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[font 'Courier New' It's one thing to have to get blood drawn.]

[font 'Courier New' It's another thing to have to get stuck twice.]

[font 'Courier New' Ugh. My right arm hates me right now. Apparently my vein decided to collapse so the gal had to stab me a second time in my other arm to get enough blood. It wasn't too bad though. I got a little woozy but not to the point of passing out. I just hate needles and made it clearly known that my anxiety was high because of it. They were aware of it and helped ease some of the tension so it wasn't the worst experience in the world. The first time hurt a bit since the nurse had to dig a bit since the needle kept popping out of my vein but the second time was a pinch and then nothing. I was perfectly fine afterwards. I'm bruised on my right arm but they said it would be. Not too bad though. Over all, it was pretty pleasant. Took care of me and made sure I was alright before they stuck me the second time and let me rest as long as I needed before I got up to walk. Great place.]

[font 'Courier New' I also have stuff lined up for what I need to get for controlling my anxiety. Visited a vape shop and got a device picked out from there. Next week I'll go to the next vape shop to find out about the other stuff I need and hopefully pick out a product. Once I have that, I'll go back to the first shop and pick up the device, charge it up, fill it up and see how it works. Can't wait to finally be able have better control over my anxiety and potentially my aches and pains.]
  -Mirror- / 10h 20m 18s
[font 'Courier New' So my little Pinkers is doing well. She's a happy mama. All the babies are healthy. I'm not sure how much milk she's producing since hairless rats are known to have issues with nursing but as long as she's at least taking care of them by keeping them warm. There's two other mamas in with her that had babies shortly before her that are normal rats so the lack of milk isn't a concern. I'm just glad it all went well and the babies are strong and healthy.]

[font 'Courier New' In the meantime, I have idiot snakes. I tried giving one of them a mouse and the dumbass went and bit herself instead of the mouse. I had to poke her to get her to realize she bit her own neck. I just gave it to one of the other ones. I swear. All of my guys have such unique personalities. I love them all so much. I can't wait to see what my one baby girl produces when I put her with one of my boys. She's gotten so big. It's a workout moving her around.]

[font 'Courier New' In other news, I'm thinking about doing polymer clay charms again. I think I may need a different oven though. The one I have is a toaster and it doesn't hold temps very consistently. I can get it to hold the temp right but it;s a lot of fiddling with the dials. The first charm came out perfect but the second one I made burned. I need to look into that a bit. Not that I can afford a special oven or anything.
  -Mirror- / 4d 6h 5m 26s
[font 'Courier New' I'm so happy! My ratty Pinkers had her first litter of babies today and they are all perfectly healthy. She's being such a good mom, too. I can't wait to see in a couple weeks to see what the babies turn out to be. Since Pinkers is a hairless rex dumbo and the dad is a dumbo blue hooded, there's no telling what the babies will be like. Dumbos for sure. I'm glad she's doing good with the babies though.]

[font 'Courier New' In other news, I decided to copy and save all my character profiles to a flash drive. Holy crap that took a bit. The site crashing scared me a little so I decided it was time to stop putting it off and save them all. I'll save all new character profiles as well. It's just a precaution to keep from losing anything. Plus it will make it easier to put them on other sites if I wanted to. But keeping my children safe is my main goal.]
  -Mirror- / 5d 12h 11m 28s
[font 'Courier New' Finally, the harasser left me alone. The idiot just didn't know how to take a fucking hint. I can give a name now too since the idiot blocked me. LordTyranus. I was about to block his ass too but he did it for me. The trash took itself out in this case.]

[font 'Courier New' Let me issue a warning: this guy just doesn't know when to take no for an answer. I even explained to him that I'm not interested in more details than I should have and he STILL kept pushing it. I even ignored his ass and he still kept pushing. As I stated, I was about use the block function which I hoped to never have to use.]

[font 'Courier New' Thank GOD he did it for me. I don't have to be so tense while I'm on here, constantly wondering it that little red 'You Have A Message' at the top of the page is going to be him or a potential roleplay partner.]

[font 'Courier New' I kind of wonder how many people he's harassed on this site already. He claimed to have talked to me before but I have no recollection of it. He even kept saying my name was Megan and that I had that name on my -Serenity- profile when I never had that name there since I joined with as ShadowGretch. He wouldn't even let up on me being asexual. Um. Hello? I can't change the fact that I don't find anyone attractive. The guy was giving me a headache and making my teeth hurt from grinding them so much out of frustration.]

