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[font 'Courier New' Life is pretty rough right now.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm not letting it get me down though.

[font 'Courier New' It's that time again where I have to move but I'm not upset about it. I somehow knew that the time I had here in this little apartment was going to be fairly short that it was a resting spot to wait for the next door to open.]

[font 'Courier New' And that door has finally opened.]

[font 'Courier New' It's a tight squeeze but I know it will work out. Everything will be fine. I have no doubts. No fears. Not a tremble nor waver nor shiver in my heart or mind. It will work out as it always has. The path is being shown to us and we are being guided down to where we need to go and what we need to do.]

[font 'Courier New' We will be fine.]
  -Mirror- / 15h 46m 1s
[font 'Courier New' Perhaps I need a distraction.]

[font 'Courier New' Yeah. That sounds good. A distraction. But I can't be distracted for too long.]

[font 'Courier New' My world is being flipped upside down again. But I knew it was going to happen. I knew there was going to be a time where an apartment was no longer going to be possible. With how many snakes I have now, the breeding plans I have for them and the plans to buy more for future breeding projects, being in an apartment is no longer an option.]

[font 'Courier New' My mom and I have to move.]

[font 'Courier New' But I'm the one that has to find the place since my mom has to work. This is quite a bit of stress on me. I don't fair well under stress. I can feel myself sinking into a stress pit already. But I'll hang on for the sake of my snakey children. They need me. I'll find this house even if all my hair falls out. I wouldn't be surprised if that happens though, me going bald after this. Oh well.]

[font 'Courier New' But yeah. I'm stressed out. There's only so much I can take before I break. Hopefully I can hold it together long enough to find us the right place.]
  -Mirror- / 19d 20h 53m 23s
[font 'Courier New' I got my new baby!]

[font 'Courier New' ACK! She's so cute! She's so tiny! She's so pretty, too! I adore her already. Once she was home, I checker her over and was just so happy to have her in my hands. So itty bitty. She's all settled into her enclosure and she found her hide. She'll get to eat in a few days and hopefully she'll be settled enough to want to eat. Ugh. I'm just tickled purple about her. I can't wait till she's all grown up so she can have a date with a special boy I have. But that will be a while. She has a lot of growing to do.]
  -Mirror- / 34d 14m 12s
[font 'Courier New' I'm beyond excited!]

[font 'Courier New' In a few hours I'll be getting my new little snakey friend.]

[font 'Courier New' I can't wait to finally get her. It's been a while since I had a baby sake. This one is going to be so tiny. ACK! I'm going to be grinning ear to ear once she's here. After several days of settling in, she'll get to eat.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm so excited! Squee!]
  -Mirror- / 34d 22h 53m 51s
[font 'Courier New' I can not express in words just how happy I am right now but I will try.]

[font 'Courier New' Today was a test. A simple test. I tried on a favorite pair of pants. Haven't worn them since high school days. Used to wear them with my clunking platform boots all the time. I miss wearing them.]

[font 'Courier New' Guess what?]

[font 'Courier New' I can wear them now.]

[font 'Courier New' I've lost enough weight over the past couple years that I can now wear my skin tight Tripp pants again. I can have my old wardrobe back. I can wear the stuff from back when I actually had a sense of style.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm beyond happy. Words aren't enough to express the emotion.]
  -Mirror- / 44d 10h 56m 29s
[font 'Courier New' Ugh. My brain just keep running off without me.]

[font 'Courier New' More fanfiction ideas. More original ideas. On top of all that, I feel like rewriting my novel I was working on and redoing it from scratch. Ugh. It just doesn't stop. Not that I'm complaining too much though. Keeps me busy and thinking and whatnot.]

[font 'Courier New' In other news, I've been entertained with some stuff on here the past couple days. Mainly regarding that creep I had trouble with from before. The one guy that was being a persistent ass about my stance on relationships and my sexuality. He's still being the same persistent ass and a whole bunch of people just decided they have had it with him. The guy is still making more accounts, which is funny because all it does is clog up space. A new development about the idiot too. He apparently targets 'sad, broken and lonely' people so he can 'cheer them up and make them feel better'. Bullshit on that one. The guy is just an overall disgusting sleazeball. Ugh. Glad I don;t have to deal with him anymore.]

