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[center [font "Segoe Print" I don't normally post stuff like this but Jesus I have to get this off my chest. I can not believe how badly you [i lie] about everything and expect people to just love you. Well you know what? I know the truth now. I know who you are and I don't love you anymore. You tried to act like the perfect prince when in reality you were lying to each and every person. I tried rationalizing why you might of told us you were a man when you aren't but nothing works out. Not with the shit you talked and the way you treated people.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" You played us like a game using your boyfriend as a cover up. So that when he went off on us you could pretend to be so sorry about it. It's all a bunch of fucking bullshit. I'm hurt, others are hurt, and what for? Because you fucking wanted to be mr. perfect? I know that you are not who you say you are. I've caught you cat-fish and the fact that when I confronted you and asked for an answer you deleted my pm tells me everything that I want to know. You are lying, you are hiding something. If you weren't you'd jump on the chance to tell me that I'm wrong. That it's not what I think, I must be mistaken.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" But once again you delete the evidence ignore a person and hide. Just like every other fucking time. I'm not going to block you though. No you don't hold that much power over me. You are out of my life and this is my closure. I can move on and be happy. My MUSES can move on and be happy. Despite everything that you fucking did. So piss off. Don't try talking to me again because you will be ignored. If I was your best friend you wouldn't treat me the way you do. I deserve better. So does everyone else that was in our friendgroup. So goodbye, farewell, fuck you, live your life and I hope karma finds you.]]

[right [font "Segoe Print" ~One Pissed Of Bitch]]
  -Ohana / 1d 20h 39m 14s
[center [pic http://mashable.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Tangled.gif]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Things are finally starting to look up for me around here. I've got some friends that I wouldn't trade for the world, my job is going wonderfully, and I couldn't ask for more. So much has happened good that I can't contain myself it seems. Firstly I've been hired on full time with benefits and a raise. I'm so excited for that because now I don't have to stress to terribly much about the twins coming out for vacation! It'll be okay because my vacation is paid for so I won't have to squander money.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Which leads to the second exciting thing! THE TWINS WILL BE HERE IN A MONTH FROM TODAY! It's horrifyingly exciting. Makes me nervous, because I'm afraid something will go wrong, but excited because it will be here soon! I think I saw the hotel we will be staying in, it's a bit a ways but it'll be okay. It's not terribly to far out. I've got the adventureland tickets, mom should have the fair tickets, it's all going to work out! I can NOT wait. It's going to be a blast.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Than next year in September I FINALLY get to meet Riley in person! Oh god am I so excited for that! Not only that but it will also be paid for! Which means I can enjoy myself. I'll set aside money and be ready to go. Baby-K will be a year and like four months old by than so hopefully he'll interact more. God it will be so much fun to just hang out and do stuff together. Not to mention Kylie isn't moving away for a few years so I can still see her without to much travel. Everything is working out!]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" My muses are super duper happy lately too. Glad to be living their lives happily. One of my oldest came back today. He left when I was a teenager and returned. I am beyond happy about that. I've got so much to be happy about and live for it's wonderful. I'm advancing in final fantasy fourteen and it's so much fun. Though sometimes memories do sting me, and make me miss the old days. Things now are really awesome. I hope life just keeps getting better and better.]]
