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Tommy was caught off guard when the blue eyed [i freak] grabbed him, pinned him down and starting growling all that sexual garbage. Tommy could feel Tom writhing inside his brain. It hurt to keep him at bay, he almost blacked out at the strain but Tommy wasn't done being free. He let his head fall back, blocking out the rest of the blue eyed [i freak's] sexual rant towards him.

Tommy wasn't sexual unless he really wanted to be. Physical contact meant nothing to him. It was a distraction at best; a means to keep him from getting bored. He felt the blue eyed [i freak] get off of him and marveled gently at the fact that the blue eyes had changed to a brilliant red color.

"[b Wow, kind of like us huh?]" His whispered partly to himself, a smirk playing on the corners of his lips. He looked back at the doctor. His face was twisted into a mask of angry and contempt. He was getting ready to come into the room. That much was obvious. Tom knocked hard on the subconscious again and Tommy staggered, a small growl of annoyance in his throat.
"[b Fucking pushy bastard!]"

"[i [size10 Let me out before you get us killed you selfish prick]]"

"[b Fuck off.]" Tommy growled, slamming his fist down before looked back over to the red eyed kid. He began to speak, backing off and getting on their own gurney.
"[b Fucking Thomas?]"

"[size10 Me?]"

"[b Fuck off kid. I wanted to be out to play!]"

"[size10 He's hurting. Everyone is going to hurt.]"

Tommy started laughing. "[b That's life you little shit.]"

"[i [size10 If you don't let Thomas out, I will bang so hard that you pass the fuck out.]]"

Tommy growled looking from the doctor to the red eyed boy.

"[b Fine you miserable killjoys. Just. This. Once.]"

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/8d/07/20/8d072061ca42f619359d37df3dd49e25.jpg]]

Thomas opened his multicolored eyes and instantly his body started shaking; he was so cold.
"Allen? Allen?" Thomas called his name gently at first and then with more force.
"The doctor wants us to lay down or something. Will you come out? I want to talk to you.."
Thomas's body was shaking, part from the cold and part from fear. He saw what Allen's personalities could do, what they wanted to do to him. He could only imagine what the doctor was capable of. He gently laid his body down on the gurney, laying his arms near the straps. He turned his head to look at Allen's body, waiting for the boy to talk back to him.
  Thomas Drake / Avix / 35d 21h 2m 52s
Azazel started to get irritated with this male he seemed just as crazy as the doctor. [#00008B “Did you not hear me, give me your eyes kid. If you don’t give me your eye…”] he paused as he began to cough up blood. [#00008B “Damn it im putting to much strain on Allen’s body I guess you don’t get to play with me anymore, catch Allen’s body.”] he spoke as he tried to change to the unconscious Allen but couldn’t.

The Blue eyed male hissed. [#00008B “Alfred, Al, Or Fucking Ame…. Wake the kid up now im starting to get irritated. I cant changed to any of you or we will all die… At least I think we can always try if one of you take over. Right?”] The male hissed even more his façade started to fade. He began to become greedy.

Alfred held onto Allens body the others were mad with the Greediness that Azazel was showing he had knocked out the host of their body straining his body. Even though the boys were lost in their anger all of them soon heard a familiar voice a familiar voice that Azazel found Attactive. It was the doctor, Darcy wanted them back on the Gurneys it was time to sleep, Time to play with the doctor.

[#00008B “Well, Well, Well…”] Azazel spoke walking to the door putting a hand to the window stairing into his eyes. [#00008B “If im a good boy what will you do for me. Oh I know I know what you will do for me. You will please me. Once I get on that gurney you will ride me till I finish. Hmmm maybe it will be pleasing to you, Maybe after you can put the runt on me too. He looks like he needs a good punishment.”] Azazel licked his lips his bloodshot blue eyes snapped back at the male behind him.

Azazel pushed Tommy on the gurney climbing on top of him pinning his wrists down. [#00008B “Bring that shy innocent boy out I want to play with him. Or maybe you want to play you look like your into that kind of stuff. I need it you will be mine all of you will now you stay while the doctor locks you up and then once he locks me up youll see how much pleasure I can send down your body.”] Azazel huffed as if he was in heat the others were in shock in what they were hearing.

Al had enough with how the Demon male forcing him back Alfred and Ame pinned him down both struggling. The blood shot eyes were now completely blood red since Al’s eyes were ruby red. He quickly released Tommy getting up off the gurney returned to the door with a large smirk on his face. [#00FFFF “We will be good, ill get onto the gurney Azazel is pinned for now and Allen is unconscious maybe your voice will wake him up. Maybe that boy could wake him up.”] Al grinned again before walking to his gurney laying down.
  Allen Black / KasaiShadowFox / 36d 20h 40m 14s
Blake watched the beautiful exchange between the two boys from the safety of the security room down the hall. He wanted to watched how the boys would interact and it was a beautiful exchange.

All the different personalities of both boys were coming in and out. Darcy knew of all of Allen's current personalties, he had talked to them all as well. He wasn't here to see them all individually.
What was special to him now was the way they all interacted with this "Thomas" person. He listened carefully as it all happened. Allen was clearly smitten with the weak little personality of the mutant eyed kid. Blake didn't see the appeal and was in fact, upset at the fact Allen latched onto him so fast. Perhaps even a tinge of jealousy was coursing it's way through him. He liked Allen, wanted Allen all to himself. It was half of the reason he wanted to separate them all. He wanted Allen.

Thomas was too weak. This "Tom" however, he could be more fun, but more than likely just useful. Tom didn't speak, he was careful like Darcy but there was something in the way he looked at Allen and the others that Blake knew could make him dangerous. Perhaps as dangerous as Azazel. Blake just smirked at the notion. He didn't think that anyone could be as dangerous as Azazel or even Al but perhaps time would tell.

