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[center Alfred watched as the males eyes had changed. [I Damn, things were getting interesting the brat let out this one.] He thought to himself while putting his hands down his side. As the male got into a defensive position beginning to talk telling Allen that Thomas was done with Allen and tommy was not going to come out. [#FF0000 Boy, does that take all the fun out of things. You of course seem to be stronger than tommy boy.”] he grinned before hearing the bang on the door.

[#FF0000 “Now who’s disturbing us god damn…..”] his eyes widened as the door flew off the hinges revealing a monster that was created by the mad scientist himself. It was only when he the male in front of him was no longer standing but being crushed by the monster but Alfred couldn’t move was it fear that kept him there frozen in time. No it was Allen who faught his way back once he heard The doctors voice.

[#FA8072 “Doctor, no please. Please stop don’t let that thing hurt them. Ill do anything you want. Remember you need them to get me free of the others so I can…”] He froze looking down as Tom flung the monster off and ran out of the room. Allen stood there his body still dripping the rest of the water off he began to shiver. [#FA8072 “Please Darcy, Ill become your personal play thing. Just leave them alone they did nothing wrong, its just she came out to play. It was her fault so it’s my fault.”] he spoke soon following tom out of the room he just stood by the door and watched he didn’t want to leave darcy he wanted to stay here with him hes the only one who can control those in him.

Allen ran after watching him collapse and convulse but it was to late bars fell down trapping him and allen started to cry. [#FA8072 No let him go take me instead! Don’t hurt them Darcy Don’t hurt them they have learned their lesson they don’t need…”] his voice stopped

Allens body collapsed to his knees his body limp before he stood up his hair growing once he looked up his eyes began to bleed. [#8a2be2 “Boy, This sure is fun. I am so glad that I have come at such a good time.”] Ava spoke she swayed her hips walking back towards where the other Monster was. [#8a2be2 “Now if you want this boy to live then I think you should pull your hideously wonderful creatures back or I would give Allens body about ten minutes till my presence kills him. also come here I would love to see the man who takes such good care of my boy. Come out now let me see your handsome face.”]]
  Allen Black / KasaiShadowFox / 224d 12m 51s
The change was instant as Tom came out and moved Alfred's hand away and side stepped with ease.
"[size10 [i Fuck... the fun police is here]]"
"[size10 Fuck you Tommy. This is all your fault.]]"
There was a chuckle that even escaped Tom's throat, higher in pitch and full of pain and anger.
"[size10 [i Oh Thomas, I hope the quack isn't a quack so I can throttle you myself when we get out of here.]]."

"[b Enough.]" Tom said, addressing both of the voices and the brute in front of him. "[b Tommy is not coming out to fight and Allen is done with Thomas. Leave us alone.]"
"[size10 Tom no!]
"[b Quiet Thomas!]" Tom shouted. His purely golden eyes fixed on the danger in front of them and he lowered himself into a defensive stance.
"[b You have this one moment to leave us alone ... or else.]" His voice got low and gravelly like it shouldn't have been able to and his eyes hardened from liquid to metal.

[b [i BANG]]
Tom didn't turn around, keeping his eyes firmly on Alfread but listened.
[b [i BANG!]]
Metal crunched with the sound. Tom turned his head enough to see the folded metal door fly off its hinges to revel a creature standing in the doorway. It's body was brightly pink but in a way that resembled muscle tissue and torn flesh. Speaking of flesh, the skin was hanging off in ribbons. It's face was the most disturbing part of it however. Bulging eyes that took everything in at frightening speed, the pupils almost big enough to cover the entire eye and the mouth, cut open so it was permanently smiling. It opened it's mouth and a long tongue flopped out onto its chin. It was smelling.
At that moment, the room went dark and a purring voice entered the room.
"[#a80021 [b And you say, 'I don't want to go among mad people.' And my darling cat will reply, 'You can't help that. [i We're all mad down here].]]"

Tom felt a large weight slam into his back and he went flying forward, pinned underneath this large thing. He could smell it's breath and feel his blood sliding onto the floor. The thing had cut him somehow. It tightened it's hands and Tom cried out, finding that it had sharp nails, made for cutting. Tom found himself on his stomach, pinned and almost helpless. The thing had gotten him perfectly. He lied still and waited, the thing leaned down, it's rancid breath inches from his ear and curling around in his nose. He flung his head back and slammed it in the face. It howled and reared back enough for Tom to throw it off and stand up. He scanned the dark hopelessly looking for even a little light.
"[size10 The hallway! The exit sign! The exit!]"

Tom took the advice and ran for the door, seeing just the slightest glow of a neon red sign that was down the hall.
"[size10 Allen!]"
Tom burst through the door and felt his leg shake and go numb before his body convulsed and collapsed on itself. He fell to the ground while looking at a pair of iron bars that came from the ceiling, blocking the hallways both in front and behind him.

"[#a80021 [b Then it doesn't matter which way you go Alice.]]"

Tom growled and tried to move his body, the electrocution slowly wearing off, his body humming with pins and needles. Slowly, a figure was appearing from the door, it's teeth almost shining in the faint red light.
  Thomas Drake / BabaYaga / 235d 14h 55m 53s
Allens eyes stayed on Tommy tears now filled his eyes his body began to shake as Tommy asked to fight Allen. [#FA8072 “N..No I don’t want to fight you because they will….”] he paused watching as the male in front of him grabbed his head his demeaner changed he heard a whisper as the body fell to his knees and hugged himself.

[#FA8072 “No Thomas it was my fault for being so weak.”] He spoke reaching out to the boy only watching him leave the showers. Allen sat there curling up as the water ran down his body once again. [#FA8072 Al, Shes back shes going to hurt Thomas, Shes going to hurt the Doctor I don’t want them to get hurt because of my foolishness because I have created that woman’s soul. Please Al, Ame, Alfred please.”] He began to cry he was weak he was not wanted he had finally broke.

Allen got up turning the showers off his black locks oh hair hanging in front of his face his eyes blank as he walked out of the showers into their room. He didn’t bother looking for a towel he just walked to Thomas cornering him. [#FA8072 Thomas, Let Tommy fight me. Come on let him out I wont harm your body I promise Thomas.”] He grabbed Thomas’s chin and pressed his lips upon his.

Al hissed Alfred and Ame gritted their teeth forcing her restraints to come off them. [#00FFFF “Allen, Wake up come on no one will be hurt if you just wake up. Come on don’t listen to the witch.]

[center [pic http://share-fastly.picmonkey.com/prod/photo_posts/r3J6NSY80HW_14461571.jpg]]

[#9370DB “That damned Doctor needs to hurry up and get in here. He needs to put a stop to this this isn’t Allen..”] Alfred hissed looking around for the demon woman.

