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Senior year a year of football games, studying, filling out scholarships, tests, and hoping for a future.

Carter Kingsley wants nothing more than to graduate and open her own business wanting to get as far away from the small town of New Haven, Maine as fast as she can. Most students go to college and come back. She was going to be one of them. Planning on going to the Culinary institute in New York she had wanted to be a pastry chef and travel to Seattle to open her business that involved coffee and sweets. But, as anyone would like to guess life wasn't going to make it easier and it was all her fault but, she loved that mistake nonetheless.

(Boy) just wants to graduate and get a business degree hoping and praying that being a stupid dumb "Jock" won't hold him back. He doesn't plan on coming back but doesn't know where to go with his life either and hopes he won't get stuck in this small town that somehow some way traps people who don't even know it. He made a mistake he wasn't even aware of but, would reveal itself soon enough.

One night two weeks before graduation every year for the senior class it is tradition that the seniors have a party to commemorate their graduating high school. Carter was dragged to the party by her best friend Val and was dreading it. (Boy) on the other hand was excited and glad to be going hoping to get drunk and have fun. Carter didn't know what she was drinking until it hit her. Growing drunk though not meaning too she knocks into (boy) who is drunk though had intended to. A spark goes through them and later ends of becoming a flame when Carter wakes up in (Boys) arms in a bed. Kissing him goodbye she gathers her clothes feeling sore and takes off (Boy) only knowing the girl by her bright blue eyes having it been too dark to remember her facial features or hair color. Graduation proceeds two weeks later and about a month later when she is away at cooking school in her apartment she makes the discovery of what happened that night out of their passion. Four years later and a little boy in tow named Sebastien she comes home in the event of a accident that (Boys) parents helped out hers. She is surprised to see (Boy) there and realizes their families have grown close. (Boy) is also surprised to see Carter and spots the little adorable four year old latched onto her side holding her hand. The bright blue eyes make him remember that night but, he isn't certain about anything at all. pm me step by step if you've read this far and are interested.

age- 23
height- "5"7"
weight- 135 lbs
hair- Dark red
eyes- bright blue
personality- to be discovered

age - 4
height- "3"5"
Weight- 40 lbs
hair- dark black
eyes- bright blue
personality- to be discovered

Kai Anoai
He was 18 when he graduated high school so 22 now.
Height- 6 foot 2 inches tall.
Short Bio- Kai was a jock in high school but only did it because his father pushed him to be the best in everything. He made some bad choices with drugs when he graduated and landed himself in community college in New Haven. He was never getting out.
Kai had short hair in high school but grew it out. He dated many girls in high school and after but about a year ago his girlfriend of two years died in a car accident, she was 4 months pregnant.


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"Just got Sebastien a drink and Carter a drink." He said motioning to the small table near them with lemonades on it. The kids day was bustling around them. He looked to Carter's friend and vaguely remembered her from high school.

Kai wasn't great with names so he wasn't going to push it but if she asked him anything about this girl he would have no idea. Kai was much different than he was in high school and the girl could see that. His muscular arms wrapped around Carter's waist, a smile spread across his face.
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Sebastien smiled and noddd pulling on Carter and Kai's hands excitedly. The grounds were crawling with people and children laughs ringed in Carter's ears as she walked to the swing set smiling as she pushed Sebastien a little.

"Carter?" Carter stopped and turned seeing a familiar girl and she broke out into wide smile seeing her childhood friend agains.

"Amanda!" She smiled and hugged her tightly. They smiled and Amanda looked a little to carters right and gasped.

"Is that Sebastien? He's gotten so big and he is so handsome." She smiled and was about to talk again when she saw Kai walking over.

"Carter kai's coming ov-." Carter knew her friend knew about Kai being the father and all and cut her off when she replied.

"He knows." She said as she felt his arm slide around her waist. She looked at home and smiled.

"What were you up to Kai?" She smiled.
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Kai chuckled and said, "its kids day theres like putt putt and other things to play and it will be a chance to introduce him and everyone will understand why I'm leaving the golf course when we move." He kissed her and watched Sebastien.

"hey buddy want to go to the golf course and play with mommy and daddy?" He asked with a smile and Sebastien nearly jumped in his arms nodding.

Later on, pulling up to the golf course, the old sign read, ANOAI COUNTRY CLUB. Kai's father had built this place from the ground up and it was sort of bitter sweet that he was selling it.
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"We can surprise my parents tonight." She smiled leaning into him as she was against the counter. Breathing deeply she sighed content and looked up at him. Listening without comment she knew he was telling the truth and meant every word that was said.

"Course we would like to go the the golf course with you, Sebastian would love the play day. He likes to meet new people." She said as she pulled a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven. The warm air hitting her face and making her close her eyes. Scraping two off the trays she put them on a plate just as Sebastien came bounding into the kitchen a excited look on his face.
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Kai nodded, "Yes I would love to and we can tell your parents tonight and mine tomorrow...or now...its up to you but I want to spend the rest of my life with you....I should have done this back in high school..." He had always had a crush on her and now she knew about it and they had a son.

"You gave me everything I've ever wanted without even knowing I wanted it and now that hes here and your here I can't picture my life any other way." Kai said with a smile. Sebastien was adorable and his miniature... "Want to come to the golf course for the kids day tomorrow afternoon?"
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She smiled and rolled her eyes.

"I don't care about a ring silly...." She pulled him close against her and leaned her head on his shoulders. Nodding she knew that it would be best to tell the parents that they would be moving back to Seattle and also getting engaged. She was about to open her mouth when she felt something hit her knee. Gasping out of surprise she fell into Kai laughing as she almost took him down. On her knees she looked back seeing a Sebastien looking Giddy at the two of them.

"Heyo." He smiled and leaned against Carter looking up at Kai. Sebastien leaned into Carter's ear and whispered.