He watched as Allen's personalities came in and out, all wanting to play with the new meat. It put strain on Allen though. Blake watched Allen start leaking blood and Blake growled at the glowing camera screen. He didn't want him hurt. Any of them hurt. Didn't he make that [i perfectly] clear? Is that so [i fucking] hard to understand?
He started to stand, ready to enter the room and put an end to the shifting but it was that weak little mutant kid that calmed Allen down. Darcy watched closely, and began scribbling down notes.

[center Thomas helps Allen remain calm. Allen will repress other personalities to spend time with the Thomas kid. Conflict with the mutant's other personalities.]

Darcy looked back up, not wanting to miss another second. That was something useful. Finally something useful.
The Thomas kid was getting scared again, but Darcy couldn't figure out why. Was it from Allen and his personalities or something inside him? Thomas changed again, to someone called Tommy he heard. So this kid had three all together so far. He watched as Tommy walked around the room and soon found his camera. Well... one of them. He looked right at Darcy.
"[b Found you.]"
Blake smiled wide. He liked this one. He was cheeky. Though he didn't seem to get along with Azazel very well. They were similar in demeanor but didn't seem to get along. In fact it started to get a little hostile. Blake stood up and walked out of the room. He didn't want any hostility. It could easily lead to bloodshed and he couldn't have that.

Quack. The Tommy boy called him that. He found it amusing. He wasn't a certified doctor but he was not a quack. These kids would find that out soon enough. He walked calmly down the hall, making his way to the room. He knocked on the door a couple times.
"[#a80021 [b Children, play time is over. Back on the gurneys. It's time to sleep.]]" He said through the door as he fingered both a blade and a can of knock out gas. He wasn't going to take any risks with these two. He thought that at least Azazel would listen to him if not one of Allen's other personalities. But as he heard Tommy's voice his hopes were dashed.
"[b There you are you crazy quack. So you going to come in here and let use known what is going on?]"
"[#a80021 [b I would be delighted. Just get back on the gurney first.]]"
Blake heard a low laughter on the other side of the door.
"[b I don't want to. Come on in Doc.]"
"[#a80021 [b Those are the terms Tommy.]]"
"[b Ooh. You know my name. He knows my name.]" He heard Tommy teasing, talking back to Azazel her assumed as he felt a dark anger starting to come over him.
"[#a80021 [b I'm not playing Tommy. Get on the gurney.]]"
"[b Make me shithead. Shut up Thomas!]"
Blake started to finger the doorknob and waited to see if Allen had anything to say.
  Avix / 41d 9h 26m 53s
Allen felt bad as he looked at Thomas he looked very shaken up once he started to talk about Darcy he also he didn’t like the fact he told him about Alfred. [#FA8072 “Im so sorry, I seem to be stressing you out and scaring you I don’t really mean too.”] he touched his shoulder softly as he began to think again it has been a while and Darcy hasn’t come in or even tried to get Allen back in restraints.

[#FA8072 “He will give us our bodies back, but he might have some fun with us first.”] He looked down nervously he honestly didn’t know what Darcy was going to do to them both. He then heard Thomas say no Tommy he looked at the boy his eyes and deminer now changed Allen stepped back the male this Tommy had blue eyes Allen continued to stare he was kinda like Alfred but had blue eyes like Azazel.

Allen puffed his cheeks the moment Tommy started to talked calling him kiddo, Allen hated that, its what all the Doctors had called him it was embarrassing since he was becoming a young adult and tomorrow was Allen’s 20th birthday. [#FA8072 “im not a kiddo, I understand you get lonely in there that’s why I let the boys have their time in my body. Its why I really want everyone to get their own bodies and be happy.

Allen didn’t want to test this personality so he just listened before the feeling of being pushed back but it was filled with pain. Alfred Al and Ame hissed as Azazel took over his eyes were blue while the whites of his eyes were blood red from the strain of them changing.

[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/27/ef/3b/27ef3b616d76910740c025393c7b36e0.jpg]

Azazel purred as the male found the camera his eyes shot straight up his grin demonic his voice deeper. [#00008B “Yes, Darcy…. Come play. He will defiantly want to come play while I am out.”] He spoke before he laughed he then looked into the eyes of Tommy his eyes were a beautiful blue.

[#00008B “Hey what do you say and give me your eyes. They are a perfect blue, I couldn’t ask for better. But the real reason I came out is because I don’t want you touching Allen I don’t know what you are like.”] Azazel grinned his teeth sharp he really looked like a demon now that his eyes were blood shot red.

Alfred held onto Allen on the inside he wasn’t awake he had to have been strained to much because of Azazel. [#FF0000 “God Damn it Azazel…. Allen is passed out how fucking dare you once you get back here ill beat the shit out of you!”] Alfred shouted causing Azazel to laugh. He no longer cared they would all have their own body and Azazel would be coming after all of them but that was his little secret he was just pretending to care. But he might keep allen as a trophy for keeping him alive.
  Allen Black / KasaiShadowFox / 43d 9h 48m 48s
As Allen talked of death, Thomas didn't flinch. He had been used to death threats having received too many of them to count. He always had different reactions to talk of death though. When Allen spoke of Alfred killing him, Thomas recoiled a little, Tom squared up, growling slightly and Tommy chuckled. Then it was silent again so Thomas could listen to more of that Allen said.

He almost wished he hadn't. When Allen spoke of touching him, or this Alfred, he thought touching him, Tom moved inside and Thomas wrapped his arms around himself. Of all the things in Thomas's life, he had been lucky to be spared from torture like that. Tom had always protected them. Allen reassured him though. He felt like Allen was strong, like if he said he was safe, he was really safe.

When he spoke of the doctor though, he paled again. This Doctor Darcy sounded like a monster. He had dealt with crazy doctors before but this sounded ... new. The other doctors were mostly bored or negligent. Allen made it sound like this one was actively seeking pain. Thomas shook his head slightly.
"Values life? I don't understand what that means. I don't want to die. If that's what he means then I don't want to die. I thought you said that he was going to separate us. Make us each a whole person."
Thomas took a couple deep breaths and shaking, reached for the water bottle.