Ame took the pleasure and took over sending Allen back with Alfred and Al. Ame stood back looking at Allen’s body and then hiss attention went to his hands. [#9370DB Must sanitize my body before I can speak must sanitize the room. My mouth, I should have waited to take over until Allen had pulled away from Thomas…”] the male began to open the cupboards hoping to find some sort of sanitizing material. But it was of no use.

The boy then walked back into the showers turning them back on drenching his body in ice cold water. He believed in only cold showers warm showers let the germs multiply and spread while cold water made them freeze and die it was the only other way he could think of sanitizing himself. He noticed a bar of soap he grabbed it and scrubbed his body repeatedly until he was completely satisfied.

By the time Ame was done cleaning himself his body was red and raw the male walked out of the showers and stood in the door not touching anything but then started to stare at Thomas. [#9370DB Please shout for the doctor, im about to let Alfred Take over because I have no clean towel or clothes ill end up hurting Allen more. But Alfred might go after you, Tommy broke Allen. So Alfred is going to break you he is going to destroy you so let tommy out let them fight it out.”]

[center [pic http://share-fastly.picmonkey.com/prod/photo_posts/KMuwG92wtnn_14452596.jpg]

Ames posture changed his eyes back to a red color his dripping wet his long fingers brushing his hair back. [#FF0000 “Now now Thomas let me see your face as I break you. Let me see those eyes filled with tears as I knock you around a bit until that little bitch comes out to play with me.”] Alfred hissed through his teeth walking balling his fist throwing a punch hitting the wall behind Thomas leaving a dent.

[#FF0000 Go on bring him out, or regret it because the next punch I throw is going to be directed at your face because your unworthy of Allen. I hate to say this but that Doctor is worthier then you so if you care for my little Shit Allen let the bastard Tommy fight me.”]
  Allen Black / KasaiShadowFox / 296d 19h 31m 54s
Their whole body stopped at the kiss, three separate emotions flashing through them at the same time. Tommy smiled wide when Allen pulled away and screamed profanity.
"[i Most interesting bitch yet.]" Tommy purred, running a finger across his lips. The words that had come from Allen's mouth but not his mind lingered in the air of the room.
"[u Have fun with Allen do as you please with him. If you do when im out of his body ill let you live, If you don’t ill kill you.]"
"[i How very interesting.]" Tommy purred again and took a step towards Allen.
"[i Fuck off Thomas.]" He said, his eyes still trained on Allen. He didn't want the kid. Not really. He didn't want his body or his love. He just wanted to be entertained.
"[i So what now Little Allen? Aparently I am supposed to have my way with you. Will you fight me?]"
At that his head throbbed. He closed his eyes and grabbed his head for a moment. Then another throb, harder this time. It made him stumble.
"[i What the...]"
"[size10 Fuck you]

[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/8d/07/20/8d072061ca42f619359d37df3dd49e25.jpg]
Thomas took back his own body, his own skin and hugged himself tightly. He had never taken back control from Tommy, never. He shuttered gently and fell to the ground, his whole body shaking gently.
"[size10 [i How the fuck did the little bitch grow some balls?]]"
"I'm sorry Allen." Thomas said quietly. He stood up, covering himself best he could and walked out of the room, in search of his clothes.

[pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/9b/4a/37/9b4a37d52ece78967d18fdc38b4a7de0.jpg]

Blake watched all of this. Watched as Tommy got closer and closer to Allen. Blake watched him caress Allen's face and he stood up quickly, knocking his chair over, a hot rage inside him. But Darcy almost knelt down at the presence of the new. He had never heard Allen sound like that before. If he closed his eyes, it was a woman. An icy woman. It made Blake shudder and not unpleasantly either. He watched the blood drip from Allen's eyes and he stood again, listening to the words.
"[i Have fun with Allen do as you please with him. If you do when im out of his body ill let you live, If you don’t ill kill you.]"
"[#a80021 [b Well that's not allowed now is it...]]" Blake whispered to the screen. He stood up and began to pace in front of the monitor. The sooner he could get rid of this mutant the better. He never expected them to get along so quickly so fast. There had to be a way to sever them. Until then...

He left the screen when Thomas ran out of the room, like an intelligent lab rat. Darcy walked back through his lab where he left Grundy and Simon. They laid on their tables, thoroughly sedated. He was going to wait a little before attempting anything with round 1. A smile flickered on his lips as he walked out of the room. Soon. For now, he needed to check on his little side project.

Every so often a new patient would come in labeled, highly unstable and extremely dangerous. Darcy almost always "returned these". They were good for harvesting mostly, all of their glands enlarged and pieces tough for transplanting. But recently, he had been working on something ... in particular. He walked into the steel room, looking more like an animal hospital than one for a person. Cages sat scattered everywhere, some of them looking like they were broken out of, dried blood crusting the sharpened metal.
"[#a80021 [b Oh where, oh where has my Chesire Cat gone? Oh where, oh where could it be?]]" He said in a sing song voice, looking around the corner at the newest cage. The whole thing stood almost at Darcy's chest, the entire thing metal except for the front panel, thick bars covered the front and inside was a thing. Blake's thing.

"[#a80021 [b There you are.]]" Blake cooed.
  Thomas Drake / Avix / 305d 15h 37m 26s
Allen’s eye’s widened as Tommy spoke to him, he couldn’t believe it but it was all true. Allen was truly pathetic he had to be protected by the others he had no right to like either the doctor of Thomas they both found him pathetic they didn’t want him, they wanted the others just like Tommy did. [#FA8072 “Your right, I am pathetic. I can’t help myself let alone anyone else so I don’t even know why I am trying or why Darcy isn’t going to test me you have the better chance in surviving. As long as the others inside me live then it doesn’t matter what happens to me. I don’t want you or anyone else getting hurt. I don’t want to be hurt either but I am willing to as long as everyone else will be okay in the end.”] His voice shaky yet gentle.

[#FA8072 “It wasn’t me earlier its not that I don’t want to talk to you its just I don’t want the others to be let out, I have to protect you, Thomas, and Tom. If they come out in my exhausted state it might hurt me. They wont come out they don’t want me to hurt. Sorry but ill have to be the one that entertains you for now.”] The Ruby eyed male spoke not realizing how Angry Tommy was his Icy cold stare the stare filled with hate. Allen wanted to run he felt like he was being ripped apart in Tommy’s eyes before he could move he was captured his wrists gripped tightly his eyes closed as he was pulled close Tommy had kissed his neck Allen clenched his eyes shut his kiss was as cold as his stare and then a small moan slipped from his lips as the male had bit his neck, his bright red eyes opened wide he wanted to cover his mouth but he couldn’t move his arms.

