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[font 'Courier New' It's been a long, grueling wait but it has not gone unrewarded.]

[font 'Courier New' Today, my very first clutch of snake eggs have officially begun to hatch.]

[font 'Courier New' All 5 eggs will bring forth a new life into this world and I'm so very proud that I have successfully helped create such beautiful life.]

[font 'Courier New' Mama snake has been such a good sport through the whole process. Never struck when I had to check temps and humidity levels. Never got aggressive when I checked the eggs. She may have hissed at me a couple times but she never struck or bit me. She took such wonderful care of her eggs and not a single one was lost. I'm so proud of her. And this is her very first clutch too. I love her so much.]

[font 'Courier New' It's going to be a busy afternoon now that the eggs are hatching. Can't wait for all of them to crawl out so I can really see their colors.]
  -Mirror- / 33d 2h 17m 44s
[font 'Courier New' Almost 50 days since the eggs were laid. Turns out the eggs have been cooking at the sweet spot temp. The eggs should be hatching sooner than originally expected. I was originally thinking it would take about an extra week but turns out things are right on track as they should be. Should be expecting babies possibly next week.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm so damn excited!]
  -Mirror- / 41d 22h 54m 33s
[font 'Courier New' It's been 6 and a half months and it finally happened.]

[font 'Courier New' My big girl has FINALLY laid eggs!]

[font 'Courier New' I'm so damn happy and excited that I can barely contain it. I've been waiting for this for so damn long. It looks like it's going to be a healthy 4-6 egg clutch and they are nice big eggs. I'm so proud! This snake has grown to be such a big beautiful girl and seeing her laying her very first clutch is my proudest moment as a snake mom. She'll incubate the eggs herself since I don't have an incubator and many breeders will let their snakes take care of their eggs with tremendous success.]

[font 'Courier New' Hatching time is expected to be sometime in September, give or take.]
  -Mirror- / 91d 12h 7m 7s
[font 'Courier New' Been a while since I wrote in here.]

[font 'Courier New' Not much has really changed.]

[font 'Courier New' I got a little birb friend. Her name is Sweetie. She's a Budgie. She's a sweet little hand tamed baby and took to me right away. I was walking around the shop with her falling asleep in my hand. She's such a cutie. Had her for a few weeks now. I think she's starting to try and speak. Just have to keep working with her. She's really silly though. She love the bells on her toys. One she keeps sticking her face up into. She chirps and squawks quite a bit but she's pretty quiet too. I'm loving her so much.]

[font 'Courier New' So me getting all these multiplayer games have bit me in the ass it seems. I've got no one to play them with again. Every time I get some people to play with, after a while I'm forgotten. I guess I don't mean much. I'm not too bothered though. Its how it's always been. I'm more the background friend anyway. Only there when no one else is. Invisible till someone actually sees me. Oh well.]
  -Mirror- / 95d 8h 22m 52s
[font 'Courier New' Today is going to be a sad day for me.]

[font 'Courier New' A few days ago I found out a good friend of ours had passed away. It was a hell of a shock. We had just seen him maybe 2 weeks ago and he was doing fine. We bought some feeders and chatted and all seemed well.]

[font 'Courier New' We're going to go visit the cemetery today to pay our respects. We've known him for nearly 3 years now, give or take. To think we were talking about bringing some of our baby snakes once they are hatched and had a number of meals to him just a couple weeks ago.]

[font 'Courier New' What heartbreaking shock.]
  -Mirror- / 203d 5h 18m 51s
[font 'Courier New' So my big girl is now in shed. I'm pretty sure it's a pre-lay shed so I'm hoping for eggs maybe mid to late April if my calculations are right. I was off the first time I guessed her lay date but I'm feeling confident about my guess this time. Oh I hope this goes well. She's gotten huge. I mean HUGE.]

[font 'Courier New' Good grief.]

[font 'Courier New' On another note, my little rescue rat snake is doing well. He's gotten used to me and doesn't strike at me as much. Still a wiggle worm though. Like a wet spaghetti noddle. Really cute. Eats like a champ and growing. He's a cool little guy. Glad I saved his tiny life. He's very likely here to stay. I've grown attached to him. To think I'd get attached to a rat snake.]
  -Mirror- / 213d 10h 32m 36s
[font 'Courier New' My baby girl is looking thicc yo. She's starting to act oddly, moving back and forth in her enclosure a lot more than usual. Must be getting pretty uncomfortable at this stage. From what I was told, she'll lay a month later than what I found in all the research I've done but we'll see. Either way, gonna have me some baby snakes.]

[font 'Courier New' I had fun over the weekend at the reptile show. Picked up a new rack for some of my boys, bedding, some feeders and free crickets. So many beautiful animals at the show. So many I wanted to bring home but couldn't. I was mentally slapping myself for finding so many that would be such great pairs for what I have. Ugh. I had fun though. I was totally exhausted and sore. Feet still hurt actually. Wore makeup for the first time in a long while and was proud of the result. My highlighter was poppin and went surprisingly well with my dark purple and black smokey eye shadow and black and purple ombre lipstick. I swear I'm turning into a cross between Grav3yardgirl and Jefree Star.]
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[font 'Courier New' My baby girl is getting big. Her weight jumped up 400 grams in a month. She's never gained that much that fast. My mom was able to feel little bumps in her belly, too. I have no idea how she was able to feel them but she said they were there. My baby girl is on her way to laying eggs. I'm gonna be having a bunch of baby snakes. Holy crap. The reality of it all is hitting hard.]