"[b [size10 Come on Thomas. You're hogging all the spotlight. I want a turn.]]"

"Tommy, no ... please."

"[b Tommy yes.]"

[center [pic http://s8.favim.com/orig/150727/anime-boy-black-hair-blue-eyes-glasses-Favim.com-3019165.jpg]]

Tommy loved the feeling of his eyes changing color. It was a passing into something new, something him. When this quack was taking body orders, he would demand that his eyes were blue. Ice Blue. The bluest fucking eyes he could find. He would accept nothing else.
He looked over at this Allen kid and gave a sly smile.
"[b Hey kiddo. Name's Tommy. No need to freak. I just was feeling all kinds of left out. Everyone else got a turn with all this fun stuff.]"
He looked around. The room was very... white. It was boring as hell. Maybe he made a mistake. It was more fun to just tease Thomas most of the time.
"[b So when does this fun stuff happen? How do we get this quack Darcy back in here to start this party?]"
He started pacing the room, looking in the corners and underneath instruments, clanking them together. He groaned gently after about a minute and then looked in the corner by the door. There was a tiny black dot in the ceiling.
"[b Found you.]" He smirked and stuck his tongue out at the camera, pulling his eye down as well, a honest to goodness Japanese fuck you. He was pretty sure the doctor knew he was being teased no matter what Tommy did.
He turned back to Allen and shrugged.
"[b What do you say kid? Are you ready to get your body back?]"
  Thomas Drake / Avix / 46d 23h 3m 6s
Allen’s eyes went to Thomas as he said no and giggled he knew that feeling way to well, Allen put his fingers to his lips he couldn’t believe it the male he really was just like him the others in him talked to him in his head now he could really tell why people believed that they were crazy the voices were in their head and no one else could hear them besides the hosts.

Allen’s facial expressions became soft as he explained himself and then sent Allen into a embarrassed blushing face when he said he liked talking to him. Allen has never heard that from anyone besides The ones in his head. [#FA8072 “Th…Thank you, I like talking to you too. I have never met anyone like me it makes me feel a little less crazy. Just a little bit since I run a Zoo in my head.”] Allen let out a small chuckled.

[#FA8072 “I would love for you to tell me about them, I like you. Your kind you’re not like the other Roommates I have had. I know this because Alfred hasn’t tried to kill you. Because you are like us, they won’t hurt you they may scare or make you nervous but they will not harm you.”] Allen spoke softly. He listened to him as he asked if he also had the problem Allen really didn’t have that problem his thoughts were his own it’s the only peace he had but they did yell and argue so much that he almost couldn’t think to himself.

[#FA8072 “I have to speak allowed to them they can’t hear my thoughts it is the only privacy I have. My body isn’t even just mine, When Alfred first came through he wouldn’t stop touching areas.”] Allen began to puff his cheeks thinking back before hearing a chuckle in his head.

[#FF0000 “I forgot about that my lovely little Allen, I forgot how much I violated our body. Once I have control of your body I’m going to play with him too.”] Alfred began to laugh sending Shivers down Allen’s Spine.

[#FA8072 “No Alfred be quiet don’t say those sick words of yours you will not touch him, you will not touch me. If you try ill cut you off and ill have Darcy keep you inside me. And youll be stuck with me without a body till we both rot.”] Allen spoke in a angry tone hoping it didn’t scare off Thomas.

[#FA8072 “Anyways, Darcy he doesn’t have emotion but when Azazel asked what his blood looked like he stabbed himself. But he’s sick and twisted. He has a bunch of “Test Subjects that he works on to make them better. He uses body parts to make the perfect human. So he says. If you do as your told he won’t hurt you as bad. He likes a person who values life.”] He spoke softly watching him swallow his water he looked like he was some what relieved.
  Allen Black / KasaiShadowFox / 48d 3h 45m 41s
Thomas listened as Allen spoke to him about his other personalities. He was actually ... asking about it. He actually [i wanted] to know.

"[b [size10 He wants to meet me? Is he sure?]]" Tommy purred from inside.

"No." Thomas said and looked at Allen a little embarrassed. "What I meant was that, I don't really want them to come out right now. I like talking to you. I can tell you about them if you really wanted to know?"

"[b [size10 Fucking killjoy.]]"

"Well, you meet Tom I think. I guess he is kind of like my protector. He hasn't killed anyone... that I know about. He mostly just hurts them until they give up. He listens to me better than Tommy. He's ... a handful."

"[b [size10 Awe. You like me. You really like me.]]"

Thomas groaned gently. He hated when Tommy was really active but he knew that if he started goading him that he would definitely try and take over and who knew what kind of trouble he would start. Tommy took whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Each of his other personalities could be very dangerous when they wanted to be.

"One thing about it, and I don't know if it's the same for you but ... I don't have any thoughts to myself. I can't think in my head. They take up too much room." He chuckled a little half heartedly. "So everything I am thinking, I say out loud. So please don't think I'm crazy if I am talking to myself."

"[b [size10 Oh yes. I have people living in my skull that 'hurt' people but please don't think I'm crazy for muttering to myself. Grow up kid.]]"

Allen whimpered gently but tried to put on his best face and didn't respond to Tommy's taunts. He really wanted to spend this time with Allen. He finally took the water bottle offering a thanks with a slight blush for not taking it from him sooner and took a small sip. It felt like heaven running down his throat and made all his voices quiet up in his head. He felt a lot less agitated.

"So ... what can you tell me about the doctor?"
  Thomas Drake / Avix / 48d 12h 19m 19s
Allen duct his head feeling the gentle touch of Thomas’s hand grab him [I “We are not our personalities, we are our own person”] Thomas had spoke to him softly Aleen smiled at him before he had told Allen his name.

Allen wiped the blood from his lips. [#FA8072 “A pleasure to meet you Thomas, forgive the others they wont come out anymore today… they have learned their lesson everyone feels bad right now.”]