  -Ohana / 17d 19h 53m 26s
[center [pic https://media.giphy.com/media/29SqSyXlyO6WI/giphy.gif]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Well I got made full time at work! It's such an exciting thing. I'm so glad that it finally happened. It means I can take time off! I can enjoy vacation time! If I'm sick my time will be paid! No fear of figuring bills! My vacation may be paid for when the twins visit which is so exciting! I can't wait until they are here to visit. <3 It's strange to think that it's only two months away. We got our fair and our a-land tickets. May be going to the Omaha Zoo. Lot's to do and so little time!]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Riley is going to visit next year. She's just staying with me though so it will be a little cheaper. I may try to help out with her plane ticket since there is no hotel fee, if she will let me. It's exciting and thrilling all at once! So many people to meet, so many faces to see! Two of my friends have had babies recently and both are equally adorable! I love babies! Though I'm waiting to have some of my own until I'm married or in a serious relationship with someone.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Everything is going good but I'm anxious. I'm going to be taking on a lot of new job responsibilities with my being made full time. JL and JK explain it really well but I'm not entirely sure how G & my sister training me will go. I guess we will find out. I'm nervous I won't have as much time to talk anymore but I think I'll be alright. I won't loose my best friends, we won't drift apart. I just gotta remind myself of that. Instead of what's happening with someone else. Before you assume who it is, please ask me fyi for my lovely stalkers.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Life is looking up and I just need to roll with it. To relax and trust that everything is going to work out alright in the end. Despite how scared I am things will be okay. They will always be okay. I'm getting more mentally healthy, going swimming to help with my depression. Camping to enjoy the time outdoors. It will be okay, everything will be okay. Just not looking forward to dealing with fathers day. :/]]
  -Ohana / 40d 20h 31m 37s
[center [pic https://m.popkey.co/8b281a/y6Z6O.gif]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" It's raining so hard today and all I want to do is lay down and go to sleep for like, several hours. Though that might also have to do with my depression making a grand return. I was doing so good for awhile and now it's back. I'm sure I'll get through it, I always do. I've got an amazing support system to help me trudge through this and get to the other-side of it all. I guess it's just the time of year that's dragging me down, among other things in my life.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" I'm finally an Aunt again. I was so excited but I didn't expect it to suck so much that I couldn't be there. I wanted to so badly too but money just wasn't going to fall right for that to happen. Oh well I'll get to meet him next year along with his mommy. Now that I am stoked about. After Christmas I'm going to start saving up as much as I can so that I have plenty of spending money when she comes out here. I'll have to find out early in the year when it is so I can take some time off.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" And in August the twins are going to be here to see me. I'm so freaking excited you have no idea. I've got their tickets for Adventureland already. Now all I gotta do is get Fair tickets for when they come out and the rest of the money for the hotel together. I think we are going to have a blast, or at least I am hoping that we are going to have a blast. Fingers crossed that it turns out really well for us in the end. Just gotta keep trudging forward until it's time. <3]]
  / -Ohana / 73d 21h 55m 21s
[center [pic http://i2.wp.com/www.dailycal.org/assets/uploads/2013/09/tumblr_m8syh621CH1qet7gco1_500.gif]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" It's cold as all crapping hell outside, been raining for like three days maybe four. But I can't complain to much, it's been nice to listen to when I go to sleep at night. Got a new game yesterday, Persona 5. Than spent all day playing it. It's been a long time since I've benged on a game like that to the point my head is spinning around a little bit. It's just so fun and addicting though. Suck's you right into the game, unlike the fourth one does. THe four one start's out so freaking slow you can't see straight.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Keep waiting for baby-K to make his appearance. He seems to be taking his time about it though but who knows. He could surprise us and come tomorrow like I think he's going to. He could wait, he could come today. It's all a waiting game at this point but that's okay. Like I keep telling Riley, he'll be worth it when he gets here. Hopefully I'll be able to skype her when he's here afterwards in the hospital. If my family and my brothers dog don't make it almost impossible.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Going to my sisters this weekend to watch her five kids with my mom and possibly my brother. Gonna take them to A-Land on Saturday. It's going to be warm and mostly sunny so hopefully we will have a good time. Aunt Megan just can't forget sunblock. Unlike the little tikes, I do not tan. I burn. Life's good so far and I really can't complain about it. Just excited for it to get to August already so the twins can already be here and I can get those booties for baby-K that I'm dying to get him. <3]]
  -Ohana / 82d 20h 52m 34s