As soon as he was pinned to the wall Allens face turned a bright red turning away from Tommy he was lost for words. Allen could feel the others anger, What was Tommy going to do to Allen would it be safe to let one of the others take over. [I “I need to escape don’t let the others take over I need to learn how to protect myself I need to prove im not as pathetic as I look.”] he thought to himself before he heard clicking sounds like heels on a hard surface ringing through his head. Allen wanted to hold his head it was painful it sent him back with the others it was to soon, too soon for the devil herself to show up.

[center [pic http://share-fastly.picmonkey.com/prod/photo_posts/YvMPj2D71tk_14452669.jpg]]

Allens eyes began to flow with blood and it trickled down his face. [#8a2be2 “My, my I guess I should give you your wish, so you will help me with mine wont you?”] his voice seeming femalish yet demonic. She pulled her hands free from tommy grabbing his chin licking and biting his chin the blood constantly flowing from her eyes. [#8a2be2 “Oh my Allens poor little body is pretty spent. The others must have been having a lot of fun with him. Guess I wont be able to stay here too long, but while I am here ill have my fun with you.”] she turned the table pinning Tommy to the wall putting one of her legs between his putting her face close to his. [#8a2be2 “How does it feel Being the one chased and cornered into a wall?”] She spoke pressing her lips against Tommy’s forcing her tongue into his mouth not long after she bit his lip drawing blood. [#8a2be2 “Too bad my times up, but before I go. Have fun with Allen do as you please with him. If you do when im out of his body ill let you live, If you don’t ill kill you. But I know you will have fun with him. your very much like me. I will keep the others back I control them.”] she grinned before the blood stopped and Allen returned gasping for Air.

Al, Alfred and Ame stood tall hiding Azazel behind them. [#00FFFF “Ava Pein…. You came early. We wont let you harm Allen you wont let this Demon go.”] Al spoke his voice stern Ava smiled and giggled. She disappeared into the darkness as she did the boys were bound they couldn’t move even if they tried they couldn’t save their little Allen.

Allen’s eyes looked up at Tommy in fear what was he going to him. he quickly realized the kiss and his face turned bright red. [#FA8072 “THAT BITCH!”] he shouted his face red with anger.
  Allen Black / KasaiShadowFox / 344d 2h 1m 58s
Tommy pulled his lip up at Allen's pathetically sad display. He contemplated kicking him, or yelling at him. Maybe even just having his own fun with him. But looking at the person holding onto his hand, begging his forgiveness, not able to control himself or let anyone else out...
"[i How would you help me?]" He said slowly with distain dripping from every word. "[i You can't even handle yourself.]" He took his hand back in a snapping motion.
"[size10 Don't be mean to him! Darcy will hate us! HE will hate us!]"
"[i This little insect?]" Tommy growled looking at the red eyed boy, scanning him up and down, judgingly.
"[size10 Don't call him that!]"
"[i Just shut the fuck up Thomas!]" Tommy growled as he looked at Allen, his blue gaze positively icy. "[i You were talking a whole bunch of fun shit with Tom earlier. Where is that? Am I not good enough for you all? I am bored out of my skull! Fuck it! I busted out of my own skull to get here and you're what... groveling at my feet? You think that much of that fucking turd Thomas that you aren't willing to play with me?]"
"[size10 [b Tommy...]]" Came a growling warning from Tom.
"[i All of you shut the fuck up! I am so done being so bored. You both have gotten us locked up again and again and again! I am not allowed to fuck the nurses or punch the doctors or escape from my cell for snacks from the fucking cafeteria. I am under house arrest with no fucking house!]"
Tommy locked his eyes on Allen and a smile crossed his lips. "[i I am fucking done listening.]"

He reached out and grabbed Allen's wrists and pulled him close, leaning his head down and kissing the boy's neck before giving him a bite. He would be damned if Darcy wasn't watching. He knew that crazy bastard had cameras everywhere. Showers weren't special. He would see everything that Tommy did. It wouldn't be long now before the quack or something inside Allen snapped. He was ready to play. He turned Allen and pinned him against the wall, looking into his eyes for some sort of change.
"[size10 TOMMY STOP THIS!]"
"[i I am just getting started.]" He trailed his fingers down the side of Allen's face, staring into his eyes, waiting. "[i So who's going to entertain me... Allen?]"
  Thomas Drake / Avix / 360d 17h 31m 27s
Allen kept his face in the water not seeing or hearing Thomas’s body fall to the floor his mind was pre-occupied everything was moving too fast for him the others took over to fast and it was effecting his brain and how he thought.

[#00008B Tick… tock…. Tick… Tock… It’s almost time, she’s almost here I can hear her loud and clear. Be scared boy. We will take over you don’t have to worry any more I’m done playing nice. Once that woman is here she will release me and put you all in the dark till that man can split us from you.”] Azazel began to laugh demonically. [#00008B “Once the doctor separates us all I’m going to kill them all of them in front of you and then in the end you will be mine and only mine. That woman can find someone else. If you DARE tell the kid or the doctor any of this I will put you in the dark till it’s all over. Tick, Tock Allen Tick Tock.”] he again began to laugh hysterically before being kicked in the head by Alfred.

Allen fell to his knees holding his head trying to hide the sounds of pain from escaping from his lips. Not only was Azazel going to take Darcy away from him but he was going to take Thomas, Al, Alfred and Ame away from him. He was going to be all alone again he was going to be owned by this demon. Allen then heard a familiar voice. It wasn’t Thomas he was gentler not this was Tommy. The blood red eyed boy shook his head and got up looking over at Tommy, [#FA8072 “Oh, I am sorry forgive me I just heard you I hope you were not waiting long what do you need help with I’ll do anything.”] Allen’s voice was soft with sadness in his tone.

As Allen began to walk towards Tommy his body froze and his head began to pound. [#00FFFF “Allen, don’t go. You cannot take another change with your state right now. If Tommy angers me I don’t want to have to come out a punish him. but if I do that again Darcy will hurt him. Do you want that to happen?”] Al finally spoke aloud to him.

Allen hissed and pushed against Al’s hold on him. [#FA8072 “Let me go Al, this is all I can do to make up for the hurt I caused Thomas. It was me who has hurt him and it will be me to save him from you and everyone else. I will go to tommy and you can’t stop me.”] Allen’s eyes seemed to deepen in red. Breaking the hold Allen now stood next to tommy grabbing his hand bringing it close to him seeing the wounds on his wrists. [#FA8072 “This was my fault I hurt you, I also hurt Thomas, and tom. Is there any way you could ever forgive me? I know I’m no the strongest, but I will still try and protect you three.”] Allen kept his head down he didn’t want to show his venerability he didn’t want to show all the hurt in his eyes.