He took his water bottle taking a sip of water before offering it to Thomas. [#FA8072 “You seem kind. How are your other personalities, I hope they are not like mine Alfred has killed quite a few people, all of our old Doctors. Only because they hurt me. I promise I wont let the doctor hurt you if Darcy trys I can always bring out. The worst of all my personalities, shes hidden in the darkness.]

Alfred hissed the others shaking their heads. [#FF0000 “Yes Allen listen to yourself, I did all of that to protect you, even when we get our own bodies I will protect you, im sure all of us will still protect you. Allen you are our purpose in life.”]

[#00FFFF “Alfred we all know that when you get your own body you’ll be gone within seconds so you can go on a murderous rampage!”] Al hissed through his teeth.

[#8B008B “Everyone Lets stop fighting we have already stressed Allens body, and him. He started to cough up blood because of us please… Lets all just calm down and all of us close our eyes till tomorrow let Allen and his body rest before we strain him anymore.”] Ame spoke before Allen’s head now became quiet.

[#FA8072 “I don’t feel comfortable when they are all silent, Why…”] He looked at Thomas. [#FA8072 “Oh right if you would like a shower right back here is the Shower room. Would the others like to meet me? Idont want your body to strain like mine did.”] the whites of allens eyes were red after his eyes changed to many times his body in pain but didn’t want to show how much pain he was really in he was the weakest out of them all.
  Allen Black / KasaiShadowFox / 49d 1h 47m 34s
Tom listened, quietly, intently as the personalities took turned talking.
Ame seemed the most reasonable despite his freakish need for personal hygiene. When he spoke of needles and prodding Tom sneered slightly. He had his fair share. Doctors loved a patient with MPD. They loved prodding at every personality and talking to them all as if they were children who were asleep every time they switched. That was not the case with Tom. He always knew what was going on, they all did. They felt every needle, every shock, every hit.

He watched as the boy's eyes turned crimson. He wondered about this one, trying to make quick mental notes. Ame was Violet. This was...
"[u Allen. It's a pleasure to meet you.]" The boy smiled but his eyes were sad.

"[size10 He has to be the original!]" Thomas called excitedly and Tom and Tommy snapped and hissed at him. They didn't like the use of that word... They were all there in the beginning and as far as Tom was concerned they would all be there in the end.

"[u Don't worry, the doctor has promised us all bodies!]"

Thomas squirmed inside Tom's head and the pins and needles feeling got worse.
"[i Stop moving Thomas.]" He growled quietly. The boy gasped as Tom felt strong arms pinning him against the wall. He looked up and was frozen for a moment in surprise. The boy's hair was completely white and his teeth were sharp and pointed. Tom's eyes narrowed and he flexed his muscles, ready to fight back. This was what he was here for. He would show them that he was not to be...

But the boy fell to a heap on the floor. Before Tom could react. He looked with distaste at the boy on the floor, still wanting to kick his head in for trying to hurt him like that.

"[size10 Don't you dare...]"

Tom clutched his head and growled softly. This stupid fucking kid was going to get them all killed. He watched as the boy looked up.

"[size10 Allen...]"

"[u I… I am sorry for their actions please I’m not like them please I’m so sorry.]"

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/8d/07/20/8d072061ca42f619359d37df3dd49e25.jpg]]

Thomas pushed his way through, forcing a rather disgruntled Tom back into his head.

"[size10 [i What the fuck do you think you're doing Thomas?! He could kill us!]]"

Thomas bent down and gently pulled on Allen's arm, helping him up to his feet. He looked at the sad red eyed boy and gave a tiny smile of reassurance before hesitantly wiping a tear from his eye.
"We aren't our personalities." He said softly. Thomas's head was silent at this, whether in awe or agreement. "We are our own person." He gave a small sheepish smile.

"I'm Thomas, Allen. It is nice to meet you."
  Thomas Drake / Avix / 50d 19h 29m 45s
[i Ame watched the male as it seemed he was having a argument with his other personalities. [#8B008B “Take this water please we don’t need you dehydrated when the doctor comes back he will prod you with more needles then you need. Or want.”] Ame offered the Water before taking the unclaimed piece of fruit. He wanted the other boy to have the rest of the food he needed the most nurturance then Allen and the boys needed.

Ame bowed before his violet eyes turned a crimson red his body becoming normal he blinked a couple times before taking a bite of the banana. “It’s been so long since I have had something so good. The doctor feeds us well, please feel free to eat the rest and drink up. Ame is right the doctor likes to poke you with needles.” His voice was soft and innocent he and Ame seemed to be the calmest out of the others.

[#00008B “Allen let me talk to them let me introduce myself please.”]

[#FF0000 “No way he would let you take over if he wouldn’t even let me take over are you serious.”] Alfred scoffed.

Allen chuckled as the two argued back and forth his red eyes trailed the males body before sticking his hand out to shake. [#FA8072 “I’m Allen it’s a pleasure to meet you all. But don’t worry the doctor has promised us all bodies.”] Allen’s eyes were now flowing with sadness as he remembered that the doctor had said this boy would be the one who would be experimenting on.

Allen wouldn’t let him be experimented on he seemed more timid than he was he had more of a chance of surviving since there seemed to only be a couple of them there was more in Allen. The boy didn’t have personalities like Allen who could protect him. They were stronger they scared Darcy.
[#FA8072 “Don’t worry I won’t let him harm you, He is afraid of Azazel. I’m surprised he let us free to roam and talk to you. I for sure thought that he wasn’t going to let us free.”] Allen’s eyes widened his hair now becoming a light white shade his eyes turning a baby blue his smile turned into a Grin his teeth seemed to sharpen.

[#00008B “Now, now Allen don’t be giving all our secrets away.”] Azazel spoke before grabbing toms arm pinning him to the wall licking his lips. [You remind me of Allen so frail, I just want to eat you right up. Just one little bite it won’t hurt too much.”]

Azazel sighed letting the boy go hearing Allen yell inside his head. [#FA8072 “I swear Azazel if you hurt him I will send you back to the darkness where you can spend time with her.”]

