Arthur but he wasn't very cocky about that. If anything Arthur was the talkative one Alvin was a bit jealous of that.]]

[center [b Arthur was always so funny and full of life people loved to spend time around him. Despite being very jealous of the man he was like the brother he never had. Alvin did have a younger brother but they hardly hung out he spent more time with Arthur than anything. Arthur was always talking about meeting a nice girl and settling down at such a young age would they hang out as often when that happened? Alvin was a sucker for a pretty face too he was a hopeless romantic but he couldn't admit that to Arthur. Arthur was never afraid to talk to a pretty girl or.. Anyone really. Alvin was a bit socially anxious.. Arthur showed him a few places online he could open up and he made some friends.]]

[center [b Alvin sighed as his shoulders slouched when he was alone his thoughts always wondered. How alone he was how online people were mostly rude to him despite his attempts to help others. How he was so disconnected with others as a whole. His luck with love was anything but good and his distance from his brother growing made it only harder. He felt with his poor grades and lack of motivation he found himself depressed rather often wondering what his purpose was in life. Did he have a purpose? Or did he simply exist... To exist? All he did was shut himself in and entertain himself.]]

[center [b Hopefully this trip to the circus would change that.]]

[center [+green Arthur come ooonnn..]]

[center [b He muttered softly to himself rather bored as he felt a tug on his shirt. And a rather familiar and cheerful chuckle.]]

[center [+brown Oh come on dude! I wasn't that late! Okay I am thirty minutes late.. I slept in you shoulda texted me to wake my sorry ass up!]]

[center [b Alvin laughed as his stress and worries melted away a bit his brain always did turn off when he was having fun. This is where it started where they would have a good night! With that both of their phones had gone off as they flipped them open scrolling through their text Arthur couldn't help but gleam in a bright smile. Alvin was... Anxious but excited all the same.]]

[center [+green They..]]

[center [+brown Set it for tonight! Plus Serah isn't grounded anymore! Man her father can be strict AF huh? Wow! Maybe Vincent can show up too? I'm so freaking pumped man!]]

[center [+green Y-Yeah!]]

[center [b Alvin stuttered a bit as he smiled as the two began to walk across the town it'd take a bit to get there. Almost... like a journey to start! Alvin loved to think of things in a strange ways perhaps it was because he was such an otaku. He was always comparing life to anime and sure Arthur loved it too but Alvin... Well he constantly wished he was born in a different world. Every anime had a main character who was an otaku hated life and than... Boom! Fantasy world! Pretty girls! Crazy adventure! The awkward otaku always found a way to brave it through. Sure some anime even went through the aspect of it's realism or how hard it really would be. Alvin wouldn't care if it meant risking his life he'd rather die in a fantasy world than in this stupid world.]]

[center [b Alvin was an anti social rather depressed young man who's thought of suicide more than once or twice. Sure it wasn't for no reason either a tough break up or losing a close friend he just found it hard to maintain a meaningful relationship with anyone. He was a guy who even managed to lose his own flesh and blood. His mother was the only constant in his life one could call him a mama's boy in that aspect. He always wanted a cause he could throw himself to or a purpose despite his lack of skills. Something that... He could be proud of.]]

[center [b When Arthur was around he noticed how reckless and careless Alvin was. It was apparent he didn't care if he lived or died. He did care... HOW he died he wanted it to be something people could remember him for. Something... Heroic something that meant something maybe saved someone else. Was an out? A way to escape? Sure maybe he didn't mean it maybe he's just been upset lately. These thoughts have crossed his mind but still he felt the same regardless.]]

[center [b As Alvin walked side by side Alvin had turned the volume up on his phone playing a song from one of Alvin's favorite anime. Well.. Come to think of it Arthur loved it to didn't he?]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [+brown Man I love this video I always call it a song but it's.. More like a OST right? It's pretty cool.]]

[center [+green Y-Yeah.. I really enjoyed that one... T-The anime I mean.]]

[center [+brown Oh god yeah it was fucking emotional roller coaster haha oh my god it was crazy. Pretty as heck too!]]

[center [b Alvin smiled a bit awkwardly as the two had a rather peaceful walk to the circus. What Alvin hadn't realized at the time was how today. This moment and this simple Friday out would change the rest of his life. Would he have gone? Would he have ran away? Or only been more so eager? Regardless this is his story the choices he made than can't be reconciled now.]]

[center [b This was the beginning this was... Chapter one.]]
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