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So basically I want this place to be a safe place for writers of all skill levels to ask any questions they have and to be able to get and give answers.

My rules are simple.
No making fun of someone for their questions.
Constructive criticism only, please.

Questions and answers will be posted in the main rp section of the thread.
Chatting is welcome in the chat so long as it is kept pleasant and the more it is focused on writing, the better. Though it is not required.

This is an open thread and I would like for it to remain as such, however, I will change that If you force my hand and things start to get hateful.

All that aside, I hope this is helpful to some if not many of you.

Happy writing~

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yes, it made me think of a character that I made for a random fan rp, I don't even remember what it was based off of...
  Violet / SilentHiller / 1y 233d 7h 46m 35s
Thank you very much for your inputs, kyanydkwc.
I have decided the elf is the nest fit for her.

More I think about it, Im actually leaning towards idea two. I have a thought on how she could get away from the hunters before they kill her. Also sounds like a good way to have the two main chars meet before their actal main meeting in the story. If that makes any since?
It just feels easier to continue the story off that one than the other one.

Is that so, hiller?
  Denzel / Boketto / 1y 235d 14h 13m 31s
That is an interesting story idea...something that makes me think of a character I used to have.
  Violet / SilentHiller / 1y 236d 13h 13m 58s
If you don't mind me adding a bit of insight to some of this, I'd love to help!

Witches as a race have a deep connection to all things spiritual and magical, often serving as a conduit to other worlds and channeling energy through invocations or intent. It drains their spirit to wield such power, and such the idea of teleporting would be likely in the form of phasing between worlds to other locations. As a race, witches also tend to have pointed ears, as they marked the grace or presence of magic altering their form.

Elves, as mischievous creatures, would easily be capable of teleporting or feats that defy reality with their speed in which they can travel. The carry minor natural magic and often can use it to disguise themselves or influence others. They're pretty powerful in the right way.

Demons as half-breeds aren't exactly evil, but their powers are considered dark or black in nature. Their powers corrupt and destroy rather than build, and if they do build, they tend to require a life-force to power it: either theirs or another's.

I think the first scenario seems a bit more humane, because I doubt elf hunters would spare her existence. Magic could be used to shape her ears, or even if she's elven or witch to begin with, some natural concealing power could be used to hide it, like a glamour.
  Kinzoku Hāto / kyanydkwc / 1y 236d 14h 47m 17s
Which seems more humane?

Having man who found child on her own and was going to take her into his family only to find shes elf, not human, cut the tips of her ears so she will look more human?


Have the man send her away with a care package in hipes that she will stumble across her own kind. Running the risk of elf hunters finding her and cutting her ears off to sell.

Either way her ears will be cut.
Shes also only like 5 or 6 years old.
  Denzel / Boketto / 1y 237d 10h 31m 19s
Witches can be beautiful, fugly as hell, or anywhere fact, some witches are called wiccan, as they are only witches that are willing to use potions for the greater good.
  Violet / SilentHiller / 1y 254d 11h 44m 16s
You've almost answered your own question there.

Witches are generally branded that by other people, yeah?

So a witch doesn't actually have to look a certain way.

That's my perspective on it, anyways.
  Sarah Maxis XI / Ignis / 1y 256d 20h 2m 45s
I'm honestly unsure how to go about starting a Sonic rp, my apologies, Hiller.

So is there such a thing as witches with pointed ears? Like that are not ugly as all hell?
Like, I get that it's my story and I can do whatever I want with it. I'm just not sure if it would be easily understood or if I should like spell it out for the read.
That make any sense?
  Denzel / Boketto / 1y 257d 5h 3m 44s
both actually. I like to change things up a bit, as using only the original game characters tends to limit things a bit for me.
  Violet / SilentHiller / 1y 257d 9h 24m 31s
Hmmm, that is a rather tricky one. It has been some time since I last dealt with anything Sonic related.
Are you looking to do something with OCs of actual characters from Sonic?
  Boketto / 1y 257d 9h 27m 3s
I am in need of some ideas on how to start out a Sonic Free Riders roleplay, but I'm having a hard time thinking of something...
  Violet / SilentHiller / 1y 257d 9h 32m 58s
Thank you, I appreciate it.

Best of luck to you as well and maybe one day we can roleplay together.
  ShadowStriker / 1y 257d 10h 1m 37s
I'm thinking about making a thread to most my story and feedback on here, if/when I do so I will be sure to send the link your way. ^^

Best of luck getting back into the swing of things. ^^
  Boketto / 1y 257d 10h 11m 42s
Haha, well I'm glad I was able to help somewhat. I would love to see how your character fleshes out so if you don't mind keep me updated. I need to work on a few of my characters as well.
  Cyan / ShadowStriker / 1y 257d 10h 17m 24s
A witch for the second race makes a good bit of sense. I'm cruise how witches/warlocks would fit into the world.....on second thought having them could help explain a few other things I had in mind.
Love the suggestion. Thank you!

It does appear though that I managed to leave the bit about the second personality have to do with some kind od beast possession out. My bad, ^^'.

She is a rather complex individual. Hopefully not too complex, though.
  Denzel / Boketto / 1y 257d 10h 20m 55s

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