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Ciel groaned quietly again as his blankets were pulled from his head so the butler could place a light kiss and get him up. Slowly his eyes opened again, narrowing tiredly at the male, then he sighed and slowly sat up. The events of last night were exhausting though not as harsh on his small body as they were from the other night. The two conversed more this time, voicing uncomfortable moments and giving the other room to adjust. It was still amazing, just as before, but less painful. This was something the boy was grateful for.

[+blue "What did you bring up?"] he asked tiredly, slowly turning his attention towards the tray that held his breakfast. He may as well get this day started.

Haku sat at the table, his breakfast barely touched, and looked down at the bunny that he held in his lap. He wasn't hungry, the boy a bit nervous about the meeting that was ahead of them. They didn't know much, just that they were going to meet with the Queen about some unknown topic. Slowly he picked his head up, turning amber eyes on his twin.

[+goldenrod "What do you think is going to happen to us?"] he asked him, his voice barely above a whisper.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 29d 1h 29m 47s
"[#800080 No it's time to get up, come on.]" He aid as he kissed the boy again blushing.

Down at the breakfast table Lilly was swinging her legs back and forth and eating her oat meal. When she finished she hopped down and took her bowl to the kitchen, where she was just barely tall enough on her tip toes to put it in the sink. She grabbed her doll and took off up the long flight of stairs to go say good morning to Ceil.

Jouninchi was still sleepy how ever, it was a long night for him. His legs hurt and he couldn't stop thinking about the book. He slowly snacked on his fruit chewing on his lower lip. He wasn't sure what to do about it, all he knew right now, was the he was in a little bit of pain.
  Sebastian / Zaida / 3y 29d 1h 45m 23s
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Ciel had fallen asleep almost immediately after their time together during the night, sleeping soundly until his butler had awoken him with a gentle kiss. Heterochromic eyes slowly opened, looking tiredly up at the beaming butler before slowly closing again. That's right...he had to meet with the Queen today. He would be lying if he said he wasn't a bit anxious; he had met with her Majesty a couple of times before but never with such an order. Demanding he bring the twins and the girl with him meant she knew at least a little bit of what was going on under the Duke's roof...Ciel wasn't sure if he wanted to find out the whole story.

Especially since that cult was involved.

Ciel groaned as the curtains were opened, the bright light causing him to pull the blankets over his head and still afterwards. [+blue "Too early..."] he mumbled quietly. [+blue "Come back later."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 29d 2h 7s
The next morning Sebastian almost danced around the castle as he got children dressed and ready and then eating breakfast. He took a tray of food and tea up to the boy with a smile. Once he saw that the two where alone and that he wasn't fallowed he sent the tray on the stand next to the bed and smiled. "[#800080 Good morning Sir.]" Sebastian said as he softly kissed the boys lips to wake him up. "[#800080 It's time to get up.]" He said with a smile. He hoped that he didn't hurt the boy, but also hoped that he would say something if he was hurt. Sebastian got up and pulled the curtains back to let in some sunlight and it was almost like he was buzzing with happiness. "[#800080 The children are all ready to go my lord.]" He said as he went back to the earl's side.
  Sebastian / Zaida / 3y 29d 2h 7m 11s
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Ciel's smirk remained as he was pushed to sit up, Sebastian following suit and framing the boy's face with his soft hands. He leaned in and passionately kissed him, not releasing until neither of them could breathe and continuing moments after that breath was caught. This was the Sebastian that Ciel couldn't get enough of, the one that took charge and dominated their evening activities. Normally the boy would frown on such behavior, but having the tables turned behind closed doors was just so....strangely satisfying. He always wanted more.

The small earl pushed himself further into the male's lap, reaching down and removing the towel that separated them, then lightly wrapped his arms around the demon's neck after their next kiss had broken off. [+blue "Me either....I want you right now..."]

  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 29d 2h 35m 2s
Sebastian was in shock for a minute and then He smiled. "[#800080 If that's what you want master.]" He said as he pushed the earl up so he was sitting on his hip. Oh he was going to do something about it, but at Ceil's pace not his. Yes he could make that pain go away during their activity but not after. He blushed deep red again and grabbed Ceil's face and kissed him, but this time it was with both a need and a want. He didn't break it off as fast as he normally did, until his lungs cried out for air. He still didn't stop. Taking a breath he continued to kiss the boy. There was no way anything was going to stop the two of them. Not now, Sebastian was to involved to do anything else. "[#800080 I can't get enough of you.]"
  Sebastian / Zaida / 3y 29d 2h 44m 27s
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Ciel returned the kiss, squeezing Sebastian's hand that he still held as his lip was bitten in a playful manner. Part of him wanted the demon to let himself loose on him, to use that seductive power he had and cause the earl to melt into himself. He had that ability as it was proven the previous night. The other part of Ciel enjoyed having this power over his butler, more power than he usually did. Both points were so strong, he wasn't sure which one he wanted more.

[+blue "Don't worry,"] Ciel murmured quietly, resting his head down and placing a light kiss on the demon's throat. [+blue "I'll tell you if you moving too hard."]