[center [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/b27f792880658b3079b44f896769dc43/tumblr_od626zUw8s1vna7xko1_500.gif]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" I'm so grateful for the friends I have. They mean more than the world to me. They listen to me talk about life, mostly what's going on at home or work, and reassure me. Thing's have been hard lately, we found out my grandfather has dangerous skin cancer on his face. Luckily they are able to do a procedure to remove it and hopefully it stays gone. I don't know what I'll do if I loose grandpa. He's the only one whose been around for awhile. The only one I've ever really known as Grandpa D died when I was seven.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Otherwise I just wish my cat would let me sleep. It's like four thirty every morning she's in my face meowing. I give her food and water before bed. She has it when I wake up to her meowing so I really don't know what her deal is. Other than since we got the puppy she just wants to play all the time. So if the puppy is in my brothers room, she get's all mad and wants out. I'm going to have to get a dog just simply for my freaking cat. I mean don't get me wrong, I want a dog but for me not because my cat hates other cats and is attached to my brothers red heeler puppy.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Weird to think any day now I could be meeting Baby K. He's due on the second of May but who knows. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. Excited he'll be here, nervous because my anxiety makes me worry. I just want everything to be okay. I mean I'm sure it will be, I'm probably just being silly. I can't wait to actually meet him next year. I wish I could go out there for his birth but sadly I can't. Being the newest one at work means not enough time off to do it. Plus I'm broke as a joke being just graduated from college. But next year! That's when we begin our yearly visit traditions, or so we hope to.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Life is good, things are good. I'm happy, my muses are happy. Riley is happy, the twins are happy. It's a nice feeling. I'm taking leaps and bounds at work, and I love my job. I'm building relationships with my sisters which is nice. The twins are going to look into four year schools here so maybe they will move out. I'm hoping they will anyways. Ani wants to move out here, which will rock. Life's moving forward in a good way and I need to keep moving with it. It's nice to look at myself and see how much I've changed in just over a year. I've grown up quiet a bit and I'm going to keep growing.]]
  -Ohana / 93d 22h 56m 29s
[center [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/b27f792880658b3079b44f896769dc43/tumblr_od626zUw8s1vna7xko1_500.gif]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Life is good right now and I'm slowly coming out of the seasonal depression. It's nice to have friends who I can turn to when things are not good. To know they aren't going anywhere despite how bad my mental state gets and they cheer me on as it get's better. It is honestly one of the best feelings in the world and I love it. I love knowing I have people who have my back all the time. Even if they are thousands of miles away from me. I just keep trying to think of the good things. I'll be an auntie again in May when baby-K comes. The twins are coming out in August and it's going to be a blast. Riley is visiting next september and we will have an awesome time. I just gotta keep focused on the positives.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" My cousin is moving up in August, or he's supposed to be. My brother, cousin and I are going to start a DND group for people ages like 21-32 or so. So that he can make friends here in Iowa and my brother and I can make a few more friends ourselves here in town. It'll help too because if I already have friends in town when the twins move out than I can introduce them. Plus I think it'd be fun to do a DND night once a week. I miss playing that game with my cousins.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Things are going good at work, I was given a login finally for product we sell. I guess thing's are being shifted around? J made the comment that I'll likely start getting the residential orders from here on out. Especially when things get busy. I think R put his foot down with them. He made a comment at the Woodford dinner and now suddenly all of this is happening. So I think he decided to give me more permenate jobs and take away some of J's as she doesn't always do the best at it. It's a nice feeling though.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" On top of that muses have become active as all shit. Just trying to get them back on is a shit show. I lost three families though, and that's my own fault. I don't blame them for leaving, especially when staying here was to hard. I just hope someday they will return to me. It's just a matter now of getting them to hush long enough not to drive me up a wall. My office is to small for the number that follow me to work sometimes. @.@]]
  -Ohana / 101d 21h 49m 1s
[center [pic http://foreveryoungadult.com/_uploads/images2/spn_3x16SamCrying.gif]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [i Weather man said it's gonna snow. By now I should be used to the cold. Mid-February shouldn't be so scary, It was only December I still remember the presents, the tree, you and me. But you went away, how dare you!? I miss you. They say I'll be okay, but I'm not going to..ever get over you.]]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" It's hard to believe it's been a year since you where taken from us Aunt Jeanne. And it still breaks my heart every single day. It still doesn't seem real, like some sort of nightmare I'm going to wake up from. Except, I know it's not. I'm not waking up from this nightmare. Just like I will never wake up to my daddy alive again. That's what makes this so hard, I want him to comfort me but your with him now. Probably causing to many jokes and pranks just for the hell of it. Getting your own personal show from Prince. Doesn't make me stop missing you though.]]

