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Kai got into the car and said, "Ruby, thank you but you didn't have to do that. I'll hand in my stuff tomorrow if you want me to, he excused me from todays practice but I know you don't like the coach and neither do I. He makes my life a living hell for some reason."

Two weeks later Kai came over to her house unannounced, his dad had asked that he come home for Christmas. He wasn't used to that but had told his dad he had some news to share with him. It was time to tell their parents about the baby. He knew his dad would take it badly and he knew he would get the "Your Throwing Your Life Away" speech. He knocked on the door again, he needed to ask Ruby if she wanted to go and prepare her if she said yes.

They had been dating for 2 weeks now officially. She was 8 weeks pregnant. When she opened the door, he opened his mouth to explain himself but noticed her belly, her bump. It was slight, unnoticeable if you didn't know she was pregnant but Kai knew, Kai noticed every change and everything that happened with her. He reached out and let his hand caress her small bump, "Wow..."
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Ruby jumped a little as she heard a voice, breaking their moment. Pulling back, she looked to the man that was speaking. It was the coach... He heard everything. Ruby looked to Kai, happy that the coach was rethinking his harsh decision. She wanted him to go back to the sport that he had worked so hard to play for. When the coach continued, Ruby looked back to Kai. He was asking for an explanation, and she honestly despised him for it. While she wasn't exactly ready, Ruby wasn't going to let Kai be punished for her. He said he wouldn't tell anyone, and Ruby hoped that he'd live up to his words. Ruby looked to Kai as he introduced her, and she sent him a small look of sincerity. Turning back to the coach, she shook his hand only out of courtesy. He wasn't someone that she really wanted to know, but she knew what she had to do.

[b "Well, I'm pregnant. Kai is the father, and I'm pregnant with his child. He was late because we were going to our first appointment for the baby, and he shouldn't be punished for that. I didn't want to say because we weren't ready, but there it is. Put Kai back on the team coach. You know why he was gone."] She said with an angry undertone. Looking down from the coach, Ruby knew she needed to get away. She couldn't keep looking at him, or she would say something or do something that she would regret. Averting her eyes, Ruby climbed into the car, cursing as she got in it. Kai and the coach talked, and she waited for him.
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"Anoai.." His coach said breaking up their kiss. Kai didn't want to let Ruby go she was amazing and he didn't know what he did to deserve her.
His coach looked to her and to him and said, "Your team mates seem to think I was hard on you, you can have your spot back if you can tell me why you were late."

Kai looked to Ruby, "Sir, I made a promise to my girlfriend that it stays between her and me for now, I intend to keep my promise, I think you heard me say that she means more to me than football." His coach nodded and continued, "I can't give you your spot back on the team unless you tell me why you were late Kai. I can't. If its something that will happen again, I can work with you and I'm not going to tell anyone if thats what your worried about."

Kai shook his head and said, "its up to Ruby, and I'm sorry I was rude, Ruby this is my Coach, Coach this is my girlfriend Ruby." The coach reached out and shook her hand and asked, "Well?"
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[i "I'm off the team, its okay, let's just go."] He said, and Ruby felt a stinging in her heart. How was that even possible? Ruby knew that Kai cared about football, and she couldn't be the reason that he left it. Ruby didn't want this baby or herself to ruin his life. She never wanted that for him... She never wanted him to hurt. Ruby was angry at his coach for not liking him. It wasn't fair. Kai was probably better than most of the guys on the team, and he was late for her. He was late for his [i baby.] The coach couldn't just get rid of him because he wanted to. Standing close to him as he leaned back against the Jeep, Ruby felt her heart beating faster. She was seeing him in this whole new light, and it almost scared her. [i "Don't worry about it Ruby, I'm okay."] He said, and she smiled gently. Why was he so perfect? She didn't notice the coach because she was so caught up in the moment. Ruby hadn't been as outward as she could've been, but she was falling into something that she wanted.