[font 'Courier New' Thank the heavens he blocked me. The trash took itself out and I'm free to breath again! I'm keeping the screenshots as proof of what he did though. He even had the gall to try and roleplay with me. What an idiot.]
  -Mirror- / 17d 7h 39m 19s
[font 'Courier New' Ugh. I feel like mega crap. My body just took me through hell in a hand basket made of tissue paper. Got the ole trifecta going on: allergies, Lupus flare and monthly visit by Aunt Flow.]

[font 'Courier New' Mother Nature: fuck you and the pigeon you flew in on.]

[font 'Courier New' In other news, I'm still in the mood to write. I'm still coming up with more plot ideas. My latest one is thanks to a movie trailer that looks beyond amazing. Comes out in June and I want to see it about as much as Deadpool 2.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm still struggling to find the right pictures for that ghoul plot though. I may have to pull that one till I can figure that one out. As the saying goes 'easier said than done'. In the mean time, I have other ideas I could work with.]

[font 'Courier New' Maybe.]

[font 'Courier New' My search efforts don't seem to be going too well currently. I'll keep trying though. I'd like to have at least 2, maybe 3, new roleplays so I'll keep trying. Even if I get just one, I'll be happy.]
  -Mirror- / 17d 18h 9m 33s
[font 'Courier New' I see some pretty weird stuff on here. A lot of it is cringe worthy though. I mean contort-your-face-into-the-next-dimension cringe. A bit of a rant ahead I guess. Or I guess just things that are bugging me about the site lately. Not that my griping and groaning, bitching and moaning will do diddly shit about diddly shit anyway.]

[font 'Courier New' One thing I've noticed is the literacy thing. Do people not understand that literacy means the ability to read and write NOT how much one can write? Anyone can put out 500 words but it's ability to properly build something of those words and use them with proper grammar and spelling that creates literacy. If someone puts out 500 'words' of garbled gibberish, that's not literacy, that's just garbled gibberish. But if someone puts out 100 words that tells a story, that's literacy. It's not how much a person can write but the ability to write properly.]

[font 'Courier New' Another thing I keep seeing is a lack of more advanced writers. When I say advanced, I'm talking people that take their time to write out their posts so every detail is clean and crisp and captures their partners with every word. Their posts are longer and more detailed and don't appear rushed. Posts that show a writers skill, intelligence and pride in their characters. People like me.]

[font 'Courier New' I feel like there's an overload of the same stuff. And it seems to be coming from the same people making the same thread types over and over again. Good lord. Isn't a couple threads enough? I've heard of an addiction but this is ri-goddamn-diculous.]

[font 'Courier New' A lack of flexibility seems to be a constant thing as well. Being flexible is one of the key things to roleplaying. There is no ifs, ands or buts. If a story written by someone is meant to be a certain way and the owner is only willing to be flexible in certain spots but not others, you roll with it and bend around the non-bendable parts. You're supposed to work together and compromise. 'I'll bend this part but I want to keep this as is. So you can do this but we can figure something with this.' That is how it's supposed to work. You bend, you compromise, you work together. That is what it means to roleplay. You're working as a team to create something great.]

[font 'Courier New' And the drama. As much fun as it is to read and watch, it really needs to stop. This is supposed to be a fun site that everyone can enjoy. There's no need or use for drama llamas.]

[font 'Courier New' And then there's harassers and annoying people that just can't take a hint. Not naming names but good lord people need to know when to shut the hell up and leave people alone. I'm not on here for anything but to roleplay, talk to a couple friends and have a bit of fun. Nothing more. I'm not afraid to use the block feature on the site. Three strikes, you're out.]
  -Mirror- / 20d 11h 1m 55s
[font 'Courier New' So, I'm pretty sure my writing mojo has been back a while. I've been coming up with more an more plot ideas lately. There's just one thing.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm being a chicken shit about actually putting them out there.]

[font 'Courier New' Maybe I should rebuild my search thread, simplify it and put it back out with mention of some of my ideas. However, some of the ideas use characters that are on my other account. Guess it would I'd have to make it a double search thread so both of my accounts are included in it.]

[font 'Courier New' Need to start fixing more of the images for the characters too. Ugh. What an annoying process that's going to be.]

