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[h3 [center Rowan & Fleur]]
The odd pair soon also came to stop at a sign. Fleur hopped off Rowan's shoulder, sitting on the sign. She seemingly crawled along the wood. The small dragon's eyes narrowed, pupils thin slits.
Rowan rolled his eyes, crossing his arms across his chest. He tapped his foot slightly, waiting for his familiar to finish scrutinizing the wooden post before he got his turn. The male lowered his arms.
[#0000ff "Ya finished? Or do I have to sit here another 30 minutes just so you can read a single word?"]
The small dragon lifted her head, shooting a glare at him. Fleur looked back at the sign, [#ff69b4 "Just gonna shorten it, Sign for that academy. Ya know, for being a high-class school, they sure don't seem like they want students. I mean seriously, why risk your life to just attend some stupid school? Bunch of idiots."]
Rowan chuckled softly, [#0000ff "Perhaps, but wouldn't we considered a few of those 'idiots' right now?"]
Fleur muttered something, then hopped back onto Rowan's shoulder. She settled down, huffing, [#ff69b4 "I don't really have a choice in the matter, since I'm your partner."]
The man only chuckled again. His dark eyes landed on the final line of the sign. Rowan raised an eyebrow at the words, but then simply shrugged, turning to follow the path.
The thick fog suddenly started to roll through the area. Fleur was constantly moving from one of Rowan's shoulder, to the other. Her green eyes glowed, a forked tongue flicking from her muzzle. The frill around her head was flared out, small body tense.
As for Rowan, he drew his bow, notching an arrow. It was instinct really, a habit he did. The end of the arrow glowed a soft blue, providing a small light.
[#ff69b4 "I don't like this Rowan, something's unnatural about this fog."]
He paused to glance back out of the corner of his eye towards his familiar, then forward again, [#0000ff "Agreed. Let us stay on our guard then shall we? You're better at hearing things than I am..."]
He was cut off as a chilling howl suddenly erupted from somewhere within the dark woods. Rowan, however, kept a completely calm composure. The same could not be said of his little companion who gave a startled chirp, trying to hide in his clothes.
[#ff69b4 "Great! That's all we need! Some rabid werewolf!"]
[#0000ff "Fleur, we've dealt with such beasts in the past, quit freaking out."]
Rowan ignored the little dragon as she clung to his back. Instead, he simply focused on moving forward. However his body was tense, ready to spring and move should a threat present itself.
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Qym made his way to the road that leads to Drolinaire Academy then stops as he notices a note posted on sign saying Drolinaire Academy.
The note reads: [b Attention travelers! All who do not intend to attend at Drolinaire Academy are warned to stay away from this area.] There is more written down but someone wrote [b POITAR ORUTH WILL BE YOUR DEMISE] in red over the rest of it.

[i Who or what is Poitar Oruth?] Qym thinks to himself. [i It's probably just someone playing prank.]

Qym begins traversing the road to Drolinaire Academy, keeping his determination set on reaching the school's gate. As he walked, he noticed that a fog started to surround him and grew heavier the further he continued along.

[i If all I have to worry about is my footing then I'll be fine!] Qym thinks then notices the sky turn dark as the forest around him had huge trees towering over, covering the area with darkness. [i Fog mixed with darkness is not a good combination.]

Qym suddenly trips over something and lands in a ditch. He gets up slightly from the ditch and inspects what he tripped over. It was a lone dagger, probably lost by someone else with intent on joining the school.

Qym reaches for the dagger and the moment he picks it up, he hears heavy footsteps running through the forest. He decides in that moment to hide in the ditch, using the dirt to cover his scent, then hears a howl nearby. The werewolf appears to be close.