[i "It's worth losing football, to have you."] He said, and Ruby felt the words speak to her heart. Smiling, she looked into his eyes longer and stepped up to him. [b "You have me..."] She said gently, smiling and then pulling his lips to hers, kissing him passionately once. Leaning her head against his as she pulled back, Ruby put her hand gently on his cheek. How did she feel this way?
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"I'm off the team, its okay, lets just go." He said pulling her close to him. She was taking the edge off his anger, he had never had that with anyone else before. "The coach has had it out for me since I got on the team when I was a freshman and now he finally kicked me off, so your boyfriend isn't a football player anymore." He got his keys out of his pocket and leaned against his jeep. "I don't know why the coach is on a power trip, its not any of his business whats going on with me, with us. I said I was sorry, I apologized for being late, I was even going to run the required laps for being late but hes on a power trip and I'm out, I have to turn in my helmet, pads, and Jerseys tomorrow."

It was obvious Kai was upset but he wasn't about to let her think it was her fault. "Don't worry about it Ruby, I'm okay." He was always so worried lately that everything he did, she would think it was her fault when it wasn't. His coach walked up behind him but he didn't notice, "Its worth losing football, to have you."
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Ruby looked into Kai's eyes as he ranted, smiling gently. When he ranted, she knew that he had too many thoughts swarming in his head. She noticed that about him. Before she could cut him off, Kai slowed down. [i "I want to move out of the frat house and get an apartment, I mean we're having a baby and we can't have a baby in a frat house, a frat house is barely a place for me, let alone a girlfriend and a baby, our baby."] When Kai called her his girlfriend, Ruby felt her heart skip a beat. Is that what they were? Plus, he had asked her to move in with him... Ruby bit her lip a little, knowing it was a lot to think about. They needed to talk about it more, and he suggested her house. [b "Yes, you can come over. We have a lot to talk about..."] She said, smiling as he offered for her to watch football practice. She had always liked football. It was like a family thing. [b "I'd love to."] Ruby headed up to the stands as people stared at her. Keeping her eyes away, Ruby sat down, waiting to see Kai.

She was excited to watch him do something that he loved. Plus, the jerseys were always tight... Smiling at the thought, Ruby waited for him. He was driving her crazy. When Kai came out, Ruby smiled. However, his coach approached him in an authoritative manner. He was late, and it was her fault... When Kai walked out angrily, Ruby hurried off to the car. Waiting for Kai to come out, Ruby gently touched his arm. [b "What happened? Kai what are you doing?"] Her voice was concerned, and she could tell he was angry.
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Kai nodded, "Were really doing this, a baby is actually coming, our baby, speaking of actually doing this, where do we go from here, I mean I know we need to tell our parents, which I don't even know how you feel about that and we need to prepare for the baby arrival and the doctor said thats in 33 weeks and thats not a long time if you think about it."

Kai was rambling and it was kind of cute. He was just concerned for their future. "I kinda made a decision and I want to know your thoughts about it Ruby, I want to move out of the frat house and get an apartment, I mean were having a baby and we can't have a baby in a frat house, a frat house is barely a place for me, let alone my girlfriend and a baby, our baby." He took her hand gently and kissed the back of it.

"Are you free tonight? I can bring movies to your place and we can order pizza and relax, the frat is throwing another party tonight and I'd prefer not to be there, if thats okay with you." He said looking at the ground. He didn't want to be a party guy, he was trying to man up, be the father he was supposed to be. He looked at his watch as they walked to the car, he was late for football practice.

"Do you want to come watch football practice?" He asked smiling at her. They showed up to the field 30 minutes later and he started walking and taking his things to the locker room to change when the coach yelled to him, "ANOAI YOUR LATE!" Kai nodded and said, "I know sir, I'm sorry sir, it was important." His coach raised and eye brow and asked, "What was important Anoai?" Kai looked to Ruby in the stands and then back to his coach, "Can we talk in private sir?" His coach shook his head and said, "You not only let me down by being late, you let your team down, why were you late."