[#00008B “Who is her? The one the others talk about, the one everyone fears the one who can kill you instantly by taking you over Allen that one you threatened me. I’m only here to protect you. Don’t be so… Violent.”] he spoke hissing as he said violent before Azazel could speak allowed again Allen took control. He began to panic and cough violently.

The stress on his body from the others changing so much had done its toll on Allen’s body causing him to fall to his knees letting go of tom’s arm. Allen’s eyes stayed on the floor his heart racing his vision became blurred blood trickled down his chin. [#FA8072 “I… I am sorry for their actions please I’m not like them please I’m so sorry.”] He began to tear up knowing his new roommate wouldn’t want to be so close to him just like everyone else. Darcy was the only one who could understand him he understood that Allen was different from his personalities. Allen sat there unsure if Tom was going to hit him for grabbing him, he could understand if he did because the others had to have scared him. He closed his eyes ready for impact tears streamed down his cheeks he was used to the tears they came when they were unwanted he learned not to make a sound.]
  Allen Black / KasaiShadowFox / 51d 3h 28m 34s
Tom watched the boy shift over and over again. His boy and eyes changing a bit like what Tom's body did when the different personalities took over. This though, [i this] was [i far] more drastic. Tom listened as the first spoke. It had thick shoulders and a German accent. He seemed strong and slightly dangerous. Tom slowly got to his feet, shaking slightly but trying as hard as he could to not let his fatigue show.

"[i No kidding]" Tom said quietly when the German told him not to trust the doctor. His name was Al. He seemed slightly level-headed, giving him tips and tricks of advice. The tips made him nervous though. These [i other] personalities, Al, Azazel, they could be trouble.

As if on que, Al changed, his accent now Russian and Tom didn't like what he had to say at all. As the Russian started speaking, Tom took a step back into a defensive stance, his eyes narrowing. He took his shirt off, showing off his plethora of scars and cuts. Tom felt nothing for the Russian's scars and definitely no desire to show his own. He almost started to bare his teeth when the Russian's eyes turned Violet.

The boy's entire demeanor changed again. This one apologized and said the words he finally wanted to hear. The doctor was going to give them all their own bodies. Every voice the Tom's body hitched.

"[size10 C-Can he do that?]"
"[b [size10 There is no fucking way]]"
"[size10 But what if? What if he coul-]"
"[b [size10 Hop off it. He's a fucking quack!]]"

Tom shook his head, growling slightly as the violet eyed one introduced himself as Ame. Tom looked up and watched as he didn't extend a hand and instead kept his hands far from Tom, saying the contact would require gloves. Tom made no moves to get any gloves. The farther that body stayed from him, the better. He looked over at the food and felt Tommy itching inside.

"[b [size10 Grab it before he does.]]"

"[i We don't need it.]" Tom said quietly and took a deep settling breath. "[i Thomas, what did you get us into this time...]" Tom looked up at Ame and skirted around the table, grabbing an apple and putting it on the counter away from the other body.

"[i I don't know what is going on here.]" Tom said at a normal volume. "[i But I am not going to let any harm come to us. Not from anyone.]" He said, making a pointed statement.

"[size10 Tom please be nice. Please? They seemed to want to help...]"

Tom shook his head, feeling like the back of his head had pins and needles. They were fighting too hard.
"[i Go to sleep]"
He looked back up at Ame. "[i This doctor promised us new bodies? Bodies for what? All of] us? [i Is that even possible?]"
  Thomas Drake / Avix / 58d 20h 49m 36s
[center Allen and the rest of the boys all watched as the boy seemed to come too. He looked afraid it was familiar to him, Allen was like that when he was first admitted to an asylum when he was younger. The boys eyes intrigued Allen, Al, Alfred, Ame and Azazel. Allen snapped from staring felling as though he was rude buthe couldn’t help it the boy was just so fragil, meek boy and Darcy wasn’t treating him with the same kindness that he showed himself. Was Darcy really that afraid of Azazel? Allen then saw the food his stomach starting to growl before being put with the others. [I “Who took over this time?”] He asked himself looking around trying to account for everyone when he heart the familiar German accent.]

[center [pic https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/769489683264991232/JV5i7bnZ.jpg]]
Allens shoulders became broad as Al took over Allens body. The German listened to Darcy talking about how the pair would share a meal together and he talked about it being an experiment. [I “An experiment us? How stupid is this doctor.”] Al thought to himself his eyes still locked onto Darcy just as the other was as well. Al hissed watching the doctor release the boy whom fell to the floor. [#00FFFF “*Bastard nur, weil er nicht jemand wie Azazel nicht bedeutet, dass Sie ihn wie Scheiße behandeln.] He hissed out in his own language his tone angry and the German barely got like this only when him and the Russian got into their arguments. His dark red eyes stared at the doctor as he released him more careful. The German stepped down rubbing his wrists from where the restraints were he stretched looking down at the male covering his head.

Al wasn’t going to let Alfred take over unsure of what the blood thirsty male would do to him. Al knew he wouldn’t go after him because they were here to help them all get bodies of their own. This male was just like them he had others inside him but how many? What where they like? He felt like he mimicked what the doctor had said about them and he let out a little Tsk sound. [#00FFFF “Fürchte dich nicht… Oh excuse me. Don’t be afraid of us. We are not the ones who will harm you. Don’t trust that man, just follow what we do. I am Al it’s a pleasure to meet you…”] his voice was soft but had a very thick accent he then put out his hand to help him up. [#00FFFF “The only one you have to be careful around is Alfred, and be cautious around our Newest occupant Azazel, he has beautiful ocean blue eyes we also have our community Clean Freak Ame. He has violet eyes.”] he laughed a little hearing Ame yell at him.

[#00FFFF “Hmm. Lets see if you have any questions you can ask me I have answers for almost everything.”] he spoke before being able to say anything else Alfred took over.