[font 'Courier New' The reptile show is coming up. Gotta get some stuff again. It never ends really. There's always something else, something more that's needed. Probably going to see if there's any hypo pied males to price out to get an idea on the price range. Though we really don't need to right now since the one snake that we'd put him with is still just a baby. We'll see.]

[font 'Courier New' Been playing Subnautica a lot. Love the game so damn much. I want to get the new one. I'e already seen gameplay and it's looking epic despite being a fresh release. And with the game having story right off the bat and a deeper plot about the Precursers, I'm shook. Looks just as terrifying and just as fun. Can't wait to get my paws on it.]
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[font 'Courier New' I'm on a pretty good creative roll so far.]

[font 'Courier New' I did set a resolution for myself for this year but I'm setting a second one.]

[font 'Courier New' The first one is to have at least one cosplay and go to at least one cosplay con this year. Fairly easy goal to accomplish.]

[font 'Courier New' My new second resolution is also simple. Just do more crafting, make more things, and do it all to completion. No stopping for a week or more then picking it back up again. Start something and work on it daily till it's done, even if I can only do so much with the project on a certain day.]

[font 'Courier New' The second one will be easier to do than the first but both are reasonable. If I can't make it to a con, I at least want to have a cosplay to say I'm officially a cosplayer. I'm off to a great start with my second resolution but we'll see how long I can keep it going till I run out of ideas.]
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[font 'Courier New' HOLY SHIT!]

[font 'Courier New' My babies have locked up and have been locked up for hours now. Both of them have never been bred before so they are both virgins and they figured it out on the first night being put together. I'm one proud snake momma. I don't know how long they plan to stay locked together but they will come apart when they want to come apart. I kinda like that they are staying locked for so long honestly. Makes me feel confident that there will be eggs for sure.]

[font 'Courier New' If all goes well, there should be eggs around the end of February to early March and then they should hatch late April to early May. I can't wait. This has been such a long time coming and it's finally happening.

[font 'Courier New' Saying I'm excited is an understatement.]
  -Mirror- / 287d 4h 36m 4s
[font 'Courier New' So the next 24 hours is going to be restless.]

[font 'Courier New' I paired up my big snake girl with one of the boys and I'm hoping it works out. I hope to see a lock in the morning. They seemed to be tolerating each other fairly well so it's just a waiting game. If no lock in the morning then we'll check periodically throughout the day ever few hours till late and see what happens between the two. I really hope this works and they lock up.]
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[font 'Courier New' My figure came in and holy crap I love it!]

[font 'Courier New' It's bigger than I thought it was going to be. Really fantastically detailed. It looks as if it was pulled from the anime almost. The smile just kills me.]

[font 'Courier New' But it's official. I have the start of a JoJo collection, Jouske being the first of many pieces.]

[font 'Courier New' Now to find a Jotaro. Because he's best JoJo. Well, that and hes basically me in guy form.]

[font 'Courier New' Good grief.]
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[font 'Courier New' So, I did a thing.]

[font 'Courier New' More like I bought a thing.]

[font 'Courier New' I bought an awesome thing.]

[font 'Courier New' I am officially starting to collect figures now.]

[font 'Courier New' Yep. That's what I bought. A figure.]

[font 'Courier New' But not just any figure. No. No. No.]

[font 'Courier New' This one is an awesome figure.]

[font 'Courier New' This one is the start of a special collection that will get the very top of my bookcase. Nothing else will go up there but figures and other things related to just this particular series.]

[font 'Courier New' I bought me a JoJo figure. Yep. It has begun. I found me a Jouske figure on sale for a price I could not pass up. He will be the first to sit ever so proudly on the top of my bookcase.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm proud of myself.]

[font 'Courier New' Jouske, get here quickly! I wanna see that magnificent hair! That and I finally have my first JoJo figure in my hands already.]
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[font 'Courier New' I think I can start writing again.]

[font 'Courier New' The stress from moving is gone and I'm comfortable in my new place. There's a lot of settling in to do but that can be done over time. There's no rush to do that. As long as I feel comfortable and safe, it's all good.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm starting to build plot concepts again. Honestly, I want to try starting over. I kinda did it before a couple times where I changed how I wrote and built my worlds. But this is going to be more start from a blank slate. I may rework some characters and for sure finish the ones that need to be finished.]

[font 'Courier New' I think that's what I'll do. Give some characters a bit of TLC and see what story creations would be good to put up. Or maybe just rebuild my search thread and simplify it out the patootie and see what happens.]

[font 'Courier New' Decisions. Decisions.]
  -Mirror- / 314d 22h 29m 33s
[font 'Courier New' It's done.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm officially done.]

[font 'Courier New' The move is complete.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm one happy cat. Nya!]

[font 'Courier New' My animals are all in their own room and it's nice and warm in there for them. It got warm in there quick and it's warmer in there than I thought it would get. Holy crap.]

[font 'Courier New' On another note, I saved a life. I found a tiny little baby snake sitting outside my old place and the poor thing is so thin. I couldn't leave him behind. I brought him home and got him some water and he was one thirsty boi. Put him on the edge and wiggled my finger in the dish to make the water ripple and he saw it and dove in like he hasn't seen water in days. I named him Lucky and I'm gonna try and see if he'll eat once I'm able to get him something. The one time I actually need a pregnant mouse and I don't have any. FML.]

[font 'Courier New' But I'm glad it's all done and I can finally get things settled. I can start working on my craft room. Just need to get a table in there and a drawer thingy. HUZZAH!]
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