Al growled and sat there Ame’s head in his lap. Ame had taken the night watch staying up all night while Alfred and Al slept so he could keep an eye on the demon it was the least Al could do for him. Tonight, would be Al’s turn to take the night watch and the next day Alfred’s. After hearing Azazel’s plans for them he was even more pissed he wanted to kill the Demon right then and there but he knew it would take a toll on Allen and would kill just a piece of him.

Azazel even mentioned the demonic woman and said she was coming he just hoped that by the time that she came back Allen would be well enough to fight back and keep that woman at bay. Then there was the problem that Tommy was out what was he planning on doing to Allen. Would he try anything because he did remember that the doctor had told him if he hurt Allen he would hurt Thomas. Was Tommy that stupid?

Alfred kept his eyes on Azazel. [#FF0000 “AL, if that woman is coming back we need to do all we can to help Allen. I just hope she comes back when he is strong enough to fight back.”] Alfred sighed he wanted a smoke but he couldn’t mess with Allen right now he would just hurt him further.
  Allen Black / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 2d 23h 53m 39s
Thomas almost flinched when Allen took him into his arms. The boy was soft despite everything, his skin gentle.
"[u I'm so sorry Thomas this is all my fault, I understand if you hate me now I will be happy if you hate me. But for now lets both shower and ill treat your wounds. We both need to wash the blood from our bodies.]"

Thomas just stood there and blinked a couple times. Allen's fault? Well, Allen was the reason the Doctor wanted him here. The pallet. He looked at Allen's horribly sad face and said nothing as he walked over to the showers.

Thomas didn't know what to say. It was true that he was here because he was to be a test dummy for Allen. But that wasn't his fault. He didn't pick Thomas. It was just because they shared the same disease. He couldn't bring himself to be mad at him or even hate him.
"[size10 [i I could.]]"
"That's enough Tom." Thomas said out loud, looked back at Allen for a moment before quickly looking away. He had stripped out of his hospital attire and stood there naked for a moment before slipping into the showers.

The bruises that covered his body were clearly evident. Was it strain? Was it abuse? Did the Doctor hurt him? Thomas felt pity and sadness well up inside of him. Allen was gentle, seeing him hurt was awful for him.
"[size10 [b Oh get over it. Come on. The boy said he wanted to shower with us.]]"
"Knock it off Tommy."
"[size10 [b Oh well look who is growing a pair! You're just standing here with your own little pity party. Come on. I want a turn.]]"
"You were just out here. You caused nothing but trouble."
"[size10 [b And I am about to cause more trouble.]]"
Tommy knocked hard on Thomas' head, causing the world to go black for a moment.

[center [pic http://s8.favim.com/orig/150727/anime-boy-black-hair-blue-eyes-glasses-Favim.com-3019165.jpg]]
When Tommy opened his bright blue eyes, he was on the floor of the room. He smiled and stretched along the cool, tiled floor. He stood up and looked at his arms, flexing his fingers.
"[b Much better.]" He muttered with a smile.
"[size10 Tommy you fucking jerk! Don't hurt Allen!]"
"[b Oh fuck off, like I was ever going to 'hurt Allen'. You heard what that quack said! Our lives depend on that little weirdo. I just want to have some fun with him.]"
"[size10 Tommy no!]"
"[b Oh Tommy yes.]" He chuckled to himself while taking off his own clothing and stepping into the shower room.

Allen was facing the wall and the water when Tommy walked in. Tommy turned on his own shower head, letting the hot water run down his body. He winced and hissed as the water ran over his cracked skin, the dried blood falling in pieces on the floor, the new blood turning the water red.
"[b Oh Allen, didn't you say you would help me with this over here?]" Tommy teased, turned in a way that most of his form was hidden but not all. He wanted to see how the little thing reacted, if perhaps one of his more interesting personalities would come out and play with him. He wondered what it would take to make him change again. He was ready to play.
  Thomas Drake / Avix / 1y 19d 15h 47m 33s
Allen heard Blake’s voice say good morning. His voice was soothing to him even though he wanted to experiment on him he wasn’t as brutal as his father was to him, Blake wouldn’t kill Allen. Allens arm throbbed he could feel it he didn’t whimper any more he didn’t want to hurt. He wanted to put his emotions to aside everyone who gets close to him would die and allen didn’t want that.

[#FA8072 “Al, Please don’t let Thomas suffer. I don’t want him to end up like Dimitri. If anything comes to it even if it hurts my body in the end please save him. Promise me.”] He whispered so no one but his others would hear.

Al,s eyes widened as he snapped from his trance like state Allen remembered Demitri and is asking… No telling Al to promise him even though the words that escaped his lips where begging him in truth Allen was demanding he was Telling him what Al would do. [#00FFFF “Very well Allen, If that time comes I will also tell you more about your past.”] Al said calmly before feeling a tap on his head. It wasn’t vicious like normal it was calming and gentle.

[#FF0000 “Please, Don’t go all soft on us now Al. But Allen im here too, So is Ame and regretfully that other one. We can all help you regain memories of all your traumatic experiences. The ones that brought us out here to protect you.”] Alfred spoke to him softly before being intrrupted by the OCD clean freak.

[#8B008B “Yes we promise to Protect the boy you are so infatuated with, But you know Allen you might have to work with that doctor, Pretend to love him to keep that boy safe.”] Ame spoke to Allen who sighed.

[#FA8072 “Ame, I don’t have to pretend….I am starting to fall in love with him. To all of you he is rude and dislikes you all but with my body and I he is Gentle and very careful. I understand that he only wants to use me for my Experiments but I have never had someone besides all of you care for me.”] He spoke loud enough for Blake to here as he got closer to him. soon he realized Darcy was over him asking him what had happen to him. then counted to three before popping his arm back into place. Allen winced in pain as his shoulder was pushed back. [#FA8072 “Thank you, Doctor Darcy. Is it okay if I call you Blake or do you want me to just not call you at all? Im better now I just had a bad dream. No, A bad memory came back one I made disappear.”] He then watched as the doctor told Thomas to help him.

Allen became irritated Doctor Darcy hurt Thomas the poor boy Blake called mutant. Thomas had took ten minutes together to take off the restraints as soon as the last restraint was off Allen turned and took Thomas into his arms. [#FA8072 “Im so sorry Thomas this is all my fault, I understand if you hate me now I will be happy if you hate me. But for now lets both shower and ill treat your wounds. We both need to wash the blood from our bodies.”]

Allen smiled softly letting the boy go his red eyes seemed sad yet blank. The Red eyed boy walked to the back of the room where a door led to the shower he once used before. Allen took of his clothes revealing all the bruises and scars his body bruised due to the others using and straining his body.