[center [pic http://share-fastly.picmonkey.com/prod/photo_posts/KMuwG92wtnn_14452596.jpg]]

[#FF0000 “Mmmm, let me see your eyes change again let me see he innocent afraid boy. Let me Comfort him. I want to play with him.”] Alfred purred his eyes a lighter ruby red then the other two. [#FF0000 “Allen would be upset again and the clean freak would bring me to the darkness if I killed you I wont kill you I will just play with your body… Does your body look like mine?”] Alfred took his shirt off reveling all the scars on Allens body.

[#FF0000 “ Look at all these beautiful permenant marks on our body, even the doctor put these fresh ones on us. Arnt they beautiful?!”] the Crazed Russian looked at him waiting for a response feeling Azazel and Allen fighting for control so the multi-color eyed male wouldn’t be to scared of the barbarian.

[center [pic http://share-fastly.picmonkey.com/prod/photo_posts/r3J6NSY80HW_14461571.jpg]]

Ame was easily able to take the control from Alfred the barbaric Russian. He dawned his shirt again picking up a bottle of water opening it hearing the rip of a freshly opened bottle of water sent chills down his spin knowing that the water wasn’t contaminated he offered the purified water to Tom. [#8B008B Forgive the Rudeness of Alfred, Not all of us are like that.”] His eyes a calming Violet color. [#8B008B Now I will be here for a while I don’t want the others to scare you since you are still coming off of the drug that Darcy had given you ill make sure to keep you safe. Just as I keep Allen safe both of you are precious material. Darcy is going to help by getting us all our own bodies.”]

Ame was calm and collected while the others were brash and hard headed, Just his voice was soothing and could calm almost anyone but would it be enough to calm down [I tom] He thought to himself before opening the other water for himself taking a sip before looking at the food. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to eat it he would have to have Allen eat it. To Ame the food was contaminated because it wasn’t packaged.

Violet eyes Searched the room wondering where and when even if there was a camera in the room with the boys. What was Darcy wanting to happen when the two boys were cut loose together Alone. [#8B008B “My name Is Ame, I would shake your hand but you see you do not have gloves on I hope Darcy was ever so kind to bring an extra pair.”] he blinked his eyes now glued to the fascinatingly beautiful male before him.

[h3 Translations]

*Bastard just because he doesn't have someone like Azazel doesn't mean you treat him like shit.
*Dont be Afraid
  Allen Black / KasaiShadowFox / 59d 14m 0s
Thomas's entire world was blurry. His eyes betrayed him, not wanting to work, not wanting to focus properly. His head pounded loudly, his skull on fire and his ears ringing with noise.

"[i [size10 Thomas! Thomas!]]"

"Tom?" Thomas said groggily before he was aware of people speaking outside his own head. He looked up and saw the doctor from before. He was different somehow, not meek, not scared, but not ... friendly. Something was nagging at the back of his mind. Tommy laughed.

"[b [size10 Think think think child.]]" Tommy sang in a quiet voice. Tommy was always quiet unless he was in charge. Then he wouldn't shut up if he didn't want to. It was always what Tommy did or did not want to do.

Thomas started shaking his head gently, mostly from side to side in second intervals, trying to get some feeling back inside his body.

"[#a80021 [b Well, Well, look who is finally deciding to join us ...]]"

Thomas looked up into dead black eyes.

"They look like a sharks." Thomas whispered into the doctor's face. The doctor gave a cold smile. "Definitely a shark." Thomas said again, just as quietly.

"[#a80021 [b There you have it Allen. He is alive and kicking, for the most part. It'll take a while for the chemicals to wear off. Oh, and I brought you a little something.]]"

Thomas swung his head over to look at the Doctor. The sack of supplies the doctor had given him, that's what he was rummaging through. It was the food he saw. Simple things, bread, fruit, some kind of meat slop in tiny plastic bags. Water in flimsy cardboard boxes. Thomas felt it throat twitch at the look of water. His throat was drier than a desert after whatever the doctor injected him with. How had Tom not seen it? Protected him? Why had he been so trusting?

"[b [size10 Because you're an idiot.]]"

Thomas watched as the doctor arranged a table. Setting up the food equally on two sides of the table as if arranging a fancy dinner. Thomas groaned only a little. It looked good despite the situation.

"[#a80021 [b There. I thought it would be nice for you to spend some [i quality] time over a meal.]]" The doctor walked over to the counter and picked up a notebook attacked to a clipboard and began to jot something down. Thomas just watched him for a moment or two, scared to take his eyes off him for a moment but he did, and looked at his new "roommate".

The boy was slender, almost small but something about him seemed familiar. His eyes were a burning red color, more vibrant than anything Thomas had seen in his 19 years of living.

"[#a80021 [b So,]]" the doctor picked back up. "[#a80021 [b experiment time.]]" He walked over to Thomas and stood directly in front of him. Thomas tried to strain away, anything to get away from those dead black eyes.
He felt the doctor's touch on his arms. It was cold, like a vampires, but gentle and firm like a doctors. He looked away, almost whimpering and felt the restraints all come loose. He looked down and saw his hand free just before he felt himself go careening to the floor. He hit the icy floor with a skin slapping thud and felt pins and needles stab all over his body.

"[i [size10 Thomas!]]"

Tom wormed his way inside Thomas's brain, and he felt himself slipping to the back.

"I don't want to go to sleep Tom..." He whimpered and curled up into a ball. He felt Tom fighting him but the body was too weak to hold him. Thomas looked up and watched as the doctor unstrapped the red eyed boy, more carefully than he did with Thomas. He backed away and paused only for a brief second at the door.
"[#a80021 [b Have fun you two.]]"
And like that he was gone.

Thomas looked at the boy and closed his eyes, hands over his head. He was scared. He didn't know what was going on, why this? Why him?