[font 'Courier New' The only thing I hope for is that this time I can keep things going. My body hates me so damn much and just loves taking away everything I enjoy. I just hope that I can find people that understand my struggle. I'm a sick little kitten. For me, when it rains, it pours.]
  -Mirror- / 25d 13h 20m 1s
[font 'Courier New' So I learned that the new Tiger & Bunny series actually isn't Tiger & Bunny. It's actually a new 'buddy' series called 'Double Decker'.]

[font 'Courier New' Seems interesting actually. It's about a pair of detectives, one that's been around a while and one that's a rookie. It looks like it will be out sometime this year as a sub. I'll wait till it's dubbed though. I'm not a fan of subbed anime. I spend way too much time reading and not enough time watching.]

[font 'Courier New' Anyway. I feel like writing more. Of course, my skeptic ass is keeping me from actually doing anything because I don't know if any of my ideas will be appealing to anyone.]

[font 'Courier New' Of course I haven't really tried doing anything. The one idea I want to do is kind of hanging due to not being able to find any decent images for my character. Finding a picture for a ghoul is about as hard as finding oxygen in space. I need the ghoul look first before anything else so I can match things up somewhat decently. Ugh.]

[font 'Courier New' And I've been working on this project for a while now.]

[font 'Courier New' Oh well. Something is bound to show up at some point.]
  -Mirror- / 35d 11h 20s
[font 'Courier New' The past couple weeks have been hell on me. Flared up something awful. And then just a couple days ago I got a migraine to end all migraines. Holy crap. It was the worst one I've had in a long, LONG time. Three doses of headache relief stuff, two mucous relief tablets and an allergy tablet was what it took to get rid of it. But all of that tore my stomach up like mad. Felt like Freddy Kruger had a hay day in my stomach after all that. Ugh.]

[font 'Courier New' But once I managed to burp out a couple gas bubbles, I felt relieved enough to take a nap. And after some chicken broth, I felt a lot better. Ate like a horse once my appetite came back online.]

[font 'Courier New' At least I didn't puke like I thought I was going to.]

[font 'Courier New' On another note, my fingers are getting that itch again. Unfortunately, I've become the biggest skeptic when it comes to doing anything on this site these days. Maybe skeptic isn't the right word but it's all I can think of right now. Maybe it is though. I don't know.]

[font 'Courier New' Maybe roleplay in general is dying. I don't know. It's whatever I guess.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm tired and my brain isn't working all that great. Thinking is hard right now.]
  -Mirror- / 39d 8h 54m 52s
[font 'Courier New' I think I found a bite more motivation to keep going with this slime thing. And I have my cousin to thank.]

[font 'Courier New' I spent the weekend with her and took some of the ones I made and she really took to the peanut butter one. So much so that I left it for her. So now I have a project on my hands.]

[font 'Courier New' I need to make her an aroma therapy butter slime using a special type of scent and that very thought gave me the idea to have that as part of my regular stock once I get to the point of setting up shop. But the idea I had was to make it a custom slime where people can have it colored and scented as they desire. But I'm not so sure that's a good idea though as that would mean I would have a lot of emails to keep up with. But maybe it would work? Perhaps I should give it a test run when I start up to see how it goes. Maybe stock just the one slime and do the test that way and see what happens then.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm still trying to do this. I'm still coming up with more slime ideas and gathering more stuff to put in slime. I need to start finding larger containers now so I can start making bigger batches. I definitely need some screw cap containers. Preferable 4 and 6 ounce sizes.]

[font 'Courier New' Ugh. There's just no end to the crap that I need.]
  -Mirror- / 45d 7h 47m 22s
[font 'Courier New' I'm impressed with myself.]

[font 'Courier New' Despite everything, I'm still losing weight. It's slow but it's still coming off. I don't know how but it is.]

[font 'Courier New' On another note, I have a massive aquarium now. A coworker of my moms had a bi 55 gallon tank with a cabinet and a bunch of other stuff and they just wanted to get rid of it. Got it for 50$. Not a bad deal. However, now comes the hard part of trying to find a damn lid for the thing. Might have to just order one. What a pain.]

[font 'Courier New' So, I said I was going to start doing slime, right? Well, I still plan on it but I'm starting to do 'that' again. The whole doubting thing. And I think that is where my problem lies.] Let me explain:]

[font 'Courier New' I have started a lot of stuff, all of which I was so excited to do. Stuff I've developed motivation for and a desire to do. I start doing it and getting something going and I start showing people what I can do. Then after a while, something seems to happen were I feel like no one notices anymore or no one cares enough to support me. Then I start to doubt and question it so much it fills me with anxiety and eventually, I stop doing it and move on to something else only to have that die out, too.]