[font 'Courier New' As far as I go, I'm fine. Though I did get some bad news about my teeth but I'll have to take that a step at a time. It will be a few months before I can start the process of getting that taken care of but in the mean time, I can get myself into a better routine of caring for my teeth. I need to get better with that. Easier said than done though.]
  -Mirror- / 47d 15h 44m 19s
[font 'Courier New' I hate my brain sometimes.]

[font 'Courier New' I have this unbelievable itch to write. I'm hoping to get one story going but it's kind of slow on the uptake.]

[font 'Courier New' But then, my brain decided to pull a fast on on me and toss me another idea. One that might be kind of fun to mess with. Of course, it's a fanfiction I created. I've been watching a lot of anime lately. Shut up.]

[font 'Courier New' But yeah. Fanfic. I have several but this one I think would be kind of interesting. Kinda really want to give it a shot. Need to finish fleshing it out though.]
  -Mirror- / 76d 20h 3m 20s
[font 'Courier New' That itch to write is back in full force again. Oh how I hate it and love it so.]

[font 'Courier New' After finally figuring out that one thing I was stuck on for too damn long, my motivation to write has soared to new heights.]

[font 'Courier New' One problems though.]

[font 'Courier New' Doesn't seem like anyone else is on the same page.]

[font 'Courier New' There's so many search threads. So, so many. Like, I can;t keep track of how many I'm seeing. And I'm just contributing it it with my own. But what else am I going to do? I can't just sit and skim thorough all the search threads till I find something that seems to flip the right switch. But then again, isn't that what everyone does anyway?]

[font 'Courier New' I guess I'll peek into a few threads here and there and then just wait to see if anything happens with my own. Maybe I need to simplify it a bit? I don't know.]

[font 'Courier New' Maybe no one likes me.]

[font 'Courier New' But I'll just wait and see. In the meantime, I'll keep working on my new character and his background and the lore of his species. I'm sure something will turn up. I'm not giving up hope yet.]
  -Mirror- / 81d 7h 23m 25s
[font 'Courier New' After trying to figure it out, I finally have my ghoul character.]

[font 'Courier New' I've been trying to make the character since forever now and I finally have him. Now to figure out something to do with him. Maybe I can try doing that story I had originally intended for him. Or maybe try something else for him. I don't know.]

[font 'Courier New' I'll figure something out. At least I have him finally.]
  -Mirror- / 81d 12h 10m 56s
[font 'Courier New' Ugh. Dentist in the morning. Blegh. But it's something that's long overdue. The last time I went was when I had my wisdom teeth yanked out. Thankfully it's just a basic thing. Cleaning, x-rays, check-up. That sort of thing. But I;m also going to be talking about a couple issues.]

[font 'Courier New' My two front teeth need reworking. Badly. I kinda just want to have them yanked out and have implants put in. The semi-permanent ones where I can take them out if I wanted to. The reason I kind want those is that I thought that since I'm getting into cosplay, maybe I could utilize the implant stud in my jaw to have custom doohickeys that snap in so I can have a perfect smile with teeth that go with the cosplay I'm wearing. They wouldn't fall out that way and they would be easy to talk with as well as eat. It would be like natural teeth. I can make lower ones myself but the upper ones would need to be made to fit the implant. Unless I just make full sets myself like I had already intended to out of a resin or something and not have the custom implant caps.]

[font 'Courier New' I'll figure it out. It's too early for all that. Not like I can afford any of it anyway. But i know I'll likely opt for the implants. At least that way I won;t ever have to worry about the two front teeth from chipping ever again.]
  -Mirror- / 85d 4h 24m 47s
[font 'Courier New' I'm thinking it's time to give my profile a bit of an upgrade. Maybe add a new picture to it and update the description. Probably won't be all that pretty but I can probably make it look a little better.]

[font 'Courier New' I think I need to update my OOC character as well. I think I need to add something that's more 'me'. I have a few ideas in mind for what I want to do but I'll have to worry about that later. I have a headache. Partly because of my body hating me, partly because of stress and partly because someone was yet again pestering me about my gender identity. Ugh. I'll just leave it at that though. No need to grind my already worn down teeth over it.]

