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[b There was word of a kingdom that had emerged from the rubble of others. It is called the Vaulisbrawn Kingdom and they are slowly getting their way to a fine stance on the table.
Let us not forget the family who runs the kingdom. They are the true rulers of that place.
They have a group within their kingdom to help keep the peace. An order of their own with knights and other such soldiers.
Then there's the citizens of the kingdom. High class, middle class and even low class can be found though there are very few low class because of the rulers' kindness.
Lastly... there's those have been outlawed and banished from the kingdom. Only those who are ruthless enough, evil enough, crazy enough or just plain rude enough can get exiled. There are only a few who have ever done such things... there need not be a list... yet.]

This is a Kingdom Family thread thingy. I will have a list of rules and "features" and other things down below but first off, welcome! I hope you will join this kingdom that is a happy and peaceful place!

[h3 Rules.]
[b 1:] The first rule is of course to obey the site's rules.
[b 2:] NO DRAMA. Drama may be one of the most common things to find on ES but that doesn't mean I want it here. This is supposed to be a happy and peaceful place, not a club in your high school, so again, NO DRAMA.
[b 3:] NO BULLYING. I will not tolerate bullies of any kind.
[b 4:] Do not use the roleplay reply box for chatting. Use the real time chat box instead.
[b 5:] If you do decide to roleplay, use common sense about it. If I see stupid posts that have no reason to be there or ones that are godmodding and such things as that, I will remove it.
[b 6:] PM me if you want to join and what you want to be. Depending on what it is, I may have to give you test of some sort.

More rules could be added or changed at any time if I see the need to.

[h3 "Features".]
[b 1:] Like it says in the rules, chatting is for the real time chat box. Roleplaying is allowed and will be discussed further in a separate paragraph.
[b 2:] Titles/Ranks. More will be discussed about each individual one but the main thing for this is to have people who I have the most trust in believing what they say. If these specific people tell me if some other person has broken a rule, I will believe them and a court session will be held. Speaking of which...
[b 3:] Court. If a person breaks a rule, instead of just removing them and banning them forever, a court session will be held. There will be a judge, prosecutor, jury, defendant and if we really need it, a lawyer. Punishments can range from, but are not limited to, having to apologize to the wronged party, temporary suspension from the thread, permanent suspension from the thread. I don't like issuing harsh punishments but if it really comes down to it, I will.

More "features" can be added or changed at any time if I see the need to.

[h3 Titles.]
[ The Ruler]
[ The Litigator]
[ Trusted Butler]
[ Aldrich the Blessed, Faithful Knight-Captain to the Ruler]
[ Prince]
[ Arcane Adviser of Vaulisbrawn]
[ Royal Phoenix]
[ The Resident Merchant]
[ The Royal Realm Knight]

[h3 RP Stuff]
The roleplaying aspect of this is mainly staged in the kingdom of Vaulisbrawn. There's not much to say about this for now.

[h3 Extra whatever stuff]
That's everything for now! I hope you will join this wonderful and magical place!


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