Super Sonic Free Riders Racing

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Time to start up that EX Gear and get back to the tracks! but alongside old allies and enemies, two new racers have appeared, the mysterious Violet Rider, and a strange Mobian that resembles a female Biolizard.


Come on run away
You don't have to stay
You're running out of time
But you're doing fine

So stay on track
And don't look back
Just feel the haste
Come on now race

* Everybody Super Sonic Racing
Gotta keep your feet right on the ground
When you're Super Sonic Racing
There's no time to look around
With just Super Sonic Racing
Running to the point of no return
Everybody Super Sonic Racing
Come on let the fire burn
Everybody, Everybody, Everybody (x2)

* Repeat

Don't you know
We really have to go
To a place
Where you can feel my heart in space

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Invitations, all for the international Free Riders Race has been sent for the contestants, but this time, unknown to Nicole, there would be two unwelcomed racers in the tournament, both having no intentions to play fair, nor having any cares about the health of the other contestants.
  Nicole / SilentHiller / 3y 188d 5h 38m 54s

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