He was still weak but did not care he needed to wash the blood off he needed to cool down. Allen looked around wondering if at this very moment Blake was watching him or not. He didn’t care it wouldn’t be the first time Blake has seen Allen naked. Azazel let Blake see him naked. He shuddered as the cold water hit his body and teared up not letting out a sound just tear running down his face. [#FA8072 “Al, I love Thomas too. But he hates me, He has too I want him too I don’t want him to love me im not worthy for it.”] He whispered in the water so Blake couldn’t read his lips.

Al Sighed he wanted Allen happy but he could understand where the boy was coming from because he had been hurt a time before. He didn’t want to speak because it would just hurt allen even more so he stayed quiet letting the boy cry alone in the shower.
  Allen Black / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 20d 16h 13m 53s
Thomas laid there, woken up in the middle of his sleep because of the pain in his wrists. The doctor made them too tight, every slight movement came with the threat of tearing skin and making him bleed. He lied there at motionless as he could.
"[size10 [b Why don't we just bust out of here? I am sick of this bullshit from that quack.]]"
"[size10 [i Why don't you just shut up Tommy?]]"
"[size10 [b Why don't you just suck our own dick Tom!]]"
"Would you both just be quiet?" Thomas whispered, trying not to make too much sound.

The darkened room was almost comforting for a while. Thomas didn't let his mind wander and instead kept himself focused on his wrists. They were sore for sure, the doctor knew what he was doing. He thought on his words. He seemed very protective of Allen. He didn't know why but he was and most importantly, he didn't like Thomas. Not. One. Bit. Thomas sighed out and let his eyes focus on the nothingness that was the ceiling. This was the first time he met someone like him, a chance to maybe understand the struggles through someone else's eyes and make light of his own demons. The more he thought about it all, the darker and more sinister the room became to him.

When Allen jolted awake screaming, Thomas jumped on his own gurney, tearing open both of his wrists and he cried out. Tom knocked hard on his consciousness and Thomas whimpered gently, tears starting to pour down his cheeks. That's when he heard Allen's gently voice reaching over.
"[u Im so sorry if I scared you. Forgive me if I whimpered in my sleep. It's my fault you’re here its mine your getting hurt because of me all me…]"

Thomas listened as the tears crept into the boy's voice and Thomas lied as still as he could, feeling the tears and blood rolling down his face and wrists. Was that true? Was it only because of Allen he was here? He couldn't and more importantly, didn't want to believe that but the doctors words came back to him. He was a pallet and Allen was the masterpiece. Thomas could only guess what that meant for him and his future. As he went to open his mouth, the lights flipped on and the door opened quite suddenly. Thomas didn't need to move his head to know that it was Doctor Darcy coming back in.

"[#a80021 [b Morning boys.]]" His voice flowed like blood, thick, sweet but with something dark underneath. It gave Thomas the creeps but he still just laid there, not wanting to move, not wanting to look. He didn't have to though, Darcy came over to him. He hovered above the boys face, waiting until Thomas looked over at the dark figure above him.
"[#a80021 [b Good Morning.]]" He said darkly, looking down over his body. "[#a80021 [b Oh, those must have been too tight last night. You have my most sincere apologies.]]" He bent down and started to fiddle with the straps.
"[#a80021 [b Listen you little mutant. You're here for Allen. Allen is what is important. So, I am going to let you out, I am going to let you go to Allen and you can both have this room as your own for now. One, and I mean [i one] little fuck up, if Allen gets hurt on your watch, you will wish that slicing your wrists open is the worst thing that happens to you.]]"
"[size10 [i [b Kill him]]]"
The voices in Thomas's head rang out in unison. Thomas agreed, he was about to let go, let the other two fight for control when Darcy spoke again.
"[#a80021 [b And I would think twice before letting someone come out and try to kill me. Allen wants this. Allen wants to be free. I am here to free him. Don't you want to help poor Allen? You don't know what those personalities do to him. I alone can save Allen. Won't you help me?]]"

Thomas paused at this. He remembered Allen talking about how wonderful it would be. For all his personalities to be gone. Allen seemed so happy, so hopeful. Then the rest of those personalities fought him, made him bleed. He looked so awful, half dead. Thomas shoved Tom and Tommy back down and said nothing.
"[#a80021 [b Good boy.]]" Thomas felt the restraints come loose and listened as the doctor walked away.

"[#a80021 [b Allen, what have you done to yourself?]]" Thomas rolled his head over as he watched the doctor gingerly touching Allen's arm. It was bent wrong at the joint and the doctor was bracing gently against it. "[#a80021 [b Brace. 3, 2, ...]]"
There was a loud crack and the doctor almost jumped back, watching Allen for signs of escape. He looked back at Thomas.
"[#a80021 [b Help him out. There is a first aid kit should he need it.]]"
Thomas didn't even mention his cracked and bleeding skin as the Doctor walked out of the room, the click of the door behind him signaling that they were locked in here again. Thomas gently sat up and rotated himself off the gurney. He looked at Allen for a moment before walking over to him.
"Hey Allen. Let's get you out okay? Is your shoulder okay?" He asked gently while undoing or at least trying to undo the straps. That Doctor really knew what he was doing with these things. It took Thomas five minutes each strap to fully take it off.
  Thomas Drake / Avix / 1y 22d 5h 17m 24s
Allen breathed heavily and he began to slow down as his body had been damaged from over use. Allen soon felt cold arms take him and held him close, it felt weird to him he didn’t know what to think. The Coldness reminded him of Doctor Darcy but why was he being so kind to him, so Gentle. Allen couldn’t help himself his had reached his left hand placing it on Blake’s chest mumbling something. [#FA8072 So gentle, cant be Darcy. He Hates me….] he curled his lips as tears fell from his sleeping eyes falling into a Coma sleep state he wasn’t in a coma he was just in a deep sleep.

Allen’s body had already began to heal in certain parts thanks to the others in his body those who were not human. Al Hissed sitting on the dark grown inside Allen’s head his eyes Never leaving Azazel. [#00FFFF “Damn, Bastard you need to listen to Allen otherwise we are going to die and then we will all be trapped here in the darkness forever and if you cant tell here in the Darkness we cant die. You really are an Idiot I think you have rocks in place for your Brain.”] Alfred gripped his shoulder they were all mad at Azazel but Allen would feel more pain if they were to harm one another Allen will get a very painful headache.

[center [h3 Allen Kindergarten Class/ Allen’s Dream]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/8e/fc/ba/8efcba7d39cc8418b5e800d78e4f7f3b.jpg]]

Allen was about five years old he stayed in the back of class the children afraid to sit next to him he was always ruff with them they shunned him they didn’t like them to play arts and crafts and pretend with them he was to mean. There was one child that wanted to be his friend one who didn’t know how he really was.