"Mommy when we get back to grandma's house can we make cookies like we do every friday?" Carter smiled at him remembering and nodded.

"Want to join us tonight Kai?"
  CalamityX / 1y 48d 1h 19m 31s
Kai kissed her hard and whispered, "Never again, I promise." He held her and said, "I...I don't have a ring and I'm not prepared but you'll have a ring and you have made me the happiest man alive."

He leaned his head on her shoulder and asked, "We have to tell my parents don't we? and I think Sebastien will love that daddy will be around forever."

He was just very thankful that she had said yes to him. In a million years, he never thought she was would say yes. It was his last ditch effort to show her how much he actually cared.
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She stopped mid sentence when he said the word suicide. Her breathing sped up considerably and she felt tears rolling down her once dry cheeks. She was about to speak when her lips were pressed against by his. Gasping into the kiss she felt her hands wonder into his hair as she felt arms around her waist. He broke the kiss to ask her to marry him and she was stunned beyond words. Her green eyes roamed his for a moment before a glare took over her once happy complexion.

"Never talk about committing suicide again do you hear me?" She asked her voice breaking out of worry, sadness, and lastly anger. Looking up she tried will the tears away but, when her gaze tilted down to meet Kai's again they fell following the control of gravity to hit the floor.

"Then if you agree to that one condition swear it and I'll be yours." She said holding the sides of his face in her hands a pleading look casting into her eyes.

"For Sebastien and me." Taking a deep shaky sigh she watched him closely inches apart from her as time stood still and once again they were the only two people in the room.
  CalamityX / 1y 56d 13h 28m 31s
"Thank you Carter, for everything, especially Sebastien but also for coming back, telling me, I mean I was ready to commit suicide last month, I thought there was nothing left in this world for me when in reality, I have everything I've ever wanted." He said and leaned her against the counter and let his lips find hers. The kiss was intense. So intense that his mother walked in and out and neither of them noticed her.

"I love you Carter, and I don't care if we haven't known each other very long but I love you, will you marry me?"
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Carter later when she was standing in the kitchen by herself as Kai's parents were entertaining Sebastien in the other room. Sipping some water out of her glass from dinner she put it down and was running a hand through her curly auburn hair when Kai walked in. Straightening up she smiled and nodded digging in her bag that was on the island laying infront of her.

"I have two pictures in my wallet I can show you some more when we get to Seattle....I have a couple albums throughout his infant years and also when I was pregnant." Her nimble fingers flipping open her wallet and she came to the two photos tucked away behind her drivers license.

"Here I always keep these two with me when it gets stressful during work I can have something to look at to remember why I love my job so much beside my thirst for cooking." She smiled pointing to her and Sebastien laying in bed the photo of Carter taking a picture with Sebastien curled against her. The other was of him swinging on a swing a huge grin on his face as he swung forward toward the camera his black hair pushed out from atop his eyes his blue eyes standing out clearly in the picture these had alway been her two favorites out of the whole lot of them.
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"Daddy will tell you about it when your much much older." Kai said picking him up and kissing his cheek. He pointed to his parents, "You two will behave." His mom laughed.

Kai looked to Carter. "I will go back with you and find a place of my own and get the moving process started. I don't want to be away from either of you very long."

When they were alone he asked, "Do you have any pictures of you pregnant? Or when he was born? I..I'd like to see them if thats not too much to ask." Kai was shy. He definatley wasn't the same cocky guy from high school.
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Carter turning red would be a understatement she was bright crimson as she looked down and heard his mother giggling softly to herself at the joker her husband had just made. Carter smiled and laughed rubbing Sebastien's head of black hair ruffling as he smiled and brushed her hand away.

"Mommy!" she smiled and he looked at her.

"Whats s-e-x?" He asked innocently and Carter could not help the smile making its way onto her lips. Looking at Kai she smirked then looked back to Sebastien.

"You'll find out when your older okay?" Sebastien thought for a moment before nodding but pointed a finger at her.

"You better tell me when I am older okay..." Carter rolled her eyes and smiled.

"Whatever you say there mister."
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"No need to apologize dear, I see the way you two are together and I have no doubt that Sebastien will be a big brother soon." Kai's mother said and Kai's face turned beet red. "MOM!" He said annoyed. His father let out a laugh.

"Your really embarassed now? You didn't think we didn't know where kids come from son, did you?" He father asked still laughing. Kai shook his head and said, "I didn't think you would comment on my nonexistent S-E-X life." He spelled out the word for the little ears listening.

Kai's mother shook her head and said,"You need to lighten up Kai."
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Carter watched Kai's suprise and shock that made it's way onto his face. It did make both him and Carter stop and do a double take on what they had just said. Carter looked at Kai and smiled glad that his parents were moving closer to them even though they would not be in the same state that was alright with Carter. She spoke up softly at first but, then more assured the second time.

"I am glad you will be able to visit Sebastien more often this is all new to him and to me as well. I.I am sorry I kept Sebastien from Kai all these years I just I was unsure if he'd...." Carter did not know why she was apologizing but, she wanted to express her regret for not allowing his parents the joy of watching his child grow up. She knew she had made a mistake not to herself but, to Sebastien and Kai and would try and make up for it as much as she could. There was only a couple days left before she headed back to Seattle and wanted to use all the time she had.
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"Well in light of Kai's recent development with you and your son, Kai's mother and I have decided to retire and sell the golf course and move to California, someplace warm." He said sighing. "Kai is an adult and our only child, and California is alot closer to Seattle to visit our grandson, so we thought it was only right."

Kai was shocked. He had no idea that his parents were planning on selling the business and moving. "Are you sure you want to do that dad? I mean you've had the golf course forever." His dad nodded and said,"I'm sure."
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