[center [font "SEgoe Print" I miss your smile and your laugh, the way you would bear hug the shit out of me every time you saw me. How you would make me feel so special and loved teasing the crap out of me. Like when you gave that waiter my email and he was older than me. God I was so embarrassed. Or how you would ask us to keep an eye on Drewzer while he was in college up here. The pranks you played on B where always hilarious and you always had an opinion on everything. You lite this world up in ways that you could never imagine and you were like a second mom to me in a way.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" I guess though you just had to have the best seat in the whole house for my college graduation. Had to be there with my daddy right up close and personal to see it all huh? Make sure he didn't cry to hard when his baby walked down to get her diploma. The one thing he always wanted for me in life was to go to college and I did it. God I miss you both, and I love you more than words can say. I'll try not to cry to much, I know you wouldn't want me to. I just miss you. </3]]

It's perfect outside its like god let me dial up the weather
Got the whole crew here, I ain't seen some of them in forever
It's one of those never forget it, better stop and take it in kinda scenes
Everything's just right yeah except for one thing

You should be here, standing with your arm around me here
Cutting up, cracking a cold beer
Saying cheers, hey y'all it's sure been a good year
It's one of those moments, that's got your name written all over it
And you know that if I had just one wish it'd
Be that you didn't have to miss this
You should be here

You'd be taking way too many pictures on your phone
Showing them off to everybody that you know back home
And even some you don't yeah
They say now you're in a better place
And I would be too if I could see your face

You should be here, standing with your arm around me here
Cutting up, cracking a cold beer
Saying cheers, hey y'all it's sure been a good year
It's one of those moments, that's got your name written all over it
And you know that if I had just one wish
It'd be that you didn't have to miss this
Aw you should be here

You'd be loving this, you'd be freaking out, you'd be smiling, yeah
I know you'd be all about what's going on right here right now
God I wish somehow you could be here

Oh you should be here

Yeah this is one of those moments that's got your name written all over it
And you know that if I have just one wish it'd be that you didn't have to miss this
Aw you should be here
You should be here
  -Ohana / 106d 23h 39m 37s
[center [pic https://www.jarofquotes.com/quotes/133666.jpg]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" This week has been insane with things to do and people to see. Phone calls and orders. I'm glad for it, in a strange way. It distracts me from thinking to much about what Friday is. God it seems like yesterday that it happened. Still breaks my heart to and makes me want cry. God why did you have to take her? I don't think anyone was ready for it. No one, not a single person was prepared. I was doing okay until that song came on the radio. "You Should Be Here." I listened to it all the way down to Kentucky last year when..when she died.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" My biggest worry had been a test you know? I thought I'd failed it and I was so mad she put the wrong study guide up. Wondering to myself if I was even going to graduate because I totally bombed that fucking test.I got back to my room to see that my sister A had called me. I figured it was baby stuff, she was trying to adopt my niece at the time. So I called her back. No answer. Than my brother calls me and I was not prepared for what he had to say. "Megan she's dead. She died. It was a car accident."]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" I thought maybe he was talking about my other aunt who'd been on a downhill spiral. I just remember asking him who and than thinking he was joking. I have never cried so hard in my life before that day. Sobbing and shaking to the point my sister was concerned for me. It was a blur and a nightmare. She was my aunt, my second mom, the person I knew I could be myself around without judgement. And suddenly she was just ripped away from me. I fell into depression I didn't want to talk, to eat, to move, to do anything. I just wanted to curl up in a ball and simply not exist.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" I didn't mean to shun people like I did. To make them feel ignored. B had to force me to get up and go to class because I just didn't want to. I didn't want to talk to anyone, to do anything. I was sure I was not going to graduate college. My roommate was in a downward spiral, it was just an awful time. So weird to see where my life has gone from then to now too. How much has changed and how much I've learned and grown as a person. I'm just ready for this month to be over with.]]