"[i THOMAS]"

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/b5/82/d6/b582d6bb3fb8556348b0a1a653320ee2.jpg]]
Tom opened his eyes and took a deep pained breath in. The chemical was waring off but still made him weak. He put both his hands down on the ground and pushed up, feeling the muscles in his arms shake. He looked up with two golden eyes at the red eyed boy. Yes, Thomas was right he seemed... similar. But there was something dangerous too. Something behind those brilliant eyes. He waited for him to do something, say something and readied himself for any move.
  Thomas Drake / Avix / 60d 8h 7m 46s
[center Ame’s Violet eyes stayed on Darcy as he came in gently putting the mask on his to keep the germs off of him. Ame was delighted that the man had honored his wishes as he had done for him he laid on the operation table strapped down. He really wanted to complain but he couldn’t he understood since Alfred was a brute and didn’t care who he killed.]

[center [#8B008B “Don’t worry I will be very obedient, I’m a little bit selfish, you see if the boys decide they are going to try and ruin and contaminate our host’s body then I shall take over. They are not clean, and so far, Doctor this is the only room you have sanitized around here. I mean don’t get me wrong I am grateful for this room and you trusting me enough to let me cleans myself. But I can tell you get annoyed when I begin to talk so you don’t like talking of others you just like hearing your own voice you.”] he winced at the pain in his thumbs they were pulsating.]

[center [#8B008B “Fuck…”] he liked how the doctor was being very delicate with him. [#8B008B “You are just as Selfish as I am aren’t you. Yes, Yes you are, you only love yourself and do stuff only to benefit yourself. Hmm… Maybe im just overthinking things. Its time for me to get some sleep ill let Allen take over goodnight Doctor.”] he spoke Softly as he closed his eyes letting the Red eyed boy Allen. Allen watched as the doctor left the room.]

[center [#FA8072 “Welcome back, Ame. Im happy you are back maybe with you and Azazel we can control Alfred.”] He said softly while the OCD male stood staring down Azazel ignoring Allen huffing trying to figure out who and what the hell the demon man was and how he came to be.]

[center [#8B008B “You, who are you and what is your personality like I don’t need another Alfred if you behave like him im going to have to put you back in the darkness… And Alfred! You, you ungrateful piece of shit. You lied to me you lead me deep into the darkness you were just mad that I wouldn’t let you make a mess by murdering needlessly.”] Ame crossed his arms staring at Alfred who shrugged laughing at him. [#8B008B I wont be fooled by anyone ever again.”]]

[center Azazel walked over to the violet eyed male his ocean blue eyes glowing in the dark his grin showing the sharp teeth his silver locks put behind his ear. Azazel put out his hand to shake Ame’s. [#8B008B “Im sorry I would but you don’t have gloves on nor did you cleanse your hands properly as you can see I am a clean, OCD about germs and disease’s I can catch from everyone. Forgive me.”] Ame softly spoke turning his head nervously feeling something not right about Azazel, is he the real reason that the doctor didn’t want him to be free just his grin sent chills down his spine.]

[center [#00008B “ Oh yes your right, then you would like me very, very much. Unlike your friend there. When I kill…”] He paused getting closer to his ear whispering. [#00008B I am very clean. I make sure every drop of blood is whipped up and clean. I even make sure my bodies are preserved just right no blood even the body, no Blood.”] the demon male began to laugh before stepping aside showing Ame to his chair. [#00008B Now sleep I know you need it, its been a while since you could sleep right since being locked in the darkness.”]]

[center Ame listened before nodding walking to the chair all the men going to their individual chairs each falling asleep. Once Allen felt them asleep he also fell asleep having no fear now he had both Ame and Azazel to keep Al and Alfred under control.]

[center The next morning Allen woke up he was still in charge at the moment but any minute now the Doctor could come in and Alfred might jump in. [#00008B “A…Ame.”] He said softly his voice ringing gently into the OCD males ears. ]

[center [#8B008B What is it Allen? Would you like me to gain control. You fear…”] He said before being ever so rudely intrupted by Azazel.]
[center [#00008B “Allen you will let me take control for now it seems the Clean freak wants a word with and the more you talk allowed the more the Doctor is going to think you are a freak.”] He laughed he didn’t mean to hurt Allens feelings he was just trying to take over before the doctor had came in which surprisingly Allen let him.]

[center Both Allen and Ame embraced which made Alfred and Al’s jaw dropping it was weird Ame hugging anyone but the clean Freak of a male knew Allen kept clean he understood each one of the personalilties it didn’t seem like it but he cared for each one and knew every small detail about them he did create them. Each a lot different then him someone he wished that he didn’t want to have part of.]

[center Ame was too clean, if he stayed to long in Allen’s body he would scrub his body tillit bled some times. He wasn’t like that all the time only when Alfred had bloodied up or when Al decided to do some gardening filling his arms and legs full of dirt. Ame hated anything dirty whenever he felt Allen’s stomach hungry he let Allen take over because he felt if he ate that food it would make him sick.]

[center Azazel watched as the doctor came in with a new playmate. [#00008B “Oh look here the doctor, You did bring me a playmate. But hes knocked out how is he going to be fun to play with when hes not awake for me to talk to him. But it seem you like Allen and Ame the best. Everything you say we all can hear. Before I let you have Allen I just wanted to thank you personally for bleeding for me. Watching the pain affect you I wish I could feel pain. But I wont let you harm my host maybe once I have a real body you can test it on me.”] he grinned before letting Allen have control the sapphire eyes now turning blood red.]

[center [#FA8072 “Oh good morning Darcy. I see you brought someone just like me in. what is his name. You call him Mutant but I want his real name. when he wakes up I want to call him by his name, or names I should say.”] he smiled to Darcy softly before his gaze went to the male. Allen thought that his skin seemed soft he was beautiful there was no way that he had different personalities.]
  Allen Black / KasaiShadowFox / 62d 23h 40m 17s
Blake walked over, his one hand still in he pocket as he watched Violet with suspicious eyes. This one was different for sure. Obedient, selfish. Blake Darcy took a liking to him immediately. That didn't stop him from strapping the boy down again, locking the straps in a way that made them break poof and fiddle proof. He prided himself in his work for that. When he was finally satisfied, and as a gesture of good will, he grabbed a mask for Violet and himself and two pairs of gloves. Darcy put his on, both mask and gloves before walking over to Violet.