[i I have to hope that whoever has been following me doesn't get spotted by this werewolf.] Qym thinks.
He had noticed someone had been following him since he left the tavern but didn't mind as he could sense the person had no bad intentions.
  Qym / Okimichi / 1y 46d 14h 14m 54s
[h3 [center Rowan & Fleur]]
The dark skinned male tapped a finger on the table. His eyes seemingly surveyed the entire area around him. The male didn't seem the least bit interested in the drink that had been poured for him, more content on just listening.
His familiar appeared to also be intently focused on something. The little dragon stood up, eyes glowing. Her head leaned off to the side, tilting. Her wings were slightly unfolded as she stood on the table before her owner.
[#0000ff "Some kind of academy huh,"] he muttered softly under his breath.
Fleur turned her green eyes to look towards the man. Her tail twitched slightly, her frill fanned out. The small dragon's eyes suddenly narrowed, pupils thin slits.
[#ff69b4 "Seems there's talk of some high class school of magic, willing to teach anyone who can survive long enough to find it."]
The fae dragon seemingly gave a snort, [#ff69b4 "Pffft, like you'd really need to go to some stupid school. I mean seriously, ya have me!"]
The man ignored his familiar for a bit, continuing to watch. He found it a bit amusing as what appeared to be a young elven boy suddenly take off out the door. Appeared they were in a hurry to search for said school that was being mentioned quite a bit.
He remained in place for several moments, then suddenly chuckled. Fleur glanced to her owner, raising an eyeridge. The fae dragon stood up, opening her wings. She hopped over, landing on his shoulder as he stood.
[#ff69b4 "Oi, what's with the look 'big-shot'?"]
The man only gave a shrug, having a slight smile, [#0000ff "Oh nothing Fleur. Ya know, why don't we check out this school. I mean, sure you said I have you, but even there's a limit of what you know...OW!"]
As he started talking about Fleur's 'limited knowledge', the small dragon had nipped his ear. She glared at him, [#ff69b4 "I have never felt more insulted! You can be such a jerk Rowan!"]
Rowan muttered darkly under his breath. He glared right back at his familiar out of the corner of his eye. Though he quickly left out the door of the tavern behind the elven boy.
It was a coincidence really, to only find himself following behind the other. Rowan honestly didn't seem to mean a bit tad creepy as he trailed behind.
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Qym had entered the tavern and because of how he's been in Allie a few times before, he was met with a couple of friendly faces waving him over to the bar.

"It's been a while since we've seen you!" Rina, the barkeep, says. "Gee, wasn't it like, two weeks ago, and how have you been?"

"Something like that." Qym responds as he leans against the counter. "Life has just been simple, simple and boring."

"Here for that school I'm expectin?" Ervin asks. "I know you've always wanted to go to one of 'em but this one is no joke!"

"If anything, it'll be a fun adventure trying to traverse the way through." Qym says. "Do you know what exactly I need to worry about?"

That's when a stranger entered the tavern and everyone quieted down to glance over at him for a few seconds.

"We've been getting tons of new folk ever since the darned academy reopened." Rina says. "So far at least none of them cause any trouble."

"But anyway, aye, I know of a few of what's through there." Ervin says. "Most know about the werewolf that guards its territory up there, but I've seen somethin no one else seems to know about."

"Oh, here we go again." Rina says.

"A gargoyle flies around, protecting some glowing crescent stone." Ervin states. "My only guess is that both the gargoyle and the stone are part of the school, and that you would need to solve somethin in order to reach the school's gates."

"How do you know this?" Qym asks.

"I'd be lying if I said I found from hunting around there... no, truth is, I was very curious on what would-be students would have to go through." Ervin answers. "I also was hopin to help you out as a way to repay you from before."

"I told you, you didn't need to worry about that, but thanks anyway!" Qym says then starts walking towards the front door to leave. "I should be going now, I doubt I could find much more on what is waiting for me up there."

"Be careful Qym!" Rina says. "We don't know if any of the ones who've tried to getting over there ever made it or not!"

