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Senior year a year of football games, studying, filling out scholarships, tests, and hoping for a future.

Carter Kingsley wants nothing more than to graduate and open her own business wanting to get as far away from the small town of New Haven, Maine as fast as she can. Most students go to college and come back. She was going to be one of them. Planning on going to the Culinary institute in New York she had wanted to be a pastry chef and travel to Seattle to open her business that involved coffee and sweets. But, as anyone would like to guess life wasn't going to make it easier and it was all her fault but, she loved that mistake nonetheless.

(Boy) just wants to graduate and get a business degree hoping and praying that being a stupid dumb "Jock" won't hold him back. He doesn't plan on coming back but doesn't know where to go with his life either and hopes he won't get stuck in this small town that somehow some way traps people who don't even know it. He made a mistake he wasn't even aware of but, would reveal itself soon enough.

One night two weeks before graduation every year for the senior class it is tradition that the seniors have a party to commemorate their graduating high school. Carter was dragged to the party by her best friend Val and was dreading it. (Boy) on the other hand was excited and glad to be going hoping to get drunk and have fun. Carter didn't know what she was drinking until it hit her. Growing drunk though not meaning too she knocks into (boy) who is drunk though had intended to. A spark goes through them and later ends of becoming a flame when Carter wakes up in (Boys) arms in a bed. Kissing him goodbye she gathers her clothes feeling sore and takes off (Boy) only knowing the girl by her bright blue eyes having it been too dark to remember her facial features or hair color. Graduation proceeds two weeks later and about a month later when she is away at cooking school in her apartment she makes the discovery of what happened that night out of their passion. Four years later and a little boy in tow named Sebastien she comes home in the event of a accident that (Boys) parents helped out hers. She is surprised to see (Boy) there and realizes their families have grown close. (Boy) is also surprised to see Carter and spots the little adorable four year old latched onto her side holding her hand. The bright blue eyes make him remember that night but, he isn't certain about anything at all. pm me step by step if you've read this far and are interested.

age- 23
height- "5"7"
weight- 135 lbs
hair- Dark red
eyes- bright blue
personality- to be discovered

age - 4
height- "3"5"
Weight- 40 lbs
hair- dark black
eyes- bright blue
personality- to be discovered

Kai Anoai
He was 18 when he graduated high school so 22 now.
Height- 6 foot 2 inches tall.
Short Bio- Kai was a jock in high school but only did it because his father pushed him to be the best in everything. He made some bad choices with drugs when he graduated and landed himself in community college in New Haven. He was never getting out.
Kai had short hair in high school but grew it out. He dated many girls in high school and after but about a year ago his girlfriend of two years died in a car accident, she was 4 months pregnant.


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"Actions like?" Kai questioned with a smirk. "Actions like what we did in high school and how we got that munchkin?" Kai said pointing to Sebastien.

He loved that little boy already with all his heart. He would do anything for him and for his mom, and to think he missed almost 5 years with that amazing woman and his little boy. He wouldn't miss anymore, he was determined to be a better father than he had had.

"My parents aren't thrilled but mom asked if you and Sebastien would come over for dinner, I mean my dads not thrilled."
  Kai Anoai / polkadotrocker / 3d 20h 13m 12s
Hearing those words she could not help but, sense a smile slipping onto her face. Mulling over the thought of going to their school reunion she sighed nodding.

"Sure I will go....and I guess that does make me your girlfriend." Walking along side Kai and Sebastien she smiled seeing Kai bending down to talk to Sebastien. Sebastien smiled nodding excited pointing to the wolf who had stopped pacing to stare at the three people who were paying it attention.

"If the feelings are mutual I do not believe there has to be any discussion..." Leaning over she placed a kiss on Kai's cheek.

"There should just be actions." She whispered and her and Sebastien walked on ahead the little boy pointing to all the other animals unaware of what had been said.
  CalamityX / 3d 20h 16m 39s
"I am too, because you gave me everything I've ever wanted without even knowing I wanted it.' Kai said smiling. "Did you know our class reunion is in two days, you want to go with me? I mean I wasn't going to go but now, I'm thinking it might be fun."