He shook his head and said "I can't Coach, I promised." He had promised Ruby he wouldn't say. His coach looked at Ruby and said, "if thats the case Anoai your off the team."
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When the women left, Ruby felt Kai's lips on hers. Closing her eyes, she gently put her hand on his, opening her eyes slowly as he pulled back. There was no way that she would ever forget that moment. It was the first time that the magnitude of the situation fell on her. She was having this baby with this man, and it was everything she always dreamed of as a little girl. Well, except he wasn't her husband or anything. Why did it still feel okay? The moment erased all of her thoughts, and she could only look at the monitor. The baby was so small, and there was so much growing for it to do. Ruby placed her hand on her stomach about to say something about the moment before the doctor came in. Her smile was warm and patient, and Ruby felt better. Letting out a little breath that she had been holding, Ruby smiled at the results of the baby. It was healthy, and that was all she could ask for.

Taking the prescription for her vitamins, Ruby adjusted her shirt and sat up in the bed. [b "Yes thank you. I'm Ruby. Do I need to eat certain foods to help the baby? I want to do everything I can to keep it healthy."] She said, checking the vitamins. Dr. Duncan nodded, looking at her chart. [i "Good question. I would advise you to avoid eating a certain food that you will begin to crave. You're doing good the way you are. I would continue to take these vitamins, and I will continue to check up on you. If you need anything, you have my number. Well, see you three in a month!"] Ruby waved a little, and she looked back to Kai. Smiling gently, Ruby got out of bed. [b "Yes we are having a baby... we're doing this."]
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Kai tried to be the big strong man but as soon as he seen their baby on the screen he crumbled. A tear falling from his eyes. He was excited, happy, and scared all at the same time but yet his heart was filled with love for a person that wasn't even born yet.

The ultrasound tech printed several copies out for them and said, "Everything seems to be in order, the doctor will be in to answer any questions you may have and let you know about your vitamins and next appointment, congradulations you two, you have a beautiful baby on the way."

As soon as the tech left Kai pulled Ruby into a kiss. "That was amazing, were having a baby." He didn't know how else to react, she was amazing. The baby was perfect. They were going to be parents. He couldn't contain his excitement.

Soon the doctor came in, Dr.Duncan, she was a middle aged woman with dark brown hair and a warm smile. "Hello, Ms. Blackwell, I see from your chart, the baby is right on track, no abnormalities. Is this the father?" She asked gesturing to Kai. Kai nodded and got up to shake her hand, "yes I'm Kai." She nodded and asked, "Do you two have any questions for me? I will schedule your next appointment for a month from now, your 7 weeks along, only 33 more to go and your prenatal vitamin prescription is right here."
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Everything that Kai said had her heart warming and her stomach tingling. He wanted to be stuck with her... After those words, Ruby couldn't help but blush. What was she doing? Ruby didn't regret anything. She couldn't stop thinking about him. Their chemistry was obvious, and she felt the spark and the tension. Ruby could see it in his eyes. She liked him too, but she had been nervous about falling into something that could ruin them. Ruby didn't want that over anything else. She didn't say anything else, not knowing if they should be ready or not. His hands on her hips felt so right, and she flashed back to their night together. [i What was Kai doing to her?] She wanted what he said deep down in her heart, but she just laughed at it gentle-heartedly. He said it with an attempt to make her laugh, and she appreciated it. She needed time to think.

