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[center [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/855b83d14737e19b42f54727ea6d4373/tumblr_ojje4lmo0w1v29fi9o1_250.png] [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/e2529852f86b992edcb1f593a1caabcd/tumblr_ojje4lmo0w1v29fi9o2_250.png]]


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[center [size10 i managed to keep myself decently distracted by talking to justin on the phone - it helped out somewhat with my anxiety up till just now.]]
[center [size10 tbh, even though i have people around me, i'm pretty lonely. i don't feel like people are into the same things as me, or if they are, not nearly to the same caliber.]]
[center [size10 on a different note, i really do love my oc angel a lot though. i've been doing more thought into them and i love their personality. i want to flesh them out even more, so i hope i can rp with them a lot..]]
[center [size10 i also need to remember that maybe to design their hair when i draw them i should do it with pencil and paper since i'm more used to traditional art/its easier for me. i'll try to remember to do that tomorrow.]]
[center [size10 if i can just do one or two productive things that i enjoy a day, i should improve emotionally. i need to keep trying to draw or rp to keep my mind stimulated.]]
[center [size10 i also should spend more time watching funny videos - the game grumps compilations do help during the moment.]]
[center [size10 remember remember remember. just do your best to keep your mind distracted]]
[center [size10 its been tough, the PTSD trips have been so hard on me, but i need to try to take it easier on myself for feeling the way i do. i'm always so critical and hard on myself for everything, and i know it doesn't help, i need to try to be less judgmental of me.]]
[center [size10 just open your mind like you want to so badly. keep your heart tucked away from those that don't deserve it and those you're not close to. stay safe, do things for yourself more.]]
[center [size10 focus on your own health. be selfish. i need to learn that it's okay for now, i need to be.]]
[center [size10 it's been difficult to accept the situation i'm in, to accept these illnesses in general - i want to reject everything, the memories, the emotions - but they're there and whether i like them or not, they won't just "go away eventually."]]
[center [size10 i need to practice writing down my feelings as they come immediately when they come. then i can recognize them, come back later and try to figure out what caused it and what the real problem was.]]
[center [size10 i can't dwell on them; that's something to keep in mind too. it'll only worsen because of the hyperfixation - i'll never stop thinking about it if that's the case. i need to acknowledge it without obsessing.]]
[center [size10 that's... gonna be hard, but i believe in myself. i have to stay strong for myself and those around me.]]
[center [size10 i may think "i want to die" but i don't want to die. if i wanted to die so badly, i'd be dead. i've survived this long because of how much i want to [i live].]]
[center [size10 just because i'm tired and my body aches from all the fighting doesn't mean i'll stop fighting.]]
[center [size10 i'll [i never] give up. i'll [i never] quit fighting these illnesses. i'll [i never] let them control me completely.]]
[center [size10 i [b will] get help and i [b will] get better. i will bloom prettier than all the rest.]]
[center [size10 and i'm already beautiful.]]
  ᵃᶰᵍᵉˡ / lovesick / 6h 13m 0s
[center [size10 everything that was given to you that wasn't love]][center [size10 i wanted to believe]][center [size10 that we were in touch]]

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZwSt0Brne0]
  ᵃᶰᵍᵉˡ / lovesick / 1d 31m 4s
[center [size10 [i i'm so into you,] i can barely breathe]][center [size10 & all i wanna do is to fall in deep]][center [size10 but close ain't close enough 'til we cross the line]][center [size10 so name a game to play, & i'll roll the dice]]
[center [size10 oh baby, look what you started]][center [size10 the temperature's rising in here]][center [size10 is this gonna happen?]][center [size10 been waiting and waiting for you to make a move]][center [size10 before I make a move]]
[center [size10 so baby, come light me up & maybe i'll let you on it]][center [size10 a little bit dangerous, but baby, that's how i want it]][center [size10 a little less conversation, & a little more touch my body]][center [size10 'cause i'm so [i into you, into you, into you]]][center [size10 got everyone watchin' us, so baby, let's keep it secret]][center [size10 a little bit scandalous, but baby, don’t let them see it]][center [size10 a little less conversation & a little more touch my body]][center [size10 'cause i'm so [i into you, into you, into you..]]]
  ᵃᶰᵍᵉˡ / lovesick / 2d 9h 9m 46s
[center [size10 i worked soooo hard on these character profiles so that i could be proud of them instead of feeling like they looked cluttered and messy like on the other account. i'm proud of these.]]
[center [size10 i'm happy ipiccy updated, it gives me a lot more freedom with the picture editing i do.]]
[center [size10 while i [i should] have been sleeping all i could think about is mettaton, [i sooo].... this was the result. LOL]]
  / lovesick / 3d 5h 28s

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