[font 'Courier New' Maybe I shouldn't try to do anything and just stick to being a hibernating hermit crab.]
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[font 'Courier New' Two thread advertisements.]

[font 'Courier New' That's the fewest I have ever seen on this site EVER.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm starting to think that maybe this site is on life support. Maybe even it's death bed.]

[font 'Courier New' I sure as hell hope not though. I enjoy it here. Plus it;s easy to use and easy to make roleplays and characters.]

[font 'Courier New' I have been kind of looking around for other sites though. However, most roleplay sites seem to be forum based. I HATE forum based roleplay. There's no ability to select a character where you can see who you're playing as. Plus the way posts work is tedious and gets confusing. ES has the best character and roleplay reply structure I have seen in a roleplay site so far besides WTFRPG. Nothing can compare to it and I'll be one sad kitten to see it die out.]

[font 'Courier New' But I hope it doesn't die. I've been here for, like, 7 years now and I have watched my writing skills improve dramatically during that time. I'm proud of the writer I have become.]

[font 'Courier New' But I've become a bit of a critic when it comes to other peoples writing now that I've advanced so much. Short replies, bad grammar, poor to no punctuation. I can spot it all and it makes me cringe. I try not to be rude about it and try to give constructive criticism but after a while, because there's so much of it, you just stop trying. Hell, some people just don't even bother trying to improve. So why bother to try and help? I just try to endure it as long as I can before the cringe gets to be too much and I quit.]

[font 'Courier New' So yeah. I'll probably try and see what other sites there are that are decent to roleplay on. I've found a couple but not sure. WTFRPG seems to be the best one since adult rated stuff can be fully written out on it. So all the nitty gritty, down and dirty stuff can be put out there to burn all the retinas and brains in the world and make people go 'The fuck did I just read?'. But I will always be here on ES. It's where I got my start after all.]
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[font 'Courier New' Tomorrow is the NARBC show in Arlington. Holy crap. Got here faster than I thought. I'm happy though. It's been a while since I've been able to go. Last year I couldn't go to the February or September show for various reasons.]

[font 'Courier New' This time is going to be kind of interesting. I'm meeting up with one of my cosplay friends at the expo. He even invited us to lunch. I haven't meet up with any of the cosplay peeps yet since I live so damn far from Dallas now so this will be a good chance to meet one of them. This should be fun.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm probably gonna have to put on a bit of makeup though and put something halfway decent on. Hopefully my face calms down enough for it.]
  -Mirror- / 67d 20h 15m 29s
[font 'Courier New' I can't believe it's actually happening.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm finally able to get some of my snakes in a proper set up with a thermostat and nice big bins and proper heat. The reptile show is just a couple days away and I'll be getting the rack system and bedding then but the thermostat is on it's way in the mail. Looks like it will be here by tomorrow. HUZZAH!]

[font 'Courier New' I can't wait to finally get my big girls set up in the big rack. Then it will be just a matter of getting some others moved into the vacant tubs that need more space and the closet rearranged so the rack will fit and things should be set. Then it will be just a matter of pumping up the girls and getting them ready to pop out some eggs.]

[font 'Courier New' Oh, the excitement is real, ya'll. I'd get up and dance but I'm currently in too much pain to do much of anything at the moment. But believe me, I have been waiting for this for too damn long.]
  -Mirror- / 69d 17h 14m 34s
[font 'Courier New' The scents came in and I'm pretty surprised. They are insanely strong. However, they are a bit off in scent but they are still workable.]

[font 'Courier New' The grape jelly one smells more like a candy like a Jolly Rancher or Dum-Dum sucker. I like it though. Smells sweet and almost makes me wish I had some jolly rancher candies. The sugar cookie one is the lightest of the scents and smells just like the name. However, I need to rework the slime recipe it's going into because a couple of the ingredients do not work with it at all. It smells horrible mixed with the scent and I can hardly tell I put any in. The peanut butter one actually smells like peanut butter though it's more along the lines of a candy, like a bit of chocolate got mixed in or something. I'm cool with it. Strawberry jam is pretty good too. Smells more like a candy as well.]

[font 'Courier New' But here's the unfortunate part. I can't use them in clear slimes. They fog up and appear as if they're a white base and ruins the color. So much for that idea. Maybe if I add the scent into the glue before activating? Would that work? I'll have to try it out.]
  -Mirror- / 76d 3h 53m 31s

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