The Blonde hair blue eyed boy walked over to Allen sitting across from him. [#800000 “H..hello Allen. Im Dimitri. I saw no one was trying to do Arts and Crafts with you I will make some with you.”] Allen hissed and kicked his shin hard.

[#FA8072 “Back off I don’t want friends flee and be like them.”] He hissed even more then Dimitri started to tear up holding his leg. [#FA8072 “Stop crying your just making things worse, if people see you cry they will treat you like a cry baby someone they don’t want to be friends with someone like you.”] Allen’s eyes seemed blank a five year old, he wasn’t normal and Dimitri could tell he didn’t want any friends but that wasn’t going to stop him.

Allen and Dimitri sat at the same table all day long Allen quiet with a scowl on his face while Dimitri smiled and tried to get to know him. Dimitri tried day after day for a week ending up with bruises all over his legs from Allen kicking him. Dimitri interested Allen even after a week of abuse from him he still stuck around after the week children started to tease Dimitri, The red eyed boy began to stick up for the blonde haired boy.

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/65/b7/49/65b749022e0c929cc3572e05987f995f.jpg]]

By the second grade both of the boys were friends, best friends. Allen could Tell Dimitri almost anything besides what happened at home. The boys were always together whenever someone tried to bully Dimitri Allen would be there to beat them up. It all changed at the end of the year he was at his home with Dimitri when his father showed up early from home the two boys watching tv.

Allen’s father was a psychopath he never let anyone come over he hated his son he wanted it to be just him and his wife. Allen was a neucience and always came home 2 hours before Allen's mother so he could beat him tell him how worthless he was, he wished that anything he did to his son would kill him so him and his wife could be alone. He gazed at the two, this was perfect it was his chance to get rid of Allen forever.

[b “Allen who is this, Is he your friend. Someone so dear to you!”] He began to laugh Allens father was tall had black hair the same as Allen, his eyes were dark brown sometimes mistaken as black with bags under his eyes. Allen only had the hair similar to his father he resembled more of his mother neither one of his parents had the red eyes so he was the freak of his family. If only Allen could have lived with his Grandmother instead none of this would have happened to him.

[#800000 “ Hello Mister Black, Im Dimitri. Me and Allen have been friends since kindergarten. He used to be mean to me but after all the kids started to bully me Allen protected me.”] Dimitri grinned at Allen’s father sweetly, he hated that smile.

[center [pic http://oi1338.photobucket.com/albums/o700/Hunk_Of_Tofu/tumblr_static_1385213_575421762525234_1831290084_n_zps55892868.jpg]]

[b then you must be a sweet and kind boy since Allen became friends. Has he showed you his toy room come ill show it to you child…I mean Dimitri.”] Allen could see the hatred in his eyes he was going to bring Dimitri there why would he bring him there. The place he tortured Allen on a daily basis. Dimitri stood up looking at Allen and then walked over to Allen’s father who opened the door to the basement.

Allen jumped up as fast as he could but he wasn’t fast enough he just watched as Dimitri was shoved down the stairs while Allen’s father followed in suit closing and locking the door behind him Allen tried to open the door he had to save his friend but it was to late he could hear the cries of his only friend the first time Allen shed a tear that he could remember tears and snot ran down his face.

Allen pounded on the door and screamed for Dimitri it wasn’t long after his father came upstairs opening the door grabbing Allen throwing him down stairs knocking his head on three stairs as he tumbled down landing in a warm puddle of water? No it was a puddle of blood but Allen didn’t know it just yet. Allen tried to get up but was to dizzy and passed out.

When Allen awoke he had a knife in his hand it was to dark to see anything it wast until he heard footsteps walking down when a light was turned on and Allens best friend was cut to pieces. Allen looked at at the knife and screamed. It couldn’t have been him could it. He couldn’t remember what happen he just remembers seeing his friends face.

The Red eyed boy touched his head where it hurt tears ran down his face all the voices behind him were mumbled and unclear. But there was one, one voice he could hear clearly. [#00FFFF Hey, Kid. Its okay now just let me take control. Ill make it all better. Ill protect you don’t fear Allen just let me take over and you sleep now.”] As those words were spoken allen went into a deep sleep and the voice was so soft and comforting.

When Allen came back too he was locked up in a padded room. What had happened to him? Who was that voice. [#00FFFF “I see your awake Allen, Don’t freak out. I know it might be hard for you not to freak out. We are in an Asylum. Your father killed your friend and I came to protect you.”] The male spoke not introducing himself.

Allen looked at his hands and cried. [#FA8072 “I don’t remember anything, all I remember is my name and Dimitri. Who are you? Please I want to go home just let me go home to my Mother.”] Allen began to cry.

[h3 Present]

Allen woke up trying to jerk up from the nightmare dislocating his shoulder sending him into a fit of pain. [#FA8072 “Dimitri! Im So Sorry Dimitri it was all my fault my fault.. All my..”] Allen looked around realizing that he was in the restraints he was being held in the doctors room. Blake reminded him of his father he just wanted him dead he was a play thing nothing more.

[#00FFFF Allen its okay just calm down don’t worry I promise ill continue to protect you. I will always protect you even when we have our own bodies.] Those words soothed him they were the same as back then. Allen winced in pain as he laid there waiting for the Doctor. The red eyed boy looked over at the other the Doctor called mutant.

[#FA8072 “Im so sorry if I scared you. Forgive me if I whimpered in my sleep.”] He looked down at his wrists and hissed. It was just like Dimitri he was being abused and there was nothing he could do about it he was locked away he was to far to help.

[#FA8072 its my fault you’re here its mine your getting hurt because of me all me…”] Allen continued to mumble those words over and over tears flooding out of his eyes the others voices couldn’t reach him. they were still there but the memories flooded Allen and they were to much for him. a good thing he didn’t remember all the bits of how mean he really was to Dimitri.
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Blake felt a red fury begin to light up inside him as he watched Allen's small body fall to the floor beside the Mutant. He clenched his fists at his side, shaking gently but visibly. He looked over at the Thomas character who stared back at him with those flawed eyes. They just stared at each other for the briefest moment before Thomas looked away and down at Allen. Darcy watched as the mutant reached for Allen's hand gently.
"[#a80021 [b You will do [i no. such. thing].]]" He hissed. Thomas flinched back, looking from Allen to Blake, his eyes flashing blue for the briefest second. Blake walked over to the gurney and stared the mutant in his ugly eyes as he strapped him down, making sure the bands were tight. He knew that after a couple hours the rubbing would cause bleeding and the pain would not be something to joke about. But he deserved it. He deserved it for hurting the red eyed boy, his prize, his experiment, his fun.