He smirked again, lifting his head up a bit and looking into those beautiful, red eyes. [+blue "So are you going to do something about it or are we just going to lay here all night?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 29d 2h 55m 16s
"[#800080 I can't help it master.]" He said as he went so red you could fill the heat coming from his face. He liked it when Ceil knew what he was thinking. "[#800080 I like this side of you master.]" He said as he put his forehead to Ceil's and smiled. He wasn't sure what it was about the master that made him like this but he still couldn't get his heart to calm down, instead it started racing even more. It was almost like it was going to explode. "[#800080 Only if you want me to master, never by force.]" He said as he bit his lower lip and then kissed the earl only to bit the boys lower lip playfully. He really did like this side of the boy and wished that he would show it more often. Sebastian swallowed hard again.
  Sebastian / Zaida / 3y 29d 3h 5m 52s
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Ciel sighed quietly at Sebastian's response. He was right, he couldn't keep the Queen waiting. She had requested to see him and his new-found house mates; making her wait could prove disastrous. The last thing he wanted was his career to end so shortly after it had begun.

[+blue "I hate it when you're right,"] he mumbled, placing another soft kiss on the male's chin. He glanced down at the male's chiseled body, smirking after a minute, then looking back up at his face. He was clearly reacting to Ciel and whatever the young lord was doing...he could make this work to his advantage.

[+blue "Maybe if you weren't right all the time, I'd let you do some of those things again that you did last night,"] he teased him quietly.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 29d 3h 11m 50s
Sebastian smiled and bit his lower lip again. "[#800080 Perhaps.]" He said as he looked down at the boy. The only thing between them was a towel and Sebastian was wishing that it wasn't there. He laid still and let the boy play with his hair like he just was and his heat speed back up and he swallowed hard wishing that it would stop doing that. He smiled when the master kissed his chin and when he said that morning was canceled. "[#800080 Master you can't keep the queen waiting to long.]" He said as he tried to calm his heart down again. This seamed like it was going to be a very hard thing to do because his mind wouldn't stop thinking and it also made other things pop up. Blushed again he swallowed hard.
  Sebastian / Zaida / 3y 29d 3h 19m 34s
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Ciel's eyes opened as he felt Sebastian's form shift, moving onto his back and pulling the master with him so he lay on his firm chest. He smiled a bit, loosening his arms from around his waist and lifting his hands to toy with the dark locks while his chin lay carefully on his butler's collarbone. [+blue "Morning's cancelled,"] he murmured softly, snuggling again after a moment. One hand continued to ruffle the raven locks while his other moved to carefully place his small hand in Sebastian's. [+blue "No morning tomorrow. I'd rather stay here."]

A soft blush began to color his cheeks as he felt the demon's heart under his body, the organ beating at an untouchable pace. Dare he ask what was going on in his butler's head or was it better to be left in secret?

[+blue "Thinking impure thoughts?"] he asked softly, leaning up and placing a soft kiss on Sebastian's chin. [+blue "Your heart feels as if it may explode."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 29d 3h 32m 14s
"[#800080 unfortunately master, in the morning we will have to.]" He said as he held Ceil and smiled. Truth is he didn't want it to end either. He curled around the boy pulling him on to of him, so that the boy was on his chest. Blushing an even deeper red he bit his lower lip and looked up at the celling. There where so many things that he wanted to do right now, and just thinking about it made his heart race. He cleared his throat and played with the earl's hair trying to get his heart beat to calm back down. "[#800080 I'm glad that you are worm now sir.]" He said as he hid his face in the boys hair. He wasn't going to let go any time soon. No mater what was going to happen. He didn't want to.
  Sebastian / Zaida / 3y 29d 3h 39m 34s
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Thin arms wrapped themselves around the male's neck as he was effortlessly lifted from the water and covered loosely with a towel. They remained in this locked position until he was lain gently on the warm bed, underneath the heavy covers. The untangled themselves around the tall male only to wrap around him once again, this time his waist, once he slipped himself under the blankets and pulled his master closer.

Ciel snuggled into Sebastian's broad and warm chest, closing his eyes as he felt the other's gentle touch on his soft skin. He was so comforting, so calming, yet able to awaken a certain fire in the small earl. The demon seemed to know it, too, as he used any opportunity he could to make that fire blaze.

[+blue "Very,"] Ciel murmured quietly into his butler's shoulder. [+blue "I never want to leave this spot."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 29d 3h 54m 58s
Sebastian nodded and pulled the plug with his foot and picked the boy up out of the water. He grabbed Ceil's towel and covered him up with it not worrying about himself much. "[#800080 As you wish master.]" He said as he took him to the room and laid him down on the bed. He blushed again realizing that he wasn't covered at all. At the moment he didn't care. He climbed in the bed next to the boy and covered them both up. HE wrapped his arms around the earl and kissed the top of his head. "[#800080 Are you worm now sir?]" He asked into his hair. Sebastian was eating up every last moment that he could. The children knew what was going on but knew not to say anything to any one. Sebastian blushed again as he traced patterns on Ceil's stomach.
  Sebastian / Zaida / 3y 29d 4h 13m 49s
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Sebastian was right, the water had gone cold. It had been chilly for quite some time but the boy didn't bother to notice until it was brought to his attention. He was simply too focused on Sebastian. These moments where they were completely and utterly alone would be more rare now that more people occupied the large house and Ciel wasn't about to let these moments go to waste...not since they were so special.

His eyes closed as his head was tilted and a gentle but firm kiss placed on his lips, the small earl returning it until a deep shiver made him break off. Perhaps it was best that they adjourn to a more heated environment.

[+blue "Then perhaps we should leave the bathroom and traverse to the bedroom,"] Ciel suggested quietly, slowly opening the hetorchromic eyes to gaze into Sebastian's red ones. [+blue "I'm sure it's far more comfortable there."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 29d 4h 20m 50s

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