  -Ohana / 108d 20h 13m 22s
[center [pic http://mashable.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Tangled.gif]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" I feel really good today, almost on top of the world. The dinner went wonderfully last night and nothing felt so good as hearing R say that as I learn more I'll put names with faces. Heidi told me they've talked seriously about bringing me on full time. It makes me happy, and I hope that it happens. I hope I become full time because I love this job with all of my heart. While there are annoyed times there are times that it makes me feel loved and special.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Today Fales told me that I should go work with the shop guys. I jokingly said it was because I'm short and can fit into basins. He looked at me, seriously, and tells me it's because I'm smart, learn fast and he can make me a lot of money. Kinda shocked me to be honest. I've been told that before, especially working Adventureland. But I didn't realize others could see it. Though that explains why S & R are testing me so much. Maybe they see it to and maybe that's why G feels so intimidated by letting me come on full time. She's afraid I'll do better than J and J will lose her job.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Politics of work aside, I also tied up loose ends with people. While we may not be friends and may never be, it feels good to get that off my chest. To get that air cleared between us. I'm learning and growing more and more everyday. I'm proud of who I've become and grateful to try harder to become better. I'm not giving up on becoming the best person I can be and I've got wonderful friends to help me along the way. Friends who mean the world to me. So if you are reading this guys, I love you more than the world. You are wonderful and beautiful and don't you forget it.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" You prove to me that it's okay to trust people. Something I'd forgotten after what happened my freshman year of college. The games that my ex roommate would play to turn people on one another. When I think back, I realize when my trust issues started. Not from my dad dying but what Maddison did to me after he died. Prank calling me and turning on me. Taunting me into teasing her when I didn't want to. Than attacking me. I lost both my best friends at that point and I never felt more alone. I hid myself in an imaginary world because I was so scared. I didn't really make friends again until seventh grade of Middle School.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Than the games through out middle and high-school of odd man out. Those nightmares and headaches. Than finding out what I did my freshman year on top of the games. I was unhealthy and in a world of negativity. Now? I feel so free and happy. My life is moving forward and I'm learning to live and trust again. Learning to build healthy relationships and be honest with one another. It's a freeing feeling to not talk shit anymore, to not play games, to not cause drama or be involved in it. I'm happy and I'm grateful.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" I've mended broken bridges that needed to be mended and apologized to people I needed to apologize to. Now to continue working for a brighter future. Not only for myself but for my nephews, all seven of them including Baby-K. I want to give them a good influence to follow. No more pettiness, no more drama, no more shit talking, no more muse thieving, none of it. All of this stuff I've stopped and I'm going to stick to it. Going to keep with it even if it's really hard.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Song from "Moana" but lyrics changed by me. I love this song. [i I know a girl from an Iowa, She stands apart from the crowd. She loves her writing and her people. She makes her whole family proud. Sometimes the world seems against you. The journey may leave a scar. But scars can heal and reveal just, where you are. The people you love will change you, the things you have learned will guide you, and nothing on earth can silence the quiet voice still inside you. And when that voice starts to whisper Megan, you've come so far, Megan, listen do you know who you are?]]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [i Who am I? I am a girl who loves my writing, I'm the girl who loves my friends. They call me! I am the daughter of a single mother. We are descended from survivors. Who found their way in this world, They call me! I've delivered me to where I am. I have journeyed farther, I am everything I've learned and more, Still they calls me! And the call isn't out there at all, it's inside me. It's like the tide; always falling and rising I will carry you here in my heart you'll remind me. That come what may I know the way I am Megan!]]]