Blake only broke eye contact when it was finished and the mutant was immobilized. He bent down and gently moved Allen into his arms. This was the first time he had been this close to another person in years. He could smell the scent of Allen's skin, fresh and like soap. There was also the unmistakable tang of blood and it made his hair raise, giving him shivers down his arms. The warmth of the boys skin was something that caught Darcy by surprise. He had never felt anything like this in his life. He gently put the boy down and strapped him up, careful to make sure he could escape but still move. He brushed the hair from his face, hoping for just a moment Allen would open his eyes and look at him with that brilliant red color. He wondered what they would look like if they looked up at him, what lovely expression he would make if Blake leaned over him when he woke
and cut out those brilliant rubies.

He smiled and backed away from Allen's gurney to let him sleep. He turned and walked over to Thomas' table to looked at him with mixed, unreadable expressions.
"[#a80021 [b Okay. So listen here.]]" Blake began wringing his hands. He looked into those mutant eyes and pulled up his lip in disgust. "[#a80021 [b You're here to be a test subject, a test run. You are very lucky that you double as a good companion for Allen, act as a peace keeper because that means I can't hurt you, not like I want to anyway.]]" He gave Thomas a smile and grabbed the sides of his gurney. "[#a80021 [b I promise you child, as long as you're down here, I won't let you forget your main purpose. You're here to free Allen, you're here to take all the pain and failure instead of him. Allen is the masterpiece, you are the sloppy pallet that gets thrown away when I'm finished. And don't even think about failing me. I will never let you go, not even death can take you from me.]]" He smiled and patted Thomas' head, a little hard to make it more like a small slap. "[#a80021 [b Sleep well mutant. I'll always be around.]]" He placed his arms behind his back and walked out the door, shutting off the lights behind them, leaving the two boys in darkness.

Darcy returned to the surface that night, sleeping again in one of the spare hospital wings that wasn't being used. He had laid there for hours, soundlessly moving his lips, going over his notes about what he learned that day from both Allen and Thomas. They seemed to fit, much to his dismay. They could connect and Thomas' presence could make Allen fight harder for control. Darcy trusted Allen to do what he wanted. Allen wanted this to happen, the Split. That's what he would call it. Darcy's mission was the Split them so he would need to start tapping into the brain. He would need two brains then, two brains that could be easily disposed of. He had Simon who was all but useless except for parts now. Blake fell asleep, soundlessly mouthing the names of all the inmates, trying to pick his next test subject.

The next day, Darcy was making his usual rounds, looking in at the inmates and how they handled with the nurses and guards. They had some of the most violent, vile inmates. They were sent here because of his upstanding team of people who frankly had no where else to go. They were desperate and that's why Darcy hired them. They would do whatever he asked and if needed, even look the other way. They did what they were supposed to, no more and no less. The nurses were giving shots through bars, the guards stationed right outside the same bars. The inmates all sat glaring at each other in a small cafeteria, the nurses doubling as lunch ladies and the guards following their every move. Darcy scanned the inmates, his hands clasped behind his back, waiting to see someone, anyone who was worthy enough to come with him. That was when he heard it.
"[i Solomon Grundy, Born on a Monday, Christened on a Tuesday, Killed on a Wednesday, Buried on a Thursday ... ]]" Darcy walked over to a cell of an inmate, a woman rocking back and forth to herself. She muttered the old nursery rhyme to herself over and over, her eyes staring at something she couldn't see.
"[#a80021 [b Hello ma'am.]]" Darcy said in a sweet voice, looking in through the bars. "[#a80021 [b Can you tell me your name?]]"
"[i Solomon Grundy, Born on a Monday, Christened on a Tuesday, Killed on a Wednesday, Buried on a Thursday ...]"
"[#a80021 [b Surely you have a name?]]" He said, sickly sweet, hoping she would react the way he needed.
"[i Solomon Grundy, Born on a Monday, Christened on a Tuesday, Killed on a Wednesday, Buried on a Thursday ...]"
"[#a80021 [b Won't you please just tell me your ...]]"
The woman sprung up, shrieking like a banshee and reaching out towards Blake. He jumped back, watching as her jagged broken fingernails, covered in blood reached for him, trying to claw him to death as she screamed.
"[#a80021 [b Nurse!]]" Darcy screamed while looking her over. Her arms were covered in scars and bloody scabs like she had been scratching incessantly. He looked her in the eyes as she continued to yell and press and chant the rhyme over and over. A nurse appeared before too long, carrying a needle that was sure to make the patient calm down. It wasn't long before she was passed out against the bars of her cage, asleep and sound.
"[#a80021 [b Thank you Nurse.]]" He said dismissing the woman who simply walked away. Blake smiled at his newest addition.
"[#a80021 [i Welcome to the team Solomon Grundy.]]"

Blake wiped his brow as he finished strapping both Solomon Grundy and Simon up to their respectable work tables, making sure neither of them could move a muscle. They were both still sound asleep by the time Darcy finished all his normal prep work. He would be giving it a try tonight. A little idea he had about switching parts of the brain, the personality. He got out his notebooks and laid them down next to his shining, sharp, silver tools. He smiled, a shiver of excitement running down his spine. Blake walked into the backroom and flipped on the monitor. Slowly, it hummed to life, showing a dark vision scene of both the mutant and the red eyed boy. He sat down in front of the monitor for a moment, examining the two. Mutant was still asleep, shifting restlessly, moaning occasionally in pain. Blake smiled. Allen was much more sound. He wondered when he would wake and what he was going to do with them today. He had to stop them from teaming up together but he would have to let them out sometime. They couldn't stay on the gurney's forever. Not if Darcy wanted to keep Allen's favor. He pursed his lips together and sat back, wondering what he could do to make sure the odds stayed in his favor.
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[center [pic http://share-fastly.picmonkey.com/prod/photo_posts/r3J6NSY80HW_14461571.jpg]]

[center Ame growled looking down at the demon and then at the unconscious Allen. [#8B008B “Hey, Alfred if we imagine it since there are two of us and together we are stronger then one of him if we put our mind im sure we can think of chains to hold this Damn demon down so he cant get out by himself.”] His violet eyes seemed to glow at Alfred watched him nodding his red eyes also seemed to glow a magnificent red in their dark world inside Allen.

Ame was right as if he already knew it would happen red firey chains surrounded Azazel holding onto him pinning him to the ground. The demon laughed like a complete maniac both Ame and Alfred watched as he struggled trying to get out but wasn’t able too. [#8B008B “This will teach you to be vulgar. You made me dirty myself, Because you’re a dirty bastard Azazel.”] Ame hissed looking at his own hands his body felt dirty but he ignored it both him and Alfred going to Allen’s side.