The next day, Ruby dressed in a pair of jeans, brown riding boots, and a dark blue long sleeve shirt. She was excited for the baby, but she was also excited to see him. Opening the door, Ruby smiled wider. He looked so handsome... Why was her heart beating faster? Closing the door behind her, Ruby stepped out and hugged Kai before getting in his car. [b "So today is the day... Here we go."] Taking a deep breath, Ruby gently took Kai's hand as the nurse called her name, stepping into the back and laying down in the bed. The nurse lifted her shirt, spreading a cold gel over her stomach. Ruby's heart was beating so fast, and she kept her eye on the monitor. When the woman placed the monitor over her stomach, Ruby heard a small heartbeat. Her heart broke in happiness, and she smiled, laughing a little to herself. Tears filled up in her eyes, and she let out a small breath. It was the baby... The little baby that was growing inside her. She would never take that for granted.
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Kai smiled, "First of all, I want to be stuck with you and yes I know we should have known each other more but we can get to know each other more and I really do like you, more than I've ever liked anyone, plus your cute when your jealous. Second, I want you more than one night too and I have no problem with telling anyone you want to tell at any time, I just respect your wishes of keeping it between us until your ready."

He pulled her close to him, resting his hands on her hips gently. "Listen, We're gonna go this thing, and everyone is going to say Ruby and Kai are the most amazing couple ever and their kid is the most adorable child I have ever seen and we wish we were as cool as they were." It was obvious he was trying to make her laugh and he hoped he was succeeding. His hair hung down in his face, he only pulled it back when it was getting in the way, mostly during football practice.

The next day at 1 o'clock, Kai was on her door step and knocked on her door. He was wearing dark blue jeans, and a white v neck shirt with his black leather jacket. His hair was down and he was also wearing his black boots.
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Ruby stepped outside with Kai, unable to not smile a little at his accusation. She had gotten jealous, and it was almost irrational. She wasn't entitled to anything other than mother, and she knew that. So what prompted her to become defensive? [i "I didn't even see her, just another blurry face, and if you want to try to exclusively date I'm up for it."] Ruby paused for a moment, and she felt his lips peck hers. Surprised, Ruby looked at him, feeling a small tingle throughout her body. It was the first time he'd kissed her since the party... It was a big deal to her. Ruby figured that, since she was pregnant, she wouldn't be attractive to anyone anymore. Granted that he was the only one who knew, Kai still saw her in the way he did before. She appreciated that more than she could show or tell.

She was still scared to death about the baby and parenting. What was she going to do? How? Ruby knew her parents would most likely be angry with her, so she hadn't told them. She didn't want to lose everything, and Ruby was most afraid of being alone. [b "I might take you up on that."] She said, smiling a little. He was so sweet about it, and it eased her nerves slightly. Ruby still didn't know what she was doing. Ruby ordered French fries and a burger with sweet tea, eating fast. She got hungry faster, and it was obvious that she was pregnant because her bladder was smaller too. They were in this thing for real, and that hit her hard. But however much she thought of the baby, Ruby thought of him too. She noticed the little things. She memorized his order, and his strange choice of drink. It all mattered to her.

Looking into his eyes, Ruby talked, [b "It's at two. Kai... ummm... can we talk outside?"] Ruby got up and into the car, waiting for him then turned to him and spoke. [b "Kai... I know your fraternity brothers don't know about us, and my friends don't either. I just... I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wish this were on better circumstances. I wish I knew you before you were stuck with me, and I'm sorry. I got jealous, and I'm sorry about that too. Look, I don't know why, but I want more than just one night. I can't hold that in anymore..."] Ruby blushed, having ranted about her thoughts. She couldn't hold in the flood of words, and she couldn't take them back. What would he think?
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When the ordeal was over and they were outside Kai leaned against the building and smiled, "You got jealous, and no I'm not making fun of you, I really like you too, don't worry I didn't even see her, just another blurry face, and if you want to try to exclusively date I'm up for it."

He leaned in and kissed her gently and said, "Now lets go feed the baby." He was happy that she thought it was kind of cute that he was concerned but he had never been in a situation like this or felt this way. He was going to be a father, they were going to be parents even if they barely knew what they were together or what they were doing, that baby was still coming in a matter of months.