"Sooooo I've been putting off asking but does this make you my girlfriend? I mean I've been out of the dating scene I'm not sure how it works anymore, even with a kid. Do you just date or does it have to be discussed?" he asked smiling at her.

He scooped up Sebastien and asked, "Do you like the wolves buddy?"
  Kai Anoai / polkadotrocker / 3d 22h 40m 42s
Placing her hand on his she gave it a soft squeeze. Sighing she smiled inside she was really glad he wanted to be apart of Sebastien's life and she knew he would be.

"Course you can Sebastien would love to come over and spend time with you whenever he could." Smiling she nodded and took in Kai's smile.

"Yes he started Pre-k this year he was a little hesitant but, handled the situation like a champ." Looking over at their son who was sitting there watching the wolves pacing as people walked past. The two wolves were minding their own business not listening to anyone around them. Turning back to Kai she smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"I am glad you were the father." She whispered softly to him.
  CalamityX / 3d 22h 47m 9s
Kai nodded and said, "Sounds good and I know you might object but I missed alot of Sebastien's life and I want to be involved and help, so anything you need for him tell me and I'll get it, and I want to be around him too and would it be okay for me to get him some toys for my place?" He didn't want to over step his boundries as they were just starting to get to know each other again, it had been a long time.

"Does he go to a pre school? Kai asked, he was curious. He really didn't know much about his son.
  Kai Anoai / polkadotrocker / 7d 4m 6s
Nodding she smiled and pulled up her phone and looked at the places for rent or to buy.

"There is a apartment complex about twelve minutes from my place...The price is reasonable about four fifty a month." The area had been getting more expensive over the four years she had lived in Seattle but, the town was wonderful and she had a secure place with Sebastien now she just needed to help Kai find his.

"Most of the places are unfurnished besides the kitchen and bedroom." They quickly made it to the car before the onslaught of rain hit them. Driving slowly through the zoo parking lot to the entrance she made a quick list of everything he would need.

"I have a old dinning table I can give you that I never took to my apartment if you want? Its up in my parents attic. I we would have to do is get some chairs, a small couch...anything else I am missing her mind coming up blank on what else to look for.
  CalamityX / 9d 8h 26m 10s
"Okay deal, it does look like rain and I'm not a fan of rain." He picked up Sebastien and asked her, "Where should we go. I mean I don't even have a place so I don't know what I'll need but your more familiar with Seattle than I am. All I know is theres a good donut place and I really like donuts."

Kai smiled to her and continued, "Sorry I'm always hungry." It was true, he would eat and eat and eat and eat and still be hungry. It started sprinkling rain as they walked to the car, Kai used his jacket to cover Sebastien.
  Kai Anoai / polkadotrocker / 10d 4h 38m 9s
Nodding she was about to ask if they could go to the playground but, Carter caught a glance outside and saw the dark clouds looming closer.

"Lets go get some stuff for Seattle and we can go to the playground later since it does look like it is going to rain." She said not ultimately caring if they were caught out in the rain but, thunder and her did not always get along and Sebastien did not need to get sick. Looking up at Kai she smiled and stood up grabbing Sebastien and Kai's plates and throwing them away. Turning back she saw the two talking amongst one another and she took out her phone snapping a picture causing her to smile even more.
  CalamityX / 10d 5h 14s
Kai smiled and suggested, "You can come to my parents country club with me, we just installed a new outdoor play area and Sebastien can be the first to use it, I mean its closed today but I do have my key card and my dad owns it so its not like I can be fired, in a few years it will be mine anyway." It was true, Kai's father was ill and Kai would inheirit everything very soon.