  -Ohana / 113d 21h 48m 8s
[center [pic http://i2.wp.com/www.dailycal.org/assets/uploads/2013/09/tumblr_m8syh621CH1qet7gco1_500.gif]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" I'm glad to have cleared the air between us. I feel more at peace now knowing it's been cleared. Now to work towards a brighter future and to becoming an even better friend than I am now. I'm not giving up, not yet. I know I can be the best me that I can be. And I'm going to work straight towards becoming that person. Going to try hard to be the girl that everyone can trust. It may not be easy but it most definitely will be worth it in the end.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Tonight is the night. I have a business dinner and I'm scared out of my mind. Formal wear and fancy talk. K invited me but I also still panic that I'm not actually invited. I know I am but still. I want to sweat and scream and possibly puke. It'll be okay though, there aren't tons of people and Heidi leaves early for the kids. If she goes I'll just sneak out with her so that I'm not there until almost midnight. I go to bed at eleven and I work tomorrow so I can't be there all night long. I hope this goes well, I hope I make a good impression. I hope it doesn't end badly. Just need to breath and everything will be okay.]]
  sαlєm / -Ohana / 114d 23h 23m 37s
[center [pic http://mashable.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Tangled.gif]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" So my birthday is tomorrow! I'm getting kind of excited. I'm going to be twenty three years old. I know it's nothing special but hopefully it will be a good day. Mom's making little smokie cassarole, and I get to skype with Riley when they go to puppy classes! So it should be fun. Not sure if we will order lunch at work or not since we have an all day meeting type thing going on. So the chances of that are probably pretty slim to none. But we will order it sometime this week I am sure of.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" I think he mistook what I was doing yesterday. I was trying to apologize to the friends on here that I've hurt. Well ex friends now, but regardless I was trying to apologize. I do feel horrible for what I did to them. I wish I hadn't of done it. I wish I had done things differently but I can't change that. I can only learn from it and become a better friend because of it. No more games, no more shit talking, none of it. We got a problem, we talk it out. I'm annoyed with someone? I tell them that something is up.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" I learned from what I did a year ago. I know it seems strange we all apologized at once but it's been weighing on my mind and I talked to the twins about it. They told me it was weighing heavily on their mind too. It just happened that we all posted it at around the same time. It was a coincidence nothing more than that really.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" I have a buisness dinner on Thursday with Woodford. I'm so nervous but H think's it's a good oppertunity for me. J is not thrilled because she didn't get to go for the first few years. I told H it was fine, mom wanted to take me out to dinner but she insisted. So I guess I am going. Luckily it's only like thirty people, half of whom I already know. So I don't have to be to incredibly nervous about it. Besides I do sell woodford products so it would be smart. Alright I am going to stop rambling now.]]
  ღღ / -Ohana / 117d 16h 24m 57s
[center [pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/b27f792880658b3079b44f896769dc43/tumblr_od626zUw8s1vna7xko1_500.gif]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" I'm just so grateful for the friends I have now. I am not entirely sure how I got so damn lucky with all of them, but somehow I did. I love them all to pieces and they mean more to me than life itself. They accept me, they love me, they work really hard with me to continue moving into a brighter future. They don't judge me for the mistakes I've made and the things I've done. They have helped me learn from them all and continue on. I'd be lost without them, completely and utterly lost. My heart overflows with love for all of them; new and old.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" And Riley? Where would I be without here. She is my rock to stand on when things get tough. She's the one I can lean on when things are sad and know that she will never judge me. She's my wifey, my best friend, my best friend soul mate. Let's face it if I was a lesbian we would probably have been dating this whole freaking time. She's one of the best friends a girl could ever freaking ask for and I love her to pieces.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Than there are the twins. Tiff and Manny are there for me to. THey listen to me, they talk with me through things. THey remind me what's right and what's wrong. They encourage me to move forward happily in my future and I can't wait to meet them in August. It's going to be wonderful. <3 There are so many others I love and care for; Sissy, Ani, Sol, Muta, Apt, Aleks, Lora. These guys mean the freaking world to me. I'm so glad to have them. So yes, this is my sappy post.]]