"Don't you worry, I will be just fine!" Qym replies as he leaves.
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[h3 [center Rowan & Fleur]]
He sighed softly as he paused in the middle of the small town. On the man's shoulder sat a small fae dragon. The little creature glanced around, eyes round and curious. The small dragon's gaze landed on several folks passing by. A grin suddenly came to the tiny creature's muzzle. Its wings opened, as if readying to take flight, but was stopped as the man's hand suddenly reached around, yanking it's tail lightly.
[#ff69b4 "OUCH! What was that for you big bully,"] the small thing suddenly chattered.
The male didn't even offer the dragon a glance as he responded, [#0000ff "Cause I see that look in your eye Fleur. Don't even think about messing around with people, especially ones we don't even know. We're completely new to this village, and that's all we need, being driven out as soon as we have arrived."]
Fleur, the fae dragon, simply crossed her front paws in front of her chest, [#ff69b4 "Hmph, you're no fun."]
The man rolled his eyes, [#0000ff "Yea, yea. You tell me that a lot. Ya know, for being my familiar for so long, you'd think you'd learn."]
The tiny dragon grinned again, [#ff69b4 "Heh, me learn? Remember, I have that thing called 'selective-hearing'."]
[#0000ff "I know...whatever, let's just head to the tavern. Maybe there's something interesting to hear over there, put you to use."]
Then without another word, the tall male started to make his way down the path. It wasn't long before he entered inside. He noticed heads turn, eyes staring. However, he didn't think too much of it. A natural response from the locals when a stranger enters. He made his way past the stares, finding a lone table away from the people.
As he settled down, a low buzz once again returned to the tavern, people returning to their conversations. The small dragon had hopped off of his shoulder and onto the table. Fleur sat down on her tiny haunches, looking around. She was listening intently, being able to hear even the quietest of whispers. Keeping track of anything that would prove useful to her master.
  Rowan / Dragoncita / 1y 47d 1h 15m 18s
[b What many call chaos these days, it all started one night with a sudden appearance, that appearance being an alarming number of The Undead.
The Undead had started rising from their graves, but they aren't anything like from the movies. Sure, they have a bigger appetite than most but most of The Undead aren't mindless drones, they work like any capable race. Only these ones that have started sprouting aren't entirely in control of their actions... almost as if whatever or whoever gave them life is using them with some sinister intentions.
The Undead have had a few rough years because of the fear others have over them. That doesn't mean everyone hates or are afraid of them, just the ones who mindlessly listen to what the media have to say. This sudden rise of more Undead that do terrible acts of violence, don't help the ones who just want live their lives.
You might ask how Undead even come to be. Well, that's something scholars still try to figure out to this day. The most common knowledge about it is that rituals can be done to resurrect someone in an undead form but all rituals pertaining to that are forbidden.

But enough about that. The Philosophers are doing their best in ensuring it all ends in a peaceful manner anyway. Speaking of them, they've recently reopened one their old schools of the magical arts.
The Philosophers teach magic that isn't forbidden to all who want to learn buuuut, there's only a handful of schools that are available, they are expensive, but all of them are full anyway. Except this new- er, old one that has opened again after being restored. Its name is Drolinaire Academy.
Drolinaire Academy used to be an exclusive school for the highly gifted, that is of course until one day a calamity had befallen the school and caused it to be abandoned for some time. It took a few years but they've finally finished its restoration and judging from what they've shown, it look magnificent! Only problem is... it's the most dangerous school to attend on account the surrounding area and what you have to traverse in order to reach the place. Because of the dangers, they've stated that anyone brave enough and skilled enough to venture forth and reach the school will be enrolled there for free.]

"So yeah, I want to go there not only to attend Drolinaire Academy but to also get away from the commotion of today's media." Qym says. "There's never anything nice hear about on the radio or to read in the papers nowadays."

"Good of a reason as any, I suppose." Sir Jorin responds. "But do you know of what lies upon the path towards Drolinaire Academy?"

"No?" Qym says. "You would tell me what they are, right?"

"You'll have to ask around the town as I am not allowed to tell those who are not yet students." Sir Jorin says.

"If you're the gatekeeper of Drolinaire Academy, why are you out here anyway?" Qym asks. "Isn't it a long walk up the mountain to there from Allie?"

"Hm, that is a good question, one that you will know the answer to once you reach the school." Sir Jorin replies as he walks off. "That is to say, if you do make it there."

Qym now standing confused in the middle of the town named Allie, decides the best course of action is ask around at the local tavern what dangers await him on the path to Drolinaire Academy.
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