"Or we could go shopping and get some things I'll need for moving to Seattle, I mean I'll have to find a place and I'll need stuff for it."
  Kai Anoai / polkadotrocker / 17d 23h 9m 45s
She smiled and leaned into his shoulder as he clicked the small circle and the picture was taken. Nodding she smiled.

"Sure that would be fine I haven't been on in a while." She said pulling out her phone. Typing in his name she found his account and requested to follow him.

"Tag me in photo so I can save it." She smiled looking at the adorable picture of the three of them Sebastien's smile lighting up the picture with the two adults in the back.Silently she watched them both eat and she smiled thinking of the future ahead of them in Seattle. Looking up she caught sight of a person watching her as they walked past. Watching the window for a second she shrugged and went back to eating.

"What do you want to do next?" She asked is Kai and Sebastien wanted to explore some more.
  CalamityX / 20d 3h 18m 7s
"Burger and fries for me, coke slushie." Kai said smiling and swiping his card on the machine to pay. They were given a number and told to take a seat, a waitress would bring them their food.

Once they found a table Kai found a booster seat for Sebastien, "Having fun?" He asked them both smiling. He had taken a selfie with both of them and it was about to be his phone background. "Would you mind if I post this as my facebook and instagram picture for today?" Kai asked as he showed her the picture.
  Kai Anoai / polkadotrocker / 22d 20h 5m 1s
Carter smiled and squeezed his hand a little at his words. The day sadly would end soon but they had many more ahead to make the most of.

"He likes his food plain and simple." She stated and Sebastien being the brave little soul he was ordered.

"Miss? Can i have a burger...." Looking at Carter she smiled and nodded. Turning back to order he took a deep breath and smiled up at the teenage cashier who was patiently waiting for the little boy to order his meal.

"and some apple wedges too?" He asked softly still smiling though and the cashier smiled and nodded typing in his order looking up at the two grownups she looked to see what they would like to have.

Looking at the order Carter mulled over her options for a second before nodding.

"I'll have the grilled chicken sandwhich with.......a small side salad." She said thinking about how a chicken sandwhich sounded at the moment.

"Your turn Kai." She smiled up at the man.
  CalamityX / 22d 20h 20m 0s
Kai smiled and left him on his shoulders, he was adorable and Kai never imagined he would have a son after what happened and here he was with Carter, the girl he had a major crush on in high school and his perfect little boy.

"I never want this day to end." Kai said looking to Carter. "Lets go get some lunch." Kai was over 6 foot tall so Sebastien had a bird eye view of everything from his shoulders.

Kai ordered for himself and let Carter order for herself and Sebastien. " I'll have to learn what to order him."
  Kai Anoai / polkadotrocker / 23d 2h 47m 0s
Carter smiled at the two's exchange. She hoped everything would somehow work out for the best. Hearing Kai talk to her snapped her out of her trance and looked at him. Not hearing exactly what she said she had just agreed she did not want to sound rude and non appreciative.

Pushing herself up onto her feet she smiled down at the two of them as Sebastien was quietly talking to Kai.

"Come on we got to get a move on so we can see everything." she smiled and followed them out to the car.

The zoo was practically alive today. The animals were roaming about to and fro. Sebastien taking in everything he could at ever moment. Currently Kai and Carter where at the Jaguar's and Sebastien wanted a boost which Carter had him placed on Kai's shoulders to see the albino Jaguar which was watching the three of them while licking its paw and stretching lazily in the late October sun.
  CalamityX / 22d 20h 22m 9s
Kai hugged him and let a tear fall but wiped it away before Sebastien seen. "Thank you." He mouthed to Carter. "ready for the zoo little man? We might get to see some monkeys and bears, and probably an alligator."

Kai was wearing jeans and a maroon v neck t shirt. His hair that was up in a man bun the day before was down now. In high school his hair had been cut very short so the long hair was a change since Carter had last seen him.

"Everything is on me today Carter, he wants something, I got it, and were going to eat, either at the zoo jungle cafe or wherever you two want to go."
  polkadotrocker / 26d 20h 36m 0s

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