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[center [font "Segoe Print" Life is really starting to look up for me. Work is going amazing, I'm getting trusted with more and more stuff. It's the right track, hopefully, to getting on full time. I really hope so, health insurance and dental insurance would be nice. So would a one or two dollar raise, but I will take what I can get. My future is starting to look brighter and I couldn't be more happy. Sure I still struggle sometimes with depression but I've got a support system at home and at work to help me fight against it.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" I've also made amends with some people from my past. It feels nice to have fixed things and be working on our friendships. I'm so glad for my friends and I love them dearly with all of my heart. Even if in the past things weren't nice and nasty things where said, I regret doing those things. I regret being who I was in the past and I've set out to change. I think so far I've done a good job changing, and if I keep it up I'll get to where I want to be. I hate who I was, I hate who I hurt, and I regret what I did with every fiber of my being but I've learned from it.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" I'm trying to be wise and intelligent, warm and loving, open and honest. No more bottling things up and talking badly behind peoples backs. If I'm mad or upset, I go straight to them now. I'm working really hard on opening up and being open because how can you work through a problem if the person doesn't know there is one? So it's steps forward, maybe stumbling steps, but steps. Ones I'm willing to take to make everything much better for myself and others.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" It's also hard to believe I'll be twenty flippin' three on Tuesday. I feel kinda old even though I know I'm not. I get to skype with Riley, and I have to decide what kind of food I want. I don't want to do the usual, because I want to go to spaghetti works that weekend for my birthday dinner. So maybe I'll ask for little smokie casserole instead. It is one of my favorites and it tastes so freaking good I could cry. I love you wifey, I love you my friends. You all mean so very much to me.]]
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[center [pic https://media.tenor.co/images/330ff54f8d3010ac5cafd1fc88a80f90/tenor.gif]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" lkajdlfkjasdflkajsdf how stupid can one person be? I normally don't rant but omg. This lady is ridiculous. How many ways can we explain to you that the spread sheet is LOCKED. We can not edit it and the formula for the labor tax is wrong. Not only that but you are leaving at noon today. So S may have to wait for his quote sheet until tomorrow. If I can't unlock it I can't do anything or fix anything. I'm not giving him a sheet where their pricing is lower than what it should be. I'm just not. Nope. Nice try cutting yourself a break.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Otherwise things are going good. I'm in charge of what I'm going to call project hotels. We are trying to find corporate rates for hotels so when our guys stay there, they can be comfortable. I've already checked one place and now I am working on the other one. Just waiting for an email back from Customer Relations. Though they said this could take me up to a week. I just need to check out GE for best western now and we will be good. It is nice knowing my idea is liked and appreciated.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Though today I am getting plenty of work from S and R. My sister says they are testing me to see what I can do. I don't mind. If it leads to getting put on full time, getting insurance, and maybe a raise [s hopeful] that would be great. Even one or two dollars would make a world of difference for me. It would add another 300 dollars a month for me. Or so. If I could get to making 15 dollars an hour than I would be able to move out on my own. Hopefully consolidate on my own too.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" I just gotta keep working hard and do what I'm doing. It's the only thing that I can do. I just need to breath and relax, breath and relax. Probably not going to be able to get this storm lake thing done today. Just..can't. Not until ditzy queen sends me the correct, UNLOCKED, spreadsheet to do it.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" PS; Riley I love you to the moon and back. My friends I love you all dearly.]]
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