[font 'Courier New' I'll be getting my new headphones soon. Just can't get here fast enough it seems. I want them in my paws already! *tears at a rag with my teeth with tears running down my face anime style*]

[font 'Courier New' Anyway. I think I know what I'm going to do with my profile to make it look a bit prettier. But for now, headache meds and sleep.]
  -Mirror- / 86d 16m 2s
[font 'Courier New' I really don't need this crap right now.]

[font 'Courier New' My little buddy rat, Nugget, is missing.]

[font 'Courier New' He's been missing since yesterday morning and I can't find him anywhere. I'm so distressed over it. I have food out for him to see if he'll come out. He can't stay loose like this for too much longer.]

[font 'Courier New' The only reason he got loose is because my mom was cleaning the cage he was in and didn't pay attention to what the rats were doing. I actually found one loose in the box that's kept in the cabinet the tank in on! That means Nugget fell off the ledge and is somewhere loose in the house.]

[font 'Courier New' Dammit, mother! This is why we do the big cages together so this shit doesn't happen! I want my baby boy back! I want my snuggle buddy back!]

[font 'Courier New' I'm tearing up as I write this. Nugget is by far the sweetest little ratty I've ever had and I now it's getting more and more likely that he's gone. He loves to snuggle with me and take naps with me. Those big ol dumbo ears of his are just too damn adorable. He'll let me hold him in my hands on his back and he'll just fall asleep, perfectly content and happy where he is.]

[font 'Courier New' I want my baby boy back. But I'm starting to think I've lost him.]
  -Mirror- / 87d 13h 3m 44s
[font 'Courier New' So I managed to find a pretty accurate costume for a character I want to cosplay as. Unfortunately, I got's no money for it.]

[font 'Courier New' Oh woe is me.]

[font 'Courier New' I feel like I'm teetering on the edge of giving up cosplay at this point though. I've been trying for years to get into it but I just can't get my foot in the door. It's always getting slammed in my face with someone laughing at me and making a stupid face like some brat making fun of me. It's depressing. I just want one costume, one character. That's it. I'll be happy with that. But who knows. Having that one might set off getting more because of how happy it makes me and how free and open it makes me feel. Maybe after getting that first costume, It will set off a chain reaction and the cosplay world will finally open up to me.]

[font 'Courier New' Or maybe I'm just being full of it and it's all just wishful thinking.]

[font 'Courier New' That's probably it.]

[font 'Courier New' *sigh*]

[font 'Courier New' Whatever. I'll just see what I can do and figure out a way to save up for at least one costume anyway. I mean, I found the one I want. I just don't have any money.]

[font 'Courier New' If only there was a way that I could make money without making my health worse.]

[font 'Courier New' FML.]
  -Mirror- / 88d 3h 25m 22s
[font 'Courier New' I'm getting a bit of a list of characters that I want to cosplay it seems.]

[font 'Courier New' Added, like, 3 more in the past couple weeks since I started on an anime binge.]

[font 'Courier New' Ugh. Why am I like this? I know I have no money and yet here I am gathering a list of characters to cosplay.]

[font 'Courier New' Me and my bright ideas. But it's something I'm passionate about so I don't see much of an issue with it. It gives me something to drive towards at least.]

[font 'Courier New' If only I could afford just one outfit, that would be great.]

[font 'Courier New' In other news, I'm finally getting those headphones I've been wanting for ages. Should be here some time next week.]

[font 'Courier New' I'm also going to be starting the process of figuring out what to do with my teeth. Probably gonna just have a couple pulled and have implants put in but I'll have to see what they say next week. I'd like to just not have to worry about it ever again though. I'm tired of dealing with it.]
  -Mirror- / 90d 6h 33m 48s


[font 'Courier New' i'M SO HAPPY I COULD CRY!]

[font 'Courier New' No. Seriously. I could cry tears of absolute joy right now. And it was so recent too that it was finished it seems.]

[font 'Courier New' ABOUT DAMN TIME!]

[font 'Courier New' Now to binge watch D.GREY.Man again from start to finish.]

[font 'Courier New' HUZZAH!]
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