"Don't stress, leave that to me, you just tell me if you need anything, I don't care if you want ice cream at 3 A.M. I'll make it happen." They ended up at a small cafe down the block and Kai ordered a burger and a Mountain Dew. When given the oppurtunity he would always order mountain dew, he wouldn't be surprised if he could only survive on Mountain Dew.

"What time is your appointment, I'll be at your house to pick you up." Kai asked smiling at her.
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The Italian restaurant had dim lighting, and it was normally a popular spot for romantic dates. Ruby had waitressed many tables that held a happy couple, and she had always wished for something like it. While they weren't exactly a couple, Ruby had memories of how she'd felt long ago. This felt normal, even though it was so... [i not]. Snapping back to focus, Ruby heard Kai's words. Scanning the menu, she pointed out her favorites. [b "I think I'll go with the chicken parmesan. It's always good."] She said, half-noticing him looking at another table with it. Ruby smiled a little to herself again, taking a sip of her water. When the waitress came to take their order, Ruby didn't recognize her. She hardly worked on Tuesdays, so she wasn't around when the other staff worked. The instant she saw Kai, the girl began flirting with him and laughing at whatever he said. Ruby narrowed her eyes slightly, not even sure why she did.

Sending a small glare at the woman as she ordered tea, Ruby looked back to Kai. He didn't seem to notice. Thinking about the appointment, Ruby put her hand subconsciously over her stomach slightly. [b "I guess I'm a little nervous. I don't want anything to go wrong... I don't know if it has been long enough to see the baby, but I hope we do."] She said, sending a sweet smile to him. They both wanted to see the little girl or boy inside of her. When Kai said that he spent all night researching on what she should eat and take, Ruby felt her heart melt. Kai was thinking of everything, and he was devoted to taking care of her and the baby. Ruby took a few bites of her food before looking back up at him. [b "Okay worry wort."] She said, giggling a little. [b "I'll eat healthy don't worry. There will be no alcohol, and I will eat food that will help the baby. Thank you for looking everything up last night..."] Ruby's foot incidentally brushed against his slightly, and she adjusted it. Blushing slightly, Ruby looked up to see the waitress return for the plates.

[i "Want some sugar... I mean desert honey?"] The woman said in a seductive tone, and Ruby felt her temper rise. Her emotions were already raising due to the pregnancy, and she was getting angry. [b "You know what we'll take the bill and leave before you straddle him right here."] The waitress hurried off, and Ruby didn't act like anything had happened. After she insisted, Ruby finally got some money and stuck it in the bill. She wasn't about to let anyone take from that. [b "I'd give her less tip money, but that is just me."] Ruby said, not realizing the state of the distraught waitress. [b "The baby was hungry! And you're not weird Kai. I think that caring makes you strong."] Hesitating slightly, Ruby smiled then looked back up at him.
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"I would love to go Ruby, when I said I'll be at every appointment I meant it." He sat down across from her in the Italian restaurant. "This place is nice, and I like Italian food so I'll be visiting you a lot." He flashed her a smile before looking to the menu and continuing, "what's good here or is it all good?" He had his eye on the chicken Parmesan pasta but wanted to know her opinion on it. He wanted to know her opinion on everything, he just wanted to know more about her. She was the mother of his child after all.

He started day dreaming, thinking about if the baby would be a boy or a girl, he was hoping for a boy but either would be amazing and he would love them just the same. Kai snapped out of it when the waitress asked them what they would like to drink. Kai ordered a Mountain Dew like always, it was his favorite drink. He was oblivious to the waitress flirting with him in front of Ruby. His attention was on her and he didn't see anyone else.

"Are you nervous about the appointment? I mean will we see the baby?" Kai asked, you could hear the excitement in his voice. "I think it will be good and I want to make sure you get your vitamins, I might have been up all night last night googling things and what to expect and what you can and can't eat, call me a worry wort or a concerned future father." He didn't know how to be a dad, he hadn't had the best role model for that but he for sure knew his child would be loved.
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