Both men were too busy dealing with Azazel to notice a soft voice calling for Allen and to their surprise Allen began to open his eyes his hand reaching into the air. [#FA8072 “Because Azazel took over I fainted… that bastard I think I have had enough playing charades. This fake faquade that I have been using all my life, The sweet innocent brat. You made me realize who I really am, But for now im going to be that innocent boy again. Im going to lock away these memories until its time.] He looked at both Ame and Alfred, Ame had no expression as always and Alfred well Alfred’s jaw was dropped.

Allen’s eyes seemed to go blank for a moment then he came back too his body shook as he looked at both Alfred and Ame his eyes began to water. [#FA8072 “I h…heard my name being called, Was it you Ame? Or You Alfred?”]]

[center [pic http://share-fastly.picmonkey.com/prod/photo_posts/KMuwG92wtnn_14452596.jpg]]

[center [#FF0000 “No it was not either one of us, It was that boy you so easily became friends with.”] Alfred snarled in jealousy Allen was his well that’s what he believed.

[#FA8072 Thank you Ame, Alfred…. Al ill Take over you guys all need your rest it might be a day or two before you three can come out. Keep Azazel locked up for a week for his fits.”] Allen’s eyes wondered to Azazel before closing his eyes taking Over his body Al coming back his voice filled with anger as he howled hitting Azazel a few times before the others stopped him.

Allen looked around falling to his knees his body weak his eyes blood shot his throat felt like it was on fire. [#FA8072 “Thomas, Thomas… I heard your voice you brought me back from the depths of hell. Thank you Thomas I appreciate it so much.”] Allen crawled to Thomas’s gurney pulling his body up enough to look at him.

[#FA8072 I should be fine in the next couple of Days they just strained my body. I really think its time for some rest but I cant move any more. Mr. Darcy can you please help me to the Gurney I wont try anything I cant my body is to strained, To strained to move.”] Allen Whined and fell to the floor only his hand stayed on the gurney close to Thomas’s hand.]

[center [pic http://share-fastly.picmonkey.com/prod/photo_posts/11S2Tb2Tmb8_14404652.jpg]]
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Tommy was caught off guard when the blue eyed [i freak] grabbed him, pinned him down and starting growling all that sexual garbage. Tommy could feel Tom writhing inside his brain. It hurt to keep him at bay, he almost blacked out at the strain but Tommy wasn't done being free. He let his head fall back, blocking out the rest of the blue eyed [i freak's] sexual rant towards him.

Tommy wasn't sexual unless he really wanted to be. Physical contact meant nothing to him. It was a distraction at best; a means to keep him from getting bored. He felt the blue eyed [i freak] get off of him and marveled gently at the fact that the blue eyes had changed to a brilliant red color.

"[b Wow, kind of like us huh?]" His whispered partly to himself, a smirk playing on the corners of his lips. He looked back at the doctor. His face was twisted into a mask of angry and contempt. He was getting ready to come into the room. That much was obvious. Tom knocked hard on the subconscious again and Tommy staggered, a small growl of annoyance in his throat.
"[b Fucking pushy bastard!]"

"[i [size10 Let me out before you get us killed you selfish prick]]"

"[b Fuck off.]" Tommy growled, slamming his fist down before looked back over to the red eyed kid. He began to speak, backing off and getting on their own gurney.
"[b Fucking Thomas?]"

"[size10 Me?]"

"[b Fuck off kid. I wanted to be out to play!]"

"[size10 He's hurting. Everyone is going to hurt.]"

Tommy started laughing. "[b That's life you little shit.]"

"[i [size10 If you don't let Thomas out, I will bang so hard that you pass the fuck out.]]"

Tommy growled looking from the doctor to the red eyed boy.

"[b Fine you miserable killjoys. Just. This. Once.]"

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/8d/07/20/8d072061ca42f619359d37df3dd49e25.jpg]]

Thomas opened his multicolored eyes and instantly his body started shaking; he was so cold.
"Allen? Allen?" Thomas called his name gently at first and then with more force.
"The doctor wants us to lay down or something. Will you come out? I want to talk to you.."
Thomas's body was shaking, part from the cold and part from fear. He saw what Allen's personalities could do, what they wanted to do to him. He could only imagine what the doctor was capable of. He gently laid his body down on the gurney, laying his arms near the straps. He turned his head to look at Allen's body, waiting for the boy to talk back to him.
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Azazel started to get irritated with this male he seemed just as crazy as the doctor. [#00008B “Did you not hear me, give me your eyes kid. If you don’t give me your eye…”] he paused as he began to cough up blood. [#00008B “Damn it im putting to much strain on Allen’s body I guess you don’t get to play with me anymore, catch Allen’s body.”] he spoke as he tried to change to the unconscious Allen but couldn’t.

The Blue eyed male hissed. [#00008B “Alfred, Al, Or Fucking Ame…. Wake the kid up now im starting to get irritated. I cant changed to any of you or we will all die… At least I think we can always try if one of you take over. Right?”] The male hissed even more his façade started to fade. He began to become greedy.

Alfred held onto Allens body the others were mad with the Greediness that Azazel was showing he had knocked out the host of their body straining his body. Even though the boys were lost in their anger all of them soon heard a familiar voice a familiar voice that Azazel found Attactive. It was the doctor, Darcy wanted them back on the Gurneys it was time to sleep, Time to play with the doctor.

[#00008B “Well, Well, Well…”] Azazel spoke walking to the door putting a hand to the window stairing into his eyes. [#00008B “If im a good boy what will you do for me. Oh I know I know what you will do for me. You will please me. Once I get on that gurney you will ride me till I finish. Hmmm maybe it will be pleasing to you, Maybe after you can put the runt on me too. He looks like he needs a good punishment.”] Azazel licked his lips his bloodshot blue eyes snapped back at the male behind him.

Azazel pushed Tommy on the gurney climbing on top of him pinning his wrists down. [#00008B “Bring that shy innocent boy out I want to play with him. Or maybe you want to play you look like your into that kind of stuff. I need it you will be mine all of you will now you stay while the doctor locks you up and then once he locks me up youll see how much pleasure I can send down your body.”] Azazel huffed as if he was in heat the others were in shock in what they were hearing.

Al had enough with how the Demon male forcing him back Alfred and Ame pinned him down both struggling. The blood shot eyes were now completely blood red since Al’s eyes were ruby red. He quickly released Tommy getting up off the gurney returned to the door with a large smirk on his face. [#00FFFF “We will be good, ill get onto the gurney Azazel is pinned for now and Allen is unconscious maybe your voice will wake him up. Maybe that boy could wake him up.”] Al grinned again before walking to his gurney laying down.
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