Gentle as a lover, Darcy barely leaned down and placed the mask on Violet's face, making sure his mouth was completely covered and the strings were secured behind his ears. Then he moved around to his hands and pulled the latex gloves onto each of his fingers, maneuvering with surgeon like care around his bruised and swelling thumbs.

"[#a80021 [b You seem completely reasonable. It is almost shocking. Allen was the only one in that body that I could even tolerate. You seem to put a half decent head on his shoulders.]]" Darcy smiled a little at his own joke and backed off from Violet, making sure to give him plenty of room.
"[#a80021 [b For co-operating, this can be your more permeant room. I still don't and wont trust you, but you've earned this spare room at the least for your behavior this evening.]]"

Darcy looked down at his watch and held back another one of his growls.
"[#a80021 [b Well would you look at this shit... It is time for me to go for the evening. I need to return to my duties above. I will bring you food and a new playmate tomorrow. Won't it be simply [i delicious]?]]" Blake smiled widely and turned on his heels, making his way towards the door.

"[#a80021 [b Until tomorrow then.]]"

Doctor Darcy was woken up at his desk. He blinked at the face of a nurse who looked at him completely concerned.
"[i Doctor?]"
"[#a80021 [b Yes, yes?]]" He mumbled groggily. He pulled out a pair of reading glasses and set them on his nose right before moving them up so he could pinch the bridge of his nose with a groan. His head was reeling and his bones ached. This is why he didn't fall asleep at his desk but he had stayed up too late jotting down notes and ideas.
"[i The new patients have arrived.]"
Darcy had at first tried not to let the nurse see his body stiffen at her phrase but at the last moment, let her see it. She would think him nervous, but that was never the case. He tried not to smile wickedly.
"[#a80021 [b Yes nurse. Yes. I'll be right there.]]" He said quietly. He felt her hand on his shoulder and he again tried not to stiffen in revulsion. She walked out of the room and Blake tried not to breathe too heavily. It was going to be another wonderful day.

"[#a80021 [b I am Doctor Darcy. I run this medical ward and will be seeing to you all personally, one by one that is.]]"
It was his usual line. The patients looked at him in fear, awe or with challenge. It's the way it always was. It was that way when Allen had come into the asylum. This time, he looked at his goal. A scrawny little thing with one golden eye and one blue.
"[#a80021 [i Mutant.]]" Blake thought, trying not to pull a lip up. A perfect test subject.
"[#a80021 [b So the nurses here will show you to your new rooms.]]" He motioned to the nurses to take the patients away but as they began escorting the Mutant out of the room, he put an arm in front of the nurse and Mutant.
"[i Doctor?]"
"[#a80021 [b I'll take it from here nurse.]]" He looked her in the eyes, searching her face. There was relief in it. Perfect. He smiled at her and took the boy by the arm, his cuffs clinking gently. Mutant said nothing and followed the Doctor obediently. Perfect. Darcy lead the boy to a solitary room down the hall, close to his lab but not too close. He put the boy inside the room and gave him a small smile. The boy seemed to shrink and Blake resisted the urge to spit. This one probably wouldn't last too long.
"[i Doctor?]" Behind him was the nurse. She had followed him down. For what reason? He was slightly annoyed but feigned surprise.
"[#a80021 [b Yes nurse?]]"
"[i Why is he here in solitary?]"
Darcy let his face soften.
"[#a80021 [b To be honest? I am scared. I didn't want to let anyone else know but I am having him transferred to another facility. I know it's not right but after what happened...]]" He pretended to get choked up and rubbed his arms to make it a little more convincing. "[#a80021 [b I can't risk anymore staff or patients. It just...]]" He let himself trail off again and received another touch on the arm. His skin crawled but he let it happen. He looked up and her smile was kind and sympathetic.
"[#a80021 [i Disgusting.]]"
"[i We all appreciate you Doctor Darcy. Thank you.]"
He just nodded to her and walked with her while smiling. What an idiot.

That night, he walked down to solitary, a pack in hand. He let the keys jingle in his hands and opened the door slowly.
"[#a80021 [b Wait, wait!]]" He called into the door, edging around the corner. They boy was in the corner of the room, his eyes switching from all gold, back to his mutant color.
"[b Doctor?]"
"[#a80021 [b Yes. Yes. I am here to take you somewhere else. I'm sorry. You can't stay here.]]"
"[b I heard you talking to the nurse. Are ... are you scared of me?]"
Darcy pretended to swallow and let his arms fall to his sides.
"[#a80021 [b Yes ... Something bad happened here and ... I just can't have you stay. I can't get you transferred ... So ... I-I just want you to go.]]"
Darcy held out the pack and kept his head down, hoping the boy would just take it. After a couple moments, the pack was taken out of his hands and opened. Darcy looked up and saw the boys eyes a blue color and then back to the mutant color.
"[b Okay.]"
"[#a80021 [b Thank you.]]" Darcy breathed, holding back his crazed smile and opened the door for the boy. He walked out, flashing Darcy a cute smile.
"[#a80021 [i Idiot.]]"
They walked down the hallway a little, Darcy leading.
"[#a80021 [b It's right over this way.]]" He said pointing to the Exit door. The boy walked in front of him then, eyes fixated on the door as Blake drew out a small syringe. Without another word, Blake injected the boy and watched as his body dropped to the floor.
"[#a80021 [i Idiot.]]"

Soon the boy was strapped to the cleanest gurney Blake could find, cleaned up and in new scrubs. Blake was wheeling him to Allen's room, wondering who he would find today.
"[#a80021 [b Hello again.]]" Blake called happily as he wheeling Allen's new playmate into the room.
"[#a80021 [b Meet Mutant. He will be keeping you company for a while.]]"
  Blake Darcy / Avix / 65d 22h 10m 56s

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